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Goldsmttb Theuen Open Fine Bakery
Near Marion Hotel on Commer
cial Street.
One of the finest and most complete
bakeries ever installed in this state has
been completed at 241 South Commer
cial street and, is now operated by the
progressive owners, Goldsmith & Theu
n, two experts in their line, who also
conduct the White Swan at 219 North
Commercial street, and the Gorman
flakory on Twelfth and Center streets.
The now bakery is located next to the
Hotol Marion on Commercial street, and
makes it? appearance as "The Royal
Bakery." In equipping the plant, the
managers and owners have purchased
and installed a new oven of the Peter
aeuo patent wbiih is 12x14 fect inside
and 10x17 feet outside. The oven Is
composed of the best of matorial, en
ameled brick being used in its con
struction. It has a capacity of 6000
loaves in ten hours nnd a pleasing fea
ture is that no dust or dirt can accumu
late in or around the oven, due to the
fact there aro two firo boxes in the
rear and coke is used as fuel. A five
barrel mixer is used in supplying mate
rial for this big oven and everything
portaining to the construction of both
the oven and mixer is strictly sanitary
and absolutely clean. '
Goldsmith & Theuen employ 14 people
and their efforts to build up a local in
dustry is commendable, to say the least.
The cost of the installation of their
last bakery la tnoOO and energy and
brains have been responsible for the
completion of a bakery in Salem which
should bo appreciated by all those do
siring to aid some industry.
Miss Mary Wann, stenographer for
Chiof Justice . McBride, sustained a
lacorated face and arm this afternoon
when she was thrown from the horse
she was riding. The horse became un
manageable and ran with her. When
ho was trying to stop him he slipped
and fell, and only a loose stirrup and
quick action on Miss Wann's part
saved her from serious Injury. Her
wounds wore drossed by a physician,
and she will soon be out again.
May is as good a time as Pocombor to
say and act: Pence on earth, good will
to men.
It's "Fade Away"
Even Most Chronic Sufferers Find Be
lief After Few Doses Are
Backache, urinary disorders, and
rheumatism, are caused from weak, in
active kidneys, which fait to filter out
the impurities and keep the blood pure,
and the only way on earth to perma
nently and positively cure such troubles
is to remove the cause.
The new discovery, Croxone, cures
such conditions because it reaches the
roots of the disease. It soaks right into
the stopped up, inactive kidneys,
through the walls and linings; cleans
out the little filtering cells and glands;
neutralizes and dissolves the poisonous
uric acid substances that lodge in the
joints and muscles to scratch and irri
tate and cause rheumatism; it neutral
izes tho urine so it no longer irritates
the tonder membranes of the bladder,
and cleans out and strengthens the
stopped up, lifeless kidneys so they fil
ter and sift all the poisons from the
blood, and drive it out of the system.
So sure, so positive, so quick and
lasting, are the results obtained from
the nse of Croxone, that three doses a
day for a few days aro often all that is
required to cure the worst case of back
ache, regulate the most annoying blad
der disorders, and overcome the numer
ous other similar conditions.
It is the most wonderful preparation
ever made for the purpose. It is en
tirely different from all other remedies.
There is nothing else on earth to com
pare with it. It is so prepared that it
is practically impossible to take it into
the human system without results.
You cau, obtain an original package
of Croxone at trifling cost from any
first-class drug store. All druggists are
authorized to personally return the pur
chase price if Croxone fails to givo de
sired results, regardless of how old you
lite, I'.w long you have suffered, cr
what else has failed to cure you.
Suspects Arrested.
united prihb Laura wisi.
Eugene, Or., May 6. Two men giv
ing their names as Thomas Clark and
Mike Moloney, are bound over today to
the grand jury on a charge of dynamit
ing the rafe of the Springfield Wine
company at Springfield, Or., several
days ago, Maloney has a badly injured
hand. When the dynamiting was dis
covered a quantity of blood was found
on the ground nearby indicating that
one of the robbers had been injured by
the explosion.
Proposals Invited.
The undorsignod will receive sealed
proposals np to 6 o'clock p. m. Mon
day, May 12, 1013, for the purchase of
one or two new dump wagons, also for
one or two second-hand dump wagons
by the city of Salem.
Hight is reeorved by the city to re
joct any or all bids.
CHAS. F. ELGIN, City Recorder.
for all such ills as
if you will only help your Stomach,
I.iver and Bowels back to vigor and
health with
Great Salmon Season.
fOUlTEO riBSa UillD WIM.)
Astoria, Or., May 6. Every indica
tion points to the largest and moBt suc
cessful salmon fishing season realized
by the local fishermen for many years.
While it is yot early to toll anything
definite, the catch thus far has been
exceptionally good. Sinco the opening
of tho season, Inst Thursday, some ex
cellent catches have been made by the
gill not torn. ,
i ' t
Speeder Sent to Bockplle.
Portland, Or., May 6. J. C. Peters, a
rent estate man, was sentenced to five
days on tho rockpile in the municipal
court for reckless driving of his auto
mobile. Attorney for Peters gavo no
tico of appeal. Tho sentenco calling
for imprisonment was inflicted at tho
request of Assihtant City Attorney Sul
livan, who claimed thnt Peters' viola
tion of the speed lnw was most flagrant.
Pensive maids may develop Into ex
pensive wives,
4 Big Vaudeville Acts 4
4 New Pictures 4
Admission 20c
Children 5c
In a recently issued volume bearing
the above title, the author says: "Con
tinuous use of grease paints, rouge and
the like, had ruined my complexion. My
skin was colorless, wrinkled, coarse and
punctured with large pores. In Eng
land I heard of the virtues of mercol
ized wax; my first experience with this
marvelous substance convinced me it
was more valuable than all cosmetics
combined. Now whenever my complex
ion begins to go wrong, I get an ounce
of mercolized wax at the nearest drug
store, spread on a thin layer of it be
fore retiring, washing it off next moan
ing. The wax, after a few such treat
ments, seems literally to absorb the
worn-out cuticle, when a brighter,
healthier, youngor-looking skin ap
pears. "For the wrinkles and enlarged,pores
I bogan using a solution of saxolite, one
ounce, dissolved in a half-pint witch
hazel. Bathing the face in this every
day for awhile soon relieved the con
dition most wonderfully."
Sailed Out of Sight.
San Diego, Cal., May 6. Aa the
cruiser South Dakota sailed out of San
Diego harbor today, Lieutenant L. D.
Parks, of the army aviation corps, in a
Curtiss aeroplane, circled over her sev
eral times. Captain Plunkett, com
manding the cruiser, ordered tho men
to the guns to see if it would bo pos
sible to hit the aoropliino. Before aim
could be taken Lieutenant Parks as
cended moro than 5000 fcot and hid in
a cloud.
When ho next appeared he was sev
eral miles from tho warship and out
of reach of the guns.
Dr. J. C. Yuen
Successor to Dr. Kum, the greatest
Chinese Export Herblst.
Care Bow Wo ft Herb Co.
107 South High Street.
May 6.
Pationts speak for themselves.
Shclhimi, Ore,, April lfl, 1013.
Dr. J. O. Yuen, Salem, Ore.:
Hear Sir: I wish to offer yen a
testimonial in regard to your wonderful
I liml tlio ndvico of eomo of tho uoted
physicians, ami they told mo that I had
appendicitis, nnd would have to be
operated on beforo I could get well.
Not wishing to bo operated upon I
consulted Dr. J, C. Yuen, and now, af
ter about three mouths ' treatment, 1
am nuniu feeling strong and healthy.
I wish to do nil in my power to cir
culate tho knowledge of your wonder
ful medicine, Respectfully,
Rhelburn. Oregon.
Jere McAuliffe and Company, a skit from Pantaget called "The Dayi of '61."
A Musical Act of Merit, With Popular Songs.
Comic Acrobats.
1 ThU the Globe Special Monday and Tuesday program. Accompanied by the' Globe
meaire a new orchestra
MATIN HE: Adults l; children 10e. EVKNINUS: AdulU 2.V, children 13e.
Seek to sell musical instruments
through the Journal Want Ads in the
coming week, and you will be success
ful. The planets favor the manufacture of
all musical instruments and anything
connected with music will be well re
ceived. Tfys birthdate gives love of beauty
and harmony and love of the stage.
The emerald is tho birthstone of this
date. People born today should be very
careful in matrimony. They should
marry in their plane of thought and
intelligence. They must learn the les
son of self-control and must cultivate
thougbtfulness for others. Marriage
might be harmonious with a person
born between September 23 and Oc
tober 23, or better between December
21 and January 20.
Danger to married relations comes
from the natural suspicion and jeal
ousy of the Taurus-born.
Metal workers will be favored today
by the ruling of the planet Mars.
These Listen Well
$2230 will buy a fine new bungalow,
close to car line, school, graded street,
large lot, only 250 down, balance on
easy monthly payments to suit. Don't
pay rent when you can get a home on
such easy payments.
0x120 feet each, east front, only
$650. Owner will take mare as part
payment. See Mr. Brunner or Mr. Pet
tyjohn. $75 PEE ACHE.
48 acres of fine land, all under cul
tivation, only $75 per acre, 1 miles
from Oregon Electric station, in San
tiam bottom. See Mr. Brunner or Mr.
We have some extra fine exchanges
which might pay to investigate. We
have city property for farms, country
property for city, Oregon land for East
ern, Eastern lands for Marion county
property; in fact we can fix you up in
most any kind of an exchange. See Mr.
Scott. .
If you are looking for a farm, come
in and let us tell you about some of the
splendid properties we have listed. The
roads are good, and we can show yon
some money-making farms at right
We have just listed one of tho most
highly improved 10-acre places in the
county; Vj acres full bearing walnuts,
2 acres assorted berries, I'-j acres
choice assorted fruit; good house, barn,
well, partly planted to corn and pota
toes; small amount of pasture and
erough wood for fuel. This place can
be had for $0230; easy terms. Close to
Salem. See Mr. Scott.
We havo a Bmall house on a good
lot in Portlnnd on a good street, for an
automobile. See Mr. Brunner.
$1325 will buy a good bungalow, just
completed, in a good district; $500
down; bnlnnco easy payments. See Mr.
Suppose your property should burn
tonight. Insure with Mr. Dyer, with
Bechtel & Bynon.
$1400 buys a five-room house and
largo lot; $200 down; balance on very
easy terms. Ask for Mr. Brunner.
$250 will take a large lot just one
block from tho fair grounds cur line and
only eight minutes from State street.
Terms to suit. See Mr. Bynon.
$200(1 will get you a new bungalow on i
- -- ,
$500 down; balnnco easy.
$100 nn acre will buy a (Macro farm
in tho best part of the Howell Prairie
district. Terms to suit. See Mr. Bech
tel. If you aro looking for close-in proper
ty, look this up: 81 feet frontage, S2
feet deep, one block from Oregon Elec
tric depot, 1 block from court house;
property is renting for $05 per mouth.
This is a good property nnd worth more
than prico asked, $13,200; terms. See
Mr. Scott.
160-aero dairy ranch, 3-4 mile to
cheese factory, one-hnlf mile to Btore
and P. O.; 2 springs, running water,
house and barn. Will trado for city
propertv up to $2200. Trice for farm, I
$2S00. See Mr. Scott.
24 acres, 7 miles from Salem; 11 acres
under cultivation, 13 scree timber and
pasture; $100 per acre; trade for house
and lot up to $2500. No inflated values
will be considered. See Mr. Scott.
Five-room bungalow, one-half block
from paved street; easy terms. Trice
$1500. Will take lot as parti payment.
See Mr. Scott
126 ACBES.
Seven miles from Salem, nearly sll
under cultivation; fine spring and run
ning water; 10 seres of young prunes;
fnir buildings; good family orchard,
with all kinds of bearing fruit; $75 per
acre, on easy terms. Will sell 40, 00 or
SO acres with buildings, if desired. This .
place practically bounded on three sides j
with road. See Pettyjohn. ,
Good five-room house and large lot
in North Salem on street that 1j being
paved. Qwner must sell st once. This '
property is worth $1200, but $1000 will i
buy it, if offered within the next few !
days. See Pettyjohn. i
Phone 432. 347 State Street.
(New York Times.)
To the Editor of the New York Times:
President Wilson's statement during
the campaign to Bishop Alexander Wal
ters, to the effect that the negro need
not fear anything from the party in the
event f his election, lured hundreds of
negroes to the Democratic side. Now
that' the administration is getting down
to routine business and is being launch
ed in its work, not a word is heard as
to what will become of the negro.
President Wilson has turned his back
on the brother in black and has diplo
matically closed the political door of
hope against him. It already has be
come evident that the offices under the
federal government that were formerly
held by negroes are likely to be given
to white men.
New Y'ork, April 15, 1913.
The negroes of the United States are
doing very well. Thanks to the leader
ship of men like Booker T. Washington,
they have become lawabiding and in
dustrious and their interests are not
centered in politics or office-holding.
The Times printed yesterday a letter
from Dr. Washington which shows that
the prime incitement to lynchings of
negroes at the hands of lawless white
men wis not in evidence during tho
first three months of 1913, and the
number of these horrible examples of
inhumanity diminished by one-half as
compared with the first quarter of 1912.
The negroes of the south are becoming
independent artisans and farmers, they
are acquiring property, they are taking
advantages of opportunities to better
their living condition. They are avoid
ing occasions of friction with the whites
in useless political activities. If Pres
ident Wilson is doing precisely what
Mr. Allen accuses him of doing, he will
meet with no protest from men like Dr.
Washington, who have' the interests of
the race at heart. In respect to the
question of "political equality" and
"race absorption" of the black man
into the American system, Mr. Charles
Francis Adams, who comes of the strait
est sect of the Abolitionists, said in his
address on Founders' Day, January 10,
last, at the University of South Caro
lina: "In this all-important respect I do
not hesitate to say we theorists and ab
stractionists of the North, throughout
ii ksesbgg?
L mum -mmr m ksssi
that long anti-slavery discussion which
ended with the 1S61 clash of arms, were
thoroughly wrong."
Mr. Adams is an influential political
thinker of the Republican faith. In his
words he echoed the sober second
thought of Republican leaders like Eli
hu Root, and, until his defection, Theo
dore Roosevelt. Mr. Root, especially,
in a speech before the Union League
club in this city some years ago, em
phasized the judgment of many think
ers half a century after the enfranchise
ment of the negro, that it was a mistake.
For the Weak and Nervous.
Poor appetite is a sivre sign of im
paired digestion. A few doses of Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Pills will
strengthen your digestion and improv e
your appetite. Thousands have been
benefited by taking these Tablets. Sold
by all dealers.
Tired-out, weak, nervous men and1
women would feel ambitious, energetic,,
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petite if they would do the sensible
thing for health take Electric Bitters.
Nothing better for the stomach, liver
or kidneys. Thousands say they owe
their lives to this wonderful home rem
edy. Mrs. O. Rhinevault, of Vestal Cen
ter N. Y., says: "I regard Electric
Bitters as one of the greatest of gifts.
I can never forget what it has done for
me." Get a bottle yourself and see what
a difference it will make in your health.
Only 50c and $1.00. Recommended by
J. C. Perry.
Four o'clock a. m., the finest time of
day out in the country.
There is plenty of prosperity, yet ev
erybody is not satisfied.
Is the Book Presented by the Capital Journal to its Readers.
Was Never Before Offered Here. Indorsed by Highest Educational Authorities
After the first week's distribu
tion last month of this MOD
ERN Book by a leading Indian
oplis paper this is what Indi
an's leading educators said of
Bluff ton High School' ' A valuable
book for the student as well as any
one who may want a Dictionary. It
iB up to date."
ERNEST J. BLACK, Superintend
ent Schools, Delaware County "It
has many excellent features; is a
veritable mino of information." '
IWtV.d dent Indiana State Normal School-
MiWMWf: :For a rcfcrence ook as to spelt
inS' Prouuncintion and definition. I
tJ$m$&Km$? ",0 hM,1 of 'very school pupil."
Reduced Illustration of the $4 Book
L. T. TUBPIN, Principal Muncie High School
'It is up-to-date in giving the latest information out
side of the ordinary dictionary part. I heartily rec
ommend the book."
James F. EICKARDS, Superintendent Eaton Pub
lic Schools " Every pupil and every person who
reads would do well to obtain this book. The defi
nitions are reliable, anil the large fund of Informa
tion is very valuable for every one."
EEV. JOHN D. TULIS, Washington Avenue
Presbyterian Church, Terer Haute "it is accurate
complete and convenient. I commend the effort of
tho newspaper to place it in the homes."
HON. EDWARD TUHEY, Mayor of Muncle
'The New Modern English Dictionary should be on
tho desk of every school pupil beyond the seventh
grade, and wuld be a valuable acquisition to tho av
erage business man."
O. D. TODDARD, Gaston Orads Schools "It is
one of the most practical dictionaries it has been mv
privilege to Siamine. I give it my heartiest indorse
ment." NELL V. GREEN. Principal Indianapolis Public
School No, 43-" 1 like its general appearance and
make up: can scarcely see how such a book can bo
printed at tha price."
J.?hTi'.h Dwrtment, Indians.
, """"7 -.""vi i iiKe its general appearand
and makeup; can sc arcely see ho
pnuiea st tnst price.
such s book can be
Terms, Lntest Census, makes the
' Examiner's' Pictinnnrv esnncinllv
good. ' '
N. A. CONNELLEY, Assistant Prin
cipal, Calvin Fletcher School, Indi
anapolis " An excellent, np-to-dato
book that should be in evory one's
HUGH H. BARR, Principal El
wood High School "It is complete,
giving tho menning, pronunciation
and definition of the words. The
pictorial illustrations are splendid,
a W- E-VALENTINE, Supervising Principle Public
School No. 28, Indianapolis-" It is amply illnstrat-
ptt?111""" 11 "'"'""''e library of great value."
BELLE O'HAIE, Principal Indianapolis Public
Bcnool No. 2 "A complete and valuable dictionary
to both students nnd educator. I believe the new
Modern Eng ish, Dictionary is the most modorn on
the market."
jjf; f "ANUEL Principle Middletown 1 High
,?-. J m 80 Pload with the New Mod-
T ;n-'1,shuD;PVHnax-v thllt I have placed it before
the nich schol for reference
t iE SC,HMIDT. Asis'stant Principal Austin
withT? snl. IflUanPolis"No desk should be
without this valuable book."
T.V'trJ0HN,?V?ENT0N' Montrose M. E. Church,
iene lloute I have never seen a dictionary that
P ni"nv ""en'tifnt qualities."
Te H ;,0UHICK' First M. E. Church,
ha , " I- l" one of th9 mot comPle,e 1
? "h. w ,,T" u hcmf' ,tore or office an afford
to he without it."
choo5AlT AoV M;, M'KEEVER, Indianapolis Public
,ikt 25 U Tmi'h" ,ha hiKh-wter m.rk in
IV, . T, ,,y0:1,"',Von ai"l P"".es surprising rich-
no nnd variety.' a
H,WILiAM SCHMnT, Director St Lswrencs
im. ,1 Vh0 rT!r,men" mot 'lmirably of be
un . J .' X rTfu 'y ""i""'1' P t0 dste and .
definit on " BpC"il,,!' V'ocMioa and
aee Coupon on Page Two
wr.-nrrrfrrf'y-f' l""1" '""'isf'' ,ai'i;fipisssisisi