Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 29, 1913, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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ODDS ARE 10 10 6
Dundee Gains Point in Betting on Eve
of 20-Round Battle With Cleve
land Champ.
Much interest is taken locally in the
battle of Johnny Eilbano, feather
weight champion, and Johnny Dundee,
of New York, at Vernon tonight. Odds
on Kilbane aro hardly as strong as
might be expectod, 10 to 6 prevailing
on the eve of battle This sbowB a gain
for Dundee of a point. Dundee is re
garded as a hard proposition and Kil
bane will at least know ho has been in
a fight.
Kilbane has not had a real fight so
long that his exact status1 is somewhat
of a problom.
Luther McCarty, white heavyweight
champion, aud Frank Moran will fight
10 rounds in New York tomorrow night.
McCarty 's manager says it will bo an
easy victory.
Johnny O'Lcary, Seattle feather
weight, is anxious to arrange a match
with Kilbane. O'Lcary lacks reputa
tion. .
Bud Andorson Is to give a public ex
hibition tonight at the Baker thentre
in Portland.
Mathewson recently established a
new record at Philadelphia when ho
pitched 67 balls. Matty is in great
National League.
R. H. E.
Pittsburg - 5 11 3
Chicago 8 10 2
Battories lioudrix, Adams and Kol
ley; Toftey, Cheney and Archer.
. Cincinnati 5 Jl 1!
St. Louis 7 11 2
Batteries Powell, WorkB, Smith,
Packard and Clarke; Snlloe and Wings.
"The Winner"
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er projects without submitting the
specific sewerage plan or district pro
posed to be drained to a vote of the
After considering the matter in its
various aspects both upon the facts as
set forth in the said resolution and
from our thoughtful consideration and
study of the matter extending over a
period of a year or moro, your commit
tee is convinced that the people Bhould
vote bonds to give relief to the people
situated as recited in the said resolu
tion and in this report, at an early
date, provided it is the desire of a ma
jority of the people to adhere to the
method of paying for sewors adopted at
the election on December 2, 1912, which
was a chango from the method adopted
by the two councils which considered
the North and South Salem Bower pro
jects. We have carefully considered the ef
fect of ordering an election and what
it would bo necessary to do in the way
of raising money to meet an additional
bond issue over and above the present
indebtedness and operating expense of
the city and that actually authorized
and in procoss of being floated for sow
ers, to tho extent of about $.180,000 at
tho proBCnt time, and we are absolutely
certain that Alio limit of taxation fixed
by tho charter, at 10 mills, would not
by any possibility rnise sufficient rev
enue to run tho city and take care of
this additional proposed issue of bonds,
and it would bo therefore absolutely
necessary to raise tho taxation limit
above 10 mills, which limit is now fixed
by tho city charter.
Imperfectly Understood.
We are also convinced from our con
tact with ninny people sinco the elec
tion in December, 1012, that tho vote
rccordod nt that election was the re
sult of a very Imperfect understanding
of the Bcopo and effect of tho char
ter amendment and bond ordinance
then carried. Many peoplo have told
us that they thought and boliovcd that
tho latornl sewers were being provided
for in tho bond issue, and in order to
satisfy ourselves that we were not in
error about the impression then pro
vailing we have gone back over the
files of tho newspapers and find that
Tho Copital Journal, particularly, in
issue after issue, stated and claimed
that tho lateral sewers in North Palem
were being provided for, while wo
found an article published in the
Statesman in the form of an opinion
from the city attorney, to tho offect
that the laterals wore not included,
which opinion was rcnedered at the spe
inl instance of a man by the name of
Neer, a resident of North Salem, that
ncvertheloss, tho genernl impression
prevailed that these sowers wero in
cluded, and we are strongly of tho
opinion that the omission to provide
for refunding said lateral sewer as
sessments was undoubtedly done know
ingly by the person who prepared and
submitted to tho people the charter
amendment and bond ordinance, other
wise theso persons who prepared and
circulated the petitions stand convicted
by the record of their actions, of a mis
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erable piece of carelessness and incom
petency. The fundamental purpose and ground
for changing the method nnder which
the city had been proceeding for tw
years or moro in the construction of
its sewers by special asessment against
the property benefitted, was because
the city as it had existed prior to 1903
constituting the territory lying between
North Mill creek and Mission street
had constructed its main sewors and
possibly Borne of its laterals, at the ex
pense of the general public and that
after 1903 property lying in both North
and South Salem had been compelled
to contribute by general taxation to
the payment of both principal and in
terest on outstanding bonded indebt
edness originally issued for construct
ing the said sewers within tho old cor
porato limits above described. It ap
pears, thoreforo, perfectly clear to us
that when the advocates of this rocont
charter amendment and bond ordinaneo
omitted or neglected to provide for tho
lateral sewer assessments actually lov
ied prior to the election and to provide
funds for sewering these parts of the
city which were then under contract of
about to be contracted, that thoy did
an injustice infinitely greater than
tho ono that thoy were seeking to ro
dress by the election of December 2,
!)12, measured in terms of dollars and
cents and considered from tho stand
point o,f consistency and honesty of
purpose, in our opinion the very prin
ciple which tho most activo advocates
of theso measures wero contending for
wns either utterly lost sight of or elso
deliberately and shamefully ignored.
Wrong to Interfere.
Your committee belioves thnt it is
wrong for this council to at this timo
intorforo in tho solution of this sower
problem of tho city by ordering a spe
cial election, for several reasons, which
aro all founded more or less upon tho
facts recited in this report which may
be summarized briefly as follows:
First Tho three preceding councils
which have dealt painstakingly with
tho sewer problems of this city havo
almost unanimously, wo beliovo, re
garded the bonding of tho city at large
for tho construction of sewors as a mis
take of policy. Tho members of this
committee, who were also members of
the council which was in office when
the said initiative petitions were pre
sented and dcrlined to vote for tho Is
suance of bonds on the ground that the
solution offored by the measure pre
sented was not a just and fair solution
to all of tho people, very largoly by
reason of the facts pointed out in this
report, and thercforo did their duty by
submitting the petition to an eloction
without any opposition measuro advo
cating their viows.
Second Tho opinion of this commit
tee is not changed from what it was at
the time tho measures were initiated,
and we beliovo that a majority of this
council are likewiso of tho same opin
ion, and because wo beliovo that a
mistake was made and a wrong perpo
trated upon a part of tho people, we
feel that we should ask that tho elec
tion upon this question should come,
not from ns, but from tho people who
have done the wrong and made the
Third We are opposed to Incurring
trfe expense of s special election and
- ' i ' ' ... : .
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B1 T.HOPKINS. Proj, 37 M km Sited lewM
believe that the matter should come
up at a regular election.
Unwise to Proceed.
Fourth We believe that until such
time as we have sold the bonds now
authorized and the refund of the mon
ey is well under way that it would be
unwise to proceed with any further
bend issues or the incurring of any
further bonded indebtedness.
Fifth Inasmuch as it is a certainty
that tho 10-inill tax levy authorizd by
the charter would have to be increased
by at least a mill and a half or even
two mills to do any great amount of
good, that such movement for the in
crease in the taxing limits should orig
inate with the people who desire the
expenditures mnde, rather than in this
The foregoing are our conclusions
aud based upon them and other rea
sons which it is needless to go into at
this time we wish to recommend to tho
council that resolution No. 1097, direct
ing tho city attorney to prepare the
necessary ordinance ordering a special
election, be not adopted, and that its
further consideration be indefinitely
postponed. We further recommend
along the lines of our report that the
people who have been assessed for lat
eral soWor districts and have paid the
same, or upon whose land a cloud now
reBts by reason of the lien of such as
sessments, prepare and circulate a pe
tition to this council asking for the
submission of the question of a bond
issue of not less than $125,000 for the
purposes asked in this resolution,
which measure should provide for the
vote upon the Bame at the regular elec
tion December 1, 1913, before which
time we bolieve that the refunds pro
posed be made under the bond issue
now authorized, will be well out of the
way and the situation very much more
thoroughly understood by the public
at largo. Hospoctfully submitted.
J. C. Siegniund, Chairman
F. B. Southwick, Associate.
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makes the kidneys sift out and filter
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Asylum Employes Had Bight to Vote
and Glen Oaks Addition was Le
gally Fart of the City.
The supreme court held today that the
city of Salem acted legally in extending
its boundaries in 1910 to include, with
other property, lots 17 and 21, block 2,
Glen Oak addition, which includes the
Oregon asylum for the insane. It was
contended that the vote of 42 employes
of the asylum wore cast illegally, but
the court holds that they are legally
qualified. It was also contended that
property was not the kind that should
be annexed, all but a small portion be
ing vested in tho state of Oregon. The
court holds that inasmuch as the rights
of the state were not invaded this con
tention does not hold good.
N. C. Day and C. H. Wheeler were
plaintiffs in the suit. The lower court
is reversed and the suit dismissed. The
opinion is by Justice Eukin.
Other decisions:
C. if. Nobl vs. Beeman-Spaulding-Woodward
company, Multnomah coun
ty. Modified. Justice Burnett.
Peter Wage'-aar vp. lieoman-Woodward
Co. Multnomah county. Modi
fied. Justice Burnett.
N. V. Sorenson vs. C. A. Smith. Peti
tion rehearing denied. Justice Moore.
Kate Strode, Rose Bridges, Anna Her
rall, V. K. Strode and J. B. Bridges, Jr.,
vs. Frank E. Smith and Pacifio Surety
company. Affirmed.
C. II. Page vs. A. H. Ford and othors.
Reversed. Chief Justice McBrfdo. Mult
nomah county.
State of Oregon, upon relation W. E.
Proctor vs. Bay City, W. C. Twombley
and others, defendants and respondents.
Affirmed. Incorporation legally niado.
Tillamook county.
J. F. Lovelaco vs. Aloxandor Moyer
and others. Clackamas county. Af
firmed. Chief Justice McBride.
P. F. Williams vs. Pacifio Surety Co.
Multnomah county. Petition for re
hearing denied. Chief Justice McBride.
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