Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 24, 1912, Page Page Eight, Image 8

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Tug Eight
Salem's Big Department Store
Men's Underwear
Specially Priced
at Meyers
Study this over a fine
quality, Jersey ribbed un
derwear for men
made from fine Australian
wool, natural color, An ex-,
tra good garment, selling
just now at $1.85 per suit
See Win low Display
Men's Section,
Special Sale of Suitings and Coatings
in Our Dress Goods Section
Salem's Dress Goods House offers for this week's sell
ing high grade Coverts, Boucles, French Flannels, Chin
chillas and fancy Suitings and Coatings,
An excellent assortment, good weights, plain and mixed
colorings and wide widths. These are popular fabrics
for this season, We have three offerings as follows:
$2,50-$2,75 qualities, a yard $1.89
$2,00 $2,25 qualities, a yard 1.69
$1,25 qualities, a yard 59
Are you trying for the free Buick? Every dollar purchase
entitles you to a guess, and youVe ony about two weeks
left better hurry,
(Mil KiMiltvt'iir Mailt
Ni'W by Irvine. 47!! Statu Htl'i'i't.
Down With tin Trusts
Hut let Slublm, tho tailor, help you.
Looks Like Snow
Hotter l,t lrvhio fix thoso shoes. 473
Klat.0 street. '
No dirt, No Knot
From ono of the Imperial company's
heating stoves. See 'em.
A Niilistiinlliil Argument
Is iniulo liy Rolnliurt on
f.hoea. 414 Slate Btnet.
Wo An Selling
lllg and Hinall fir wood nt Bummer
prices. Henry Wolfe. Phone Main
6!4. 10-23-at
And Oohllus skate nt Hallowe'en
N'l.siiueradi) at Me.U'od's Skating Rink,
Oct. 2!l. from 7:30 to 11:00 p. m., South
Coniniorcial street. Admission 10c.
Skating, 2f,o. 10-23-6t
The Aid Society
Of the Presbyterian church will
iriet at tho home of Mrs. L. K. l'ngo,
4!2 North Cottage street at 2:30 Fri
day afternoon. Friends and strangers
are Invited.
Murrhigi Licenses
Marriage licenses were issuel yes
terday afternoon as follows: Albert
W. Lltulrll, aged 27, and Marie Van
Laniien, aged 23 years, both of Salem.
Kiioh licit Nevltt, aged 2!) years, of
I'ortlanii, and Ollle (toi'dmi, aged IS
years, of Salem.
Drs. Helsloy JIcIsIct
His. O. K. S. Kit a llelsley are
graduates of tho Am. School of Osto
opathy nt KlrkBVlllo, Mo., tho largest
tf e'gbt Osti-opnthlf! colleger In tills
country. Acute and chronic caBes treat
od. Office second floor U. S. IIuiiIk
llklg rhones 61S; rosldenco 218t.
J. & K. Shoes for Ladies
The shoe that fits the arch
Made in tan, gunmetal and patents
Made on their new nobble last; a short
vamp, broad toe last
All sizes
Employs Expert Mil
The limbers at Davis' aro
Mew's that KetllHL'
C. T. l'liineroy will assure Its safety.
Ilo! Pop
I want a pair of Rolnliurt's winter
,V Few It ii uk
j To close out at
I Buren & Hamilton.
very low prices.
Overrun and Weak
Shoes can be inado strong and sight
ly by Irvine, the repairer. 473 State
In Keeping with Autumn
"The Glint of the Woods," Is the lat
est creation In men's nnd women's
suits. Celebrate the most beautiful
season of the year by visiting Mosher,
ttie tailor. 4 SB Court street.
A Chimney Fire
The fire department was called last
night about 0 o'clock to tho corner of
Liberty nnd Union streets where it
vas found a chimney fire had caused
some one to turn In an alarm. The
department was not needed, but re
mained until tho fire had done the
work of cleaning out tho chimney.
(.everiuir Loses Ills Hog
Governor West Is loser of a thor
oughbred Alrdnle pup which Is be
lieved to have been stolen last night
from the state tuberculosis sanitarium
where It was under the training of the
engineer at that. Institution. The pup
Is four and a half months old anil
valued very highly by the governor.
The dog was seen at midnight.
Only tf'-M.;-
Kor the round trip from Salem to
Harrlsburg and return via Oregon
Kleetrlo Hy., account Potato Show.
Tickets on sale Oct. 23, 24 and 25 with
return limit Oct. 2lith. Trains lenve
Salem 2 o'clock a. in.. 8:33 n. m., 10:10
a in., 1:00 p. m., and 8:00 p. m. For
further Information call Main 727 or
at residence phono Main 11)02. C, K.
A'bln, General Agent. 10-23-2t
(Jets Hard Jolt
But not at Pomeroy'g.
Keep Warm
In a clasBy suit niado by Stubhs, the
Crescent Rugs
Special prices foir a few days. Buren
& Hamilton.
What Is More Cheerful
Than a nice, warm heater. See
those at the Imperial Furniture com
pany. As I'siial, the (Jnnmont Weekly
Shown every Thursday, Friday and
Saturday, at the Bllgh, where every
body goes.
Victor Gas Heating
Stoves are different from all oth
ers. They are built on a different
plan and are far superior to all others.
Buren & Hamilton.
To Meet Friday
Woman's Home Industries League
will meet Friday afternoon at 3:30 at
Board of Trade rooms. All members
and those wishing to Join, are wel
come. Ills Father 111
Ed Pugh, a former Salem resident,
lint of late of Portland, Is In the city
attending his father, D. H. Pugh, who
is seriously 111 at his home here. The
elder Mr. Pugh is 79 years old and for
the past few weeks has been In a very
poor state of health.
Iliislness Increasing
From the fact that the Imperial..
Furniture company has Just received
a carload or roll-top desks, It is evi
dent that a large Increase In the num
ber of business firms In the city Is ex
pected. This firm believes there will
be a great demand for the office fur
I'lslilng before long and In order to bo
fully prepared, ordered a full carload
from the east.
Seme Dig Halibut
Some of the largest halibut ever
shipped to this city are now on display
at. Fltts' flsli market on Court street.
These big fish arrived this morning
ajul are attracting no small amount of
attention. The shipment consists of
nine fish and not one weighs less than
!00 pounds, while some weigh as much
as 130. Mr. Fltts reports that the sal
mon catch nt present at Yaquina Is
unusually large and of a splendid va
riety. Kent to Asylum
Joseph 12. Groshong, a farmer 45
years of age, of Scotts Mills, was com
mitted to the state Insane asylum yes
terday afternoon by Probate Judge
IHiBhey. The unfortunate man Imag
ines that his wife would be better off
without him and has been going away
from homo and exposing himself so
that he might get sick and die in or
der that his wife, so he says, might get
the insurance money on his life. Thore
are no children. Groshong is a native
Buck From Switzerland
Mr. nnd Mrs. August Aufrance re
turned this morning from Orvln,
Switzerland, where they went last May
on a visit. Alfred Aufrance, a broth
er, returned with them, as did Mr. and
Mrs. Paul A. Aufrance, who while
nway were married In their native
land. On their return they stopped to
visit relatives at San Marcos, Texas;
nnd Chlco, Cal. Mr. and Mrs. Au
france are parentB of A. Eugene Au
france, county recorder..
Don't Need Snow
Thanks to the progresslvoness of
the residents along Lincoln street
which leads up the Reservoir hill,
youngsters residing In that vicinity
are having the time of their lives now
unstlng down tho long stretch of
pavement recently laid. Tho street Is
about flvo blocks long and the lncllno
Is such that the wagon coasters buzz
over the hard surface with great
speed. A dozen or more vehicles of
like nature were sevn sailing down
the big hill last Sunday and the antics
of the klda in their attempts to hold
fust to their wngons, nffordod much
amusement, for the many visitors who
v it Messed tho sport.
Keep Your Face Smooth
Sanitary inassnges. Davis' barber
shop. ,
New Program at the Bllgh
Featuring Lucille, a big three-reel
Big Bargains
In rugs for a few days only.
& Hamilton.
The Most Delicate
Fabric made Is safe with the Salem
Steam Laundry.
Weather's Getting Cold
Warm your house with one of the
Imperial Furniture company's Al
Victor Gas Heaters
Use less gas and make more heat.
Jurthe heater for your bath room
bed rocm or office, lluren & Hamil
ton. Old Friend Visits Him
Mr. Edwin Diaper, of Utltca, N. Y.,
representative of tho Jell-o Manufac
turing Company, Is In the city and Is
tho guest of J. M. Iawrence, the two
being old time friends back In Utlca.
See the Wheals Go Hound
In Lockwood's window, 216 North
Commercial. The electric exhibit
well worth seeing. Shows how much
you can save on your electric light bill
by using the latest Shelby Mazda
Suit to Asylum
Lewis Halm aged 49, the erstwhile
preacher, has been recommitted to the
insane asylum, the commitment hav
ing been made this forenoon.
Why Spend 20c per Pound
For pork chops, when I sell luscious
fresh salmon and halibut nt 10c? Fish
builds up the brain and stomach;
meat only satisfies a temporary appe
tite. Salem Fish & Poultry Market.
Fhone 2125.
ltndy Arrives
The body of I. X. Maxwell, who died
in San Diego. California, October 19
1912, arrived this afternoon on the
Shasta Limited anil was taken to the
uidertaklng parlors of Lehman &
Clough. Arrangement for the funeral
hpve not yet been made.
Sheldon Talked to Them
Rev. Chas. M. Sheldon, of Topeka,
Kansas, famous as the author of "In
His Stops," and other books, addressed
the students of the university at the
chapel hour this morning.
Governor Offers Reward
Incident to his campaign aga'nst
vice, Governor West today Issued a
public proclamation offering a reward
of $100 for Information leading to the
arrest and resulting the conviction of
any person violating the law of the
state against the maintenance of vice
Rev, Sheldon Here
Rev. Charles Sheldon, author of "In
His Steps," Is here and kept pretty
busy. He spoke at the University and
also In the high school thU morning,
and this afternoon at 3 o'clock deliv
ered an address In the First Con
gregational church, where he will
speak again tonight at 8 o clock, at
which time, and In connection with his
address, Miss Helen Mack will sing. No
charges are being made for admission,
and everybody is Invited.
In Jack Johnson Class
A hair-pulling match occurred at
the corner of High and Court streets
late last night In which two girls, that
hnd had some difficulty at a dance a
few nights before proceeded to settle
the dispute much the same way as
though they were men. The smaller
of the two succeeded In getting her
antagonist down, and then she broke
her umbrella over her prostrate form
me altercation attracted quite a
crowd but before. tho officers arrived
the ono underneath had about all she
wanted and seemed satisfied to let the
ivntter drop, It Is reported that some
teeth were knocked out but this could
not be verified. No arrests were made.
Illlgh Is Mini of the Hour"
Thalia, the muse of comedy, nnd
Momus, the god of laughter, have
nothing on T. G. Mlgh, the theatrical
man of Salem. Not content with pre
senting to the amusement lovers of
this city a program far superior to
that ever undertaken before the erec
tion of his play hciiae, he has Just en
joyed the most successful week by en
gaging Trevitt's military dogs, a band
of animal actors trained to perform
feats equal to those oa humnn being.
In conjunction, Mr. Bllgh competes
with Momus, In that he has secured
nne, If not the most, laughable nnd In
teresting motion picture comedy ever
presented in Salem. It Is entitled
"The Pleasure of Cnmplng.'' Inter
mingled will be the Crnwfords In trav
esty work, a 101 Bison picture entitled
"The Penalty;" "The Mall Clerk's
Temptation" nnd "For the Ixve of
Her." In nil Mr. Bllgh presents nn ex
trnordlnnry program this week, nnd
his enthusiasm In the Interest of Salem
theatre-goers Is commendable .
The colonel will have to be hurt a
good del worse before he will cease
I to crave at least three big meals a day.
The New Steamer
(iraliaiiiona to
be Put on Route
The Oregon City Transportation
Company's steamer Grahamona will
i each Salem tonight, her first trip to
Salem, she having been completed
about a month ago. She will com
mence her regular run betwoon here
and Portland tomorrow morning, leav
ing her dock at the foot of Trade
street at 6 o'clock. Sunday morning
tho company will send tho handsome
new steamer oft an excursion down
the rlvor, leaving here at 9 o'clock, re
turning at noon. This Is for business
men and their families only.
The Grahamona Is one of the hand
somest ever plying the Willamette.
Her cabins are roomy, clean, beauti
fully furnished and well lighted, and
while Bhe will carry a big cargo of
freight, she Is also built for speed.
The river trip to Portland Is a delight
ful one, and every Saleiulte, should
take It at least once.
(Continued tram page 1.)
danger of a one-man government. - I
regret, with the rest of you, the at
tempt that was made upon the life of
Mr. Roosevelt, but a bullet cannot
make a bad Issue good, or a good is
sue bad, A government of the people
is the only democratic government,
and I appeal to the people of Oregon
to return to that kind of govern
ment. Must Fleet Congressmen.
'With nil my power I want to urge
the election of Dr. Harry Lane to the
United States senate, nnd also the elec
tion of the Democratic candidates for
congress. Wilson will bo powerless
without their help, to bring about the
reforms cnlled ftvr in the Democratic
platform. I would rather see Wood
row Wilson defeated thnn to see him
become tho chief executive of this na
tion, but bound hand nnd frot hy a Re
publican senate nnd a Republican
house of representatives."
Governor Marshall emphasized labor
conditions as he observes thenf In the
United States, declaring that he wants,
and the Democratic pnrty will bring
about, legislation that is beneficial for
the native worklngman, but that he Is
against measures that merely protect
foreign laborers, who Bend their mon
ey out of the country.
At the conclusion of his address the
governor and party took the first train
to Portland, where Marshall speaks to
night. Vaudeville.
On Friday and Saturday, October 25
and 26, the people of Salem will have
nn opportunity of witnessing a very
unique vaudeville performance, con
Elstlng of eght acts of vaudeville num
bers, Including the great Skates Ray,
who has just completed tho Orpheum
time. It is not necessary to go Into
particulars on this, as everybody ac
quainted with vaudeville will appre
c'ate seeing this great act. The re
maining acts are all good and In all
the performance will be the best ever
put on for the popular price of 15 and
The troupe is controlled by th Com
edy Bells - Company, of Ijou Angeles,
California, so don't judge this by oth
er cheap vaudeville, as you will cer
tainly receive' your money's worth. In
addition to the eight acts, you will
witness two of the very best moving
pictures. This will be a continuous
performance, starting at 7:30 sharp.
Tickets sold up to 10 p. in., making
two and 0ne-half shows. Special mat
inee Saturday beginning at 2:15. Ad
mission 15c all over the house. Bring
the children. This is a refined bIiow,
secured here as a fill In, as they aro
Looked Bolld from Eugene south.
Inspected Corps
Cynthia S. Dunlnp department se
nior vice-president, Oregon Woman's
Relief Corps, has returned from Port
land, where with the department pres
ident, Jennie C. Pritchard, they in
spected the corps of Portland.
Journal "Want Ads." bring results.
Continuing balance of week
?ir ?ef!!iedA 2 Lucille
Vaudeville Acts . . ,
m three reels this is a
4 NeW Pictures 4 magnificent production
u xri i i
Bzimw9wnm TTiicic cvcryuuuy goes i -
Ladd & Bush, Bankers
Established 1868
Transact a General Banking Business,
We issue travelers' checks and letters of credit avail
able in all parts of the world.
MA II lilt I).
WILSON LANSING At the home of
the hrldo's parents, on the Garden
Itoad, Wednesday evening, October
23, 1912, Miss Ethel Annie Lansing
to Clarence Ambroso Wilson, Hev. L,
C. Zimmerman officiating.
The newly-weds will make their
home In Salem.
dence of the brldo's parents, Mr. nnd
Mrs. E, II. Anderson, on Cheniekota
street, Wednesday evening, October
23, 1912, Miss Ora VornnI Anderson
to Carroll C. Starr, Rev, S. A. Starr
Catholic rectory, Thursday morning,
October 24 1912, Rev. Father Moore
officiating, Katherlno Schotthoefer
to Walter Stark.
The young couple will make their
home five miles south of Salem.
WALKER. At her home four miles
east of Salonv, Wednesday, October
23.1912. Christina Walkor, aged 82
The body Is at the undertaking par
lors of Rlgdon-Rlchardson, from
which place the funeral will be hold
Friday morning at 10 o'clock. Inter
ment will be at the Marlon cemetery.
PEOPLE Have now realized that It Ib
hotter to pay rent on their own
homes., to deposit a monthly pay
ment towards securing them a pleas
ant abode. If you are looking for
something In this lino, call on
Chnpln-Herlow Mortgnge & Trust
Cot, 419 U. S. bank building, or
phone Main 17. 10-24-tf
FCIl RENT Modern bungalow, Ship
ping nnd Liberty, one block from
cnrllne, $13.00 per month. Phone
819, or call at Sulem Bont Fnctory.
SURE The healthiest thing on earth
Is a chicken tamalo, made by Fred
for your wife. 10-22-4t
WANT13D Position as domestic by
competent young lady. MIbs Arnst
route 6, box 13, Salem, Ore. 10-24-3t
FOR SALE 20 acres of first class
land, ton acres under cultivation, 10
acres good Bocond growth timber,
house and barn, well, some berries
set out, located 4 Va miles south of
Salem; price, $3500; $1500 cash, bal
ance 3 years, 6 per oent Interest.
Oregon Realty Co., 275 State street.
FOR SALE 3.15 acres qjust outside
the city, good soil, fine building site
price, $950; $95 cash, balance $10
per month. Oregon Realty Co., 275
State street ' 10-24-3t
FOR SALE 3.15 acres Just outside
land, 5 acres In 5-year-old prune
trees In first class .shape, balance
all under cultivation, fine building
Bite, just three miles south on the
Jefferson road ; price $3200. Oregon
Realty Co., 275 State street. 10-24-3t
BARGAIN If taken at once, 5-room
modern house, lot 50x100 on State
street, rents $15 per month; $1400.
Terms. Square Deal Realty Co.,
Room 304, U. S. Bank Bldg., Salem
Oregon. 10-24-3U-
FOR SALE CHEAP Dining table and
Blx chairs. 461 N. High St. 10-24-3t
Chalmers auto, as good as new. This
la a bargain. Call at Capital garage
or phono 783. 10-24-31
$450 Two-room house, good corner
lot 50x125 feet, for only $450; $50
down, balance $10 per month. Close
to school and carllno. Bechtel &
Bynon, 347 State street. 10-24-3t
take a neat 5-room cottage on a
good lot. This is a snap and must be
sold Boon, if sold at this price. Bech
tel & Bynon, 347 State Btreet. Tel.
Main 452. 10-24-3t
Capital $500,000.00
take advantage of our determin
ation to still further increase
our Salom business. When you
pay cash you're entitled to ths
savlngB in cash, and get them
here, too. Any Item here or any
Item In our NEW store will
17 lbs sugar for $,oo
Celery Medium, a bunch ,.5c
Large 2 fr 13C
Sweet potatoes, 11 lbs ,,..25c
Pcnberrr Toffee, ...25c the lb
Suldcr'g Catsup 20c the bottle
Perfection Flour (made In Sa
lem) the sack $1.03
Eggs, the dozen 83c
Butter, 2 lbs for 75c
Our new store Is located at 855
North Commrclal street, on the
corner of D street.
Damon &
A critic by any other name would be
a knocker just the same.
Independent candidate for assessor,
Turner, Oregon. "For a business ad
ministration of the office. Fair treat
ment to all; special favors to none."
Wholesale and retail, 65c per gallon.
Lunch put up to order. Sandwiches
any style. The llusy Bee, 329, State
street Phone 717. J. W. Evans, prop.
Over Ladd and Bush Bank, Salem, Or
Resident Agents I8& State 8trwl
On farm 'and city property. Join H
Scott, over Chicago Store, Salem, Or
egon. Phone 1552.
On good Real Estate lecirlrj.
147 State Street
In any quantity. Prompt dellrerj
our specialty. Falls City Lumber
Company. 279 North Commerclil
street Phone Main 813
Office Phone Main 183
Rlgdon Residence Main 111.
Funeral Directors and Undertaken
252 N. High Street
No machinery to tear and wear
out delicate fabrics. Work called
for and delivered promptly.
436 Ferry St Phone Main 2258
for each set of old False Teeth sentua.
Highest prices paid for old gold, sli
ver, old watches, broken Jewelry and
precious stonee. Money sent by return
mall. Phlla. Smelting Refining Co,
established 20 yearsJ63 Chestnut St,
Philadelphia, Pa. To Dentists: We will
buy your gold filings, gold scrap,
and platinum. Highest prices paid.
AU Makes
Bee me before yon do anything.
Phone Main l8
114-iU ft. Commercial, Salem. Oiffi