Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 14, 1911, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Gordon Hat Time Is Here!
Your Particular Style is Ready for You
The Gordons for
spring are well
worth seeing. New
ideas, new shapes
pUE S3UU003 M9U
a splendid assort
ment to select
from what more
can you ask?
Quality? The Gor
don name gives'
the man , who
knows all the as
surance he needs
on that score.
? .2
UakeiHssa Baking Easy
Three Dollars Buys a Gordon
It's just like handing you $2,00 to sell you this hat for $3,00,
No better nat is maaej eiuier son or suit,
Novel Shapes for Young Men
Spring shapes in new models to
be worn telescoped ,dented or
creased the latest ideas in
Conservative Styles for Older
Soft or stiff hats in models
that will appeal to men who
want, more conservative styles,
Toklo, March 14. Adopting an at
titude of puzzled surprise over what
they term the "wild" American news
regarding Japan's alleged secret con
nection with the Mexican complica
tions, the Mikado's officials today
designated the stories that Japan had
formed an alliance with Mexico as
"We fear that America curiously
misunderstands Japan," was the
statement of one .high official.
News from the United States
directed attention to the operations
and movements of Japanese war ves
sels. The cruisers Kasagl and Asa-
ma returned from their American
cruise March 6 and are at Yokosuka.
The battleship Asahl participated In
the fleet maneuvers off the Shlmbara
coast lastnonth and was brought to
Yokosuka March 10 owing to the ill
ness of Prince Fushlmi, her com
mander. Other Japanese ships are
reported distributed thrpugh the var
lous Japanese ports.
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Absolutely Pure
The only baking powder
made from Royal Crape
Cream of Tartar
Arc You Looking
For the Best
Orchard Development
Proposition in Oregon?
We have it.
Call and see us.
304 U. S. National Bank Bldg.
ernor West asks $10,000 for his quar
ter block, while Mr. Metschan, whose
land has better Improvements, asks
I $13,000 for his property. These esti
mates are regarded as reasonable by
the committee, which regards the
prices asked by the owners of the
other half of the block as excessive.
Owners of the north half block are
asking In the aggregate $37,000 for
their lots, on which the improve
ments are not to be compared with
those on the Metschan property.
This would make the block cost the
state $60,000, which is more than can
be allowed out of the total appropri
ation of $150,000 and leave sufficient
money for constructing the building
that is needed.'
"Speaker Rusk said that while no
final decision had been reached by
the committee, the purchase of the
south half of the block would surely
be recon Viended at the prices quoted
by the state. If the quotations fur
nished on the other half block are
reduced the entire block will be pur
chased. This would extend the pres
I ent holdings of the state easterly to
, the main line of the Southern Pa
cific railroad.
"The proposed new building will
provide offices for the supreme court,
state library, attorney-general and
railroad commission. The cost of the
building will approximate $100,000."
days property will advance. There
are four fine residences on the block
that cost between 20 and 30 thousand
dollars and they are in good condi
tion. Three of these are on the
north half of the block, and cannot
be left out of consideration. It Is
believed by good Judges that the
naked block la worth $50,000 today
in the open market, and the state
would be willing to give that sum on
the spot If the property could be got
for that and it might be done if the
buildings could be well disposed of.
Everett, Wash., March 14. The
people of this city are today divided
on the new plan of the city council,
to enforce an occpuatlon tax. The
city council discussed the move last
night, declaring that It is necessary
since the town went dry and $7,000 In
liquor license fees . are lost to the
city today. '
The power company, supplying the
municipal electric lights, has notified
the city that until the bills for street
lighting are paid promptly the juice
will be turned off, and the city
plunged in darkness. Hence the
plan to tax every man from $3 to $10,
depending upon his trade or profes
Boise, Ida., March 14. The govern
ment's Investigation of the Camas
Prairie night riders was renewed
vigorously today by federal agents
following the acquittal of Joseph
Vaughn of murder, after Vaughn had
testified that D. V. Emmons, whom he
killed, In self defense, was a leader
of the secret organization.
When Vaughn was freed citizens at
Soldier, where he was tried, cheered
and the man was carried from the
courtroom on the shoulders of sym
pathizers who Included a Baptist
It is expected that arrests of men
suspected of being night riders will
soon be made. According to U. S.
District Attorney Llngenfelder, who
has charge of the case, a large num
ber of settlers of Southern Idaho are
now seeking him and telling him of
threats made by mounted masked
men who came to the isolated homes
of ranchmen at night and ordered
them to leave the country. Previous
to Vaughn's trial the settlers were
chary about telling their exper
iences. According to Vaughn and other
witnesses the night riders have been
attempting to run new settlers out of
the country as the new comers have
filed contests on a number of home
steads In the district thus arousing
the wrath of the riders.
The Doctors Answers On
Health and Beauty Questions
By Dr. Theodore Beck
The questions annwered below ire general in character :
the symptoms or diseases nr given and answers will apply
to nnv case of similar nature
Those wishing further ailvlre. free, ma yaddress nr. Theo.
Beck. College Hid., Collese-EIwood Sta, Imytou, Ohio, en
closing self-addressed envelope for reply. No questions will
be answered uuless full nam and suitress Is given. Initials
or nom de plume will be used In auswers. The prescrip
tions can be tilled nt any well stocked drug store. Any
druggist can order ot wholesaler.
The other two members of the com
mittee agreed with State Treasurer
Kay that the block east of the state
house should be procured If possible
Tecarte, Calif., March 14. Well
fortified by Mescal, 35 Mexican rebels
under General Louts Rodriguez today
still hold the fort at the village
across the line from here and are
hourly hurling defiance across the
border at the. American soldiers on
patrol. Three forces of rebels are
reported near here one at Dulsura,
on the American side. In case they
at Its present market value. It Is are able to evade the Unitd States
Hfud Oflice, Minneapolis, Mlnu.
Ml illllll iMiisjwuLnnanns mumwnfi.i
Branch Offices:
Mncleay and Creswell, Oreg.
troops and make a combination they
are expected to attack either Ensen
ada or Tla Juana.
also admitted by the board that the
property will cost a great deal more
in the future, and an effort will be
made to secure options on the prop
erty in the meantime. The law does I A man doesn't care how out of
not go into effect for 90 days and it j date his wife's clothes are as long
is well known that with two railroads as the neighbors don't audibly com
ComiiiB into Salem even in those 90 ment upon them.
A stereoptlcon lecture on the His
tory of Art will be given this even
ing at the University chapel at 8
This lecture has been arranged un
der the auspices of the Euterpean so
ciety and Is planned to give a survey
of the important and significant per
iods and products In the field of art.
George L. Schlelber, the lecturer,
has had a broad experience In this
field, having studied many of these
works In the galleries of Europe and
the art centers of the states. His
Interpretation li sufficiently demo
cratic to make what he has to say
both entertaining and Instructive. He
has lectured many times before the
students and patronB of the Art Insti
tute of Chicago and before the var
lous art study clubs of that city, and
has always been well received by
large audiences. This fact alone
stands as a guarantee of his ability.
1 o
Are you frequently noarse? Do
you have that annoying tickling In
your throat? Does your cough an-'
noy you at night, and do you raise
mucus In the morning? Do you want
relief? If so, take Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and you will be
pleased. Sold by all druggists.
Get it at Dr. Stone's Drag Store
Mack: Your request for a simple but
efficient cough and lung remedy has al
ready heen answered In these columns, but
I will repent this formula which Is supe
rior to anything I know of to curs chronic
bronchitis, hoarseness, whooplug cough,
sore throat, etc. Obtain from any well
stocked druggist a 2 1-3 vs. package of es
sence of Memiio-l.axene, and mix It with a
home-made syrnp according to directions
accompanying It ; this makes a full pint
of the finest laxative, curative and tonic
cough syrup, superior to patent or labeled
good and about 8 times cheaper. It
makes tho most effective cough remedy
that I have ever prescribed.
Nervous : I receive many letters from
both men and women wlw class themselves
as "nervous wrecks." Borne attribute
their condition to dissipated Uvea, some
to socelty and its functions, some to In
discretion of youth, and others have no
This condition begets muc hmlsery,
melancholia, and Is accompanied with
such svtnotoms as timidity, downcast eyes,
luck oi confidence, lost memory and vigor,
cold extremities. dlMlneBs, heart palpita
tion, trembling limbs, shortness of breath,
sleeplessness, discontent, Irritability and a
general Inability to act naturally at all
times. Scientifically concentrated drugs,
free from opium, cocnlne and the like, will
overcome such conditions. Obtain these
Ingredients separately, avoid any emlwr
rnxsemnr, and mix at home as follows:
Get three ounces of compound syrup sars-
anacMla In M a I V.tll m-lk hflftln tint ftttA
ounce each of compound fluid bnlmwort,
compound essence canllol and tincture ca-1
............ A.,,1 Kaln.n..,. rt MM.1
uuuiriir umii'.'iiM.i. rati,, .i..n..v i ... .......
nparllla, sluike srvl let stand for two hours.
Then add other two Ingredients, shake
twell ami luke a teaspoonful before re
tiring. lrlug slowly, at least a pint of
water between each menl. and soon new
life and nervous force will be felt cours
n if htrlotiKh Hi esystem and nil distress
ing symptoms will b eat an end.
Florence: Your questions and symptoms
have been answered and explained several
times heretofore In these columns, but as
they mav have escaped your attention I
will repeat my advice, as I have for ninny
others. You have an extremely chronic
and dangerous case ot nasal catarrh, and
this Is responsible for your hendnche, foul
brenth and Indigestion. The mucus lrlW
Into your throat nnd thence to the atom
hcIi while sleeping. Obtain two ounces of
vllane powder; take a level teaspoonful
nnd mix It thoroughly with one ounce of
whtle vaseline. This makes an excellent
healing halm when applied to the nostrils
dully. Vse the remainder of the powder
as a nostril wnnn. n nait teaspoonrui to a
pint of warm water. Snuff the wntcr from
the hollow of the hand well up Into the
nostrils until nil mucus Is removed. Do
this twice dally and In a week or two all
trace ot catarrh will vanish. Keep up
the treatment as a preventative.
Krank: If you are thin nnd bloodless
and suffering with acute Indigestion, ner
vousness, sleeplessness) and weakness, I
would advise that you obtain a package of
S-graln llypo-Nuclane tablets and take one
before eating and one after. lo not eat
between meals. Drink nothing but milk at
mealtime, and drink it very slowly.
O. U K. : Kidney and bladder disease
afflicts a larger number than generally
supposed, and anyone who hus such symp
toms as lame back, headache, feverlshneas,
puffs under the eyes. Inflamed eyelids,
swelling of the ankles and feet, frequent,
burning, scanty or profuse urination, espe
cially at night, with pain lu the bladder
regoln, mav rest assured that the follow
ing prescription will prove vastly bene
ficial and all aueu ayniptoms will disap
pear with its use. Have your druggist
mix or obtain Ingredients separately and
mix at home : Compound fluid balmwort
one ounce, fluid extract buchu one ounce,
and syrup saraaparllla compound four
ounces. Take a teaspoonful before or after
meals and one when retiring, drinking
plentv of water between meals.
John Henry K. : Chronic constipation
Is another of mankind's afflictions, which
has always proven troublesome to remedy
untllthe following prescription was orlg
looted m one of our large hospitals. This
not only relieves pleasantly and promptly,
but It really cures the most chronic case
ever brought to my attention : 'omiounU
essence cardlol one ounce, aromatic cascar
one ounce nnd avrup of rhubarb 2 ounces.
Mix and take from 1-2 to 1 teaspoonful
after each meal and one wheu retiring.
Children less according to age. If given
to children It prevent much sickness and
contagion. , ,, ,
Ketall : Forsore. swollen, tired, Itching,
calloused feet I can recommend nothing
better than the following: Obtain two
ounces of vllane powder; to a gallon of
steaming, hot water add a teaspoonful of
the powder nnd Immerse the feet, soaking
them from ten to twenty minute every
night. This draws out the poison and
Boreness, removes corns, bunions, callouses,
etc., and enables anyone to be on their
feet many hours dnlly. ,.
Knnny: If your hair la "greasy." oily
and dead In luatre, you can quickly restore
Its lustre and eliminate the oily appear
ance nnd at the same time cure the worst
case of dandruff and Itching scalp. Ob
tain a four-ounce Jnr of plain yellow mln
yol and use a per directions accompany
ing same. Beautiful, lustrous, fluffy hair ,
will be your early reward.
Miss Francis : Those people who are
too thin, wh oare weak and puny In body,
with scrawny arms, shoulders and bust,
can readily Increase their weight. Improve
the quality of their blood by taking regu
larly for several months the following:
Tincture cadoniene compound one ounce
ntiil comp. syrup hvpophosphltes five
ciincea. Mix and take from 1-2 to one ten
spoonful before meals and the same after
meals. Also take S-grnln hypo-nuclane tnh
lets as per directions accompanying senled
package. As much as two to six pounds
a week should form In flesh on the ab
normally thlu.
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