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    VOL. XX.
No, 221.
Puts Fled l(in on Hum.
,Mny Have a Commission.
Gold Flows Into Seattle.
Eva Swan, a San Frant. o
Teacher, Disappeared Some
Months Ago Walked Out
of Her School and Has Never
Been Seen Since.
Hen CJonlon Tells the Police a, Story
n Voimj; Hoy Told Mm of Dr.
Grant Burying Body of Girl Who
Died From Operation Performed
By Him Investigation Discovers
Ilody as Described by Hoy, Hut Al
most Destroyed by Acids.
San Francisco, Sept. 24. To
prove their belief that tho acid-eaten
mutilated body found under a
newly-laid cement floor in the base
ment of a little house in Eureka
street is that of Eva Swan, a former
teacher in the schools at Paso no
bles, was the task to which the po
lice applied ' today. In order to
identify tho hardly recognizable
body, friends of the girl, who had
lived in San Francisco, were asked
to go to the office of the coroner and
look at the body and the little heap
of acid burned clothes found In the
blanket In which the body wns
At the same time the coroner be
gan his Investigation into the death.
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Salem's Busiest Store
is the Chicago Store and the reason we are so busy is be
cause we are giving up-to-date bargains to the people,
bargains that are attracting more customers all the time.
Good values, stylish goods and low prices is what keeps the
Chicago Store growing all the time. Come and see the Crowds.
Girls' Coats, - - $1.90, $2.50, $3.50
Children's Coats, $.150, $1.95, $2.50
linker City, Sopt. 24. A spe
cial election will bo, held In this
city on October 3 to deckle the
question of whether or not Bak
or City shall adopt the commis
sion plan of government. The
proposed chnrter has been dis
tributed to the voters, and Indi
cations are that It will be adopt
ed. An Invitation was extended
Mayor. J. It., Hannn, of Des
Moines, la., to address the vot
ers here on his Western tour,
but was unable to do so, al
though In an article written for
n local paper he endorsed the
commission plan, and urged the
voters to accept the new charter.
If the new plan Is adopted Baker
City will bo the first city In the
state to have tho new form of
Mr. Holcomb, manager of the
Grand Opera house, has made ar
rangements lor getting the election
returns this evening and these w'll
bo read from the stage between acts,
so that those attending can not only
see a fine play but at the same time
be kapt In touch with the election re
turns, which everybody Is interested
in. It Is worth the price of admis
sion to have a comfortable seat
whllo awaiting for the returns. The
full returns as received by wire or
phone here will be read.
The Greatest Values
ever offered
Suits, $8.50,
$10.50, $12.50
Coats, $3.90
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Chicago Store
William H. Williams Writes
That He Will Kill the Gover
nor Because He Has Been
Tortured by the Absent
Writes nnd Wires From Points Alon.
Ills Route He Wns at One Time
Sent to tho Asylum From THIn
iikmiIc, Hut Was Paroled Threats
at First Taken as a Joke, Hut as
He Is Now in California His Crazy
Threats Become Serious.
Claiming to have been "censured
and tortured' 'by the "absent treat
ment" of the Oregon sta'e Insane asy
lum for the drug and liquor habits,
and vowing vengeance upon the head
of Governor Frank W. Benson, Wil
liam H. Williams, a paranoically in-
sane person, has walked across the
continent, from Vincennes, Ind., nnd
now writes from Lincoln, Cal., under
date of September 22, that he is on
his way to Oregon to carry out his
threat against tho life of the chief
executive of the state, in justification
of his imaginary wrongs. For over a
year Williams has been writing and
telegraphing. his threats of violence
against .Governor Benson, but his
latest letter indicates that he has
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Seattle, Wash., Sept. 24
More than $760,000 In gold bul
lion Is now en route for Seattle
banks from the gold camps In
Alaska, according to the advices
received hero today. Large
quantities of gold will be ship
ped out of Tanaha and Fair
banks on the last steamers com
ing out, and all of it will pass
through the local banks. Rec
ords of the assay office show that
55 per cent of thp gold received
has been paid out In new' gold
coin, the remainder In drafts
on New York. ,
abandoned his idea to kill, and will be
satisfied with giving publication to
tho records of his Imagined p'ersecu
tlon at the hands of tho state admin
Williams was an Inmate of tho Ore
gon Insane asylum, having been com
mitted from Tillamook county, in
1907, and was parolled from the lnstl
tution in 1908 as a convalescent
Since that tlmo, however, ho has de
veloped symptoms of violent Insanity,
and, laboring under the delusion that
he is being constantly persecuted by
"absent or wireless treatment'', from
the insane asylum, started to wajk
from Indiana to Oregon, with the
avowed purpose of taking tho life pf
Governor Benson, successor in offlce
to Governor Chamberlain, whom he
then blamed for his imaginary perse
cutions. At first his letters and tele
grams,' sent from different points In
his progress across the continent,
wero regarded as jokes, but they
havo come with such regularity and
persistency of purpose that tho friends
of Governor Benson tako a more se-
rlous regard for his personal safety
and have notified the sheriffs of the
several counties visited by Williams
to arrest him and hold him for extra
dition and recommitment to tho Ore
gon asylum.
The text of his latest, communlca
tion to Governor BoiiRon is addressed
from Lincoln, California, which was
received at the governor's ofHco this
morning, follows:
"Lincoln, Cal., Sept. 22, 1910,
"Gov. F. W. Benson,
"Dear Sir. I regret to have to
write up about that dirty plot and
trick thrt was played on me In Tllln
mook City and county In your state,
in August of 1908, when I wns sent to
your stato Institution for the euro
of tho drug habit, which was a false
charge, as the druggists as well as
tho doctors of that town and your
medical board of your stato knew ns
"I will continue to publish tho dir
ty plot and trick that was played on
me In your state until I receive jus
tice. Not only from your stato, as
tho constitutional laws, in sections 3,
5 and 7 of our national, as well as our
stato constitutional laws, allow, but
until I put the citizens of not only
Tillamook, but tho citizens of Salem
to shame for allowing a stato insti
tution to control them. But will con
tinue to write it up and show what
kind of a governor G. C. Chainborlain
was. But what kind of a governor
you are, who, having sworn to up
hold your state as well as the nation
al constitutional laws, fell down on
the most important sections of your
laws in regard to censuring and tor
turing of American citizens. But al
lowing them to be controlled by an
invisible power you seem to think
that public officers a more plaything,
instead of a public trust.
And to tell you the truth, it looks
to mo as If you and your boasted
good moral government was only a
bluff. And that you wero nothing but
a mere puppet and mechanical image
in the hands of your state Institute.
P. 8. Is thero any law in Oregon
or is your state constitution merely a
back number in regards to citizens'
rights. You seem to think that tho
letters I wroto you. are a pack of lies.
Uy the vay you havo te dec to nfy
caso against the city and county of
Tillamook and tho stato Institute, by
tho way you have stopped tho ensur
ing of men by your state institute -A
"P. S. For 4 few 'days in this sec
tion; then God knows where, I Cjpn't.''
Vote Closo, In Jfjjiei'hlne.
Grants Paw.. Sopt. 24r-iA good
vote is being cast In JoMriSlne coun
ty. nAj,wlU ha close btwaeiQuMSrrfbly
and aml-IWinbly. . T
Mulkejt tudH clwfefcfar evn
l!owermaiprotblr will lead other
,:.' iii :!'-rlal la .HUati-n.
liUfmimi r
Francis Callien, a Pretty 15-
Year-Old Girl Tells Story of
Ill-Treatment That Is Almost
Inconceivable in Its Brutal
According to the Girl's Story the Men,
Who Cnmped Near Her Father's
House, Took Her iu tho Woods Af-
ter Her Father Hud Gone to Bed
nnd Kept Her There Night Aftcr
Night The Unites Have Been Ar
rested, nnd Excitement Huns High
in Neighborhood.
Chico, Cal., Sept. 24. Five alleged
'members of the "fish gang" are in
jail here, and the horriblo story of
an attack on FranclB Callien, 15, the
daughter of L. P. Callien, a river
rancher, which led to their arrest, Is
btlng gathered today by Dlstrlc At
torney Bond. Assltlng Bond are a
number of prominent church and roc
ci:t wmxers. Chlco is highly e".citrd
Tie cce? was put In tho lix-i'ls of
the authorities yesterday by tho girl
herself, who confided to Her oldor sis
ter, and was Induced to tell tho story
to the authorities. The men she "ac
cused were found In a shack, where
they had been Hying, on tho.rlver,. and
'were arrested.
According to the story told the po
lice, members of tho gang called, al
most nightly at the house of her fath
erwaited until he had gone to Ved,
then took )ier irto the nearby woods
This had been going on for two
months, she said. The men threat
ened to kill her if she told, sho said.
The girl Is exceptionally pretty
She Is small for her age. Sho has
been attending public school at tho
River Grammar school, and Is con
sidered more than ordinarily bright.
The men arrested are fishermen,
and they are charged by tho police
with numerous petty crimes in this
locality. They are Charles Bachelor,
Alexander Krause, Joseph Nevis,
Frank Dltson and Frank Rollins.
Their ages rango from 25 to 40 years.
PXITKD 7 HESS ijiked wnts.l
Cloveland, Or, Sept. 24. 'stho
result of a ruyatonaus shootlngjfrn
tbo homo of Lawrencp Dlstel hero
today, Mrs. . Martha Viatel, 42, and
Paul Muellor, , u, mail carrier, are
dond. The bodies or tho twv, wero
found'in Mrs. Dl
Jm, both
shot through th'
were summoned
art. Thefpolicojthe roonCwher M yin found
7n tbtt4EwU8n's i
Dlstel was clos
SffttoWShed" .but
was ribtarro(JteyP jtfjjReraonts w,ce
ftmdo by rhJs young; wnjand demgh
tor. t 4
5qn tho. floor iEtftygrfb!
m in wnicuM&HH ooaies vwero
und, tout a, .
All tho coamberskwe,
-! Jr
Jftr, t&Z
I, ..
T Therefo
neltberb( d,
..... - j-fii
Y T ana iny. s
k turffj and
L afrakl"-
ft fear toeu not. O in k
Medford, Ore., Sept. 24.
Buffalo Bill has "put Jncksou
county politics on tho bum. Tho
old scout is showing todljy . ,in
Medford, and from .fir dtid 'near
the clans havo gathered to bjd
him another farewell. For that
reason." tho $utsldo precincts,
have been drained of .votors, and
In one instance enough voters
could not bo found to make up
the election board.
Tho vote In the city is very
light. Bowerman will run close
with Hofor for the Republican
nomination for governor, while
West Is a strong favorite with
the Democrats.
B. F, Mulkey will run away
from Hawley In Jackson county.
Eureka, Cal., Sept. 24. Governor
James N. Glllett has decidod to call
nnothor special session of tho legis
lature to correct tho alleged defects-
in the wording of tho constitutional
amendment adopted nt the last ses
sion. The session will be called early
In October.
Tho governor was in Eureka today,
and when interviewed by a represen
tatlve of tho United Press said that
he believed ho had been wrongly ad-
vised when he first considered tho
request of the Merchants' Associa
tion, asking that n'speclal session be
called to insert three words, which
wero believed Vital in the portion of
the amendment directing how tho tax
levy was to bo assessed.
The governor at first though tho
words wero not essential, but, on
furthor, deliberation, . believes they
are imperative, and that it will bo
necessary to call a session and have
thorn Inserted. - Tho, session wllljneqt
October 1 or 2.
Govornor Olllott returned to EeV
rlvor this nftornoon, where ho will
remain until Tuesday. Ho will then
go to Sacramonto, and It Is Ukoly the
call for tho session will be Issued at
Tho governor today stated that ho
has concluded that tho omission of
tho thrtjo words pointed out by the
Snn Francisco merchants are sufficient
to Invalidate tho amendment, and a
special session Is necessary.
bodies of tho dend man and woman
were found sldo by side on tho floor.
Dlstel was sleeping in a different
part of tho house.
"I wns sleeping when I heard tho
first shot," ho told tho pollco. "I
ran to my wlfo's room nnd found hor
and Mueller dead on tho floor. Then
I called the pollco. My son and
daughter arrived in tho room a mo
ment nf'er I did."
Dlstol has been In poor health
nnd has been sleeping In a tont out
side of tlie house. Lnst night was
tho first tlmo in sovoral months ho
b"d slept insldo tho house.
Ti'"tr) scouts tho theory of n sul-
cido compact. Ho said his wlfo sat
on their porch until Into last night
and cheerfully discussed a proposed
trip West.
Genevieve Dlstel, tho daughter,
says sho heard a man running away
from tho room after sho wag awak
ened by tho shots, Sho said sho
thought nothing when sho heard tho
first shot until sho heard n woman's
scroam and then another shot. She
called hor father and brother.'
While calling them oho hoard tho
footsteps gotng dowp tho hall.
t Tlio theory of murder and siilcldo
wag advanced by tho pollco this "xt
toinoon. ' Tho pollco bellovo that
jfs. Dlstfel shgt Muellor, then Bhot
herself and tosdedWho pistol, across
. Ooroner'TlMgpr,' who. porformod
tho nutospy, Bald the story if lrapos
BlbloMJ1 Tho courso 'fif the bullo'K and
tbo noslTjpnsot tno. w&nds. hpsnya.
proWVSholualVoiy ltl neltlfer
Mapfter ?rlf the ' wourtS flrod tho
shots, rf- f
I wilfa
nyity; m
J&L wlipnatW police ra. . MPwUm
ffimo. . tW woman IV. ' 'WZ m
UUytlm Lord:
avt, dhmWfmfrt afiir. 'itt hi
1, aijM.JIfk. hlHL
Aviator Badly Crushed, But
Will Recovery-Attempts to
Tell the Story of His Flight
But is Stopped by His Physi
Charvez buys Ho Encountered Tre
mendous Wind Over Slinplou Pas$
and He Hilnks the Accident Wns
Caused by the Chnflng-Of Stays' and
Thnt Is What Caused Them "to
Part Wcyinaiin Says to Try Fly
ing Over tho Alps Is Simply to
Court Death,
Demodossola, Italy, Sept. 24.
Aviator George Chavez, tho first man
to fly over tho Alps, will live. Cha
vez' life leg is, broken in two places,
his right leg is broken and his body
U full of cuts, but according to
his physlalans, his Injuries, which
wero received after ho had safely
passed tho dangerous part of his
Journey, and was in sight of hla
goal, will not provo fatal,
Chavez passed a , fair nightanil
was able-torec61vo a few visitors to- ,
day. Ho nttemptod to tell the story
of tho accident, but was stopped la
tho midst of t by his physicians,
who advised him to restr "'--
"1 encountered a tremendous
wind when I arrived' oveiStmploti'-"-
Pass," said Chavez. "It .forced m,e
to alter my course and swerve to
ward, Gonda Gorge.
"It was hard work controlling tho
machine which swerved and leaped
madly. One I almost ran It head
long Into tho Bheer face of a preci
"Reaching Demodossola, I saw
Duray signalling mo thero was n
good place boyond to alight, My
petroleum tank was nearly qmpty
and I could not have gone much .fur
ther. I shut off my engine and be
gan planing down. ,-J
"What caused tho collapsQ hr
more than I can understand, I sup
pose tho stays must have worn un--dor
tho strain of tho adverse winds."
Chavez was interrupted at th(
point by hla physicians. Ho wprit to
sloep muttering "too bad", too bad."
Completely unnorved by the acci
dent to his fellow aviator and frjfid.
m. woymann, mo American, snjiiia
wofild make no furthor attempt aft
tho Brig to Milan flight.
"I nm done with Alplno flyfrig."
said Weymnnn, "I rMso nowtbVt.
to try to fly over tho 'Alps Jlsw!
court death. Chavez in ado a 3on-
derful flight and deserves the Honor
that I hope It will bring him,"
A movement to oroct monuments
to Chavoz at tho starting1 point1 and
nt tho end of his journoy was started
by tho Italian Aviation society.
Chavoz probably will bo gtypn half
of tho $20,000 purse.
In tho wreck of hla machlu.o, Cha
vez' barograph was broken and It Is
Impossible to tell how high ho went.
but it Is believed ho beat hid own
holght record of 8,420 feet inadOjM
,PalIdri.ktfo fial- J.
qd - W6yf'!ipW"
Tno report that"
lan, had duplicated
across Slmplon was
PnllotI wont to GrccOi,
his jirOBerlcip thero '
r watj wxui
thf, jnwnlnMfeg-1-
avor awo
much rofri
d.a bullotl:
Vjjs satlsfacto:
iiuriytl hni.)iwIo V
sitCwmclvo lh re
iff t&MofrtWtti a ie'
ipjltlifcrt on ordF4.
if l K. a . 'J
Uwy ami
a&iTS!" au.'1
lassipe h jna-
fir ' W