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    -riois EIGHT.
Your gaze would become
fixed upon our Spring line
of Nettleton Shoes and
Oxfords for Men. Some
wearers desire fine materials in their foot
wear; others are interested in the shape,
fitting qualities, and a well balanced appear
ance; while all want, and justly so, the
equivalent of the cost in the wearing returns.
The wearer's requirements have been a
source of constant study to the makers of
Nettleton Shoes, and have become a fixed
principle in their construction. Only the
best leathers are used, and fine workman
ship is in evidence down to the last detail.
These shoes will qualify under any de
mand you make upon them ; and with con
stant wearing will keep your annual shoe
bill at the lowest possible point.
This is the store that will give you polite,
considerate attention, whether you come to
buy or not. j
TOM MAPLETHORP, Expeert Repairman. Only the best
of materials are used in our repair department (SHOE
Weather Forecast
, ProbaWo showers today and to
Konw, 'OeKago Undertaltlsg Ya&esp . -
OttlUge and Chcmekota Sta. Csllb
6tf or night. Phono 724.
At tlu Vogue Batnrday
Mrs. W. Bequcalth, of Portland,
tSll, bo at tho Vogtto Saturday, taking-
orders, buying combings and
cut .hair. 3-31-2t
At Uio Vc-guo Saturday
Mrs. W. Bequoaith, of Portland,
will bo at tho Voguo Sturday, tak
ing ordora, buying combings and
cut hair. 3-31-2t
AUHIorabcrs of
HnUtn wmnp 1 a S aro requct(Kl to
be prosent tonight. Election of rep
resentatives. Improving the Street
The Portland Eugooo & Eastorn
Company has a largo crow of men
busy today concreting tho bod nf
their track on Ferry street betwoou
Front and Commercial, and it la un
derstood that this section of street
will be paved In tho near future
Curtain to Go Up Promptly
Tho Rod Mill Company Is coming
from tho south ho that It will bo
horo oarjy. In consequence tho cur
tain will go up promptly at 8:30.
Tho productions is a vory lino one,
and all should be in their seats bo
fdro that time. It is also noted
In thhj connection that seats aro on
Bale at all shows horoaftor tho morn
ing boforo aa well an on tho morn
ing of their appearance,
1 u
Appoint Ktato Board.
Members of the Btato Board of
Horticulture, appointed by tho ap
pointing board provided by statute
(govornor, teorctary of stale, state
treasurer) .
Hon. M. 0. Lownsdale. of LaFay
ett, Oregon, in and for tho First
Horticultural District, to servo until
April 1, 19H.
Hon. Wilbur K, Newell, of Gaston,
Oregon, momber at large, to serv
until April 1. 1914.
Alive Enough to H Tiued.
ult was instituted in tho circuit
Mirt today by Deputy Dlrtrot Attor
Mf M'lwlow In behalf of Mar'on
county against tho Woodburn Mer
cantile Company.
This action was brought on behalf
of tho county for tho purpose of col
lecting a tax amounting to $306.35.
It Is alleged In tho complaint that
tho corporation after tho levy of tho
tax, but prior to its collection, sold its
property and then dissolved, without
paying tho tax.
There is a state law which provdes
that whenever a corporation dissolves
It will bo considered as remaining in
exlstonco for a period of flvo jears.
for tho purpose of jtaylng its taxes,
and It Is undor this law that Deputy
District Attorney Winslow Is pro
ceeding. A suit aganst nnothor concern,
which lias evaded ita taxes under sim
ilar circumstances, will bo filed In a
few days.
Final Report Not Filed.
Whllo tho grand Jury complotod
its labors during tho forenoon with
relation to a forgory caso submitted
to It by A. N, Bush, tho banker, It
was still considering Its report with
rogard to improvements to bo made
in tho courthouse at a lato hour in
tho afternoon.
Whllo It Is known that from tho
ovldonco submlttod in tho forgory
caso that the grounds woro sufficient
to find an Indictment no Information
could bo secured with relation to tho
amount luvolvod nor a8 to whom tho
parly Is against whom tho chnrgo Is
Recommend HrAttaff Plant.
That tho grnnd Jury will make rec
ommendations for a numbor of Im
provements In tuo court hou33 Is
known, but as to just what tholr
charactor will bo (s not known, save
as to ono, and that Is that a recom
mendation wU bo mado that tho
county eocuro for tho building n
heating plant, and abolish tho pres
ent utovo Bystom.
The Jury will also probably make
a recommendation in favor of tho In
stallation of an elevator, and also u
number of Improvements as to tho
jail, and the ouces of tho county off!
-I- o
Ilaulus Mum Make Statement,
Washington. D. C April 1. Tho
ooinptrajler of tlw treasury today
called for a etKnient from the
United BtuUM natlonnl banks up to
tba close of busincs Tuesday, March
1 . i
(grand jury
rill A I RpnRTtho courso of a row in a local res-!
rill ML nLrUlll :taurant today, ho rushed excitedly;
, to tho street yelling that he was I
blooding to death.
.... w r- 4 X t
t INK HOOKS U UJ'i'lUiiiia,
Three untrue
bills and six
That was the roport submitted to
Judge Galloway by the grand Jury
this morning, which has been In ses -
slon for the past week. After an ex -
haustivo examination of the bills re -
f ,irnn,i .ltirtirn flallowav directed Dep-
uty Clerk Allen to enter an order dis- ew York, April 1. Albert Wol-, ballltTs cleared tho room of young
charging from custody the parties In ter today was aralgned on the charge, boyg and glr,s Golda Sayior, daugh
whose favor untrue bills had been re- of murdering Ruth Wheeler, the girl ( ter of the sIaln bankeri was aaked t0
turned, and. upon request of Deputy whose mutilated body was found in retlre to the wltness room
District Attorney Winslow, bench bis room. He pleaded not guilty and ( William Classen was put on the
warrants were issued for those was returned to the Tombs. It isjstand by tho stat0- Ho Hva3 nejct
against whom true bills were found, 1 expected that his trial will be called door to the offlce of Dr. William MI1
and also the amount of the ball bonds ' April 11, although the date has notIer
was fixed. yet been definitely decided upon. ! Mllldl.f iIrs Savler and John
The Jury was then asked if there
was any further work to come before;
It. and the judge, on being advised
that the eountv officials had asked It
to examine the court house and the
offices and make a report upon them,
directed them to do so.
While engaged In this work A. N.,
, Bush, of the Banking firm of Ladd &
Bush, appeared before Deputy Dls
, trict Attorney Winslow and request-
ed to have a case submitted before
: the jury, and the jury went into con
sideration of It. As to just what Is
the character of the charge preferred, '
; and the party Involved, could not be !
I learned, but it Is said to be a case of '
I Scliuylciiiaiin Vindicated.
! One of the parties In favor of whom
an untrue bill was returned was Johu
,..imnnn ronrnnf fttirA nf thnla
1 Clark's Wireless Company. The
charge against Schuylemann was pre-
! fprrml l,v Fr,t Stewart, a renresen-
' tatlve of the United Wlrelss, and was
' that of criminal libel, alleged to con-
slst in the publication in the Oregon !
Journal of an article of a character
which was damaging to the United
Wireless Company.
An untrue bill was also returned in
favor of Mel Hamilton, owner of the
Court saloon, and Frank Collins. The'
charge against them was that of sell
ing intoxicating liquors to a minor by
the name of Raleigh Coffey.
The third untrue bill was In favor
of A. R. Edgar, who was charged by !
John Reynolds with being guilty of
malicious mischief, alleged to consist
In the killing of a dog belonging to
Indictment Kept Secret.
None of the six indictments re
turned were made public, as none of
tho parties againBt whom they wero
returned aro in custody, and it is the
desire of the district attorney and
tho officials of the sheriff's office that
the names of the parties Involved re
main secret until they could bo appre
hended. It 1b understood that ono of the In
dictments is for the crime of obtain
ing money under false pretenses, and
that tho onse Is of some Importanco,
It Is suid, Ib indicated by tho fact that
Judge Galloway saw fit to place tho
bond at $1000.
Another indictment Is said to bo
for assault and battery; another for
violation of tho stato pharmacy laws,
and tho party Indicted Is said to bo a
resident of this city; another for vio
lation of tho local option law, and the
party against whom It is preferred a
resident of Sllvorton. Just what the
character of tho othors is could not
bo loomed, but It Is understood that
they are for violation of tho state In
surance laws.
Two Prisoncro Arraigned.
Two prisoners woro arraignoS this
morning before Judgo Galloway ami
assigned counsel, and tomorrow at 1
o'clock In tho afternoon sot as the
time for thorn to plead to tho Indict
monts. Tho first to bo arraigned was
Charles Amldon, who is chnrgod with
burglnry In tho day time. His offeiiBO
Is allogod to consist in ontorlng tho
homo of May Porry with Intent to
commit n felony thoroln. Amldon Is
a young man probably about 35
years of ago. wra, P. Lord, Jr., was
nppointod by tho court to dofend
Tho othor caso was that tho state
against Patrick White, who is chnrgod
with th eorlmo of larcony in a build
ing, tho offonso chnrgod being the
stealing of an ovorcont of tho vnluo
of $25 from G. B. Low in tho School
of Modleluo nnd Law of the Wllltvm
etto I'nlvorsity. G. E. Unruh was ap
polutod to defend him. Whlto in nu
aged man, nnd his hair is consider
ably streaked with gray.
('rushed Thermometer mul Died.
(UttlTEn I'llKHH I.HiHKD WlllM.)
Auburn, Cal., April 1. While d
llrlous from typhoid fovor, Burbnrn
Bancroft. Ilvo, crushed botweon hor
tooth a small thermpnotor used to
tako her tomporature. swallowed tho
pco and dlod shortly afterward.
lSvery effort was uvulo to savo the
llttlo girl's life. 8ho was tho daugh
ter of Mr. und Mrs. Walter Bancroft.
- .nnut .mimnilL aRATjTIM. OREGON FRIDAY. APRIIi 1. 1010.
jj.UJjx Uflriian - i.
Scared m Easily ns England.
I ruxiTKO mess uisxn wik.i
San Francisco, April 1. Whon ,
I William McAndrcws, a visitor at ono
, of tho loading hotole here, became
I . 1 , 1 111 t I n . . . In
me target, lur a uumu ui uuwuij
"Oh, I know I'm dying!" he cried,
as an officer grabbed him. Finally j
McAndrews was quieted and hurrlod ;
to the Central Emergency hospital.
While the dootors wiped the catsup
from his face and head, he assured
4 the physicians that his head was
broken open. Investigation however
'disclosed only a slight bump on his
j cranium, and the only blood found
was that which originally filled the
iskln of various ripe tomatoes.
J o
' Woltcr Pleads Not Guilty,
united rsisa leased wrra.1
Attorneys tor me aeiense reiusea
to divulge -what the defense would
be, and would not comment on It
further than to say it would be "in-
Honolulu. April 1. The crisis is
hand as regards the immigration
01 "Asians to Hawaii. Within me ;
f few 11 be definitely,
decided whether the campaign to se-
cure Russian Immigrants for the
Hawaiian sugar plantations, from
Manchuria, will continue or cease
rv cummuiee composed oi iiewiv
arrived Russians is investigating
the plantations in Oahu. They will
make a report to their countrymen.
If they then decide to go to work
there 110 action will be taken, to do-
port them. Later if they prove to
be good workmen It itf probable
that the Importations from
churia, now at a standstill, will be
C"l1"ed" , . .
ii nit; iiu&aiuu ucuiue hul iu wuih
on the plantations, they will become
nnhlfn ohnrtroa Thf mpnnu ihnr
they will be returned to Manchuria
on the next outbound steamer.
. . o
Ann Arbor, Mich., April 1. Dr.
Frederick Novy, of the University of
Michigan medical department, offi
cially announced that he had discov
ered a new virus which Is so deadly
that infection from a solution diluted
to one-billionth part Is certain to
cause death from fever. Ho assorts
that the virus produces a fever which
has never before been discovered.
He discovered tho virus whllo ex
perimenting on a number of rats in
his laboratory.
Ho has experimented with tho
virus for several months. Ono culture
was kept chilled on Ice for two
months. A rat was then Inoculated
with tho poison, and its subsequent
death proved that tho virus was as
deadly aa when first subjected to re
frigeration. o
To Make Island's World's Resort.
Honolulu, April 1. Hotol and
businoss mon of llawalla aro con
contomplating n movemont to make
tho Islands ono of tho world's big win
ter resorts.
Tho matter has been up for discus
sion boforo tho chamber of commorco
nnd, although no particular plau has
boon decided upon, It is cortatn thnt
a campnlgn will soon bo launched to
carry such a scheme to a conclusion.
A proposition to Inaugurate a
steamship sorvlco between Los Ango
los and Honolulu, during tho tourist
season, Is among tho plans which aro
undor consideration.
Indies Change UnMN.
Judge Galloway adjourned court
this nftornon nt 4 o'olook and de
parted for MeMJnnvlllo whore ho
will comploto a torm.of tho circuit
court which Judgo Burnett has been
Judgo Burnett will nrrlvo in tho
eity this ovoning nnd convottoa court
horo In tho morning at 9 o'olook.
The first innttors to be hoard will bo
the plena of the dofondantB in two
criminal cases and then ho will tako
up tho mattor of hearing motions
and domurrern and Hotting cases for
tho regular session which com
mences Monday morning.
Watseka, Ills., April 1. The evl-
i dence In the Sayler murder trial to
day was such that before the court
permitted the witnesses to testify
Grunden, her father are accused of
killing Sayler.
Classen testified that Mrs. Sayler
entered Dr. Miller's offlce alone at
all hours of the day and night. He
, said she frequently visited the of
fice alone at night.
He entered Dr. Miller's offlce one
night and found the doctor and Mrs.
Sayler alone together.
Classen's story was Introduced by
the state In support of the theory
advanced by the prosecution that
Sayler had objected to Mrs. Sayler'a
meeting Dr. Miller, because he had
heard gossip concerning their friend.
ship and that Dr. Miller had killed
j Sayler in a quarrel over the rela
tions between Miller and Mrs. Say
I ler. A big crowd filled the court -
, room to listen to today's evidence.
Htnolulu, April 1. Rev. Robert!
J. Burdette, the famous "preacher I
humorist," who arrived here recent-'
ly from Los Angeles, declared today '
tllat tho voleano Kilauea, which he
visiteu, is the best behaved volca
no" he ever sew in captivity.
It receives in a low .neck." said
he, "and the approaches are so clean I
that gentlemen wear their evening
c!o.!f when thGy cM
m,i uao met, nave
Deen cinaercvus and ashy of approach.
Kilauea permits anyone who brings
his nerve with him to sit on the rim
nnd let his feet hang over."
Gives Divorce to Wife.
Judge Galloway this afternoon
awarded a decree of divorce to Ma
ble Claggett, from Thomas Claggett
The plaintiff testified they were mar
ried In this city in October, 190C,
and that in January, 1907, while
they were living at Everett, Wash.,
ho deserted her. She was unablo to
give any reason for his desertion.
She was corroborated in her testi
mony by her father and another
witness. She asked her maiden
name Mnblo Patterson, bo restored,
and this request was granted her by
tho court. Her parents reside At
Will Xot Visit Alaska.
Washington, April 1. President
Taft today definitely decided not to
carry out his plan for a journey to
A'lnska this approachlng'summer. It
was announced that ho will go di
rectly to his country homo at Bever
ly, Mass., whon congress adjourns.
c .
"White Slaver" Released.
Loavonwjirth, Kan., April 1. Af
tor serving 13 months of a two-yoar
sontenco in tho Fedoral prison hero,
for ongaging In tho whlto slave
traffic, Honry Lair of San Francisco
wns released today on habeas cor
Tho writ was issued by Judgo '
John Phillips of tho federal court. ! m ueU1 in st- l'0"'". Mo.. May 19-26,
Lair was arrosted and tried In 1910:
Chicago. Ho wns sentenced to prls- Mr8, "i" W. Sitton, Portland,
on by Judgo Lnndls. Lair wns con-1 Mrs- t'ornollu F. Rockwell, Port
victed of Importing Mnrio Peuroy 1 ,and-
from Franco. It was charged that I Mrs- G- Haldwln, Portland,
"ho sold hor in Chicago. , W, T. Gardner, Portland.
Monnon lenders Suboeiuied,
united ruess i.caskd wiuk.I
Salt Lako City, April 1. Subpoo-'
nas wero sorved today on president j
Joseph Smith of the Mormon churoh.
David Ecolos, presiding bishop c!
W. Nlbley, Thomas H. Cutter and II
G. Whitney, otflclnls of tho varloim
sugar companion lu Utah and ldho 1
to appear boforo the grand Jury In
Pueblo. April , to testify tho gov-!
ernment Investigation of the sugar
truit. Thoy aro expected to deorlbo
tho operations of the alleged com-1
blnntion throughout the west.
Miss Ella Shollman and brother,
Ralph, loft this morning for Albany
whoro thoy will spend a week with
Attorney George Hall, of Cottngo
Grovo, was nttondlng to business
matters in this city today.
John Mlnto Is In Portlnnd todav
attending tho colebratlon of an old
pioneer's birthday.
E, P. McComack was in Portland
on business yestordny.
Ashton Smith, of Corvnllls, tran
sacted business horo today.
Hon. Jofforson Meyers haa re
turned to Portland after a short visit
Otto J. Wllklns, of Eugene, visit
ed here today leaving for Portland
on tho afternon electric.
Attornoy Walter Keyes, of Port
land, is hero on business and pleas
ure this week.
Walter Melcher and wife, of Dal
las, visited friends hero today.
Mrs. Collard returned to Jefferson
this morning after a brief visit horo.
James B. Hansen returned this
morning from Baker City, where ho
has been atendlng to business mat
ters for the past week.
Mrs. Fred Halo and daughter,
Clarissa, of Portland, aro visiting in
Salem this week.
Ed. Horgan, of Corvnllls, is hero,
on business. Mr. Horgan Is a for
mer atorney of this city, but has
been practicing in CorvalHs for tho
past few years.
Will Knealy, of Harrlsburg, was
hero today transacting business.
Lou Whlto went to Silver Creek
Fall3 last night and will spend today
Perry Jones and Curtlss Coleman
' lejive 800n for
Tacoma where
they will join the Northwest Base
ball League.
Percy Layman, of Oregon City, i3
looking up business matters here to
day. Mrs. W. E. McElroy and son, Earl,
have returned from a visit in Eu
gene. E. L. Martin Is in Albany tpday on
business. -
D. S. Asplnwall, of Halsey, was in
the city today transacting business,
and visiting for a few hours.
Jim Muths left this morning for
Portland to look after business mat
ters for a few days.
Joe Hoppi, of Portland, is In tho
city today looking after businqss mat
ters. H. II. McCarter went to Shedds to
day on business.
"Will I f m iZn Vi r f?At loff tlita m ntn t ii rr
for sllvep Creok PaB t0 take
age of the opening of the fishing sea
jji rj Jj ?Jj jc 5C rj jjj ?jc jjc )C ij jj i j!
The Craftsman for April has the
first of "Modern Country Homes In
England." It has fine illustrations.
Inexpensive Craftsman Homes nre
continued. (41 West 34th St., New
Drat that boy with his collections.
People building flats will find
that even renters appreciate living
In something that looks little better
than a drygoods box.
Americans Going to Nicaragua.
Now Orleans, La., April 1. Gen
eral Gordon of Toxas announced to
day that tho expedition which he or
ganized here to go to tho relief of
Provisional President Estrada of
Nicaragua, has been abandoned as a
result of tho protest which president
Mndriz, mado to the United States
Gordon intimated, however, that
the 500 mon whom he had enlisted
would probably go to Nicaragua aa
individuals and there enlist with tho
revolutionists against Madrlz.
A number of men who havo an
nounced the'r intention of casting
thoir fortunes with tho Nicaragua'!
insurgents, said today that thov
would go to Central America nnd
Join tho Estrada forces, as they had
p'anned to do boforo Mndriz pro
tested. Governor Makes Appointments
Delegates to the National Confer-
onco of Chnritioa and Corrections, to
Hon "Selling, Portland.
Thos. N. Strong, Portlnnd.
B. S. Pngue, Portland.
I. N. FloUhner, Portlnnd.
Mrs. Caroline Kelllher, Salem.
Hon. Stophen Jowoll. Grants Pass.
Hon. T . P. Gllllland. Pendleton.
Rev. C. E. Sanderson, Eugono.
Holds Ket-onl for High Prices.
Portlnd. Ore.. Aurii i inn,h
Pacific coast record went by tho
board at Stockdalo today when i
; load of steers from Lowdon Wash
sold nt $7 per cwt. Tho local market
now holds tho record high prices for
hogs, rows and steers
.Civil engineer, Burvnvi
ting, sub-dlvldlng? S2'1 PUt
tor for concrete sldewX
and streets, state and Clrl(1
Entranco 130 South nmercll.
St.. Room 9. Telephone Stminerc,
Salem, Oregon. 'ep,10ne Main 201
Norwich U ninn
Fire Insurance Societv
Frank Meredith, Pldi'rlt
Room 13 Husl, n,,k lki Snlcnt0r
l'FOS. K. FORI.1
Over Ldd t r.ush
Try a Journal want mi. ' 0r-
F0R, SALE FlrTt class noweua.
folding machine 4-6-8-10 L'lt
pages folded at onco up to a fniv
slod 7 column paper 7 Cheao
taken soon. Speed 1800 to mm
per hour. Inquire Journal efi
"re' 3-21-tf-I
FOR SALE Ono of tho QacsTl
denco lota In Salem nnnf.
state house. A baSk ,fT
at onco. i ori.
FOR SALE Good bulldlnt 0
13th and Center Sts. Ttxho ft"
A bargain. 2
lEttStJ S.alcm' ,ot 50200 feT
high and dry; city water in front
of lot. A snap; easy payments.
FOR SALE Excellent lot nw'fc
Salem school. $450; email 25
mont down, balance In monthly
payments will buy this property
Smlm-Gllllngham Co., SSffJ
McCormack Bldg. Phone 96
w" f""" uuimprovea land ia
small tracts; 2 miles from city
Se owner. 5C0 North 14th St
G. H. Croisan. 3-29-3t
FOR RENT Good farm. FT
Smith & Co., 544 Stato St. Phone
1507. 3-30-2t
FOR SALE Cross and side saddle.
Inquire or address "G.," care of
Journal. 4.1.3t
NOW IS THE TIME to destroy bed
bugs and fleas in one night. For
further particulars address, Fred
Sanders, 14G Center St., Salem,
FOR SALE A second-hand square
piano in good condition, dlnlns
table and two cast iron heating
stoves at 883 S. High St.
WANTED Location for a physician
and surgeon: Would consider
Locum tenen. Best references.
Glvo full particulars. At Journal
Offlce. 4-l-4t
FOR RENT Houso suitable for two
families, on Court St., botwee
T.TM J CAT n T T l
Commercial and Front Sts. In
quire of Bill Anderson. 4-1-tf
WANTED. Man and wife to run
cook houso. Adolph's Cigar
Store. Phono 100. 4-1-tf
"Goodness. John," said a Washing
ton (Kansas) woman to her hus
band, "your suit looks as if you had
been sleeping in it." "Well," re
plied John, "why not; Isn't that the
suit I wear to church?" Kansas
City Journal.
"What mado that Btout man Jump
bo norvously when tho driver crack
ed hte whip?" "Ho's used to jump
ing when tho whip cracks." "Ia h
in a clrcus7" "No, he's in tho Ohio
legislature." Cleveland Plain Deal
Wc Buy and Sell
United Wireless Telegraph
Clark Wireless T, & 1 . ,
Burlingame Tel, Typewriter,
Gold Creek M, & M, ,
Alaska Petroleum & Coal.
United Copper-Gold,
Campbell's Autom, Gas 3r,
Freeland Consolidated,
All other active Mining, Oil. Wire
less nnd Industrial Stocks.
Write for prices on any stock you
are interested in
W. E. Davidson & Company
Stock Brokers
Lewis Bldg. Portland, Ore
West Salem Transfer
Passenger Baggage
Connects with all trains at
West Salom for Dallas, Full
City and Salom.
Loaves Journal office
anAm at S a.
1 I . ...... '
12 ro., 1:10 p. m. and 3:30 p.
m. every day o"Pt Sun48;f'
Also for Independence, Mon
mouth and MfMinnville.
Leaves Sunday nt 12
and 4:16 P. m.
Calls at hotels on request
Telephone or leave orders at
Crfpltal Journal office any w
but 8wnday. Phone 32-
J. B. Underwood, Mgr.