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    No. 77.
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p.hiftp.n Said to Be an
(1116" " . r I.J.
Oklahoma Cownoy is oauym
0 the Goods Suspected
0f Being Drug Store Bandit.
i ti nave HIM AWAY
mum un l-
I, Abo Su-pi'ctert of Being the
.. i .if Mil 11 wuii-iiiimii
K,jbor, Who Was Killed in a Pis
u Dud nt Santa Clurn March 14
Voman Hays He Kcmninod in
Hiding tour Days After the Man
fas Killed.
gard to his notions on that night.
Ko admitted only that ho was in
Santa Clara. Chlfton asked a num
ber of hypothetical questions In con
nection with the Whyback shooting,
and he wanted to know juijt what
penalty was attached to the crhno.
Ho laid particular stress on tho
fact that tho slaying of Whyback
might havo been dono in self de
fense. In. such a case ho wished to
ascertain If a man could be con
vlcted of murder In any degree or
of manslaughter.
Tho prlsonor was betrayed Into
tho hands of tho pollco by a young
woman who gave tho name of Alma
Hell. She told tho pollco that sin?
feared ho might kill her on account
of her knowlodgo of his burglaries.
According to hor story, Chlfton
remained hidden In his rooms in a
local hotol for four days, subsequent
to tho discovery of the watchman's
dead body.
When Chlfteti was arrested ho was
packing his grip to leave town.
Among his effects, tho pollco say,
was found a quantity of jewelry,
.which ,ho had stolen at Meridan
Corners, a dark lantern and a re
volver. '
lie evinced no surprise when toM
lib was In custody and asked no
When confronted by witnesses.
tho pollco say, ho readily admitted
tho robberies. As tho man was In
San Francisco when the city was be
ing terrorized by tho drugstore ban
dit, tho pollco in San Francisco have
been asked to compare Chlften's de
scription with that of tho San Fran
cisco desperado who has not been
Coal Miners in the Territory
from Pennsylvania to Okla
homa Decide to Strike,- and
Will Go Out April!.
declared that thoro 1$ no way to
avoid tho Impending strike.
Coal Prices Alliance.
Chicago, March 31.-4-A sharp ad
vance in tho price of : coal Is pre
dicted hero today by dehlers as a ro
suit of tho walkout of the miners in
I ho bituminous coal districts pend
ing a new agreement. t Is expected
however, that tho quasl-strlke will
b.. settled within a monlh.
Calls' for Suspension of Work.
Indianapolis, Ind., March 31.
President Lewis of tho United Mine
Workers of America, today declared
a suspension of work by tho minors
; in the Eastern coal flolds. The bus
i pension will last for a period of not
to exceed 30 days.
Lowis predicts that 250,000 of
tho 500,000 members of tho organ
ization will bp affected by the sus
pension. Tho suspension of Vprk will Inst
until a now agreement is signed be
tween tho mine operators and tho
miners. 1
March 31.
Will Hush Wolter's Trial.
tu.MTM) rums: ixssvo wim.
New York, March 31. That the
case of Albert .bolters, charged with
the murder of Ruth Wheeler, whoso
p.. Tnsp Calif..
. . . nuitian on lil In in an IJKl.i
Win v - . 1olJ ,,. .
AIU-'MflV. Willi 1 a It JlHl v- v w . .
Lun-vj - i ii ,i -1 f - rritv.fi in mid
.... -n-frt?enil T f ?l U II III HIM III ihvihiivvu
v"' " nniK mntifo will in rnuhoH WflH 1TH11-
AkAJaa nprnrcl nc lo uiu uuutu. "i' v""v" " . . :
caica louny wiiun juuku iuuhiucuh
refused to grant a ten-days' delay
i... AntnntiVfi X V niillUll 11. illlli
HID UV.N-" -r -
iv- wHnMcna nrn Huia to n ivu
1 1 . n hln ll nirnn f'flll I iM-
iim uu inv it. - ----- ;
.. nlAn nnrf n inwnirv Hiimi ilL
. f ..-. HI O M ' I I ( Til..
I Iltl c.
The officers assert that they navo
nft wnit ii lviiuo -v, .-. .----.
rA- u-Min inn siiuuiiiik ui
ni ill ea hi a ...v..
rtdften was questioneu cioseiy m
A ... tho t,y,nntirttr Th ri.lt ?hOll t
v. -mMnvi nnn-r.nir.i-.ii- m iv
asked by the defenso. Ho
only one day's continuance, and the
prisoner will be arraigned and plead
ings entered tomorrow. At that time
the trial date will bo set.
The district attorney is anxious to
havo tho case called Tas speedily as
possible, and it is expected that the
trial will commence within two
Tho district attorney Is busily sift
ing tho evidence that has come to
his hands In connection with the case
and it Is expected that ho will make
an effort to bring out further evi
dence that will connect the murderer
with the "white slavo" trafflc, which
tho authorities -have he.en making ef
forts to stamp out.
MILLION AND A HALF A DAY I 1,000 o.t m Texas.
Lianas, lex., Marcn .si. wunoui
waiting tho arrival of formal ordors
to strike, 4,000 coal miners in Palo
Lossr In Wages Alono AV111 Kench This Pinto county walked from tho mine?
... - touay.
vnsi sum as .Miners liuni iow
From i?:i.50 to -1.00 Per Day
Ijabor Lenders Say That at the
Outside of a Month Coal Prices
Thinks Operators Will Yield.
Columbus, O., March 31. Presi
dent Green. Of the Ohio Mine Work-
Host the Strike Cannot Ko Settled ers today predicted that 40,000 Ohio
miners who will quit wont wmonow
will bo back at the mines within p.
Green declared that he did not ex
pect any grcnt difficulty in securing
a satisfactory agreement from the
St. Louis, Mo., March 31. Four
hundred thousand coal miners, in
eluding almost ovory man In the dis
Mine Operators Meet.
PHtoiinnr p.n.. March 31. A call
trict between Western Pennsylvania for a meeting 0f tho mine 'operators
the Introduction of tho Itusso-Fln-nlsh
bill in tho Douma yesterday.
Tho bill gives tho Douma authority
over tho affairs of Fnland. It is al
most certain that tho passage of the
bill will result In further disturb
ances in Finland.
Ever since Finland came under the
to mergo Finland with Russia, and
protection of Russia by treaty, there
has been a constant light on tho part
of the Finns to retain their troaty
rights to homo rule.
Tho Introduction of tho bill in tho
Douma is conldored by tho Finns as
another step on the part of Russia
to wipe out the last thread of indo
pendencc sho possesses.
Montavillu AViuits a Depot.
An answer has been filed with the
railroad commission by the railroad
comnany In the case of Geo. L. Hlb-
Religious Porcessions.
Railroud at the llaso of the Moun
tain Is in the Path of the Lava
Stream, and Unless tho Eruption
Ceases Soon it Will Be Destroyed
Peasants Have He-cntered Aban
doned Tonus to- Savo ns Much of
Their Effects as Possible.
and the Oklahoma fields, will strike tonlorrow waB issued this afternoon,
tomorrow, compelling Idleness in
2,000 mines, according to a declara
tion today of A. J. Mooorsohead,
president of tho Illinois coal opera
tors' association.
Mooreshtead stated tfcat every
mine in Illinois would be closed,
pending an adjustment of tho wage
scale. Tho miners demand a wage
increase that will enable them to
earn from S4 to $4.50 per day. At.
.present they earn from $3.50 to $4. 1
A joint conrerence or represemu
tlves of all miners and operators
will be held in Chicago next Monday.
Mooreshead does not beliovo a
settlement will be reached at that
The meeting is for the purpose of
arranging a conference with the
leaders of the mine workers.
The strike tomorrow will affect
40,000 men.
liners Arc Well Fixed.
Springfield. Ills., March 31. The
miners of Illinois will go into tho
fight against their employers tomor
row to secure better -working con
ditions, with a plentiful supply of
The local union has $700,000 in
its strike fund. j
As a coincidence, It Is'iCommented
on hero that the strike will ue
time. Thirty days musi eiapse no ,.niiPIi tomorrow, which1 is also a
said before the contending parties unliHnv K(,t nnart.bv thominers to
can formulate a compromise. He pntphrnto the enactment of " the
"eight-hours a day"
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Salt Lake City. March 31.-G. C
Tavlor. manaEer of the Pacific dls-
trlct of tho American Express Com
: pany, announced today that the
Amnrlcan had absorbed the Pacific
Exnress Company.
In the near future, Mr. xayior
said, the American Express Company
would put on solid through express
trains from New York, Chicago and
Eastern noints to Denver, Salt Lake
City and Ogden.
The new trains will cut down the
running time between tho cities for
expresss, and will make certain trans
fers that have heretofore been made,
unnecessary in handling through busi
ness between East and West.
.Itig Kind of Opium.
Vancouver, 13. C, March 31.
Smuggled opium worth about $2500
was seized lato yesterday by customs
ollicluls on board tho Bluo Funnel
liner Titan, now docked here.
There was something over 100 five
tael tins of the "dopo" hidden away,
partly In barrels of ship's supplies,
and partly In coal In the hold. This
Is one of tho largest quantities that
smugglers havo over attempted to
bring Into this port at ono tlmo.
Naples, March 31. The mountain
villages of Borello and Belpassa
have been left to their fate, accord
ing to advices from Catania today.
Tho flow of lava from 35 craters
of the giant mountain of Aetna has
widened In its progress down tho
southern slope of the volcano. Sol
diers have abandoned tho towns per
mitting the inhabitants to re-enter
them to remove everything of value
that could be carried to safety.
Other towns on the mountain
side, which have partially been
burned by tho solidifying lava, have
been depopulated for several days
and the soldiers axe preventing the
peasants from re-entering them be
cause of danger.
Intervening hills havo checked the
flow of lava toward Catania, accord
ing to reports and the lava la now
flowing toward the coast.
The lava is estimated to bo 100
feet "deep in places.
Catania Is Celebrating Its Es
Cape From Destruction With brd against the Oregon Railroad &
Ringing of Church Bells andfThTs .uit "S iututed by nib-
bard on behalf of the people of Mont
avllla and has for its object tho
compelling of the company to pro
vide tho people of that place with u
depot. Hlbbard in his complaint
says that the people of tho town
purchased three acres near the com
pany's track and gave It to tho com
pany on condition that it would
build a spur and a depot, but that
it has failed to build tho depot. The
company's answer is in the form of
a general denial.
Testimony Is Against Defendants.
Watseka, II., Man-h 31. Mrs. O.
F. Albrecht testified in the Sayler
murder ease today. She declared
that on the night of the killing she
saw a revolver In the pocket of John
Grunden, one of tho defendants In
Her testimony strengthened tho
contention of the state that Grun
den, Mrs. J. B. Sayler, wife of the
dead banker, and Dr. Willam Miller
all took part in the affray.
She declared that wnen sne saw
them shortly after the tragedy, Grun
den's shirt and Mrs. Sayler's waists
were blood stained.
Trial of the President of the
Oregon Trust and Savings
Bank,vNow Defunct, Was
Submitted this Morning.
The Chnrgo Against Moore Is That
Ho Allowed tho Bank to Itcceivo
Deposits When Ho Knew That It
Wns Insolvent Several "Others
Aro Indicted in Connection With
the Matter, All of Them Prominent
in Portland.
Largest Stream Diverted.
Catania, March 31. Bells of tho
cathedral, the monasteries and
churches of Cantanla are ringing to
day while joyous processions of de
votees fill the streets in thanksgiv
ing for deliverance of the city from
the Deril of Mount Aetna's lava
The civil authorities todoy an
nounced that the largest stream had
been diverted from Catania by a
range of low hills and that it is
flowing to the sea.
Even the sorrow stricken thou
sands from the mountain towns is
sued from the refuges to join the
Persons who have been permitted
to visit the territory through which
the lava Is flowing describe tho mov
ing mass as an impressive sight.
They declare that in many places
the lava has filled deep ravines, then
taken up Its onward flow.
The railroad on the eastern side
of the mountain's base is in tho path
of the approaching flow and unless
the eruption soon ceases, will bo de
stroyed. o
Hammond, Ind., March 31. Mar
tin Solkdt Is nursing a badly swollen
jaw today, and Judge H. F. Kaske
has a-.blg lump Qn-.th.a. baqkjofhls
right hand, In addition to a reputa
tion for the healtniest punch of any
one on tho Indiana bench.
Solkdt disregarded the judge's or
der that he refmin from coaching a
witness in a trial yesterday.
There was no bailiff in the court
room. About the fourth time, Solkdt
framed tho witness' answer, Judge
Kaske walked slowly to the offend
er's side and planted a full right
swing somewhere on the jawbone, be
neath the left ear.
Solkdt went over for the count.
Kaske later explained that ho con
sidered it unnecessary to have Solkdt
arrested for contempt of court.
Solkdt was equally willing to pass up
a chance of legal redress.
Portland, Ore., March 31. With
tho completion of tho argument of
District Attorney v.amoron, the case
against W. H. Moore, president of the
defunct Oregon Trust and Savings
Bank, who has been on trial here for
the last two weeks on an Indictment
charging that he accepted deposits
with a knowledge tnat .no ua.ua. wua
insolvent, was placed in the hanas oi
the jury shortly before noon today.
A verdict is expected to be returned
late this afternoon.
The last witness for the prosecu
tion was Mrs. D. -. Watts, wife of a
drug clerk, who testified that she bad
taken Minnie Mitchell to tho bank to
make tho deposit on which the indict
ment against Moore is based. Tho
prosecution aimed by her testimony
to contradict Mooro, who, In his ex
amination, denied being In the bank
.andltnesalng uie transaction be
tween tno cierK ana. miss Aiaivueu.
This testimony ill rebuttal was obr
jected to by attorneys for the de
fense on the ground that tho testi
mony should have been brought out
in tho chief testimony of the case,
and as later introduced was merely
This objection was sustained by
Judge Bronaugh.
Today's session of court was occu
pied by arguments of tho attorneys
for both sides.
.1. H. Tamisle Is Dead.
Mr. J. B. Tamisle, of Hllsboro, died
this morning at his home in that
tcity. Ho'has been a resident of Ore
gon since 1 87 1. He was .bom la
Syracuse, N. V., In 1833. Mr. Tamls
le's wife died the loth of last Decem
ber, and since that time he has cared
little for this life, and has seemed to
be waiting to join .her,
Mr. Tamlsie leaves tho following
sons and daughters: Dr. A. E. Tam
isle, of this city; J. II., V. H., Dr. J.
C. and Dr. G. W. Tamislo, all of
Portland; Dr. J. P. Tamiso, of Hllls
boro, and Mrs. Wm. Riollng and Miss
Marie Tamisio, both of Hillsboro.
Tho funeral notice will be an
nounced later, but burial will prob
ably be in Hillsboro.
Medford, March 31. Through
the carelessness of an older sister.
Lucile, the 2-year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Goorgo Weeks, of Trail,
near the summit of the Cascades, j Married n Few of Tliein
west of this city, was burned to ilnatli i rrsm.o hikkb i.hakkd wim.,
Sunday night, according to a report Iloboken, N. J., March 31. Emll
rcching hero today. Karl Van Muollcr, known ad XUo
Tho parents of tho two girls were "marrying count," who was arrested
Petersburg, March 31. More
trouble with tho Finns Is expected by
Government olllcials today, following
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Si tvrw'M.mv.wv.. i "1 1 I 1 1 T
Jg I "
both absent from home when the
tragedy occurre i. Lute in tn- Ci
noon tho older sister lighted a lamp,
and placed it upon tho floor. Later,
while sho was absent, tho little ono
toddled to It, and accidentally upsot
it. Her clothing was a mass of flames
before tho elder sister could render
any aid.
at Los Angeles, and charged with blK-
amy, and brought hero, was found
guilty today, and sentenced to eight
years at hard labor in the ponlten
tlary. Mueller was charged with having
married tweiuy or more women. Ha
admitted having married "one or
W(I "
Carter In New YorK American.