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; 12. HOFEIt, Alitor nd Proprietor.
Independent l4wipper Devoted to America Ftinolplol and
tUO XTogroM nd Developoroont of iAll Oregon.
rdbUAod Bverjr Hrtnlng Except Sunday, Salem, Ore.
(InvarlnblT In Advance.)
tJJv, by carrier, por ftni $6.00 for month .600
Hilx, by mail, per year- ......... 4.00 Per moHth .88o
pearly, by mall, per rcts.... .... 1.00 Six months ......60o
Jhll Physicians
Must proscribe somo of tho In
grodlonts that arc contained In
Hood's Sarsaparllla-for all trou
bles of tho blood, stomaqh, kld
noyp and llvor.
They Include Bursaparilla, gtilllngia,
yellow dock, gentian, wild cherry hrk,
mandrake, dandelion, juniper borrie,
plpsiesowa, etc.
The combination and proportions arts
our own formula and give power to cure
boyond tho reach of any other prescrip
tion or substitute. That's why it is
wise to get Iiood',and only .Hood's.
"""" i
Saturday aftoroon (March 19) thoro Is to be a Good llonds domon-
Stdg6 Wetf&fer will present the County Bonding Amendment to the
Constitution advocated by tho Good.Roads Association recently formed
at Portland. , T ,
While wo may not agree with that propoSftlon, wo welcome Judge
Wqbstjir'B oompatgn of education. ,
Frffads 6'f Good- Roads will rojolce at any opportunity to carry on
thejfwqrjc of 'agitation and discussion that creutes Good Roads sentl-
1,1 Tooro sliduld bo A largo dttondanco at Woodburn Saturday to hear
Judge Webster present the matter.
"Oregon is ripe for a Good Konds movoniout.
The Tuttlo law; tho Johnston bill; tho Crater Lake bill, have all
failed to .reach results. ' ' .. ... ,
-The tihio has como for a state-wldo movement that shall result In
praVtlcttl nijtlon and practical results.
Minor differences of opinion must not be allowed further to block tho
development of Oregon along the line of Good Roads construction.
The" first groat need of' Salem is public ownership of water.
Tho plant can riow be bought much cheaper than at any time In tho
future, and It is a business proposition to get possession now.
THe short-sighted p6Hcy of riot buying Fairmount Park Is deeply re
erette'd' bY Intelligent people. .,',,, ,i v r
It would bo still more short-sighted and almost criminally foolish for
tho Capital City not to get public ownership of water.
Five blockn and 14 acres around Fairmount reservoir were offered tho
city for sovontecn thousand dollars.
Today tlwt property is worth twice ns much.
The property of the Salem Walor Co. can Inside of two years bo Im
proved and capitalized for twice" as much a3 it can be bought for to-
dllIf tho city bought It for- $400,000 and spent ?100,000 on filter plant
and - extensions, inside of two years, by the growth of the city and in
creased values of property, tho plant would bo worth a million dollars.
Tho good name and fame of tho city, for having dono its duty from
n Banltary standpoint, would be preserved.
Any Intelligent person, comprehending tho future growth and possibil
ities of this city will admit that what wo pay is true:
" ;
Washington, March 18. Indica
tions today uro that tho opening of
!,.tho Panama canal in iOlO will bo
celebrated by an exposition at Now
Oroans. Apparently noithor San
Francisco nor San Diego will bo able
to pcfeuro fodoral aid for thojr pro
jected fairs.
; Since oarly In the week, a strong
delegation from Louisiana, backed by
tho solid South, has bqon working
nruoiiR tho congressmen, and their
efforts have made a decided impres
sion. Membors of tho commltteo on ox-
Added to the Long List due
to This Famous Remedy.
Oronogo, Mo. "I was simply a ner
vous wreck. I could not walk across
uho lloor without
my heart iltittorlng
and I could not oven
receive a let tor.
Every month I had
such ii bearing down
soimtlon. ns If tho
lower iwrts would
fall out. Lydla Ii.
l'lnklmni'a vogeta
bio Compound 1ms
dono my uorvoa a
great deal of good
niul has also relieved
tho bearing down. I recommended it
to somo friends and two of them huyu
been greatly bunollted by it." Mrs.
Mak McKytaiiT. Oronogo. Mo.
Another Grateful M'onmii.
Bt Loula, Mo. "I was bothered
terribly with a femalu weakness and
liad backache, bearing down pains niul
pains in lower parts. I began taking
jjydin & Pinklmm's Vmjotablo Com.
pound regularly niul used the Sauativo
AVush arid nowl liavo no more troubles
that way." Mrs. At.. Ur.uzoo, 6722
Proscott Ave-, St. Louts, Mo.
Jjecaipw your case Is ii dilllcult ono,
doctors having dono you no .good,
do not continue to suffer without
giving Lydla 13. Plnklmm'a Vogetablo
Compound u trial It surely 1ms cured
many cases of female tils, such as In
Bainmation, ulceration, dtsplacempnts,
fibroid tumors. Irregularities, periodic
pains, backaclio, that benruiK-dowii
foojljig, Indigestion, dizziness, and nor
vouk prostration, It costs but a trtilo
to try it, and tho result is worth mil
lion to many suffering women.
positions, before whom the Louisiana
delegation appeared, have expressed
themselves as being In favor of New
Orleans as tho location for the expo
sition. Although thero are chances of
either San Francisco or San Diego se
curing the government's sanction to
their proposed exposition, .tho two
Pacific coast cities will have much to
overcome, due to the fact that tho
California congressional representa
tives are divided, ono-half favoring
San FranclBco, while tho others fa
vor San Diego as tho fair site.
Nqw Incorporations.
Articles of Incorporation filed in
tho otllco of the scqrotary of state,
March 10, 1910, as follows:
Advance Advertising and Manu
facturing Company; principal of
fice, Portland; capital stock, $25.
000; Incorporators, J. T. Klrkup,
II. C. Lampton and II. S. Plllsbury
California Furnituro Co.; princi
pal ofllco, Halier City; capital stock,
$5,000: incorporators, U. S. Parkor.
Itobt. D. Pugh and Louis II. Striogol
Hamilton Company; principal of
fice Portland; capital stock, $100,
000: Incorporators, It. F. Fetors, M.
II. Clark and N. It. Landis.
J. W. Leo & Co.; principal ofllco,
Alborson; capital stock, $20,000;
Incorporators, II. H. Dunlop, Loo. II.
Schmidt and J. W. Leo.
A Had Combination.
Anderson, Calif., March 18.
Oeorgle Bhmd, four years of ago, 1m
In a dying condition today from
burns resulting from an explosion of
gasoline. Tho child had boon play
ing with a can of gasoline. Ho
found a match, which he lighted and
threw Into tho can. In tho explo
sion that followed tho child was
burned about thu head, arms nnl
! si s sfc H $
$ $ , x
Articles of Incorporation Woro lllod
In tho olllfo of tho sooretary of state
March 17. 1910, as follows:
Tito Ilrown Company; principal of
flro. Portland; capital stock. ?50u0;
Incorporators, Moris Ilrown, E. A,
SchnfT and V. H. Wlilto.
Lakoport Improvement Company:
principal oillce. Portland; capital
stock, $150,000; Incorporators, II.
Kennedy, H. A. Mather and L. 11.
Mullnda llatghts Realty Syndicate:
principal ofllco, Portland; capital
stock. $1100,000; Incorporators, J. ...
Weatherbee. R. W. Wilbur and S. C.
National Laundry Company; prin
cipal oltlen, Portland: capital stock,
$20,000; , incorporators, L. H. Sam
mons, S. 1). Wright and N. Anderson.
Tho Park-Harris Investment Com
pany; principal ofllco, Portland; cap
ital stock, $10,000. Incorporators.
Jos. Jacobberger. N. A. Solmnen
and J. O'Noll.
Pigeon Springs Logging Company;
principal otllco, Portland; capital
stock, $25,000; Incorporators. C. K.
Hank, 11. K. Hank and .1. 3. Crumb
ley. lClumnth Falls Athlotto Associa
tion; principal otllco, Klumuth Falls;
Incorporators. John V. Huston. J.
Scott Taylor and A. D. Mllor.
Tho ono who lives harmoniously
Is not afraid of "death."
e That thero will be less cases to bo
presented for tho consideration of
the coming grand Jury than thoro
have been for a number of years was
tno prediction of Deputy District At
torney Wlnslow when seen by a rep
resentative of tho Capital Journal
today with relation to the matters
to come before It when It convenes
for tho April term of the circuit
Tho grand jury wllj convene
March 28 Just a week prior to the
convening of the court term and
Deputy District Attorney Wlnslow
has been busily engaged In the
subpoenaing of witnesses and pre
paring the cases In general for their
presentation. Practically everything
now Is In readiness for submission
to the jury from the time it takes
up Its work until It Is ended all mat
ters will bo hurried through with all
dispatch possible under the circum
stances. Four Cases Bound Oyer.
In all, there have been four cases
bound over to tho jury from the
various magistrates In tho city and
county, and these will .probably be
taken up prior to any other matters.
After action hns been taken with re
gard to them, tho Jury will no doubt
Investigate a number of matters of
Its own volition, but as to who
will bo 'Involved and the character
of tho offenses which will be
charged, Is a mattor upon which no
Information can bo secured until tho
Jury takes nctlon one way or tho
other, as the statutes provide that
this work must not bo disclosed.
Ono of the cases which have been
bound over to .tho jury and to which
considerable Interest attaches, is
that of tho state against John' L.
Schnyleman. Schuyleman represents
a wireless telegrapli company at Port
land and was arrested somo time ago
by Fred Stewart, who is the repre
sentative of tho United Wireless
company, on the charge of criminal
libel Tho offonso is alleged to con
sist of tho publication by Schuylo
niau In the Portland .Tournnl of an
advortisoment which was derogatory
to the company ropresentod by Stow
art. . Schuyleman whs givon a pre
liminary "hearing before Judge Wob
ster and bound over to the grand
Another case which will be acted
upon Is that of Mol Hamilton, pro
prietor of the Court saloon, and
Frank Collins. Tho charge against
thorn is that of disposing of lntoxl
cnntH to n minor.
Besides these, thero are two oth
ers tho caBO of tho state against
Doc Whlto,' charged with the crime
of larcony, and tho enso of tho state
against Charles Amldon, charged
with burglnryln tho daytime.
Insurance Cases.
At tho session of tho last grand
jury Stato Insurance Commissioner
Kozler presented a numbor of Insur
ance cases to tho Jury for considera
tion, and after listening to the tes
timony offorcd tho jury declined to
take any action, as It considered
that sufllclont ovidonco had not been
submitted, but recommended that
they bo submitted to tho next grand
Jury. It Is understood that slnci
then Commissioner Kozlor has been
successful In securing tho necessary
additional evidence and that the jury
will bo nBkod to act upon n numbor
of cases where the stato Insurance
laws have been violated by insurance
Boston, Mass., March 18. Today
thero is a labor union for baseball
playors for the first time In the his
tory of tho great American game.
The United Baseball League is the
first to become unionized. Tho regu
lar charter, authorizing the creation
of such a union was received here
yesterday from President Gompers
of the American Federation of La
bor, by Dr. G. H. Lawsbn, president
of tho league.
All men who. play with the league
this season will be compeleld' to join
the union first. The new union will
be started With some strength, as
there are' teams In Boston, Philadel
phia, Providence, Newark, Patter
son, Trenton and Pawtucket which
are members of the league.
Synopsis of the Annual Statement
of tho
Of Hartford, in the Stato of Con
necticut, on the 31st day of Dtdom
ber, 1909, made to tho Insurance
CommlMlonor of the Stato of Ore
gon, pursuant to law:
Amount of capital
paid up $ 2,000,000.00
Premiums received
during the year In
caeln i . . . .$4 ,889,175.57
Interest, dividends
and rents received
durinz vear 3R8.ni n.'ifi
Income from other
sources received
during year 593.75
Total Income ....$ 5,278,080.58
Disbursements. '
Losses paid durin"g
the year .'..$ 2,182,858.14
Dividends paid dur
ing tho year on
capital stock . . 309,760.00
Commissions and sal
aries paid during
the year 1,'447,G49.02
Taxes, licenses and
fees paid during
the year 128, 809.
Amount of all other
expenditures 226,488.70
expendltures.$ 4,295,565.42
Value of real estate
owned $
Value of stocks and
bonds owned ....
Loans on ', mortgages
and collaterral, etc.
Cash In banks and
on hand
Premiums In course
of collection and In
Interest and rents
due and accrued .,
Total assets $ 9,941,424.23
Total assets
mltted In
gon. . . . : $
Gross ' claims for
losses unpaid ....$
Amount of unearned
premiums on all
outstanding hlslcs .
Due for clnimisslon
and brokerage . . .
A Young Lady in Portland Tells
How Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills Cured Her.
In most .diseases of women weight is
ftn-indei of progress or decline.
A remedy thut will increase the weight
of the patient will assist to the first step
toward recovery.
This is trno also in the case of grow
ing girls when pallor is accompanied by
loss of weight and hick of development.
Miss Gertrude Lines, of No. 389 East
Forty-fifth street, Portland, Ore., owes
her good health to Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills and out of gratefulness tells of her
cure; as follows:
"About' two years sgo I began to suf
fer from weakness common to girls of
my ago. I was greatly run down and
weighed only 98 pouuds. I had no
ambition to do anything and was simply
lifeless and weak. I had a great deal of
pain through the temples nud tho back
of my head. These headaches came on
as often as two or threo times a week.
My stomach was out of order and J
would see black specks before my eyes.
"I had been sick for about a year or
more when I began to take Dr. Wil
liams' Pink Pills for I know that they had
cured n relative of nuiemin. After tak
ing a few boxes of tho pills I was com-
nlMnlv mirorl. Mv tinjitlrw?lip; h.irft Hiq.
wl mill I liuvn rrnineil 17 uniiiuls 1 Losses incurred
hi weight." ing Uie year 20.S00.01
A booklet, "Plain Talks to Women," , Totni amount of
will bo sent free to any woman suffer-1 ,rislia outstanding
ing from weakness. It explains fully i Oregon, Dec. 31, .
why Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are suited 1909 5,908.631.00
to tho needs of weak women of all ages PHOEMX INSURANCE CO., OF
and cives many helnfnl siiKcestious in . KAIlTFOUl), CONN.
regard to tho care of their health.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills coutnin.no
harmful or lmbit-forming drugs and the
sufferer who gives them a trial, will
avoid the danger so common in tnking
driigs which only deaden pain. These
pills have cured sncli blood and nerve
diseases ns anseimn, rheumatism, stom
ach trouble, nervousness, ucninlgin and
St. Vitus' dance and have been found
invaluable in partial paralysis and loco
motor ntaxis.
They are for sale by all druggists, or
Buy SHoeis
With. Sense
"The Treadweir
That means easy Walking and a, happy
When we say "shoes with sense" we
mean shoes that are made to fit
the foot,
SUlit with care, by experienced work
Honest materials used, (
Sensible and well appearing lasts used
And other serviceable points for the good of the shoe that make
It easy on the foot.
We suggest the Treadwelt because we know that It is built under
these conditions.
Others know It, and If you once buy a Treadwell you will, too.
Get acquainted with a good shoe and
ask your dealer about It.
He knows.
We also sell these high grade shoes:
Martha Washington for Women.
Honorbllt for Men.
The "Dry Sox" Shoe for wet weather. -The
Billy Buster for Boys,
and others.
The Washington Shoe Mfff. Co.
Seattle, Wash.
Total liabilities ..$ 4.S74, 586.83
Total insurance in
force December 31,
1909 $14,520,451.25
Business in Oregon for the Year.
Total risks written
during the year ..$ 4,313,540.00
Gross premiums re
ceived during tho
Premiums returned
during tho year. .
Losses paid during
the year . :
Bicyc e
I ro.rfir.1 tn tlin niro nf Hipir IipbIHi. I By D. W. C. SKILTON. Pres.
Resident General Agent,
636-03S Chamber of Commerce
Building, Portland, Ore.
Salem, Oregon Agents,
1 o
Fortify now against the Grip
for It comes every season sure!
Preventics the little Candy Cold
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off all common colds. But prompt-
. . t i.t:ii! r.jj.l 1
(lie ur Yiui!iiii iueuiuiuu uumuiiuy, i , ,
RMipnM.ni1v. N. Y. staSe
Fire pOFodl
Proof 1 "i Proof
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In considering making yur owi
IkM. or cooking, why not cans'
(he F P. Om Machine and ' !
ter Light. i
Will sell aud Install this
nd guarantee It to glvo
sent more light for the sa
'.bun electricity or city gas.
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' mi
o pei
Let m
ncss Is all-Important. Keep Preven
tics In the pocket or purse, for In
stant use. Box of 48 for 25c. Sold
by Capital Drug Store.
San Francisco is decadent.- A ne
gro whipped an Irishman on St. Pat
rick's day, and no ruce riot fol
lowed, o
Good Cough Medicine ror nitl rcn.
The Season for coughs and colds I
now at hand, and too much care can
not be used to protect the children.
A child Is much more likely to con
trnot dlntlnrH or scarlet fever when
Now is the time to select your
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you that it is to. your interest
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Bicycle Repairing
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Rims, Etc.
his cold the less risk. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is the sole rollance
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used anything other than Chamber
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and It has always given good satis
faction.' This remedy contains no
opium or other narcotic, and may bo
given as confidently to a child as to
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Of course everybody does that, aud
Laundry Work can't be Judged any
other way. Rvorythlng subjected to
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clonn as a polished surfscw, as clear
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mer's day. Articles washed proper
ly last twloe as loug and look twen
ty times better than goods badl?
laundrled.. We make oboap fabric
uiasquewdo for something better.
Phono S3. 130-100 South Liberty Bt
Superiority is a question of -ho u
degree, oome men are
big because other men are
excel through comparison. Of
course there are others but none
as good everybody says so.
10 for 10 cents
Qft8 Btt Bt
Gold Dust Flour
Mnde by tho SYDNEY POWKK
COMPANY, Syduey, Oregon.
Made fcr Family Use.
sk your grocer for It. II ran
niul Hhorta always on band.
t Capital National Bank J
Snlnm flronnn
Capital, Surplus and Undivided
Profits, rHO.OOO.
Officers and Directors!
J II Albert President
B Mr Crnlsan. .Vice-President
Joa. II. Albert Cashier
John A. Carson
Geo. P. Rodgera
Ely's Cream Balm
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tiittt Relief at Once.
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iht) won hi mi-: u
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ttiittt ur by wuil. Iu lupil 1 form, 75 i-enU,
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Shortens your foodLengthens your life
Cottolene is a wholesome, product. It is made from Cotton Seed Oil in a thoroughly
modern and hygienic manner, and is just as pure as olive oil. It is a, clean product
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? J li.. I .1 I t r .. i
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