Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 26, 1910, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Portland, Ore, Jan. 2G. Dinger
Ilormann wag conncctod dlroclly with
tho lcnowiodge of tho Mnys-Jonos nc
tivlties in school lnmls In tho Bluo
Mountain rosorvo for tho first tlmo
todny, by tho testimony of Emmott
Callahan, an attornoy of Bakor City,
"Callahan, why bother about It,"
Hermann Is quoted as having said to
tho witness during a conference In
concerning the Blue
Indianapolis, Ind Jan. 2G. Antl-
admi'nlstratlcn delegates to tho con
vontlon of the United Mine Workers Washington
in convention In this city today are Mountain reserve.
urging tho calling of n gonoral it is only a matter of some 200,
strlko of all coa miners affected hy 000 acres. The state will bonoflt by
tho waog scale which expires March the transaction, ns well as a few men,
31, unlcs a now agrooment is of-land these man aro our friends and
foctod boforo that date. aro Orogonlans."
Tho radicals havo set April 1 as This In substance Is tho convcrsa-
tho day for tho strlko to go Into I tion of Hormann with Callahan, as
effect. Thoy favor dollvorlng an ul-1 told by Callahan, both at the pros-
tlmatum at tho Joint conforonco on t trial and nt tho Jones-Mays trial.
with nxlno owners that will bo hold Ho continued by saying that Her
in Toledo, February 1, stating that mann had mentioned Mays and W
unless an agreemont Is reached the II. Odoll ns bolng two of tho Oregon
strlko will bo called. -men who were to benefit by tho
TIiIb declaration of policy on tho croatlon of the reserve.
part of insurgonts of tho Minn
"Workors is the result of a proposi
tion advanced by President Lowio to
tho offoct that minors continue
work nftor March 31 pending tho
signing of a now agrooment or the
breaking off of negotiations.
o . .
Prosecutor F. J. Heney has boon
striving vto establish the fact that
Hormann know of the frauds in
school lands during tho past two or
thrco days of tho trial. Yesterday
ho introduced a mass of correspond
ence that had passed between Mitch
ell and Hermann, in regard to the
Hyde-Benson claims, which Mitchell
was pushing, and intends to use this
as showing that iBngcr had all three
lists of lands and other, data before
him whon abrlskio, ot Tucson, Ariz.,
asked for Information, and offered to
aid tho commissioner in ferreting out
tho workings of tho Hyde-Benson
Heney did not make good his prom
iso that he would close his case nt
noon today. He Is apparently still
far from tho end of the road, having
tho cross-examination of McVan, the
direct and cross-examination of Prof.
Roth and tho direct and cross-exam
ination of Col. A. R. Greene to finish !
before he can get all of his cases in
to tho record.
TincniiJini c tout
mil l
The churches of this city havo
united in an organization to put on a
big revival meeting at a tabernacle
that will scat throlo thousand peo
ple, tho meetings to begin about
March first. Tho old Oregon Nur
sery Company packing sheds will
Everett, Wash., Jan. 26. Much bo utilized 'and cleaned up and fitted
anxioty la folt hero todny for tho
safet yof a party of five young people
of this city who sot Bail on a pleas
uro trip yostordny in n 16-foot sloop,
and who havo not been hoard of
since, '
Soarch is bolng made today, but
no traco has boon found of thorn, and
m last night was vory stormy, it is
thought that tho sloop may have
In the party wore tho following
Qoldio Hall, Bort Wlllnrd, Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Hall and Roy Hall..
j Altl-j ugh tho missing men and
women stntod thoy Intondnd to sail
to Mukllteo, tho boat was soon head
lug in tho opposite dlroctlon.
No preparation had boon mndo for
nn extended stay any place.
o , ,
with a speaking stand and choir gal
lory for about thrco hundred voices
It Is not yet known what evangelist
will be secured but the committee
of Salem ministers in charge will
engage a man of first-class ability
It is planned to make the revival the
biggest thing of the kind ever pulled
off In the Capital City.
Congross is fussing about chang
ing tho dnto of Inaugurating the
proBldont. Whnt do the people enre,
so ho's a good man
Rev. I. ,V Williams Testifies
Row I. W. Williams, Huntington,
W. Vn., wrltos us ns follows: "This
Is to certify that I used Foloy's Kid
nay Remedy for nervous oxhaustlon
and kidnoy troublo and am free to
that Foloy's Kidnoy Itomody will
do nil thnt you claim for it." Sold
by J. C. Porry..
An Oregon City man wae given a
divorce hint Monday on tho ground
that his wife wont uutomobillng at all
hours of tho night, and taking Joy
rides with othor mmi.
f vnitkd riu:ss uuskd winn.
11 ...311 t b 41 unlit hu ..Vlt9V?
this afternoon passed tho nntl-white
slave bill, prohibiting traffic in wo
men, which resulted from the sonsa-
tlonal oxpoHiire made recently In tho
report of an Investigation by immi
gration authorities.
The measure was urged by Presi
dent Tft in n message t'o congross,
and, as the Investigation showed that
tho traffic had roachod such an alarm
ing proportion that rates for the sale
of slaves were actually quoted in Se
attle, Chicago. New York and other
cities by the traders, it met with
practically no opposition.
(Continued troni Pnzo 1)
Fovor Soros.
Fever mrm and old chronic soroa
should not bo healed enarely, but
should be kept In healthy condition.
This can bo done by applying Cham
barmln'a sulve. This salvo has no
Ruporlor for this purpose. It Is also
most excellent for chapped hands,
wro nlpplos, bums and diseases of
the skin. For salo by all good druggists.
Milk Inspectors will make place
for parlsllee to get salaries.
Simple Remedy for LnGrlppe.
LaQrlppo coughs aro dangorous.
hb thoy frequently devolop into
unoinnonln. Foloy's Honey nudTar
not only Rtops tho cough, but hoale
and ntrongthoua tho luugs so that
no sorlous roaults noed bo fearod.
tho gonuiuo Foloy's Honey and Tar
contains no harmful drugs and lain
a yollow package Sold by J. a
Our price on corn is the
same aa for wheat and it la a
far better tm tor poultry.
Order a bushel oi ek and
$e how many nmt urn you
Uf GonimerelAl St..
PlteHtt 160.
Company received no rentals from
this source whatever, Instead of ?100
per month for each equlpmont for
bnttloshln and revonuo cutters, ns
had been represented to mo; that the
number of men employed In their
factory wan about eight, Instead of
300, and that the preforrod stock had
no guarantee of any interest, except
upon tho condition and In tho ovent
that tlTo company en mod a surplus
ovor and above the salaries and op
erating expense.
"I had been acting as general
manager for California for some
tlmo. C. C. Wilson, the president
of the United Wireless knew that on
account of many misrepresentations
madfe to me by Geo. H. Parker, of
Seattle, considerable Ill-feeling had
been created, so 1 was offered the
management of Chicago, together
with six or eight states about tha
lakes. The company offered to dou
ble my eommlMlon. and I reoelved
the personal asmirnueo of C. C. Wil
son, the president of tho company,
that I could "clean up" at least
$75,000 la two years' time.
"I wok the matter under advise
mont, and concluded that I could
have nothing to do with a get-rlch-qulek
scheme of this aharaotor.
"On the contrary. I Immediately
wrote to all who had Invostod in
this stock upon my solicitation,
which repreeeaUd many thousand
of dollars, aad urged thorn to un
load their stock at once.
"To off-set my exposuro regarding
tho actual condition and earnings of
tho company, Parker has beon
obllgM to buy up a good deal of this
stock at priori ranging from 19 to
$14 a share, whtoh I am Informed
ho again sells through liUs agents at
Ml to ?40.
"The United Wlreles have five or
nix small stations in Qregea, wklth
are maintained at an average ooet
f SUi a moatk. several ef M-hlea
I aw reliably UforM ear wt te
exoeed (16 to $11. leaving a mo Ik
1' loe t m to 91.
"I HMderaUad that WMtllUon u
WftxklHgte aittf CaUfwaie, um! else
where, as far a tkeir lend bwalReas
Is concerned, is no better. Also that
nine-tenths of the stations aro main
tained at an average monthly loss
of at least $50.
"When you consider that the
United Wireless aro capitalized for
two million (2,000,000) shares
which thoy are now attempting to
sell to nn uninformed public at $40
a share, a selling basis of eighty
million (?S0, 000,000) dollars; In
viow of the facts above set forth tho
audacity of such promoters ns Fred
S. Stewart, and Geo. II. Parker, is
without parallel.
"The United Statos Investor fig
ures out taking tlfe company's own j
financial statement as a basis that
thero is a vnluo of $1.45 to ever
share of United Wireless stock.
'Even this estimate, says the Finan
cial World, 'is inflated.' "
Mr. Schuyleman says that his ar
rest on the ground of libel by Stew
art is simply due to tho fact that
Stownrt has a grlevcince against
C. E. Whistler, of Medford; E. H.
Shepherd, of Hood River; Edwin
Mays, of Antelope; L. T. Reynolds,
of Salem, and George A. Dorris, of
Eugene, are the Oregon Country Life
Commission, and met at Salem to
This commission was appointed by
Governor Benson, and held its first
meeting at Salem and perfected Its
organization. Mr. Whistler is on
his way from Washington, D. C,
and the Norfolk convention of com
mission merchants. The commission
met with Governor Benson and heard
suggestions from him as to better
ment of conditions under which farm
life and farm labor can be carried
Mr. Whistler says Oregon has the
call and will get a large immigra
tion of the best Eastern people. Ho
says the state stands for quality,
and will get quality in the character
nf Its new citizenship.
Another Avalanche of
Today at the great over-surplus stock sale now con
' eluding.
Every woman loves handsome jewelry. Every woman
likes to feel that her jewelry is solid and perfect
that she has just what she paid for. Every woman
likes to save money, tec. Consequently, every woman
ought to patroilze this great sale it means safety,
satisfaction and economy,
Corner State and Liberty
The second annual Common
wealth Conference, a movement
started last year on the semi-centennial
of the admission of Oregon
into the Union, will be held at the
University of Oregon February 11th
and 12th. Prominent men from
various parts of Oregon and from
the faculty of the University will be
speakers on the occasion, and the
subjects for discussion will be
the leading problems now before
the state. The sessions last year
were pronounced most prontable by
all present, and this plan to unite
science and the arts of practical life
in Oregon was recognized as on? of
greatest promise for the best up- j
building of the state. The complete
program will be announced in a few
Are cordially requested to phone
tny Item of interest, 'such as a per
sonal about a friend or yourself, to
The Journal, Main 82. No Item too
It is a dangerous thing to take a
cough medicine containing opiates
that merely stifle your cough instead
of curing it. Foley's Honey and
Tar loosens and cures the cough
and expels the poisonous germs thus
preventing pneumonia and consump
tion. Refuse substitutes and take
only the genuine Foley's Honey and
Tar in the yellow package. Sold by
J. C. Perry.
Came Near Choking to Death.
A little boy, tho son of Chris D.
Peterson, a well known resident of
the village of Jacksonville, Iowa,
had a sudden and violent attack of
croup. Much thick stringy phlegm
came up after giving Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Mr. Peterson says
"I think he would have choked to
death had wo not given him this
remedy." For sale by all good druggists.
Der Deutsche Verein von Salem 1st
hiermit eingeladen die sechste
Maskerade von dem Deutschen Verein
von Oregon City am 29ten, Samstag,
mitzufeieren. Das Committee.
1-2 6-3 1
Hair falling out? Troubled with dandruff? Want more hair? An elegant dressing?
lnTi-0r1ipnt: Sulphur. Glycerin. Qutnln. Sodium Chlorld.
ingredients . CapBioum ge, Ai0Ohol. Wutor. Torfume.
We believe doctors endorse this formula, or we would not put it up.
J. fl. ATF.n Company. Lowpll. Jm.
Mr. Kll Williams died at his home
in Oregon" City this morning at the
ago of 63 years. Ho was an Ore- J
gon pioneer and a cousin of Richard j
and Georgo H. Williams, and was 1
at one time assessor of Clnckamas !
county. Ho leaves a daughter in j
this olty. Mrs. C. D. Tillson, and his
body will bo brought here for burial, j
of Small Sizes
img Men Suits
It Is anything to create a new job
on tho taxpayer these days.
Tho tonder lonvos of a harmless
lung-henllng mountainous shrub,
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othor remedies arc offered, tell
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