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No Trouble to Find a Plado For Him to
Rest In Sleep.
Ilfji l)linlti't I ho soldier takes along
'oh The ufiiri'h. but uxmilly not tii lout
"Ubuk' k"") makes tbt ground iih soft
f'a bed uh he wuiUH. TIip case Is pretty
."nearly Hie winio with the proHpcct'or
and tjie frontiersman. In writing of
the "IHguwnytt and Byways o tlio
Pacific Const" Mr. Clifton JohnHon
tells of tbo practice on the ranches of
tb west, lie was tbo guest of an
.,, oarly settler
While wc were chatting a laborer
paHHcd. shouldering a roll of blankets.
Tbe,-bntcht'r had come to the door, and
lit? Willed to the pawnor and said:
"Yihi see that fellow, don't yonV Well,
when I lirsl reached here from the
" enxf I thought a man with a bed on
. bin back was the funniest thing I'd
ever come across,
"A rancher In this country won't
take his hired man Into lils bouse.
They've got to furnish ihelr own blan
kets and usually sleep on the bay in
the barn.
"1 know a fellow who. when he'd
just arrived and didn't understand the
, way thoy manage, got a Job harvest
ing on n big wheat ranch. The help
usually sleep In the straw stacks then,
and' it's precious little time they get
to sleep anywhere. But he didn't
know anything about that, and he was
sitting around in the evening and Unnl
y said to the rancher. 'Where nm 1 to
sleep tonight?'
"Why. I don't care where you
sleep.' said the rancher. 'I've got 0Q0
acres of land around here, nnd If you
can't Hud a place to sleep on that I'll
' get 'my next neighbor to lend me a
, piece of bis.' "
Traditions 88 10 tne Heioht of 1,10 Fn"
mous Structure.
The. actual height at which the last
stone of that famous structure, the
tower of Babel, rested cannot, on nc
ciiHit of the. rnmotoness of the times
at which it is said to have existed,
ever become more than a matter of
merest coujecture. Herodotus, who
lived nbou't 1,700 years after that
"great spiral way to heaven" Is said
to have been attempted, says that ho
saw at Babylon a structure consisting
.of eight towers raised one above an
other, each seventy-live feet In height,
but whether this ruin "was the re
mains of the tower of Babel it was
even then Impossible to ascertain. Ile
rndotus, usually minutely exact lo his
writing, leaves us In Ignorance as to
bow the upper level of each of these
Keventy-ttve foot towers wan reached
'from the level bolow.
" As might 'V expected, oven tin tra
dition, n wide difference of opinion ex
ists as to the height of the tower. Most
orientalists maintain that God did not
put a stop'tcMliP' work until the tower
bnd reached a height of 10.000 fath
oms, or about twelve miles. In Cey
louese tradition It Is said to hiive been
iih high as 20.000 elephants, each
standing one above the other. St.
Jerome asserts on the authority of
persons who had examined the ruins
that It did not reach a height exceed
ing four miles. Other statements are
still more extravagant London Sat
urday Bevlew.
Happy Events.
A teacher in one of the public schools
of Vienna In order to test tho nullity
of her Junior class-girls eight to nine
years old In composition writing gave
each little miss a subject to be dla
t'uBHed "at once without consultation
and without help of any kind." The
articles were found to he so Interest
iiig atul amusing thu,t tufty have been
'ijolleO tfVr f6rf 'it Wllftu'Ucrti. One article
on "My Three Happiest Days" Is notii
bj9,.hL the Uiilniie l olli'Ctliui. In well
iJhn'sin aial efenrly rounded sen-
,.vteuceH the little gin says Unit, being
fijjst In the woods, having to Tim away
YfrjiiuKU Ylllcll broke out in their
,'limiHO iViitl watching littlo boat m
thu;vlnii.tOH8eil It on tho waves and
tliially HJumshed It, were the most."uup
uW'Vtet' that she could think of.
Anotlfier In describing "fairyland" said
thill St must, be a place wliore "every
.tffliUMtto 18 Wro e-SWilt that the
WsfoiffiJ bo fcudflll m across at
. dlUTmrii u' tho your W tuflt we count
tiHe a Hft-liii'ttlid jump miffuid skate."
4 f '-r --
' James-1, end Billiards.
v43UmM',(f HDpMtS to have Inherited
. his iiintlior's love of blltlimU. Among
the payment from his privy purse not
ed in tho exchequer records Is one to
"Uenrv Wiijjw. upr joyner.. for a 111
IhmlH bounlf. Twelve .finite long ind
fowor f(Nite hroiule, tl)t frame Mug
wnilmittive. well wrought and earved.
with eluht great skrewes and i-! :titten
small slsreww," sftliuur.v hllllard
rule lit torn In thu days t the Stu
nrtK wnsjiue to tlje effect that no by
njaiider. fviMi.lhn.MKli he was betting
on the game, whould be allowed to offer
udvtee nnlewt hhUwI. K be did so It
wiih provided that "he shall for evory
fault Instantly forfeit twopence for
the good of the company or not be
K!lffe.red to Ktiiy In l!l4u"."-,"ultt,.
HI. Early Horn? Coming,
'iPei'x .vowr iitiHimnU cHtry , tatcn.
fcfty. Sir- HoiiielMHlyr
Nd. 1 never knew him to."
HQhyllH'ti ' mwm ''i oarly! hnt
inMw l IH -VOHr traHiltiK?" . B
'fll li tl"' '"int. There Is always
BoliiieiW l w,,,, l get home lu tbo
inornlni-OUlenBo Record-Herald.
" ' Amiwerlnn LUtlo EddU.
T.ltil IWlle Say. tw. Q political
o no. Hon ualuiiK to different irtlo?
l'i-No, uiy wn? thy belong to differ
?t faction In tbo sauia imrty.-Ex-change.
San Francisco, Dec. 22. Com
ment among tho sporting public
varied today when Tommy Burns'
cablegram, received hero from Syd
ney, to fight Jack Johnson boforo
tho July go with Jeffries Is pulled
off, was made public. Tbo cablo
gram reads:
"If articles with Joffrlos allow
Johnson fight boforo July, will fight
will light Johnson finish fight, win
ner take all. TOMMY BURNS.
Inasmuch as one of the clauses
of the Johnsoy-Jffrles nrticlos for
bids cither of the principals to en
gage in a contest prior to the cham
pionship fight on July 4, it is not
considered likely that tho Austral
ian's offer will bo considered.
As" most of tho Inmates of the
school for tho blind will spend tho
Christmas holidays with tholr par
ents, relative or somo friends, in or
der to give thorn time to reach their
respective homos in sufficient time to
spend Christmas ovo, tho mnnngo
mont of the school have decfuofl to
celobrato tonight Instead of Friday
ovon'ng, as first Intended.
The Interior of the institution has
been beautifully decorated for the
occasion, tho work of tho Inmates
thomsolves, and they are eagerly
awaiting tho event. Tho traditional
Christmas tree will bo in evidence,
and Santa Claus will make his ap
ivenrance upon tho scone nnd dis
tribute the many gifts with which It
will bo loaded down, and will see to
it that each Inmato will receive a
present. Prior to tho distribution
of tho gifts an entertainment consist
ing of songs nnd music and a can
tata will he glvt?n.
Thoso who will not spend tho hol
idays at tholr homes, but remain at
the institution, will enjoy a good
Christmas dinner of turkeys and
many other delicious dishes, on
Christmas day.
i O ;
Dr. O. B. Miles, secretary of tl)Q
Salem sanitary department, said to
day that tho typhoid fever cflaes in
this city were diminishing In num
ber rapidly now, that the public Is
using tho utmost caution In consum
ing tho water. Although an oxact
Gstlnmto of the decreasing number
of cases has not boon made as yet,
but, according .to reports 'being hand
ed In from tlmto ..to tlmo dur'ng 'tho
past woolc, but: very few new cases
havo materialized .
Dr. Miles was "not surprised afitjip'
discovery of tho lertk In the mala
which convoyed the water to Salem
consumors, and sovoral weeks ago
ho suggested to tho company that
thqy make an lnvo3t!gat'on and as
certain If anything is wrong ylth the
plpo lino lading -frdhi th Inlnko In
tho Wlllnmotto rlvor to this city,
"Ilowevor," said tho, officer of the
snnltnry board today, "wo are going
to continue examining nnd testing
tho wator In Salom rogulnrly, and, bi
weekly tests, wo can ascortnln. whoth
or or not tho troublo lies In leaky
pipes or in tho. crib. It Is probablo
that thero will bo no nwldonco of
germs after th? ' plpo has' boon ro
palrcd, but whether or not thero aro
other holes- It) tho plple- remains to
bo soon. If it can bo actually ascer
tained that tho pipe is free of furthor
dorect, and thoro Is still ovidonco of
gorms, thou an Investigation will bo
In order for tho crib.
"Now that tho city has socured a
special sanitary offlcor, wo can pro
ceed on a syst'matlc plan to clean up
tho city nnd avoid much of tho causes
for probable Hlcknoss. Anyoeo In
tho city or suburbs finding a reason
able causa to bollovo that unsanitary
conditions (oxlit In tholr vicinity nro
requested" to call up tho specfal offi
cer or niysolf. and wo will look into
tho casos without delay, and if noc
oBsary tako Immediate stops to nbol-
sh anything that may even grow to
li a menace to tho public. Tho now
sanitary officer, Mr. Long, has boon
biiBy today investigating, and his re
port will bo acted upon at once.
This Is Worth Keinumlierlng.
cold, JuRt roniembor that Foloy's
1 M, ...111 - I. T)n...A
liouuy mm mi win uuru u. uuuium-
bur tho ntuuo, Foloy'B Honoy and Tar,
a - . a- 1. ... I ... . T rt T..
ailU 101 HMD HIIUbllllllUH. J. i. JUII)
:wca!B Hmm mm iiwnn Mgm
1ft5! rifitm a.s SufifiCStlOllS
Yes, wc are the Christmas gift store. Here are a few particularly desirable specials. We have
fourteen or fifteen dozen fancy and Dutch collars that we are determined to close out by Christ
mas eve. They are exclusive-something different from the average stock goods, and are bar
gains that are not offered you elsewhere
State and Liberty:
Is commonly said of babies wbo have
died of the croup. How unnecessary
this Is. No child ever had tho croup
without having a cold or cough at
the Btart. If you will stop the first
Bymptom of tho cough with i-Bal lard's
Horehound Syrup thero Is no danger
whatever of croup. Sold by all
Flouring Mill Starts Tomorrow.
Tho Salem Flouring Mills Com
pany completed repairs on their
flumo yesterday, which conveys their
water power from the ditch to the
mills, and will start up tomorrow on
soveral large orders. The flume was
washed away by the recent high
water and haB delayed grinding for
sovoral weeks. The mill will grind
out five carloads of flour for South
jorn Oregon, Including a car to Brit
ish Columbia, and several other
smaller orders.
After expdsuro and when you feel
a cold coming on, take Foley's Honey
and Tar, the groat throat and lung
remedy. It stops tho cough, relieves
tho congestion, and expels the cold
from your Bystem. Is mildly laxa
tive. J. C. Perry.
'AQ.ro Weather in Montana.
Butte, Dec. 22. Montana is shiv
ering in tho grip of an unusually cold
wave. The temperature has fallen
14 degrees bolow zoro la many sec
tions of Western Montana, and stock
is said to be dying from the cold.
Don't Bo Hopeless.
about yourself when you're crippled
with rheumatism or stiff Joints of
course you have tried lots of things
and thoy failed. Try Ballard'B Snow
Liniment it will drive away all
aches, pains and stiffness and leave
you as well as you ever were. Sold
by all dealers.
Your Gift Store Is Here !
No Need to QuestionJnst Visit Us
In keeping with tho grand onward sweep of this time-honored es
tablishment, we havo tho pleasure of announc'ng" that the present
Xmas season has more than demonstrated that Salomltes appre
ciate an exclusive Jewelry store, where1 tho goods have been made
by master workmen and sold at modest prices. Here you have de
signs full of the beauty of art In glittering profusion. Trustwor
thy goods, subject to every test exclusive things.
A Watch is Always Valued, Select It Carefully
As a Friend
If you wish for exclusive oleganco In a watch, with absolute accu
racy of movomont, you ldes of perfection will meet a revelation
The Howard Watch Let us show you-why I
Americans should buy Amreican watches, made by American tools
and machines and by American slc.il and labor and at American
pr'ces. When a dealer tolls you a Swiss watch Is better, there Is
more In it for him.
Havo positively forged their "way ahead of all other makes by tho
severest of tests. Thero are difforqnt grades of movements at
d'fferent prices. Thoy are fully Jeweled, adjusted for all tempera
tures, accurato and reliable. Wo havo them In all sizes and for all
purposes. Somo people requiro a light watch, others a heavy one;
much depends upon tho woaror.
Don't Let Us Have Any Disappointments
Wo nro striving our best to avoid them kindly ass'st.
Thoro aro only four more buying days remaining, nnd the last
two of them will be days of such tremendous activity that this
great organization will bo taxed to its utmost capacity. Wo have
taken this opnprtunlty to urge ovieryono to consider this condition,
nnd mako full use of tho advantages tho present week affords for
satisfactory and comfortable Christmas shopping.
AS TO ENGRAVING When purchasing presents we will en
doavor to fulfill your orders promptly wo do ask you to bear with
us by purchasing early to thoso who order engraving that is not
needed for Christmas presentation, kindly postpone your instruc
tions until after tho holidays.
Always keep before you our motto: "The Maximum
of Quality for the Minimum of Price.''
The Store of Plenty With Economy
Phone 1 255 , SALEM State and Liberty
Silk Waists, $4.00, $4.50 and up now. ,$2.48 antT.up
Wool Shawls, $1.25, $1.50 and up now.--69c and up
Handbags, $1.00 to $12.50, now 69c and up
Kid Gloves, $1.25, $1.75 and $2.00.98c,$1.39, $1.69
Plain and Fancy Jeweled Combs, 45c to $7.23c and up
Dutch Collars, 35c to $2.75, now 19c and up
Other Fancy Neckwear, 30c to $2.50, now. -19c and up
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Handkerchiefs, 10c to 50c, now 7ca"d"!!
Kaiser's all-silk' Hose, $1.75 to $2.50, now... .$1.39
How n. Salem Citizen Found Com
plcto Freedom from Kidney
If you suffer from backache
From urinary disorders
From any disease of the kidneys,
Bo cured to Btay cured.
Dean's Kidney Pills make lastln
Salem, people testify.
Hero's one case of It:
N. S. Williams, foot of Gaines
Ave., "Salem, Ore., says: "A number
tho doctors told me
that my kidneys wore badly disor-i
dered. I came out West tniniting
that the change of cl'mato would
help me, but this was not tne case
and although I tried many reme-
dies. I became no better. I suffered'
intensely from a burning sersation
in the small of my back as If live
coals were placed directly over my
kidneys. The kidney secretions
were irregular in passage and un
natural. After taking the content.
of two boxes of Doan's Kidney Pills,
I did not have the least pain in m,
back and my kidneys were restored
to a normal condition." (Statement
given Jan, 30, 1906.)
Confirmed Proof.
On Nov. 20, 1900, Mr. "Williams
said: "The statement I gave fo,
publ'cation in 1906 in favor , of
Doan's Kidney Pills was correct.
This romedy cured me of kidney ar.d
bladder trouble and I have recom
mended it on many occasions."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the Uni
ted States,
and take no other.
Remember tho name Doan's
I Try tho Journal'B classified ads.
1 1 1
The "Red Cross" Pharmacy
Where you meet your friends. Ap
propriate, acceptable Christmas gifts
Toilet Sets. Perfume in Choice Cut
Glass; in fact, everything for
"Mye Dainty
The suggestions that are to be found
here will furnish selections for many
pleasing Christmas gifts. Throughout
the line the high standard of qual
ity is maintained, and prices con
sistent with the values range to the
popular fancy.
The "Red Cross" Pharmacy
Commercial and State Streets. Phone 1 44
Holiday Goods at
I Reduced Prices
Ladies' 2 5c Linen Handkerchiefs only 1EC
Ladies' 25c Silk Handkerchiefs only -l&c
Big line of Holiday Handkercnlefs from 2c each up
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Ties , 10o.
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Ties Ifro
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Ties .2Bo
iiadles' 75c Collars or
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wear, Smoking Jackets,
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Commercial Strtel.