Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 21, 1909, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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E. HOFER, Editor And Proprietor.
ldc(ieDdcnt Newspaper Derated to American Prlnclploa and
tho I'ronrowi and Oerelopement of All Oregon.
rnbllftlied Bverr droning Bzcept Sunday, Salem, Ore.
(Invariftfcly In AdraSco.)
MUjr, by prrier, pof yoaiU.M........8ft00 Per months
(altT, by nsall, per year- f.OO Per month...
A'ookly, by mall, per vear,...... '.00 Six tnoatha
60c J
That was the burden of the suggestions of the business
men who appeared before the city council Monday night.
The battle for mountain water has dragged along for
months when there should have been action.
All the facts necessary for action have been in the posses
sion of the mayor and city council for six months.
Decisive action was not taken until the epidemic scared
them into action that should have been taken six months
The time for action and to quit talking is just as impera
tive now as ever before, and the efforts to switch are just
' asjlaifl.
The Capital Journal warns the people not to be jollied into
pumping out more Willamette water and putting in 'a filter
ing plant, '
That is the latest move to switch the plain duty of this city
and state to go after an unpolluted source in the mountains,
The city and state should listen to nothing but a gravity
system of pure mountain water from the forest reserve.
The state is even more deeply concerned in this than the
city, and the state should not consent to filtering river
No one has claimed that there has been any increase In
the death' rate at Salem. . '
4s a rule in the newspapers there are one or two deaths
a day at Salem and surroundings,
Italy everybody dying within five miles of the city is
buried here, and many are brought here for burial.
'Xtyis rate has not been exceeded, and it is flse that there
is any increase in fatalities here,
It seems that so-called health boards and so-called
official health guardians make the worst of everything.
Let the cold fact be stated that there has been no increase
in the death rate at Salem and as usual Salem has been lied
"Tiffere have never been twenty cases of typhoid fever in
this city at any one time that five doctors will agree in nam
ing as such.
The cases that have been here have b6en mostly of a mild
foxm, and there have been, almost no deaths from typhoid
: Following are the main facts about the city's, present fin
ancial condition of warrants overdrawn and drawing, inter
est, ..General fund warrants, $4,277.
Street fund warrants, $13,609.
There will be four months current exoenses to meet be
fore taxes are payable, or about $18,000 to $20,000,
It will be admitted that owing to street improvements
some of this indebtedness is legitimate.
-There will also be some revenues coming into the city
treasury for licenses in the coming few months
But it can be set down that the city w'll havr -tin behind
tlis past year from twenty to thirty thour and dollars.
This is not in accordance with the principles of the city
charter and this debt should be provided for,
If this debt is not provided for- all city warrants will be
drawing intei est and the old warrant graft will be restored,
' The Qood Citizenship League should not be parties to any
As a result of their prosecutions in the redlight district a
fraud is perpetrated.
On oach of the houses in the restricted district is the sign:
"Furnished Rooms to Rent,"
The Good Citizenship League should see to it that those
signs are torn down. , , , , .
TRey are a dangerous deception to the unwary and unjust
to people who rent furnished rooms,
Lote the redlight district stand on its merits and be known
for Its real character,
Moro Danville rroor.
Jacob Schrall, -4S3 South St., Dan
ville. III., wrltos: "For ovor olghtoen
months I wna a aufforor from kidney
and blnddor troublo. During tho
wholo tlmo wna troatod by several
doctors and tried several dlttoront
kidney pills. Sovon weeks ago I
commonriod taking Foloy'a Kidney
Plllo, and am fooling hotter ovory
day. and will bo glad to toll anyone
Interested Just what Foley's Kidney
Pills did for mo." J. 0. Porry.
Capital National Bank 1
M fialem, Oregon.
BavIhrh Department In
J. If. Albert. Prealdot.
. M. Orolsan, Vlco-Pre.
job. H. Albert, uasuier
Strength to do a great thing to
morrow cohipb only from doing n
lessor thing today.
A Thrilling Rescue.
How Dqrt R. Loan, of Ghony,
Wash., was saved from a frightful
death Is a story to thrill the world.
"A hard cold," ho writes, "brought
on a desperate lung troublo that baf
fled an oxport doctor hero. Thon l
paid $10 to $15 a visit to a lung
specialist In Spoknno. who did uot
holp m. Thon t wont to Callfor
nia. but without bonoflt. At last I
U8od Dr. King's Now Discovery,
- -o
for Info, i and Children.
Tin KN You Have Always Btugbt
Bears tho
Signature of
Salem City Fathers Grind Out
a Big Grist of Im
portant Matters.
The street commissioner asked for
extension or umo on sidowam on
Union street. Granted.
Tho street committee returned tho
roport on assessment of property to
open Chemoketa street.
Viewers to reconsider assessment
on Stiller property December 30.
A druggist's liquor license wns
granted to Dr. Stono's drug si re.
Mr. Elliott reported rom i.he spe
cial committee on repairing liie basil
raco mado a verbal rorpot. Also from
tho mountain w.ater commltts?, and
that City Engineer Thompson, of Se
attle would co-oporate with tho :o n
mi Lle,
A contract for painting the city
hall was let, 75 per cent allowed the
contractor, on motion of Mr. Mof-
The assessment ordinance on
Pino street was favorably reported
Tho protest of J. L. Freoland wns
read. Mr. Greenbaum moved ref
erenco to the street committee. Mr.
Btolz demanded tho regular order,
and tho bill was put on its third
Substitute for plumbing ordi
nanco was reported.
I amd"'" CURES all THROAT aho lung I
I LUNG , 1 1
9 fife KP8 My son Rex -was taken down a year ago with lung trouble. We I
m KE I wB" doctored some months without improvement. Then I began giving H
H w Dr King's New Discovery, and. I soon noticed a change for the better.
I I kept this treatment up for a few weeks and now my son is perfectly M
Bjfr j Wdl aDd works every day MRS. SAMP. RIPPEE, Ava, Mo. 1
I 50c AND $1.00 1
future will result in a strict enforce
ment of the ordinances, and. as we
believe, more active and efficient ser
vice on behalf of both tho "chief of
pollcie" and your "committee."
Wd submit this report as the result
Macadam ordinance was favorably of a fair and Impartial Investigation
reportod on. and wo trust that it will bo accept-
Canvass of election board was ablo to tho complainants and to your
road and adopted, showing results honorable body,
Respectfully submitted,
V. S. LOW,
If you had somo DIapepsIn handy
and would take a little now your
of tlio lato city election
Alderman Hofer of the seventh
ward tendered his resignation and
tho samo was accepted with regrets
John A. Carson was appointed to
flu' tho unexpired term
A resolution to transfer $108.81
from the Oak street fund to help
mako out sum to pay off $2,500 in
bonds against State street was adopt
Licenses for . A. Cooper, E. Eck-
orlen and Schwartz & James were
referred to license committee
Plans and specifications for foot
bridge on High Btreet were referred
tn tlio ntrent. pom mltte.fi.
A resolution for assessment for stomacn mstress or maigestion would
lmnrovoment of Kearney street was vanisn in nvo minutes, ana you
ordered nnbllshed. WOUia feel line
A netitlon for Hunt on Pino stroot ""s narraiess preparation win ai-
nnd Maple avenue, and several oth- Best anything you eat and overcome
ers, including ono on Washington a sour, oui-or-oraer stomacn Detore
and First streets, referred to the you realize it
light committee. If your meals don't tempt you, or
A potition of fifteen citizens that wnat little rood you do eat seems to
tho inudholo at Union and Front flu you, or lays like a lump of lead
streets bo illed at once. in your stomach, or if you have
Refer It to Jupiter Pluvlus. He neartnurn, mat is a sign or inaiges
can fill It," said Mr. Holldrldge. tion
(Laughter.) Ask your pharmacist for a 50-cent
Tho potition of H. B. Thiolson for case of rape's DIapepsIn and take a
plnttlng second Oartwright addition little just as soon as you can. Thero
to tho city was referred to tho prop- will be no sour risings, no belching
er committee oi undigested food mixed with ncld,
Ordlnnnco or Issuing flvo per cont no stomach gas or heartburn, full-
20-year Marlon and Stato-street ness or heavy Tabling in tho stomach
sower bonds of $19,000 at popular nauseau, debilitating headaches, diz
subscription. Passed. ziness or intestinal griping. This
A bill to Increnso the salary of tho wm ail go, and, besides, thero will
stroet commissioner from $900 to bo no undigested food left over In
1200 a year was postponed until tho tho stomach to poison your breath
j Holiday Ideas in Plenty I
I At Hinges' I
All the new ideas in Christmas Jewelry await your inspection.
That they will win your approval is certain. They have won the
approval of so many gift-buyers already that the regular Christ
mas Boxes are fast filling with presents to be laid away until
Christmas. We have appropriate presents for
Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, and the Baby
Make Any Comparison You Like
You will be surprised to find the beautiful gifts at such a reas
onable price at
Jeweler and Diamond Setter
budcet wns completed.
Bill passed for collection of sowor
tax in block 38.
B'M for refunding K3.050 b-nds,
with nauseous odors
Papo's DIapepsIn Is a cortain cure
for out-of-order stomachs, because It
prevents fermentation and takes hold
p'i arp nd dv'vln-r fl'v pc font, of your food and digests it just the
passod. To bo sold at popular loan.
Council ndjournod to Tuesday ov
onlng. Caucus of mombors at 7 p.
n. -t "O"ordor "(lloo.
I'll! pissed s"wtr 'hrough,
block across Trude street.
same af is your stomach wasn't
Rollof in flvo minutes from all
stomach misery is at any drug store
waiting for you.
Theso lnrgo 50-cont cases contain
A bill to regulate plumbing, von- more than sufficient to thoroughly
tllntion and drainnge of buildings in ouro almost any case of dyspepsia,
city of Snlom wns road. Mr. Sautor Indigestion or any otnor stomacn uis
movod to 8iibstUuto galvanized iron turbanco.
for enst Iron vent plpos. Accented. o
Mr. Stolz said this ordinance applied The Christmas Dinner
only to now buildings, and did not
protoot people ngalnst bad plumbing In spito of tho fact that the word
alrondv In oxistl-nco. Bnd nlumblncr dyspepsia means literally bad cook
of houses already built was not it will not be fair for many to lay
reached bv this bill. Mayor Rodg- tho blamo on tho cook If they begin
ors said this bill would not roqulro tho Christmas dlnnor with little np
ovorhaullng all present house. Mr. potlto and end It with distross or
Stolz's suggestion would cause tho! nausea, it may not ue inir ior any
pooror class of people too much ex
pense. Roforrod bnck to ordinance
Following Is tho report of tho city
council commlttoo that Investigated
tho chnrgOB made aga'nst Chtof of
Pollco Gibson by tho mlnlstorlnl com
mlttoo of the Good Citizenship
Loaguo: ' .
To tho Honorable Mayor and Com
mon Council of tho City of Salom,
Tho mombors of your commlttoo
on "health and pollco," to whom was
roforrod a complaint praying for tho
removal of D. W. Gibson, "chlof of
pollco" of tho city of Snlom. for
non-fonsnnco In offico. bog loavo to
roport that on Friday last your com
mlttoo held a meeting at which testi
mony on bohnlf of said "chief of
police," nnd that after a considera
tion of tho charges Rot forth and nl
logod In said complaint, your com
mittee submits tho following roport:
Thnt. whllo wo do not bollevo tho
testimony Introduced at tho hoarlng
Is Bufllolent to Justify a removal from
office, we must confoss that tho alle
gations sot forth In tho complaint
nro not altogether without founda
tion, and that both tho "chief of po
lice" and your commltote have been
somewhat durellct In tho perform
ance of their duty. Wo roallzo that.
In ardor to do efficlont and effective
work, It Is necessary that these two
member of our municipal organiza
tion work harmoniously togethr
and we believe that the complainants
haw accomplished a good work In
bringing these two departments of
our city administration Into closer
touch with each other, which In the
to do that lot us hope so for tho
sako of the cook! Tho disease dys
popsla indicntos a bad stomach, that
Is a woak stomach, rather than it
bad cook, and for a woak stomach
there Is nothlug olso equal to Hood'j
Snrsaparllla. It glvos tho stomach
vigor and tone, euros dyspopsln,
oroates appetite, and makes eating
tho pleasure It should be.
"In treating pneumonia." says Dr.
W. J. Smith, of Sanders, Ala., "tho
only remedy I use for the lungs Is
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. While
of course, I would treat other symp
toms with different medicines, I
havo used this remedy many times In
my medical practice and havo yot
failed to find a case where It has not
controlled the trouble. I have used
it myself, as has also my wlfo for
coughs and colds repeatedly, and I
most wlliingly and cheerfully recom
mend It as superior to any other
cough remedy to my knowledge."
For sale by all good druggists.
Work down into tho cattlo yard
as much straw as possible.
Mrs. S. Joyce, Claremont, N. H.,
writes: "About a year ago I bought
two bottles of Foley's Kidney Rem
edy. It cured me of a severe case
of kidney troublo of several years
standing. It certainly is a grand,
good, medicine, and I heartily recom
mend It. J. C. Perry.
To share is the bliss of heaven,
As it is tho joy of earth.
111 Health Is Moro Expensive Than
any Cure.
Served as coffee, the now coffee
Tne American non prortucos an-, substitute known to grocers evory-
nually a crop equal In vnluo to that
of tho wintor and spring whont. nnd
throe tlmo moro valuable than tho
wool clip of tho country. It is equal
to 2 Ms tlmos tho value of tho potato
crop, and lnrgoly In oxcoss of tho
farm value of all the oats raised in
tho land:
Aftor exposure and whon you feel
a cold coming on, tnko Foley's Honey
nnd Tar, the great throat and lung
remedy. It stops tho cough, relieves
the congestion, nnd expels tho cold
from your system. Is mildly laxa
tive. J. C. Perry.
Tho soil pirate Is beginning to be
unpopular: 'tis h'sh time.
For n Lame Rack
Whon you have pains or lameness
In tho back batho the parts with
Chamberlain's Liniment twice a day
massaging with the palm of the
hand for five minute at each appli
cation. Then damper, a niece of
flannel slightly with this liniment ' P
and bind It on over the seat ef pain :
and you will bo surprised to 6e how '
quickly the lameness disappears. .
For sale by all good druggists.
whoro as Dr. Shoop s Health Coffee,
win tricK evon a cofteo expert Not
a grain or real coffeo In It either.
Puro, healthful toasted grains, malt,
nuts, etc, have beon so cleverly blend
ed as to glvo a wondorfully satisfy
ing coffeo taste and flavor. And It
Is "made in a minute," too. No te
dious 24 to 30 mlnuto boiling. J. W.
This country Is now filled with
' people who migrate across tho conti
nent In all directions seeking that
which gold cannot buy. Nine-tenths
of them aro suffering from throat
and lung troublo or chronic catarrh
j rosultlng from neglected colds, and
sponaing rortunes vainly trying to
regain lost health. Could ovory suf
ferer but undo tho past and cure
that first neglected cold, all his sor
row, pain and anxiety and expense
could have been avoided. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy Is famous for
Its cures of colds, and oan always bo
depended upon. Use It and the more
serious diseases may bo avoided. For
III Health is Moro Expensive Than
sale by all good druggists.
Santa Claus In an
Up-to-date Laundry
would revel In the Bnowflake col
or and Ice-crystal finish of our fine
laundry work, nnd only once a year
does he see such oxqulBlto finish laid
on colars. cuffs and shirts as he does
when he visits the Salom Laundry
Co. Our woolons are always deliv
ered soft and sweet and full size as
sent to us. A connolseur on fine
laundry work must always admlro the
beauty of that done at tho
Salem Laundry Co.
Phono 25. 230.200 S Liberty St.