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    VOL. XIX.
NO. 201
Will Deciac 0
of Automobile and 13 Other Prizes in C
Five Persons Dead ,Fifty In
the Hospitals and Many
More Are Missing.
Throe Hundred Persons In the Store
at the Time Scene Bordering on
Panic Ensued Clerks and Patrons
Madly Jump Prom Fourth Story
Windows to Pavement Below.
London, Dec. 20. Five persons
are known to be dead; 50 are in
hospitals, suffering from injuries, and
many are missing as the result of, a building,
r-riiTi, min nmtu i i linmii mni. iimnum iiniiiiiHiMMMi
great fl'ro that destroyed the great
Arding & Hobsb store, In Clapham
suburbs at noon today.
Three hundred persons were
thb Btore when the Are started,
scene of confusion, bordering on
panic, ensued when tho scores
shoppers and clerks rushed for the
lifts and stairs.
Several clerks and patrons leaped
from third and fourth-story windows
to the pavement. Others jumped
from an interior balcony to the main
floor, which already was burning
Within an hour after tho fire was
discovered, the great dome collapsed,
covering adjoining stores with a mass
of burning debris. The entire block
In which the store was located was
soon a mass of uncontrolled flames.
It is feared that many of those
who leaped from the balcony into the
burning court lost their lives. When
tho dome collapsed, this section of
the store was buried in the blazing
ruins. The firemen believe that
many of the missing He beneath this
The fire Is said to have started
from a defective electric light wlrp.
TITo extent of the damage has not
yet been estimated.
Cnll to a Sunday Morning Firo
T,he fire department was called
yesterday morning to a residence on
North Fifteenth street, where a small
blaze had been started on tho roof
from a burning chimney, and the
shingles were smoking vigorously.
me chemical engine soon put out tho
blaze with very litttlo damage to the
The great Capital Journal voting
contest to determine tho ownership
of the Ford automobile, three $425
pianos, three diamond rings, three
gold watches, and three scholarships,
and the ?85 bedroom set as a spe
cial prize, is being determined this
afternoon at Ye Liberty theater,
whlh has been engaged for the pur
pose, the regular theater program
being concelled for tho occasion by
tho courtesy of Manager Waters.
Tho contestants are there, their
friends are there, and the five judges
are there. At 1:15 the autocar
called at tho oflces of the United
States National Bank and the Rail
way, Light & Power Company and
took in their expert accountants
David Byre and 13. J. Lally with
their counting machines, and took
them to tho theater, where they were
assisted by C. L. Starr of the State
Tax Board, Jos. H. Albort of tho
Capital National Bank, and P. H.
D'Arcy, proprlotir If Ye Liberty
theater building.
Tho count will probably take sev
eral hours to complete and will be
qandidates In tho Capital Jtournal
The count is being supervised by
C. B. Holllster, tho manager of the
Capital Journal voting contest, and
the prizes are ready to bo handed
over to tne winner. The capital prize
carries insurance of S900. nn1 tlin
state license will bo issued to the
aucKy person -who gets tho capital
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A writ of review was filed with
tho clerk of tho circuit court today In
the case of R. S. Cocklnsdmm and v.
A. Thatcher against John H. Lewis,
H. L. Holgate and F. M. Saxton, com
prising tho board of control of tho
state of Oregon, and also O. C. Fln
kelburg, trustee.
tuo petition sets forth -that
on April 12. 1909. a document wn'a
filed with tho board by the state en
gineer settlngMforth that certain an:
plications for tho appropriation ' of
tho water of the Powder river, in
aanor county the applications con
sisting of thoso of the petitioners and
O. C. Finkelburg had been referred
to tho board for their consideration:
also stating that tho use of the wator
m each case proposed would bo h
menace to tho public safety and wel
fare. It then sets forth that prior to
the examination of thoso annllca-
tlons that tho unappropriated lands
embraced in the application hud been
withdrawn from entry under the
public land laws for irrigation by the
state, and that tho withdrawal was
mado at the request of the land
board. It. Is alleged further that
the land board, looking to Um re
clammatlon of theso lands, under
tho Carey act, entered Into a prelim
inary contract with O. C. Finkelburg,
trustee. A date was then named by
tno uoara, it is alleged, for a hear
ing of tho application, aud tho bunrd.
In its decision hold that tho public
interest demanded that the porralt bo
Issued to parties having a contract
with tho Desert Land Board; that
the petitioners had no such contract
but that O. C. Finkelburg had en
tored Into a contrnct along the.ie
linos, and directing the engineer
approve tho application of the par
ties succeeding In making a final
contract with tho Desert Land
ino petitioners in tno writ con
tend that tho board Is without juils
diction to sny what the public In
torest demands; also wlthoit Juris
diction to Bay whether tha appropria
tion or tne waters would be a men
ace to the public, and- that the stato
engineer had no authority to refer
thu petitioners' application to tho
board. Tho case' will oo hoard
Judge Galloway.
thought differently, and that's all
there Is to it,
"It is my honest belief that ef
frles and Johnson will fight in Salt
Lake. "Tex." Rlckard declared to
mo with all posltlvoness tho day be
fore that I started west that tho
'Mtormjbn metropolis will got tho
battle. Ho really bolloves that more
peoplo can bo drawn from tho groat
centers of population to Salt Lnko
than to San Francisco and to prove
his contention ho simply hauls out
the geography. Salt Lake, he points
out, is only 24 hours from Los Ang
eles, 24 hours rrom Donvor, two
days from Chicago, 17 hours from
Butte, 24 hours rrom tho big Nev
ada cities, and about 30 hours from
San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Tn
coma and Spokane. Ho is not sore
at San Francisco, as some of the In
terviews .coming ofat of tho east
have made him say ho waB. It's sim
ply a matter of bUBiness with him,
as ho believes the fight will draw
more monoy in Salt Lake than It
would hero.
"I saw both Joffclos and Johnson
shortly before I started for homo and
both wero looking well. Jphnson
Is having a good time in a mild wr,y,
but ho is not mlsbohaving."
So Says Committee Appointed
to Investigate Charges of
Law Development League
Tho Enforcement of All City Law
Concerning tho Charges Set Forth
in the Complaint Against Chief
of ' Police Gibson to Bo Carried
1 Out' to tho Letter. ' '
News has leaked out today regard
ing tho star-chamber Investigation,
mado during the paBt fow days, by n
special commltoo, appointed by tho
mayor, on tho complaint presented'
to tho city council by tho Law De
velopment League against Chief or
Police Gibson, to tho effect Ui.nt Ghlof
of Pollco Gibson, will bo exonerated'
frdm a trial, but tho charges prefer
red against him woro found to bo
Mistaking a mineral water bottle 1 substantial, to a cortal ncxtent.
Taken Under Advisement.
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Washington. D. 0.. Doc. 20. a
final appeal of John R. Walsh, the
convicted Chicago banker, was pro
sontod to the United States supremo
court today m tho form of a pntitlon
for a writ of review. It was taken
undor advisement. This Is the last
thread of legal action between Wulsh
and tho five-year term in the pen!
San Francisco, Dee. 20. Express
ing his bollof that the Joffrlos-John-son
fight will be hold In Salt Lako
city. Promoter Eddlo Granoy arrived
here today from Now York.
I didn't get what 1 went aftor."
said the "honest blacksmith," "but
I have no kick coming. I put In
what I could, but the other follows
full of sugar of lead for tho origin
al liquid, and drinking nearly half of
tho polsonoiiB formula was tho ex
perience of J. A. Cooper, a promlnont
auctioneer salesman of Salem last
Mr. Cooper had Just roturnod from
a business trip to Sprlngllold, Ore
gon, when, upon entorlng tho homo
of his brother, Ross Coopor, on Stato
street, ho noticed the bottlo laboled
"White Rock Mineral Water," stand
ing upon a sideboard. Mr. Cooper,
thinking It was really mineral wator,
proceeded to sample it. After taking
tho first swallow ho came to tho
conclusion thnt It must bo soda
wator, owing to tho sweet taste, and
continued to qunff tho sugar of lead,
until It began to feel queer on Its
downward courso. Discovering his
mistake, through his knowledge of
tho fact that his brother frequently
kept on hand a bottlo of sugar of
lend as a medlclno for poison oak,
Mr. Coopor immediately began a sor
pontlno dance nbout the room, with
tho usual vocal accomplishments.
Ills brother, Ross, called up Dr.
Byrd, and requested his attendance
at tho Coopor home at onco,.und the
doctor Instructed that tho poisoned
man bo given salt wator to make him
dlsgorgo the unsavory drink. After
drinking threo pints of lukewarm
salt water, and choking down a quart
of milk, without results, a pint of
"firo water" was Bwallowed by Mr.
Coopor when tho physician arrived,
to find his pationt resting easily, al
though badly frightened.
A fow oncouraglng word .on tho
part of tho doctor and un extra sup
ply of nerve mustored up by Mr.
Cooper, soon put him out of dangor,
notwithstanding tho deadly effoct tho
sugar of load gonernlly hns upon tho
human syste m. Today Mr. Cooprr'i
In fine spirits, although ho is some
what suspicious of tho linn I lv-mlts ol
the r olflon cuk killer.
It was charged in tho complain In
troduced by tho Law Development
Leaguo, whlc his headed by several
of Snlom' lendlnglng ministers and
other religious peoplo, that Chief.
G'bson was not performing his duty,
and requested that ho bo removed
from ofllco. Tho allegations uhargod
him with pormlttlng gambling to be
carried on, In vlolntlon of tho city
laws; tho soiling of liquor unlawful
ly by both saloons and bawdy houses.
Tho committee composed of Council
mon Millard, Lowo and Borgonwlll.
complete their Investigation this ev
ening and a full report fill ho hand
od to tho city council.
It Is roported thnt tho commlttoa
will not recommend n ' trial to tho
council, owing to tho chargos bolng"
Instifllclont, but tho Investigation
brought out facts that load to nogll
gonco on tho part of tho chief in
small matters which havo boon in'
ovldenco for years, and which have
not boon tnkon particular notlco of.
owing to tholr insignificance.
From tho Information that could
bo gleaned today, tho commlttoo on
Investigation consider themselves as
much to blnmo for th eactlon taken
as tho chief himself, duo to tho fact
that thoir attention has not boon di
rected strictly to tho actual condi
tions of tho city affairs undor pollco
In all probability, tho public will
bo assured that In tho futuro tho
enforcement of the city laws concern
ing tho charges set forth In . tho
complaint against Chief Gibson will
bo enforced to tho Jottor hereafter,
and tho chief will bo glvon tho hear
ty support of tho council putting a
stop to tho violation.
Tho smolco of tho fall elections
over, thoro Is much of promlso for
bettor things rovonlod. Dosplto a set
back horo and there, the workors for
tho Uplift may toko courago.
Service direct botweon Independ
ence and Salem Is tho latout. The
first train was run over today,
roaomug west saiom at n a. ni.
It was lu chnrgo of Jos. lllruchberg,
president of tho Indopendonce &
Monmouth motorllno.
This new motorllno servlco which
Is to bo operated dally will connoct
Salem with Independence, Mon
mouth, Simpson, Lucklamuto, Coch
ran, and Alrllo. Ho will connoct via
Indopendenoo for points as far south
as Corvallls.
A Journal ropreaontatlvo met the
first train and escorted tho party to
Tho first motorcar over tho Falls
City & Salem railroad pullod into
West Salem at 11 a. m. today, and
among tho passongors woro II. Hlrs
chburg, the owner of tho now line;
Hon. B. F. Jones, register of tho land
offlco nt Rosoburg; Mrs. Cora Hub
bard, president of tho Robokahsof
Oregon, and Mr. Fischer, of tho Sil
vorton flouring mills, and a number
of other passengers.
Following Is tho time tablo of tho
Indopondonco-Sulom motorllno for
the present, dally service:
Leave Indopendonce ... 9:30a.m.
Arrlvo at West Salom.. 10:30 a. m.
Leave Salom 1:00 p.m..
Arrive Independence ... 2:00, p, in.
Connects at Indopendenoo with
west sldo train for Portland and in
termediate points, and for Mon
mouth and Alrllo.