Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 01, 1909, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Huie Wing Sang Co.
Wo make up all kinds of White Underwear, Wrappers Kimonos
and Waists. Big stock of Gonts' and Ladies' Furnishing Goods,
Silks and Woolen Dress Goods, Shoes, Comforts, Blankets, etc. .
in n i in i . . ..j .zrrz
You Are Warned
Against old stocks brought here and thrown on the market; also fake sales. Stick to
the old reliable store and help make Salem's greatest store the GOOD GOODS store
bigger and better. All garments are marked in plain figures; Children can figure the
pricesdivide by two.
What This Means
It means that we are sacrificing one of the finest stocks of merchandise in the north
west to protect our customers and as many others who wish to partake from being
doped into buying second-grade, yes, third-grade merchandise and paying fancy
prices. Believe us and we will more than deliver value with every dollar spent.
The Big Store
.WttAthur Votvcaat
; Shower tonight and Thumlny,
Catholic LniUea' llojuutr Tonight-
Tho ladlea of St, Joseph's Catholic
church Mill hold a bainar In St.
Joseph's hall, corner of Ohomokotn
vtmtl WJntor stroata, Tonight tomor
row ami Friday. Fancy nrtlolea,
'windy, etc., for salo. 12-l-lt
m Are cordially roQitoetod to phono
.Hny Item of Interest, auch as a per
sonal about a frJond qr yourself, to
The Jotsraal, Mala 82. No item too
New Salem Kxprtr&r-
J. D. Umlorwood haa put on a fine
tovrert spring hack to carry paiiou
kwb, baggage and express to the
Went Balem depot Phone on era to
journal office, 88. ;i-2-tf
Thorough work on plaaoi, or&aM
and wlajvar; laoludlag all rptr,
$rara with Meyer & B I LnA
v. a w. iiwoH. li'Mw
Think of it! 'Right in the midst of the season, on
Coats, Skirts. Your choice, less one-half.
- Our stock consists of the best New York styles, the fabrics are the choice of
:. experts, and. are the best materials and patterns produced on two continents.
Don t
We buy direct from the maker, thus eliminating
the middleman's profit and when we cut such
high-grade merchandise right square in two, it's
time -for everyone to sit up and take notice. .
Notice to M. W, of A. and It. X. of A.
unursuay evening, uocomuor i,
1909, will occur tho annua! olcotion
of olllcora. and it Is roquostod that n
full nttondanco bo on hand, as busi
ness of huportanco Is llnblo to ooiuo
up. , H-30-2t
Itotul Itoitur on Rails
The bit; road roller holonglng to
tho olty was stranded for a fow hour
yostordny afternoon ou tho Btreot oar
mils between Commorolnl struct and
Liberty on Ferry Btroot. Tha engi
neer attempted to run it down Ferry
street when ho found tho road too
soft and guided his heavy roller upon
tho street oar rails. Aftoi much
twUtlng and puffing, tha big ongtue
vena transferred to unfo ground again,
but It had to be dona on top of stool.
Try Crystnlcts
For tho breath. For sale at:
Myor'a barVer shop.
'Waters' olgar store.
Adolph'a olgar store.
Dlok Madison's.
Tho Spa.
Willamette Hotel.
The Council. ,
The Court,
Cottngo Undertaking- Parlors
Cottago and Chomoketa Sts. Calls
day or night. J. C. Sill. Phone 724.
Stmt tho Month Right
Uuy your grocorlos. moats, fish,
poultry at Fnrrlngton's. tho grocor
and markotmnn.
Ross Petition Piled
largo potlttou was filed in tho su
'promo court yoatorduy afternoon by
attorneys for J. Thorburn Ross, ap
pellant in tho oaad of State of Ore
gon vs. J. Thorburn Hobs, ot al. The
petition deals In many points of law.
and contains answers to all tho ar
guments in tho supremo court, and
the authorities wore compiled by At
torneys William M. Kaiser and Wal
lace McCamant.
lias tho NecosKary Papers
, Deputy Sheriff McNab, of Dutto
county. California, arrived in tha olty
today with requisition papers for the
return of a man by the name of How
era. who U wanted In California oh
tho ohargo of laroeny. The paper
Will be presented to the governor
some time today. Dowers Is being
held undar arrest far obtaining ihoh.
ay by fals Hratanava in Baker oohh
ty. Sheriff ml. Rami having oharg
of him.
high - class Suits, Dresses,
Growing Bigger
Now Notnrle
List of notarial commissions is
sued yostordny: Otis Patterson,
Canyon City; A. L. Droughor. Scotts
Mills; G. W.AUon, Albert Backus,
Cecil H. Buuor, C. L. McKonna. .1.
W. Hofforlin, Portland.
A Marriage License
A marrlago liconso was Issuod by
Deputy County-Clerk Miss Lois Byrd
today to Shorrlll Flttmlnir. a uomilor
young Salom business man. and Miss
Anna B. Glosy. ono of Salom's load
ing bolls. Both young peoplo regls
torod their ago at 22 years. Miss
Byrd appeared also as witness for
Mr. Ftomlng.
' Tho regular monthly meeting of
the Ladles Relief Corps will bo held
Thursday nftornoon at 8:30 a. m.. at
tho roaldanco of Mrs. J. A. Carson,
corner of High and Kearney street.
South Salem. AH ladles who are In
terested In charitable work are cor
dially Invited to be present.
o .,
To Cure Cold In Ono Day.
Tablats. Druggist refaad money if
It fails to oa re. B. w. GROVMS
signature oa each tax. 25e TTS
$1.75 Fancy Nightgowns
sale ?!.25
S2.85 Heavy Long Klmr
nas, sale ?2.00
75c Skirts 50c
$4.25 Heavy Wool Blan
kets ?3-00
$3.20 Shoes, pair $2.50
$12.00 Heavy Coats . . . .$7.75
$2.85 Pants, .pair $2.00
$3.20 Sweaters, all wool $2.25
Gents' Undershirts, etc., 25c
up to $1.25.
325 North Commercial
Old Friends With Now Fnces.
There is no more agreeable expe
rience than to come upon an old
friend who has somehow left his ail
ments behind him, and now looks the
picture of healthful manhood. The
old, haggard expression, the sugges
tion of premature old age, the ap
pearance of weakness and lassitude,
tho irritability and tendency to mel
ancholy views, have vanished. He
now, indeed, seems a new man with
pure, healthy blood flowing in his
veins, and contentment written on his
face. He is again fully alive and en
joys life instead of simply enduring
If you inquire what it Is that has
wrought such a striking change for
the better to what your friend at
tributes his health and vigor, it is
more than probablo he will answer
in two words Beecham's Pills.
When a remedy has been before
the public for more than fifty years,
when it has brought relief to thou
sands of sick all over the world, when
it has brought hope to the despondent
and strength to the weak, there is no
experiment in its use for you. You
know what it will do.
Beecham's Pills are innocent of
harmful drugs and are compounded
with great care of those pure herbs
which act most beneficially on cer
tain bodily organs the stomach; liv
er, bowels and kidneys. These or
gans respond immediately to the heal
ing stimulus and with their return
to healthful action, the entire system
undergoes a process of renovation.
The difference between your physi
cal condition before and after taking
a course of Beecham's Pills will be
come remarkably apparent, not only
to yourself but also to your frionds.
Judge Pipes Raises Question.
Contending that the three supreme
judges taking office after tho as
sembly of the last legislature were
entitled to decide upon the constitu
tionality of their appointments In
the same degree that Chief Justice
Moore and Justice Eakln, two old
judges.was the contents of a, brief
filed today in the supreme court by
Martin L. Pipes of Portland.
Tho brief is in the interest of tho
stato vs. Cochran local option case in
which the constitutionality of the
five judges, or rather the addition
of the two new justices, was brought
to issue. Mr. Pipes conveys in his
brief that In ease tho constitutonalty
should bo deeded by tho body, Jus
tices Eakln and Moore could render
a decision representing tho majority
of the court of three former justices
and thatMcBrlde, Slater and King
could nlso return a mandate as being
the majority of the present body.
(Continued rrom Paste 1)
Under municipal ownership, or quit
tnlklng about this whole matter, and
lay down and say wo are incapable
of doing what a dozen small commu
nities In the stato have done with
more or less success." Tho mayor is
dotormlned that there shall be action
nt once of a decisive character.
POWERS. At tho family homo in
this city today, at 11 o'clock, Wil
liam Morris, infant son of Mr. aud
Mrs. J. M. Powers, aged 11 waeks.
Tho funeral will be from tho house
Thursdny at 1 o'clock.
Could Not He Better.
No one has over made a salve, oint
ment, lotion or balm to compare with
Buoklon's Arnica Salve. It's the one
perfect healer of Cuts, Corns, Burns,
Brulsoe, Sores. Scalds, Bolls, Ulcors,
Eczema, Solt Rheum. For Soro Eyes,
Cold Sores, Chapped hands, it's su
premo. Infallible for Piles. Only
25c at J. C. Perry.
! Moved to Portland
Mr. and Mrs. John W. MInto have
moved to Portland, after a short res
idence in this city. Their beautiful
new home is offered for sale.
Attention, AV. O. W.
Salem Camp. No. lis. and Silver
nell Circle will give a banquet nt
their hall Friday ovenlng noxt. In
teresting program. Come. 12-l-3t
Those Ilml Women
The same procedure was adopted
by attorneys for tho women who
conduct houses In the restricted dis
trict brought up before Justice of
the Paaea Wvfester yesterday after
aooa and their rasas will be turned
over to the disposition of tha Haxt
grand jary. This la the second timo
tha wtMfH have Uh arrestad for
MivducUftg bawdy kowm. or a houso
pf tU-faaie. the first tim the eourts
haviag convicted aad saatwead
75p Overshirts, sale 50c
Dress Goods, all kinds, big sale
Silks.nll kinds.blg sale.
Fancy Waists, $1 up to $4.50'
Half-price Ladies' Silk Hand
kerchiefs. Wool and CottonHose, 10c a
pair and up,
Children's Dresses, all Bizes,
$1.00 to$2.50.
Wrappers, full "stock on big
Holiday Goods, very low.
Street, Salem, Oregon
Articles of incorporation filed In
the office of the secretary of state
December 1, 1909, are as follows:
The Cecilia Building Company
Principal office, Portland. Capital
stock, $50,000. Incorporators W.
F. Fliedner, David E. Johnston and
Benj. I. Cohen.
o -
c'. ::
H fi i t f J i
Miss Allen Ashford has returned
to Salem, after a week's visit with,
relatives in Portland.
Mrs. George Melson, of Eugene,,
returned to her home last evening,
after a short visit with friends here.
A. D. Holmes returned to his home'
in Portland this morning, after trans
acting business here for a short timo
Miss Helen Williams left yesterday
for Tacoma to visit her brother, Enos
Williams, formferly of Salem.
Prof. J. M. Garrison, of Forest
Grove, Is in the city, tho guest of
Rev. and Mrs. P. E. Bauer.
Will Shooking left last night for
Southern Oregon to look after busi
ness matters for a day or two.
Attorney Ed. Horgan, of Corval
lis, is in the city, attending- to busi
ness matters. Attorney Horgan was:
formerly a Salem lawyer.
Hon. R. M.. Veatch, of Cottage
Grove, was a business visitor in
lem yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Young Houghton, of
Dallas, were in the city for a few
hours yesterday visiting friends, af
ter which they went to Portland.
j Dreamland Theater, located at
475 State street, will bo closer
? for a few days for alterations
and will be opened upunder a
X new management. First-class
attractions at all times. Your
j patronage is earnestly sollclt-
3 ed, and we will endeavor to
please you.
Smith & Everett
Real Estate Money Invested
LoailS ln Portland Real
Insurance Estate Securities
309-310 Failing Building
Now Is tho Timo to riant
Wo havo anything you want ln
123 N. Liberty. Phono 381
Over Ladd & Bush Bank, Salem, Or.
Norwich Union
Insurance Companjr
Frank MeredithResident Agent
City nail, Salem, Or.
Tuning, polisnlng. repairing. Tel. 60
sjeH jf.
FOR SALE Al saddle pony or wiir
exchange for a boat. Enquire at
771 N Commercial, 12-l-3t
choice sites, and ono with only
strictly modern, new and up-to-data
oottago in olty of Salom for
sale. Commands beautiful vlowr
ami close In. Idoal residence and
grounds: perfect drainage. Derby
& Wilson. 12-l-3t