Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 30, 1909, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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E. IIOFEK, Editor rind Proprietor.
Independent Newnpaper DoyouJd to American Principle and
the Progress and Dorclopement of All Oregon.
PublUhed Brcry Brenlng Bxocpt Sunday, ealem, Ore.
(Invariably In Adrance.)
tally, by carrier, per ycar...i....-....f5.00 Per month. ...00c
sallr, by mall, per year- J0O Per month 35c
Weekly, by mall, per year- 1.00 Six month 0c
' With railroads going out of Oregon City and The Dalles
those cities have the brightest future of any two cities in
lloth'are at the falls of navigable rivers, where great pow
der developments are taking place and commerce will be
There is 'this difference in the two cities, The Dalles never
fights locks and canals and parties at Oregon City do.
Do the people of Oregon City realize what it will mean to
lhave the general government take over the locks and canal?
It means the expenditure of half a million dollars of money
ton improvements of a permanent character?
It means that a large force will be employed there all the
year around to handle the commerce that will pass through
"the locksi
What -folly to fight a public improvement that will make
;your city the transfer city of the Willamette valley. t
The time has come for Oregon City to awaken to its com
mercial possibilities as a manufacturing and distributing cen
te Ti
With water transportation unhindered up and down the
river its future is established. -
The Oregonians' treatment of Henry E, McGinn is to be
Because he made a speech in opposition to the Oregonian's
pet hobby of an assembly his remarks are excluded.
Pages are given to Senator Fulton, with whom it happens
to agree at present; but no pictures, headlines, or space
'for poor Henry McGinn!
Senator and judge, scholar and .orator, friend, adviser,
wd tenant of the Oregonian, the eloquent lawyer dares to
'have an opinion, and he is disgraced.
Senator McGinn has developed into a substantial citizen,,
as" ho was always an able lawyer and brilliant public speak
er, He has become a man of standing, character and stabil
ity, and has workod out his own salvation and has become
an enfranchised republican.
Ho can go before the people of Oregon with clean hands
and a clear concience, and they will listen to him,
. He has cast his influence on the side of progress for
cleaner politics and better methods, and more manhood,
Let others sigh to return to the fleshpots of corruption;
Henry McGinn will eat lentils with the common people.
He passed through the maelstrom and whirlpool of leg
islatures deadlocked by the struggles of rival headquarters
disbursing corporation cash.
ile knows the strain put upon representatives of the peo--plo
when they are herded like sheep by the shepheards of
vcold coin,
Senatar McGinn from the bottom of his heart is delighted
to gain his freedom from the system of which lie was a part
una come out in the clear light of decent citizenship where
"ideas control and common manhood counts for more than
dirtv, filthy manners.
He repents, as any decent man ought, for the practices of
the past,
It is not wise for tho Oregonian to exclude Senator Mc
'Ginn's remarks from Its columns,
He stands for progressive, intelligent republicanism for
tho masses, for an enlightoned republicanism based on the
will of the electorate instead of 'the bosses and the machine,
He comes out boldly for a better type of political man
hoodfor a cleaner game of politics under the new rules
onectad bv the people, Whymake him an outcast and call
his name is Pariah!
Senator McGinn will find warm commendation from the
paonle regardless of party for hte brave defense of cleaner
politics ,
Tho Capital Journal and its owner have done as much for
the development of the state aoractices be minimized and th
We think we have a right to beg that certain obtruction
practico be minimized and thatogtructors change front.
For instance, the men in Salem who voted against acquir
ing Fairmount Park wore sincere but struck progress a cruel
blow. ,
Killing the project to gel that beautiul park hurt the capi-.
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tal city because it showed our people are divided on prog-
It' advertised us to the world as a divided people and the
value of all real etate and the growth of Salem were hurt,
The same is true of Coos Bay, when prominent factors ar
ray themselves against harbor and railroad development
In Salem any railroad that wants to come into the city
or get out of it is simply asked where it wants to lay its
This city imposes no conditions except that work shall be
gin within a certain.time and shall proceed in good faith. t
The Harriman lines recently tried to extend from Yaquma
to Newport, the popular summer resort ot western Oregon,
Many that had right-of-way immediately asked prices
that were prohibitive, and the city of Newport had a strong
element that opposed allowing the railroad to come down
the water front.
Of course, under sucirconditions, all efforts to invest mon
ey in development work stops, and railroad managers sim
ply Quit, , 7 ii
The nnstlifist lnYiirv nnv tnwn can have is a soirit of get
ting busy to stop things thatare coming along in the nat
ural way.
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Some of the newspapers of the
Btate havo been giving Col. Hofer, of
the Salem Capital Journal credit for
producing the rain which fell in
abundance during the latter part of
October and early In November. It
is said that Hofer prayed for rain.
Whether it is such a rare thing for
Hofer to indulge in prayer, or wheth
er his prayers are so efficacious it
not stated, but the fact has been fre
quently mentioned, and It is certain
that rain came. Now It occasionally
hapepns that there is too much of
even a good thing, and some people
began to think that this was the
cas ewith tho rain. Just at this time
It. II. Clow, of Mapleton, bethought
himself that It was a good time to go
out duck hunting; when, lo, and be
hold! tho clouds vanished and not a
drop of rain fell for several days.
Mr. Clow states that it always turns
out that way when he goes hunting.
Now if these men can just be ipduced
to work together, this county would
certainly have a cinch on the rain
fall. If Hofor will produce the rain
when necessary, It Is quite probable
that Mr. Clow can bo persuaded to
take a hunting trip occasionally, if
he thinks the ground is becoming too
moist, and in this way maintain a
happy medium to suit all parties.
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