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NO. 271.
AuUH' mill i J f IIW
' '
Bricklayer, Crazed by Dissipa
tion, Kills Wife and Slashes
His Family With Razor.
Returns From Work nutl Attacks
Family Sitting Around Kitchen
Fire Without Warning Slashes
Fnco and Arms of Brothcr-in-Law
nml Wounds Mother-in-Lnw.
New York, Nov. 30. Angered by
domestic discord, alleged to have
been caused by his dissipation, Pat
rick Rafferty, a brick layer, ran
amuck In his home today, and with
a razor killed his wife, Margaret, fa
tally wounded his mdther-ln-law,
Mrs. Margaret Kelley, slashed his
brother-in-law, Frank Ohland, about
the face and hands, and attempted to
commit suicide by drawing the
bloody weapon across his throat.
Shortly after he had left his home
to go to work today Rafferty re
turned and found the members of his
family gathered about a fire in the
kitchen. Without a word of warn
ing the man drew a razor, and in a
burst of maniacal frenzy savagely at
tacked his wife.
,Mrs. Rafferty fell to the floor, her
throat gaping from a terrific gash,
from which the blood spurted in
great Jets.
The blood-lust aroused, Rafferty
then turned upon Mrs. Kelley. Oh
land attempted to interfere, but he
was driven to a corner, blood gush
ing from severe cuts on his face and
on the arm, with which he had at
tempted to defend himself from the
savage attack.
Intercepting Mrs. Kelley's terri
fied flight from the room, that al
ready resembled a charnel house,
Rafferty beat her to the floor and In
flicted wounds, that the surgeons at
the hospital to which she was re
moved, declared would be fatal.
Staggering to the street Ohland
called the police. When the officers
entered the room Rafferty was
crouching behind the lifeless body of
his wife, tho gory razor clasped in
his hand. He was bleeding profuse
ly from a throat wound, arid offered
no resistance when he was seized. It
was stated that he probably would
survive his self-inflicted injuries.
Will Try to Put an End to
the Civil Strife in
Zelaya Getting "Cold Feet."
Washington, D. C, Nov. 30. Of
ficial cable messages received at the
state department from Consul Mof
fet at Blueflelds today give the fol
lowing information:
"A representative of Zelaya tele
graphed the revolutionists an over
ture, saying that Zelaya, realizing
the weakness of his posltlon.may re
tiro at the first convening of con
gress, with a view t oselectlnc a
-provisional president. "
Mexico City, Nov. 30. That Mex
ico and the United Statos may act
in conjunction to put an end to the
civil strife that is rending Nicaragua
was the statoment today -of Senor
Mariscal. minister of foreign affairs
He further statod that Mexico prob
ably would intervene in the event
thit Nicaragua became ombrolled
wim any or nor neighbor republics.
Reports that the Mexican govern
ment would exercise supervision in
the appointment of a president to
succeed Zelaya wore denied by the
foreign minister. He declarod that
such procedure had not been sug
gested. Francisco Castro, Nicaraguan min
ister to Mexico, today received a
cable from Zelaya denylnsr the rum-
firmed Mariscal's statement that
M W llltU Un 1 . &1 Ul a 1113 vuu
;ht bo askod to effect nn
ttlement of the dispute.
in S. P. Stock.
. .New Yo
ov. 30. Good earn-
Ing stateiu
hy the Union Pacific
and the So
n Faclflc and short
coverlne In t
ippors and steel Is-
sues. broUEht
ard n hlcher ranee
of values durlnl
the last 15 minutes
of tho tradinir todav
The statement of Souths Pacific
shows a net increase in revenues of
$387,746. whllft thft TTnlnn Pnnlflo linrl
an increase of $G60,17G.
The buying of Wabash shares by
inteYests said to be closely allied with
the Rock-Island was shown again
on a liberal scale, but neither securi
ty showed much of a price move
ment during tho day.
Amalgamated copper advanced
1 points. Money rates held very
firm at between 4 and 5 per cent.
Says Cannon nnd Groco Live.
New Orleans, Nov. 30. Captain
Holmes, of the steamer Atenns,,
brought a report that tho Americans,
Cannon and Groce, supposed to have
been executed- in Nicaragua, are alive
when he reached this port today.
His report is based upon a wire
less message picked up by his ship,
and it is not given much credence
Holmes says tho message was re
ceived November 27, and that It was
supposedly sent from Blueflelds. It
stated that Groce and Cannon were
alive' and were in prison at Managua,
it added that 26 other Americans
had been imprisoned at President
Zelaya's order.
Child Sleuth Is Captured.
New York, Nov. 30. Seven-year-old
Arthur Lewis' quick wit in not
ing the number of an automobile
driven by a reckless driver earned
him a gold medal today. The medal
was presented by tho Highways Pro
tective Association, which appreciat
ed the lad's alertness in spying out
the number and writing It clown on
the sidewalk with a piece of hcalk.
The child's action caused the arrest
of the chauffeur of the car, Who had
knocked down and seriously injured
a man.
Supreme Court Holds That
Lord Lovelace Is Entitled
to the Race Purse.
Holding that tho circuit court for
Marlon county erred In- not sustain
ing a demurrer of tho plaintiff in the
case of E. B. Tongue against tho
State Board of Agriculture for Ore
gon, a suit to collect $300 as a stake
won by Lord Lovelace in 1904, tho
supreme court today reversed the
lower court's judgment and remand
ed tho case for further consideration.
Tho case has been pending in the
supreme court for four years, it hav
ing been started in tho Marlon coun
ty circuit court In 1904. Tho ap
pellant in the ense, E. B. Tongue,
was ownor of Lord Lovelace, a 2-year
old colt, which ho entered In the
stake for district-bred foals of 1902,
to be raced for the stake of $300 at
the stato fair in 1904. Lord Love
lace won the stake, uut the owner
was unable to collect It, and started
suit in the court presided over by.
Judge Burnett, of this county.
Tho main question presented by
the defendants in. objecting, was that
there was no testimony Introduced
to show that the race horse had been
foaled in this district, nor that it
was a young horse. In the opinion
written by Justice Eakin,-it Is held
that the blank presented to Mr.
Tonguo as an Invitation to enter his
horso, contained none of these speci
fications, and that whether or not
tho above contentions wore material
In 8hqwing that tho colt, Lord Love
lace, was a legitimate entry cannot
bo considered in tho cause, and re
versos tho lower tribunal's decree.
Other opinions handed down by
the supreme court today are:
Orlinna Jensen, appellant, vs
Curry County, respondent; J. W.
Hamilton, judge for Curry-county;
lower court's decree reversed by
Chiof Justice Moore.
Sarah Agnes St. Dennis, appellant.
vs. It. Harras. respondent, appealed
from the circuit court of Umatilla
county; H. J. Bean, judge; reversed
In an opinion by Justice Eakin.
Carl Howltt and Anson Hewitt, re.
spondents, vs. George L. Huffman,
appollant; appealed from the olrcult
court of Union county; J. W.
Knowles, Judge; affirmed by Justice
Robert Jamleson, respondent, vs.
John Potts, appellant; appealed
from the circuit court of Umatilla
county; M. J. Bean, Judge; affirmed
In an opinion written by Justice
Searohes for Lost Daughter and Finds Clever Substitute
Bilks Him Out of $2,500.
Upon Dying Request -of Wife, James 0'Kelley to Find Miss
ing Daughter and Bestow GifLof $5,000 Upon 'Her, He
Seeks Advice of So-Called Clairvoyant to His Sorrow.
San Francisco, Nov. 30. A con
spiracy was laid bare hero today In
which James O'Kelly, a wealthy tow
boat man of Coos Bay, figured as tho
dupe of a so-called clairvoyant, "Dr.'
Astro, alias Alexander. Through tho
aid of a woman claiming to be his
wife, but who was known as Stella
Mason or Tynan, onco an actress.
Astro is alleged to havo attempted
to fleece O'Kelly of $5000, by pro
tending to him that tho Mason wo
man was his long lost daughter, for
whom he has been searching.
When O'Kelly's wife died recently
her last wishNvas that her husband
find the missing daughter of her first
marriage, and give to her $5000 be
sides her valuable trousseau.
In searching for tho missing girl,
O'Kelly came hero and met "Dr."'
Astro, clairvoyant, who promised to
produce the missing girl through the
aid of his mysterious power.
E. G. Hurst, who up to yesterday
afternoon was an employ? of the
Booth-Kelly Lumber Company's plan
ing mill at Wendling, was shot in tho
right arm and left hand yesterday af
ternoon by Al Seekatz, foreman of
the mill, but the injuries are not se
rious. Thie trouble arose over Seekats dis
charging Hurst from the mill. Ac
cording to the story received at tho
oficfes of Sheriff Bowen and Deputy
District Attorney Skipworth today,
Hurst and another employo of tho
mill named Wright had some trouble
between themselves, and Wright told
the foreman a lot of things about
Hurst, reflecting on his character.
Seekatz, believing Hurst to bo a bad
man, discharged him yesterday after
noon, whereupon Hurst knocked tho
foreman down. Seekatz, who was
armed with a revolver, pulled tho
WW I 1 1 iilWfMI 1 CS-HH..Wf-HlM i till i-HHWH
AaJiJU VIA 1 1111
The Dalles, Oregon, December ? and 3, 1909
One and One-third Fare on the
Certificate Plan
Will be made from all points on tho Southern Pacific (linos In Oro-S
gon. to Tho Dalles and return Tickets on salo November 29. 30.
December 1, 2 and 3 Final return limit December C
will be made by representatives of tho U. S. Department of Agrlcul-
wL. WV' ?,?oa RoatlB' Prof Pb"'P 8. RoserMadfson,
VYB' 5 P,,ar?' d,tor American Throsherman; Hon. Lionel R
Webster, Portland, Oregon, and others, on subjects of importance
$200.00 IN GOLD
will be given as prizes for the best wheat raised in Oregon.
for outfit threshing $100.00 prize bushel of grain.
for further Information call on any S. P. agent or write to
Wm. McMurray,
Goneral Passenger Agent,
1H M H 1111 l-WI N H 1 S I MH
fMal I l a l a4U&J.tn i
Extra Pri
$60,00 Brass Bed and a
Table, Bought and on display at Buren & Hamil
ton's furniture store, ' (See window display,)
O'Kelly was told that the missing
child would bo found at tho Malta
apartments In this city. O'Kelly pro
ceeded to that placo and found a
girl, who wept copiously on his
shoulder, and convinced O'Kelly that
she was the party ho was looking for
by producing photographs of hor
dead mother. This photograph, tho
police claim, was stolen by the clair
voyant from O'Kelly. -
When she nrnd hopI thn rTmfnrnri.
" - j'..wvvj)it.jii
O Kelly turned over part of the
ouuu. no was to hand her tho re
maining part today, but when ho
Went back to tho Affiltn nnnt-trnnnf
his susp'cions wero aroused by tho
una mat tne gin was missing.
He reported the case to tho police,
WhO detailed Kfivnrnl rial
the case. Tho girl was apprehended
last night, while preparing to loavo
the CltV. Aftnr n nlihf In InH
v - - - " O I ... JU14 OUU
confessed to Detective Redmond, and
-astro was taicen into custody.
weapon from his pocket and began
firlntr at Hurst. Mi fl
ing him on the right arm, between
the wrist and elbow, and the second
shot grazing his left hand. Another
shot went through tho coat of a hy
stander, but did Jnot injure him.
There was great excitement at Wond-
nng at me time, and thoro was a
report in Eugene tnt the man who
was shqt had been killed.
Hurst came to Eugene this fore
noon and had Dr. Kuykendall dress
tho wounds, which aro pronounced
not serious.
No comnlnlnt linn linn
against Seekatz, and Deputy District
jitturixey onipworwi stated this after
noon that ho did not know whether
there would be one or not. Eugono
Denver, Nov. 30. May a man for
Rate To
1 H I I 1 1 1 D 1 I WWi ll 1 M
m f y M-y f f a i tttl PI H I (D C HP 1 al
$25,00 Princess Dressing f
zes Added
the second timo obtain naturalization
papors in this country nftor having
returned to tho land of nativity and
becomo a subject thoro?
That Is tho .quostion which now
confronts tho Fodoral authorities in
David J. Ellsworth, born In Can
ada, canio to the United States in
18C2, servod with honor throughout
tho civil war, was naturalized in
Donvor in 187G, and for many years
drew a ponslon.
Hearing of tho possibilities- of
wealth in Canada, Ellsworth went to
Alberta in 1902 and obtained title
to a valuable farm, but bofore doing
so, again became a subjoct of Groat
Britain. Ho prospered and now
wants to spond his declining years
in Colorado and has applied again for
Man Votes "Dry;" Falls Dead.
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 30. Oscar
Hall, tax commissioner of Baldwin
county, fell dead at his homo a few
minutes after voting for tho amend
ment providing prohibition for tho
stato. Physicians said death was duo
to heart falluro, Induced by oxclte
mont. ' , ,
In From Big Hunt.
Londlann, B. E. A., Nov. 30. The
Roosovolt hunting party arrived hero
today from a trip to tho Ingunsha
platoau district, which has extended
over several wooks. Evory inombor
of tho party was In excellent health.
They reported gamo abundant, and
brought sovoral specimens to camp
to bo mounted for tho Smithsonian
McCnnn Denied Now Trial.
Chlcngo, Nov. 30. Tho motion of
Pollco Inspector Edward McCann for
a new trial was donled today. Mc
Cann was convicted of bribery during
tho recent tenderloin scandals, as a
result of which several pollco ofll
clnls wero Indicted.
' Now York, Nov. 30. With his bid
for tho Jeffries-Johnson champion
ship battle safe In tho hands of Stako
holder Bob Murphy, Tom McCaroy,
tho Los Angoles promoter, now has
nothing to do but to fold his hands
and wait until tho proposals aro
opened In Hobokon tomorrow.
McCarey appears to bo confident
that he will land tho light for Los
Conservative Gotham sports today
aro spreading tho rumor that tho pro
moter who secures the Jeffries
Johnson battle will not havo to pay
moro than $100,000 for tho plum.
Yestorday reports wero rlfo that at
least two of tho blddors would go
ovor the contury mark, but thoso who
claim to be In closo touch with tho
sovoral fight magnates who havo
gathered hero doclaro tho statomQiits
to bo without foundation.
Evoryono seems to be agreod that
tho battle will go to a California
bidder. Joffrlos, it was roportod to
day, favors fighting In Lob AhkoIcs.
in case, of courso, that tho financial
consideration offered by McCaroy ap
proximates otnor ortors. Johnson
stated today that Los Angeles and
San Francisco aro equally satisfac
tory to mm, and that ho Is nrenarod
to furnish some high-class entortaln-
ment whorovor tho mill Is staged.
' o
Fust Races Kxpecled.
Los Augqies, Cal., Nov. 30. Tho
Apporson Jack Rabbit, which won
tho automobile raceB at Santa Mon
ica last summor when a now world's
record wub made, Is tho first entry
received by Waltor Honipel for the
big six-hour rnco which Is to bo tho
feature of tho races at Ascot Speod
w' Sunday, D&combor 2. Tho moot
will I u hold under the ausplcos of
tho Lob Angeles Motor Racing Asso.
elation. It Is expected that tho Isot
ta, Palmer-SIngor, Stoarns, Cadillac,
Corbln, Sunsot nnd Maxwell will bo
among tho oars entored in tho grill
ing contoat. Tho entry of tho Appor
son l lookod upon hero as a practi
cal guarantoo that othor fast cars
will bo onterod. HarrlB Hanehue,
who has handled tho fleet machlno In
other rst porformancos, will bo nt
tho wheel, and manw drlvm-a imv.a
oponly oxprostfod u strong dofjlro to
iuku me jbck Jiuuuit man into
Ituiohbtng lu Session,
Borlln, Nov. 30.- The relohatag,
wnloh ro-convenod today, listened to
the kaiser's spoooh. which the depu
ties applauded VlCOroirslv. Thn nam.
monies occupied but teu mlnutoa. Tho
session promises to be unusually
English Houses of Parliament
in Chaotic Cdndition Ovec
Adoption of Budget.
Police Aro Hold In Rescrvo to Frus
trate Any Attempt of Demonstra
tion Authorities Fear Public
Will Mnko a Rush Upon Houso of.
Lords Any Moment.
UNimn rnnss lbashp wide.
London, Nov. 30. Groat crotfds
gatherod about tho Houso of Parlia
ment tonight, while tho final discus
sion of tho budget procoedod, with
ovory prospect that it would bo de
feated by a majority of 250. The
cablnot remained in session, prepar
ing to resign whon It is expected that
parliament will bo dissolved, follow
ing tho rejection of tho financial'
Tho groatest excitement prevails,
and It is feared that financial chaos
will follow tho announcement of tho
result. It was not believed a vote
would bo reached before midnight.
Heavy pollco detachments nro on
hand to provent an outbreak or dem
onstration. Many courses nro open to Promier
Asqulth, but ho has not lndicatod?
which ho will follow. Many urgo tho
premier to threaten tho lords with a
financial crisis, and ask him to pre
sent tho budget to thom with tho al
ternative of passing it or causing a
panic. Lord Curzon arose from his sick
bed and dollvorod a powerful appeal'
for tho rojoctlon of tho measure.
Tho peors nro Httlo affected by the
argumonts In favor of tho budget, or
tho expressions of dangor following
its rejection.
It appears that tho majority has
mado up Its mind firmly on tho mat
ter, and Httlo hood Is given any ar
gument dollvorod In nn endeavor to
offect a change
Financial confuBlon prevails, the
logal authorities agreeing that, In tho
ovont of Lord Lansdowno's motion
prevailing, tho situation croatod will
prevent tho collection of taxes nxcopt
thoso provided for by permanent
Lansdowno moved to postpone tho
budget until nftor tho oleotlon, anil'
tho approval of this motion means
tho defeat of. tho budget.
Tho authorities fear that tho public
will attempt a hostile demonstration,
nnd may evon attempt to rush Into
tho chambor where tho lords sit.
Tho situation l tho most tonso
known in years. Ono of tho groat
olimnxes in England's history is at
Did Not Violate New York-
Penal Code by Issuing
a Challenge.
Now York. Nov. 30 Ttonllnlnf ir
an'oasy ohalr in a Brooklyn ppllco
court today, Jack Johnson grinned
his goldon smllo while Mnglstrato
Dooloy road a lecture to tho patrol
man who had arrostod tho hoavy
wolglit champion.
JohllKnii finnniiiiruitl frnm tim oini
of a burlcsquo thontor that ho will
moot Sam- Langford. tho Boston
"beggar," within thirty days ir
Lnngford will post n sido hot of
$10,000. Offlcor Gnrdnor Immo
dlatelv nlnon thn nni'm iiminp nn
'rest, olalmlng ho had violated thor
iMuviHioii in mo ponai codo forbid
ding tho iBsuanca of prlzo fight ohal-
Magistrate Dooloy promptly dis
charged thn lift? liliu-U
arraigned for proll miliary exnmina-
nun. iv uruwu wini iiftti OOIlgrOKOtOd
Olltsldo tha cOlirt rnnm tnmiml TAAan.
a choer when .lohnnrm. nHll umtttiu'
appeared on tho street.
o .
BlHliop iremlrlck Dead.
NOW York. Nftt' -in A tllnnntnl,.
' - - -' - - - - " - ......... VVI.
from Manila, received late today.
Thomas Hendrlok, of tho diocese, of
ueou, rrijippino islands. Ho had
booh a sufferer from ohninm f Mi-
many weeks. Bishop Hondrlck waH
consecrated in Rom In 1003. Her
took chareo of the ('Aim (linnnua !
following year.