Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 26, 1909, FIRST EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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    '-; -J;-' - m- -- -
-Mil 0ATH1U. .-MAI- .AIC OiaWOK, mtlDAV. FEDHPAnlf M, 10-
.. UOFEn, Bd. 4 Prog.
Independent Kowplcr Iieroted to AmcrtMO Principle! and
the ITwcm Mil Defclopneot of All Oregon.
rubllibed Brcry Broiling Eiccpt 8tindr, g)em. Ore;
(InmrUblr In AdTsnoe.)
., .. Mr,ir. tr rear !.W I'M month Wc
DllT, br mall, per yenr. ...
Woekly, by null, por wr-....
.... 4.00 Ter month 850
,.'.00 Six monthi ...COo
- -
After masquerading successfully
flu a man for nlno years, wearing
the clothing and doing tho work of
n mnri, Ming Lllllo Winters, nged 22,
Sunday met with oxposuro and was
compelled to don woman'u clothing
for Iho first time ulnco she was n
child. Tho young woman's arrest
Inst Thursday at Seventeenth and
Morgan strootB, Buspoctcd of being
n momlior of a gung which has been
stoallng from rooming houses and
hotel", wns tho means of revealing
lirr sex Sunday.
Following her arrest alio wan fined
dresses," said Miss Winters Sunday
nftcrnoon. "My dresses only reached
my shoo tops when I dUcnrded tltpm,
and I don't know how I am going to
get nlong In sklrta. Dut I suppose
I will hnvo to got used to them, nnd
might no well begin now aa any time.
In tho- future- I shall wear dros80,
and Bupposo I will hnvo to find em
ployment moro sultablo for a wo
man." Wiw Horn In fliilvcMon.
Miss Winters was born In dnlvos
ton, Tox. Her fnthcr and mother
worn drowned In tho flood, and bho
$100 Haturdny by Judge- Tracy on ny bIio Iiob no other relative, a
I he charge of Idling, undor tho name man named Richard Stonrn porsuad
of Willie Winters. Yesterday, whllo'ed hor to adopt boy's clothing, she
rbo was bolng hold In tho holdover,
AsHlilnn't Ohlof of nteollv6s Mc
Carthy bucamo Husplolous and flunt
hor to tho dlaponwtry. Thoro hor
sex was discovered, and hIio was re
moved to the matron's room, whore
she was required to don womnn's
clothing nnd glvo up clgarottca and
tobacco chewing. Bho said sho was
r.ot vory fond of tobacco, but renort
cdU Its uro thinking It would help
boV In her dlsgulso.
Her chief concern In being found
out, sho snld, was to know what a
young woman living In 8uth St.
1 mils, who In forowomnn In an over
all factory,wltb whom sho hnB been
kuoplng rompnny for tho last year,
will think and sny when sho learnt
of tho deception practiced on her.
Miss Winters wont under tho name
of "Wllllo" Winters.
Attentive to Hneellitvtrt.
"I llko her vor much," said Miss
Winters, "nnd I think sh likes me.
I hnvo been In tho habit of calling st
her Iiohbo two or three tltncB n week
and chatting with hor nnd hor moth
er, mut hnvo tnkou hor to the thoatro
u number of time, bought loo-creim
soda for her. nnd. In faot. treated
her as any young man would tront
h young woman whom ho liked. Oh,
I dnu't know that she will be angry. '
Hit yuuug woman nddrd. "and I
guew I will call on her after I ;,-et
out of tUU trouble."
MUs Winters Is of medium height,
weighs 140 pounds, has bin ok hali
mid deep brown eye. Hur cheek
are rosy, showing that she enjoy
oood health. In fact, sho sy. she
has never been slok a day sluoe sho
leonine a "man." The shoes ho
wore Sunday woro padded with cot
ton, to make her foot appear largo,
but she bad no way of consoallng her
bands, which. notwithstanding the
bard work she hne done, are still
those of a woman, and wore largely
responsible fur the discovery of hnr
Mies Winters Is a rather oowely
girl, but she Um )M railed lu me t
tire K that she has noqulred
the walk alld talk of roR. awl x
perhNtoog little dltttrtilly lh ime4K
"J know 1 shall full down d
Week m nee who I out long
BayB, ana proviuoa nor wun nor nrsi
suit. Then ho took hor to Dallas,
whoro alio remained with him fo"
two wuoks. She ran away from him
bocauBO bo mlfltrontod hor, and wont
to Qulney, III., whoro sho securod
omplnyuient with tho Bowman Bill
Posting Compnny, nnd worked for
that company for a year. Sho camo
to St. Louis In 1002, nnd bns baon
horo Blnce. Hor llrst employment
was with tho Amorlcan ItutUtn
Works, Second nnd Carroll Btreots,
whoro ho recolved $S a weok. Then
sho wns employed by tho St, LouIb
Cordngo Company, and rnn n ropo
mnohlno. Next nho found employ
ment In tho Union Iron Foundry
Compnny, second and Harry streets
and for ten months 'trovo n ono
horso wagon, hauling and handling
heavy Iron.
Hor noxt employment wns with J.
( Doiiohue, a rntlrond grading con
tractor, who waB doing work nt Sto.
(lonovlovo. Mo. Flrxt Bho carried
water and then wns giving n position
dilvlng a team, for which sh re
ceived fUfi per month and hor board.
Caning back to St. LoiiU, sho bo
oh roil a plnco iih rivot heater at tho
Missouri Sheet Iron Works. Sovrnth
and Hickory, and from there wont to
tho St. Louis Architectural Iron
Works. UeKalb and Loeponranee
slreeK where sho drove a ono-horso
wagon RMd again hnndhid Iron. At
the Mlseourl Sheet Iron Works she
whs paid $11.50 a week as n holper.
Her last employment was nt Scan-
(hat's hardwnrv store. 17J1 South
llroadway, whoro she was roqulred ! F
to handle stoves, Ice boxes and olhe
heavy tualerlnl.
Wml Willi "Wife."
In all those years, ahe wiys, hr
sex was never brought In queeOoe.
t Hough her aasoeiaten sometimes re
marked that she had eftemtuato
mnueurtsms at tlwe. Since Un
April she bad been llvteg at
San FrnnciBCO, Fob. 20. Wheat
San Francisco, Fob. 25. Wheat
No. 1 California club, per cental,
J1.8O01.82V&. California white mill
ing. fl.80Qil.85; northern bluestem,
$1.90B! 1.97 V4; off grades wheat,
$1.051.7G; reds. $1.75 0 1.77 y4.
Uarley Feed barley, $1.40
$1.42 M: common to fair, $1.35
1.40; browing nt San Frnnclsco, nom
innl at $1.45 01.50; chevalier, $1.50
l. CO, according to quality.
EgKB Per dozen, Cnllfornla fresh,
Including cobcb, extras, 22c; firsts,
21c; Beconds, 20 c; thirds, 20c,
pullets, selected, 20c
13 utter Per pound, California
frcflh, extras, 30 Ho; firsts, 33c; sec
onds, 30 c; storage, California ex
tra, 32 o; storage eastern, 31 He;
Indies, extras, 23 He.
Chcoeo Per pound, California
flats, fancy, 15c; firsts, 14c; socondB,
12c. California Young America,
fancy, lCc; firsts, 15c. Eastern Now
York cheddnrB, fancy, 17 Ho; Oregon
flats, fancy, 14 He; do Young Amor
lea fancy, 10 He; California storage,
fancy flnta, 13c; Oregon flats, fancy,
14 He; do Young America, lCc.
Potatoes Per contnl, Early Robo,
$2; rlvor whites, fancy, $1.4001.00;
No. 2 (wntor soaked stock), $1,000
$1.25; Lompoc Durbanks, $1.8502;
do Salinas, $1.0001.75; do Oregon,
$1.05 01.75; sweet potatoes, por
ernto, $1.0501.75; do per sack,
OttloiiB Por snek, OrcgonB, $1.75
Oranges Por box, nnvols, Btnndnrd
$1.2502.25; fnnoy, $2 02.50; tun
gorlncs, hnlf orange boxes, $101.50;
mnndnrtnos, por box, 75o0$l.OO.
Wheat 'Track Trices.
Club $1.00
Dluostom $1.10
Turkoy red
r 18 kwI iMwlHtM Kuy to
have rtMUr immiov h kand. mi
It te hJr UHetnew iKiUni' nut
to mw It whore II ralK whuv
IblHg wh,U fm are woJUims "
ftx'aBHklvi luygeUneut.
U wttl earn lUre im t with
no. ami Vm ftTttfeblo vb wanted.
Capital National
Red RtiSBlnn 90c
Vnlloy $1.00
Pntonts $5.45
StrnlghtB $4.75 04.85
Exports .$4.00
Valley $5.25
Graham, 1H aack $5.00
Wheat, whole $4.05
Ryo 85.60
Food $8.00
No. 1 Whlto $35.00
Gray $31.00
Wlllamotto vnl. fancy tltnothy$lG.00
Willamette vnl ordlnnry. .. .$13.00
Mixed $18.00
UuHtorn Orogon, fancy $1750
Alfalfa $16.00
Clover $4.00
Ilrnn $20.50
Middlings $33.00
Shorts, country $31.00
Shorts, city $30.00
Chop f $22.00
C. Twins 15H01CO
V. C. Triplets ...15H01GC
Young Amarlon 17c
Crenm brlak 189200
Swiss, block lSe20a
Umburger ise20c
DruKM'il Ment.
Hogs, fancy 7 HIT So
Hukh. ordinary 6 IJ 7c
t5 lMeHle 10a
Fo the Boys
This is the greatest opportunity to securi
the boy a pair of everyday pants you havj
ever had.
Many have taken advantage already. Don't fail to coi
at once as they will not lastl ong the way they are goini
Just think! 50c, 75c, $1 and $1,25 valu
now 30c PA1R
All Ages, 4 to 1 6 Years
Salem Woolen Mill Stori
Onions, por cwt $1.26 01.50
Rctnll Market.
Flour, por sack $1.25
Eastern Orogon l"ln
Ilrnn, por sack 0Go
Shorts, por snek $1.351.50
Wheat, por bu 1'0B
Rolled $29.00029.50
Drowlng ?27.60
IammI Wholcsalo Market.
Wheat, por bushol 80c
Oats, por bushol 45
Flour, hnrd wheat C-'B
Flour, valloy G20
Mill feed, shorts $32
Mill feed, bran $30
Hops, 1908 crop 507c
Hops, 1907 crop 2 03 He
Chlttlm bark 306c
Wool, coarso 13
Wool, modlum 16c
Mohair 20
Hay, cheat . . $13.00
Hay. clovor $12.00
Potatoes, bushol 40 045c
Apple, bushol 5Oc0$l.OO
Onions, por owt 85 0 90c
Prunoe, por pound lHHc
Crnnborrlos, Howo'b vnrloty, bbl
- $13.00
Huttcr nnd KggH.
I Co'
Ruttor-fat 3Ci
Choeso, twins i o ;
orenmory 30c . S
flltn W
fciMlU Sixth street with a woman I
roMMtaHioH. who iMtosotl a Mre, WU-i
Vv Wnltere. MUs Winter, as a mah,
had been provWU the other woman
with tow) SHtt elolkUg.
The otoer wohmih. wko elelwed to
le Mr Winters, celM at the police
tattoM Friday aod Irflhl to arraHie
ImmmI for her "kusbaml." but was im
eHceeefnl. When oltleem oalled -t
lUe tlAtk street addraee yesterday
eke whs Rot timed. It wn Mtatml tee
had left with a trunk eoHtalalHg the
pereoHal neol of lotk. MIm Win
tre la an oxtHtrt at reltlHX elgnreUes
and ehuwed tabitooo while talking to
AwtloUut Chief MeOHrtky abeut ht
The Ohio State Journal Hotea toe
mtoorlNts look wueh funnier u the
eMItor wheH the) 're lu eotue other
iwer. Yee. but they look about ten
(titte as big lu hi own paper.
A Reliable
Ely's Cream Balm
Ciit Rthtl t 0c.
It 4ttM, oxbr,
kW Mtd IWttv'U
the tUwM-4 utw-
Uru rve.tutu fww
Cinb n.1 .Utvt
aw? a IV4.1 iu the
Ho4 Ukl. li.yy rcVF
Uotm the HcuKeor iim I tf U
How, lame 5c
Veal, extra 10c
Veol. onllMIT T & 8c
Vea.1. heavj" Co
Mntloa. fay C7c
Ootutge roM lie
UreMkfsMt 15 j 21 He
Hegtilar short eioarA. awoktl 13c
Ditto, uwswiikul 12c
Clear Uaeks, smoked ... iSc
Shoulders .... . .lie
Qhlakous, mixed IS v u 13c
Hens. faneD" 13j 1 4c
Koostere. old 10c
Urollers and trre IGffUc
Dressed poultry, 1 tint pound high
er. Duoks UfflCc
Oeosa. live 10 0 lie
TurktD's 1701SC
Drtued ... SO v 23c
Fauey v 3Stf37c
Choice . .30c
Store IS 20c
Uxtrae f . . SlttSSo
Eastern 30 W 35c
i Duylne prices, per evt . . $ i is u l 3e
Sweets, cwt $3 Id
Frwh Fruits.
Oranges J5C3
Umona Yte&.0e
Grapes, orate Q1
Pears, box TktMOIr
rruKrrla h Arret . .114eOtlSAa
A cough that has been hanging on Z
m M. .. r.nha kv tatlnir Tint W
xur oyer mu muumo m..u0
lard's Horehound 8yrup. If you have
a cough don't wait stop It at once
with this wonderful remedy. Spleu.
did for coughs, colds on chest, Influ
onza, bronchitis and pulmonary
troubles. Price 25c, 60c and $100
Sold by all dealers.
MIUs)tgl"Bjo)aitH lHHllhOfHHH
The Mill of Circumstances
and YOU
In this city, as everywhere, the Mill of Cir
cumstances is grinding away 24 hours a day
and today it may be grinding YOUR GRIST, It
may be turning one of the.jncidents of this town's
daily life into an opportunity for you into an ad
vantage for you.
When a merchant gets caught in "the Mill,"
and is pressed for cash, YOU benefit in the en
forced sacrifice of some of his stocks that is,
YOU BENEFIT if you keep posted on what is
going on at "the Mill" by reading the ads.
A real estate owner gets into "the Mill" and
sacrifices some of his property in ordei to pet
out again pays his toll.
The owners of things automobiles, securities,
businesses, machinery, horses and carriages,
typewriters, office fixtures, houses, books, pic
turesget into tills "Mill of Circumstances," and
out of their troubles come your opportunities,
They pay the toll.
Incidentally, it's better to watch the ads and
to profit by the products of "the Mill" than to
get caught in it yourself, Although, if your turn
should come, an ad will usually get you out safety
Try The Capital Journal.
Hole-Proof So
The man who wears socks with holes in them darned or otherwise is -"J "
unhappy fwt, and th& man with unhappy feat Is bound tbe unhappy and ucct-
The man wwtrs out his 1dm. his tamwr and his Dooketbook through wea tn-i
his socks; his wife wears oout har fingers, hor patience and her time darni tnesesocM
Hole-Proof Sox, $1 .50 for Six Pr.
wi ' i foiiiet all this unhappiness
141 North Commercial Street
TM-'e m4 KeU JNiUtWiU alruj.
ftwt vl la I 4ul f.r:u, 'ii u,
it lhxbM,ftti Vjnu StrtMt, h wk.
Uanana. ouad S&64I