Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 31, 1908, Page 4, Image 4

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Parade On Coutt Street Begins Promptly At Ten O'clock
Street Will Be Cleared of Traffic and Hosed Off
As Clean As a Ball Room Floor
"Elie Tirtft annual Salem Home fnlr Uio purpose of arranging and provld-
iU foe nulled off Saturday and alt
6e Sine Worses In this part of the
jiztji Tm .bo horo on Hint dato. A
carina Vtvv wna out yontordny engag
ing?! trite Htirpliis ntnllg to bo found
Bn Ott 'city nnd between two and
fthrttfi hundred wore Hoourod.
II tn estimated that thero will be
a qrxrUT of n inlllloii dollum wortli
ol Bni; hurrso Jlonh la tbo city on that
dat and Col. I'ago will load the
grand protiuasloit promptly at 10
o'clock on Court Htreet, Tho horse
men Trill lmvo thu freedom of tbu
city, and Mayor llodgors linn ordered
Oiu puvod portion of tliat streot
unnofl every dny ntl It will bo
wiishcd ns clenn iib n bull room floor
Sntnrduj morning, and" nil trade
Ttept off until tbo pnrade. It I the
Intontlon to have It ho that ladle
and nil enn win Ik on tbo wbolo street
without willing their footwear or
clothing. At least ton thousand peo
plu will lie in the city to see the
Three bands linvt been engaged
to furulMli iiMmle on Hint dny and All
tnuiMpurtulloii Hues tcrnnt rwluc.il
niton In the Balein Iloi'He hIiiiw.
Reel PNtiito Men Ac).
A .....Hill ilf llll. liMll Hllllll 111 f II
,t .-..... in - -,
lug for tho reception of the visiting
real estate men from Portland.
About SO of tho doalorr. from that
plneo w;lll nrrlvc In Snlcm on tho 1 1
o'clock train Saturday. They come
to attend the horso bIiow and to get
In closer touch with tho local men.
It wau doolded that tho real estate
men should uphold Salem's reputa
tion for hospitality by showing Uio
vlultoru a good time during Uieli
Hhort sojourn In tho Cilpltul City,
and to that end a committee was ap
pointed, consisting of tho following
real estate mutt:, Messrs. Sims,,
Holder, l'olstil and Wlllson.
Another cymmltteo on ways and
meniiH wiih unmod, cotiHlHtlug of
Mown. I.nthnm, Khmer and WlUon.
Kutrli'H mill Specified ItntcH.
ICutrleM wore
Entries tfiould bo nndo as onrly
In tho week as possible, In order to
avoid confusion on show day, aad
eBpoolal Btrcss Is laid-upon tho neces
sity of preparing to take care of tho
crowd which Is sure to bq In, attend
ance. The Southern Pnclllc company
glvos one and a third into from all
points btwoon Eugene und Portland
to Salem horse fair.
Program mill KxlilhltM,
Parade of all animate exhibiting
at JO a. in. Premium winner parade
ut .1 p. m.
Awarding committee will begin
Judging at 11 a. tn. Announcements
will be made propmtly.
An annual safe of remnants
from Uie carpets and lineo
leum departments will take
place today and during the
remainder of the week at
prices that should apyeal to
every economically inclined
Champlonehlp witiuurs will be
rnnnlvml vnatnrilnv llHITUll frmil limvlllv III llwl I vlll IIU I
from Aurora, Corvallls, Dallas, Sll- classes, except a one of n pir or
verton, Stnyton and Woodburn. In three and four home tennis.
The Southern Pacific railroad litis Paradea, Judging nnd all exhibit-
granted a stock .tniiiiportntloa rate lug to bu done on business street,
of one faro going, and return free,
upon presentation of a cortlllcate of
exhibition signed by the Kccretary of
the ahow.
The Oregon Olty Transportation
coiupiiiiy grama a rale of $2. CO per
head each wh for competing stock,
of Salem nn held hint ev nlag in(thlh inte cxM-ndlng ua far as Corval-
tlin rcmiiii of the hoard or unite lor mm
Court street will be used as a Judg
ing arena.
Prize awarded in the arena will
be ludlcntutl by the fallowing colors.
Dine, first prize: red, .second; whit. ,
No animal deemed unworthy alull
be awarded a prlsto, nor shall a prize
be withheld for lack of competition
Debauchery, Bribery, Tteason of People
and Every Othe Legislative Grime
In Fight to Down People's Rght
to Name U. S. Senator
) one mm on the laat evening of the
woman in Salem. Unques
tionably the greatest carpet
saving sale we have ever
held. Come early and avoid
the rush, but don't forget (0
measure your rooms.
? Tapestry Brussels in pleasing
floral and oriental designs, reg
I ular 85c,now . . 58c yd
Tapestry Stair, green, regular
1 $1.35' now . . SJ.00
1 Tapestry, blue and white, reg
ular $1.35,now . $J.OO
Tapestry, oriental design, reg
ular $1.11), now . . 90c
Tapestry,, regular $1.00,
now .... 75c
Axminster, floral design, reg
ular $1.35, now . $1.00
Velvet, regular $1.10,
now ' . . . 85c
mmmmmmtmm"mmmm'mmmmmmm'mnmmmm -MW mmmmmm M iWnMMHHMMMaMMHHMMMHMMNMOTMMMMHMM
aaaHlati ...in. u.a i.rit.l It IDA fAi mmh
BWB.n.. ! T. I..lt. V.I.V7 W..V.. .
vote that be rift and wiih kept mi-! mnitlv on a nar with renusylvan'a.
der the Influence of liquor to de
moralize lib mind and to destroy ht
coiiHrleuctt. ,
Thlh of lthelf (oiic1uhI1 bIiowh defeat an puoiihow c
tl) (leorttv C. llrownvll.
)i diHtH any legitimate arnumeiu
Mlfi'vi Cttiaitt No. It Do we
vaufl to go lmek to IU uld rontit
Xn. xiMvi nwiintun hw ben eltctwl
in 11u MtlM of th I'nttetl Sialic,
a nit winch Iihv lirought IiuIIuk til
ifiruce Mii.l dlthonur upon mH other
win,. t-iHiullnii high In their ritrfertnt
Mtnieh Hiul comtmiultlw?
H coHeil(l that the couKrow
r the 1'iillwl Stutoe and the ttt(M
ill not makft xuy elmui In Uio
von!llutton of tbu United Hint
tlotu for the mipport of Ute luntl
tutloiu htM up. practically cUuc.ii
and ntvolutlon, with the ldhlrlilg"
block wllli lu women mid wine tui.l
touch of high life thrown Hi on the
hie. W'hHt fnlr mludl UUvu of
Oregon, who kiut nny renrt for the
good nuinu of this ntHte nnd Its civic
virtue would cure to go back to
thwe eue, MUl to this Hystem?
Thero Ualng no election in Ui'7
the governor of the HtHte auivoluUxl
the 'lute lion. Henry W. Corbet t hs
I'nltud BUUee teiiHtor. ThU gentle-
Rhode ItlaiKl and Delaware?
Look down along tho Unit of
nnmca of thoio who nre active
This muii wm rtprMentativf f ftgulnBt statement No. 1 and hoc If
tho peoplo of title eUte and took an you (lo not not!c(J thllt nearly ovory
OHth to mippoit the constitution ami one of them Ig whBl u romnionly
the Ihws of the stMte of Oregon, and j,,,,, R raaeh'n polltlelnn. Take
yet. under the corrupting UiuuAiict ,, Bftn .. port:tui w., wnnt t0
of this old rotten machine J7tem dMh.ov igi0ient No. 1 and see ir tlilnklmr neonle of tho mute tn enn
nml method of electing United thvY ... BOl .,, memi,ra nf the old c'nnle from thin, thut u thair dntv
thet the Hpoclal, monlod und arlato
crnllc claen IntcreKtH or the United
States, Including tbo corporations
In Portland. Oregon, and elsewhere
in this state, nre lined up to a man
United States tienatora. Such bolng
tho cae. I It not wise for the com
mon people of tb j state and the
retothr to the method of electing ( iuhii, h meji who live mUe h greet
United Mtetes eeuatore; the only
wHy i list cbenge tn be bruught
about Is under nouic ouch lyetem as
how exists In the stele of Orogou.
ftanntor lleurne whs elected United
Stv.u seiiHtor In n quiet. penoenbl
una inoml way. reflect lug greet
rretlu upon It end upon Um people
of Uu- atete of Orogou
lecture tf UimiIuhiUIi t'orriiptlon.
Ou tbe other Imud, ueder the old
t.tutiiinr eyetem. look back to the
fiiii'M of iSttfi. a contest which eon
tiiei to deys Kttil 10 lUMlii. Mow
iv w. u-d. lUHuy were mtUxlceUd
urt tritav. uioMd the metta! aed
ttoteU MitM)iig wte trotleil off,
Mte n' tiougbt end eu sten.l-
euceeej lp oommsrotnl life end In yotlHg ewey o the U.vera' and
meiee -wmnir. mie men iu m mnctatlle wlm have got together for
the self rtiepeot end ell reggtvi tor no hlghtr llinMM,e tu to destroy
his duty ana ae soon a tn i Mil ,, rm,&v nt B pr ,! cXmn
would be called sad be had mfi, j,iectlon of the United States soiih-
li'e would leae hU seat, walk lao to, ,
the cloak room and get hl ?l00 In Tilel.lis ()..ms,. Slatement.
paper money and eu extra J rink of (Jo Uo tne coutt,y H0(U o ovep.
whiskey, and return to ooiain;ie unun,y of thli .uu and who nra tho
servln; the people of a grot;sUe pltl, who Rr0 flgllUuK statemont No.
In this manner and way. 1T Qooi umx -uoubtodly. but thoy
Thl. Is only one Instance. Ttfera nn WIow, who ,, not kl(JW whHt
le another tns.auoe of whet a ntau'f mmUir riOV9rnmmt n,1UH nml who
ote oH that tttKh,t wTig changea fmui fiRVf p0 Byilipathy wUh ,t lloft of
one uandiaate to another by a prom- tH0 common iMtople being sovorlgn
luent federal otllce bolder ateppla-t or Ul,M(? Vltbl, Qt oleotlng Unltod
up to htm on the tloor of te hou. sttt0H tengtore.
and guaranteeing him flfOO In ,t OU!olvwl thRt nearIy owr
wab. and thus got his tola for tu individual who profit by machine
uibw (ibhiwi.. jpolltlee and who has profited by
A eomwoa thing to do and whhU thwm tt tH p,,, ,B ,0U(1,y op,)08d
waa done kt erery aeaeton. wm theta stmiiu v i ?). u . .
.... ...... . . I - -'" " " ""V n
und bead to their wlshd ui
along what tho cai' citi
Hues, but what in re a I' v , t
tho bidding of theeo gr h'cr
tho Hunio ns Alilrlch. K i '
Cartor, Ilalloy of Texai o' S'uj
nil f.i.iwk (.M1 ...ant nth. r .r 'J
Vll lillliu, .iili llin.t. vm . m
comnolled to do In ord. - -el
tain their KeaU
leople the IlPiwdj
Therefore, nhst mher "M
there to protect th. i"i-
for the jweple to rtiu .
that they now kau in tb M;
Di.nnn miliar Stslptl)8nt N 1
i v'.vri' , ---
to take the opposite course, und sup
port with nil their powe- the aye tent
rtpree-Mitml by Statemont No. 1?
It is claimed that title destroys
party organization and that a Dem
ount might be olocted to the Unltod ,. ,, 10 h.1Iot box a b
Statos Semite rrojn Oregon. This Is t,,oy wnnt to represent them U
not any nnswor nor nrgumont jsonMo of the i-npd su
gainst Statomiut No. 1. Tre1 tj,0Pny MoW uiin respond '
iiiry oi our goveriuiioiu is tnut tlio j)Ui,iie and not wake Lira '
people siihii rulo and nre masters , fB riuiniihle not to tM"'
many other Holds accepted this ftp
uolntmeut und went to Washington
with credentials from tho governor
the poop'e'i money In establishing
new Judicial dlotrtcti, mw wwnjoi
eJhio4s and any other new or oltl
nf this state, niul waa unduuUUMlU'UhTkf that would swell up the mn
humiliated, to say not hi Kg Kltual the-mor pr reoresentatlve fr.ou that par
trvmoudoiui strain upon this oldjticular illatrtet, so the his vote
man, hi' being refused hl eat Uyjeould he obtained aad he couLl go
the United mutes seuatv. bark to his constituents anl point
At Ihtf extra seaaloa of the legis
lature lu l SOs, Mr. Corbet t was
again a cnadklate, whin another bit
ter oftivteet euetted which resulted
In HtlteiL III feeling awl httieiuuM
with pride and demand a re-iJ(wtlQP
becauue he had got 386. 000. for n
normal school In hh town
These are only a
cornoratloa In the state of Oregon
nor a franchise holder, nor any of
the special privilege olnas. but what
are oppose! to the Statemont No. I
and went to go back to the good old
days of 1S9B. the hold-up tlmo of
1S97 and the Heotlon of 1901.
The politician sees that hh op
porttiHltv to gratify greed and self
lahnees is out of his reach when the
lection of the United States sena
tor is left to the nubile It deatrnva
ww uifwaPP. , the opportunity which cornea from
aroonrst grer-t man that ewtW ue the cm-mmi nf oa ...!....
l...kiu iU u...n .. r.u- n- .... . . . .. i " " " " iniiiiin ui
.- v ,.t ... . rvwuvu necessary to g. ua the legUUture with their chanoae
fnallx ended I. Mr OorheU with- ,. of electa lHi for It.cl treT onag.
drawlM aad la the elmloa of Hon. 8lrtee senator and Unuik inhNri..i... .. ' J-V TJl 7T
.Inannb filiunu wk Iiiivmu im.iI.. d. ....... . v.. . ..... .. ...; ... . .. ' ""' "" " " iWU,-
- 'T" .., w nww.,w ..iaiiiiii.il , 1 1114 U 0
and have soverlgu power. If In a
state like Oregon, that has safoly
from 2R.000 to SJ6.000 Uopubllcnn
majority, the Uepubllcnns go to tho
ballot box and voto for a Democrat,
It la ob uiveU that nearly over he, ought to be olectod nnd ought
io ue given tite otllco on tho prin
ciple that the majority should rule.
Mlow Up Old System.
Is It not a fact that all the cor
ruption by legislatures In the way
of special prlvllogoe has taken plnco
under the old system? If such Is n
fact, then why not strike n blow nt
the old lystetm bv letting the neo.
pie elect tholr own sonator to tho J
United Stnto sonnte, and mako hi in
directly responsible to tho pooplo In
stead of to two or throe banks, rail
roads and tho Stnndard OU com
pany, who as n wholo, directly or
Indirectly, always have and ulwnyu
will under the old systom. control a
majority of the logtolaturo.
Is It not a fact that special priv
ileges high tariff and franchises for
U not th'.e and thU alone, a auf-
Acfut argumejit to t-onUace any man
1 hW;h in i he itat riorttl to alt an excellent, honor a Ue and eredl- vtated; tboe temptatloas to tovnluM
lumU of i.tuupibtit and Immoral ae table senator
tvtt to it iiik huit-eea t a nartleu Old Machine Method Again.
r tndtvi.tu.il whom i - rbmit- lu 1901 the ohl machine methods
pUmd Tt in tn the cei'ttal of a w revived again la the state of
xreut state j Oregon. 3.U. Corbeti heiua a caudl-
What Mud r a teeu a-e ouck'AAte and. Senator McUrlde be lug a
metbmla rn.i ixauiplee, to ke bun- randldat for re-election. This roa-
dredi of miiik utfN who frequent . test ooatlnued 10 das. resulting la
the greatest corruption and demur
allaattaa. and enjled In (he election
of Senator Mitchell m U o'oo'ck
UU tHe gveulng of the but day of
the .
It la a matter of gommon knvsv
ledge that some men could have Hr
000 votes In th ( r omoam
A Few IVduteil Guest inns.
a great crime agalnat e'rll govern-1 Why u It. l lelre. that the
ment and civic Tlrtuo cannot poe-.SUndard Oil nhur t ui i
l.tu I.Lu .vltt. I .....
", v pmvr.
but to 48 member r '! - H
nssomblj of Oregon vt
largely been set -ii nnd "
power by the combinative
porate Interests
The teal truth I thit '
fleer. If we want good "'
.1.. ii.Uuit itr.an ti IV
irom wie rr'
hie. ahuuld he e'erted st '
box by popular vote of '5
This Is the remed
opinion and ludgment
in b '
. ."" 1.,.!
(United rrw - .
ins the llscal ?' -1'.
the benefit of the few, have been tween
I.ee0.i' s"11
the leajteti' nulla during Ike
won or the loaislaturc, to say noth
log r the demorulhitnc lafbjenoe
hi on the Individuate who are dlreot
VartU'ipeuU in auch wethotls and
Look buck at the Uohlwp eeeslon
oT 1SS7 lleoull the strife, the cor- celved as high aa S10.QOO to SIS.
Tuptton. the broken promUos. tho J 000 apiece for thir vottw during
Tlb" rruotlood ou both sides. Log-j this cottteat. to wi nethlng about
Ituticn nhsolutoly rolarded for 40 .the trade and corruption in tho dls
Clays, vno branch of tbo legislature tributlon of the federal offices und
JaVl.R lo orgalso and epproprla- patronage. 1 persouai know of
emtalng so much agitation and dis
cussion throughout the Unltod States
are largely the result of the old sys
tem of government tn existence in
Peelic Railroad mnaay and these. the d'ferent state of the United
outer great Pn -,( transportation. 'State?
ttiMt OgaAJhll K.k..k. ,-. JIM a .. . .... . m
-h.. u ..i !?........ ', - j :". " ." " ouiereni i u uo a law. and is u noi nn-
aeJIUhaa thai hi. k. Z, u l",l,,,1t " ' dlrMtt,p w,Mt Wm l,ir tUlU nMl who WS,,U
tkHilt J! J. ILut vJ ?;o" by th,,ftf,,,'of Ui U' Sut. no matter how i,aM ho
Manas tor and to eirlae down tke.i and its rnth.', Bu.i Kta. - i ... . ... w .... ..i.
Ol.l &VBIAIH hv Mllina tk. 1- " -" "."" '- I uumwil uhu auu
" - -' trww ipurpotMM arc
tlaj.he UniW-d State eenator by .that uch w
un4 Ihrouch Statement, No. It iDeoew. Ba'l.-
Who aro the real wen who nre who repress
umilipn inw annotate meat 'o. ljOB the fl-xnr
movomentt Are they not aa a rule sonata .! c.
, -" " e e
sents the Mn
syndicate In tbe
mea who have, direct (y or IndlreaUy,
profit M by the old machine systow
aud who have made this state
vroH. why Is it ' servef the large corporations and i
a Ohauncey M. ! machine tn onler to achieve his am-
' Texas, AklrlQh. bit Ion.
speolal intorasts ' The reason why be has to do this
United Statos is simply because In every state of
B'klns who ropro-;the union, theeo large corporate In
and coal baron , teresUs control, olthor diroctly or la-
inate of tho United idlrectlv. elthf,p tho stnto nreanlzu-
..... . . v. -..
iaiea are always opposed to thctlon of the dominant nnrty are a suf-
mo auojert and line of electing nom.inr nnn i... ... .-j.-.j.... . : .' ' ' . ..'rn,,r Hoe
iTni..i o... . ..-..... ......u,. , vue luuiviuuai ncfiii unmoor or the memoers o .'"" w ..
United Statw ient.. aad cor. votora of the United States senators the l,glsfature to b-, bl?to elect or' 3-2S-3t
salmon ee hao beet
nnrturcil n-h M '
.,., nl i'llngtOB i
the nuiiii- " -'" j
r-, mi'iM
i...k. , .. 'si: sJ e
Of all th. "'.. .A
m chinoe varieo" .
jorlty. The ""
oexight in WgsWMtt
thla yeai
' -"":::. uw
""" .
The poundau.sf ,
to art "lon. , t
nances In 'he -,
.inn.' horse. e- , , yl
-.- .wp, ...
and anj and an
Call as3 f' ool
Ti -a am