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Being h Reminiscent Article by Jni.
J I. Ttvogootl Formerly of
Wo got tired of hauling the best
of the Winter wheat to Chicago, 80
miles away, and exchanging It for
groceries at 50 cents por bushel. We
only hnd coffee then on Sunday
mornings. Good farms hands re
ceived 1 12 n month, although I havo
-worked for as low an $8. In May,
1842, 1 rented a ranch on shares and
moved back to Chicago.
Tho Chicago Dally Journal waa
established in 1844. At that time It
was tho leading journal of the Btale.
Dick and Charley Wilson wero tho
proprietors In 1848. I became ac
quainted with Charley, who was sev
eral years tho younger. At that
tlmo ho was a very dlflldont, bashful
young man and so awkward In com
pany that ho did not know how to
hold his hands. I porBauded him to
attend J. D. Robinson's balls which
wero given nt tho city hall, a brick
building located In tho mlddlo of
Stato street, between Lake and Ran
dolph. Tho lowor floor was rented
tot market and tho upper floor nt tho
oruth end was used, by tho city coun
cil. Tho north end wan used as a
big danco hall. Tho music was fur
nished by Putnam's qtiadrillo or
chestra. In 1883-84 Robinson ran a theater
In Dolso whoro tho capitol building
now elands.
Well, after a good deal of porflun
elon I finally succaodod in gutting
Wilson to attend Robinson's halls.
It did not tnko long to "thaw" him
out to get that rofrlgorator expres
sion off his face and it Boon got out
eo that ho could speak to a roal llvo
woman I
It wnB In November 1841' that I
drovo a team to tho ratification of
William Henry Harrlsoli'B log cabin
convention nt Hockford, III.
Tho war with Moxlco commoncad
to brow in 1840 but thoro was noth
ing doing but "growl" until Zachary
Taylor got to tho Rio Grande, op
pofllto MatamoniB, Mnrch 28, 184 0.
In April, 1847, I onllstcd with four
other boyu from our shop. Mother
Mid, "No!" Two of tho boys ro
turned In 18D0 and I was always
sorry that I did not go, and thon
from thoro on to California. Today
I might havo boon a rich man or
perhaps lying six foot under ground
you can't generally sometimes
tell I
Aftor Zachnry Tnylor established
his dental parlors in Old Moxlco It
did not tnko him long to extract all
tho venomous tooth In sight. With
that Job dono ho thought ho would
tako u run nip north and boo If all tho
folka woro "to homo." Ho found
them and got hlniBoJf In troublo
thoy mado him President. Tnylor
beat both Casa and Van Huron and
of course IiIh oloetlon hnd to ho colo
brntod In duo stylo. Dick Wilson
hnd succeeded In gottlng n young
cannon and dragged It out on tho
public nquaro, which was bounded
by Clark, Washington, LaSallo and
Randolph streets. Wilson got vory
much excited. Ho was making that
gun pop for all there was in It and
more, too, and It rattlod llko a Gat
ling gun. I remember ho had off his
lint, coat nnd vost and his fnco was
begrimed with wont and powdor. IIo
was perfectly frnntlo, Just as though
tho exlatouco of tho nation depended
My sm Rex was taken down a year ago with lung trouble. We
doctored some months without Improvement. Then I began giving
Dr. King's New Discovery, and I soon noticed a change for the better.
I kept this treatment up for a few weeks and now my son ia perfectly
well aad works every day. MRS SAMP. rippee, Ava, Mo.
60c AND $1.00
on that gun. In his excitement tho i We havo no difficulty in driving 30
porapirntlon was oozing out of overy or 40 mllcH por day. We hnvo boon
poru nnd running Into his eyes bo 'one week on tho road and think in
that ho could hardly boo. IIo scorned
to cntlroly lose Bight of tho fact that
tho gun was getting hotter nnd need
ed swabbing out. It took four por-
Bons to work this cannon after It
wob unllmbdrod 'tho powdor boy
passed tho "nolso," Wilson rnmmod thirds nB largo as Hick river, and .
- i.- . ,. i i i. .tit...
inwii nvur m huh piuuu is uijuiii inu
samo size. There Is some 30 or 40
ono more wo will bo ablo to make
tho bluffs, although wo havo a good
many rivers and small stroams to
orosH, but so far thoy all havo good I
bridges or ferries. Cedar rlvor bo
tween hero nnd Muscntlno Is two- I
Meet at Salem
Tho Stnto Dankcrs' association
will meet at Salem, Juno 20 and 27,
Friday and Saturday. Tho threo Sa
lem bnnkH will entortnln the conven
It homo, tho man bohlnd tho gun
primed nnd when tho fan with tho
long slim rod rod on ono end
brought It Into raqulBltlon, thoro was
something doing,
At thlB Juncture Mr. Wilson rnm-
Callfornlaui onoampod Just below
lioro, from Wisconsin. This being
the Inst point In tho sattlcmonts, I
shall not havo another chnnco to
If It's
and thoso-shnvp, shooting:,
agonizing pains drivo you
almost crusv, tnko i)r.
Mitos' Anti-Pain Pills,
and got roliof, Thoy drivo
out tho pain by thoir
soothing oftoot upon tho
nerves, when takou as di
rected thoy are harmless,
and leave no bad after-effects.
'That's tho roason
thoy are so popular with
all who use them. Your
druggist can toll you what
others in your locality
think of thorn.
. "I do positively think that Dr. Mil'
.Ami'i-aiii mm uro mo Deal UKMloJii.
flood for Everybody.
Mr. Norman R. Coulter, a promt
nunt nrchitcct, in the Dolbort build
Ing, San FrnnclBco, snys: "I full
end roso all that has boon said of
Electric Blttors as a Ionic medicine.
It io good for ovorybody. It corrects
stomach, liver and kidney disorder
In a prompt nnd efficient manner
and builds up tho syfltom." Eloctrlc
nittors Is tho host spring medicine
over sold over a druggist's counter;
ns n blood purifier it is unequnled:
50c at J. C. Perry's drug storo.
A Fresh Complexion
Ii mreserved and produced by
7 Robertlne, a mild, delightful
preparation, delicately fragrant.
rfxkrs the tkln exquisitely softi
btniihei crackled anncaruico caused
by ever-dryneMi reduce the tlxt of
enlarged pores, cleanses uiem, re
duces inftunrnatlou and spreads on even,
radiant clow due to wholesome- nourish
ment of skin elands and stimulation of
tho capillaries which alto icea tnc
skin said supply Its healthful color.
Aikjtur Drvspjtjirafrt tamplt tf
ever put
IJlPilJ o
ruatful und
without any twd after-effect.
lite market
1 nnd
I. Hill
I have
puttered UH neuraU'M o that uy
tem oOM jut h nnd uutr.
take theso tablet, -ml (Ur ulwuv
Htieve me. No one that euRcr with
iwuraUlu uced rir to Uke theru m
I know they will not form h Iwblt. lor
M there vus any opute In them 1 could
avei take them Juat one lu the morn-
J"'nW ') " I eao do my
vork all day"
MUM, W. H. MUIUCBTT. Mfceon, Oa,
ar. Milts' AntNPaln Pills are sold by
Veir druooUt, who will auarjnU that
Tf, fx Rf.t'cl " oensftt. If It
telle, he Will return your money,
M ees, 9ft centc. Never sold In bulk.
MliMMtdicatCo., Elkhart, Ind
mod a cnrtrldgo honta und thoro (wrlto until wo roach tho bluffs, whon
was an oxploslon Immedlatoly. Tlioi win write you ngaln.
ramrod wont off, llkewlso ono of Mr.
Wilson's arum. Although standing
within 30 feet I could not toll If tho
gun wna touched off bofpro giving
Mr. Wilson tlmo to withdraw tho
rod or If It was premature I mot
Mr. Wllsou many times aftor that
on Lake slrcot carrying an ompty
flloovo. Mr. Wilson's heart and 6(
was In tho work of being nn old lino j
Whig. You soldom ovor mot a morp
norvy man than Dick. Ills last wordB
wore: "Keep her a-golng boys,"
and ho foil In a dead faint. It was a
horrlblo night and ono that I will
nover forgot.
1 would suy to tho old-tlmeru that
Hack Taylor's career was out short.
Ho was Inaugurated March -t, 1840,
and died July 0. 18fi0. William
Henry Hnrrlson served from Mnrch
A to April 7, 1841.
I called on Charloy Wilson April
0, 18R1, Tho next dny my brothor,
0. 11. nnd I stnrtod out wost to find
Bunset and gold. I told Chnrloy that
I would lot him hoar from mo on
routo, nnd tho following Is a copy
of tho llrst' letter, which wns ro-
Vlnted t homo paper. Who of
you readers can produce n clipping
from a uowspupor Mint you wrote
noarly B7 years ago moro than tho
nvorngo mnn'a llfotlmo? Thoro uro
Ixit fow of the onrly tlmors of 1837
loft In Chicago,
Tho following Is tho Bllpplng re
ferred to, oxnotly na It appoarod In
tho paper to whloh I wont It:
OorroipoiuloiKio of thu Chlougu
Juurnnl. i
Town City, April 21. 1SB1.
Frlond Wilsen: Wo nrrlvod safo
lu tliln groat mttrapolla today en
routo for Orogon. Wo enmo via
Hookfortl jind thonoo down Rock rlv
or on the oast side. Wo found good
roads and as god n farming coun
try ns nood h, nil tho way down to
Its mouth. Wo crowed tho Mississippi
pi rlvtr at Huek lolnnd. and stopped '
at Davemport. It U quite a sttlrrlng1
1IUI0 plaoo and bulk up uunty of
brisk , h U a'so Stvnaon on tho
opposite side of the rlvor. Thore Is
mora Gwmung hwo, Hrcordlnv to the
populnUou, than ther Ia lu Chicago
Molln U a very nourishing lltt'ej
town, sltuiHttd throe mlls above!
Hook Island. Its qulto a manutact-'
urlng plnco. There wr two men,'
lodged iu jaU at Davenport, a few)
days alnoo for passing countorfolr
tens on tho Wisconsin Fire and Ma
rino Insurnna company. Thoy had
pawed some three hundred dollars.
Cor.n 1 worth H cents nr bushel;
oale 30 couts. uud wheat SO. Wo
Old tint soo any good winter wheat
until wo gflt Ueiow Dixon on Hock
river. There ! a Uttlo in this stnto,
but MQt very good. We have mot
with but owe Oregon tonm ou the
way, ami that whs hu ox team iu a
mlfteraul ooudltlon. There is but
fw teams on tho rami and those are
mostly cattle. Wo have four good
borso. a light wagon and our bug
gago does not oxcocd ten hundred.
I'llcs Cured nt Home by New Absorp
tion Method.
If you suffer from bleeding, Itch
ing, blind or protruding Piles, send
mo your address, and I will toll you
how to euro yourself at homo by tho
now absorption troatmont; and will
nlso send somo of this homo treat
ment froo for trlnl, with roforoncos
from your own locality If requested.
Immcdlato roliof nnd pormnncnt euro
nssured. Send no monoy, but toll
othors of this offer. Wrlto today
to Mrs. M. SummcrB, Box P, Norto
Damo, Ind.
Bears ths
IPC3 3E1.XL-
IhB Kind feu ll3rtAtoajs
Sm ' axd on MAN v colors m4
Sty tiic production ofH
Ml hh i: crade wo:tu
I Gold Dust Flout I
Jdaae by TUB BYDN15Y POW
KU OOMPAKY. Bidntry, Oregoa
Made for fft&Ulv nae Ask yonr
j?rocr for it Oram aad aaorta
always oa Seed
P. B. Wallace
Will treat you with Oriental herbs
and cur a any diioaso without opera
tlon or pain.
Dr. Kum Is known overywhero In
Salem, and has cured many promt
nent people hero. IIo has lived In
Salem for 20 yotrs, and can bo trust
ed. IIo uses many medicines un
known to white doctors, and wltb
them can euro catarrh, asthma,
luirg troubles, rehumatlsm, stomach,
llvor and kidney diseases.
Dr. Kum makes a specialty of
dropsy and feraalo troubles, Ills rem
odlus euro private disease when ot
erythlng olse falls. He has hun
dreds of testimonials, nnd gives con
sultation froo. Prlcos for modlclnee
very moderate. Persons in tho coun
try can write for blank. Send Btarap.
If you want some extra fine tea,
get it from ua.
nn. kum now wo oo.'
!L I ,-'
Dr. Stcne's
Drug Store
The only cash drug store In Oregon,
owes no one, and no one owoa It,
carries large stock; Its shelves,
counters and dhow eases are loaded
with drugs, medicines, notions, toilet i
articioe, wlnee and liquors of all
kinds for medicinal purposes. Dr.
Stone Is a regular graduate In medi
cine, and haa had many years of J
ii-wnce in tae practice. Consul-
tatlons are free. Proscriptions are
free, and onlv regular prices for
medicine. Dr. Stone can be found at
hli drug store, Slem, Or., from 6
In the morntnjr until 9 at night,
Niagara Compressed Air Spraying Ouffis
UHBaWHavSaV r sBBiHbsbbsbHQsbWsbV
fBBBBBBQSHankwWi . W , ' K iw!??4"! SVHBSBWiBVr'vjaK
H' Bw ' .V J 1Bj Jfldukk K 2 , flu
aavasaHiz SMflHBsaVaaalaav9fHss5aaHB ft e& jmbv
sbbbbbVsVbVbbbbbbbWHI''' " P
R?!BaP!llrkakaPBBB,!R' 7. tt." -4
Tho most completo, sprayer In tho market. Something to d
pond upon. Description on roquost. Complete Wind Mill im
Pump Hoiiwj, Wood and Steel Tanks. '
CHASE & SKAIPE, 198 Statc'Strect
aBnaiiSBBesiisswaaBSBBiBBiBBBSBWHavej immmmimmmmammmmBmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmma-
IJAITIST, Morion nnd Liberty. Sorvlces forenoon and etl
J. Comor, pastor.
GERMAN BAPTIST, Cottage and D. Services forenoon gnj erd
Ing. Gustavo Scuunkc, pastor.
CATHOLIC ST. JOSEPH'S. Chomekctn and Cottage. Maisfil
dny 7:30, 10:30 n. m. Cnlochlsin 9:30 a. m. Vespers nnd be&edlctld
7:30 p. m. Dally mnss, 7 a. m. A.A. Mooro, rector.
CHRISTIAN, High and Center. Services forenoon nnd e
Davis Errltt, pastor.
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE, Chomoketa street noxt to city ball Eel
Ices forenoon nnd evening. Midweek mooting Wednesday ovenlng.
CENTRAL CONGREGATIONAL, Ferry and Nineteenth. Serrkl
forenoon and ovonlng. P. S. Knight, pastor.
FIRST CONGREGATIONAL, Llbotry and Contor. Services fores.
nnd ovonlng. Philip E. Bauer, pastor.
ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL, Chemelcota nnd Church. Services 7-Hj
M.i 11 A. M., and 7:30 P. M. Darr Q. Leo, rector.
EVANGELICAL, Chomoketa nnd Seventeenth. Services forow
nnd evening. Morris Hovorllng, pnstor.
GEIULVN EVANGELICAL, Liberty and Conter. Sunday school it
A. M. Preaching nt 11 A. M. nnd 7:30 P. M. Y. P. A. at 7 P
Strnngora welcome Rev. W. A. Guoflroy, pnstor.
UNITED EVANGELICAL, Cottago and Center. Sorvlces forti
nnd evening. II. A. Dock, pastor.
FRIENDS, Highland nyenr.10. Services forenoon nnd evening. 0.
Konworthy, pnator.
FRIENDS CHURCH, Roscdalo. Sorvlces forenoon and erti
Prnyer mooting Wednesday ovonlng. Elmer Pcuiberton, pastor.
GOSPEL CHAPEL, Mill nnd Fifteenth. Servlcos forenow
ovonlng. WII N. McCnndllsh, pastor.
GERMAN REFORMED, Capital and Marlon. Services every
Sunday forenoon.
LUTHERAN GERMAN, Stato botwoon Sovontconth and Eljhteti
Services forenoon nnd ovonlng. C. Hopf, paator.
ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN, Missouri Bynod, Centor between ThW
nnd Fourteenth. Sorvlces forenoon nnd ovonlng. C. H. Ensel.pm
METHODIST EPISCOPAL, Stnto and Church. Services for
nnd evening. W. II. Sellock, pnstor.
LESLIE METHODIST, South Commercial. Sorvlces forenooa
ovonlng. Clnrk Bolknan. pastor.
GERMAN METHODIST, Church and Unlou. Services fortnoesi
nvnnlne. .Tnsonh Honn. nnator.
FREE MI3THODIST, North Winter botweon Mnrkot and CDj
Services foronoon nnd evening. S. G. Roper, pnstor.
PRESBYTERIAN, Church nnd Chemokotn. Sorvlces forenooa
nvnntni. Ilnnrv T TlnlicrviV- tinHtnP.
SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS.Mlll nnd Cottngo. Services foret
nnd ovonlng. O. A, Larson, pnstor.
UNITARIAN, Cottago and Chomoketa. Sorvlcte forenoon.
o. iJtiu, iiMiiiBiur, ,,
UNITED IinCTimRN, Hnrrltt chapol, University nnd MWioa
icos forenoon and evening. J. H. werrymnn, pusio.
UNITED RRETHREN, Marlon aud Fourteenth. Services
and evening. F. H. Noff, pastor. ,
Forry. Weekly mooting Tuesday ana aunaay "
Y. M. C. A. llUILlilNG, Commerolal and Chemeketa. wi
Forbes, seorotary.
NOTICE Protostant Qhurohedes observe prayer ""J-J
any evenings, nua navo ouuuaj ww. u... - notice :
tlons In this dlroatory win oe ranao ou rq"- " - " . . l0
Sunday sorvlces will bo published Saturday free 11 uuu"; ,lW,
publication not later man tTiuay evmiiB. ow-
v. . . 3JeMSS98?& coiviion
Shoes for summer rJ
styles and shapes. B'B' -
dlos and eiiarc .,
and llgnt sw-
able houso sllppf"
Jacob Vogt
I5 Stato Stnft.
-"5. yCV'
I lm000T im A mf M W J9
1 i i v it rw W M SS !
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PRICE w'i 7 C
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