Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 17, 1908, Page 3, Image 3

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w. Yj""5f " (Tn"KVT?" ""'
(ear um
Miles' Antiam
,iive pain-not
, but as many
... it is necessary to
1&0. Many persons
suffer i
its find
Vts lengthen
.ifon weaken them.
.$- reason they scl-
ilos their elective-
'... .to an " hatfl suffered
rTfroS Tntrvous troubles.
' ""-". n n Around tllO
STtelinM Antl-Paln Plljs
7 vt the only remedy I have
j 161 1 either did not woar
BilWWtanI awoecn u-
Lr tm i'io i"J"v"."ii Tin
i eat i Tfowa uo uuiifccu -
,fc CMttanOOKtt, -lUlin.
rfMU-PJin run arc wiuur
, who will au-rantce that
rudtus vdllgbeneflt. If It
,anturn your money.
iBCtnu. Never ioiq in uum.
Kcene, this yenr's captain, will un
doubtedly hold his old stand in the
pitchers box while with also some
good substitutes should ho want to
lay out. Kcene has attained a wido
reputation as a h'gh school pitcher
and as he is now about 10 pound"
heavior and stronger than last year
It Is hard to Imagine Just what kind
of form ho wljl have, but it will no
doubt be something classy. Both
Royal Nllos arid Bellinger havo show
ed ability of good throwing.
.Perry Jones will probably hold his
suffer from Chronic 0ii backstop position as ho would
ft) finCl HI lliUllX t UO J1UIU iu uvui lit imuuiiiijj iu U1&
foTPflt relief from mlt. Gabrlelson the fast little first
-c -- . . , fnv baseman will nave an opponent for
mflenngv mcu u hIg placo Jn IJomer Hunt tho two
Otbenfise u: iwjll -havoio scrap It out both being
tO endure. .Their g00d. The rest of last year's infield
9 influence upon are back, Farmer for second , Kay for
third and Roberts at shortstop, but it
19 rumored that thoro will be
changes from 1nBt year and that these
players will probably not play their
old positions but will bo moved
around some. Thoro 1ft lots of ma
terial for tho outfield positions, but
it Is yot too early to predict any po
sitions on tho team.
Manager ICrcbs says ho Is gettirfg
up a good Bchcdulo that will Include
games with Soattlo high, Portland
high, Eugene high, O. A. C, Univer
sity o? Oregon and others. Tho Seat
tle gnmo Is a sure thing nnd will be
played here, n trip to Seattle will
probably bo made.
It Is safo to say that tho Salem
fnns can look forwnrd to soma first
class games.
a Coach Who Was
rdrr Tin Kelly Ath-
klfjcrter Predicts a Good
Tl- 1
I White House Restaurant 4
For a Regular
J25c Dinner at 20c I
They can't b hvat
McGilchrist & Son
I HW 11441 M-H 1 8 1 HH
Local Option Violations.
Othor violations of the local op
tion lnw woro penalized with heavy
fin os at tho lato torm of circuit court
In Eugene. The aggregate of fines
colloctod In that county for such of
fenses has ronched considerably ovor
$3000. Tho condition nrousos won-
dor ns to why mon who wnnt to trnf-
Iflc In lntoxlcvnnts do not go to placos
whore it Is not a violation of law
to Uo so, nnd whoro tho business may
r Corgi Krcbs of tho Sa
i school basebrtll team an
i iltt be has socurod a coach be conducted without haznrd. There
Dtn. Thero has boon much nro thousands of cities and towns
(.Stewing a ruUablo coach, whoro tho buslnoB Is llcoiiBod, and
found for the entire soa- In which tho community fully and
sMJerman well known freoly consents for It to bo carried
lb.ku been Induced to on. -In fact, by accepting n llccnso
likjj nntll ho loavos fl fee which hhs to bo tnkeu out of
Ifcr Seattle, whore he has tho profits on tho goods sold, 4110
tpUr Jerman is an ex- -community Itself becomes a part-
UJ playor. hnvlnc re- nor. and thoroby fully legitimatizes
Sunder Tom Kelly tho tho traffic. In such placos tho bust-
n wjch. With a coach nory Is not outlawed, and the men
ilk nigh school ought to who engage In It nro not outlaws,
tiesetblng worth while In wlh tho authorities constantly In the
It It Is only too bad soarch for them for tho purpose of
!u&ot hare his sorvicos administering condign punishment,
teu5n las h truo of local option communl-
hi already had soma . ties. Why porsons who Insist that
"g the recont j:oo1 they must oncniro In tho business do
" i pd sired squad in unl- not go to llconso towns, whoro tho
'W Salem high school, buslnosa Is made logal nnd rospocta-
' J MTlQK as COOtl n toam IiIa Iiv 1mvfnt tfliA nhnln prtmniiinltv
!f not better, uearly ev- ns a nartner. and whom thorn bn no
l mt year's team Is in , fear of shoriffs, detectives and court
a mere promises to ' all .this Is a mystery. Corvallls
1 "nhle for placos as Timed. '
M ta be a large bunch of I Porhapa they can make more
cabana and the squad money In tho no-llncenso towns. Poo-
T'UJ a largo number. WlO In nnv lin;lnn an whnrn fhnv
i'lr jtarts in. Urry can do tho host 1
U-QI?(v, rr? L
!fc H f TTTi
wa t7!"jwi8ssaa
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
juosc or our ambitious young
American jrirla work too hnrd at
Many teachers havo little or no
judgment about pushing a child
boyoncl her endurance. Thoy ought
to know that girls especially havo a
danger period. Often, too often,
utter physical collapso is tho result,
and it takes years and years to
recover lost vitality.
Many a young girl has been helped
over this critical ieriod,aud been pro
pared for a healthy womanhood by
Miss Elsie I Hook, of Chelsea, Vt,
writes to Mrs. Pinkham:
"I am only sixteen years old, but I
want to toll you that Lydla K. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound nnd your
advice cured me of sfdeacbo, periodic
pains nnd slciplefwucss, nlso of n ner
vous, irritable condition nfter every
thing else had failed, and I wnnt to
thank you for it."
For thirty years Lydia 12. Pink
ham's Vcgetnblo Compound, inado
from rootti and herbs, has been tho
standard remedy for femalo ills,
ami has positively cured thousandsoi
women who havo been troubled with
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, llbroid tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, that bcar-ing-down
feeling, flatulency, indiges
tion,diz2iness,or nervous prostration.
Why don't you try it V
Airs. Plnkluun Invites nil sick
women to tvrlto iter for advlco.
Sho has L'nidod thousands to
health. Address, Lynn, 3Ihsh.
William Spurgcon, a cousin of
Charles Spurgcon, tmy San Fran
cisco Is tho wickedest city In the
world, worso oven than Salt Lake.
jitu im iiimtnmiminiin iniittf iwtsmwg
tHHimiii(iiiftfiitif itiiiiiitiinnn i
i 160.
Call and try tlin.
HmIb !
woara per vroeic ix.7t. i
lso furnished -uomi Tory i
reasonablo, .
lllillllllllllll M,t.HHt
Robtaurant and hotol. on
i Bmopoan plan. Meals nt all
t hours on short order. Regular
dinner 25 cents. Thirty nnw-
ly finished furnished rooms.
14ft Cnmmnrclnl Rf Y
milium i M"- nruint m
For Sak Largo wooden tank. En
qulro nt E. C. Cross' market.
FIno Prwpcrty for Sale In good
market town on Southern Pacific,
good schools nud churches. Ono
ncro planted to nil kinds of fruit,
two-story, S-room honiso (on solid
foundation) with porches, closctB
nnd pantry, nlso two-story black
smith and wagon shop nnd largo
barn. Will bo sold reasonable, as
owner Is unnblo to work at black
smithing. John Holm, Aumsvlllo,
Oregon. 31-2-lm
Good Horses for Snlc Cornelius &
Sklpton, at end South Commercial
etrcot bridge, Snlom. Twenty
years' experience, and hnndlo only
straight, sound, rollnblo stock.'
Horses bought and sold or ship
pod to nny pnrt of tho country.
Qlvo thorn a call bofore buying
horseflesh. 3-1 1-
I HOTEL' Oil I '
Cor Seventh nnd Stnrk StH.
Portland's New and Modern I
Hotel. Rates $ I per day and I
; up. turopcan plan, rrec uus. I
z jf.r
A Neighbor of Yours
ns well as yoursolf Is Hablo at nny
tlmo to havo rheumatism. Wo'ro all
llnblo to havo cuts or burns, bruises
or ncaldB, crick In tho back, neck or
side somo kind of an ache or pain.
Then heed this advice and toll your
neighbors Ballnrd's Snow Liniment
relieves all aches and pains, and
heals all wounds. Sold by all deal
ers. I
The Alameda mines In Josephine
county nro to get a 100 stamp mill.
Roar Admiral Evans Is to lonvo tho
navy forever when It roaohos San
Itaco Sulqldo
as Prusldont Roosevelt calls it is not
nearly the mpnace to Inoreaso In pop
uJntlon that deaths among Infants
are. And eight out of ton of those
deaths ara dlrootly or Indlreqtly
caused by bowel troubles. McQee's
Daby Elixir oures diarrhoea, dysen
tary, sour stomach and all Infant
ailments of this nature. Just the
thing for teething babies. Prlw 29
and 60 joants. . Sold by all dealers.
i o
Tho (irin Kiitnto,
Mrs. Minnie 0. Goarin was ap
pointed administratrix of the $60.-
000 etat of her lat husband, Hugh
)c. Goarin, wJio did tntotnte at
, Tucson. Arizona, Ftbruary 33 last.
'Mrs. Goarin and bar five sans and
thr daughters are the hairs of th
i ettate.
For Sale Good Btock nnd dairy
ranches for f8nlo ntv rcasonnblo
prices, with or without stock,
Bomo tlmbor. Can nlso locate good
government homostonds. L. P.
Goln, Wnldport, Or. 2-19-lm
For Snl One big full lot, good 11
room house, a big, two-story bnrn,
young "orchard, good garden spot,
chicken park. Title clonr. No
agentB. Terms of paymont easy,
part on tint If destrod. For par
ticulars bo owuor. M. A. Dlee, 790
North Commorclnl stroot.
For Knli Harrod Plymouth Rook
eggB, r0c for IB; alio two flno
Plymouth Rook rt)OBtors for snlo,
2 oach. Enqulro of W. E. Dunn,
9mS South Slxtoonth street.
Htaiidnrtl HulT Leghorn ICggH For
hntohlng, $4 per hundred, 75c for
15; would lot rospnuHlblo porson
hatch n fow hundred on shares.
Phono Parmer 521. L. D. Fields,
routo 1, 3-lC-3t
For Sale 80-ncro farm, 7-room
houso, barn 5'lx74, grr.nnry, ohlck
on house, spring water, farm
fenced with wovon wlro, second
bottom Innd, 45 ncroa In crop, tim
ber on farm will pay for samo, all
kinds of fruit. Latham Lnnd Com
pany, 3-16-tf
Carpenters Union Imo. loG LowU
Union No. IOCS ot Carpontors jm
Jolrera of America meet evwy
Saturday ovenlng nt 7:30 p. m. In,
Hearst hall, 420 Stato St. A. W.
Dennis, Roa Sec
Foresters of America Court Sher
wood Forcstors, No. 19. Meett
Saburdny night In Holraan hll,
Stnto street Waldo Miller, O. K.;
J. C. Perry, financial secretary.
Central Lodge No, 18, K. of P.-
Castle Hnll n Ilolman b.lock,
nor Stnto and Liberty streeto
Tuesday of each -week at 7:8 p.
ta, Oscar Johnson, C. 0.; U. .
Anderson, K. of II. and S.
Modern Woodmen of America Or
gon Cedar Camp No. B24. Mevts
ovory Thursday evealtig at I
o'clock In Holmaa hall. W, W,
Hill, V. 0.; P. A. Turner, deck.
WoodHicH of World Meet erory Frt
day night at 7:30, In Holmaa kal!,
0. L. Darling, C. C; P. L. Prax
lr, Olork.
Lincoln AniiHity Union. Sick, aoei
dent and pension Insurance; $3,
000,000 plodgrd; every claim pal4
Good ngents wantod. J. H. O.
Mongomory, aupromo organiser,
Box432 Salem, Oregon. R. R,
Ryan, secretary, 540 Stato street.
Will Call and Pay Cash For won'e
oant off clothtn, broken wntchoe
nnd Jowolry. Wo clean nnd press.
High grado work. Phono 903.
Slgourney, 483 Stnto. l-2G-tf.
The above cut represents
brick lined Torrid Zone Purr.
Guaranteed gas, smoke and dun
proof. Economical and durablo,
Estimates furnished on boating
Uw bond wae fixed at $15.-
For Over
Thirty Years
rw rfiMi msMt, w y wf.
A Swollen Jaw
te net rotty nr pleasant. Whethei
It's caused by neuralgia, toothache
or accident. Dallard's Snow Liniment
(will raduee the swelling and relieve
the pa la. The great and scire cure
for rheumatism, cuts, bursa, brulso-,
sealde aay and all aehes aad iwIhs
Said by all dealers.
of good health should prevont sfok-
nees instead of letting themselves
gat sick and then try to ouro It. So
long as yoni keep your liver, bowel
and stomach In a healthy and aotlvo
condition you won't get sick. Dal
lard's Herblne relieves constltpatlon.
Inaotlre liver and all stomach and
bowel trouble. Sold by all doalors
... -..
Gold Dust blovt
Ma.i, by TUB 8YDKXY POW.
EKCOMPAiry, Sionty, Orejoa.
Mill for fstrilj dm lik your
g-wtr for it. Brte nd -Vcrti
IWtaT P t0t.
For Rent Ono ton-acro hou ynrd
nix ncros of farming land, with
houso nud outbuildings; ono 5
aero traot of loganberries garden
nnd orohnrd with houso and out
buildings; ono 10-acro hop yard
with hoiiBo and bnrn, to bo rent
ed all or noparate. Located one
nillo north ot Wauconda, ou oleo
trio lino. Eirqulro of E. M. Mas
eey, 444 N. Winter st., Salem, or
A. W. Nfiisom, GOrvale, or phon
Form 59 or W. H. Egan, Gorvnls,
Phono Fnrmora 3C, 2-20-tf
JiiNt Arrived Flno new atoolc of
mnrblo nud grnnlto monuments.
Wo can savo you money an wo
pny. no big rout or city taxes. Coino
and got our prlcos nnd bo con
vinced. Shop In City Vlow Com
etory. J. D. Rohnnnn, Phono 120G,
Snlom. 3-10-tf.
DrtfNiiiiikliiK Of all kinds, roason-i
ablo ratoH. Call nt 591 North Cot
4ago atreot. 3-14-3t
Voget LhhiImt and Fuel Co. Lum
ber .shingles, building material,
I . wood nnd conl, Low prjee Vnd
prompt doiirorloe, One block eaat
of S. P. passongc- dopot Phontt
198. 7-2-tf
WniiU'd Young man, good salary.
In or noar Salem, to reprosent and
to show property for large Port
land ronl estate firm. Experience
not iiQoewMiry. Small cosh soourl
ty required. Addrose "Munntjor,"
24S Fifth stroet, Portland.
P. B. Wallace
iXM Ort t vta tHM;.SMHbXt.M4tW
Wantwl Wood choppers, $1 nnd
11.2ft per cord, onk and fir. Apply
to A. D. Pottyjohri, Slough Road, 6
mlleo southwest of Salem.
Wnntnl At ono, two or throe rooms
or a small cottage. Enquire of
Annora M. Woloh, at tho Varluty
Storo. 3-1C-34
Uutto M Wenderotli KJno wlnoi,
liquors and cigar. Wo handle
tho cetobrated Kollog gand Castle
whiskies. Cool and refreshing beer
constantly ot- draught. Soutk
Commercial stroot. 9-3-lyr
Our meat markot on East State
street has been doubled In olio ant
wo aro hotter prepared tkan ever te
serve customers. Prompt service and
the best of meats our motto. Call
or phono 199. n. B. Edwards A Co.
For Hn! Flrst-olasa enrpot paper at
this oinno; 25c for n big roll.
,;-.v.l?l-y. A-Nln- -f?'P.Kn. CTAniiEg.
LIvor and Twd Smhlra Old Poat
oUlee Stables, ut 2(4 Perry street,
between Comaorolnl and Front
streocs. Telophonq 188. Bomo ol
the finest liveries Iu tho city can
be found hero. Dick Woetacott,
proprietor. 10-1-lyr
TWoee Porttaad bankers have gt
to faee a Jury. We feel sorry for
them, but wo feel sorrier for the de
positors. i o
The Lucky Quarter.
Is the one you pay ont for a box of j
Dr. KlBg'a New Life PJlls. They I
briBg you the health that's raore
precious than jewels. Try them for
headache, billousaese. constipation
and malaria. If they disappoint yon
tke price will bo ckeerfally rfu4ei
It Is worth more than any other
'read yet the price is no higher
for saU at your grocers
Thonuui dt Cooley, Props.
at J, a Perry'a drug store.
mimfmcH fewle
A tn, ff u h bmiHU tiux,u
ti itf ra4 f mu vDq i
VmrttO MIBKUl.COur4. UutMWtM. P.
SoidlMSikmbylk. S. C Shut
lico. At. Uarr I'lumbln, hot W(t(o
and steam heating ant tlnulna
164 Commercial street.' Phone
Main 192. 9-1-ly?
M. J. ivtzel Pluuiblug, steam and
gas fitting. Successor to Knox A
Murphy, 22C Commoroial street
Prone Main 17.
JV- Sixs1i--. ..j
trunk M, liruwu.-MauOTacturer of
sash, doors, mouldings. All kind
of houso flnUh and hard woo4
work. Front street, btwefn Btate
aud Court. Make all complaint
,at thi office.
diutuiuiiw RroBTraiufer G'm,wuj-
All kinds of traasrer work done
Furniture and pianos boxed read)
for shlpmeut. Prompt servlte li
our motto. Stand and office at
253 South Commercial street
Phone 210. ftatdeoc Phono 9S8
RKflg "d Kirv D. N. White,
general delivery to any part of the
city on short notice. Stand la
frost of Harm It's retftauraat, Com
nwclal itreet. Phone 396. Resi
dence phone 590. 2-H-tf
For witer -rrJo ayoly at
Bflta oayaklo -aoaiJily la s4vjmmv
Stroiig ami Health) PouHiy
If yon tvwl CthiIoii'm Iinprovod 51h
lf.iH Food
Your bona will be cackling over
frh laid eggs, three timew aa many
aj they would lay without this food,
You will help yourselves and help ue
If you do your buylug Jn our line from
Good literature, on seultry raising
151 lfJOH fT Pkoao 1S