Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 16, 1908, Page 2, Image 2

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    daimt OArrTAit jonmjf al. alk. orroox. mondav, march le, l&oe.
Cotfflt y Delegates Voted Down tie Pro
posed Plan to Make a Legisla
tive Slate
UtomHmt AffKafe of Tom Kay am Walter Winstow ttf
Start By ti Pfffltaty Law aarf Pretest From
Ho t Pf eclat Carry tlic Day
Bkw&tm Plan For a Committee to Name
State Delegates Was Sat
Down Upon Hard
Iffe Marfo Conty Platform Dee Not Condtemn State
mt No J But Enacts a Dtbfe
Meaning Sbitft te -
rhoTlojwibllcnn convention hold at
VfiU-ia .Saturday wm a nplondld body
f jw. nnd they ehowod their good
vis ( ,i in knowing under doop tho
jg .Milton of tho innoblnw manage
to undertake to dictate n lealslatlvo
rr.l.il- oiDOBd to Statement No. 1. Ev
erj (imp tho delegate got a chance
"Kn . Us, nnd thoy woro not parmlttod
vriy many opportunltloa. thoy down
cJ !m innnnRoru who planned tho
It wm a convention of farmers nnd
o t. from tho body of tho people, nnd
Jb ; 'jjinctn whoro thoro woro Indo
n 1 nt loadem free from tho dlotn
ti or tho maahlno thoy wont doltga-
.-. for Stntomont No. l,.or dologn
TL - opposed to machine rule.
IjU the coiivontlon wan pro
TKrcrnM from Hturt to flnlnh wiih clear
1 n by all present. Tho motions
" all mndo by men picked for tho
"t'l: kh. and tho dictation on mo from
Xi'. Ci Bingham, tho Bouthorn Pa
cn nttomey, whoe Bldo partner
11 s Ijou Adamti wa mado norma
1 '. chairman, Ills ruling that no
W ' 'innnt No. 1 man bo naluotod for
. I -legato to tho stato tionvonllon
m t UMI of corporation botisliim, nnd
"ih uherty delegation and other dole
.7' ibowod their manhood nnd
.- ltanubiitmnlem by walking out
f ) hall, Mild refuel ng In woluol a
h1 tvtieu to tho ntU convention.
3 u.--jf precinct win entitled to a
tJ,' 4t9, but deulluud to name out
At' the ruling of the oliulr, tuttl
U " ift hull In a body. Chairman
Washington, nud mado no mention of
a protective- tariff, or tho . attacks
mado on Senator Fulton by Hanoy
nnd othora.
Many Were Disappointed.
That tho convention wag a falluro
was ooncodod by tioino pf tho loadoru
of tho movement after It adjourned.
A. N. Gilbert plainly told tho con
vention that It was n confession of
meler, C. O. Boynton (If. D. Bonhotf,
J. T. Hunt, T. jjfcilf; A. Smith. J.
M. King. ,y f
Stayton. "
A L. Mack, W; O. Gbopor, L. S.
Lambert, D, W. GenCry, W. A.
Wright, a U Loow. '
B. L, Martin, J, W. MoKlnney, S.
W, Itec-J, E. M. Lindsay, J. M. Wat
son, J. H. Grlmea.
W. J. Taylor, 0. J. Ramsdon.
: G. J, Fryer, H. C. Porter, J. A.
Smith, 0. B. VanNnya, J. If. Porter.
H. A. Selcman (J. 0. Selgraan.
U, S. Dotson.
B. H, Ifalch (Cap,. E. T. Smith,
proxy), -B. CunnlnfihamJ. D. Mann,
L. M. Gilbert, G. Hcmsloy, Ray
Omart, H. S. Polsal.
D.W. MatthcwB, h. T. Reynoldn,
Jaa. WInstanley, ,Ta. Looney, 0. W.
GhAtfleld, B. A. Kurtz, G. W. Weokfl,
Ed. frail.
Mount. Angel.
Harvey Smith, Neal Cooley.
I'int Salem.
B.- B. Matton. J. A. Slddall. A
Hager, V. II. Humpreys.
8lcin No. t.
F. B. Southwlck, II. A. Johnwn.
A. T. Momtt, R. DownlnR,
Wlch, E. A. Tlmtohor.
flalcm No. 2.
C. A. Murphy, 0. W. Skeel by A.
N. Cillbert. A. N. MooroH. I. If Van
Winkle by J. N. Smith, B. T. Inrnoa.isllvw' Valte,
A. U Holrlek. Ohtiuncty Dln!ion.I",---orn.
n piivnto corpomtkm to tliv grout
thittneial Jnjurj'of tlichidustri and
mnntifnctHring cntrtlrlscs tlwt dc
mnnd competition in freight rotes,
wlilch In iinoosslWe without a free
nnd open waUtnvny. The ddcgatioii
frrm DirloM county to tho state con
vention aro hereby Instructed to en
detfvor to secure such a plank in the
stnte platform.
Resolved, That the Republican
party of Marlon county In convention
assembled declares Itself in favor of
a liberal support of our state educa
tional institution).
On motion the platform was
adopted as read.
Itingiutm Slate Rejected.
Another test by which tho Salem
machine wa snowed under was Bing
ham's motion to mako up n slato of
delegates to the state convention.
Geo. G. Bingham moved to ap
point a commlttco of five to nominate
20 delegates to the state convention,
but this plan wad amended by Hon.
F. J. Wrlghtman, to nlake It the duty
of the committee to divide the coun
ty Into 20 districts, tho county dele
gates from each district to select a
delegate to tho Btate convention.
Geo. G. Bingham, II S. Mowat, F.
T. Wrlghtman, Wm. ariram, D. H.
Looney woro appointed nn the com
mittee to divide the county into 20
F. A. tu,Hiri0U' eaon io hcicgi one uoiagnio
to tho trtato convention, with tho fol
lowing reeult:
DctcgatH to State Convention,
George W. Andoraon Mehnmn,
Horeb, Broltenbtish.
u ted ticket. It was not backing down
to not nominate a ticket. .
John McKlnney replied to Kay by
riaylnk it was far more fair to namo
a ticket by this convention, than to
do it by a. committee appointed by
thig convention. It was just as
L. H. Poujado sald it waa not un
derstood that this convention was to
put up a ticket.
A. N. Gilbert spoke for tha pro
gram. Ho said tho convention was
already on record as opposed to
Statement No. 1. This convention
should select a set of five represent
atives. Homer Smith moved to settle it by
ballot. Mr. Gosner opposed this.
Smith was voted down.
On call of precincts op quosilon
of putting up a legislative ticket, the
advocates of a ticket woro found to
bo in a minority yes 36, no 122, or
moro than threo to on went back
on the very, purpose for whloh tho
convention waa called.
Voto by PrccIuctH on the Machine
Irogram to Namo a Ticket.
On motion of J. W. McKlnney that
convention nomlnnto a legislative
tlvo ticket, roll call by precincts
showed tho following result:
Precinct. Yes. No.
townrdlco If they rofusod to stand by -Tohn Brophy, J. A. IUclmnUon by! '"d Dragor Monitor, Sootfa
Miolr rninvlntlonn ami nut mi n tlokot F. Wrlghtman. H. W. Thlolson. T. 0.iMIUb' Mt Angol.
.n.inni.i. nnnnar.A . Smith Jr.. R. P. IIoIko. F A. JinUnr. CIlBB. Piatt
UMIUVUIUUI HJfVavu IM UkUVUIUVUV ---. w .. ... -,. -.,,
No. 1" nn they had boon called to-!Jay Go. T. B. Kay, T. II. Jouos.
gother to do. "You havo already.' Baiom io. ..
violated tho Bplrlt of tho law. Tho fr- Ir- BmUh. Alono Gosnor. F. Mro-
cminty central commltteo callel this dlt'. - H. SUnwon, Dr. J. Reynold.
intuiting to Boloot a logUlatlvo Uckot. L,WJ Hauser, W. If. Hldrldge. C.
nnd flvory delegate knows thin. That Mooros. j
In whnt I camo horo for. Wo aro ' Salem No. 1.
fully oompotont to do bo and I believe T. T. Bingham, B. W. Hazard. Bar!
If llmrn la nnv t,nri wnrm nnnnhll. UnOO. W. 0. Hubbard. W. M. Ilolllll-
tian blood In your vulna, you will do aon. J- DliM. w- 0. Wlnslow. Wm. SHvortou. ' ,
jtyot." jYanUn by J. W. Gamble, Asia IJoff.1 W. A. Taylor -A!
Wultor Wlnnlow, a bright young William M. CnrmingtouF. A. ICrlx- tern, iiowen.
law BludontVf Wlllnmotto. sounded on. . n. H. Loouoy vfofforBon. Sidney.
..,.. .. .. . r ,.-. ..
Hubbard, Chnmpoog,
Sfc. Paul,
1. A. Snydor Aurora, UuttovIIlo.
.Lloyd Roynolds Brooks. Chema
a. J. jr. Poormnn -Woodburn.
Wm. J. Clarke Gorvals. Fair
field. C. F. Illcka. F. J. Van Valkonburg
Sllverton, South SUvertfin, North
Aiimsvlllo ' I
Buttovlllo .....
Champoeg . .
Hornet. ..
Jefforxon '
Llborto' , . ...
Maaleny 2
Monitor 4.
Mt. Angel 2
Loss of AJJJJ5
y-o v.'.M.uuig, ior then tUi
fails to give the diM-fiJ1
stimulus necessary for the pS
formance of their funrt,'. rl
Hood's Sarsaparilla U L ..
SL?0.-1; ta- it J
n.uw i.u.u ana ncn, and ttn
all the digestive oriran.
'I waa all run down j
appetite. After taking . v
Hood's SarsapariUa I could il
wiing 1 wished." Jlrs-Ataacda
Accept no aubstitate for
IUi-l' ?
,,ww -arsaptt
Insist on having Hood's. Get ft)
xn nquia or taotet form. 100
A Rebato Legalized.
Tho railroad commission h15 ,
mo uregon itallroad & Kan-
company permission to rcbe
Pacific Hardware & steel for.
$?71.14, pepresentlag the dlftl
la cnarges mado on tho bul-,
per hundred weight and the
raw In effect before January
after February 10. TMs Mm
has to bo secured before rcbiu
bo mado and it is provided iJ
permit of the railroad comu
that tho same rebato be made I
companies similarly affects
chango In ratoj.
jr Miioloay, Bat 8a-
Salem No.
Salem No.
Salem No.
Salem No.
Salum No.
Salem No.
Salem No.
tho only moral key no to of tha con
voutlon In a apeoch whloh won round
l applauded In opposition to the " onaiawn, . m. buuiu j. w.
(tinvantlon taking out of tho hands jYoung, R. M. Palmer.' f
of tho pooplo tho mnklng of tho 1m-1 BMom No. ft, i
iHlhtlvo ticket, -Gentlemen: The JHU Kalpht, A. W. Drngeri C. V.
PMIiletho KepuuUSAM onnotinl ttOa KJ1, A. A, Burton, R. 0. Hawloy,
law. Including Statement No. 1. and J- 8- I'wtwaa, Frank Smith. II. B.
until U10 people repeal It. wo have NUHnrd by A. U. LaPtHleMe.
110 rlieht to violate auy of lu provle-! Salem To. 7.
lane" I C T. HcUtyre. J. Holwlru 0. .
Convention ProootxllngH. aeon, L. W. Af&eeoa. J. Mafcioy.
IA. l, .MinillB Ul BIlOUUIIi 1UVTW tV
Salem No. h, ' W. MaKlnuoy Stayton, Subllin-
J. N. Smith. F. A Mlnxenailer. R.,y.
v. ii. iiodboii, .1. v, uxii stay
ton, Sublimity, AuuiHvllIe.
F. II. Southwlck Salem No. 1.
tornoy fur the Southern Pnolfle KHi
J. N. Smith- Salem No. 2.
W. H. lUdrldgoSalom No. 8.
W. C. Wlnlow--9nlem No. 4.
John ICHlKht Salem Nn. 5, Satan
No. 8.
Jeeeo lUow Snkmi No. 7. Liber
ty. Jobei W. MeICtniiy mede h apeoh
Adam. hU V ftdvowUing tho namlwaion of live
A.il itn iraytti attAurAi) lilie nnvunrfir Iftn 1
I-. idSTiHi whm he refuel to m. 9- V1
I -.amotion to adopted a r-WTlH"V:. wv ,,rufTO"
.. 1. ... .. -ih., .i..u ,,, twuu I. ihkh nuu.
H. U. Mount. I J
.ItH lawpartwar of Qw. r Illnmn "7 wr" ,UM,UB -," " rrentittlve who
1 nwiw ujipuf-m mi otnwpiiiviii, ttu.i, no
The pUttoru bee only brief ret
wie opiHKKt to allowing Uio noonle
reaoe to uatiotul or UU palltlee i0 MJert 0MtdhkU8 for tiw logleJu-
X , la iavor of Taft. duly made CrtH,;nUnlrt iimnlllf. 00pl U Part,",! l-.6.rm oh toro m rttiulom
WW in No. 1 men. fnwi .wM.wi i.- l . the "dtreot pr. ,. tJlll ll.BUllld
i the fQllewlHK entitle to in
l: l Mllltllllli. MlllHttttltM Allfltt'll.
.' UmiM Adnme had a IkH ot,,l' owwutlen:
tjj-r and frow brief talk wwrt
it ' lr 0. U. Moorw. and gentle
i 1 broegkt up from Portland by
ti ntme of WtllliMna. who eeumed
fa. h nmtNlttl a ahoobay Kpetoh
t, r utai.rv (tint Wit a IK UiMtrtv ItlAilU.
1'.i u unythlng that oould b,Ml11' u A 11JV1 -H,r'J?'i "
J. T. Bftokwllh, U. F. Slu.Wi.
(3. W. Anderson. CB. ICtfW. proxy).
B. F. flieay. H. A. 8nyd A. H.
wary law."
Marian County Plntfonn,
Tie eotMMlttee on reeelutiaiis sub-
wade a sood weoHd
to thle dauMHd and pat up quite
Salem, Bast 3
Suott Mills 4
Slduoy ;
Silver Falls
South Sllverton
North SUvorton ..'. ...
St, PabI ;
Turner R
Total , 8G 132
Onmotlon of T. B. Kay tho pre
olMjot eommitux) membere wore nu-
ilioriMd to not as a oarnpnrgn com-
mRU Ih owicting proper persons e
a )oglelatlve tieket.
Pnvliirt Commlttoonien.
County Chairman Chna. A. Murphy
Mkd th delegations from tho dff-
that Pragideatlat aleeture roakl not
Uiko Sluiouituii Ma 1 ir tb ti..i.
mlUed tea followtag report, whirl, LUnM, mtdmu mmwml tho
waa .uleaUKl: y
waereaa. we. ta Ranublteima of
aa arguuteat baaed on the parol.! ferant proolncta to soloot precinct
OQinntUtaonien, which wae done, ami
thoy were rutlfled by Uie eoncentlon.
ii u4. Thero wsm utter absonee
.f . 1 froart o uy reform prln
c!i fir wWeh trggr&lYe Repub
I an iUHd. Tho aly tefsrnee
" j Heplejw llpht President Rooe
: l Hutting up (or tho people
i4..4 tnterstv Uko Standard Oil.
i anas, et nl id to meutlon the
i of tho different Ropublloan
Jeat. and "int but not leait
' 'It.1 The tiouveutieu forgot
1 itr tho splendid work bolng
hi the Onvho delegation Ih
Martan eeuaty ta convention aejom
Uted, uoUavtag that the wol faro of
the toaaiy aad that the beat liUor
0. Plutta. 0. Lwbk 0- M. Drlt- "" 7, wr """ '
(rt,u(1 w. t ohm j. a. DodM ftQ - e aakaldtag
mfm -4T", --. m "'! " -- -- ygw -w
f You Want to
Save Money
' t eaniag u vimj ueoouut
' W ahU dftjwMt eaea vk
Wi a pari o( your ears
m MirprbH yaa U tee huw
;a sm )0M iMatt deiiolS
mi atetH.l wiU luMt to t a
f yaajM.
Ht.ii aiaa aa mde Uqmw44
Jf't fe.
"'. ur.
$mm mnmmt
mmm bank
Platte, prosy).
Scotu MUK
W. T. Druger. B. . HUVgaakg. .
P. WhlUMk. J. mtakid. tt, D. Ad
kins, proxy).
1). a Themat. Qeo, Majn, O. 11
Looney. 8. A. Pwe, J. L, SUlliver.
Ray Roevt,
of Ute artaetnleM of the Republlean
party, at odvueated aad suetalued by
suah awtatHt eaea aa Abraham Lin
ivia, Jawee A. Garfield. Jamoe 0
Blala William McKlaley, and laet
bat not least, Thaadore Roosevelt;
Whams, Tha irasvnt prosperity
oad mare4 of the United Slatlw ui
Hotao Rd aaroad Is duo to the ad
CI. Blmmoad. A. T. Aik. AHae af IwlRelpleti advo-
wu vnu wtvcxw y m uepMeii
ft gMty uad
Wberaaa, Wa aaUeT taat U. la to
Ue bet tatoraat aa4 Uta wolf.o of
t4 siU UU aaea Hxtaetglan iiueW
U uaid. aad that la order ta sua-
tata Umhh prtactaie. k 1 aatogiary
aad laaaiabeat aoa m to eJeet a lie-
pawim to t Ualld Statee eanale:
tetefelara lo U
llMtlvtA. Taat al mMhlal fw
aa lagtaiatmta oa iM UeawMeHa
Uakat autocrine t a atatHani ikat
Xim vtH mvvon for fatted Stale
Steven. J. N. Mtllttr.
North 8IHvi-tim.
I. W. Porter. I J, AtlMitt, U. J.
Walford. H. XI Mwtat, T. V. IUaaaj-.
M. J. Vaa ValklMrg. alao aa oxy
for two.
South SUvorton.
U Q. Ilawet. .M. l. KjrM. C T.
Uteka, Jaa. FtiOAy.
J. UaVer. W. l Mney. Qa Fta
My. A, m. Aaoiawli. p. Ur'keiiUr
U. Patlarnaoa.
Bls, H. Batute. (W J. cSrtea, Jif?11
'praxJ. ' tnl,
I .f.u.i. 1 'W covatUa upkww the
j THfc eoaveatUia appntvvM the
,um W to last logtAUirw in ias
fS W Jottw bill to ar ftv
lo?k ai mh1 i Ordgoa tltj by th
fJpwiH of the vtate MXK lw,
MaAl Kxtvrraateat. vt. urgi our
(HHeAtion la tMingrvt to maktv thU
llloim. proxy), J, M. Poorwaa (H. D. a forwuost p to uw ad that the
Boaaot. proxy), Amos Beach. O A, famuw aaJ tJNipiHta of wuUwK-tto
Neadel (H. Goalet proxy). J P wlley way b ivSUt r th tax of
Hunt. C, F WhitM&a tit. wr ih-vm sa rut u tu. ..w 1.1. ...
i lx S4wmdt, J, t Raw.
Ii M. Illek I!. D. llrewj. l 0?l
WL proxy), a T Jfrhawia (H. M
Ixlolni. &nty. a U Ogle (R. k
H. llofw preveattnl a protoet from
tho UeaublteuHa of Galea preetnet.
agalat thbj ronvouUou jaiUlag Ht
a legtelaUre tlrket. taktagAot of the
Ra4 of the peonle the election of
aa Patted SttaeeMtor.-T)iaatue8
of the X odd MepHblloaHo vm read
by tho aerretar) wA tha proteet
ptae.Hi oa ale.
Rev. Win. Uobtaaoa thought It was
no elap at tha primary law to be
uoiHlaatod hj- eueh body as this.
Ha moved m aa ttatandmaitt lhat n
oomwitt or eight aame the leglaki.
tlvo Ucket. He jaH ro eroa to hte
Walter Wtaeiow taade aa ekmaant
plea, tor tha dlreet ortaury. It had
beea exalalaeti dtftoreat to ktiu from
what waa Uelag 4oa here oa the
aoor of tale roaveatkia. Uvo ag to
what the iaog( havo oM aa to do
la thla matt ao aaU. Notklae will
eoaa ua dowa to tm ae nUk ae
to ict h slat la aagaaae of the
Wm. Tyaior aiado aa eh,eat gta
tor taaa wa woM dowa SttitoaieHt
NV 1
teator Kay aow took ta aoor
xa ood raeowaiajHifa or natal
tig a ueket. H faid Mia dtoeot
artiaary law wa taaetad ajr Heaab
ttaags muJ aWj koaU at h the
nrt t tfco rte4 Uie aw. It waa la.
eoaaaittiat to aadorae Ut dlraai WU
wary law ag 4t tJl MRM .v,
vao lu gratleteoa. H woaM he
a utteiax tt pat 'ug h a ttkH.
www rnaeo frtcittta aad divide
th euMMrtm r Ue griaalnlo thav
ood for The eaatailttwe aawed ly
tail. MBtAuMA. UMAft. .
,, -..(.v tMMtu axe up a
The following were naated:
AamevtUo J. A. Smith.
Aurora B. F. Oleay.
Brottoabuah F. W. Stahlmann.
Brooke F. J. Boldor.
Buttertllo '
. Chemawa Jivmos tnstanley.
Uikhora Robert Moor&oiuse.
Falrgeid M. W. Mahonqy.
Gervals J, R. Slegmund.
Horeb -Wra. Bertram.
Howell J. N. Mtlley.
Hubbard Chas. PiattS.
JwAWton J. L. Jgajg.
Maoieay W. A- Tyloj.
Mehama H. GSIegmnn.
' Moaltor
Mt. AageL-. l. JUambert.
am No. l .R. H. Downlag.
alsa No. S C. A. Murphy.
Saioai Na. t G. State.
Stioa No. 4. -G, H, neafton,
SjOeea No. 8. M. Palmer.
Saloai No. s r. c. Halley.
9aW No. T L. W. ABfe9R.
Sl. Wast J. B. Aafiy.
St'tt Mllte-It S, UlQkob.
SWne jfamea Daaan.
Silver Falte
SHvortou, Seath S- N, Bewai.
Sllvenaa. Nena
Sllvwrtoa M. j. Va VJalkoabarg.
St Paul
ijtayta--W. S. Geatfy.
SjihHailty-D. 0. OewalBg.
Wooahar H. a Browa.
Gateav-Geo. w. Aadersoa.
Ro4al(0Tha Noot
Monitor r. u Rs.
-o "
Rlicumntlc Palaj Rellfti
B. F. Crocker, Esq, no l
of age, and for 20 years J-.sti
tho peaco at Martinsbo?,
Bayp: "I am terribly afflicted!
sciatic rheumatism la 037 ltd
and right hip. I have &ui
bottloB of Chamberlala Pitj
and It did me lots of good." Fa
at Dr. Stone'x drug store
Judge Oleland, a IlepubUtas
at Portland, suotalus the a
tionallty of the Initiative tad i
Raco Suicide
as Pruisident Roosevelt call I I
nearly the menace to Increxse I
ulatlon that deaths among li
aro. And eight out of tea cl
doaths aro directly or I&2J
caused by bowel trouble.
Baby Elixir cures diarrhoea,
tary, sour Btomarh and ill
ailments of this nature, hi
thing for teething bablei, Pri
and SO cents. Sold by all det'l
Kodol Is totlay the be:1
romodv for all disord rsot'!:
aoh. auoh a dyapopsla hw
pour stomach and belch : t
Sold Ijy nil druggUti
-- '
Konnedy'e LuXitir.. C zfi
aota eentlv y't ; to T f:l
hnu'Alri nml a.1 .i inps1:! 3
samo time, v " r -'
Sold by all din. ;: !
74-T 'SJJ'
Can be obtained fro j
tender and Juley bff.
pork. AH out meat
rmm tha nhnlrMT. IBd F1
tha table to iu!t the dt
'naHitimic. OHr nrlce4 '
11. ... win tAi ZZi'
placa In Salera.
l Of. tW
4 UVUD Mtir.
0 .v. Umimr
r M -r -"""
Cough R
4W -rttt-
jgh$. C
k . -?'
w .- iI
- nT M '
iiKii,sr i
Prfttrt S5C 5H f
1 f looter wt-a aad a sroaeriy ah&tH.
gxat-elaae dragi""
- - - , . - BBIE