Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 07, 1908, Page 4, Image 4

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There's this difference between
the cocoa habit and the coffee
habit: Cocoa makes yot health
ier, stroflge, steadier, better
able, to do yomt share. Does
Is made with scrupulous, con
scientious care and old-fashioned
attention to cleanliness, purity,
goodness and quality. No cocoa
at any price can be better or
more delicious. Your grocer
sells and recommends it.
1). ttlilrnnlwlll Company
Hun 1'ViuicImco.
"Will Try t Prevail l'p" CongtT"
4u Authorise i:vM'iiill(uiit of Hulll
vlent Funds for Improvement.
Washington, March 7. That tho
tuuntr u demanding n broad mul
compr.-liHislvft plan of waterway liu
imnemwnu nnd ihnt It Is dolormln
tid Hint noHKroM nluill authorise th
tiyppiidiiure of Mitilclelit funds fur
ClilM work ha become apparent since
Kiiiix of poiiusyivniuH, out
regarding eitoh
HlU'fl hl attitude
Senator Knox u the Unit presi
dential candidate to declare for n
Mutloimi waterway Improvement pol
kf. 8'nre hU vlowa were given to
Iho country ho has received otnpbnt
lo uusurnnno that hid Ideas have the
tnaouement of tho people Tele
KramoM ami letter .have room to him
from evry scollop of tho country.
They are from buslne orgnuln
ilom and other bodies who demntid
tho dove'opment of oar waterway
transportation fnclllllfti. These ooni.
tminiraltotut clearly Indicate that Ubt
eountry l alive to tle tmportnnto
if that work anil that waterway Im
provement will be an lamia lu ua
tlonnl polities
Law neeemhor the Natloual Ulv
era and Harbors emigre at a meet
ing lu Washington sounded a warn.
IPS that senator and repreoutaUvt
would do well to heed. Resolutions
xer adopted declaring for annual
appropriations by congraw of at
least 180,000,000 fr 'river and hnr
Vine work. Tha meeting brought to
Washington d alerts from errv
Mtato in the union and II wan the
largest nd most enthusiastic gath
ering er hold by the advocate of
wntotwjiy ttuirovmt
For several yr river and bar.
fcr bill ha ben enaeted by ouch
ttUy,rft but the amount was In
lj,nlncft.t eamp&red to the demand
Mentor Knox Insists thiu tho gov
wnmt cannot xiiul lu funds
toro nrofUahh than by nrovldlnR
tho pt'uplw with ndetjuate vtater
traRnporiatlort raeUIUw.
H would Intvo tk Rmmimwtl
wmtlmm ik work M U nnw dotMg in
t tHtrovnint ut thv Urmvr
tttrNiHU a d at Ut w time 4rt
;ork "W tk HiHr rlvttr. wktae
lHHiroouiHt I certain to dvlt a
ulMaMHl rwwmerc, Uo d nt
lwU ih ftjHrMUMoK io fifty mil
tin a yar if tk wark W bi
iH wltk tiuoh wrvirlilH xvwll
Mil ood. U Mot tWn H eowirtn
MthoU tho rktRdnMi f alt thua
toney rwjlrod.
Mr Knas u aa familiar vltk tkd
AMdlttK rlWld! tk (HHn!r
Viver aad kaibor n any othwr nua
H ka mudo tkarUBk litvtlt.
lion of tk wadtlJoau. H d
Mr ibAt thu W04t HttcUfAl plan
ley th' devljWB8it of gur oom
were U printed by the aJvcwiloj
M" Ike proposed Internal imyrowi
Mest He alwj tttaUU tkt thli
-wnrk vamild l be delaM until th.
Wpltitt fef tb PftUHHtft mI. a
teu bH itrope4 by luauy ww
r of omr.
Sv ,tor Kox voc4cy w uvw
Improvomontn hnn ntrotiKlhunod hi'
1'roHldentlal raitdldacy lu uvory.
nuuu. no is rucoKiuzuo iih ui miohi
lulluontlal friend 'tho Miipportont of
rlvora Improvomonla have In th6 non
ato nod hi advocacy of a national
river Improvomout policy Ih ad
vanced nu a potout reason why ho
ahould ho In tho Whlto llouao. Thoro
Ih no doubt that If olcctod Prenldout
ho would oxort tho lulliionco of hli
ndmlulntratlon .toward tho adoption
of thla policy by conitroB.
Tho rouneylvauia a Hsuatnr'i
(United Proas Loanod Wlro.)
8nn Frnnolioo. March 7.-Plasuo
iri,n,i- .,. ml,n,iZ ' ,l wn roporud today have b6on
irpiuie now ave tnoro coniiiiuut timn ,... r .iAnu .. a.. c
.... I. t . .-. ...Ill I... !. l,nlnn "" " '"" 1H1 Ul HU I-HU
of -tho RhlcaKo convontlon. Thoy be
lieve hU public eervlca both on at
torney Konoral In tho onblnot of
Provldont KooHovoll and In the ei)
ato command him to tho poopu a a
itat.Hinnn who Ih plondldly equip
pod for the Preeldem-y Ilia n
porlere duclaru that tu him tho b
inibllcniia will have a paudldnte who
would rwHve thu united support of
the party an hla candidacy la involved
In no factional drroriuo. They
oonlldontly predict that ttu dolegntm
At ChlcaKO will decide that Sonator
Knox Ih tho logical Huoaomiur of Pro
UKtU HoonovHlt.
(United Pre Loused Wire.)
Portland. Or. March 7. SuflpH.tt
with a bundle el w'otha ad fed
enough -to hut thorn for utiver&l dnyt.
two Japanese quartrmantcrs be
IoiihIhk to tho Oriental liner NV
manlla nU'mplod to swim from the
Alaska dixk acrott tho Wlllnmette
last night in a deanerate effort to dft
tort friiut iktdr ship and sain ndmU
lou iu ihU Muutry. Thu Jnpaine,
Katuckl Katutno. aKd S3, and Kyedn
Takcdn. tM 36. planned their es.
OApe carefully, but weio caunht as
ther ornwled ashore, and are now In
thu count Jail. The two men Join.
the KuhmuUa at MoJI. It was their
oIhoo nt ClQldon Oato nvenuo noar
Frnnklln itreot. North Ueach, In tho
Mlfwlon; Wostera addition, and n tho
burned district, nacterloloxlsts say
ther has bon a very large lncrno
In tho number of thus since lust
woek. '
Word has been yecelvrd from 13.
It, Ifanlman. of the Southern Pa
ntile rullroad. dlreetlng the olllolals
of that company to oo-operate with
tho oltlsrns hoaUh coiumlttee.
Tho Southern Paeirio, tho United
HqllroiwK tho telephone company
and all largo corporations have
ngrocd to contribute to the fund for
ridding the city of ruts Tho labor
council lm appointed a eAmmltoe of
ten men Tho men, In company
wltk somo of tho federal physicians
now unrkln; here, will visit tho dlf
feroat labor unions next week and
oxplaln lo the men the present con
dition hero, and the necessity for
Perfect oleanllneu.
'- o
F. L. Woods, lato of Stowartvllte,
Minn., who visited Salem last sum
Jmer and has now boon a resident
ihoro for ncvoral months, Is a pretty
good Willamette valley booster, con
'stdorlng his short residence in Sa
lom. In Minnesota Mr. Woods was
engaged -In the drug business, and,
like most men who do well, was very
Joyal to hlB homo community, in fact,
his boart was whore bis treasuro
was. consequently he bad a very
warm Bpot for tho very cold spot In
western Minnesota. Slnco coming
to Oregon, Mr. Woods has looked
about a great deal and finally dccld
cd to mako Salem his permanent
, homo. He has not yet engaged in
any particular business, but is a
wido-nwako hustler, always on tho
look'out for something bottor, finan
cially as woll as In ovory other way'
Ho considers Salem a very dcslrabM
home town, not only on account of
Its beautiful location, broad strocts
and commercial prosperity, but for
tho oducatlonal nnd social provllcgcs
to bo had by anyone living here.
Mr. Woods considers tho groat
growing fruit Industry as one of the
best evidences that this will always
be n doslrnblp rcsldenco scotlon,
"Good morals, Intelligence and pros
perity invariably nBsort themselves
In tho fruit centers," ho says, "as
they nro nlwnys populnted by tho
croam of humanity. For thhi rea
son, if none other, Salem Is bound
to bo one of tho modern cities on the
Pacific coast."
In talking with a reporter this
morning. Mr. Woods remnrked: "Sa
eom Is about as peaceful n plnco as
I evor was In. If I wore to tell some
of my old friends that wo had n city
of 15,000 that only required one
policeman, thoy would think I was
lying to thorn, but as this condition
exists In Salem at all tlmos except
whon thoro nro largo gatherings
hero, nobody can question Hint Sa
loin Is proporly named.
Aa yet Mr. Woods tins not docldod
whoUier ho will becomo n fruit grow
er, a profoHslonnl man, u business
hustler, or nn aristocrat, but says
he can soo that a reasonable length
of resldonce In Snlom Is llnblo to
make a innn nny one or nil of those.
At nil ovnnts, he Is glad that ho Irf
hero. "Tho puro soft water ovory
vhero bore, r.s comparod with tho
alkali nnd llmcstono reglonR of tho
prnlrlu stntes Is nlono n great boon.
Tho ml'd winter hero, whore n man
Is not obliged lo spond one-half his
tlmo ahovollng tsnow nnd the other
half shoveling coal, also forms n
tavorablo contrast with tho bloak.
old regions of tho Mississippi val
ley. We find living Just ns cheap n
Oregon ns wo did In Mlnnosotn, nnd
we enjoy tunny liixurlos Hint we
couM not have bark thrro. to say
nothing of the gronter comforts the
year round "
Mr. Woods Is one of the groat In
flux of sturdy emigrants from thu
middle wutt, which western Oregon
Is at present receiving, and stands
so much In noed of. Several hun
dred thoutnnd families of this class
could find good homos In tho Wll
la met to valley, where thoy would be
happlor. woqlthlor and muoh more
comfortable thnn In the rigid cold
roglons of tho Northwest,
(United Press Leased Wire.)
San Kranoisoo, March 7. Spring
ing up like mushrooms after a hfeavy
rain fall, numerous nlekelodeuns.
tin-type and oheap side jhows
are already commttielug to niake
their appearance along the WaJr
front, while their owners sit back
la happy anticipation of tho she'kels
Intention o teoupe when they signed, to gatehered from the many thou
ImtuedUUi) after the arrival of the Md nnwary Jaokloa of the fleet up
veol tkey kimn waking prtttr- l,' arrival at thU port.
tttu tor 4ertUM, and Wad It Ut lTt town committee for tho recop
bu fur tit fni tkat tliv arAul tton to the men may lament thk fact
the SMepieloH of the euMom koetMa mmelent moaoy u not foslh
lHtfUrtiitor lii'4h neUw f ikekr lamU cowing for the oHtertaUment nur-
Ing thoy vould kv iiH9dtd In bnt down on the water front)
lhlr endeavor. h shch vtsiona arise iw lormeat, tno
ieyr tneiaslng armv of sure-thing
. Mslwn; NVottern addltten. and Hi the
rtii4k i)ia(i
H. T ... ltttlLt.l .lllliltd KAiB... .. J.A. tU.lt-U
eawe the vlelaw In Ikelweadc JH ' culoav will U
contMt with tko WMlUtneit UhIvw- Mfreed until It tak ia ke whole
sliy lai algfct oh the quettin
"Heolved. That by a system f
shlpnittft tmbtill tk I'nlWl Stats
shoiud I'Htld np ak Amerloan mer
chant HMulne; provUimV that the
fMbiUty t uot HmUet) to the Latin
Atuerteau and Oriental trade."
lu Xmfuttt &4 OklMrM,
M thi Yltf UiVt ikilit iiy
of Bt street from Market to Fol
floral WhoUfulp Market.
KgKS Ho.
HuUor Country 7V6e: qreamery,
Ileus tie; mixed chickens, 10q
Local wheat 8 Dc,
Oats 35 c,
Ilarley 134 J25.
Floutv-llard wheat, 4.S06,
valley. $L00.
Hay Cheat, 13; dovr, $10
$18 por ton; timothy, $1315,
Oatona 2Uc lb.
Hoja OJd.UiC'SVsCi new, 3
Ohlttlm bark 4 i 5c
Itftall Market.
Oats- 48c per bu.
Wheat $1.00.
Rolled barley $30.
Bgga 15c.
lluttorCountry, 2Sf 30aj oronm-
ry, 40e.
Flour VaUey, $1.20 pr sack:
hard wheat, 11.400 $1.50.
Bran SIo pr sack; $25.50 per
toa; short, $1 S per saqk.
lly0heat. $Ht oJfliytC, $10
iho:csiat. Slo; clover, TM per owL
HogsFat, $1.00.
Stoek hos $4.00.
Cows Top. 52.IQ; ftilr $2 4ff$S.S0
Steer Tops, $3t; fair, $2,75
Troplral Fruits.
Danaas $6.
Oranges $2.25.
Lemons $3.504.50.
Veal Dressed, 6r7e,
lortUn3 Arket.
Wheat CUb. Sic; vxlloyi Slot
The Mdrsse4 U prepared to
break, handle and develou riaditer4,ll,u tftln' S3&
, . , , I Mlllsluff Dran. $54
a irumNg Hurt, ror irtu on
Voix and Ni appjy t
Flr Oreuadi, Or
Hay Timothy, ralloy, $17$IS;
alfalfa. $12$13.
Wtck 114.
FonKry He, 13 12 He; dacks
14f lie; ixefc. M, $1 per dew.
Makes the most nutri
tious food md the most
dainty and delicious.
Th only Bkinf Powder made
from Royal Gritpt Cxmxm of Tartar
No fussing or fretting over
the biscuit making. Royal
is the aid to many a
cook's success.
r - wyjsmmmm
United Press Leased Wlro.)
Washington, Mnrch 7 Represen
tative Smith has nddrcsscd tho sec
rotary of stnto In n lottor nsklng nn
opinion regarding the ndvlsnblllty of
the IMirchnBe by the United Stntos of
pnrt or all of Lower California,
Mexico, so that control of tho Colo
rado river alone tho portions whoro
It has brokon Its bounds could be
undortnkon by tho Unltod States
Smith urges besides the matter of
tho Colorado river, Hint the United
States nlrcndy conducts extonslvo op
erations nt Mngdnlona bay, lu Low
or California.
A Swollen .Taw
Is not pretty nor plonsnnt. Whcthor
It's cnused by neuralgia, toothache
or nccldcnt, Dnllnrd'a Snow Llnlmont
will roduco tho swelling nnd relievo
tho pain. Tho great nnd buro euro
for rheumntlsm, cuts, burns, brulsoo,
scalds any nnd nil aches nnd pains.
Sold by till doalors.
(Jnilu Futures Iteiitalii.
(Unltetf Press Leased Wlro.)
Washington. March 7 So vigor
ous hnvo boon tho protosts to Presi
dent Hoosevolt; Sponker Cannon nnd
both hmisos ot congress ngnlust leg
islation roiitiictlng the denllng In
grain nnd other ngrlculturnl futures,
that no law affecting then? Interosts
will bo ennctod nt this session
Krantlc appeals hnvo come from
boards of trade nt Chicago nnd nth
or large cities, declaring-that farm
ers will bo tho greatest losers, that
tho widows will hnvo no plnco to In
vot their savings, and that tho price
of farm products will bo Increased to
tho consumers. If present methods
nro changed.
Not lew to Contructoni.
Notice Is hereby glvon that soaled
bids will bo received by tho City of
Salem, at the oftlco of tho under
signed, at tho City Hall, In Salem,
Oregon, up to 10 o'clock a. m .
March 1G. 1908, or laying of sew
ers In the allen of block 1. Central
nddlton, and block 3, In Frlckey's
addition to the City of Salem, Ore
gon. The proposed work must be done
In accordance with tho plans and
specification, which can be e.oeu at
tho oftlco of the City Recorder. Tho
City of Salem reserves tho right to
reject auy and all bids.
Dy order of Common Council.
3-7-5 t-dly Recorder.
Raster Is approaching, but It Is a
plcaturer to ponder on tbe fact that
the now stylo bonnets can not be
any more mashed up than the pres
ont ones.
1 111 IT n v
Bolso, Idaho, March 6-Flrj
ly damnged the Columbia tl
rnny tnis morning a few hoi
tor n large nuuirnco had left
nlnco. Tho Arc rnclnaUri
shed In tho rear of tho theat
sproad to tho stag? The ba
will now bo torn down cd
plnco to n new fir. proof struct!
First Congregational.
Morning sorvlr nt 10 30
Address by Rev B F Zlmni
of Portlnnd, Y, P S. C E.
p. m. Tho tisunl cvcn'nt lerrti
give place to union icrvlce til
First nnpltUt church nt 7 20 I
Graber Broi
Will glvo prompt atteM
to nil orders, guarantee
work to give satl'fadloa
to bo up to fh ran' ar t
Call at our shop on UK
atroot, back of Darra J'
Storo. Phono 650
The Secret '
Bcautlfttl T
lies InkwPow
n aihlng U not J
of duit wd tJin
leu t"i
weather. An
-l D.L.rtWltdl
hi delishrful i
aoftaeu It orr-
Fnir coan. rVr
frm ten '
New and Second Hand 6
When you want to buy househ' 1
goods, either new or slightly tJ
we have tho bargain store In the .'
for you. Good second-hand si" s
at a bargain. New and seoond-hanJ
go-carts, also dishes, graaltewa
and eeoklag utenalla of all kinds
also havo a good line of new u
casea at reasonable prices.
Always 1n the market for bu
second-hand gooda.
0. L. McPEEK, cmmtd