Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 05, 1908, Page 4, Image 4

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From Grapes,
tbe mott healthful
of fruits, comes die
' chief Ingredient erf
A & Jl
A- kL4 .1
77e on ly baking powder
made from Royal
Grape Cream
of Tartar
Cettt a IW tMto th IsfarWes
Rf Jjnw 8 wre of pwe,lltWJ(l.
ISnrotlmonl Boptombor 30 to Fobrtiury 21 357
Ntunhor of boys,. 190; Nuniborof girl 1J7
Nolihor nbsonb iior tardy for month 250
,Avorngo daily nttondnnco fur month .2C9
'Arorngo iiinnhor belonging (orMamgnth . .?, .... ,. ....... .'.285
'Total cases tardiness for, mouth
'Official vUlt city superintendent for month
TJrant school undor tho efficient
monagomont or Principal doo. A.
riles Mud his corp of nislstant
ytmAo loMCHor Is second to no no In
tho city nf Salem's Kood schools and
IKOftresitvo, up-to-date excellent pub
He tohool system. A good school
nwlrlt pro valla In ovory department
krA tho -utinoHt harmony exists In
tho Jenchlng corps. Commondnlilo
progress Is being mado by tho pupils
In ovory room. Tho vIhHIiik pwr
eMti, friends, teachers nnd school of
Dcom Invnrlnbly exprosi surprise nt
Hudlng everything to inlnutoat detail
moving nlontt quietly, nnd that tho
ardor, discipline tuul Instruction
Hare nil or tho hlKhoat quality.
f 1'nhl n Oimpllintiit.
cstly co-operating to further the
efforts of the Sal dm board of trade,
tho Booster club, ami Business Men's
league and other public and private
offorta to boosting Salem, Marlon
county and tho whole o Oregon.
Exorcises aro conducted In English
'anguago and training In composi
tion and speaking arc conducted In
ench room. Children are taught all
tho details of writing a good letter
when sending away Oregon litera
ture to their friends' In tho east. All
tho formalities aro observed In ad
dressing a letl.er, such as writing 'the
suporscripturo and signing It prop
erly, nnd enclosing tho valuable
sheet containing a thousand factd
about tho "Willamette valley. Presi
dent Peebles otitorod heartily Into the
publicity work and took an aotlve
and sympathetic part 'n seconding
tho undertaking of City Superintend
ent J. M. Powors.in hla efforts to
harness the schqols to do develop
ment work,
Formally North School.
Tho now namo Grant school was
given to tho north Bchool at tho last
Memorial day exercises whon It wai
publicly proposed that as tho south
school wab named Lincoln school,
tho north schoolbo, named Grant
school. Tho proposition- pet with
groat favor and by an unanimous
voto of all tho teachers, scholars,
parents and mombora of tho Grand
Army who woro presont In largo
numbers It was decided that tho
north school should, horenfter be
known as Grant school. North
school as a namo had no oducidlon-
nl, historical or ethical valuo, whl'o
tho commemoration of tho llfo of
ono of Amorlcn'a greatest Presidents
and gonerals Is In Itself a tributo to
patriotism. Ornnt school was a suit
oblo and very appropriate nnmo to
bostow on tho school, and tho Salem
board of cducntlon should ordclnlly
doslgnato tho school ns Grnnt school
nnd havo It horeaftor appear by that
nnmo on tho pdbllo rocordj.
o ;
Komp' Dnlsam Is a snfo cough
cure, for It contains nothing that can
harm you. It Is tho best cough cure,
but costs ilo inoro than any other
kind. All druggists soil It.
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property, U particularly notlooalrto.
M!,. InnfiliAri unit ttlit ItMftlltt lt
(ilU ivhiiwi ...... ... r..,..,- ...
tho Grant school went highly com
plimented recently when a prominent
4uctor from Colfax. Wash., after
a half day spent in tho ehool, wtntctl
In his uddrcm to tho pupils In tho. como.
nrlnclpal'a room that ho had visited I Helping ItHw.tr Campaign.
nnd closely Imported oarlv school In Tho teachers and pupils aro vrn
this city, nnd Hint In his opinion tho
Grnnt watt second to none.
This gontlomnn was a total
stranger to the toachors of tho Ornnt
reboot. Among other thing ho espe
cially praised -tho excellent uystoin
of drill lu lining up ami mnrcniugi WU,.IM ,,,, -., nlahts. It la high
up and down tho stairways, In nt tm t,,,g cUy n(1 ft public burying
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out of tho building.
tho omrgoncy. bo It lire or other
nlarm, tho pupils am bo and have
jo mntior wiini., ,.,, ,iinn n i, klnicnn pcmltf
WltlllVUIIV. Him" - ---
bo got together and nut Into ono holo
big onough to hold thorn, nnd let tho
boon siifoly llnod up nnd led ouj Jf,beHl town jn tj,0 west como to tho
tho bulldlilK In loss than two mm
iiitoi, and roturnod to tholr renpeo
tlvu rooms In th sumo tlmo. fllf
control, prsonoo of mind, tho habit
of attention, good manners nnd good
morals, nil rocclve caroful attention
during school hours. N'ontnow In
nmlUntton of how much bottor off It
would bo without thorn. 3d far as
tho editor or this paper Is concorned,
you can't got him out of bed too ear
ly or too often to wolcomo a now
comor, for thoy aro tho people, at
loast, who have a disposition to uo
personal apponrauos. au.i in oaru i,th,npIt amf wu cant mre too many.
soiiool Krounus. una oi an nouum
IMIm Curvtl In (1 to IX Days.
orolstHi and
In Kenfml.
tho eehuol manngomont
Visitors nro xrwnys wH-
1 1 ii ii i i i ii i i '" "
Recognized as a food Product, and
So Dealt With by the Government
nt tho Grant lohool In alt of lt m-pazo orNTMBNT Is guaranteed to
euro any caso of Itching, Blind, Bleed
Inc or Protruding Piles In 6 to 14
My sor money refunded. 60c.
Call fr Cfty Wurrntita.
Notroo Is horoby gvn that there
nro funds on hand applicable to th
payment of all warrants of tho City
of Baltm ondortod "Not paid for
want or funds." Holders of said war
' rants wilt ploaso proejont them for
imymont nt tho ortIe of th undor
ilsnod, No. 129 South Commeroln:
stret, as Intiyest will cease from
aad uitr thin tiao,
City Treasurer.
Salm. OrgR. March -I. 1908.
Iivji being recognised tho world over that tho drinking of beer
twttsuuU tmp9ra04 and brtty to far graUr oitoat than
U tl vroklbltloa Uw on ta tatuto books
All' aUghtuned European nations &ro encouraging tho unanu
faoturv and eouaumiUlon of lUiM boor containing aboxit thin and
ono-balf per cot aloohol, aud tho rwult baa boon moat gratifying
to all alncora lover of tomporauca.
Tho Unltetl fitatw soYoramout has takon a positive Hatul la
this aimAlos. tho war dopaitmont holding that tho r-tbUMiK
ot tho army oanlwa for tho sale of boor blng n nbwluto wi
lty In tho lntwel of tempraua d subrUty.
Jtoor la tqday rcoRuUd a n MFool Product." xHdhH dt
with hy tho govwomeut.
AH thft Rrvt tnaurano wmaivli -$ ooMtdlctd tha Um
that hav bwn 8lw curwiiiay through irohlbtt wwt-ww tht
th drlnklRK of hr was a bar to jwurg ImuraHo. Mid ka
1at)y iubltU4 o the world at Urge tho tUWu that thao
drlaVlug hwr modartttoly (not mor than two quarts drlg two
ly(ur houwJ wor thm Yry bA of rUks. Tko Htwt rmdi lift
JtmurfcHto torta show that tho ratio of dwith rat nwong ahstata
w U thirty w et greator than amoag modwto drtnkmna.
w wr and vrhoWaomo, and tho day U not far dlt&t wkwa
it wilt l wuoh n part of th dally aubsUtenoo of orory family
4 aw wllk. bread and other tood ecrttlw.
Th her brewed by th Salem Itrowry Awooiatjoa U In evry
mhim th vry bt tht modern ewtwprlwy oan produce. It spakt
for Wlt Rd 1 U uwa bt a,dmtlHat.
The merits oi tho Texas Wonder, you
would novor suffer from kidney.
J bladder or rhanmatle trouble.
, bottle, two months' treatment, sold
I by 8. C. 8ton drug store, or by mall.
Testimonials with each bottle.
lalry ComuUlQ.Kr 11a Hoy and A.
1! la. of Portland, and Managr
I'ndrhlll. of tho Towasoad oroamory
of thU city, want to l'rettot, Hill tu
Any to hftVl a dairymen's nrnxlog to
fwrtH a cow tt aasoolatton among
the bnitor tat uroduvor of that te
tton. Tho pkua 1. to havo an ex-p.-rt
tt tho milk from oaoh cow.
and weed nt the nnrrt)Atublo an!
mate. Tho oranvry mn of tho tat
hav rateod a fund of $125 month
to defray the ettpna of oarrlng on
thla vdneatlonal work, and aaolA
Uora hav 1h fnrwod at IVorlB.
Crabtrw and tilay at Prospect Ht.
Tho iattvr U a rich dairy roglov, bat
has oui vry l1 stock, along with
omo that Is riae, aid the dairy In
terott aro backing thla plan of In
orvaving the proflu of tho huslae.
a.imiifi lw msI rM nW
Btand Immediately after court con
vened for theafternoon session. Ho
was questioned again in regard to
tho fee.- and also regarding certain
letters written by Dunbar. As was.
tho caso lu the morning, Kozcr ha.l
a poor momory and was unable to
give any dcfinlto Information.
W. N. Gatens, Governor Chamber
lains, prlyatosecretary, was next re
called and identified letters written
by tho governor to Dunbar, Inqtitr
Ing'lnto tho matter of tho right of
the secretary of state- to collect foes.
The answers to these letter had boem
read and introduced In ovidenco dur
ing the morning session.
It was hero that the wordy war
for a continuance took place. After
Gatens left tho stnnd, McMahon
stated they would havo to wait until
tho stato treasurer coiild prepare tho
necessary data. This was at 2:tl0
o'clock. Fulton replied to this In
an Ironical statement, In which ho
asserted tho plaintiff "dllly-dnlllcd"
along, leaving 'everything to tho last
momont. "They havo known right
along they would need tho treat)
uror," ho said, "and yet they wait
until tho noon hour before they Bub-
poena him."
McMahon asked for tho contlnu
nnco until 9 o'clock this morning.
In support of this request and of
tho position of tho plaintiff, Mc
Mahon said: "Wo havo been vory
much handicapped In this caso. We
havo to pay tho monoy to continue
It ourselves. Wo havo to got our
wltnossos horo ngnlnst tholr will. Wo
did not know tho nttltudo of tho
present secretary of stato, and those-
aro tho reasons wo havo had to niako
thoso postponements."
This brought forth n vociferous,
oloquopt addross from Fulton.
"This caso was sot (or "trial In
spltu of my earnest protoBt, with
tears lu my oyes, that I was engaged
In a Jury trial In my town," shoutod
Fulton. Ills volco resounded through
tho court room nnd scorned ns it h
wero trying to Impress n wholo Jury
rather than a single Judge Ho was
vory much peruirncu, caneu mo
court's attontlon to tho understand
ing that tho caso was to havo boon
completed yesterday morning so
that ho could go back to Astoria In
tho afternoon. Ho nssortcd, "Thoro
seems to ho an Intention to hnrraBs
and nnnoy Mr. Dunbar. Lot them
dlsmlsn this suit nnd bring nnothor
ono In my town, nnd I'll glvo them
nil tho tlmo they want."
MoMahon stated (Ignoring Mr.
Fnlton's suggestion to dismiss tho
suit) that It wnrf only fnlr und Just
J hat ho bo given tlmo to bring hit)
wltnossos Into court.
This brought forth n wholo stream,
of fresh pyrotechnics fiom Fulton,
wlm, with iirir.i waving high nnd hla
volco higher, occasionally banging
a luw book on tho table shotted thnt
n "sohooj boy" would havo known
tho stato treasurer would havo bcou
needed na a wltnomt nnd would havo
had him In oourt.
MoMahon, nil smllod, replied,
"Well, you soo, Mr. Fulton, I'm not
a school boy."
Jndgo Galloway horo stopped the
attorneys long enough to grant tho
oontlnunnco. Fukuu Jumpod to hU
foot, demanding if still another con
tinuance be granted the plaintiff It
ha wanted It tomorrow morning
The court ttook slight oftanto to the
romark and stated ho would mak
no promlsos.
Fulton then offtved 4u stipulate
that the treasurer had not recolvtd
any of the mon,ey claimed to have
hen turned our to Dunbar nj foes.
MoMahon. who had gathered up his
books under his arms preparatory
to leaving, was about to agroo but
fear that Pukon was limiting too
much lu tho stipulation refused,
and. taking advantage of an argu
ment which had ensued between
Judgo Galloway and Fulton, made
good hts escape from tho court room.
District Attornoy McN'ary dropped
a bomb Into tho oamp of tho counsel
for Dnauar. when h prosouted an
order, which Judge Galloway signet,
reqnlrtng th 4ftndat to luroduej
the nrtvnlo t hook, whleh ho and
hts private elork. Snm Ker, kft.
tho hiding ylnew i whlth Kor
ntnii s. yC
i ji i r v i
. m. mm. - ' y "
that ho could not
Dunbar told him about d
tho books.
McMahan closed th6 IncldJ
Stronc nrmimonf .. .. .3
" " --v ioe ol
compel uunbar to come iB
nnd tell what he knew or n-r
books ho had kept covering
ii-uuvu oi ai leaBt 190,000
wnicn no had no right to k
Judge Galloway then naM
lowing order. This order
muuo io compel th0 deteaJ
euner produco the book
contentn In this court." aad
"Tho court will keep trylnd
mis testimony, if u takei
Adjourned to 1 p m
Tho trial will bo resume!
at !) o'clock.
(Continued from psga ,
on tho records. Judge Galloway
shows no disposition to cut short tho
Wm. T. Perkins, assistant stnte
treaauror, was tho first witness tor
day In tho fight to trace the vast ag
gregation of fees, part of which went
Into 4h stato treasury, to its last rest
Ing place. As McMahan proceeded
with his questioning, Clyde Fulton
grew sarcastic In his efforts to con
fuso tho prosecution and throw Its
attorneys off tho track. McMahan
rocktd his brain trying to frame nn
Interrogation that would leavo tho
defense no loophole for escape. Ful
ton objected even to tho opposing
lawyer's voice. "You speak too low.
Your volco grows lower and lower as
tho days go by." This distracted the
8nlem lawyer's attention without dis
turbing his equanimity. Perkins
said Dunbar turned in nono or tho
enormous sum which ho collected for
copying Iftws, Journals of tho legisla
ture, commissions and from many 24 hours havo convinced t
other Bourcos. forolgn ofHco that war bet
Tho balnnce qjfthoPcrklns tostl- twogjoat Mongolian racej
mony wont o show that the mnchlno lmtmndhU
ror grabbing rces and perquisite Tho seizure of the Japan
prior to tho lint snlary law did not al-jor Ttasu Maru by tho Chlnei
low many or the fees to sup into tnc.sluorcd to slgnlflcant'y it
stato cash box.
A Hot fA'gnl Clash.
During tho examination Fulton
volunteered tho Information that ho
hnd filed many reports for Insurance
companies, and had never paid a
"You or Charley evidently hnd a
otaiuMn with tho eccrotary," cama
very loudly from McMahan.
This nrouscd tho Iro of Fiulton,
who ropllcd with supproised temper:
"Ye, Chnrloy attends to nil that
buck lu Washington at n Inrgo salary
largo In tho eyes of some people"
After Introducing tho roports of
tho stato treasurer, Perkins was. lot
on In order to glvo him tlmo to bring
other records to show what fees Dun
bar did cnreloisly let Blip through
his fingers Into tho stnto treasury.
With his usual bluff, Fulton only
nkcd Perkins ono or two questions,
or no Importance, nnd n rccoss wns
tnken to allow moro rocords to be
brought from the stato house.
Galloway Ceimirea Dunlmr.
Tho nttltudo or Dunbar, In romnln
Ing nwny from tho hoarlng of tha
ensp. nnd that of Sam Koaor, In an
swering questions propounded to
him by tho state's attorneys wna io
voroly cemrurod by Judge Gnllovvnr
at tho close of tho soselo'n or the
court. Tho Judge stutpd thnt the on
tire evidence or fees collected and
noted In Dunbar's prlvnto memoran
dum book, which had boon kept by
Kosor, would bo brought out If It
took tho court nil summer to got this
much noodod Information.
Attorney McMnhan msortod in
open court this morning that Dunbar
was In the nttltudo of an embezzler,
ami should bo troatod llko any other
criminal who burns tho books of hU
employers, and mado to como Into
court and tell al) ho knows.
Ilookn Aro Destroyed.
In rdply to MoNnry's demand for
nn order of tho court to havo Mr.
Dunbar produce his record books In
tho oourt showing his account of fees
taken In during his term of offloe,
Fulton said the books woro burned.
While ho was preparing an affidavit
to that effect Judge Galloway mado
this eensure:
"Thoro has been evidence hero to
show that tho fees have been collect
ed, but Mr. Kosor did not tell all ho
knew. It seems to the oourt that tho
defendant:. Dunbar, treats the matter
as a huge Joke. Mr. Dunbar has not
boon present In court since thla trial
was begun, and I repeat he is treat
ing tho whole procedure as a Joke."
Tho Judge got quite heated in the
course or hU lecture, and FuKon re
nltod with tand characterizations. "I
do took upon this caso as a Joko, and
i a fraud brought ror political pue-
rlnlmed In hb testimony yoatorday j ihh. with all duo roapect to your
Bill t KMW. UHHUar. WHO Rai.IiaiUU- ulmu I hollar In I.a nnn nf
th moot fair-minded Judges In this
state-. Galloway did not appreciate
th entaiy, and replied in an equl
probably hn sleeping with tho bonk
under ht pillow at night, and k
tag it next to hb acwod In tho lining
of hla cloths dnrtag the day time, vocal dry ton of volco. "Thank you.
will Hftht t tho tart extremity ln,pHon had apparently got enough
ovory way bafore nmrendorlng it. If
ke rer does, probably ehoriag to de
stroy It first.
Whf Pulton sail ntnghaui, coun-
and sat down to prepare his affidavit
Fulton on iw Stand.
After reading his affidavit that the
, hooks had hooa destroyed, he was put
sol for x-Seortary of State Dunbar, m. Ue s;aad and was mado to admit
are making Usht of tho suit brought Uat his knowtale vu hearv. that
by the stato to compel an aocsuntjagj M be(B uW tae vere do.
tor the fee collected usdor hU ad- sUoyod. bat had not seen them, de
wlnUtrition, ladloatlen are that tho ,ltoy a weakeaed tats 'by
nuck-rko will draj from lu hiding adMltuas. uder cmssxamfMtloa
Ifilaww ewry last skred of testlmoay ot hy awoolato counsel. Ulncham.
mo unsouiea conaitiom th
exist In the diplomatic reld
tween tho two countries ht
mand, which was llUlo shea
ultimatum, for tho return of
scI, and tho almost Insoltnti
of Nlpponcao naval force
compnnled the request for til
dintc roleaso of the vwwl.
tho tangled nffar to a c'ln
that Jupan now awaits It a I
moment to strike The moi
of tho Jnpancso fleet, which I
taking plnco for tho last tvo4
tho rush or war prcparatM
havo boon going on at the ;
sonnls at Oska, are now bt!
bo explained In tho dorelop
tho Chinese crisis Japanti
macy let tho world fool h
attaching Importance to the
rations as a rosuH of Amerla
activity, while tho real can
lay to tho eastward la MancM
Officials of tho Brlthh foi
flco will not spoak authorlul
tho crisis, but they nn
of tho tact that Kng'.and i
concornsd In the wa c'ood
to swiftly devrfopel n the I
within the 'nst tw.i wc ks 1
has assumed suf'i a sr ial
lu tho last 48 hours
England, a an al ol
would be In a very pccu'Ur
frnm unviable n lHn TM
State Is looked upon to
territorial and adminutratU
of the yellow empire and Is j
nn forced a c-' 03i
peotod to make stng
tlons to the F. uopcan
iGost. that sgncd tho IITJ
noto of 1899. vr s
thine. H the KngUih V1
fntifid to Bunnort h note j
ftttltuda of tin Tn'ed M
would at once make a m3 j
nnmilnr at home and Ttn
Ing to tho conumfv o tbej
poseaslon of her Ch!neo pi
and her recognised rw"
Drltlsh sphere of inflitc;
rnntrnl Phlna
J,wn m "WH
Washlneton. Marca "'
KflwnrdH. who hS bW J
Pekln, China, for ttc iw j
In an Interview w th'tolM
d.I.I frulnV
"All that Japan a" "J
-, ...nltv tO IW
nine uijl'"""'
.. u.. T.n.11) IS t'd
ii ,if n,rrisnv al !
e.. !, tr. a- r nJ 1
.o. ttt-n l ' ba a9tfi
l.ito.... in VtV'n tts' ,fc
tA I.nnnMA ha'' I
W.'.nt in. dlvld. Vr'S4T
...TMTw -.....- :v1
way uum '-
n,nnant lheltlS I
WtMl.i... .---- TAHlS
n.sti i
eocpenw-ef the-
of good hoaith - fj
nefts Instead of
- i.v- Bii tbm f"
M".. v, vmtowW
ana iwn - -j
condition ynu "
lard's Herblaa r rr
.. . ,. .. a.i 'i
inacuve nwr y
-al ImiihlH Soti w 1
U .i.,..i Vilnl
l.wiunHi - - j4
.!:. k. wtter for
h.v filed the-r 0""