Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 04, 1908, Page 5, Image 5

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$1 to
.7, .. mrlng
, .prlns models
w - o.;.i Worcester
is. Tne'- --. A .
iftte ,
tn4 iiikftimo c"--
, find ltb puro wnuo
I cotton, pure wmw,
;i naff. :
thr win not cau!0
i k!l3.
jiBli J3.60
Mlicoifs, iM
jjji cf good material out
, fill, wth ,ao "ouuv;o
i tsd trimmed In inco
tucrtlon. The groatcst
, ,Tr offered In aaiora.
ittdi of syndicates and prow
i tad many of tho dopnrt-
el tea government usoii,
to m colleges, nro uu ujiu
- . mII (nitlmf
lib tie newipajiors. The stutT
gtwti to this oftlco would fill
rrxa newipapcrs as The Jour-
iJ wold como noarcr driving
Ln&rs crtiy tbnd wo oan our-
ttlc I'alrw Relieved.
If, Crocker, Esq., now 84 yenrs
r,i for 20 years Justlco of
ijhci at Martlnsburg, lown,
J am terribly n filleted with
i rietmitlsm In my loft nrm
Isfit hip, I havo used threo
i ot Chamberlain's Pain Bnlra
Ims !oU of good." For sa'.e
:8ioa " drutr store.
for llnlldlnes mul IInt
lnilHumblnr S stems nt fho
iMtltutlon for Feeble-
I )ropoiMs endoriod on tho
I tl ta . eavelono "Pronn&nls
teg for Stat.' Instliiitlnn
'- VM ;d d SalPtn, Oregon,"
fctuea to 8. A. Kozler, dark
M of Trustee, will bo ro-
iU'h OfflCfl Of thn Snnrntnrv
flt Capitol Building, Salem,
Wl 2 o'clock n. m. of
f'lifOa, for furnishing ma-
Ma ii&or reoulrod to con.
4 wmplcto ono frame d-
"a bu Idlne. one frnmn
WTbBtd'nr. Ono (ram hnrn
kNJ. oau brick laundry
'"4cnobrIck boiler tint.
kectrtelishtlne: alin ..
W tor hwing and plumb
" Al :n sifipi .mmki...
J fpeciflcatlous and In-
Didder. whiAh mv ya
I t the offlffl ftf . o.
te Capitol auiMing, at
Ijji , -- "XHIU, VflV
kriwj V"" w tred a.
P U IRA aHI.m. - m .
SflW Iafnrm,ll ... .
. .cC uijarU oj
J Saiem. Oregon. P.bru-
"aT.f. A K0Zm'
?Br fn .
k, ot tlll raper appear.
K Titm , .
Zmi - -
" 75 or address
With oach Bult wo glvo a pair of
high grade auapendora. This offer
ing will appeal to every man of good,
judgment who wants a Bult. The
valued are oqual to""any $20.00 nults
Bhown la tho city.
Bluo Serges Black Cheviots fancy
New Royal
The New Royal haB stood the test
of years, 1b one of tho most 'popular
machines now sold In tho east. Our
sales havo Increased to such an ex
tent that wo now got tho very lowest
prico and tho best discounts offered
to any dealers.
Thoroforo wo havo reduced tho
prico to $25.00 permanently. We
will send thom out on ton days' trial,
guarantco them .for 10 years, refund
tho monoy to any dissatisfied cus
tomer within 30 days.
Better Consider This at Once
According to a yellow Journnl It
Is entirely proper for women to dls
plny their fancy hosiery. Albany
Domocrat. Aren't you nshamod of
yourself Deacon Nutting. Of course,
you mean on tho clotlu's line.
Skk Kidneys Weakens tho Whole
llody JDikOM Yu HI, Languid
mid Dopres.scd.
Sick kidneys weaken tho body
through' tho continual drnlnago of
llfo-glvlng albumen from tho blood
Into tho urlno, and tho substitution
or poisonous uric ncld that goes
brondcust through tho syBtom, sow
ing tho soeds of dlBcaso. Loss of aN
.buinen causes woakncBB, languor,-depression.
Urlo poisoning causes rhou
jmntlo pain, nervousness, nnuson,
cricks In .tho back, gravol and kidney
stonos. Tho proper treatment la a
kidney treatment, and tho beat rem-
cdy Is Doan's Kldnoy Pills. Groat
Salem euros prove It.
! A. J. Wood, of 2D0 Cottage St.,
Snlom, Ore., says: "Kldnoy nuJ
bladder troulilo became ao bad with
mo about two months ago that I was
obliged to do'Bomothlng to oaso thu
Bufforlng. It bothered mo mo3t In
tho morning and porhaps for two or
threo hours after getting up. Too
froquont action of tho kidney secre
tons was vory annoying and ombnr
rnsslnK, I had known pooplo who
hud rocolvod the best of results from
Doan's Kldnoy Pills and I procured
n box of thorn at Dr. Stone's, drug
store. Itoforo I had UBOd ono box 1
was completely froo fspm every
symptom of tho trouble The kid
neys wore regulated and my geueral
health became batter. I enn hardly
express. In words tho good opinion I
have of Doan's Kldnoy Pills for case
of kidney complaint or baokaohe."
For sale by all dealers. Pclco GO
conti. FoBtor-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo,
New York, solo agents for tho Uni
ted States.
Remember tho name Doan's
and tako noother. -
All the Demoorats are afraid of is
that Toddy will be the nominee.
. o
Tor Infants and. Children. j
Tli M Via Kivi Always ftutlit
Signature of CyVIcai
Now is the time to place
your order for anything
needed in our line for
"fe, IbaIac rua;nr d-- m-.
' rj""! wuwmui, OBJtta, riUH2,
TreesOriaiieital Shmte, Roses
nJTt Department is the largest and
.tW31z!??,iscoast If you need anything in
Uader Date Portland, March 2, Following Uiasigaed
Circular Letter Barlesqiiiig Statement No. 1 aid
Direct Legislation and Nomination Has Been Seat
Tho Burlesque Circular.
Pop-Dem-Soclallst League.
Btinkum Crossroads, Clackamas
county, Oregon.
To All My Yollow Republican
Friends and Follewers:
Brethren In Issuing this clrculnr
I dOBlro briefly to call attontlon to
what has been done by our leaguo In
tho paBt, and to what we Intend to
do In the future, aB well as to warn
you' of cortaln moveB tho enemy, the
straight Republicans of 'Oregon, aro
After several yoars of strugglo
wo llnnally bamboozled the Republi
cans Into passing our Initiative and
referendum ninondmont to tho con
stitution. Thoy didn't know It was
loaded, and thought It was only to
he used In oxtromo casos auch ns
might arlso If tho legislature re
fused to pass somo law needed and
domanded by tho citizens, or If the
legislature pnssod Bomo vicious lav;
ngalriBt tho will of tho pooplo. But
wo fooled 'em. By making tho por
contago of signatures required vory
low It- Is posslblo to amend tho con
stitution or cnll the referendum on
a law as easily as It used to bo to
Introduce a fish bill In tho loglBla
turo. Wo already havo passed a so-callod
direct, primary law which permits us
to register ns Republicans, thus get
ting on tho Inside, whoro wo can do
better execution ngnlnst thom than
wq, formally, could. True, this law
says It Is Intended to "maintain party
Intogrlty," but that was only Intend
ed as a joko on tho Republicans.
Then.thoro Is Statoment 1, nn np
pondlx to tho jaw. Wo had to Ho to
got that In, but tho end (busting tho
O. O. P.) JuBtlflod tho means. And
look nt tho glorious rosults attained
by It! Our peerless leader who In
tho old days tried ovory turn and
crook nnd was not nblo to got ovon
"honorable mention Johnnythan
Bourne, Soonor Is now our United ( to tho Junk pile, nnd prosB forward .
Statos sonator, doing his boat to pro- the new stntomanshlp under tho dl I
vide for tho faithful but hungry little jrectlon of wir Johnnythan Bourn. ,
band of Domo-Pop-Soca in Orogon. Soenor: MYSBLF. Oeorglo C, Hnrry
And If you will only atny with I.. Thos. Oreon, General Jackson, of (
. . . . . ii..Jil. imi.nnl Hum fnel Clinrtv rinlil
ijinioment i wo navo aBauraiioos mm
that prince of hot-air purveyors,
Goorgle Chamborlaln, will be his co
laboror In this virgin flold. Pondor
this well, my brothren. for this U
the only way It can be dono. And If (R olroular In more serious tone at
uoh a fortunato thing Bhould hap- tacking tho Portland Journal. It Is
pon as election of a Domooratlo Pros- headed and follews:
Idant. wa will havo a truo friond at Li... t....i i.i.. .. u..-.n.t xvi i
court, and all the Republloans In Or-1.
ogjn win uo KiuKij ouv imuB uiu Portland Journal has been proolulm
Johhnythan daros not do openly M!ng the dootrlno of strict adherence
Wo have several very important 'aanctlmonloualy urging all officials ,nuo vounS ' upnoiu us ooumiuiun
measures coming before" ue at thejand good cltlzenB who love tt.elr,that wo mU8J- x Statement No. 1.
June election, and they must pass to' country to stand squarely on. the,D0D0B TI,K CONSTITUTION, In
mako our vlctoy complete. First is I principle of upholding them ns wo" that George Chamber alu or
tho Recall. By It. If a Republican In flad them. Why has It been dolus ome other of this political faith may
office dares to even think contrary tothU? Read what It says editorially
We have some vory fln
choat hay on the track on
which wo aro making very Iqw
prices. If you are going to
ueed hay soon it will pay you
to take it direct from the oaj,
and save oxtra bundling
At Cut Prices
We have a few tons of
mixed bay and off-grade hay
that we are selling at a big re
duction to get it out of tho
way. This hay Is a good buy
at the prico we are asking for
it. Only a few tons, so order
at once If you want a bargain.
255 Cora'l St. Phono 160.
our vIcwb, wo can mako him run
again by getting up a small petition
against him. With (this law passed,
tho officeholders will hnve thelr"ears
to tho ground," and as wo always
mako tho moat nolso, thoy will think
wo aro really "tho pooplo." Second,
tho nmondmont which forbids the
legislature .to chaugo or ropeal any
law passed by us. This will virtually
mako ME and my co-wokora tho law
making body of Oregon! See?
Third, proportional representation.
By this law wo can knock out their
beastly majority In tho loglslaturo
and nro assured that our friends tho
Socialists, Popoullsts and Democrats
wlll get somo of 'their scats at loas.
It Is a groat schemo, nnd I take groat
crodlt to mysolf for having brought
it nuo iuib Kopumicnn rmuen w. Am Bo8t ,Q who nro
Of course their are 7B or 80 othor5lninoll bollovorn n Mp Coo8r
measures; but thoso nro tho ones wo
noed. Don't forgot 'cm. J . ' , ,.
whn w n, ,, .roch .,nr - undntlou of our governmental sys-
....,.. .. 0wv .. n-. ---
tloularly tho one which forbids the
loglslaturo to amend or ropeal our
laws, wo Intend to pass ono which
wo enn call tho referendum on su
preme court decisions and on tho
veto of tho governor. True, our gov
ornor nt present Is all right, but an
accident might happen, and ono of
tho enemy might be olectcd, nnd o
veto Bomo law wo want.
uownro "' "' " "" "'"
Ing and 4alklng thoiu things. Ihny
l....ll-.. rrl.n.. I,n-
UlU Ulll IIWI U14I1M1 J 4V.V.O. ..w w
llbvo in everything that wo do not,
and In nothing that wo Dom-Pop-So
olf lists do. Bciio ""V "WMWI -
.7b "2?T ". L'S
Ho is ono of our best frlonds,'
jh ho don't know what wo have.
In store for him n llttlo later
And now lot me oxhort you to be
firm. Wo must relegate such old
moBsbacks as H. W. Scott, Georg"
H. WllllamB, 13. L. Smith. Stephen
A. Lowell, Judgos Boan and Watson
and othors, who bollevo In tho and
nuatod reprosontntlvo government,
. "'" , ...uoi, .,..w. . .
ralnor nnd otner uem-rop-aocn.
Yours for ihe onuso,
With tho burlesque circular gon
. nni nun rirji i mii ... .. ... .
..DurilB the last two years the
I to the snlrit and lettor of our laws.
. . . , .-, -.
IMiptuouilr It brtuhM aside our
frderal con.tltut.onthe very bull
of our national existence. Remem -
.. ..... .- ... i.o,.i ..!,
not a poHUoal effusion written by aa
iribanlb0 reorter for Hs eneft-j "WRin will the eeaiee ran iroi
tlonol Httws oolumne. It le the we4l- the eye ef you dream'Hg Reiiuhli
dlgeeteA, thoroughly cnltmlated ut- aa)(? wut ytsl H9ve what these
tw-Hw if Its proprietor and raaiw. ' U9reae0eof this traitorous
ing editar In referring onr organle . nmia1 W yflU 8Un to lta
taw: I kyiMKrrlteal, nnarobletlo cant fn faoe
"We nave feiiud (in Statement lof iUfm utts,ramm1 Thinkl Think!!
So. 1) an entirely legitimate, proper
THR CONSTITUTION and elect son -
aurs by direct vote of the people.
LBT US DO IT (dodge the oonstltu -
.i i immimiMi vn nfWZIxtTinttfl
uobi hiiiiuui mu v.wiw...
Let eieoi wen 10 hu ioB.-.iufa aga,B ,t rlM9 to us rmiMf, oaued by neuralgia, toothache
WHO WILL AORBE TO THIS, and tergbt and again attempts to take or aocldtnt. Ballard'e Snow Liniment
agree to koep thslr hands offf" our aatlonaI life. 'Dodge the eonstl- jwili reduce the twelllBK aud relieve
"What amaxlng. treasonable u-jtutlon!' 8eo this detestable, red-, the paJu. The great and nure cure
terances! What a display of doep-. beaded derll as It really I. B for rheumntlsm, cuts, burne, bruises,
tloa and hypocrisy! What anarch!' warned la time by Its anarchistic waldnany and all aches and palm,
tie proposal--to etrlke at the rery teaching 'Dxfg the constitution' goll by all dealers.
During L. T. Coopor's recent stay
In Boston, It Is estimated that slxty
flvo thousand peoplo-talked with him
and purchased his medicine. - This is
an average of over two thousand n
His success was so phenomenal na
to causo universal comment, both by
tho publlo and tho press. Thoro must
bo a re&son for this. Horo is tho
Jcaaqn given In his own words by
Tr. Coopor when interviewed on tho
subject. Ho Balll:
"""Tho Immense numbers of poopk
who are. caltng Qn mo horo In Dee-
ton is not unusual, I havo hod thq
samo experlonco for-tho past two
years wherovor i havo gono. Tho
reason 1b a stmplo one. It Is bocauso
my mediclno puts (ho stomach In
good condition. Thlsrdoa not sound
unusual, but It Is In fact tho key to
health. Tho Btomach Is -tho very
foundation of life. I attrlbuto 00
per cent, of all sickness directly to
tho stomach.
"Nolthor anlmnls or men enn ro
muln woll with a poor dlgcsttvo Ap
paratus. Fow can bo sick with a di
gestion in perfect condition. As n
matter of fact, moat men and women
today nro half-sick. It Is because
t00 nuloh foml nnd t00 UUIo exercise
,mvo grndually forcod tho stomach
lnto . hif.Blck condition. Mv medl-
clno gots tho stomach back whoro It
was, and that Is nil that Is nccos-
torn! 'Wo havo found a wnyfln
Statemont No. 1) to dodgo tho lot
tor of the constitution!' No Jiulnu
Iscnrlot or Ilonedlct Arnold evor
could uttor moro dnmnnblo doctrlno.
Dodge tho constitution of tho United
States tho vory law that gives us
life. And this from a Democratic,
organ-grinding sycophant, who,
I through all theso years, has been
M.itfAnnlilni. .ti.m.nt r.tl.1 itrtllflnttl twill-
fl VMVIIIHIt IVI f)lllll 44.114 jltf 1.1IVIIII 11111-
'oety, and masnuoradlng as tho friend
I w " l"",l"'" ....v.. ..... rf..
Ing, truo, loyal, Amorlcnn Oregon
Ropubllcnns nwnko to rcnllaatlnn of
Tvlmt n vlnnr vnii nrn linrhnrlni? In
. g , m ., to JOT0Ul
ia-v-.av.ng Do,noor., BN your Wo.
lopon? How long will you aid and
dHon und
8c'iio from
anarchy? How long will you con-
., A ... li.l - 1 .1
boelootoa to tli ounltou states en-
- ' " "' " "Jul "n.
: d0""!???l V"i ".
. l" "" """ "" ' ",v 7" " .
who will agree to hls, and agree te
keep their hands off
ThInk flKftin!j! Then aet. Stand
hy thft arty of Llueoln and Grant,
jwhl(jk for a generation ktamptd out
thI- ftsj8i, doctrlno at dodging the
' 8ttutlon In the 'C0. Cruah It
I ..... .... t.A
jbow inai w uai riiu iv
say cK HBBBBeBBS HK SrBf HJwaF - sLm llHrBB
BvHBOL vBBBBBSBB8p8Bsrk hj . "a , . 'pjSI
BBBBBJ-' BBBJa.SVivVBBB9m. 9BBBm!b i V ,. -" 'feJBBH
hrr txJeiaaaaav jaaPrmaaaaaaaib v ,vk ' -tjiBiaaaniaaaaaaaaaaaaBi h . 'aei
sbhAS aaryif'nijiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa japK' iiiiaMiHi.' k. ,wm
theory, Is Mr. Frank D, Brown, of Ht
Kloomjngdale stroet, Chelsea, Mass.
Ho says:
"For flvo years I havo bqught ro
ltof for indigestion, Btomacti trouble
and dyBpopsla. spending nearly alt
my wages with doctors and obtala
log no results. I had dull palus
across my back, rndlRtlng to th
shoulders. I had splitting head
aches, which nothing scorned sto curs
Thoro was a gnawing and rumbling
In my stomach and bowels, t was
troubled with vertigo nnd dUzlaees,
and' at times alnlosrj overcome by
drowsiness, .
"I felt tired and worn out all the
ttmc, my steep was not rofreefclHK,
nnd I would get up In the moralas
fooliug as weary as when I wont to
bod. My appotlto was variable rav
enous a-times, thon again nauseated
arf the sight of food. Sometimes my
fa co was palo, at other times ftushed.
I was constipated and bilious, and
had catarrhal affection in noeo nnd
throat, which caused mo to hawk and
spit a great deal, especially In the
morning. I heard so much of tho
Coopor remodlcs that I docldcd to
tryihom, Aftor -taking ono bottlo, '
a tapeworm 50 foot long paBBod from
my Bystom. I felt bottor almost Im
medlntoly. All my troubles disap
peared as If by mnglc, and my Im
provement was rapid. I now fool on
tlroly woll, and can honestly rocom
mond Mr. Cooper's mediclno to any
ono who suffors ns I did."
Wo soil tho Coopor modlclnoo,
which glvo unlvorsnl Bntlsfaotlon.
J. O. Perry.
Without 'tho constitution' you woull
hnvo no government. 'Dodge the
"Will you contlivuo td let this
traitorous sheet lull you to Hloop
with Its Btntoment No. 1 nnensthotlo
whllo it porfocts plans to cut from
undor you tho vory foundaton on
which your government, your per
sonal liberty rcBts? 'Dodge tho con
Htltutlon. Elect men o tho loglsla
turo who will ngroo to this, and agveo
to keop their hands olt!' Think!
Think!! Think again!!!"
Lnno's Family luodlctna cannot
savo nil doctor bills, but can savo a
gooi share of them. Ono two-shll
llni niipknen linn Irotlt n whnlfl fftmllT
n 800(l onUU for ft ycnr
"Tlio Vlrglnlnn.'
J. Whltcoml) Broughor has mado
a fairly good record as mayor of
Portland and may b re-elected.
o ,
tTho Lucky Qimrfcr,
Is the ono you pay opt for a box of
Dr. King's New Life Pills. They
" w, oheerfuly refunded
' C. Parry's drug store.
' j i n O1 ji
Tho merits o; the Texas Wonder, you
would never suffer from kidney,
bladder or rhetimatlo trouble. ?l
bottle two months' treatment, sold
by 8. C. Ston) drug store, or by mall.
Testimonials with each bottle.
' --
Tbut attorn, to kill old man Shaw
over In Persia was dastardly. Think
of making widows by wholesale!
A Btvolleii Jaw
Is not pretty nor pleiaant.