Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 25, 1908, Page 6, Image 6

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The Marlon county Ropubltcaua
Sri to meet In mass convention
March H and "jwggest" a legisla
tion ticket.
rrimnrlti arc to be held l each
precfaat March 7 to nolcct delegates
to tibia "jtnftsa" convention, andWny
KjHife!lcMHB do not know Just what
t tfo.
Tfca Capital Journal did not have
anything to do with calling tho
"mam" eaavealion, but can see tin
wrlOM objection to Republicans
getting together.
A mass convention cannot nhango
he exliltlng laws, and the candi
dates it "AiiRgoHln" will havo to go
tipon tho regular1 primary olcctlon
ballot tho same as any other.
Furthermore, the editor of this
paper cannot see that anything will
la gained by suppressing discussion
of guy Issuo In tho Republican party.
Republicans opposed to nny feature
of tho direct primary law have a
right to bo heard,
Republican who oppose- Btnte
nont No. 1 are mistaken, in our
opinion, although honpitly mlstakon.
Thy honestly bellovc It I n doslgi)
to disrupt or destroy the Republican
party, Wo do not agree with thorn,
)iHt an editor o.' n newspaper, be
caase ho Is an editor, has no right to
write all others down as asses or
ctMrrpt men, perchance they do not
atrHi with hltn. Rut no hon6st
jan, editor or rcador, should stulti
fy alwsclf on a matter of prlnolplo
im all the proflts, honors, offices or
meiunontR under tho sun, and thli
1 writer does not .propose to do that.
We want to print a few word of
editorial advice from Hon, Frank
Davey, who had tho ear and the sup
port of tho political leaders In this
county last year if any man did.
Yov ourselves, we accopt no political
leadership as noceniary to carry on
government, but the leadership of
truth, Ideas, principles. Ilut wo
want to rub It In on the Balom load
era a little with some suggestions
from llrothor Prank Davey. In hit
last Hums News, ho says:
Go Blow, Gentlemen t
Same of the poltlcal leaders of
Marlon county havo sot themselves
the task of elrcuiuvouttnx the spirit
W of the primary law and destroying
tha chance of alt candidates for the
legislature who stand upon tho prln
olplo of Statement No. 1. The Re
publican county central commlttco
aa called an "assembly" for the
purpose of naming delegates to the
stato convention and nominating five
candidates for tho legislature, the
Avowed purpose being to recognise
o candidate who takes tho state
ment which pledges him to support
the people's oholco for United Btatw
The movement started In Marlon
county U a haiardona one from a po
HMwrt standpoint and a bad one from
legal etaudpolut. The attempt at
ea-ealled leaders to eliminate all
Men who hava a conscientious regard
tor the law as It tatids, and who
by full faith lu the ability or the
IMople to choose what thmy want, will
Invito antagonist which tho Re
publican ticket, even In Marlon cowa
ty, MttHHet afford to encourage. U
-will foster a spirit of Indignant pro
tMt among meu who are sincere In
their adhtreeca to th theory of th
Our dtlicloua Cod Liver
sMtparAttaft wltlmtt oil.
B4Ktr Uua okl-ftklone4
cod Jlrw U and twulsioAt
til rtttssrt tmtth tar
OU lDte, klicat children,
till nm-dgw psMnwWiAot
ilHsM' ikiUMMst. CflsVitt CisMlst.
sjsjpddtiBl Aftd Ail tlaffAt Attd
Tar M war
, w rvtxxn io,
people's rale, but who hard Jn the
past token only a passive interests,
and have supported good men, re
gardless of their Bland on that ques
tion, t
Jt Is all right for Individual can
didates for the legislature to take
Bitch, position on tbat matter as may
seem right to thorn, and let tho vot
ers of their party decldo whether
thrlr qualifications in other respects
counterbalance or outweigh any ob
jections there may bo on that score,
but for the party organization to de
clare lhat 4he advocacy of tho peo
ples supremacy shall disqualify a He-
publlcan or recognition, Is making
an nltornutlvo which a great many
men will accept the Injury of the
Republican ticket.
Oregon has tho primary taw nnd
many other states are adopting It as
(bo best mean to a desired end.
Tho Republican party and Republi
can legislature Have for years pass
cd resolutions demanding such a
chango'ln our national laws n would
Insuro tho election of United States
senators by popular vote Oregon
has n law which makes such" elec
tion n possibility by Its practlctl
application, and now tho 'leaders
tho mppoecd spokesman, of tho Re
publican party propojo to defy, to
nullify that by a brazen subtcrfuco
Buch is not tho rood to Republican
huccobs. Jf tho pnrjiy has not the. math district. Ho Is n graduate of
men mid tlifc principle that will ce-0. A. 0. and has many friends here
inont Its tnembyriihJp in harmonious who would bo glad to sea him buc
unity, thus Insuring n full support cossful in his' effort to Bccuro a scat
at tho polls In Juno for Its candidate In tho Oregon eonnto. Ho hns null
solcotcd at tho primaries In April, 'ity of tho first rank. Ho has tnlonts
then tho party Is In n sorry plight of tho flrstprdor, and would mako
and tho pcoplo of Oregon nro entitled a good strong working member. Ho
to ouch representation at Washington In not on tho Times' ticket political
as (hoy by plurality or majority voto'ly, but tho brnnd tho candidate woars
may doolde. All tho apecious rca-.is not always tho tost, of whether ho
sorting about a multiplicity of candl- should, or not, bo supported.
dates and nbout tho small margin -
and small percentage of votos by 9J0O Reward 9100.
which a nomination can be made, Tho rndors of this papor will bo
tin no place In substantial argument, pleased to loam that thoro Is nt least
Our entire system of choosing ofll- ono dreaded disease thnt sclonco has
olnls Is based upon pluralities and been nblo to euro In all Its trtnges, and
In these days of multlpMelty of par- that 1b catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Curo
ties very few of thos oleolcd can la tho only positive curo now known
boast of n clean majority. Ofcoursojto tho medical fraternity. Catarrh
In dollbernt've nssomblle-, whoro re- bolng a conaUtutlonnl dlseaio. re
petition of voting is a possibility, a quire a constitutional trontmenr.
majority Is made necessary to a filial 'Hall's Catarrh Curo Is tokon Intornnl
choice, but In popular elections this ly. acting directly upon tho blood
cannot be. nnd In tho choice of pub- and mucous surfnees of tho system,
lie servants, tho popular will, ex- thereby destroying tho foundation of
pressid by tho secret, untrnmmolod tho dlsoaso, and giving tho patient
ballot, will always bo In tho United strength by building up tho constltu
Btntos tho highest unit best author-1 Hon and iwaletlng nnturo In doing
Hy, s I its work. Tho proprietor havo so
Tho stronclv Ronubllcnn leglsla- much faith In It curative powers that
luros of 1006 and 1007 did not daro
to ropal or amend the primary law.
Why? Uecauso they know that pub-
Ho opinion would uot sanction it, and
they, as representatives of that opin
ion, reflected it by non-tnferferoncc.
Until thero exists such a public de
mand, or at least an acquiescence,
tho party Is endangering Us success
by attempting to nullify tho law. The
people wU not readily surrender at
tained rights and privileges. Thu
VrojK)r course Is to educate thorn Intoning of wniaraotto valley
the proper oxorolso of these rights, olectrlo railroad to Salem. Thoy
Uepubllcana cau bo retnlnod In earn- woro pogtmastor Johnson. A. J.
ot loyalty by u faithful adhorenco Johnson, O. V. Johnson and A. P.
to good laws and principles, b'y ac-;JohniSOni Proft Charles Johnson,
cording to tho mama a full sharo of 1)eputy 8hcrff nobort Johnson, and
responsibility and calling for nlver.Jonni0n Porter romaino,i at ,omo g0
sal attention to tho preliminary steps lhe ame johnuon would still bo In
btarlugupon eleotlona and upon law evidence In town. Tho absent John-
inakUig. When this oourso Is eon'
Blstently pursued for a few years,!
tho people will bo glad to tee their
logUlaturo so amend tho law that
It will bo shorn of IU oluuisy features
and brought to a wording better fit
ted to our general system.
Hut the people will not take kind
ly to an attempt by the Repwhllean
organisation to wipe out the law and
return to a system which is dOord
Ited and abhorred. Oo slow, gentld
- ' o
The following god advloo was
published Itv the Hoys' luikutrial
SQhool Jeurnal:
When you wop a room, raise at
llttl dust as possible, beUH this
dut whew breathed irritates tho bh
and throat and may et up eatarrh.
Some of the dutt breathed in dusty
Mr ruaeboa the tungn, maklag parts
of hm black and hard and miu4ss
If the dust in the air ou breathe
ceatalua the germs of comiumHMou
tubercle bacilli whloh have come
frosa consumption spiutuff oa tio
floors, you raw the risk of Cftttln
eoasumBttoB yourself. If eousumn
Uvea usd proper spit cups a&d are
careful la roughing or tawing te
hold haadkarohief or the hand
ovr the ao aad aiouth so a not
to scatter salttte abaut la the air,
tho risk ef set Mag the dUease tiy
Uvlag ia the & rwtHi ta mo-stly
Ta prevent wskiHg a grat dust la
weKiB. me atek: wwduw. a aare
ioept. Whea tha ra4a t ajr(MKit.
aa)tea a aewpaar aad tear U la
ta aaall aaraaa aa4 Natter tkow aa
aa th Hrnr wata oa aegta awp
flng. As you Bwecp, brush tho paper
along by tho broom and they will
catch most of the dust and hold it
fast, Just as the sawdust docs on tho
bare floors. Do not have paper or
sawdust dripping, only moist. In
dusting a room do not use a feather
duster, because this docs not remove
tho dust from tho room, but only
brushes it into tho air so that you
broathe it in, or settles down; then
you have to do tho work over again.
Use soft( dry cloths to dust with,
and shako thorn frequently out of the
window, or use slightly moistened
cloths and rlnao them out in water
when you have finished. In this way
you get tho dust out of the room
In cleaning rooms you should re
member that tho dust settles upon
tho floor as well as on the furniture,
and Is stirred into the air wo breathe
by walking across the floor. You
can easily remove all this In roomi
which havo bare floors, in houses.
stores, shops, schoolrooms, etc., nfler
tho dust has settled by passing ovor
tho floor a mop which has been
wrung out o rtB to bo on!y moist, not
( CorvalllB Time.1)
Harry L. Holgato Is n candidate
for Joint eonator in the Crook-Kla-
they offer Ono Hundred Dollars for
any case tbat it falls to curo, Send
r list of testimonial.
Vddrcsa F. J, Cheney & Co., Tole
do, O.
Hold by all druggists, 75c.
Tako I fall's Family Pllla for eon
etlpatxji.. O'
X Numerous Fumlly.
Th Johnsons went to Salem to at
tend tho festfvltlos luoldent to tho
lomt returned Wednesday to Gorval
lis, otherwp, Johnsonvllle or John
sonburg. Gorvallls Times.
Not 1 in 1000 who buy
Schillings Best wants the
Ymi tKtr iuri jout meet j.U 1
N'ctv Xotttritt.
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Appetite for Crabs
THE oWbh ha an enormous apfxtik
for ihdMtih, crabs and lobtkr.
He uU (hem alNx and he cU them
raw. He tab thm aa without )a
dtjedion and jiowa tat He has a
powerful tiw,
the oU Iram the ca Uvar auba
Scitt's Emulsioa
A waaard aMr (o ssjcU ad la
aasVac sVak Is h tvty ipaaasai.
Thapav.tr maaaa rxw i$t mi nw
Soh Car Qmc&QiMtt fram vasaiag
AatfetMfctai SacuJttJM
I had the most debilltaUag cough a mortal vu erer aJUcted with, and my friead expected that
when I left my bed it would surely be for my grave. Our doctor pronouaced my case incurable,
but thanka be to God, four battlea f Dr. Xlag'Near Discovery cured me caaaaletely that I a
Ml VUBUU nziu neui -ntwi
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X. M. Nnvport, a Linn County Editor
..Who Tlilnks the I'roplo Did Not
IfiidrrxlaiKl Wlmt They Voted
Wo bollevo wo volco tho ssntlmont
of tho pooplo ganornlly when wo Bay
that In the main tho peoplo npprovu
the direct primary lawB of Orogon,
or 8omo slmllnr law whlohtnkos tho
nomination of candidates out of the
handa of tho professional politicians.
And yet thoro nro many fonturos of
tho Oregon law whloh are both cum
bcrsomo nnd cxponslvo nnd distaste
ful to many men, nnd tho result Is
often tho bent men and those qunll
lied for oflloo will not ullow their
nnmcB to ho used. It may bo sot
down as a fact that tho undesirable
foaturos which had crcptlnto tho
old convention system wore tho re
sult, not so much tho fault of tho
system as It was tho carelessness of
tho pcoplo In taking llttlo or no In
terest In political matters and allow
ing a fow persons to run things.
Just how Statement No, 1 crept
Into tho primary law In tho ahapo It
did fow aeom to understand. Wo bo
llevo tho mass of tho pcoplo at the
time It was made n law llttlo under
stood It. The mass of tho Oregon
peoplo bollev the matter of electing
of tho United Status senators should
bo ai far rwmovod from tho legisla
ture as possible, nnd they havo
abundant reasons for aurh doilro, as
ovldonced by only too many uxamplre
In Orogon olcctlon of senators. Wo
bollevo that a majority of tho pcoplo
thought tho senatorial feature of tin
primary law was simply that tho Re
publicans would put up ni many
candidates as thoy desired, or as
mauy men as desired to make tho
race would ask for the support of
tholr party at tho primary election,
and tho Hemocrnta would do like
wise, Tho Republican getting tho
hlgheat munbor of votes of his party
at the primary election would go be
fore tho legislature at the endorsed
candidate of his party expressed at
a general primary eleotlou. and that
tho Republican members would be In
duty bound In compliance with the
expressed wish of his party to vote
for him. The same would be true
with tho Democrats. Tho mombora
f that party in the legislature
would support for eleotlon as sena
tor the man of their party who at
the. primary oleottou had received
the popular (indorsement of his par
ty. Tho people never understood
whon they ware waaatlBg the primary
law that a Rab!tean legislature
was bound to vote for a Dsmbcrat for
United States senator or a Demo
cratic legislature should elect a Re
publican to that plaoa. R might jast
as well b t dowa naw as a fact
that th will aaver do It. X one
bollevs a Democratic iegtslatura
would vr flwt a" Republican seaa
tor and ho oae should expect u Re
publloaa legtelature to give th of
nee to a Democrat. No Democrat
will vr reetve the papular vote
of Oregoa. at least net soon, sat
oven Chamberlain. Thuaad of
people voted far Chamberlala far
governor who wuhl aet vote for
him for soaator.
For Rhrunuiic gaffer.
The quick relief from pais afford.
ed by applying Chamberlala' Pata
Ralra mak It a favorite with suffer-
ar frosa rfeeuta&tum, iatlaa, lame
back, kiatbago, and dta? sealed aad
mvaeular fwlas. For sale at Dr.
Stea' drag store.
r ..-.-..j w-. .. ,
Only Nine Out of 1000 Inlutbltnnts
In Oregon Havo Died in the Past
War Practically All of Statu In
stllutlon.H in (Jood Sanitary Condi
tion. Oregon's death rato during 1907
was approximately nine In every
1 1000 Inhabitants, according to Dr.
It. C. Yonnoy, accrotnry of tho state
I hoard of health, In his nnnunl re
port, whloh has recently boon com
piled, says a Portland pnpor.
This low rnto Is looked upon as a
romarkablo showing, nnd It Is bo
llovod that It Is not excelled by any
other stnto in tho union.
To a ccrtnln extent tho figures n
his. report nro Incomplete, for th.
ronson that a number of tho coun
ties send no report of their vital
statistics to tho state board of health.
Ad a basis for his figures ho has
j taken tho carefully prepared statis
tics of 14 of the most populous
countlos of tho stnto from whjlch
regular monthly health reports aro
received, and In which tho death rate
would naturally bo larger than In
loss densely populated counties.
The state has boon usually freo
of Infectious dlsoase during the post
I Tho only contagion wns In Grant
.county, whoro they had 121 cases of
Bmallpox, duo largoly to tho county
Improperly handling tho situation.
Altogether there were 317 cases of
this dlsoase In tho state. He said
thnt this Is tho most easily, controlled
contagious disease and that through
vaccination and quarantine It may bo
(ellmtuatod. He classes the failure
of the Giant county officials in pro
venting tho dlsoao to spread as
gross negligence.
One of every 10 deaths In tho
state was due to tuberoulosls, a total
of 445. Of theie SfiS cases of ty
phoid fever reportod, 103 deaths re
sutled. Thore woro 572 cases of
diphtheria, with C2 deaths; 406 cases
of scarlet fever with 13 deaths, and
1313 of measlsa with 20 deaths.
An Inspection of the stato Insti
tutions during the year by the board
found all except tho state Insane asy
lum and the Weston normal nchool
In good sanitary condition. In re
gard to the former, he deplore tho
taok of good waler supply and of
separate wards whore patients with
Uiberoutofils way be soparated from
those not Infected with the dUoase.
He makes the announcement that 20
per cent of the deaths at the asylum
are duo to tuberculsU, and In many
Instances the disease Is contracted
after the patient arrives at the asy
lum. The Wttston normal the board
found to b so overcrowded, poorly
ventilated and lighted and seriously
la ad at general renovation.
Municipal ownership of water sys-
torn U urged ia the report, as It be
lieves this to be the ultimate solu
tloa ef the pure water problem.
Frm statistics the board has agreed
that mualctiMl ewaershlp in the great
aajartty of tatm, furnishes a bettor
aad More adequate supply than
throws private source.
Ia the rape it was urged that
spatial eare sfcoult be glvea to school
saaltattea ta rder to prevent the
spread t dWee among school chil
drea. better railway sanitation, and
cMpeoiailx l regard to disinfecting
dipets ami eoaehes aad la handling
feed stuffs shipped 6a the cars.
About SSd have registered la Polk
eauaty ta date.
Which Probably Means Thnt
Hill of Albany Will He tft
Nou DlBtrict Attorney.
Polk County Obervir i
J. il. McNary, the popular an
clont prosecuting attorney 0f
tlilrd Judicial district, has d
that ho doOB not want the of
federal prosecutor Ho foeli
ful to his friends for Jhclr pi
of assistance In landing tho lot
says tho salary 1b not sufflcieJ
justify him In abandoning hl
prnctlco and surrendering his pr
position. Meanwhile, tho go
ment ofllco is still seeking a
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Man Shot at Woodburn.
Chnrles Elwell. who was
SherMT Amos Beach at Wcodbal
short tlmo ago. was jH
brought to tho Salem boiplUl
for treatment. The Injured
stands about an even chance
covering from tho bullets wobbJ
To Cure
Tim ftveessive acci
Infirm of uric acid must i
eradicated from tbo ss
tmrv ur. Tf ilcs' em
used as directed for tU
niatism, is alkaline uv
tnrA. Tt neutralizes
wl a-nA it a enn thillC
fnnf.1 imon the irntaU
nndiHmi nf tlie nei
relieves pain and indue
sleep aud rest-
Pla In my foot My F"J&r
"I Wlfl niaucnu . - ..... om
tcu wnac w - -,.m
lot 1 w m.PWSJ
fnnr djvs I
tb otfier root i " - i j.-1
I couM earrlr ttBAAi
kad lo crawi oa my .- rft i
bxv. jla all tww3 JZ'teait
Ur doctor told m JSuS
Uc or Inflammatory L rtfkTM
mm scarcer ""SlJ iJi
it. i rea ioui. -r-r rn
turbt a.bottl. JJTt
rtla McJIeal CO.. for. ?T;r a
Art to add US.
to tho N'etlno. a.f12,XS ti
Ct better frow U sJScrfy
past wx oaths &"JwTSi
Mta., ana -3 JttS?
J. O. Beet t. f"nvj h
from my tvu aowc "-. s
in"wy hoe oa tor . v-"jm
I uW anwr to 'Ji
tho rin. I 2ll?i't Jvwra
mctimtr, and trW r'' u&
fc aw """. T - wV Kl