Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 25, 1908, Page 10, Image 10

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Of Men', Womb's ami CrnWren's Wearing Apparel. At
UlS ahow'mt we have otitdoft. mew orrVtotM event of f hi
kiwi, so ow custtntrs sy. We are the fetfcrsotfiers
mrt the folfewers.
Comploto lino of Hudnut's celebrated nerfumei: nmnnc hr
tho Narclsiie, a new perfume wltli amvell odor tho latest or midnut'a
prodiiotlon, Como In nnd get a free sample.
Sweet Gr6hid nnd Violet Toilet
Water. Thoso who llko a doll
cafe violet perfume usually find
tho violet wntcr mora pleasing
than tlio violet extract.
Marvelous Cold Cream.
TooTir rowiiBiis
All Hudaut'a latent productions.
, SpecWSate No. 374 far Tomorrow Only
Wo tfjtfer Indies' skirls In silks, wool and mixtures, black lrin and
coloT for eiactly
Halo starty at 8i30. No phono orders received. (New Department)
j irst Kloof.
I trmrV
AmII vmiriudf ((li nm nf tha
new largo dot Chomlllo', lnatl the
lending colors, Thoso new veils
will bo greatly In demand tkk
season chooso now.
Our entire lino of
Winter Conts, to clone.
112. DO to 20 values
reduced to. ...... .
$33 r0 to 30 value
roduoed to
Nw Boring Shlrta In golf nnd
aegllgce, with or without cuffs
attaeh-d and (coat stylos) with
plMsieA'or plain bosoms in strip's.
dob and chookfl and in delicto
W colors In a largo assort
ment of Rites, all now.
- " I
mmmwmmm xsj
Wt f M
Wcdncmkiy gpeckd
If you havo a cough or cold,
come" to Douglas' and eet some of
oar fresh XXXX horchound sticks or
drops, 15c per pound, or two pounds
for 25c, regular 25c pound. Doug
las, 4 CO State otrcet. 2-25-2t
lllid Study CI Hi)
Tonight (Tuesday) at 8 o'clock, at
tho Trover gallery, on State street.
Marriage Llctnwo
Henry WeelowBkl, aged 22 yoars,
and Monica Francis Bartoz, both of
this city. Tho marriage took place
"Irlflh" Hack. In Race
Williamson, tho plucky lltt'c
Irishman, will be bapk In tho six
day raco tonight. Watch for some
thing startling. Horo'8 to Irish.
Kxriirelon to Alder Springs
Don't fall to so tho closest and
chcapoat property In Portland Sun
KxcurnloH Sunday
, The Bpanton Company, of Port-
land, will run a Bpcclal excursion to
Alder Springs and Portland next
Sunday at 11 a. m for the purpose
of affording Salomltes an opportuni
ty of Viewing their new addition. A
rate of $2.00 for tho round trip will
bo given, with a refund of car faro to
any purchasers.
Pioneer niffl President of ili
Study Club JtaOriNhnp.
y 0
Carrier James W. Cox. of rural
delivery No. 9., north of Salem, was
irndly hurt this morning when his
horse ran away nnd overturned the
cart, precipitating him to the ground.
Cox had Just started out on his route
at 8 o'clock, and drove his horse up
to tho Plonoer fountain to drink,
whon th'c animal took fright, Jumped
to the uldo, overturning the cart and
then dashed north along Winter
Htreet, Cox landed on his shoulder,
and, white it Is thought no bones are
broken, tho (unfortunate carrier is
belloved to bo In a Berlons condition
from Internal Injuries. Ho was taken
to his homo by other carriers, who
saw the accident, and attended by
Dr. Itobertson. .The runnw'nv whs
mopped by an employe of Edward's
butoher shop somo blocks from
whero ho first Htnrtod.
(United Press Leased Wire.)
London, Feb. 25. Dispatches
from Lisbon, filtered through the
rigid cenaVahlp in London, indicate
that virtually a rolgn of terror exists
at the Portugese'capltal, whero the
Duke of Oporto, to all practical pur
poses, 1b acting as absoluto dictator.
Tho queen mother Is making prep
arations to transfqr her residence to
Spain, while the young king tacitly
admits his own inability to rule un
der tho present conditions.
Upon the Duko of Oporto, there
fore, practically develops the taBk
of ruling tho kingdom. Ho has been
given absoluto command of all mllll
tary forces, and even of tho police
Arrests are made by scores, and no
records made thereof. Suspects ar
being thrown into prison, and kept
(United Press Leasri J
flret stage of life the Repub'k
tyn argument was nmv
Becond, praise and prcjm ,e.
M wl'riiy. The third
ui an ona. in the fo......
wiibi win tne party bo uc
snuemcn, tho birth
wim mese wordn ru
Garrett, of Tennessee, todarl
w w, UUUI OI mO llnilea . ,
against the dominant poll
no accused It of hypocri-y
larly In tho tariff Issup " '
"The poriod of prayer"
clnred, "covered the paryg
nuns wiin tno nntl-slnwr.. .
"i me country. u (0
Mnnrlu .1,..i.i . ..
-.....j uvmuiiairuinn that i
Influences in tho party did no
rnp lor mo oiavery question
New Annex
City News
Hm UMlnht ami WiiIm!1, 4"
JMm'wIh Wwrpe h Thh
KohemU Sharpo Is In tho city. Me
Is au old Jiinu county miner, &M
owner of several tine olultae, tl
Msato4 to contain millions of ore. Ho
catlod at ttiH governor'n odea yettr
day nnd virtually offered his baftd
nd livnrt and mines to one of tk
young women employed there. Ha
would not doiiit iiniil Informed by
the Koveruur tint it wae not a cur
lag huroau.
HjmvM Vlw-
In wall papor. Our 16c ttflsctte
ro above pur In quality. Dur A
We Wnwt
Two toiu of ohlakjans this vrMk
Capital Oojnnilsjloit grapany. Pkoae
At II. (JunliH'r
For 80 yars with a. W. Thoajv
ou & Co, u how louated In H4'
druK Metro, on Mate mrtint, Ktcest
atih repairing a uiilalty
Art Qultkly
H(iu for Mlu for $198. Huaulro
SjusuKHng LobitIn Oe d .
IHy Wall PaMr
AHd ut yur work daw hflfere thi
liu) neafMiH. liurittt 4 Hamilton.
M U Time to Think
About tho ltHtidtHtt M intend to
Jo thu MiJuit KIkmh. wtth A. M.
Mfl for your mill work. He has
fnest sash and door factory In
Oils county.
Cfctekea Pki 8MH.icr
Cral Congrogntlonal church, Nine
taR ad Ferry stret. will glvo a
ekkkM fl supper at the church
WfVlMMlay evening, February 2C,
frw S to t p. m. Kvorybody Invltod
HjWtr 36 cpnta.
Iti Loyal to Solctn
Como to tho rink tonight and boost
for Salem products, Card and Wil
liamson. Something dolnjr tonlaht.
Morrow After Judge
Hobort O. Morrow, of Portland.
this morning filed his petition with
tho secretary of tato for nomina
tion to tho office of olroult Judgo for
tho fourth Judlolnl dlstriot on tho
Itepiiblloan ticket.
Tlio Variety
Storo Is now In its naw ptaco of
btislness, 204 North Commercial
ptrct. Old and now customer are
Invited to call.
Personal Mention
C Your Chicken
W want all you have. Capital
0MMon Co Phone 179. tf
1m ! Conference .
Til Baloro dolegates to the Ore
tc Ijoya conference at Corvallli ro
turaM aomo Monday morning, and
wtffw4 tkomselves as well pleased
WKk tae iaccosi of the conference.
MKiek work was accomplished for tho
eelr year. An enthusiastic 180
toy Attended a banquet given In tho
VmBt of tho Methodist church.
i A general good time was had
durUg the entire trip.
fw Aligns. All
BM k Hamilton.
freeh itook.
IgW w wmmtammmmm amm wmm wmm
TlM WlflM-St
Maraet price paid for ohlokons.
CapitiJ Commtsslon Company. Phone
m. tr
OjuguM CVdr Pot
Just reeelvetl. by the. Capital Im
troreeat Company. Alio 11. & 0
e sulphur for spraying. 2-2-3t
Dr. R, C&rtu right
Has retuiaed hli praetled In Salem
4 tu oppx! an otnee In rooms
0 and 3, over Kry'a drug store. Office
hour. 19m to. 4 xi. m. 3-llm
Hugh II. ftcarlii Dead
H. 1). (Jcnrln, n resldoiU of thin
county, residing nr St. fPaul. died
at Tiioooii, Arlxona, from tuborculo
bIo last Sunday. Deceased wont to
Arizona for Ills health, but was not
bouonttcd. Ho leaves a wife and
eight children nt tho family homo
near St. Paul, and ono brother, ox
Unltod States Bonator John Goarln,
of Portland, pecoasod was a noph
ow of Mrs. D. F. Wagner, of this cty
Tho remains will nrrlvo at Woodburn
Friday morning from Tucson. The
funoral will be at tho homo next Sat-
urday, and Interment will bo In tho
St. Paul cemetery, at St. Paul.
Home From Alunkn
Attorney J. A. Carson h home
from attending United States court
nt Valdeg and Juneau. Alaska, nnd
will return March 24 to try another
case. He arrived on tho early morn-
lug train, and reports t linos prosper
ous In the torrltory. His business H
growing In that region so that ho
may havo to romavo his onto nearer
tho arotlo regions.
0. T. Tredgold and Stove W. Scott
arc successors to the Uandon Re
Mr. and Mrn. Geo, W. Eyre left
latt night for n hIx wooks visit with
frlonds in their formor homo In Illi
nois. . Miss Mildred B. Tlngloy loft for
Portland UiIb morning to visit her
uncle, A. W. Hagloy, nnd also to at
tend to biislnovs mnttors.
Mrs. Thankful Thompson loft for
Portland this morning, whero alio
may possibly romaln pormanontly.
F. G. Deckebnoh has gone to Gor
vals for tho day, to attend to busl
noss matters.
Mr. Ilobortaon will nlvn a stercon-
tlcon loottire nt tlfo W. C. T. U. hall
Wodnosdny evening at 8 o'clock.
Prof. T. S. Roberts attended tho
concert nt tho Holllg, In Portland.
Monday night.
Mrs. Klla Watt, grand Instructor
of tho Unltod Artisans, left last night
for Portland, en route to Tho Dalled
and surrounding country, where she
will attend tho different asaemblloi.
Mrs. Lydla Dennett Is spending a
week's visit with frlonds In Portland.
Miss Cnsslo Thompson, of Albany,
Is visiting Mrs. 8. A. Montgomery
thoro with no opportunity to see
friends or even mombors of their loadero saw an ouportunhv
ramlliej. Many notifies havo been it. Tho prnlso and prejudice
ou.wi.iii.'u mm wimir occupants im
prisoned. All 6lgna point to a revolutionary
outbreak. For this reason thn Iirlt-
Jsh crulsora will remain In tho Ta-
g'.is, nnd the Spanish troops upon tho
Surpassing Beauty
Makes this Oxford apart from
Uj common lot. Ita outunw are
utrmlr naofil. It U eharac-
trltd by ajyft that will win u
well-40rvti favor la any we
' ?, A shoe tbat eau be
'wor 'wltk eoatldiHiee la Ita abto
lut eerretneti. jt eu of thj
saauy popular style f
CtoktoitKMailA by C, 1. yM Kbo. IV,
The trl mark ldntlns tblr worta. Taey are ot tbat wear
leuil d Yv,lvewfrutl iro tK Ar aad tylta to the flalab
W aa tbvHA l ta. jpateut kl4 u KgR metal. AJao x& p
StHttlt ihoA.. a vy trio U taart aoo- liKUy waaaUh m
frfct M ta, At ut. colt k4 ran wttai Oxfords an ue
al widths, AUo bua' aad laJw ofor4.
, W. N)r T Mai4eiH)n
Mayor Rodgera yesterday appoint
ed J. 11. Perrott to tho position of
englueer In chargo of the street Im
provements. Perrott has been, up to
tho prevent time, one of the head en
giuert In the employ of the Oregon
motrlo Company. He will oom.
menoe on his new dutls ou next
Monday, March S. whea he will ne-
Qtire some men to work under him,
and begin active operations. Hli sal
ary is to be $125 per month.
i r- i
The Southern Paoltto has notlfnsl
the railroad eommUslon tbat thfty
are prepared to put In a spur traok
for the purpose of caoryiag ooiutrue
(t!on mateflal to he alto for the
.boaio for tho feeble minded. The
work will begin as soon as the statu
has leveled a rade for the laying of
the rails.
Kuprrnio Coijrt DeclNlons.
Tho supreme court rendered
following decisions teday:
Charles II., G. V. and 0. B. Ah
nerthy ngulnst.S. and F. Uhlnian and
Go ∈ from Yamhill county; Judg
ment reversed.
A. J. Anderson vs. William Orlf
lUh, J. W. Reed and Oregon Socurl'
tie Cempany: from Lane county;
Judgment modified.
W. G. Rowen vs. P. Allndlo. 11.
Sargousseo and Louise B. Humllton;
remanded to circuit onurt Multnomnh
" n
M'AYBRS At tho homo of T. 0.
Jamos. Nineteenth and Forry street
at 10 a . m., Monday, February
24. 190S. John G. Mayer, of heart
The funeral will take plane at the
Rlgdoa aadertaklag narlors today at
3 ! m aad the remains will be
taken to the Le Mission cemetivry
for burial.
Chicago, Fob. 25. Murder of tho
Rov. Loo Holnrlcha, In Donvor, an
tho prleet ntood at tho altar admlnls.
torlng holy communion, brought tho
startling accusations from Chicago
priests today that antl-clerlcal agi
tation by a group of ItnllanH has tak-
on form In Chicago. Tho prlcBts Bay
emphatically that Blmllar murders
may bo feared as the result of the
propaganda carried on against prlosts
under tho gulso of an nntl-rlerlcnl
club In this city.
Discovery of tho agitation anion
Chicago Italians following tho
ehargoB by tho priests brought on nu
investigation by tho police depart
ment, and Important developments
nro expected, throwing light on tho
movements of the assassin while In
oxtonded over two decades,
moouy Hniri waB the banner i
peal to heroic memoric. nn
prejudlcen of the civil War,
"Tim fhlrvl nn.l.i
- .. .....v. ihiiuu inni ni
porlty has boon working J
o "II
rorco sinco 1803 it was lo tl
nou tnat tho Republicans coto
with tho pesple- to pre-ervo n
ty through a protective tariff'
Congressman Garrett uald tl
pio must elthor deny th .,
of 15 years or nssumo tho ri
. ------...
niuty for tho present flnanili
Dad breath has prchablr
off moro matches than bad tj
nnd Hint's n good many The
euro for bad breath l tho m.
ntlVe.Lnno's Family Medicine,
Marlon county has rcKlgterd
out of 5000 voters.
Salem Elks nre preparing
strel Bhow.
Ned liartlett, who 'as arretted
Saturday alght near Chwwawa o
the barge of ktdauplag hU U-voar
old daughter. Jaanle. froat her hus-
band. Joseph Settler, was released oa
that charge by Justice of the Poac
Webster tbla moralag. en motion of
the district attorney.
Jottatoa Immedlateay Hreferred the
ohrg of carrying t eeaeealtd weapV
ob atalsH Rartleu
CVJrlato Auulrortarj-
The SSih aaalrersary of the ea
tabUftwoat of the Ohewavra ladlaa
Tralalag SchooJL aear thin eltv. win
be celebrated toatght with a appro-
ptiate urogram.
HLLlOTT At the family home In
3th SaVem. Twaeday. February
21, 190S. Infant 8a of Mr. nnd
Mrs. N. a BllloVt.
.n i.iiOhi.i , .
Joeeuh's Cathallo aharoh. thte.
Tuesday moralag. February SI,
199S. at 9 o'eloek. teak plae the
marriage of MUa Monica F. liar-
toe. of thl tlt-. 4a Henry Weaal-
owakl. of Slltjta. Ore. Father
A. A. Moore offlelatlag.
After a hrt trtj to the groom
home la stku, they will wake their
home Ih Salem.
Suit Agalukt Merger.
(Ualted Prew Leased Wire.)
Gothrle, Okla.. Fvb. 2 Gove.
nor Haskell lat Might Mat a earn-
muakattea im Attcvruikntnui w
CoasUblein WVttall , ordered htm to Id0-
tute proceedlags to dissolve aa al
leged wergor beMveeB the Rook
Inland aad the "Frtwto ralUoada in
the Mew tate.
The letter reolte that the later-
ets of the sew road are p4ed ea
dor the same taaaagemeat. aad thay
are la erry a eowieUtle, At-
would luammediately otart the salt
(United Press Leased Wlro.)
Ohloago, Fob. 25. The Thomai,
Flyer, the American car In the New
York to Paris raco, left tho snowy
wnstes of Northern Inillnrm thin
morning, nnd started to bump along
the ties of tho Lake Shore & Michi
gan Southern railroad on the last lap
In tho run to Chicago. It was ex
pected that they would arrive horo
ahortly after noon.
The French nnd Italian cars, which
were stranded at New Carlisle, final
ly startod today under their own
power. Tho rain had changed the
rotula Into stlckv. sllmmrv slimli
making It hard for tho oars to run
Tho farmers refused to give the for
eigners a hand.
Nor wfcb Unton Fire
Frank Meredith, Reidt A
OflJco with Wm. Brown ft
29 Commercial street.
TH03. K.
Over Ladd & Buch's Bank, Sals
Tll AhHttiiiMy U,
Parly at the HlW hall tomorrow
oveMlng will not be a tap year pasti .
as prevlOHaly announoed.
For Sale Large body and
grado second-growth fir
1417 or 1183. Down nc ft
For Sale- Several houses la
and farm 'ands at a barctlaJ
Ital National Bank. M-
Klntl Word for Joue.
(JofTersQii Review.)
Hun, M. L. Jones of Brooks was
In JafforwH Monday, looking after
matters nertalHlni; tn hie iuimiiiiA
for eoaaty Judge. Mr. Jones bey-
nood and manhood havo been pasted
la this eoaaty. He receive,! tho A. B
degree at the WtMamette University
In 18T1, afterwards studying law and
pawing an examination before the
eaareine mrt. Far the past 20
year he ha been encaced In th
general laueehaBdtse buatBAM nu.l
farming nt Breokt. H Is at nrMAni
a large promoter of dairying. He !
a heavy taxtayer aad at In a nosltlon
u give tne onlee f eouuty ludse the
ame oareiul attention wbleh he has
always given hUc own business af
fairs. '
Wanted Cow giving 4 '0 5
of milk nor day. acd trti2
C per eent. Phone Ma n 11
i JH
Wanted a position ai s'.cuesr
by young lady In a lank cr
Has worked In a ta-k 't'
years, and can furn.sh tte U
refaronoas. . Add'f 5 P 0-1
571 Rnlom Op 2 IlrM
., ,, -w..
Wanted To bow nuf F-? IC!
ornArlHnnAil .Irafii.k
write MIm fl E lift' 3ft5:
and Trade St
For Hale Good young fr.sn
civlne thrae gallons c
Bnniilm nt eSl Sa S-l '
streets. Phana l.o" -
WanteiL ConiBetent n.an &''
i J ail
den work,
Wnnntl Stenographer wa ,
lion very aocHrat w
references. Call at
hall, phone 3Ss
DrikrAi. I. ... t... . . . I
r.;; ",r" "rw resaiB,BK lB,r For SalFlve
Tor IaJknta anaT Panai-B
Tfci m Ym Hiyi Always U
w &&ffi4gZa4
white yaad.01
hena aad two eockereli f'om orl
wlaalne stock- CaU mi
lr Sale One 2-hor
VI2SD vith bOX. ,VV
box aa4
aorlhg seat, now aad m perfect cJ
dHio;also I-Immtw ubkj
sew. at a hargala.
Cottage street.
Phone 329,
2 55-lwk