Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 12, 1908, Page 4, Image 4

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Now I can
CtATAIMUI of thoroaplratory organs
t la a common nllmout In Canada for
at leant two-third of tlio year.
Thin condition In no iloulit onusfd by
the long, severe wluliirs oxpurluuoed In
this part of tliuuontlnunt.
Therefore, whon Pcrtina vrii discov
ered by Untiadlan people to lw n rullalilo
vomoily for these catarrhal dlaoaao. It
atonoo Imhioiiih popular medlalne, not
only among Individual and In families,
ltit In llio great hoapltnU, whoro It wait
uaed ai a preventative and rolluf In
Jiundrcds of canon.
Thoao Inatttutlons do not hesitate to
Biro lliolr otidoraomuiil of tho rotniKly
which haa boon no holpful In tho treat
ment of tliolr poor and alck.
Among Iheao Inatltutloua la that of
tho Hiatera of (lood Hhophord, who gave
tho following undorHomuuti
the Peruna Company,
Columbia, Ohio,
Having uted Peruna for the patt few
month; tor our tick and poor, we are
happy to uay that It hat given ut great
The Shtert of the Uooti Shepherd,
AuguttJ, IWJ. .
After a continued tiao of tho romrdyi
thU Institution Iim found no rcaaon to
change IWt Reed opinion of thoromdy
and ipreaeee IU sUfoUou In tho fol
lowing terms i
Montreal, Nov. 7, 1903,
We found Pcruna a relief In several
We can tsy It la a good tonic and we
are very thankful.
Sitter of the Oood Shepherd.
When catarrh onoo faattm Itaelf upon
thoayatom It tmaoinetf an obatluato ilia
on no tooriiillcttto.
A Mynttimlo romwly ono that reanhna
ovury Intornal oran of tho body la ait
nlMoltilo noooiMlty.
I'oruna In JiimI miipIi a remedy. It
aoarohea out tho oati of tho dUeato,
lumlliiK and atrotiKthonliiK tho muooita
incinhriuum, nnd Hum ijIvIiik Natttronn
opportunity to Mrforiu hur part of tho
rontoratlvo proootM.
Ono of tho innuy honpltnU which lavo
found I'oruna of vrIuh lu truatliiKold nnd
olMtlnntoonaoMof tuiUrrh U tho Iloapltal
Ht. John, who wrllo, n follow t
'Woaro happy to lII ymi that your
I'oruna haa Ktvon im antlMfaotlon. Throo
patlonU havo tried It, one UHyoarrt old,
lloiioul DupuU, ullllotod Mith (tftliirrh, la
imioh rollovtsl, inoro than ho haa boon
tor a numlwr of year,
"A young girl, IS years old, had an
obitlnato cough, which half a bottle of
I'eruna cauted to dltappear.
"Am to myiMilf, two botlliM havo con
vlnood mo thut I'oruna U inaituUloout
ma tonlo,
'lluforo tho trofttmoitt I could not
walk tor Ao,uartor of an hour without
experiencing much fatJguo.
walk a mllo oMlly.
"Through thcao throo canon wo dealro
to mako known to tho public tho of
flolonoy of your romedy."
Hotpltal Ht. John, of Ht. John,
Province of Quolxwi.
A lator letter received from tho aamd
Inatltutlon roada aa followm
"Three weeks ago I wrote to tell
you how satltfactory we found
Peruna. We recommend It highly tor
cold, coughn, catarrh and neuralgia.
"I havo uhihI It myaoir aa a tonlo with
tho boat roaulta, token aa dlrootcd, half
a toaapoonful ovory half hour."
Mra. Kit Hooker, DUndurn, fink,
N. W.T., Canwla, write:
"Iaufforod with polvlo catarrh until
I wrote to Dr. llartman, and aftor tak
ItiK treatment nn ho odvlaod, loan aay
I am now cured of thU moat trying
aflllotlon, for whloh I am truly thank
ful. I think I'eruna tho boat modlolno
for catarrh, I novor felt hotter lu my
life than I do at preacnt." 4
I'oruna not only promptly rolloroa
coiiKha and oolda In their 11 rat atagea,
but la equally prompt and omolont for
catarrhal dlaoaaoa In th ohrontoatago.
Of courao, It la only reaaonablo to
uppoao that ft great deal loaa modlolno
will lo necoaaary toouroaallKht attack
of catarrh than would ho required to
rollovo tho ailment after It had boea al
loved to bxjomo ohroulc
Cars Run Far Out Into (he Gulf and Havana Is Now
Only a Few Hours Away-Road Is Important
for Military Purposes
M'HaMHglon. ('ob is War l
imrtmul otUeUOa vir advliMl tkU
Vfok Umt th drat trulH Una hwrai
Mcrtt ui PhtrlaU w " Ual
(mUh Ih rftatttv U wt f u h4km
bur Ut Mm UtUUd BttaM thait r,
lMia KMd MHllta Hw Na ba
rtuhml Tar out Into th lr (
thct (Mlf, alHMM wwwaMiu (liNMAMd
within nM(daf 4UUluax Tkt tin
wwini mmutr U)MrUHt at Ikto
0xtMtaUm flf Ut VUtrUia IkMt Omu
XAnv U arl. Tk kaftt to
rrRg frtitH Um trwl ttmlMrlHf
lim r I ttawftk ky lliuu' ,M.
FUM(r wtll Im Ml)MW ant III
roa Mnutiua) to Ky Wmi.
Tknt UUHd I. bH Uiftrrud ta
to H varil!, uf ha Mh n Hlao
UMru!nH i.. ih l'ttlt4 Hai. a
Mwila u (a Kncuad
AouitUta (a ali-, th itiAuf
uuw ! it at'uukl . rts i
ClultA a unarLAain mhMi1,.m.
(art kat hH) la tbw ijcktontk
Hitr)' u NtHH of proud boariiiK too
up kkt iMldwa tkaro, trntuforwi
lK tko rwt into am a I Most tmiwM
hhUIh HtrftoKkoUl I In airrwdMi
kiNMlf wltk wlvMtiirr hmU m-
11 In tk kufdotta biMlMHa of tm dj-M-4. im rtuMBUtM. fehluoi
plr.jr. Tk U-h IM tkotw 4mjti m,., l1UirltkiM. Macrouc
'. tj(tlUa, fr U rtck gMllMM t M)M aBt Mml 4UUy.
ut 8MIM wr urtaw Hwtk tk r- , wlkM, OB ,h bhKM M tkttrtMlf h
uiHy b ntN'vtUMiry at any moment,
for rvvolutlona grow In th Wmit
iNdltM ovr nlgh't It la comforting
to know that only a few hoara
aratv tho Cuuan capital froi tnt
ram pa aad doti of Paris Sam.
To Cub tho eMttnalon mna
much. It wtll atlMMlMt travol to it
and to Ui etkor Ulaodi ot tki
'M iMdtM. (or tko torrora a m
alckMfaa praitlcJlr ar abollakfel
AmartoMM yt nugr bacoao aa (ttmll
lar wltk tho atmou of IUvahu ua
tkoy mow arw wltk tk bOM'.rHrla of
YVashlMgtoa or tk arvouoa of Nw
York MMtl Cm1c4IO.
XidKlilmrhiMMl lvorlto.
Mra. H. 1). CtMU-lt. of Harbor. Ma.,
paklMg of Utoetrlr MUtara, myl
"It Is a MotgAWorkood tavortu horn
wttk ma." U daMrvoa tobfi tavwr
tU vrywMr Jt gl qwlck nlHf
I aarllWr MUk II oaporlally uaofltl wt
m npamn u Kmow th n. mrUkf wtmelto. Tkta gniMd Ur.
Mtl MMMle la aokl Mtir tUNraMtM at
J. C. rmy't 4rui otorw. 0c
tkMMlltr ot tkk iiM. altoouick WU
aktiM i titm vorrara of MaorclMtMt-
mmm of ail fWtft, IU daHtlMtM tko
rMtkm tHtlrtta kf okattr porajomllty.
a am rooon oau it laai a wm aj
I4 uu the aa trc of th y mtl.
rifltvMl biutaly lull lu aMIaljr kla
rwd h. 4laiHior4 M tytotlui
ly aod aa aii) m k mmm. Tko
baud fH la ilo, rtllir of
rttoatiMr dwM-rtlM W otkar IwaUra.
Thoti , hf u i liktdlkooa
1 h ' II
IU at I
! I r
ram,, ihto to l o royH
ly Mtt't tk aiitvuldf lb. f"i ir.Ua M l I MO oH froai
t Kulk . Kr, lb- i mi
i. if wdoM of th 1- al
l . uv- Hi IUk llMld kt
r.- " '..fi m ' M Pf r J ,H
Mnini, rtu im., w'll ?,.. it itint-lcbiNi
U r ! p't',n - liia li -i
V('' IHlyO i . U wilU ' !
A, 14 , fto. Jn futm t '
tk " I M 1,- til uM 1
tkU !! . - t! .ln ,. ...
UlMt l( . I.utt f ! .
tti-HMMl aiMiaM to
drtlcw- ljr Hi 0'MirtM if
elMi utoa tt koitiki'a k
HHiiikatMiuii l!t(ulio
with., it ooaio ajMrikf
oiacy 1 mo WoM m
l i ko faw aalvoaioaoaai
"' K-. , ktMktMjj kf 11 MMMW
" ' ' ' tkotr ' .1. lkf
aRai'HMB-4 Ku uporioillt
Itly llitrlihl 1000 Wt.
tUli4 throat UmummI Wtro.)
UakvraAU. Cat.. b. 11 - C ha
ll Honor, tt veorw ohf. a b.iilr.
toaolar for tko tuoaot Rooi iH t om
MUky. M kloOM to pleoao Tiud
by fko wkfttotto ot a boM." Id
oo4jr aw hrl.d ! tw
Content and steel and brick and
stono aro not yot UBed In Bufllclent
quantltloa to encourage lumber us
ers to predict 4h6 fltno when the for
t will not be called upon to furn
ish the principal materials used In
building opcratlona. Notwithstand
ing tho remarkable incroaso In tho
use of cement and other fireproof
materials, tho last reports of the
building oprntlons In forty-nine or
tho loading cities of tho ' United
States for tho yoar, collected by tho
Geological Survey, show that 59
per cent woro of wooden construc
tion. Even If tho remaining 41 per cont
of tho buildings wero built of brick,
stono nnd concroto, vnBt quantities
of wood aro consumed both In the
construction and In tho finish,
though In tho lattor form, metal Is
taking tho plaao of wood to a vory
lnrgo cxtont. Tho amount of lum
ber glvon abovo doc not tako Into
consideration this Item at nil.
Willi this poroontngo Is nfpra
Hcivtntlvo of tho building Industry In
the t'nltcKl States, dealers point out
that It doo not Inclmlo tho largf
quantities of lumber tiMd for the
construction of. dwellings, stores nnd
othr bulldlnxs In the .thousand of
mll cltlos and towns scattered ov
er tho country and not Included In
the 10 cities on which n reckoning
was made. In towns and small
cities wood Is usually tho predomi
nating bulUllme material and It l
as a rule, aro only for tho corporate
limits, and tho suburbs of .those
-cities have each very largo amounts
to bo added. Tho cost, also, Is rol-
Gives n Fine Itcmcdy Which n
Can Easily Fix nt IIome.1
Alt mnHtnnl n n tl.Akwl,f
- i.ivm.vui HUUIU1IL t1 ni r.
.111.. II l ' - V 01
ativeiy nignor in mose oiues man "that the blood is tho crpn ..;
towns nearer tho base of the supply, j disease or of health in the bJ
In wooden buildings, New York system. If the blood is pure, tJ
City is at tno oouom 01 me ni, ;uivmyai is strong and hea'thv 1
mougu it leaas wim io,ui ""-.dioou is impuro or diseased
average cost ot ouuuinss. uii. tnoro is slcknoss or dec it na
San Francisco, wnore aonormni 'wholo system.
conditions have prevallod slnco the! Rheumatism Is strict')
fire, Boston shows tno Broaiost in- (uBea60, jt is cause
on iii ...
. .. ,.,.. , it... " . . . -- -J VAV.K
croase of any or ano cuius m '. uric acid. Sores, nlmnles. rt
total coat of building operations. bad btoodt catnrrhal nffrrMnnl
Tho average cost of buildings ls.,bo treated through tho b'.ood U
constantly increasing, nnvmg riau permanent results. To get wel
ovor throo hundred aoiiara aurin feoi strong, hearthy and vigorous
tho Inst thrco years. 1 no aernBsmU8t havo good dcan bj00d
valuo or a building Is gtvon in inu of iu You can.t dean the
'-l"" t-,"--' imuiuuhii'j uuiuta ihv K.niUI
made active. Dad blood
Lumber Is by far tho groaioBt
drain on the forests, and tho wpn
derful development of tho country
during the past decade has called for
tho use of noarly forty billion board
foot a yoar. Tho largost quantity
over reported for a single yoar was
for 1D0C, whon 37 billion
foet, with a mill value of $C21, 1151,
388 wns used. Including tho valuo
of tho lnth nnd shlnglos used with
this amount, tho total value of the
wood lined for build lug 1 Drouglit
up to GI5fl.79G, 613.
The Increasing price of lumber
and the rapidly Increasing use of
perfoctod flroproof systems of con
struction should hnvo mmch to
ff. to aay that If the statistics had In holding down the amount which
Included figure for nil places of the roreets ore willed upon to yloM
whatever slxe, the percentage of each yoar, but so far those nioro sub
wooden construction would hnve stnntlnl materlnls have not docronsod
been much grentor. Theao figures, the lumbor cut of the nation.
Kemp' nnlsam Is a snte cough
euro, for It contains nothing that can
harm you. It is tho best cough cure,
hut costs no more than any other
kind, All druggists sell It.
Schilling's Best is in
packages; never comes
out of a bin or canister.
Vcwr croarr raturm rur naney If rou doa'l
like It. wa P lim
Ran irrmirlftrn Pi1i l'i. The iih
of telephone In Southern Pacific of- J thlr ,Bit rtBu,r
The BiiNlueaa Men's League at
mooting Hgnln
fir for personal business by em
ployes la at an d. The manage
ment haa Issued an edict to tkat ef
fort, and It has been approved by
U. II llarrlman. While iioMeral In
Ita apoikatlOH, the prohibit Ion U
nnrtlrularly aimed at omitloye la
the larger olHcet of .the coHtiwRy la
thta city. Oaklaad. Saerameato awl
!oa AMgolea.
Two reoaona are given for thU
mow order. Taey are aet lorth aa
fol Iewa:
took up the fight for cheaper eas,
and apiolntod a committee consist
ing U. J. Fry. Ckaa. II. 1 limes and
Hal I). I'atton to secure the iwseage
of an ordinance reducing the rate
from $2 per 1000 feet to 1 1.
clogged, lnactlvo kldne3 and
which causes, too, such sympton
backache, norvousness, b!adderi
urinary dlfllcuUlos and other tyi
thotlc troubles."
Hero 10 a simpio Home rem dj
tho recipe for making It rjp Is ai
Fluid Extract DanJr'lon one
ounce, Compound Knrgon ono 00
Compound Syrup Snrtai.a.l 'a
ounces. Shako c !n a brttte
tako In tonspoonful dosrs aftr.
meal and again at bedtime Thl
gredlents can bo obtained a'
good proscription pharmacy at
do ' coat.
Hero tho renders of th
hnve a simple yet powt rful nnd
foctlvo remedy for all forms of bi
kldnoy and bladder disease
should relievo rheumat sm and
tnrrhnl affections and re; 'ace J
weak worn-out Indlff-rcn fol
with strongth, vigor nnd hul'h.
(United Press Lcnvd Wire
New York, Feb. 12 Mrs IK
Stnnhopo, who brought Knrlcoi
ruso, the Itallnn sing r, muchfl
nloasnnt notoriety a ar ago b
ouslng him of nnnmlni; h r
she wns standing near tho noij
house In Central Paik wa ei
day fined ono cent for be ng Jul
cated. Mrs. Brahani, h t hiU s'j
was fined the same amount ui a 1
liar charge.
- 0
Itemed) it
ChiimlHirlnlii's Cough
"Wo prefer Chamberlain's Cough
Itemaslv to uuv other for nop nhll.
jdren," aays Mr. I. J. Wootlbury of
Tke privilege of Mlag teleokoMM Twining, Mick. "It lm also done
by employe for pknoaal matters 'the work for us Ih hml oolde and
kaa beoa greatly akooetl. tkHt need- erottp. aad we take pleaatM'e la reeom
leawry aweillag tko agaiwl telephone' mamdlHg It." For sole at Dr. Stone'a
Utile. drugstore.
A Slmpln Trick,
It's an eaar matter to keeo "OMr
Joint aad mnaeloe mpole o nmttav
wluU rnor may be or hew yon
kftv autfered aftk rkeomaiUm. Kak
yottrwlf ntgbl aad morolog vettk Uol
lard laov UalsBesU. Curm rheti-
Mtkiara. rMtffMaa, ermmrtw, eriek In'MMrpky; C.
tke back. aid-. nk or limbs ami re- feM: O W
F. M. HueeW, North Ileml; W. F.
Wood, Portland ; M. S. ly,
Ualen: Frank W. Smith. Marsh field:
Sam IS. Van Vaetor. Henpaer; Jaa.
,f. Swoltsar. lteaelah: W. S. nalley.
W. Kyckard. SprtRg
Wkite. Klamath Falls:
Nevus i N.-h and paloa
all dmlr
Sold UyAwiBl o
' Placer
Mto, IlrWge. T T WU'
Suffering and Dollars Scdj
IS. S. Lopor, of Marn'a, NY,:
"I am a oarpenter nj hae
miinv severe cuU h. a!ed b Bi
len's Arnica Salve. It has wv
Buffering nnd dollars I Is byj
the best healing tahe I hare
found." Hoals burns, w?,
fever sorei, oozoma and p p.
at J. C Perry, druggie
The Southern Paiifl. ! -
its mind, and decided f ! ,:
spur for tho State H-io 'w
Feeble Minded, and as - "
la In the board will ih.n
b!d for construction i' p
appelated superlntcAid'-r
Illokere. will take chaip-
tke contract for builds
and Mrs. Dickers w" !'
back to Salem by the r
j they made when In the r '
as ooa
-, M
, r-if
1 mo-boon
euvus of itwi 4iom 4
lm- r govi i.wt ti- ckrrt ma) i-
O l a tied u makf foiihvr itlr
Tk latory Of Kntgklt Kef
t-,H vt myjiory and roMMe Tko
11 Und take it nam fom .
1 11 i.
'', lt. 1 r Tiu-i Mau ih,, oaiee.
hUt (. Ut'd u (h. in.-iii 4)
ttm, .( h,' . i.. r..,k,. ttMn
UHl In th. 1 in, , i0 i,Uni.
M t briMreO tnea rtUaa wilt
yWfct mo murk ot hi,ni vi'u
ikatreriMtr Uagm.n. , j,,, , n
'oaklngtua t.. r,i t u th Pi.
M-at 00 th v.AU a iti.u u k-i-'id
t i...iiiC h fc l'.a-l oter
Ike exieaMaoo of tke Kuoal CVM
t-ee Tke bl atOMoaa U kwaMi
d 'Vfc ti
Tke lsjajmsig OaT H i.v
"OHwempakNi bad nu. lu --
ni I kad Bjoat Mockeal -r. ) .
lag ut ttor wbesi 1 t m
try Dr. King N tlar .
I ! to my ra shm. tt . d
lite, Improvement b gan h
rot koutf, tmi after u kmrf ,
lotoei koMWo I aa o well eud ban
i. j Ola.; Main.' Oeoif Mo.t
o tlriiu i. N O. Aa rem-d
tr f.'i;!. . ad eukle aas) kvaior vf
vak ! inga and for proieottag
iuiu , w in..! u a-
oase, o and $l ' ... 1 C ltrr.
drggi . Tit I b.n . t iw
PttUM I ir.
til.' t uin on 11 i big poiaer
4H'houe .f H u Mi I, Hrt-'
Unal, Akoal & ye(erda aitor !
uuoa. aad ia.uui.xl lut Stoeet)'
vrtk r .i. , nk
ILssssssssssssssskHF 9 iXBLLHsllllllllHBlk
flgsiiiiV vLsiiiiV
jkWWw aWm
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Men's Clothing...
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