Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 07, 1908, Page 7, Image 7

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inSe way.
to Cure Dys-
W lJJfcJjj Their rntlcnts
! IJortthoDIscoso.
'?!1 a physician ono must
'tWAlL, for a long
'.SlSnd several years at a
i" ui nasa man tr11"" "
entitles mm i
n this does not
v. . 4nctor.
"SUmwimMV graduates
J.Wrrtwpsklw, who could not
owleJBa they had a
to Hiring and curing a pa-
JwwrowA a patient.
, not to blame for this,
JJ Ua knowledgo thoy acquired
m vital works was wholly cx
7 ..i tw wcro told to try
per'. -
jnortla Ammonia.
jfcrioniito of Soda.
jiiutonate of Potas3.
ospbor Water.
got Water.
' ist Water,
jCeirai Waters.
Stele Add. '
j $w-Mor!atlc Add. '
a Vomica.
i ofl of Amber,
j Cfl of Cajuput.
jSpWt' of Laveuder.
' fo'jAKe of Lime.
I Tfectore ofCardamon.
Ttectnre of Glijfier.
Tmm of Iron.
' Ttietabte nittors.
1. tVft Jttt V A 11'flfnv la llA fttllt
ifj; that vrlll not do moro harm
ki pod, and Its uso la still nn un
$wi tho problem.
Sit lit professor who coachoa tho
fc&ite would band him a package
iSjjirt'i Dyspepsia Tablots and
VI Ji'ja that It was a specific for
Jvjdi. Indigestion, all stomach
Jfcttto. and should be hU main
frlhca cases, that ono grain of
&r irtlro principle would dlgOBt
mi jraiai of food In tho stomach
4 ut aided by this romody tho
fmii would soon regain Its nor
J MsdlUon, ho would do tho stu
ti swrj good than sending him
lGiUh a lot of uncertain knowl-
tysifftf the cure of those dls
4 tuitions.
fl maj doctor would gain a
Mttfee by curing his first oago of
' W fJtleat cured would sound his
Ftfwand ucar, as do thousand
ttwwnds who praise Stuart's
Wr. Tablets
A of experimenting with tho
nJic:ne in the above list
l- bis patient morn hnrm
ifflwd.b.0 would nlways bo gaJa
gftttion by always ourlng hla
Ufa - met any Indication of u
g Orran, ho should discover
or other doctors hare
3M- bo1e trouble startod with
gj digestion and assimilation
S,,001 of hl8 kst medicine
g w of Stuarts Dyspepsia Tab
S tell the patient how to use
K WOu,d b nldered
ffiUeBt almo miraculous,
Wg alter success would be
i?t k him
T VlOOd diSMSU l,InJl
Jlrttrouhleayuw readl
(HMtJ ' DyW Tablet, be-
-v ieoauBg cause
--.. II ,u ,
vttt .. " MinaQn
jTT' are wrong U ovw..
! "tw lauwi are so'
' "" ai
drggis (0 QonU
4 ka v
&fJ nm" p addrew
Cw,!"'0- Stuart
L tftllrrh v
r8 uku .:
- i nm two
m ran rwu.
ba Always tacit
William McCormlck wants a dl
vorco from tho partner of his bosom,
aharor of hla Joys and eorrowB, nnd
worst of all, which William objects
to, sharor of his chewing tobacco.
WTlllam In finicky, particular, nnd
roally ovcr-nlco. Ho wants a dl
vorco becauso his wlfo chowa tobac
co. Ho doos- not allego that Bho la
any more slovenly or Blobbory In hor
chewing than tho avorago male to
bacco chowor, nor doos ho Insinuate
that she cannot spit gracefully or ac
curately. IIo docB not complain that
alio mlssoa iho family spittoon,
squirts tho dark brown Bnllva at tho
stove, or spits la tho woodbox like
a llttlo man. In fact William's com
plnlnt is against tho habit itaolf.
Now to tho horso editor this sociih
n dnngerous precedent. What Is
snuco for tho Candor Is sauco for tho
gooso, nnd llkowha tobacco Is as
swoot and cleanly and nttractlvo In
ono persons mouth as In anothor'3
If tho fnctthat n man's wlfo chows
tobacco Is'sufTlcIont ground for a
divorce, why Isn't It a ground for
dlvorco whon a woman's husbnnd
chews tobneco.
And If chewing tobacco is onca
recognized as grounds for dlvorco,
whoro will "hubby" get off. Tho
horso editor wots with a great big
wot, that "hubby" will bo up ngalnjt
It; and whon "wlfoy" wants a nw
seal collarotto, or shoes with French
heels six Inches high, or any llttlo
old thing Bho tnkoB a fancy to, Its
coino through, glvo up his tobacco, or
faco tho dlvorco courts.
Of courso tobneco scorns cut of
placo In n woman's mouth, and tho
prottlor tho mouth tho moro Bhlvory
It makes a follow to boo tobacco In
It. Just fancy n protty fomlnlno
mouth (not too smnl, for whllo
small mouths are protty, tho full
grown mouth with nn upper Up llko
oupld's bow and tho lower Just a llt
tlo bit shy about associating with It,
nnd permitting a suggestion of two
rows of pretty tooth; n strong mobile
mouth that's tho kind that la UIsh
ablo over and ovor again) JitBt fancy
that kind of a mouth with tho to
bneco Julco dribbling onit of each
Protty tough picture that, and ono
roally sympathizes with William; but
Btlll thoro Is another sldo to tho prop
osltlon. Imagine that samo mouth
with lips like carnations allowing it
self to como In contact with a hus
band's mouth, tho latter filled with
tobacco, flavored with beer and oderl
forous of soren othor kinds of booze.
No William your caso will not stand.
Far bo It from tho horso editor to
commend tho use of tobacco by wom
an but still he enn see no good rea
son why, If she must put up with .to
bacco that she should be compelled
to get her's second hand.
Down rn Paraguay nnd that sec
tion of South America tho ladles
(God bless 'em) all uso tobacco and
most of them chew, all of them
smoko cigarettes and many smoke
big black stogas that are strong
enough to kill a mule or anything
olso except a Spanish woman. It Is
the habit there, if one Is given a
ohasto salute by his best girl, for hor
to gently insert hor fore finger and
thumb Into her mouth nnd deposit
her quid on the rim of her sweet
hearts sombrero, close to the band,
where it reposes safety until tho os
oulatory proceeding aro ovor, when
the dope is popped back into the
senorlta's mouth, a trifle cold and
clammy from long oxposure to the air
but stilt toothsome. A Spanish wom
an oau smoke a oignretto so artistical
ly that It really seems to bo qult
the proper thing, but all the same It
makes here breath, smell like a man's
under the same condltloni,that Is, like
a China Junk shop when their N w
Year Is on. Aad then too it miu
be remembered that these Parapuav
ladles have not tho red lips of the
ladles up this way. Their lips ar.
brown and harmonise with the to
bacco juiee.
But this is a digression something
the horso odltor is prone to. As &
matter of fact if Mrs. McCorraackj
Lard Eaters Should
and Think!
There must be something in all this Pure Food Talk.
We hear the term "Pure Food" on every hand Pure
Food Slows, Pure Food Laws and Pure Food agitation
of all kinds. It simply means that people are awaken
ing to the fact that that they cannot be too careful about
the purity of their food and the ingredients which enter
into its making.
One of the most fruitful sources of indigestion in the
past has been the use of lard. Nine times out of ten, the
lard which you buy is not fit for any human stomach. Its
source is suggestive of Uncleanliness and unhealthfulness.
It makes greasy, indigestible food, and food which is
bound eventually to interfere with digestion.
COTTOLENE is theonty rational frying and shorten
ing medium. Wherever exhibited in competition with
other cooking fats, it has always been granted highest
award. It contains no hog-fat, but is a pure vegeta
ble product, made from the choicest cotton seed oil, and is
every bit as pure and healthful as the purest olive oil.
For frying and shortening, you should use nothing but
COTTOLENE. It is more healthful than lard; it will
go farther than lard, one-third less being required; and it
will make your food more appetizing and digestible. ,
Buy a pail of COTTOLENE to-day, use it according
to directions, and you will never go back to lard.
Cottolene is Guaranteed w? h?reby nuthori? yur " tof
ww....wxav Mt.N,v refund your money m case you're not
pleased after havine given COTTOLENE a fair test.
Niftvw rJrl in Riillr COTTOLENE is packed in pails with a patent
"CVCi UU1U " 1J'ultv' air-tight top, to keep it clean, fresh and whole
some; also to prevent it from absorbing tho disagreeable odors of tho grocery,
such as fish, oil, etc.
Cntr Rnrnlr PVraa Wo shall be glad to send any housewife, for a two
OOK DOOK Tree cent stamp, ournew"PURE FOOD COOk BOOK,"
edited and compiled by Mrs. Mary J. Lincoln, author of the famous "Boston
Cook Book.' Address
Nature's Gift from the Sunny South
likes tobacco, and William doosn't,
let him romembor that he tpok hor
for bottor or worse, and If sho turns
out worso than ho took hor for, lot
him tnko his mcdloino, tobneco and
all, Just as a majority of wives aro
compelled to do. And if ho doosn't
got what ho likes do as Ills wlfo doos,
try' to llko what ho gets.
Have You Piles?
Dr. Leonhurdt's IIom-Rold Is an
Internal Romody that ontlrcly ro
moves tho causo of Piles, and euros
to Btny cured any caso no mattor.
how long standing.
If you havo Piles and Dr. Loon
hnrdt'a IIom-Rold will not euro you.
you got your monoy hack.
A thousand dollar guarahtoo goos
with every bottlo of Hom-Rold sold,
If you want a porfoct and porma
nont euro, ask for Dr. Loonhardt's
Hom-Rold, tho guarantocd Romody.
All druggists, $1.00, or Dr. Loon-
hardt Co., Niagara Palls, N. Y Pro'
prlctors. Sold by Dr. S. C. Stono,
In tho Kiii'iny's Country.
Stubb My wlfo eont mo to a rem
nant sale last week.
Penn Did you boo any remnants?
Stubb No, but If I hndn't soon
tho door protty soon thoy would have
picked mo up In romnants. Chloago
Rnby I lands
will get Into nUsohlef ofton It moans
a burn or cut or scald. Apply Bal
lard'a Snow Lnlmont Just as soon
M tho accident happens, and tho
pain will bo relieved while tho
wound will heal quickly and nicely.
A euro euro for sprains, rhoumatlsro
and all pains. Prlco 25c, GQc and
$1.0Q a bottlo. Sold by alldealers.
o ....
Too Much to Bother With.
8abbath School Teacher Where
havo yo)i been lately, Sadie? 1
haven't son you at Sunday school
for some time.
Sadie Smith Oh, please, miss, I'm
learning Frdnah and music now, so
mother don't wish me to take religion
just yet. London Sketch.
and then after a few weeks vtlgh your
self ajaln. If you are Ioiint( weight take
SCOTT5 EMULSION. "Breathe fresh
air day and night. Eat ilmple food.
Try this for a few weeks.
Then weigh yourself again. Theexpe
rience of thousands of men, wemen
and children b that
Scott's Emulsion
increases (he weight. It contains a
power that produces new ftesh. ThU
sifopk treatment often cures consump
ASDntfcktef S.adl.e.
Wo nro nil Justified certainly In
hoping for tho host It we havo paid
for It In advance
Local Wholesale Market.
Eggs 22 c.
Buttor 37 c; butter fat, 37 c.
Horts 10c; mlxod chickens, 9c.
Local wheat 85c.
Oats 3 Be.
Barley $24(37 $25.
FJour Hard wheat, $5.00; valley,
Hay Cheat, $13; olovor, $10 por
ton; timothy, $13 (IT $15.
Onions 24o lb.
Hops 01d,lu"2c; now, 3
Chlttlm bark 4'4g5c.
Iiomll Market.
Oats Whlto, $28 por ton.
Wheat $1.00.
Rolled barley $30.
Eggs 30c.
ButtorCountry, 30(Q35c; croam
ory, 40 c.
Flour Valloy, $1.20 par sack:
hard wheat, $1.40 $1.50.
Bran 86c por Back; $20.50 per
ton; Bhorta, $1.15 por sack.
Hay Timothy, 85 90c per cwt;
choat, 90c; clover, 75b por cwt ;
shorts, $1.15 por sack.
Hogs Fat, $5.00.
8took hogs $4.00.
Cows Top, $2.75; fair, $2 $2.50
Stoets Tops, $3.50; fajr, $2.75
Tropical FraJta,
Bananas $6.
Oranges $2.26.
' Lomona $3, 50 4,50.
Veal Dressed, 5 7c
Portlnnd Market.
Wheat Club, 82c; valley, 82c;
bluo stem, $4p.
MlUstuff Bran, $24.
Hoy Timothy, valley, $17 $18;
alfalfa, $12 $13.
Vetch $8.50.
Poultry Hens, 1112C
ducks, lC17o; pigeons, old, $1 pe
dos. ,
There is nothing" that
costs so little, both money
and work, and that goes
so far if it has the chance.
Your trocar returns rur monrr il you desl
like ScblUisc's HH; vrc pay bio. ,
Beauty Is merely a matter of onJiJ
Ion to some men. but it is a raattsr
of expense to others,
For Rheumatic SufTi-rs.
The quick relief from pain afford
ed by applying Chamberlain' Pain
Balm makes it a favorite with suffor
era from rheumatism, gclatica, lanie
back, kimbago, and deep seated aud
muscular pains. For ale ct Dr.
Stone's drug store.
Tho merits of tho Texas Wonder, you
would novor auffor from kidney,
bladdor or rhoumatlo troublo. $1
bottle, two months' trpatmont, Bold
by S, G. Stona drug Btoro, of hy wall,
T03tlmontala with oaeh bottlo,
A - . .
II -- .
230 Acre rarm
For Rent. . . .
Not profit from Cherrlos
alono 'on this plnco moro
than in'H tho rout. A snap
for tho right man. CnU
Wo havo somo bargains In
Fruit, Farms, traots roady
for planting, and Dairy
Ireland Investment Co.
Olllco Phone Maine 331.
Rcsldcut'o Phono 300.
135 S. Commercial St.
Salem, Oregon
"Thero Is no telling how fnnio 1.4
going to bo acquired," Bald tho am
bitious cltlsou.
"No," aiiBworod tho sardonic per
son. "Somotlmos It comou from do
ing something groat and Bomotlmo3
from saylug something foolish."'
Washington Star.
Suffering and Dollars Saved,
E. S. Lopor, of Marllla, N. Y says:
"I am a carpontor and havo had
many sovoro cuts henlod by Buck
Ion's Arnica Salvo. It has saved mo
, Buffering nnd dollars. It In by far
' tho host hoallng salvo I havo ovor
I . ., a, .. , ..l -
luiiiiu. i ich ia minis, nolo?, incurs,
fever sores, oczoma and piles; 2 Do
at J. O. Perry, druggist.
Strong and Health) Poultry
O. K. Store
ft (tM0
for themselves, as ours do need
little praising We might well
be pardoned for being enthus
lasUo about them. But all we
shv Is
Onoe you do that we will not
have to coax you for a sooond.
Our Groceries will speak for
themselves on your table. You'll
be sorry you hadn't commenced
trading hero bofore.
Twelf'n Streat near Woolen Mill
Paoae 123.
If you feed Couloii's Improved Muwh
I3gg Food
Your hens will bo cackling ovor
fresh laid oggs, throe t!mos as mauy
na thoy would lay without this food.
You will hslp yoursolvcs nnd help us
if you do your buying In our lino from
Good lltoraturo on poultry rnlslng
151 HIGH ST Phone 13f.
A Full Miu. of Ciillilivii's HUw.
Wo also carry a complete lino of
men's heavy working shoes and
moa's and women's driwa shoes.
Come In and seo my stock, and got
Uargaluj In footwear. x
345 State Street.