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(United Prcaa Leased Wire.)
Washington, Feb 7. Another
mcssngc from Prosldent Roosevelt l
expected 'by congress within a wr-ok
or ten daya. It la thought It will ad
vocate tho passage of tho Townscnd
compulsory arbitration bill, which
provides for tho aettlcmont of labor
It Is polnud out that voluntary
arbitration has boon mado difficult
sltico tho auprcWO court's recont In
terpretation of tho Krdman law. Tho
Prosldent also favora an nmcndmont
to tho Sherman anti-trust Jaw which
will exempt labor organisations from
lis provisions.
(United Press Leaned Wire.)
Alameda, Cal., Feb. 7. Mentally
dornnged from a beating rocclvod flv.j
yearn ago while acting na h pollco
mnn In Ban Francisco, Joseph Mar
trion early thin morning blew out hU
brains, after twleo trying to murder
Mrs. Annlo Thonnolo, his landlady
Mnrston bad no quarrel with Mrs.
Thonogle, but on roaohlng homo nt 1
o'clock this morning ho nwoko her,
drew hla rovolvor nnd siinpiHid It
twleo at hur. As ah led ho rushed
to tho basement, whoro bo flrod n
idiot Into his own bond, dying In
Jookson, Ky., Fb (l. Ux-County
Judge Jnmn llargla, for many year
n mombor of tho Htnta Domoorntbj
Hxroutlvo committee, iioniisod t
complicity In many murder, and a
prominent llguro In tin feuds which
have disrupted Urenthltt county for
Hovcial yiMtra, wits shut and killed In
bis gunorul storo hero this afternoon
by hla son, II on oh llargls. The son
fired II vo whot in rapid auccomlon at
hla father, who fall doad while bis
clork wro waiting on aiutontera.
Tho exact nauso of the murder lias
not Imsmii tainted, but It la supposed
to have been tho ratHilt of dirfereuoo
which havo oxlsted botwoen father
nnd hoh for eouie time.
Th son bud been drUktliK henv
lly. ami wna drag raving to Jail
Hfter the murder.
$1,011(1.000 IIOl'Hi: I'OIUIIMSIII.P
llTiiltanl 1'ro-w l.euied Wlro.)
Han FmnoUoo. Kali. T. -The BontU
urn I'aaldc. under order of It. II.
llnrrtmau, la dlapoalng of th tlv
eofttly atiUimcbUoB purolmeed glnee
tho big lire for ttw of leading rawr
emulative d the road, Hereafter th
luxur) r the ntetor wr will he an
Prwdd by the delight of traction
4 ravel. The mnekliiet eot the road
JX3.008 The okouffouni eoat SB a
month aak. Then thorn wan the
moHibly bilk fan- repair am) main-
The ante doe Hot mono, It la af
firmed, ttent Mr. UHxTlwau la up
h d t Mla)eVll9i. Mr. lUrrl
man tbtttka that. tHAMHh aa tMKMial
tHtMdlltette Uuve rotHrtuail. h rtHiHM
Uoh tt Ho ui hern Unolflff regHlatttoHo,
n rinU lit ottlaaaia. would not k
tlAKilt't'ilU OP llttkT
iwnicim nvixn in iiukq,
UeH. Kv. t'ek f. A fwukt Wv
wau hllemt l to Ittao Swift. d4ih
ti of Uta mllliuHftlf CWlKJ aArkev.
taken frNH a Uai Wft U it
HK uw4ttaon aa Might la the aare
Mf a Muni Mi Mt Im Prancteew
NtiU.y Huanlim m Iter wy ttt
I kk,
Ktt N. IH I Mtw Ktsi
wiri th )uai4 awaai wku w
lakH Htm kit htkt uttlu. nf
foiHf ifMti wainMlta. U o ri.
Ku (a Htfi (k Cra.i packer.
.. '-. K. .UuKhler at rv Hwtf
fuiijj r h rhits) 4e4NtriwM!
'r m Jxireiaw Ml atwttt h4
bt tiiu)t Mi. W Mnawr of tin
.itAw ii s !, w4 ay i
'thr iMjtrawsHJ tWtv
h4 Hut wiKihte tet fwmtiM
AMrrillllt UftAl. MUMJ
HKliiax, H. ft. l-vdj. li-mm
ttfm lNi Hd, R addjiji mu
that iwatty a um o tmma wm
Mllftd ti u al mlsw wipkottoa, aadj
that vv 4 imu wi iecvvh
(United Preaa Lcasod Wlro.)
Los Angolos, Cal., Feb. 7. Crlp
pled from years of labor, weakened
by old age, hungry and alone, with
no Trlond or relative to cheer the
evonlng of hlo life, Isaac Doland,
noarly thrco score nnd Jen, drank
carbolic add last night, and was
round dead In bis little room this
morning. This noto was found on
tho droBser: X
"I can't get anft work. I have no
money, bo I muBt end my lf6. I havo
boon hungry for aovoral days, nnd
owo for my room. I will bo 70 yoars
of ago on Fobruary 2. I tried to
bold out until my birthday, but find
It la too hard for mo. The folks have
boon good to mo. I havo a brother,
H. 13. Dolnnd, Wayvillo. Saratoga
county, Now York. (Signed)
(United Press Loasod Wire.)
Washington, Fob. 7. It was au
thoritatively stntod today that First
Assistant I'outtiinslor.fJonornl Hitch
cork has accepted tho position of
Mnatorn and Southern campaign
mRiiuger of 8oorotary Taft'B boom for
the presldotulal noinlnaUon,
Illtohoook will roslgu hla position
with tho government In a fow duri,
and be nuacueded by Oharlos P.
(Jrnnllold, of Llnooln, Mo., who Is at
preaont hla confidential olork.
Ban Fronrleco. Feb. 7. Wllllntn
II. Tttlbot, tho iiiltllonalro lumber
man, was gninted an Interlocutory
dnoreu of dlvorea this morning. The
court found that Mrs. Talbot waa
lit to (tare for her children, but "for
tho li(tt lutorosle of linld children'1
the aoiiri, William C. nnd Urlo, wur
given Into the custody of thu father.
The diuiKhter. Vera, gnea to Mm.
Talbut. ThIUoI must pay the ox
punstxi. mil to exeeml SiKO n month,
for her odwoarfluR. Mrs, Talbot la
gran tad the privilege of vlaltUg her
mihs every Kntunlay and every aeo
uh1 TltMrtday of eah month. A re
port to the elTeet that Talbot bad
tattled out of court h fabuloa auui
an Mre. Tulboi seeiua o be UHfottud
utl. It ht attd that all Mre. Tuiboi
Kete coMtleu of n Iko.UOQ nlaee of
MomIo ltrk property, h mortgnMOtt
p4e of loeal Uml a ad eeaV Uortea
HHd enrrlagea.
HA.MK ()ld STOHY 1)1'
(UHlted Prem Leiued Wire.)
1.0 .VNgeltNi. ChI,. FVi. T . Cow
iHHadlHi hU you and haUoae
wife to eay her prayer nnd proper
for death. addiMg that he wohW vat
mh eHd to both thtr troablea. lioMja-'
milt 0. II vmhs feat MlKht 4 a bMliet
lHU hie wlfes body, and three iHto
hla owm had a ad breoM. Neither
wire mot hMebaad la etpeoted to
live. FellowlMg the ahootlHg Wvaaa
retgretioil hla ael, ajut biused at
teudlHg MoyolrtaMa at the reeetvlng
booptMil to mm hie wife's ltf. Por
klituHstf he prayed doath.
Tho nltemfttatl MMrder nnd akWe
oowirrl Ut llvene rOM at St I
teatta 1TU street, whore he had Whm
JIvImm tor a weok. ad whoro, early
U4 veiH he vsM vtaHod by Ur.
Hvne. troei hot he wad pa.rt
It Is holleTod hJP the oolloo ihet
IBvaaM. who U a ataaalaiu wu Mtea
tally daMid bensam of iroodtag
ovor hU uuiiUal troable ad re
eeot llttitmt.
arvaiu died of hie un4 thl
aonala. tad Mre Mvaa U m.
Petet waia4e that he tea out
tl'U,d PrM 1.. -. Wire)
WaAlOiKMi K b Too roM
of lh .nHMd floo of loo ov
erttoteei u-i lfct. Jtoothorn M4
I'm P. ir mi rwuU ,a tla-lr la-
i diuuiM ni . 11111.4. TWa.1
roJ 4i ao. ut.X of i'lMaliy hold-
lac v -mtm tmkm aad lMrai
auU lo OnatoA. u u hiMlod taJ
mw criminal .rtkm MAr takea
iil.M IV rr i!lu ! Wlf f
l... c. .. x. .
V a f, dajr hH. i WwM and
(United Press Loasod Wire.)
Portland, Or., Feb. 7. Judge L.
It. Webstor is still spoaklng 4o the
Jury in tho caso of John H. Hall, ac
cused of land fraud and conspiracy.
Ills argument is a detailed denial and
refutation of tho ohargos of tho gov
ernment, accompntned by an elab
orate explanation of (ho theory nnd
practice' of tho district attorney's
offlco. Tho government will close
Saturday and tho Jury wilt prob
ably get Instructions tho samo'day.
Judgo Webster closed parllor tban
wan expected and Hcney trtatoa that
hln clotting remarks will not take
ovor two hours. Tho Jury should
havo tho caao In their hands by 6
Tho Uollttr Exploded.
(United Press Leased Wlro.)
Pondlcton, Or., Fob. 7. While
switching In 4 he yards at Echo this
morning, nn Oregon Railway & Nav
igation Company's freight engine ex
ploded, Borlously If not fatally scald
ing Urakcman James 12. Hough, who
wan stnndlng on tho tondor of the
onglno. Engineer Howoll and Flro
man Long cupped with slight bruises
Tho ontlro cab of the engine was de
niollflhod. HAS ANOTHER
(Unltad ProM Loaaed Wire.)
Los AngeloM, Oal., Feb. 7 "Men
who talk of war with Japan are pub
lic onemlea.
"The only permanent exclusion
policy In by way of co-operation wltii
thu Japanese government.
"Tho bill Introduood by Congreaa
ilium Hayos la neither paawable nor
This la whut Dr. Dnvld Starr Jor
Inn, presldnnt of Stanford Universi
ty, haa to say of the Japnnefe nuee
Hon. Ho dooa not bolleve there la
any possibility of war: on the eon
trary, bo Is of the opinion that good
fouling betweun tho Jaimnaao and
the white rnoea can bu promoted, and
thai (hoy chii bo made to dwell In
harmmry, Dr. Jordan oame to I.a
Augelea yeaterdny, and In. an Inter
view he deolaYed Uiere was tio Jap
Hiieae alUiatlon exetpt that inado by
Ulk. v
The ooHtoei betwee tho UnlteJ.
State and Japan, Is a commercial
oh.' he thinks, and victory will mo
tu tho couatry having tho moot rfhlj.
HHd MO04la to eell.
WaahlNgtoa. Feb. 7. lly aw orde-
datetl February 1, aad made public
today, the poetmaater-geMaral aa-
Hoaneea that hereafter all legitimate
dally pa pare may be aeitt frtia th
Paltod State to Canada and vice
vertii at tho regular fottrth-olaee mt
of H of a oeat per pound. The or
der follow the agreement rouahed
Itotweoti ke two roue trie, and caa
role tho rate made la April, 1997.
Tho Nut loo of ShopktM?p4!i.
KatMlooa most have bjon right
alter all. We are a aatlott df ahou-
koottor. Ther i nothing 1m tho
shoo we are not ready to agl at
orlco We would mo doabt Sblt the
groat soal If w coald get a gnud
Oawtgh olfor irom Pterooat Morgan
tlmkoapeare folio. Art eUlOM or
WaiUm. the Mortralt of Reynold (
Homoor thooe and any other na
tional helrhMun. only given a fat
onooih oiter ru happy to jr'
with to any foreign nation that ha
he taet a ad won to buy them
W rau put ih. m u(i eooll .
Onntle urfct did hla (ttrbear
London satUird Kfl
' - --
TU twvHt hoH4tH Dam.
Wr MIHatn tirt.oi ' h r-ni
wvad'd lb lh iir.i Jni Nt A
uu. npi. i dii.j uwarl) ?
1t which vnu J u, . i, tttsn doui.
Ih pMNMnt aut iu;lj Tho dn
now upuli tii..ii .,urtr of ih
vajnr which veniualW will ho d
d In Ku)pt W ih ! ropod en-1
inu. ut about ' !') ftero ol
land .'uld bf tt cm uadr cult I-.
riltlun TW ibB-r ho d it atwul
$? lo. giftt-w it , ubtUkaaoat
of tar Aaaouau t, ttt . tit ik utl
xalu . nndtftiruftd irutbind wlihl
pneonnml irrtnatMn . iMrroaend Hyj
aWnt Itlt.io-Mioti nj ikiM nettr.i. '
whon ennal now uot coakKvucttoa
at cttmid wic u .Bd&iiJ ta
kuruilMMU ill n..u u ...
:,.- , w ,.w, , au
ku tmt amtd to lt.t.0.
m asearod
TOIBAr. FEmiUAnr 7, 181)0.
ifrpp Cbrls Evans Wlicro He Is.
One of tho most misleading and
misrepresenting articles that has ap
peared In print recently Is tho "Ap
preciation of Chris Evahs," written
by Joaquin Miller, which waB pub
lish last month by the Pacific 'Month
ly. It is the most sentimental and
sllllost twaddle that has ever come
from the pen of the "Poet of tho
Sierra," which Is saying c&nsldc-r
able. Tho article Is being copied
quite generally by tho press through
out tho state, and might bo taken
seriously If not refuted In Evans'
homo town. Tho Times considers P
a duty to brand Miller's stdry as
almost entirely falso and misleading.
In another column of this lsauo wo
publish a short summary of the
crimes for which Evans, was sent to
tho penitentiary, prepared by a, pres
ent county official who had stated
the facts aa they were and aro. Taken
away from tho romantic setting In
which they woro placed by Miller,
they show Evans as ho waa quite
tho oposlto of the fabled Robin
Wo are aware that Evans still has
many Trlonds In this vicinity men
who could novor bcllovo him guilty
of tho crimes with which ho was
charged beforo he bocamo a bandit,
and who, after ho bogan his outlaw
llfo, admired him for his pluck and
his ability to pull himself out of n
"tight hole." Air of which Ib ac
cording to human nature. However,
evon Hvnns' friends, reallzo that ho
waa lucky In getting off with llfo
Itnprlsonmont, nnd will rocognlzo the
Justlco In keoplng him whoro ho i
at pretont. On tho othor hand, there
are a great majority of his former
neighbors hero who will Insist that
he be kept In Folsom. They do not,
na Miller suya they do, "lovo and ba
lievo In him ontlroly." Their foul
ing toward him are quite the oppo
site. Cfltrle KvniiH Is not the feeble and
heartbroken old man that he Is anld
to be. He la minus ono oye nnd an
arm, but la otherwise strong nnd
hoorty for n mnn of his ago. Whon
he left VbHilIn for Fotaom ho made
the boast thnt ho wo-ild some d in
got out of prison nnd como back and
"get" a few local people who had
Incurred hla hatred during hi bnt-
tloa with tho polloo olllcors. He Is
till capable of carrying out this
threat If releasod. for wo do not be
lieve that thirteen yoars at Folaom
baa broken hla spirit.
Chrht IfiVHiu In In the place whore
ho belong. Publlo opinion In this,
Ills' home town, demands thnt ho be
kept there. Vlsolla Time.
The Foreign Olive Crop,
Coaaul General Ilenjuraln II. Ridge
ly oT nnreolona inalca the following,
tetwrt ooncernlng the olive industry.
In Spain and other Mediterranean
coon trier.
A mooting of the principal .olive-
aruwer of thU country is being hold
at Madrid for the pur poo of obtuln-
lag legislative HMlatanc to put a
stop o the adulterntlon of edible
olive oil
Qllvo-groweni have thoeight
U nereaaary. In their own Interest.
(to call a matg meeting to dlaetus
, (the meaeMree that the governmeat
eUoHkl bo urged to adopt. In the
opinion of loading ollve-oll dealer,
however, little lmKrtne la attach
ed to th meeting, inasmuch as the
bumper crop which I expected this
oaeon will effectually do away with
any noeeeolty or dealre to evade th
existing regulation relative to the
adulteration of olive oil. It la rough
ly eetlmated that tho olive crop will
exceed the average yield by fully X3
per rent
la thU i-oan'tton it may be stated
jff MS SaBaaaW
y. nnenenmH
- - I
that tho official bulletin of tho Span
ish department of agrlculturo pub
lishes the following Indications con
cerning the prospects of the olive
crop In other countrles:
Italy There will be a good har
vest In tho couth (Sicily, Calabria
dnd Pulla) and a medium one In the
north (Tuscany and Genoa).
'AlgeriaThere will bo very good
harvests in Algeria, particularly at
Oran nnd Constontlne. Tho trees
aro nlready full of fruit In good con
dltlon, and oil of fine quality may
be calculated upon.
France On account of tho ex
trsmo drought there will bo but a
scanty crop this year.
Crete Tho harvest will bo abund
ant. Tho oil produced In this coun
try is jrencrally used for lubricating,
sinH thnrn Is but little coniestlbhj
Morocco According to tho scanty
Information obtainable, a good har
vest Is to bo expected. The oil of
this, county Js principally uBed for In
dustrial .purposes.
Corfu A good hnrvest, but liable to
be 'exposcjP'toaccldents. Oils hero
uro mostly used for lubricating pur
pose's. Orify -one-fourth of the pro
ductions Is'ultablo for human food.
Stocks ofdllvo aro at present In
significant .both In tho countries
whoro' they aro produced and In the
principal centerB of trade.
. o
Where Tluy Ar Wovimi and
Tbry Are Transported.
Tho celobratod "Smyrna sarpot"
la not mndo In Smyrna. It Is n prod
uct of the vilayot or Aldln, of which
Smyrna Is tho cnpttal. Tho chlof
plncee of mnnufacturo are tho vit
iligos of Uschak, Koulu, Ghinrdla,
MMkrl, Meloeeos. Klrkngutscli, Axnr
and DemlrdJI. Th Industry give
employment to thousands of neody
people, especially women, who are
obliged to do tho work nlmoHt on-1
tlrely, while the muu spend their
time in tho coffee house drinking
strong co ffo o nnd smoking mimbor
lose cigarettes, nil In truo oriental
fnahlon. Llttl ulrl ara conmalloil ' ., .... . .. ..
trt tit if a tit lift tt-rt mi -r"li it f a ft l' An ' tbsI
ui ivu ju.ua ui iifv v iiiu iiuuni, iimi
they koop at It unceasingly until they
go to tholr grave.
The mnrkot for the wools Is held
every Thursday from dawn to sun
set In the bazaar of Uxchak, which In
then 11 11 wl with purchasers, who havo
arrived on burfalor. onmela, donkoya
nnd othor picturesque boasts of bur
den. The spun wool nrq not dyed.
by the weavers tuomselvea, but by
special dyers.
More than 3000 female wonvors
are employed at Uiohnk in tho prep
aratlon or oorpeta. The operators
are generally members of the same
family, but there are h number of
girl who earn about G to 7 oenta per
day. The Ghlnrdl earpeta are gen-
erally amaller than thoeo of Uocbak.
Very tine prayer earpeta, cloaely wov-
on and of harmonious color, are pro-
drteed In Imitation of the Persian car-
The earpets are made into halei
of $S0 pound each and covered with
Soatalin. The caravans pans the
night In the open country at the fool
of some hill, the drivers under tents
and the camel and tholr load In tho
open air. Very large oar pets, too
heavy to be packed, are folded and
thrown aero the buoks of the cam
el In the form of a covering. When
the earpeta arrive In Smyrna they are
spread out, beaten, broomed and re-
parked In bale welching &00 to 800
pound each for exportation. Con-' people getting ready iosh toJ
aular Report. Igon.
Great Values In
Men's Clothing...
When you have an opportunity like this of purchase
our well known high-grade clothes at these elearase
prices you will do well to stock up without delay, t
Regular Prices $10.00 to $25.00
Sale Prices $6.75 to $18.00
Salem Woolen Mill Store
ijiuiiu. At mo nome of her
ier, mtb. j. t. Northern
Borry and Cross streets v
day, February 5, 190S, MrJ
Tread, aged 7G years, 1
ana iu aays.
jira. ireaa movea to Oregcl
her family from the tast j
mm buiuuu near Aiarion, m
Bwea relatives Bhe leaves
a f
clo of friends.
.Thojtineral services were
cd.-'lrpm tho Nortlicutt h6n
morning, at u o'clock. Interm
.bo-biadc In the HunsakerJ
near .nation. i
CARh'rtY At tho famllr'tJ
"i 475 South .Seventeenth tr
-.. ... ., ..,u.OUUjf re6rj
or opopioxy, Mrs. Jane 'Mc
agea i years,
TJio final aumraons came
Mrs. McCarthy waa sitting at
Bhe having beon enjoying he:
health during tho dny.
p She fell from her chair
warning, and died soon afterl
picked mp. Thoro are ton, ol
living, and, as they arc scatte
uio country, mo runoral
ments will not be concluded!
word has been received from
them. Mrs. McCarthy was bo
ToncsBcc. Sho camo to Orcgol
nor liustmnd in 1847, later mo
California, whoro her husban(
Sho then returned to Oregon a
lived horo over since.
Tho body will bo shipped t
fornln for Interment.
MURPHY At the horn of hi
onis, air. and Mr J. p. Ml
Cnpltnl and Contcr streets, i
dny afternoon, at 1.30 p m.
phold fovor, John Murphy, al
yoars. t
me mnerai srvicog will bl
ductod from tho famllv hom
day, Fobruary 0, at 9 n. m.
mont In tho Turner cemetery.
QUINX. At Aatorla, Oregon
ruary G, 1008, Mn Cat
Qulnn, n former resident
city, nged 84 years
Mm Oulnn wna Mia mnlt.
..,. ..x. u.n ..,.,, ..v -"', a formor resldont of this city.'
body will bo brought here this
Ing for lntormont. TIip funerj
bo held Saturday morning
o'clook from St. JosephV churcB
tho Interment will bo held In
Catholic oemotory Itov Mr
will havo charge of the sortlcl
PI5NTER. At tho Sa'eni hl
Thursday, Fobruary G, lSOU
nlle decay, Samuel Pt-nter, tg
last November.
Sedgwick Corps. No 10, 0. j
will have charge of ue fuaera
vlc. which will bo held !
undertaking pnrlor of A. M. C
on Court atroot, February S. i
m. Intermont will be bad la
Grand Army circle at the Cilyf
o metory.
Mr. Pontor wna o member fa
pany C, First Orogon Infantrjl
participated In tho Civil War
o served six month., In the Aral
Ranger. First DaitaMon. S
Iteglmont. having ben md'l
on November 24, 1M, aad
ably dlacharged on th" 13th tt
He hiiB. beon a resident of la'-l
sJnoe IS It nnd la sur:ed f
and four ohildren.
V IT Rfplnhort? bt ret
from hb trip to Hul .l.
ha fnimH nnltft n 11 et? anw4