Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 04, 1908, Page 3, Image 3

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$&; '
mng Man with New Theory
till m Minneapolis.
rho remarkable success umt
has ;
i.wi t. t. cooner quhuk
U year has not been confined tor
one locality, but.it is wiuespreau
U the young man is now a weu-
jwn figure In most of the leauing
L3 of the country. . ''
iir Cooper believes that the stom-
1 h foundation for most in,
Llth and claims mat ms priiuj,-
i by regulating the stomacn, is a
tn tnr. mnoi iilopnsn. Tho
0 Spill"' l .wo -.
lowing extract from tho Triuiuno.
Hnnpnnolls Klves an idea of tho
prising number of people who are
nnHnir Cooper's theory, tho
q r, one of many that appoaroa
lug Cooper's stay in Minneapolis, I
i tq ns follews:
v.r..-r, - ,
The fcalo of Cooper's preparation
iow phenomenal in this city, and
Ifstlmato made today seems to in-
late beyond all doubt that it will
ml the largo figures reported from
Wt har of lots of oustomers who
doto on our Cologne Mid buy in
bulk. Bt plan ,it come choapor.
Perfume kould bo n.uro to be good,
and in view of the mnny ohean
brands it is a. wIbo inovo to buy the
kind that is right. Wo back enru.
Corner Commercial
I ft LAAiwrr hi
Timely Help. j
ckpon Heaven bloss him! Ha
1 confidence in mo whon the to
ih wero dark and tnroatoning.
rion-In what way?
kiOn Ho lont mo an umbrella,
Id rdelphia Inquirer. .Eagle.
1i,.ii at. f - w.t.1
jw-ucp aiuui oiniiikuik.
?r.klng does not our chlldron j8
KU-wtttinp. Thoro is a oonsu-
iral causo for this troublo.
M Summers, Box W. Notre It
lo, ind., will sond free to any
icr her succosstul homo treat-
writo full instructions. Send no
, but write her today If your
iren are troubled In this way.
t blamo tho child, the obancos
1 cant help it. mis treatment
cures .adults and aged peoplo .
ed with urine dlfllcuKlas by "
lor nignt.
terson, Oregon
Capital $25,000
facilities known to
reliable banking offered
matrons. Jefferson is a
rood town, has good
stores, good mills, a good
ank, and good people.
)ome and see as.
Oregosv State Bank
Is Astonishingly Success
during the 30 days Mr;
Cooper spent in that city.
"During tho past 23 days M,r. Goop-
er has been in Minneapolis, the sale
0f hi3 preparation has averaged
about 2000 bottles n day. When th6
amount of modicino disposed of
throughout the state is added to this,
tno. amount win uo uouuieu. more-
iuiu, ww juuuh umu mu buiu i -
uays ss.uuu uotties oi ins meuiciuc
in thn stnto of Minnesota alone.
which is a irraiy remarKaoio recoru.
"During tho past week so many
.hundreds of Mlnnoopolij peoplo have
ar-.oeen caning 10 inanit ijoopor iur ujj
gooa no nas accompusneci wun ,ms
medicine, that It is safo to say that
his visit will long be remembered by
...... .... ,. ...
tho sick of tho city."
Wo sell tho famous Cooper prepa-
ration which has made a similar roc-
ord to tho above wherever introduced.
J. C. Perry.
and State St.
Only whlto hoarse and
horses in Marion and ad
joining counties.
I. O. O. P. Bldg
456 Court St.
GockI Artvit:.
Applicant What is tho first thine
do boforo youNgot a marriago
LIconso Olork Think
young man; thing It ovor.-
An thn World.
a stncr0i and Ballard.fl Snow Llni.
. .
mnt P,n"s a m0f important part.
has no superior for Rheumatism,
stiff joints, cuts sprains, and all
nnini, n.. it . it .i v .m i.
' ,' '.' , u ' u. ' ,
wa'8 "se . Anybody who has used
uauara s snow ljinimoni is a living
proof of what it doos. Buy a trial
,tio ok ka ,.! i nn aA uv
T ' "
" ri)
Tho Limit.
Stoila Two Is company.
Bolla Y9A. Brldgoi nevor lets us
ask mora thmt that. Harper's Ba
zar. - o '
Tho night came on, tho good wife
To horsalf as she softly aiJ,
Thank God, Wre hppy, healthy'
and bright,
W all tako Rocky Mountain Tea'
at nlgktj'v
For salo at Dr. Stonu's store.
Call far City Warrants.
Notice Is hereby glvon that thero
are funds on hand applicable to th9
payment of all -warrants of tho City
of Salem drawn on the general fund
and endorsed "Not paid for want of
(unds" on or boforo January 3, 1908,
Holders of said warrants will please
present tham for payment at the of
floo of the undersigned, No. 129
South Commercial street, aa Interest
cease from and after this date.
City Treasurer.
Salem, Orcgan, January 4, 1$0S.
Court Docket.
Alice Davio Presslcr Vs. Oscar
Cole, administrator of estato of Levi
iBartmoss, deceased; motion on for
mer attorney to pay money.
Stato of Oregon vs. Honry Cnr
mody; seliirtg liquor without license
to Art Roda. ,, .' j;
Stato 6f Orego'ri-iu'vs. Henry" Car
mody; selling liquor without license
McCarthy vs. W. E. Smith;
action for monoy.
Salem Stato Bank ,vs W. G. (Daws,
et al.; action for money. I
J. 'F. Roborvtson, Qt al., vs. Isaac
u. .uates ,et ai.t aciton lor money.
L. L. Hersohbergc' .vs. Peter L.
Hershborg, action for money.- :
Stato of Oregon vs. George Case;
assault with a dangorous wBapori.
S. Pag6 vs. C. W. Brnshor; aotion
for monoy.
Louin Lachmund and Julius
PInouB vs. Paul R. G. Horst; action
on hop contract.
Uabol Simon vs. Oharlos D.
Winkler; action for monoy.
State of Oregon vs. C. N. Matlock;
keeping open a tippling
house on
Stato of Oregon vs. A. G. Mc
Millan; failure to servo process.
W. H. Harding v. O. F Van
A lion; action for monoy.
Stato of Orogon vs. CarOJP. Mar
tin, perjury.
J. L. Mlsnor vs. W. L. Jerman;
action for money.
Krelu ' Mop Company vs. T. A.
Llvesley fe Co.; action for monoy.
C. P. Bishop vs. raivin Arnold;
aotion for monoy.
PnAil II. Hauatr vs. M. Christon
son; action for money.
.TosAjih Gigior v. Roy Pukada;
action for monoy.
Mtrcella C. Grlorson vs. W. II. Cuts
ry; action for monoy.
R. It. Ryan vi. John Mistoiok, ft
al.; action for money.
J. II. H.ughai v. M. C. Gray; ao
tion for monoy.
Samuel G. Scanlon vi. John Cmv
michael; action for monoy.
Ifinill Ausplund vs. Olaf Andor
bou; aotion for money. ,
S. Page vs O. W. Rraahor; aotion
for monoy.
j. II. Potcmon vs. John Walling;
action for monoy.
W. W. Johnson vs. Pollx La
Branch; aotion for monoy.
Moyor vs. Llvogloy; action for
A. D. Sloan vs. C W. Yannke, ot
al.; action for money.
Miko Jacob fc Co. vs. II. G. Bruor;
action for monoy.
Frod Sooly, ot. al., vs. Salem Hop
Warehouse Co.; action for money.
J. M .Woodruff vs. H. W. Van
Dorn; action for monoy.
Margarot Wittsohen vs. Rudolph
E. Schmidt, ot al.; notion for monoy.
A. C. Smith vs. Honry Tuokor; aotion
for monoy.
Chamberlain's CoukIi llcmcdy Utile
llts n City Oouiicllnmn at
Kingston, Jamaica.
Mr. W. O'Reilly Forgarty, who la
n member of tho city council at Kings
ton, Jamaica, West Indios, writos as
-!lan,g c'ough R0mody had good effect
fnllewH: "Ono bottlo of unamuur
on a cough that was giving mo trou
it ovor, . , . T th. k t ghouia havo boon
more quickly reliovod if I had con
tinued tho romody. That It was bena
floinl and quick in rolloving mo thoro
Is no doubt and It is my Intention to "
For sale by
ouiniit nuowivr uui-ww.
Dr: Stono's drug store.
The management of the Cap
ital City Laundry wishes to no
tify Its patrons that it will bo
3losd for rnirs and to in
stall new machinery until tho
first of Uit ew. After the first
of the yoar it will bo run un
der tho management of
The owners being tho managers
I New
L ifiTtc ttutf lot tYtdoiiMtmr tw, 1
3 t5l(W(?Tb V ilr.3llnitr.-Mt't(tt4i J
' UftfTKOMCDiC;UCa..ae4r4. lAftC44TM,rk. I
5o?i In Sikrn b
. n ?i. O
A Nurse's
If you are a sufferer
from headachy, neuralgia,
or pain from any cause
you should read the fol
lowing letter from a nurse.
"For somptlmo I liavo Mt It my
duty, to tvrlto you. I wns lmvlntr
toy doctor twiso vott week for hoad
hphe. All he did tor mo was to rIvo
pomethhiK to easo tho pain. Bome
times tho pain wns so sovero that I
couM not ppcak, and memburs of my
family ptood over mo and Kavo mo
medlclno every nftcn minutes until
I was relieved. A samplo of Dr. Miles'
Antl-Paln Pllli-fell Into Jny hands. I
read tho circular very carefully, and
found my case described exactly. Tho
next tlmo my head beRan to acho, X
.took thti Vain Pills acoOrdlnp to di
rections and I felt I was gcttlntf
better, so 1 sent to tho druggist for a
box and took them until I was so
much better that 1 was about tho
house all tho afternoon. I have not
lmd a doctor for headaoho since.
When ho met me sometlmo after ho
wanted to know liow I was, and I told
him what 1 had done, and ho replied:
"If you have found anything that will
help you, stick to It;" and so I have.
Bcfnc a nurso I havo recommended
them to n eront many grateful poople.
Ono case I will mention. I saw a doc
tor po to r neighbor every week for
months because Alio had such awful
headaches: but for a lonp tlmo I dared
not suKKost anything to her. Ono day
1 met her and 1 pavo her a half a
box of Anti-Tain Pills and Bho used
them and has had no doctor since.
Bho says they nro a Kreat blesslntr to
her and said, "why didn't you tell mo
about them before." x could tell you
of many slmllnr cases."
370 W. Ocnesco St., Auburn, N. T.
Dr. Mlleo' AntNPaln Pills are sold by
your druoolsti who will quarantco that
the first pnekaflb will benefit. If It
falls, ho will return your monoy.
25 doses, 25 cents. Nevor sold In bulk.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
bali:m market.
Lociil 1Vkolt!ialo Market.
lBSBS 88c.
Uutter 87 c; fat 8 Go.
Vloiw 9c; young chlokons,
'lociil wheat SOc,
Oats SBc.
Barloy $24 $25.
FlourHard wheat, $500; valley,
Mill feed Bran,
Hay Choat, $14;
12 por ton; timothy,
$25; Bhorta,
clover, $10
OnlonB 2 He lb.
Potatoes 85c cwt.
Hops Old, 4Cc; now, 7 8c.
C'hlttlm bark 4 &35c.
Tropical Fruits.
Bananas $0.
Oranges $2. 50 $3.00. ;
Lomons $45$4.50.
Itcmil Alnrkct.
Oats Whlto, $28 per ton.
Wheat 95c.
Rollod barloy $30.
Kggs 35 c.
Buttor Country, 35c; croamory,
Flour Vttlloy, $1.20 por sack;
hard whoat, $1.40$1.50.
Bran SOco por saok; $2G por ton;
uborUi, $1.10 per sack.
Hay Timothy, 85 90c per cwt;
choat, 90c; clovor, 75s por cwt ;
Bljort, $1.10 por sack.
Hogs Fat, 4c.
CRttle 1100 1200 lb steers,
Lighter Bteerb 3 3 Vic.
Stock hogs 4c,
Cows and heifers 900 1000 lb,
2 2 c.
Lambs 4i a.
Veal DreBeed, 5 7c.
Portland Market.
Whet Club, Slej valloy ff8
MillstuffBran, $21.
Hay Tfinotb, valley, $1$19;
alfalfa, ?13.
Vttoh $8.50.
Poullrty Hens, 10$21cj spring
chickens, 10011c; ducks, young,
13rl4c; piceons, $l)$1.2Ef
Pork Bett, ?C(0$C35.
Hops 1907, 7 10c; old, 4
4c IK
Lmb ?3.S0(IT'?C.C0.
Mutton ?4. 50 $5.00.
Wool 20 ft 22c; eastern Orogoo,
Never ohlp, orack
tarnish, moss or
eorrodo. Tho only
kind that never
neod cloanlng. For
the truth of the
abovo soo them in
all tho Salem and
many of tho ooun
t y cometoriiM;
eonio of them
ha7e been thero fo ?2 years, If
you want tho very bt at living
p'lre.t call on or add jobs
458 Mill St. Phono 12$ 1, alem, O.
A. A. BUKTOX. Prof..
Brick Always cs kad, is car lot
of otittrirlM. PrtMMd brlek 4
to ordtr. Yard on $Ut ttrttt, mutk
,,4rlffr$ f f lfrfrWlHMif tH
For Suit 320 acres of good farm
land, and farm implements, for
$3000, 1267 Marlon Btroot.
1-2-3 t
For Snlo or Trade A 9-room roal
denco on Centor Btreqt, good loca
, tlon1 corner loi, comqnt vfnlka, al
so barn. Latham Laud Go., over
Portland General Blcctrlo Co.
- ' 12-23-tf
For Bale Good house and barn,
new, 25 acres all under cultivation
berries, prunes and all kinds of
fruit, flvo miles from Salem, $3500
This includes 6 cows, 2 horsos.har
nesB, 1 heavy wagon, spring wagon
200 chickenB and, other farming
necessities. Bnqulro 492 Stato
Et'eet. 9-23-tf
To Kent. Fivo room Hat. over Far
rlngton & Van tfatton'B markot.
Inqulro of Stoinr & Bcrgor, 188
SouUi Llbortv street. 9-24-tf
mmammmMmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmnm w
Strnyi'tl or Stolen A whlto Angora
cat, named ,TeddyM. A suitable
reward will bo paid for his return
to Mra. Z. F. Moody, corner Court
and Wintor streets. 1-3-31
Found. A breastpin. Ownor can
havo snmo by calling at C. G. Glv
en's shoo Btorc, on Commercial
street and doscriblug property and
paying for this nd. l-3-3t
Voget Lumbor nntl Fuel Co. Lum
bar .shingles, building material,
wood and coal. Low prices and
prompt dollvorlos. Ono block east
of S. P. passongtv dopot. Phono
198. 7-2-tt
Uuttv Wcmleroth Flno wlnos,
liquors and cigars. Wo handlo
thi colobratod Kollog gand CaBtlo
whiskies. Cool and refreshing boor
constantly ot draught. South
Commercial stroot. 9-3-lyr
Our moat markot on East Stato
otroot has been doubled In slzo and
wo nro bettor propared tkao cvor .o
serve cuBtomora. Prompt Borvlco and
tho boat of meats our motto. Call
oi phono 199. B. B. Edwards, Prop
Wo Aro Cash PurclwuKirs Of poul
try, eggs, and all kinds of farm
produco. Borry crates ma,de up
in unlimited luantltios. Capital
Commission Co., 207 South Com
morclal street, Salem. Phono Malo
Wantel All tho pooplo In Snlom
and surrounding oouutry that aro
thinking of buying a monument to
oomo to our show room in tho City
VIow comotory and Jnspoct our
stock. Wo can savo you money if
yoni como. All work guantntood.
Tho Blaoslug Granite Co, J. D.
Bohannan, managor, 3-2-lm'
Wanted To buy a good horso, for
work and driving, wolght about
1200 pounds. Phont 17x4 Farm
or. M. B. Bonnott, Salem, routa
Wnntnl Young lady to do Kooloty
roportlug for tho Capital Journal.
Wanted. Managor for branch office
wo wish to looato Iioro in Sulem.
Addroas, with references, Tht
Morris Wholesalo Houso, Cincin
nati. Ohio. 12-9-lin
Theo, M. Haw Plumbing hot water
and stoam heating and tinning.
1C4 Commercial street. Phone
Main 192. 9-1-lyr
M. J. Pctzel PlumbJng, steam and
gas fitting. BuccosBor to Knox &
Murphy, 220 Commercial ltreet,
Prono Main 17.
LI very and Fowl Stables Old Post
office Stablos, at 254 Ferry street,
between Commercial and Front
Btroots. Telephone 188. Some of
the finest liveries In the city can
bo found boro, Dick Westacott,
proprietor. 10-1-lyr
Cummins Bros Transfer Company
Al) kinds of transfer work done.
Furniture and pianos boxed ready
for shipment. Prompt sorvlce Ii
our motto. Stand and offlco at
253 South Commercial street.
Phone 210. Residence Pkoas 908.
Frawk M. Brofra -Manufsctuier of
sash, doors, moulding. AH klst4
ot kovuit Haieh and kar wo4
work. Froftt Utett, bUa BUt
aod Court. Makt all eoioplalstt
;nrpi'inors , imou Ao. 10r Lh&
Union No. 1065 ot Carpenter m
Joiners of America meet e-swjj
Saturday ovonlng at 7:3(y j tdeuA
Hearst hall, 420 Stato St. A. -W.
Dennis, Hoc. Sec. ,
rotvutora oi America Court B&
wood Foresters, No. 10. IU
Wodnosday in Hurst haM. St&W
street. Lo oAbbo,' C. R.; 3.'d
Perry, financial secrotapy.
'. . ",i "
Central Lotlgo No. 18. IC o ffv-
Castle Hall in Hohnan bloo cer
nor Stato and Liberty Btrfo.
Tuesday of each wcok at 7S jft
m. Oscar Johnson, O. C.;, HL SL
Andorson, K. of R. and Si
Modern Woodmen of Anicrk Or
gon Cedar Camp No. 5246, X&ttfa
every Thursday ovonlne a 51
o'clock In Holman hnl). W W
Hill, V. O.; F, A. Turner,, clfffrk.
Woodmen of World Moot eTtsrj 3Tra
4dny night at 7:80, In Holrscr tsS,
L. 13. Ponnell, C. C; P. L. SYswh
lr, Glork.
Lincoln Annuity Union. Sick, out!
dent and ponslon insurance; $2
000,000 pledged; ovory clnla
Good agonta wanted. ."J. B. C
Mongomory, Bupromo orKnfciiH
Box432 Salem, Oregon. K. 35.
Ryan, acorotary, 540 Stato oJret.
surgoon. Tolephono 307 Main.
Ofllcos, 540 Stato stroot, oppe?t
court house, Salem, Or. RoslcJoaco
Phono 318 Main. S-13- lfao
nil miiiiiiiinmniiii
Wfiitc House Restaurant
For a R4tfular
1 25c Dinner at 20c I
They aut't bo beat (
McGilchrist & Son
i iimih ii iiimimiim
Hotel St. Philip
Fourth and Fifth anil UaiTnAft
fitrc-jts, Portland, Oregon;
Now fireproof ISnropoan HotiA.
Stoam boat. Modorn convonlentau.
Ratos $1.00 por day and up. Union
depot car will land you at the door.
H. PIERCE, Prop.
iiiMMiiHi f imman
Call and try tlMm. Hto
16c. Board por "Veek la.'JS,
also furnished rooms t77
Meals i5c
ill imnnmit ihhhh
X Tho Horfcofelioo R'tmtrnnt.
Scott Ferguson old stand.
;; thoroughly ronovatod and now
" ly furnished throughout.
ii Best 20c Meal in the CHy I
;; Chlckon dinner on Sunday ;
' Call and bo convlncod.
E. M. AOKEItMAN, Prop,
333 State Street. ;
i ii nun i ii mi i miH-i-Hfr
Restaurant and hotel, ok
European plan. Mtals at ul)
hours on short order. Regular
dinner 25 cents. Thirty no-ir-X
ly finished furnlshod rooms.
148 Commercial St.
4 1 I I i I 1 1-1 1 1 I I 1 1 I HHHKH
Salem fence Works
Headquarter for Woven Wire
Netting, pickets, Gates, MaRkoKJ
Roofing;, P. & B. Ready Roofing
All at lowest prices,
CHAS. II. MlillliiH
itf triUf ot , . .. c-.
" i
j"it..t .a