Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 30, 1907, Page 3, Image 3

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-H I It I It
Charcoal Stops Gas
On Your Stomach
O C T, Co
Steamers Pomona. KAi Oi"o
leavo for Portland Monday, Weue-
day nnd Friday nt 10 a. ro, an
4 I 1 1 1 1 I II t IH I 1 I I M-HWi
4 I 1 1 I I I M I
i r.nrntrn(fniinl.
nrai VW.-K--W
onth and erry " r.
It, pnstor. Morning and oven-
;n.ccmbcr l, conuucum uy
I' n..,lni. unlinnl mill En-
Br ouiiu.1, -v..
Cc lng as usual.
CottaKo and Ohomokota
BS lcc3 at 10:30 n. m.
Bcbcol at 11-45, lmmedinto-
morning sermon Sormon
Wabimla, in.lopondent mis
3 In.Ua, Subject, "God and
r naal invltntlon oxtonuou
kj runlng service.
Clirlstlnn Science.
SCr'ireh of Christ, Scientist,
inrKun sin-fi. Duiiiwns -Jim-
to 3J a. m, nnd 7:30 p. m.
f0f If on sermon, "God tho
iusc and Creator." Sunday
t 11:45 n, m Tho Wcdnos-
nlng meeting is hold at 7:30
leading room In the church
ch afternoon oxcept Sunday.
cordially Invited to attend
Hcc3 and tho reading room.
First Christian.
It of High and Center Btreotfl.
ng by the pastor, D. Errott,
m, nnd 7:30 p. m. R-
themes, "Fit for the King-
God," and "Somo Mocked,
(Said, 'We Will Hear Thcc
I' niblc school nt 10 n. m.
In Endeavor nt C:30 p. m.
Imuclc morning nnd ovonlng.
bile cordially invited.
Gospel Chnpcl.
enth and Mill stroot. Prench-
11030 n. m. nnd 7:30 p. m.
neetlng nt C:30 p. m. Sun-
liool nt 12 m. Ulblo atudv
evening and prnyor mooting
St. Paul's.
Ickrta nnd Churoh strocts,
urr G Lee, rector. Advont
?;rlccs at 11 n. in. and
in Sunday school nt 10 a.
we "come.
First Pesbyterinn.
ch ctrcc", near Chomokotn
iRev, Henry T. nnbeock, paa-
kornlng service at 10:30 a.
aching by tho Rov. II. Wyso
evangelist Themo, "Tho Lovo
" Prof. EMgono A. Spoar
choir will load tho music,
tchool nt 12 in. Christian
lr at C:30 p. in. No ovon-
vlce or mld-wcok prnyor
i, this church uniting in
tatlc services with tho First
First Congregational.
kr Center and Liberty strcot3,
fDetf, pnstor. Preaching by
itor at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30
nnday school at 12 m. Young
i meeting nt 0:30 p. m. Prny-
llng Thursday ovonlng at 7:30
U cordial invltntlon oxtondoJ
rpubllc to nttond nil services
this church.
W. C T. U.
Zimmerman will nddross tho
itompcranco mooting nt 4 p.
uember 1, corner Commercial
rry streets. R. G. Miller loada
sing All nro wolcorae.
Y. M. O. A.
M union servico for mon nt
m All men wolcomo to
Wonderful Absorbing power of Char-
coal When Taken In the Form of
Stunrt's Chnrconl Lozenges.
A Real Wonderland.
Ih Dakota, with its rich silver
! bonanza farms, wlcro ranges
rango natural formations, is n
lie wonderland. At Mound
tho homo of Mrs. E. D.
a wonderful enso of healing
jte'y occurred. Her son seem-
fr drath with lung nnd throat
' Fshaustlng coughing Bpolls
M every flvo minutes," writes
Ular, "when I began giving
pig's Kry Discovery, the great
ie, t-at savod his life and
M"y (ured him." Guaranteed
agti and colds, throat and
lrr-i ,, by J. C. Perry, drug-
-5 acd $1 00. Trial bottle
Trlnl Pnckngc Sent Free.
Charcoal, pure, simple charcoal,
absorbs 100 times Its own volume of
gas. Whore does the gas go to? It
1b just absorbed by the charcoal tho
gas disappears nnd thoro is loft n
puro, frosh, swoot atmoiphoro, froo
from all impurltios and germs.
Thnt's what happens in your stom
nch whon you tnko one or two of
Stuart's Charcoal Lozonges, tho moat
powerful puriflors scionco has yet
You belch gns in compnny, somo
times, by accident, grontly to your
own humiliation. That is hocauso
there Is a great hmount of gas being
formod in your stotmach by ferment
ing food. Your Btomnch is not di
gesting your food properly. Gas is
Inevitable. Whonovor this happens,
Just tnko ono or two of Stuart's Char
coal .Lozenges right nf tor eating, and
you will be surprised how quickly
they will act. No moro bolchlngs;
no moro sour risings. Eat nil you
want nnd what you want, nnd then
If thoro Is any gns going to be form
ed, ono of these wondorful Httlo nb
Borbors, a Stunrt Charcoal Lozenge,
will tnko caro of nil tho gas.
And It will do more than that.
Every pnrticlo of impurity in your
Btomnch and intestines is going to be
carried nwny by tho charcoal. No
ono seems to know why it does this,
but It doos, nnd does it wonderfully
You notico tho difforonco in your np-
pctltc, gonornl good fooling, and in
tbo purity of your blood, right
You'll havo no more bnd taste 'In
you mouth or breath, olthor from
drinking, eating, or smoking. Other
pooplo will notico your bnd breath
quicker than you will yoursolf. Mako
your breath puro, frosh and sweet,
bo whon you talk to othorn you won't
disgust them. Just ono or two
Stunrt Charcoal Lozonges will mnko
your broath Bweot, nnd mnko you fool
hotter nil over for it. You can ont
nil tho onions and ordorous foods you
wnnt, nnd no ono enn toll tho diffor
onco. Besides, chnrconl Is tho best laxn
tlvo known. You can tnko n whole
boxful nnd no harm will rosult. It
1b a wondorfully easy regulator.
And thon, too, It filters your blood
every pnrticlo of poison or impur
ity in your blood Is dostroyed, and
you begin to notico tbo dlfferenco In
your faco first thing your clear com
Stuart's Charcoal Lozongo8 are
mndo from puro willow charcoal, and
them palatable, but not too sweet,
them palatnblo, but nottoo Bweot.
Thoy will work wonders in your
Btomnch, and mako yon fool flno and
frosh. Your bjood and broath will
bo purified.
Wo want to provo nil this to you,
bo Just sond for a frco snmplo today.
Then after you get it nnd uso it, you
will llko thom so well that you will
go to your druggist nnd get a 25c
box of these Stuart'a Charcoal Loz
enges. Sond us your namo and address to
day and wo will nt onco send you by
mail a sample paokago free. Address
F. A. Stuarl Co., 200 Stuart Bids,
Marshall, Mich.
. o
Carload of Horses Received.
A carload of fine etnlllons has
been reoelved b Boedengelmer &
Yannke. The animals were shipped
to this city by M. C. Gray, the im
porter of Pullman, Wnsldngton, and
aro at prawn at the Club eCablee.
The car contained two French Per.
cheroiie, two Eagliah Snlree and
one Englleh Hackney. There was a
Clyde among the lot which died dur
ing the Journey. Nearly H of the
borees hare beeu disposed of In var
ious wotlona of the state.
The Drnuluck.
ha rs fame?"
r s all your disreputable
te to the surface and tell
0 ulir. that, om ' niavCL.
-'.. tuv; i,v. w.v.v
Uonsness nnd Constipation.
year I waa .troubled with bll-
and constination. which
life GiVrablo for me. My ap
lanca me I lost my usual
and vitality. Pepsin prepara-
a cathartics only mado mat-
rs? I do not know where I
nave been todav had I not
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Tab'.ets. The tablets relieve
lee.ing at once. strenuthea
gestive functions, helping the
10 do Its work naturally.
wsa Potts, Birmingham, Aala.
tablets are for sale at Dr.
drS store.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
oure any oaee of Itching, Blind, Bleed
log or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14
day sor money refunded. 50c
Piles Cured In O to It Days,
Only 35 cents per bushel for fancy
clean cheat seed, while It lasts.
Put In your order quick.
Tillson & Co.
S5i-i6l High Street
Pfcoae X39 SaIem,Of,
Potatoes for Sale In 5 to 10-snck
lots, nt 75o per sack. At Cum
mins Bros, baggngo and oxpross
offlco. 11-29-lw
For Sale Dry fir wood by M. A.
Endlong. Dollvorod to nny part
of tho city. Phono S97.
Ay Billy 32G N. Commorclnl atroot.
Has a buyer for household good,
if you. havo anything In that lino
to sell for ensh. Call nt onco.
For Suit; A Columbia disc grapho
phono ($35 machine), nnd 25
records; good nssortmont. Twon-ty-ono
10-lnch and four 11-lnch
size. Prlco $25. 11-27-dw-tf
Violins on Trlnl Hand-mndo vlollna
for calo on ton dayB 'trial, at my
shop ovor Perry's drug store. M.
S. Fuller. 11-9-lm
For Snlc One-yenr-old "Mammoth'
blackborry plants. Ton cents
Box 415, Salem, Or. 10-24-tt
For Sale A now Edison Home
Phonograph $60 outfit for $40.
Apply to W. II. Squlro, WcBt Sa
lon:. 10-12-tf
For Sale Good houso nnd barn,
now, 25 acres nil under cultivation
borrlcB, prunes nnd nil kinds of
fruit, flvo mllcB from Snlom, $3500
This Includes 0 cowb, 2 horscs.hnr
noBS, 1 heavy wagon, spring wagon
200 chickens nnd other farming
necessities. Enqulro 402 Stata
stroot. 0-23-tf.
To the PurchnNer and Invwtor Wo
havo proporty that will make you
a flno investment, RcBldonco prop
orty from $700 to $4000. Im
proved fnrms from $25 to $75 per
noro. Trnctn of 5 nnd 10 ncron at
bargain prices, well located, Just
what you want for nn Idonl homo.
Invest your monoy In ronl cstnte;
It 1b nbsolutoly nfo and a monoy
wlnnor. Latham Land Company,
Ovor Portland General Electric,
corner of Stnto nnd Commorclnl
Btreotfl. , 11-20-tf
?nrie"tcrs Vnlon No. 1005 Local
Union No. 10C5 of Carpent6rs and
Jolrors of Amorlca meet ovory
Saturday ovonlng at 7:30 p. m. lu
Hearst hall, 420 Stato St, A. W.
Dennis, Rec. Sec.
Foresters of America Court Sher
wood ForestorB, No. 10. Meoti
Wednosday in Hurst hall, Stat
street. Lo eAbbo, C. R.; J. O
Perry, financial secretary.
Central Lodge No. 18, If. of P.
Castle Hall in Holman block, cor
nor Stato and Liberty street
Tuesday of each weok nt 7:30 p
m. Oscar Johnson, C. O.j E. II.
Andorson, K. ofR. nnd S.
Modern Woodmen of America Ore
gon Cedar Camp No. 524G. Moots
ovory Thursday ovonlng nt &
o'clock in Holman hall. W. W
Hill, V. C; F. A. Tumor, dork.
Woodmen of World Moot ovory Frl
day night nt 7:30, In Holman hat!,
L. E. Ponnoll, C. C; P. L. Frax
lr, Clerk.
Lincoln Annuity Union. Sick, acci
dent and pension Insurance; $2,
000,000 pledged; ovory claim paid
Good agents wanted. J. II. O.
Mongomery, supremo organiser,
Box432 Salem, Oregon. R. It
Ryan, secretary, 54 G Stnto Btreet
Theo. M. llurr Plumbing, hot water
nnd ntcnm heating nnd tinning.
1G4 Commorclnl street. Phone
Main 192. 9-1-ljn
To Rent. Flvo room flat, ovor Far
rlngton & Van Pntton'n market.
Inqulro of Stoiner & Borgor, 188
South Liberty Btroet. 9-24-tf
Iioubo mover, Is moving como oloc
trlo machinery for tho oloctrlc
company In a vory ruccossful man
nor. ll-29-3t
We Aro Now Rendy To do your
dressmaking nnd plain sowing.
Work dono nt roosonablo prlcos.
Inqulro at room 1, upstalrB, W. C.
T. U. building. ll-28-3t
Vogoc Lumber nnd l'licl Co. Lum
bar .ehlnglca, bullfling roawnaj,
wood and coal, Low price nnd
prompt dollvorlos. Ono block east
of 8. P. paseengtc dopot Phone
198. 7-2-tf
M. J. Pctx?l Plumbing, otoam nnd
gns fitting. Successor to Knox A
Murphy, 22 6 Commorclnl itroot,
Prono Main 17.
White House Restaurant 4
For a Regular
25c Dinner at 20c f
They can't bo bent
McGilchrist & Son
i,f i f iifi iiiimiiin m
RoBtnurant nnd hotel, on ; ;
! ! European plan, Meals at nil
; ; hours on short order, Rogulnr '. ',
dlnnor 35 contB. Thirty now- ; ;
! '. ly finished furnished rooms.
148 Commorclnl St. I
h m u n ii 1 1 i ii n i nun
Call and try ttawa. Meaki J
Z 15c. Board per week $2.75, J
I also 'furnished noma, rery i
9 reasonable. !
Livery nnd Feed Stables Old PoBt-
ofllco Stables, at 254 Ferry street,
between Comraorclnl and Front
Btrcots. Tolophono 18 Somo of
tho finest liveries in tho city can
bo found hero. Dick Wostocott,
proprldtor. 10-1-lyr
Frank M. Brown. Manufacturer of
snsh, doors, mouldings. All kinds
of houso finish and hard wood
work. Front etroot, between Stat
and Court. Mako all complaints
at tho office.
CnmmJnff Ilro,, Transfer Cetnpany
All hinds of transfer work dono.
Furnituro and pianos boxod rendy
for shipment. Prompt oorvlco la
our motto. Stand and offlco at
253 South Commercial street.
Phono 210. Renldencti Phono 968,
Butto & Wenderoth Flno wines,
liquors and cigars. Wo handle
tho colebrntod Kollog gand Costlo
whlsklos. Cool and refreshing beor
constantly ot- draught. South
Commorclal street, 9-3-lyr
Our meat market on East Stato
street has been doubled in size and
wo aro hotter prepared tk-an evor to
eervo customers. Prompt sorvlco and
tho best of meats our motto. Call
or phono 199. B. E. Edwards, Prop.
Wo Are Cash Purchascro Of poul
try, eggs, and all kinds of farm
produce. Berry crates made up
in unlimited quantities. Capital
Commission Co., 207 South Com
mercial street, Salem. Phono Main
Loht-Bluo knitted handbag, with
keys nnd small change. Return to
Journal offlco. 11-29-31
Lost a kid glovo, between tho
comotory In South Salem ana mo
Willnmotto Hotel last Thursday
afternoon. Finder will pleaso
leavo at this office. 11-2 9-3 1
Strayed or Stolen Out of my pas
ture, throo miles southeast of Sa
lem, about one month ago, a last
spring's Jersey heifer calf, wbito
body and tip of tall white. Liber
al reward will be paid for infor
mation of Its wheroabouta. F. M.
Smith, Route, No. C, Salem.
It la worth more than any othr
bread, yet the price U up "higher.
For aaltf at your iroeer'a.
ThoBMJ k Oolwr, Prop.
nrVrSlUsTM. I). Physician and
surgeon. Tolophono 307 Main.
Offlcos, 540 Stnto stroot, opposite
court houto, Salem, Or. Residence
Phono 313 Main. 8-13- lmo
Wanted Compotont girl for gonor,l
housework. Apply morning of
Mrs, Louis Lachmund, 254 North
Churoh Btroet. 11-21-tf
Wanted-Prossman, Apply to Jour
nal office.
On Thanksgiving day from eaw-
odgo on their collars, unloss tho men
of Salem are wis enough to tnko
their linen "to a flrst-olass laundry
If you want beauty of color and ex
quisite finish on your shirt, collars
and cuffs, and havo them sent home
in perfect condition, send your or
der to tbo Salem Steam Laundry, and
wo guarantee satisfaction to our
13G-166 S. Liberty St.
Phono Main 25.
Rcky Mountain Tea Nugftft
A T!.. WisHln fit Tin it Vaanll
Brian (hldta Httlth tzi Bn4 Vifcrr.
od OockAcbe. !t' lUxiky JlounUln Tea In UU
let form. S5 centi box. Onuio in4 by
Ubuurrcx Uavo Oomcakt, UalUoa, WU.
Hotel St. Philip
Fourth nnd Fifth nnd Harnsldo
Strc-'ta, Portland, Oregon.
Now flroproof European Hotel.
Stcnm heat Modorn conveniences,
Rates $1.00 per day nnd up. Union
depot car will land you nt tho door.
H. PIERCE, Prop.
Tuesday, Thurodny and Saturday at
G n. m. For CorvalllB, Tuesday
Thursday nnd Saturday nbout S pv.
m. M. P. Baldwin, ngont. Ofllee
nnd dock at foot of Trndo Btroet.
ni ii imu i ui in 1 1 ill i
! ! Tho Horscshoo Restaurant. ;
Scott Ferguson old stand, ',',
thoroughly renovated nnd now "
f ly furnished throughout.
Best 20c Meal in the City;;
' ' Chicken dlnnor on Sunday '
Call nnd bo convlncod.
E. M. ACKERMAN, Trop. . '.
; 333 Stnto Stroot. ;
Trains from and to YnquhiA. ;
No. 1
Lcavos Yaqulnn 7:15 .
Arrives nt Corvallis ll:0tA..
Arrives nt Albany. .... .11:58 .u
No. 2
Leaves Albany ....... ,12:35 p.m.
Leaves Corvallis UBtyM,
Arrives at Ynqulna ...,. 5: 40 ism.
Trains Ko and from Detroit.'
No. 3
LOavos Albany .,.,.,.. 7:80ft.w.
Arrives at Detroit . . . . ; ;12:30 p..
No. 4
Lcavos Detroit l:89i.Mb
Arrives at Albany ...... 5:B5p.4
Trains for CorvallK Ir '
no. 8 y
Leawa Albany 7.5S a.aa.
Arrlvos at Corvallis .... 8:3Ga.BSu
No. 10
Lcavoa Albany 2:25 p.m.
Arrlvos at Corvallis .... 1:(5m.
No. C
Lcavos Albany 7:35 p.m.
Arrlvos at Corvallis ..... 8:15 jt.m.
Trains for Albatiy.
No. 5
Loaves Corvnllis 6:30 .m,
Arrives at Albany 7:10 a.m.
No. 0
Lcavos Corvallis 12:30 p.mi
Arrlvos at Alb nny 1:15 p.m.
No. 7
Loaves Corvallis C: 00 p.m.
Arrives nt Albany 0:40 p.m.
No. 11 (Sunday only)
Loaves CorvalllB 11:15 a.m.
Arrlvos nt Albany 11:58 a.m..
No. 12 (Sunday only) '
Leaves Albany 12:35 p.m,
Arrlvos at Corvallis 1 :18 p.m..
For further Jnformatlos apply Xt
Gen. Pam, Agf., Albwny, Or
r Ai-CLvy-roi ir
Can bo obtained from our prlmr
tender and juicy beof, mutton or
pork, All our raents aro eolectod
from tho choicest, and proparod fo;
tho table to suit tho demand of thr
fastidious. Our prices are lower for
quality than you can find at nnj
place in Salem,
E. O. O R O 0 fl,
Phono 201. "70 Stnto Ht
flaMBasaflaPlv inBlMl Ji
Tho above cut represents out
brick lined Torrid Zono Furnace.
Guaranteed gas, smoko and dust
proof. Economical and durable.
Estimates furnished on heating
L4lrf Atb
I bl
I M-tW-UrV
I'llUla Hd
!. MtMd
Ti ll.
Ibr. Mar
pniftet. Atkhwf'MM
iAH.in HH,in
HKASt flLLM.fcta
s.1 iv MMJ4Msrs Ewttwttac
Time Card Ne, 48 Kfteeftivft,
Jhmo 1.
Toward Portland PaiwBgr; T
No. 10 5:221 a. m Oregoa Msk-
t press.
No. 18 8:40 a. m., Cottago Grore
No. 122:45 p. in. Roseburg Ex
No. 14 8:50 p. in., Portland Ex
press. Toward Portland Freight,
No. 222 10: 6S a. m., depart
11:88 a. m Portland Fast Freight
No. 22010:40 n. m deprt
11:88 a. m Way Freight,
Totrnrd Snn ITanclsco Passmpx
No, 11 11:03 n. m RoBcburM
No. 17 0:47 p. in, Cottago Qror
No. 15 0:56 p. tn., California Ms
No. 13 1:31 n. m Ban FrancI.
co Exprpss,
Toward Snn Francisco I"relghr. '
No. 221 2:38 a. m,, Ban Ftas
ciaco Fast Freight,
No. 225 -11:65 a. m arrive
We can supply you with the lum
ber you need at the price that will
materially economise la the eoc
Just como and see us and look orf
our yards.
Yar4 Ner Dl,
- - a m i ,
irw?! 'Si"U' """" m Nmiwiw,
r-.l" . Ji I 4. Bll Iwwlrl tuu.
Z iT"f !'?t,Z. "tS. '. mH
ml72ZLC.JT ' -"T .TZ" ""!if wim.u.1 m!4 Ut
izzzr-zz7z.rz:;M .vj" -