Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 28, 1907, Page 10, Image 10

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Hreffons moeria School Center Mas a
IHHIBIIBHIP I system. Tho chairman of tho dls-ilaws, or u numbor of phnsos of our r . iH
(Emory Pottle, In Craftsman for Novomber).
M -!
(Emory Pottlo In Craftsman for Novombor.)
0 "Go'd of YcarB, tho Earth is full of Thy Plentttude,
Tho 'fiords lio pleasant In tho sunlight,
"li'ho pregnant eeod of tho sky, nw days of Spring
3Ias 'fallen In kindly places; t
'Tho'w'hllo noons of Summer have smled upon itho
Uoung groon plants,
Tho ramB and dews of ovoulng have kissed them ;
And "now Thou hast graciously sont tho golden days of Harvest,
"Whou tho desires of every living thing aro satisfied.
Silvers, au thoy flow oceanward, fling to Thee,
rho'gfMit heart of tho Sea boats with gratltudo,
"Tho Strength of tho ancient hills Is for Thy Praise ;
Tho 'voices of tho solemn pines, " ' .
Th faun and eky, tho yearning breasts of Night,
3I6ttlo-BUngH of birds, tho multitude of whlto-BOuled '
ijStuYj; 'nshlno,
Tllb SWlft, wild tunes of itho wind ' '
"All those uro prolslng Thoo. ' ' t
Anfl wo, Thy humblo and contrlto servants,
TBow "buToro Thoo with' hearts of Thanksgiving; '
' We nro mindful of Thy loving kindness. . 'J
. - ',r
"3?or tho laughter upon our lips,
For tho paBslonato Joy of Llfo within U3, ' ' t ''
Tor Luvo, tho strango, wonderful artificer of our souls, v ''
Wo T)less Thoo, O Cod I . .-r - . -
Vot .Tustlco, and Vlrtuo, and Honor, and Peace, t ' '
Tor lilgh-hearlcd men In authority, '
Ji'or tho vaBt, pulsating, victorious Country,
"Wo bless Thoo, O God I - " ,
And if thoro bo pain and anguish,
'If tho shadow of grief Hob gray upon us, '
If tho InacruUiblo Chnnco of tho future years
Uours In Ub womb nught of misery,
-And tho travail bo bitterness nnd aliamo,
Jlnvo worcy upon uh, 0 God I
0 God of YoarB, tho Earth Is full of Thy Plentltuda,
Ami wo, Thy humblo nnd contrlto sorvants, . C
"Dow iHiforu Thoo, with honrts of ThnnkHglvIng.
Oregon School laws a Model
trlct board is tho dolegato to thla
convention. If unnblo to attend ho
Is authorized to appoint somp other
member of tho board.
Tho conventions hold thus fnr
have boon woll attended, and .tho
directors have shown that they aro
Interested in their schools, and that
thoy aro willing .to Bpond ttmo nnd
money to forward any plan tending
to bottor tho public schools, that
will on Its faco show Itself to be of
practical working value. For ex
ample, tho writer has beon advo
cating tho plan of a numbor of dls-"
tricts uniting to employ a specialist
who will Instruct tho children In pie-
laws that will bear Improvomont,
and tho Stnto Dopartmont is now
working out plans to this end. It
has already boon noted that tho
county is divided Into a largo num
ber of districts, nnd each of theae
districts has a controlling board,
and .that tho suuorvlslng officer Is
tho county sitporlntondont. Hore,
In order to securo good work, tho
power must bo moro contrallzod. To.
illustrate, If a county suporlntondout
finds certain defects in fifty differ
ent districts, ho must go to work
with fifty dlfforent boards, or with
ono minurcu ana urty to two hun
dred men, in order to Imvo tho con-
mentary agriculture, havo an equip-'ditions mado right. It may bo a
$350,000 Hani,
Department of Kduaitloii.
W. E. Chnucollor, Suporlntoudont
'of Public Instruction, Washington.
ID. O., looturor on Illstry of Educa
tional TJteory, John TlopkliiH Unl
"vorslty, enys In tho Atlantic Educa
tional Journal, "I hnvo road
mhool InwH of ovory atnto in
tlnlou, Orogon has the beet."
the purposo of this article to do
woro orgnnlzod during tho pnat
Tho Stato Institutions, the Unl
vorstty of Orogon, tho Oregon Agrl
eulUiral Collogo, nnd tho Normal
Schools havo their course) so nr-
th. ranged that thoy corellnto well with
the that of tho high schools, and those
It I schools, finish the froe .education
that l offorod to tho boys and sir's
crllio briefly Oregon's ISdueatloual of Orogon.
tfyHtom whl It Is neoeumrlly based! IlMldus theeo schools thoro are
tho special Institutions for unfortu-
ttpon ber school laws.
The school district govornod by unto chlldron, tho nilnd, the Doaf
"wn uleottve board of from throe to Muto and the Rerorm sohools, and
11 vo dlroutors Is the unit of the another Institution Is now bains
school system In Orogon. This juovldod, that for tho caro of the
lonrd uuuingos the (Innnco of tho fooblo mlndod.
district, and oleots toachors. Oncol Compulsory Education.
n year the school dlstrlot holds a Tho last legislature passed a com
Jiuhool meeting which all legal vo- pulsory oducatlonal law which Is as
tors of tho district aro prlvllogod to nonr solf oporatlvo as any law woll
ttttoml and special muotlngs aro oall-'can bo. Truant olllcora nnd toachors
wl from tlmo to tlmo by tho bonrd nro In dangor of ponnlty If thoy nog--ot
illrootora as tho nood arises. Tho loot tholr duty In sooing to the rog
latrlotti or a county hnvo a super- uinp attondanco or tho chlldron un
lslng nflloor called tho county su-i0r tholr Jurisdiction. County au
KorlnUnulent who looks after tho porltondonts roport that tho law U
IntoroatH and wolfnro of all tho dl-'woYklng woll and that thoy aro hav
trlots or n county. This onicor visits jnR no dlfflculty in onrorclng tho
onoh district at loast once a yoar, jnw,
tntspoota ho Iwilldlngs, looks aftor institutes, Conventions nml Assocln
tho Rohonl Itsolf, and suporvlsos tho . tlons.
work of tho tenohor. In tho samel ny thoso various mootlngs, tonch
xnunnor, tho etato auporlntondont of ors ana school oftlcer nro kept In
public Instruction wuos for tho odu- touch with tho progress of the day,
witlonal IntoresU of tho ontlro not nionn ln ,. ,, nf tflnnhinir. imt
w ... .. ...., -. -. ,
BbbbVV' 'BK9bbbbbbbI
W9UK9Bt&f:''J'' bHbmUbbbbbbbbbI
bbbbbbbbkbbbbbbk&JbbbbBBbbW lm'BHI
iHKf M 'fsinffiyl jHsBBBBBSSBSBBtsfeWi'''"
BBBBBBBBBBBbVkU? JBBBbV SBBBBBlWflBV bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbibWl Im
ssKTlsJssslsHssHssssssssssV" isssHsslHsssssssssssssssssssssBissssssssssssssssssssssssi
Medical College Willamette
mtndnllon kocj tr'ti i
when wanting he"?
Sfllem has a no'trt
in the courso of i s
cording to tho census of children l
not u fair motliod for the resioa
thnt children of a district which hn.
a Hinall census Is ontitled to a good
teacher for as many months a are .large number of i?1
dm o)iitiirnn nf a iltatrlot Miiiiflln-'sehiMl rearb,,i l'L-3
J. II. Aiki'.maii, Hiipeilnti'iident of Public Instruction. , n ,,roat8r nun,btr of chllilren. trnlulnfc fni'cgo r
onelTho iflnn helne thnt a fow children' feMOf J. J Krap:' 11
I m I L M
nr nno of uu- nood a cood teacher as well as a devoioa nu iw -"!
John irniiillno Colenmn, D,
Salem Pronidont of Wlllaml
otto University.
Wllllnm Henry Ilynl, M. I)., SaU.n,
Professor of Surgery, sur.
geon to Salem Hospital and
Dean of Faculty.
LowJh Franklin Orlflltb, M, j)if Hn.
loin Proressor of Diseases of
Womon, Stato Hospital for tho
John S. Smith. M. I)., SalPm
Professor of Theory and Prac-
tlco of Medicine.
Walter T. WIHInmson, M,
Portlnnd Professor of Montal
and Nervous Diseases.
Jumoa A. Itlcbnrdson, f. i,( siem
Professor of Pediatrics.
William Carlton Smith. A. M.
I)., Salem Professor or Anatomy.
Augustus K. Tnmlcsle, M, 1).,
Prorossor of Materia Medina
nnd Thornpoutlcs, stato Ho'ii
pltal for tho Insnne.
AnguH It. Olllls, M. 1)., Salem
Prorossor or Ophthalmology,
Ithinology, Otology nnd Laryng.
ology; Ophthalmologist to Sa
lorn Hospital.
Frank Elrton Smith, M. ., Salem
Prorossor of Obstetrics.
iM All
18 uilrer iv. .
Profo.. -'wa
W. Willing
rrni(,)iS j
I ---v. -J
unnarjr DIccaset m Z
or on Medical Jurkf
Embryolonr sm
Hftctorloloey an4 jy
Professor cfphnif,!,
and DiwateottheQ-
". mint, m. d,i
Profoscor of Ph;,
Special Lecturers asd(
Jolm I). Shaw, M. D-n
to tho Oregon Sati fa
Dr. Elbert Khlirr-s,
lr. E. 0. I'nrker-SuhJ
Prevention of Dla
mo scnooi money, now It I dli music, a media! to3fpa
inuuiuu tuuiuiiiK io uie wcnooi vmity school harlnrbai
ceiiBus. Tho proporty of tho wholo dor his ndmlnstratloj. TV)!
hiuio musi stnnti nncK of tlio oduca- Inw school, a school at
tlon or ovory child In tho stato, and dramatic art, andt.tini
therefore, tho district as n taxing monts aro located lm
unit, is not a fair unit In thnt somo. Salem boasts of a tffi j
districts aro too poor to maintain a
good school for a sufficient number
of months, while other district
with no groator numbor of chlldron
hnvo a groator amount of taxable
proporty and, tliororore, can, with
out any groat sacrlllco on Its part,
hnvo a good sohool for n creator
numbor of months. If tho state
woro mado tho taxable unit this un
equal division would cease. Tin
method of apportioning money ac
new college Tho d&
tho ablo leadership cf 1
I. Staley, a prac'w cuss
of work relating to thfr
Ho Is noted for bt: tail
most oxpert bookkecpwi
countnnts. and one cf tiib
mon In tho state Aral
himself, often em;!:U
tho books of count; Kill
Staley turns out a
able classof studeoU,!
and many of largo numbor of months as the large
mant of nocoBiinrv tnnla. nml nnrh mutter of bad veiUlliuioii, ui
tho children how to bud, graft and of no piny grounds,
nrnnn tho tvntm nt thn nvclnirrt Imw Knilltai'V conditions,
,,r.,rn i, ,.rn.i f,. n. .nf 'nnr anhools nro Bufforlng from all numbor ; thoroforo, money
faMt ,n,ii.. i. . r Mm... inn if thoro woro ono not bo dlstrlbutod In accordance to
to oultlvato oach or tho dlN
roront garden products, and abovo
all to oultlvato an tinhoMndlm; In-
torost among tho ohlldron ror audi
work. Many or tho school direc
tors hnvo bocomo Intorostod In this,
and tho plan, It is bollovod, will bo
given a trial In tho noar futuro. I3y
thoso mootlngs, too, many smnllor,
voxatlous probloms havo boon solvud
simply by opou discussion nnd sug-
(Jrmllitu nml Text lsoolw.
Tho sohools ol Orogon u'so a uni
form iurflo or study, whloh pro-
wlth tho progross or tho nation,
economically, socially, financially
and intellectually.
Tho law ronulroB oaoh county su-
- m ... . . ... I
moe lor oigui grnueu m uio rani-;10rIntondnt to hold nn annual
Yonr soltools. and rour yonrs or work toachor's convontlon In his county,
ln the high ohools. Tho Stato nm tho attondanco or tonchora is
msob also a uniform sorloa of toxt 'compulsory. Tho stato superintend
iooks. If a pupil movoa from onfont ,8 niso requlrod to nttend thes
Vrt ur Orogon to nnother ho ay'0OnvouUoua aa far as 1rnctlcnble.
ta(H the mmo books, enter sohool MoHt of tho oounUe(, aro now ablo to
nnd be very easily clnaelned. M'hen ,)rocuro ror thoso conventions nt
lh eight grades are completed, the l0fttt ont Imnnic4or from somo otnr
TiupH take, the eighth grade exam--8tfltei am two or tUr00 of t,,e b0Bt
anntlon on queetlons propared by institute Instructors or this state.
ttio sUU superintendent, and grad- 0nna ch vr Btflt .nAiniinn.
are hold, one Tor Woetorn Orogon
contrnl board ror tho ontlro county, ,tho naimbor or ohlldron lu a dlstrlot
and tho county suporlntondont had but ln nccordonco to tho numbor or
authority to exoouto Its plans, school . tonchora omployod.
buildings might bo mado moro com
rortablo, play-grounds might bo
provided, and tho district with a
fow pupils might havo aa good
Salem Has An University,
Willamette Unlvorslty Is a source
of tho groatoat pride to the city aad
school and as competent a toachor , Undor tho presidency or Dr. John II.
no tho ono with a largo raumbor or .colomnn has bocomo a school or
In ordor
tho first rank ln tho state. Tho mag.
nlflcont campus opposlto the Stato
Capital building is bolng rapidly
Thoro aro several derocts in our and that Is tho plan of distributing covered with buildings, a college of
to mnko this last pos-
gostlona by tho delegates attending, jslblo, nnothor chango must bo mado,
of pedagogy
Sacred Heart dv
Academy Is a hijlCtf'
ohlldron and yoMittJaH
oomnllihments ai fW3'
mon and KholutleU
conducted by the W
roniitatlon for 'herc:
work Is of the rcrr i'I"
Muslr. UK U&
Under the leadeni.'? J
1L . CjI
A. Her tage we "-
w" .i
viuie is Placed law
and his snlendldU!
U by the ooxinty board of oxamin-'
r. If suooeaeful, he receives a di
ploma signed by the county super
intendent, audi his teacher, which
ntltle-hlin Id enter any high
acIiqoI in tho 'state.
The high schools are now ln a
period or dovolopment In Orogon.
Somo havo ono yonr, somo two,
throo and rour. Tho course roqulros
TiMir yoara or high sohool work, so
whon a pupil Uvea In n dlstrlot that
Vina only a ono, two or three yoar
Itlgh sohool, ho usually goes to somo
tour yoar high school to finish his
Vtturse, Thoso smaller high schools
"STaaddJngito tholr courses oach yoar
and moro than SO now high sohools'
and one lor Eastern Orogon. The
attendance at tho Weetorn Orogon
division usually ronohos ono thou
sand or more, that or tho Eastern
division not qulto so largo. For
those mootlngs tho host talent or tho
etnto Is omployod. and two or three
lnstruotors, tho most noted In tho
United States, aro also secured.
A now law tho administration of
which Is mooting with success Is
the law authorizing tho county su
perintendent to hold annually a
school board conventlonfor a period
of at loast ono day for tho discus
sion of questions portalnlng to the
improvomont ot the public school
College of Liberal Arts
College of Theology
College of Law
College of Medicine
College of Music
College of Oratory
Preparatory School
Normal School
Commercial School
Art School
Summer School
Sl Mr 3&m Pj i' ilP
wflL H 'r.ch if- ' &mMiZm$ffi&M
HMBRmnssiti' '-nivBBBBBi
Over Six 6
Fifty Professarsi
Second l
gigs f
For Catalogue Address J. B. COiEMAN, President, SateJJl