Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 08, 1907, Page 5, Image 5

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The Old White Corner
Black Goods
Every Piece Reduced
JLj 2&JL
Regular $1.00 and $1.25
Regular $1.50 and $1.75
75c yd.
98c yd.
s f .. m.4. ma t. ji4A .c . ..fi i rt 4 .
oee l.ouri sirKKi vyiiiuuvy uojjiuy ui noveiiy diuck
Dress Goods, a showing of very choice fabrics greatly
reduced in order to reduce the stock.
Reductions range from ten to fifty per cent. Some
goods are half price, others three-quarters price and
some nine-tenths.
rrancl Opera House
kc Great New York Broadway
Theater 3iinIcii1 Comedy
DIpRe.st Musical Comedy lilt in
Flvo Years
Ith Barney Ooldflold'a Big Auto
mobllo Ilnco Effect
lew fl.G0. $1.00, 7Cc, COc. .
t ialo nt box olllco Snturdny at
0 n. m.
reek Commencing Nov. 4
Comedy Sketch Scene.
Fancy Roller Skating.
"t Army mid Nnvy Roard Indorse
ucwvy'g Selection.
Ml'nlted Press Leased Wlrn.
Washington, Nov. 8. Tho joint
DJ find n.lll- linnr.1 l.oo ....nr.l
ihlrideci?ed ,n favor Sub,s hay
."," r:,auu or mo united stutoa
- iuon in the Philippines. This
ITICtOrV for AHtnlrnl na..... l,l
i. board as "Balnst Secre.
;'" au and Major-Gonoral
' p. ar"a aa tho "aval base In
'ar Last Prealrinnt nnnnnvnU
V0Wpa8s upon tho luoatlon,
Kther h'c,t iiuwruBi aa 10
lirm.. . " 8H'Q uowey, as
lSf the board. or Hide with
H alia WnnA
r v"
AhvftVH Wna Clr.1-
ea a man sava hn nlwnvn vn
trCUb'ed With n niir.t, hnt
N aM winter what would you
r u ne Bhouid 8ay no nevor wa3
' uce i:smg Ballard'j Horehound
P' Such fl mnn ayIoio
r J C Cark, Donvor, Colorado,
r years i was troubled
'Vf COUCh thnf w mil, 1 Inot
l 3'Pi- TM .. , ..
i luu6 'en me in a
r''f "rund Syrup and have not
r k r1v Mnce. That's what It
1 " re ' Q..1 ii ,
uy jj j. rry.
11 C -1...
RBro - 1 J.. wny x am nt a
or itorri, Tonight
'ins why
af Christian church.
IWvJL? Il!Us,er to Germany.
Ki.!4. Pre88 ased Wire.)
Unseat ar.Nnv 8- The state
to""1'111- former assistant
j vptL. e; and now minister
N4 ta " aia8 na8 been pro
ktt ";fe Ambassador Towr
F -u woo has resigned.
KaE vna.erl?a" and SprInB-
111 ' De
LPor.i ck.y Mountain Tea
Tx)cnl Wholcfalo Market.
Eggs 33c.
Duttor 32 c; fnt 31 c.
lions 9c; young chlckns, 9c.
Local whoat 80c.
Oats 40c.
Darloy $24 $25.
Flour Hard wheat, $G.OG; valloy
Mill fcod Bran, 22. DO; shorts,
$24. CO.
Hay Cheat, $14; clover, $10
12 per ton; timothy, $13 $15.
Onions $1.50 por sack.
Potatoes 85c cwt.
Hops Old, 43Gc; now, 7 8c.
Chlttlm bark 0 7o.
Tropical Frultfl.
Bananas $C.
Oranges $4 $5.
Lemons $5.50 $G.
Retail Market.
Oats Whlto, $28 $20 por ton.
Whoat 96c.
Rollod harloy $30.
Eggs 40c.
Buttor Country, 35c; croamory,
Flour Valloy, $1.20 par stiok;
hard wheat, $1.40 $1.60.
Bran. 70c por saok; $23 por ton.
Hay Timothy, 85 90c per cwt;
cheat, 85c; olovor, 75c por cwt.:
shorts, $1.00 por cwt.
Hogs Fat, 6c
Cattle 1100 1200 tb teer,
Lighter Bteorfa 33c.
Stock hogs 5c.
Cows and heifers 900 1000 In.
22c .
Lambs 4o.
Veal Dressed, 6 7c
Portland Market.
Wheat Club, 87c; valloy, 87c;
bluo stem, 89c
Mlllstuff Bran, $21.
Hay Timothy, valloy, $18 $19;
alfalfa, $13.
Vetch $8.50.
Poultry Hens, 11 12c; spring
chickens, 11 12c; ducks, young,
12 13c; pigeons, $1$1. 50.
Pork Best, $C$.35.-
Hops 1907, 7 10c; old, 4
4c tt.
Lambs Spring, $4.50 $5.25.
Mutton $4. 50$B.O0.
Secretary Taft In Japan,
Staves coverod with crimson vol-
vot. fastened with gilt nall3 and or
namentod with golden tassels were
flourished In tho faco of William H.
Taft as he made hla way up the
grand staircase In Mutsu Hlto's pal
ace In Toklo last month. The myr
iads of spectators In the streets be
low had already peltod "the Incor
ruptible American." as the Yorodzu
calls him, with flowers.
Trumptors. their clarions rlchh
fringed with silk, sounded the fan
fare as our seoretary of war marchd
un tho stenB amid a, tumult produc
tive .of much suflllug and struggling
among men In high noois, regi
mental headgear, buckled shoes and
silk stockings. Then Tatt passed
from view into tho presence of the
emperor of Japan, with whom he re
mained In conference ten minutes
it was the second time these twi
Rich Hair
You may easily hide vour ionnr.inr nf smith
Sea politics or North Pole explorations, but
yousnnnui mae ascraggiy,worn-out, Ignorant-
ttr..tt,.Lit.f- . !.....!. the natural exoonent of Intelttirctif hir rut.
Vigor. You know what Vou art uilng. ture Tt" halr promptly yields, becomes
rwor. lounnowwnaiyouartuitng. --- "u n
Your doctor knows whuil Joes thing, manaecaole, and appears well.
J. O.Ay
r Ca.
i mi in i ii i Himnanih
Auditorium Rink.
Open afternoon and evening, ex
cept Sundays.
Opera House
"vetnber 13.
Declarinc that tho widely nccoto.l
To Give Concert for Benefit of Sa-" theory that tho biulnesg man must
Iem Public Llbrarj- Site nt tho !bo regarded as tho real typo of tho
No- best citizen Is a fallacy, District At
torney Langdon of San Francisco
announced yestordny that ho Is plan
ning to, dollvor a locturo at an early
dato In which ho will analyze Tues
day's voto by precincts to show that
tho honest voter was to bo found In
Inrgor numbora among tho working
men thnn among tho buslnoaa men.
"Tho returns show conclusively,"
Bald Langdon dhls morning, "that
tho morchantB placed tho dollar
Tho Olive Mend String Quartet
which hns achieved tho distinction of
outranking nil organizations of its
kind both In America and in Europo,
and with tho exception of tho
It Is Simply a Centoal Offlco at
Which Checks Against Individual
lmukB of City Aro Presented,
and Balance Between Banks Are
Struck and Settled.
"Tho Vnndcrbllt Cup."
"Tho Vnndcrbllt Cut)." a name
which Bmacks of mngnlflconco and Kno,so1 aartot now stands without
,, D...it ... i .. ii ... n riVHI In U1 worm or mus c, win
tho swell mob" generally, 1b the bo hcard , Sa,om tha flCa8on '
name of that much heralded auto-1 Tho richest legacy that has been
U,UU"B uwii comouy wmen nas iGft to tho world by tho great mastora nbovo clvlo righteousness.
"An analysis of tho voto In pro
clncts whore business mon cast their
ballots, show that many Individual
voiob woro ca&t for Taylor nnd Mc
Gownn. Under normnl condltlona
tho business man would not think of
voting tho Union Lnbor tlckot. No
ono will doubt thlB. Why, then
should n business man voto for Tay
lor and for McQowan for district
nttornoy? Simply becnuoo ho be
lieved dhnt a continuation of tho
Taylor policy and a dlacontlnunnco
of tho graft prosecution would bono-
fit his own pnrtlcular pocket.
"Tho very fact that somo business
mon split tholr tickets as I hnvo
stated, Imllcaton a crooked motlvo
behind tho voto.
"Now I moan to show this clnas
of voterB up. As ooon as I can sparo
tho time I Rhr'l nnalyzo tho roturnn
by precinct In a locturo. Tho re
sults will hIiow thnt tho renl, Blncoro
and honost voto was moro cloarly
dlseemablo In the lnbor preolnoU
than In thoso whoro tho buBlnoBi
mon voted."
- -
Mr. EnrI Dewey and MIhs Gcnovlovo Victoria, in "The Vnndcrbllt Clip."
had an eight monthB' run at thoiof music is the- noble nnd beautiful i If I ItirK I
l(n.lt ihDIhii a 4 a ailnl I u b.I1 . I W
fj.li i o'T'l'") "i'.V i'W(WUiiMML.iiL-''. i'1 '' aBHLiB
Broadway theatre In New York, nnd
now, after amuBlug Chicago at tho
Colonial for three months moro, hns
boon Hont on tour, nnd will bo pre
sented at tho Grand opera house
Saturday night In all tho ontlroty of
Us metropolitan run. Tho compnny
Is n big ono, nnd Includes the ma
jority of tho orlglnnl principals, bc
sldos a number of fnmous stngo
boautlos who nro arrayed in tint
latest and most fotohlng "motor"
The play roprosentg tho Inst word In
up-to-date theatricals and tho vory
apex of nianngttrlal art. The big
foaturo, tho race between two 90
horse power racing nmehlneff, Ib twld
to be the acme of etage realism. The
stage settings are described ns on
tlroly novel, among them being tho
replloa of the famous hotel scene
which roprottentt) the lobby of the
fnmous Marjorle Wellington bote',
whore, with tho oxceptlon of the
olork, none but women nre employ
ed or ndmlttod. Tho story Is built
nun'tot written for two violins, viola
nnd 'cello. Into this form of com
position gcnluB has Involuntarily
pourod Its most secret cmotlotiB. It
In tho most lntlmnto nnd personal
form of 'Instrumentation, the ono
thnt brings ur nonror to the Inner
llfo of the composer. Ilonco to tho
gonulno music-lover tho quartet for MncCunn BctH HIh 'Hh on McCarthy,
strlngB Is tho most subllo nnd fasci
nating botrnyal of tho ego of tho
mastor-gonlus who wrote It. Boo
thovon choio It as tho vohlclo of his
most lntlmnto thoughts; honco IiIh
quartota havo richor psyohologto In
terest for us than Is to bo found In
nny othor form of composition ho hna
glvon to tho world.
Tho four glftod young Amorlcnn
womon that comprise tho Olive Mead
Quartet havo devotod thomsolvofl to
tho lutorprotntlou of thoso oxtrn-or-(Unary
workings of tho human mind
through the modlum of music.
Woman'H koon nnd sonsntlvo powers
of Intuition nro pro-omlnontly ndapt-
od to this ond. Plainly It Is tho spo
upon tho great Vnndorbllt cup raoeoIal sphoro for wornnn, for It hart
at Mlnoola, Long Islnnd. tho trophy ;boeu snld that It Is hardly posslbla
bolng presented by W. K. Vanderbllt 'for man fully to understand man;
A clever little country girl koops ov- it Is allotod to wornnn, by somo spo-
orybndy busy, nnd mnnngoa affair 'oial act of dlvlnntlon, to soo tho full
hor own way. Tho music and dances compass of a man's soul. Only to
and said to be unusually attractive , wornnn doos man fully reveal him.
Soats on sale at box ofllco Saturdny, solf. Therefore woman Is tho right
Novomber 9, at 9 a, m. ful Interpreter of tho works of man.
and tho other no Japanese, but the
Amerloan was tho bearer, it seems,
of an autograph letter from Presi
dent Roosevelt.
The eyes of Taft, wo are told by
the Yorodzu, organ of tho Toklo
populace, "blazed with the fire of
freedom," while among the specta
tors who saw him ride by In a4conch
of state "all was joy and jubilant
ovor a career that puts to shame the
records of ancient heroism."
Mr. Taft was attired in plain black
for the reason, wo are further In-(crying in the wlldernosi
formed by the dally Jmt (juoted. that Literature
"genius so surpassing as that of tho
incorruptlblo American needs nono
of tho trappings with which moan
mortals concoal tholr omptlnoss."
Mr. Taft, furthormoro, is tho only
statosman In America who Is "not
afraid of rloh people," whom "he has
threatened to put In prison for cor
ruption.'" Finally, to quoto tho Yorodzu yot
again, Mr. Taft Is to bo made Prosl
dont noxt yoar. Tho Kokumln
Shlmbun doubts that, doubts, Indeod,
tho groatnosB of Taft, but It Is a voice
and Yesterday Hail to Submit HIh
Fuco to tho Lawnniowcr It Was
n Hacrlllco to tho Ould Sod."
HoBtettctter'H Stomach RitterH is compound
ed strictly In accordance with thePuro Food ami
Drugs Act of June 30, 190G, anda specific guar
antee to that effoct Is back of every bottle. This
fact, together with Its record of euros of Stom
ach, Liver or Bowel complaints made during the
p3st OI years, Bhould convince everybody that
l.i a very superior niedlcluc, and tho one needed
to restore tho appetite, purify the blood, build up
run-down systems and luduco sound sloop. Then
It a'-so cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, BillouHuexs,
Cottlveiufl, Heartburn, Moating,
CranwH, Sour Risings, Sick Head
ache, Flatulency, Liver or Kidney
Ills, Clillls, Colds and Malaria.
Tjbe genuine ha Private Stamp oven neck of
For 40 yonrs Robort McCann, who
llvoa out In McCarthy's district In
tho Mission, snld a dispatch from
San Frnnolsco yostrday, Iuib' wig
wagged In hontod polltlcnl nrgu-
montu a tuft of whiskers of n stylo
peculiarly his own. His neighbor,
DennlB Lucey, hns prided hlmsolf on
his ndornmont of a slightly dlfforont
sohool of gnrdonlng moro luxuriant
of growth, ns It woro, hut loss dis
tinctive. Today tho stucco work on Rob
erta chin will fall boforo tho orunl
oncronchmonts of n razor blado; the
curtains will bo drawn, tho hod go
mowod, tho chin for tho first time
In 40 years exposed to tho olomonts,
Donnla will contlnuo to oiiltlvato tho
same old crop.
And all hooauso P. H. McCarthy
was not olootod mayor of San Fran
McCann's prldo In this llttlo bunch
of whlskera on his chin was equalled
only by hlu faith In McCarthy's abil
ity to win. Heated arguments ho
had had In groat numbora with thoso
of hla neighbors who fatled to agree
with him.
Lucey was ono of thOBo. Bolng a
Ryan mnn of tho most pronouncod
type, he would not for a moment
concodo that McCarthy had a chance
to bo olootod.
"I'd hot anything I'vo got on Mc
Carthy," said Robort a fow days ago.
"Would you hot your whlskors?"
Robort strokod tho beard affoo-
itlonntoly and then oamo out with an
iat.ll.tiniln "VfU
"Well I'll hot my whlskors against
yours thnt McCarthy dooe not win,"
said Dennis.
They clasped hands on It.
So today, off com oh tho most dis
tinct facial thlokot south of Market
WJthfttood Other Trent mon t Rut
Quickly Cured by Cliambcr- '
laln'ft Cough Remedy.
"Last wlntor I caught a vory so
vero cold which lingered for wooks,"
says J. Urquhart, of Zephyr, On
tario. "My cough was very dry and
harsh. Tho local dealer recommond-
ed Chamberlain's Cough Romody
and guaranteed it, so I gavo It a
trial. Ono small bottle of It cured
'me. I bellovo Chamberlain's Cough
'Remedy to be tho best I havo ever
i . .. ... - . ... -. -.
-usea. uai rumuuy is ior aio ai
Dr. Stone's drug store.
At this particular tlmo when most
of tho papers contain a groat loal
about clearing houses and clearing
houso certificates- It might bo well
to rohoarso what n clearing houao Ii
and how It In conducted to aid the
commerce- of today.
Ordinarily It 1b moroly a part ot
tho smoothly running mechanism of
exchange. Outldora hnvo no occa
sion to visit It and tho only token
of its oxlstonco Is tho stamp that you
find on tho bnck of porno chocks
which your bank roturns to you as a
vouchor. But in times of financial
stringency tho clonrlng houso at once
looms, Into Importance ns an asso
ciation of banks by which thoy are
nblo to pool tholr resources and so
contlnuo to tnko enro ot legitimate
demands of buslncsa.
Briefly, tho clonrlng houso Is a
dovico by which bnnks nro nblo to
bnlnnco tholr nccounta ngnlnnt each
othor and bo to avoid tho necessity
of tho trnnsfor of unnoconsnry large
Btimn ot curroncy. Suppose for In
Btnncc, chocks nro drawn on a co
tain bank to tho amount $100,000
woro deposited In a dny In nnothor
Institution. And aupposo on tho
sntuo dnyB chocks nggrogatlng $90,
000 had boon drnwn on tho bank
whoro tho $100,000 had boon do
posited, and enshod at nnothor bank.
If thoro woro no clearing houso tho
first bank would havo to nond $100,
000 In curroncy to tho second bnnlc
and tho lecoml bnnk In roturn would
hnvo to nond $90,000 In curroncy
bnck to tho first. All this troublo
Is suporfluoiiB filnco It would bo pon-
slblo to accomplish tho sntno result
by lotting $90,000 of tho IndobtodnoBd
on onch sldo ho canceled and by tho
flrat bank Bonding $10,000 or tho
bnlnnco of Its Indobtodnoss to tho
It la this prlnlcplo of permitting
banks to enncol tholr Indebtedness to
each othor nnd to pay only tho bnl
nnco In ensh that la workod out In
tho clonrlng house, Tho oxtont to
which thin "dovlso savos labor may
bo Inforod from tho fact that on one
occnBlon In May, 1902, tho Chatham
hank of New York was nblo to Bottlo
Ita claims on other banks amounting
to moro thnn $1,250,000 by rocolvlng
through tho clonrlng homo ton
Hero la tho wny tho cloarlng houaj
werkB: You pay your grocor $25
nay, with a chook on a cortnln bnnk.
Ho has an nccount with nnothor
hank and doposlta tho check thoro,
In tho courso of tho morning chocks
on nil tho othor banks of tho city
nro doposltod with tho bank whoro
tho grocor ikposltod tho chock glvon
by you. Bo this bank sorts tho
chookn nil out nnd Bonds thorn to thfi
clonrlng houso nt 12:30 which Is tho
closo of tho dally sosslon Thoro the
various packages of chocks nro pre
Bontod to tho dlfforont bnnka to which
thoy belong. At tho enmo time each
or thoso banks presents to tho first
bnnk Bonding In tho different bunch
ob of chocks n bundle for It which
has boon ncoumulntod In tholr day's
buBlnoss. Each bank hns Its claim?
Ilstod against othor banks. Tho dif
ference botwoon tho flguros showi
tho amount duo from othor banks or
to be paid them. Tho manngor of
tho clphrlng houso Is supplied with
thoso figures and makes out tho or
der of the various banks on oncn
other to sottlo tho uncancelled in
dobtednotts. Moanwhllo tho ohopks aro bolng
stamped by tne cloarlng houso nnd
roturned to the banka on which thoy
werj originally drawn. Bo ovontual
ly you got your $25 ohnok bnok with
tho stamp of the clearing homo nnd
the hank whloh sont it there.
In oltlea whoro clearing houses ex
ist at t)to prosont tlmo during the
ilnanolal troubles the oloarlng housn
balances aro sottlod by certificates
instoad of cash. These cortlfloatoa
nro guarantood by gllt-odgod socurl
ties and nro In tho naturo of tempor
ary loanB mado by tho associated
banks to tho Individual Institutions.
They are proving usoful In relieving
tho demand for cash leaving morJ
currency available for use of the
bank's customors. Tho clonrlng
houso luBiies dally statements show
ing the amount of checks passing
through tho houso on that day. Other
cheoks do not flguro In It. For In
stance, If you glvo a check on a cer
tain bank and that chock Is present
ed at tho bank named for payment;
It doos UQt go to tho clearing house.
at ur. Btone'a store.
had met. One can speat no English