Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 06, 1907, Page 8, Image 8

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For today's soiling, and contlu
ulng until all aro sold, wo offer
mothor grand bargain ovent In
That is suro to attract wide
spread attention Thoy como In
D and 0-yard lengths, and nm
H worth up to CCc a yard. Wo have
classified them Into three grades
nnd offer them at
10c 15c
New Today
Silk Petticoats
Yestorday's oxpress brought to
u b a largo Hhlpment of newest
ntylcB In Silk Potttcoats in almost
tho ontiro rango of colore from
whlto to black.
Each garment represents tho
highest typo of perfection In ma
terial and mnkc.
You can now And Just what you
havo boon wanting, and at tho
prlco you want to pay.
$5.50 to $15.50
Fortune telling's
Lots of fu.n,
Tiny Tads will
Tell yoxx one,
wvj "" y
r a .r.v Tixv'Qi
-r Tt,V AVwV'UX lNYTau W.N.Tk
x" rvts(icHiem
We prophesy comfort and contentment to the provident
man who invests in one of our winter coats.
You'll like the styles and fabrics and the prices will
hasten the decision to make one yours.
SB " n.ii.iif- mca0FfKrEO- Jl
Silk Bargains
In order to moro thoroughly
placo beforo the people tho in.
trlnsio worth nnd great wearing
liualltlos of tho celebrated
,ilk with the. patent detachable
selvage, tho best known; highest
'quality and best woven silk on
'tho market today they havo allow-
ua to offor tho following lines, for
a fow days only, at much Icbb
than their real worth.
20-lnch XX
Moneybak Silk
regular $1.16 special
27-inch XX
Moneybak Silk
l 95
regular $1.50 Special M '
34-inch XX
Moneybak Silk
regular $2 Special
3C-lnch XXX
Moneybak Silk
regular $2.25 Special
' !! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 1 1 1 1 1 f
. .
r-rT"' ' . i. ...... ,r..r t
i A CoHcctlon of Important Par- '. '.
J I Krsplu for Yonr OonsidoraUoB I
'I'liiiiiiiii ifffi I l 1 1 1 1 1 I' J
Post Card Urtl
New Mubjccta dally.
Apple Pie
Tho Boys' Club of tho Central Con
grogutlonal church will glvo an apple
pio social at tho church this ovonlng.
It is said that tho boys will servo the
pio with othor Bultablp pabulum.
At tho Rink
A largo crowd was proscnt at tho;
Auditorium skating rink last night
in nnfnv thn rnciilnr nnrlnl nnnnlnn.
which 1b hold ovory Tuosday ovonlng
from 8 (to 10. Moro intorest is be
ing shown in tho onjoymont on tho
llttlo rollers than over beforo.
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ii'
Glovoland'e Baking Powder, in
3-Ib cans, only cot $1.00, and 6-lb
eau J1.C5. Doth ihcoo cana havo
the raobal btndlo uador tho rogular
cover. Thoy ro UBOful whon oinp
tr 1 0-7-1 m
Rov. DorrJn Lat Night
Largo nudlonces contlnuo to greot
Victor DorriB at tho First Christian
church. Tho nttondanco last night
wna largor than tho avorago. Hin
thomo was "Hoartfolt Rollglon,
from tho Dlblo Vlowpolnt," nnd thoro
was ono addition to tho church. HU
text from James described tho only
kind of rollglon thnt ho was willing
to recommend, or that tho masses of
tho pooplo would bo willing to re
colvo "puro rollglon nnd undofllod
beforo tho fathor is this: to visit tho
widows nnd orphans in tholr afflic
tion and to keep himself unspotted
boforo tho world." Ho culled atten
tion to tho fact that tho torm heart
felt rollglon and "got religion" was
found nowhere In tho Blblo, yot ho
inBlBtod that religion has vitally to
do with tho heart, nnd that it is a
condition of .tho mind, heart and a
coiireo of conduct which tho proache
bolled duo to his nmkor nnd Judge,
and that it Is attained nnd sustained
through tho heart. Ho was pro-omi-uently
and painstakingly fair with
thoso who might differ from him. Hli
subjoct tonight Is on "Further Re
flections as to Rending tho Book."
When You "Wnnt
Good baking powder ask your gro
cor for Cleveland's. Don't allow hlra
to glvo you any othor brand.
1 0-7-1 m
Iiost On Tuesday nftornoon a poarl
bond nocklnco. Kindly roturn to
tho Spa. ll-C-3t
fiomeHiln Entirely Now
Como in nnd boo tho now "Perfec
tion" oxtonsion rod. Tho noatost
thing of Its kind over manufactured.
J, A. Patterson oxoluslvo ngont, 2S5
Commercial Btroat. ll-6-3t
Thoso Who Hare 0
Used It tho longest praise It tho
saoet Cleveland's Baking rowdc-r.
Winter, Summor, Fall and Spring,
If ailing you my bo,
You'll suroly find n quick rollcf
In Hollistor's Rocky Mountain Tea
For nalo at Dr. Stono's store.
Mrs. Gcorgo Watoro Is visiting In
Miss Fay Savago Is In Portland to
visit relatives and friends.
Mrs. Danlol Webster and dnughtor
aro In Portland for a fow dnys.
Orders Excel' Siflllng,
Closing Is LlHtlcfiij.
Do You WanC to Bo Cora
Of tho "dona" or 'Mao" hnhlt? flo
Dr. D. B. Griffln. 871 South Church
BtrooL Phono G68. 10-28-lwk
Prepared for All Comers
J. M. Lawronco, at tho cornor of
Commercial and Ferry otroots. is al
ways ready and propared for his cus
tomers, with a woll-soloctod stock of
grocorles, fruits and vogotablcB. It Is
tho old grocery cornor.
Five degrees of excel
lence: good; better;
fine; finer;;
finest: all Schilling's Best.
Your Tocer relurni your money if yon don't
llVe Ui w pay him
Not Sold on Cheapness
Olympic flour is not a choap flour,
but tho best flour on tho market. Ask
your grocor for it. If ho has it not,
call up tho Salora Flouring mills.
Piles Cured In O to 11 Days.
PAZO OINTMENT Ih cimrnnrixul
to euro any case of Itching, Blind,
jjieecung or i'rotrudlng Flies in u to
14 days or raonoy rofunded. GOc.
Dr. Will SkllT & Son-
Dentists. Stousloff building. Phono
200. ood
George Collins has gono after
geeso on the upper Columbia.
Fortify and Increaso tho llfo-glvlng
properties, of tho blood and your
vital force will bo incroased and your
system protected from dlseaso
That what HolllBtor's Rocky Moun
tain Tea does. 36 cents, Tea or Tab
lets. For salo at Dr. Stono's store,
Tho Woman's Missionary Society
Of tho First Presbyterian church
will hold a pralso mooting In tho
jchuroh parlors Thursday evening at
,7:30. All members and friends of
church and congregation aro Ear
nestly roquostod to attond. A good
program has beon preparod. Committee.
(United Press Leased Wlro.)
Now York, Nov. 0. Stocks ononod
after Its holiday with nn irregular
tone, but no radlcnl clmngo from
Monday's final flmirca. Dlrectlv nf.
o in roruanu ior a lew unys. , , " -
MIss Ella Young is In Portland to-f tho Initial prices thero was con-
vlslt friends and relatives. uornuio uncertainty, but rthls was
C. L. Watt loftloday for a visit at,U,BK,y11ovore10lrao' nnu' wnoro inoro
... ... iwnn n (Ilnnnnmnn In anil 1mn ino
Aiuany nnu Lounnon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Q. Wilson spont
Don't Forget
that we can fix you up Wih
Mud Guards
Steel Rims
or anything else you may need in
the way of repairs for your wheel
Best Work at Honest Prices
Phone 368
Court Si
Defense ClalniH It In No Crime, to
Defraud Government.
tho day in Portland.
Mrs. Ennlo Waito is homo from u
short visit in Woodburn.
Mrs. C. M. Walker and daughter
aro In Portland vlsitlpg rolatlvcs.
Mrs. W. J. Howard is visiting hor
dnughtor, Mrs. Plymnlo, nt Portland.
Mrs. Frank Russol, of Indopond
onco has boon in Salem for a short
Miss Mona dough wont to Port
land this morning to visit for a fow
A. L. Patchlu, fnthor of Mrs. C.
K. Rlggon, arrived today from Leba
non to locnto in Salem.
Miss Alico Wolls, a guest of Mis?
Qortrudo Moores, hns roturned to
hor homo In Portland.
MrB. Dud Stuteman Is nt Wood-
burn, visiting hor parents, Mr. and
Mrs. B. F, Hall.
. Yir T Tnt.nnn Ull 1 .i ..
Ing for Storllng, Illinois, whore oho,ohuo' of oon, Is coming to Los
will reside. Angeles to flght George Momslc.
t a ii..ni.A.. .i .. iThero waa consldnrnhln nnonrtnlntv
l, Jl, iUUUHUlO, UUJJUljr uuiu .,,
warden of Linn county, was In tb'ns to Donohuo'B Intention until yes-
cuy yeBieraay. ........,,, .,... umui. uuf wucu
n ni. oii. . .i i I for a ticket and nnMnunpnrt hla tntnn.
iuioo umiu autiiii luiurucu joaior- "- ""w
day from Soattlo whoro sho has beeuit,on ot Btartlng at onco for this city.
.,iii i.ii s-i i .Memsle. whr hnn hnnn ilnlno- Ucrlif
W. S. Plumber, formerly of Oro-ltra,n,nB for ovor n weQ. w, start
gon, now of St. Louis, Mo who has work ,n earnest now.
been vlsltlnir in tho nit v. left lnsf av.i
. M , . , v .v-.w w -
ivoy liaison, Appointed.
(United Press Leased Wlro.)
Portland, Or., Nov. 6, Dr. Roy
Matson was today appointed bacte
riologist for a period of six months.
Mrs. D. D. Palmor, of Modesto, to load tho local flght against tho
California, has beon called to Dallas danger of bubonic plague. His
was a disposition to soil, thoro was
concentrated support forthcoming,
nnd whon a fow shorts started cov
ering, tho buying bocamo gonernl,
rosultlng In n quick rebound In val
ues. Union Pnclflo showed a gain of
threo polntB, nnd tho favorlto issues
followed tho trend with substantial
gains of 2 to 3 points. Tho featuro
of tho uprlso was tho apparent scarc
ity of stocks when bid ordora ap
peared. Almost overy brokor report
ed his buying orders outnumbered
to soil threo to ono, and that 90 per
cent of tho buy ordors woro for cash.
At this porjod tho ranrkot bocamo
dull, but retained a steady tono until
2 p. m whon tho sagging tondoncy
turned to weakness, nnd prices lost
a part of tho early gain. Tho close
was innctlvo with a heavy tone.
Donnlmo to Fight Mcmsic.
(United Prosa Lonsod Wire.)
Los Angols, Nov. G. Young Don-
onlng for Seattle on business.
Mrs. Henry Brown, who has been
visiting hor mothor, Mrs, C. B. Bur
roughs, has roturned to Portland.
(United Proas LcaBod Wlro.)
San Francisco, Nov. C. Tho caso
of Wlllard N. Jones, formerly a Btate
sonntor of Oregon, and Thaddous S.
Potter, n promlnont attorney of Ore
gon, convicted of land frauds In
Orogon, enmo up on appeal yesterday
boforo tho Unltod States circuit court
ot appeals and was argued. S. B.
HuBton, counBol for Jones and Pot
tor, based his caso on tho statuto of
limitation, nnd on tho ground that
thero was no existing statuto in
which to dofraud tho govornmont
wan a crlmo.
"Tho first class of Indictment." ho
snld, "is cosily doflncd, slnco it only
Includes thoso cosos which somo
Btatuto of tho United States declares
unlawful. Now thoro Is no statuto
making it an offenso to dofraud tho
Unitod States out of its public land.
Tho conspiracy to do so is n crime.
but tho act of doing so is not a crlmo
Thnt 1b to oay, it Ib a crlmo to ontor
into a conspiracy to dofraud tho
Unitod States out of its lands, but tho
consummated net is not itsolf pun
Ishnblo as a subBtuntintlvo offenso."
Jones nnd Potter woro tried' In tho
Unitod States district court of Ore
gon. Francis J. Honoy, as assistant
to tho United States attorney-gener
al, prosecuted tho case, and tho do-
fondants woro found guilty ns
chargod In tho Indictment. Jonod
was sentenced to ono year In tho
prison on McNeil's Island, nnd to pay
a flno of $2000, and Potter was giv
en six months In tho Multnomah coun
ty jail and fined $500.
Street Cars lo Frisco Ron Doni
Urns u UtuL
(Unitod Prcis LmJ Vlln.)
San Francisco. Nov. 6,-Ttiii
tlonal doaths, duo to lajarlti tst
cd by United Ratlroadi art tcti
ported to tho coroner tb!i c
W. Q, Durton, national orcutok
tho carmen's union, wu
down by a car on Sacrnnjti
shortly after midnight, mi !
mangled. Ho died an hour Ufc
William Cue, a laborer, nt:
down by a car at Elghtwtii
Valoncla street, suffering t ti
skull and Intornal Injuria Bil
at tho hospital.
man claw goom
i GEO.C Wilt
Over Lsdd k Bonn's Dm,
Ttfwrl,h TTnlAflFltt
Frank Maedhh.
Office with Win. Bron&
29 Commercial street.
by tho serious Illnoss of her mothor,
Mrs. E, Lawronco.
Stato Supt. Ackorman goes to hold
a teachers Institute nt Grants Pass
Thursday, and a county school offl.
cers' convention nt Roseburg Friday,
and nt Eugene Saturday.
brother, Dr. Ralph Matson, is state
bactorlologlst and the two doctors
will co-operato in their flght on In
fected rodents.
At tlio IHIiigcr Grand
Considering the several couutor
attractions which woro In tho city
laat evening, thoro was a falr-slzod
audlonco at tho Kllnger Grand to
witness tho first-class vaudeville por
formanco which Is being presented
thoro this week. All those who en
joy good vaudovlllo will bo highly
entortalned by attending tho enter
tainments at tho llttlo theatre.
Democratic Ticket Wins.
San Francisco, Nov. 6. Counting
of votos cast for all officers except
mayor and district attomev in ikk
precincts was completed at 2 o'clock
this afternoon. Tho totals show
that evory candidate on tho Good
Govornment-Domocratlc ticket, with
tho possible excoptlon of auditor,
treasurer and county clerk, is elect
ed. Tho clerkship and auditor aro
very clto80, but MTcbougal, tho Union
Labor candldato for treasurer, has a
good lead.
Jlmtown Eno Bankrupt.
Washington, Nov. C. When the
Jamestown exposition closes on No
vember 30 It will havo a deficit of
$3,000,000, according to figures sup
posed to be reliable. Not a day dur
ing tho exposition has thero been a
Riverside to Ship O00O Cars
Oranges ami 400 of Lemons.
Riverside, Cal., Nov. C. Tho first
car of tho now crop of orangos was
shipped from horo today. The fruit
Is well colored for so early in thrf
season. Last season's- output was afternoon or late tonight, unless all
5356 cars of oranges and 344 cars nf Di n mi.. m.i ,... , .
. , loifano taw. tua vjuicugu iucai, at a
TelcgrnDh Strike to End.
Chicago, Nov. 6. The telegraph
ers' strlko will be ended late this
Tho Bridegrom Falls to Show. Up,
But tho Brido Still Smiles.
lemons. This season's crop Is exnoct
ed to ecllpso this record by 15 per
A Chilliug Suggestion.
" If you servo your country faith
fully and intelligently," said the pa
triot, "your portait may one day
adorn tho engravings on our cur
rency." "Yes." answered Senator Sorghum
"but what's tho uso? Nobodv i i.
lowed to hold a piece of monev Ion
enough to take an Interest In the
picturo on It." Washington Star.
meeting this afternoon, is expected
to formally advocate calling it off. In
that event tho executive committee
will act immediately. At last night's
meeting 212 voted for calling the
strike off and 109 against.
Widely recommended for its cur
ing qualities. Its reputation for su
perior merit has stood for 30 yearn.
Nothing so good for indigestion, con
stipation, rheumatism nnd bad blood
as Holllster's Rocky Mountain Tea.
35 cents, Tea or Tablets. For 6ale
at Dr. Stono's store.
(United Press Leased wire.)
Portland. Or.. Nov. 0. A breach
of promise suit may result from tho
disappearance of Captain Frank Mc
Lean, of San Diego, from this city,
and tho consequent failure of tho
proposed nuptial ceremony between
tho captain and Mrs. Slda Do La
Mar, which was to have taken place
last night. The mystery of Captain
McLonn's disappearance 13 atlll unex
plained. His friends, however, have
dropped the murder theory. The cap
tain will return to Portland, they be
lieve, In good time.
Today Mrs. Do La Mar, potlto, vi
vacious and charming, looking every
bit the claim that sho Is a descend
ant of a noble French house, and
connected bv mnrrlaco with a Rus
sian family of high class, Bpent tho
lone ho urn of what wna to have been
her honeymoon in consultation with
a lawyer. Tho little dressmaker,
when seen, was very serious and
very circumspect. Sho declined to be
Interviewed at any longth, and re
ferred all to her attorney. Ho re
fuses to make any statement.
"Will you bring a breach of prom
ise suit again Captain McLean-"
was asked.
Twill not," she replied.
r. OniA Rnreral hOHKS U
and farm 'and8 nU krpJiJJ
i.ai Vntlonal Bank. 1
. . nnnpr "
Bush Keyring. i
county clerk's offlw Jf
uultablo reward. " ,
Plants SI-BJ4 Wj
information leading to
colena geranium, pljj
corner caurcn --
Dr. o. .
52-r Xi J
!ne eu
ni reaulre " ... y,t t
11a .- a l.la im 1
the best rj
who can
Channed hands are nulckly cured
by applying Chamberlain's Salve,
Prioa 25o. For eala by Dr. Btona's
drug tor.
the oc00-
7 ......1,1. tf&jaiw ;
rich cakes, ora ifi
ding VSrZr,
furnishing " rJMuf
iim suu "
fnr the weao --
ai- iUwj,J-'
your aw"JZttt &
U$jrtr- fw
O. UUm IWf'