Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 01, 1907, Page 4, Image 4

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--- - H . Vta
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
'There is n disease prevailing hi this
ConntrvlHOstdnnt'erous lieemtflosniWnn.
uvc. .unr.ysuddeii
deaths nrc caused
by it heart dis
ease, pneumonia,
henrt failure 01
apoplexy are often
the result of kid.
ncy disease. If
kidney trotthlc is
allowed toad vnncc
the kidney-poison
ed lilnrki will nf.
tatk. the vital organs, cauainir catarrh of
the bladder, or the kidneys themselves
break down and waste nwny cell by cell.
bladder troubles almost always result
, frblhn'dcnuigcmcnt of the kidneys and
a'cure is obtained quickest by a proper
treatment of the kidneys. If youarc feel
ing "badly .you can make no mistake by
UkirigTJr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the
Sjreat'kidncy, liver and bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and
scalding Ipain iu passing it, and over
'comes that unpleasant necessity of being
compelled to go often through the day,
and lb .get p many times during the
uighU , The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swnmp-Root is soon realized.
It elands "the highest for its wonderful
ctircstof the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
sold by aH druggists in fifty-cent and
'cue-dollar 5i7.c bottles. You may lmveji
sample bottle of this wonderful new dis
ov6ry ttiid n book that tells all about it,
botliscnt free by mail. Address, Dr. Kil
mer & Co., IHiighnmton, N. Y. When
Writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper. Don't make any
mistake, but remember the namc,Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the
address, JMughamton, N. Y., on every
Pretly Little 1 6Year-0Id Lulu McKcnna
Says W. A. CllffordiTrlcd to Kiss
Her Against Her Will, and Ho Says
Ho Only Had a Fit
(United PresB Leased Wire.)
Lob Antrolcn. finl.. Nov. 1 Tn n
dnmago suit brought against him,
charging aBsault, W. K. Clifford has
made this crushing rejoinder. Clif
ford ia an oldorlv Kntrllshman nf c.nti.
JBlderablo means. Lulu McKcnna, a
gin or 1G, has brought stilt against
htm, through hor guardian, claiming
tfiflfin ilnmnona Rim nvnn flinf Pltf.
ford tried to kiss hor against her will.
in His nnBwor, which Is in prepara
tion. Clifford snvn ha had no inten
tion of kissing tho girl.
Ho is subject to fits, so his de
fonso is. Ho wns warbling whilo tho
mnldon plnycd tho piano. A fit came
upon him, and ho had to grab hor for
Get Run Down
Very few diseases can tret a
foothold on a vigorous con
Almost any disease maket an
easy inroad when your gen
eral health Is below par.
That's where
cornea in.
It acts in the way that all
the moat progressive phy
alciana endorse along the
lino otpreuentlon.
It isn't an unnatural
itlmutant, but a meana
of making the assimilative
organs do their work un
impeded and thoioughly.
Jayaa't Saaatlra FUli
trentle, safe and cffcctlva Llvtr
Regulator. Known and used
for 77 years.
Shin cL
B j
Trlplo rubbor-coatod and Biirfacod with mica finish, i8 to
elastic. Makes' a flno appearance and will outlaBt any other roofin
( will furnish this roofing and put it on in good workmanlike
cheaper than you can buy Bhlnglos. It Is tho coming roofing. wi.'
used It leads all other kinds.
Ask for n sample. Let us figure tho cost with you;
3ohn Stiarpc Williams, Senator Ballcy
and W. R. Hcrst Mentioned As
IMi to Do Prcscnt-Wllli 500
0Acr Dcmocrals
Unltuil I'rofia Loasod Wiro.)
"Washington, Nov. 1. Tho formal
catihbhlng of Ilryan's prosldontlal
DDum takes plnco In thin city Novom
Var 24, at a lovo fonst arranged by
ttryuu'u friends in the Southonut.
sAmong thoflo oxpoctod to bo proHont
nro GovomorB Hoko Smith and Wnr
flolit, Tom .TohiiBon, John Sharpo Wll
llamn, Bonntor Itaynor and prohablv
Senator Ilnlloy and W. It. Hearst. It
la uxpootud that 600 Domocrnts will
pay $3 a pinto to break bread with
tho Nobrasknu.
Tiim:i: oiiicwh .muti.iii.
2trutliiucr.H Vro lml by Woman, nntl
Nearly Afl Kllliil.
(United ProfiB Loniod Wiro.)
St. Petersburg, Nov. 1. Throo tor
Yiodo boat, tho Bkory, Serrilty and
TruvotHhny, lustoad of ono, woro in
volved in tho mutlnoiiB outbreak of
HUllorn at Vladivostok. Tho crows
holstod 0 red flag and shollod tho
port, dnmaKlng building and killing
tetany koMIoih and civilians.
The uMclnl report shows that n wo
non wit tho Bkory led the mutiny, tho
vri'w riHing at nor command, killing
uio comninndor and wounding
Minor oiiicoifl.
Tho United Stntos omhnBBy horo
nns boon Informal by tho conaulnto
at VJaillvoHtok thnt Harry Nlotart,
n employo of tho Pnolfle Commercial
Company, wntho Amorlcan woundod
Uuring tho bombardment.
Nearly all tho mutlnoiiB BallorB fin
tho. Skory woro killed, four surviv
ors throwing thoniBolvos Into tho soa.
Tho mutiny on tho Trovotshny was
xiueilod by hor own crow, aftor six of
Xho mutineers had boon killed.
(United ProBs Leased Wiro.) .
San Krnneltion. Nov. 1.Thn florin.
clnl situation 1b much Itnprovod this
momlnir and hIiowh hIuiib of oloarlntr.
Partial sottlomont of balancos duo
San FranclBco from Now York have
boon mado by tolographlc tranBfor.
Ilomor S. Klmr. chnlrmnn of tho
clearing houso commlttoo, said this
"Tho flltuatlon la a llttlo hotter
than vestordnv. Thn lnnRnnlnrr nf tlin
Btrnln In Now York and other contors
of circulation is making ltBelf felt
horo. Tho nfrnln hnrn will lin do.
croaBed moro tho early part of next
wook, whon much of tho Import gold
engngod by Now York In Europo and
Soutll Amorlen will nrrlvn. ITnnn Mm
arrival In Now York of this gold It 1b
roaBonnhly cortaln that balances duo
ub will bo promptly nnd fully Bottlod.
Thin Ih nil wn unlf mill nil fhnf Iu
necoBBnry to roBtoro conditions horo
10 normal, mo coinago or gold in tlio
local mint has no hoarlng on the
hanklnc Situation. Thin la nrovoil hv
tho rofunal of tho asBlBtant treasurer
to givo ub gold as a loan on govorn
mom hondB."
J. Dnlzloll Drown. vlnn.nrnnlflnnt
nnd manager of tho California Snf
imvutiu. a ti'ubi company, said this
morning that IiIb hank would Iia tin.
ablo to Ibsiio a atatomont of assets
nnd Uabllltlos until tho stnta hnnk-
Ing commissioner comulotos his nudlt
of tho books of tho Institution.
Voget Lumhet
Ptonc 1 98
, HthandOakSts,
(United Prcsa Loasod Wire.)
Philadelphia, Nov. 1. Dosplto tho
prediction that a cut would bo mado,
tllQ PonnSVlvaillll rnllmml tnlnv ln.
clarcd Its usual Boml-annunl dividend
or Vi por cent. President McRon Is
authority for tho statement Mint tho
uiiBaiiHiaciory outlook has mado It
InipoBalhlo for tho road to bogln now
work on 'tho North rlvor tunnol.
Hallroad Conductor' Meet lug.
(Unltod Pross Loasod Wiro.)
Los AngoloB, Cal Nov. 1. Ar
rangomontB have boon complotod for
tho BOHSlOll of thn thlnlv.Knvnntli nn.
nual convontlon of tho Itnllroad Con
ductors' Insurailcn AunolnHnn 'Plio
convontlon will ho hold on Novom-
DOr 0. nnd tho ilolnu-nlna will n)nrl
tho"om bt Louis tomorrow on a apodal
train, tho association is a henolit
ono ontlroly, nnd la primarily for tho
llfo lusuranco of this clnss of traln
mon, W 1)080 risks tho nrdltmrv Inanr.
anco companloa rofuao to handle
Tho Texas Wonder.
Curoa all kldnoy, bladdor and
Yllfllimndn Irnnlilnj. nM ... -tl j....
,.. v.uuu.ua, duiu iy mi uriiK-i you
fctata, or two months' trial troatmont I ,asd
My mail for $1.00. Dr. B. W. Hall,
2926 Olivo stroot, St. Louis. Mo
Send for teMlmonlalr, Sold by Stono's
drug Btoro.
nirfi Kri
iuu max
1 lVVt
UINkia riVs n
Vu auu luajq
mai inercsn
''Hllllll IHIIII1II
; ; Every .Month in the Year
V .
DriiiL's Its current bills. Ono
way to pay thorn Is to go from
plaoo to placo, carrying tho
mouoy with yqu, at tho risk of
loss and tho ghanco of over
looking thoj talAug of a receipt,
and having- somoof it to pay
ovor again. Tho convonlout husl
nosa-IIko way is to pay all bills
by chock, no mattor how small.
A chook is tho boat rocolpt you
can have Paying out monoy
in this xeay Insures correotnoa
and gives you a comploto rec
ord of all monoy paid out.
Oiwn n Checking Account With
Safem; Oregon
Do You ThlnEx
For Yoursalf 7
wfi ua yoa omn TOUT month HVn m. nnn
ruip oonn wbtrer food or modi-
vq unorea you 7
Intlllent tblnWIne woman.
rrotn w ealueM, uerrouno.
ink. men u mean much to
" rMjn(Ltmi honc-t
Jtt.1 OlunwiTing nM
H .....i ...V.Ti-T ' " ' '"'. . '" "f
..uKifiii mriPPrureoiwimnM ilia.
h 4 ti if,
Tho makers xt Dr. Pierce's Farorlto Pw
SCrlpttOn. for thn TUFA nf vrnil. nunniK mn.
down, ovor-worked. deblutd. paln-racUed
women, kuowlnc tills niodlcuio to Iw mada up
of JiiffrtHllunls. OTory ono of which has tho
UvinwV iQsltlo linlQrsgment of tho loadlujr
aud htamlard authorilles of tho bnvoral
achools of practice, are ivjrfeotly wllllnir. and
In fact, arc only too glad to print, as they do,
tho formula, or lUt of luKrwllunu. 0f whloh
u is rouipoaiHi. n plain EiwlUh, on ercry
The formula of Dr. PlorcoV FaTorlte Pw
scrlptton vrlll Uir tho most critical examina
tion of medical tprts. for It contains no
alcohol, narcotlds. harmful, or habit-forming
druirs, and no act ontors into It that Is not
highly ivcomm, tided by tho most advancod
and leadliur ninlical teachers and author-
uiea or tneir aevend achoola of practico.
(Unltod Pross Loasod Wiro.)
.Vow York, Nov. 1. Tho Wostorn
Union and Postal oniclala today took
vigorous oxcoptlon to tho stntomont
or Chairman Kononkamp, of the
tolographora union, that tho Wostorn
Union had nrnctlcnllv oxlimiHtmi Ha
surplus of ?17, 000.000 and that tho
rpsiai nan spont its surplus of $fi,
000,000. Thoy also donlod Konon-
klimn's Storv that thnrn lins linnn n
slump In stock, hut admit that aharos
imvu taiion on a iittio sinoo tho pros
cut financial troublos sot In.
gnntu Fo in Danger.
(Unltcr' ProBs Leased Wiro.)
Los Angelctf, Cnl., Nov. 1. Attor
ney Van Cott, for tho Carita Fo
Railway Company, haB fllcd n demur-
ror In tho TInltnil Rtufnn fntlnml rnurr
nsking for arrost of judgmont in tho
rounio caso now pouuing against tii'.u
company. Judgo Wolborn donlod tho
motion. Tho San Fo was found guil
ty on 00 countB, nnd If convlctod tho
maximum iiuob win nmouni xo i,-350,000.
Out of Sight.
"Out of sight, out of mind," is
nn old saying which nppltea with
special forco to a soro, burn or
wound that's bcon .treated with
Bucklon's Arnica Salvo. It's out ot
sight, out of mind and out of oxlat-
onco. .Piles too and chilblains dis
appear undor Its henllng influonco.
Ourantocd by J. C. Perry, druggist,
Will Try tho Editor.
(United Pross Leased Wiro.)
Dorlln. Nov. 1Tlio ntntn'a ntnr.
noy has decided to bring criminal
jirucuuuiugH against uuitor uardon
for his nltack on Count Von Moltko
and othor knluhta of thn "Unuml
Tahlo." Uardon will bo tried boforo
llvo llldcoa. Thin notion In Inlrnn hn.
cnuso It Is thought that Moltko wail
not givon a fair chanco to Buhmlt all
ma oviuonco at tito uuoi noaring.
Texan Hnnk Closes. '
(United Press Loasod Wiro.)
San Antonio, Tox., Nov. 1. Tho
West ToxaB Dank & TruBt Companv,
of this city, hnB closed Us doors un
der a tonipornry Hiisponslon of 1ubI-
nnnn. Thrt Wont. Tnynn Ttnntr la nnn
of tho prlnctpnl banking Institutions
of tho city.
Hard Times in KntiKna,
Tho old days of grasshoppers and
drouth aro almost forgotten in the
prosperous KnnBaB of teday: al
though a cltlzon of Codoll, Earl
Shnmhurg, has not yot forgotten a
hard ttmo ho oncountorod. Ho says:
"I was worn out and discouraged by
coughing night and day, and could
nnd no rollof till I trlod Dr. King's
Now Discovery. It took less thnn
ono bottlo to cornplotoly euro mo."
Tho safost and most roliablo cough
nnd cold euro and lung nnd throat
honlcr ovor discovered. Ourantood
by J. C. Porry'o drug storo, 50c and
$1.00 Trial bottlo froo.
Virginia Hnplc Goo Down.
PnrtnmmiHi Vn Vnv 1 Thn
People's Bank, of this city, failed to-
dnv. Tt ivnu nnlnliltnltnit In 1 ft Kfl lind
a paid up capital of $50,000 and do
posits ostlmated at $470,000.
Julius Cncsar
was a mnn of norvn but olcknoss
loft its mark and ho btcamo aged
boforo his tlmo. Sicknoss is ofton
causod by a torpod liver. Horblno
will rogulato your llvor und glvo you
hoalth. Mrs. Carrlo Austin, Ilollon.
Knn., wrltea: "I consldor Horblno
tho boat mcdlclno I ovor hoard of.
I nm novor without It." Sold by D,
J. Fry.
I Napoleon Uonnpndo
snowcu, at mo unttio oi Austoruiz,
ho was tho grcatoot loador In tho
world. Ballard's Snow Llnlmont has
shown tho public It la tho boat llnl
mont In tho world. A quick euro
for niiouinnttam, Sprains, Burns,
Cuts, otc. A. O. Pitts, Rodossa, La.,
Beys: "I used Ballard's' Snow Llnl
mont In my family and find it unox
ollod for soro chest, headncho,
corns, in fact for anything that can
bo reached by a liniment." Sold
by D. J. Fry.
Hlllionlr m.. n .
(Unlld pS.31
San Franclico, Not UnfJ
ui iiotm Pinguo report to&Jl
ioiinws' -(i
NOW Two BUIDMti. ....
Totals Elchiv r..ii.i I?.
on . ""' .''". Ill
-u curuu, o remainlnj, 1) i
A Jfou Worlhr ArtHi
When an nrttrla v..v... J
.,.. :r v " "ii
iiiiunuL tor years im r,..t.
ovorv your, it u .r. i. -
, niodlclno a worthy one, Sttik
cures coughs nnd all pala-wii
uubub. uno or tne Den tun
i chants In Mobllo. Alt., tm
"For flvo yean mr funCf k
ueon irouuicd TUB Ot
coughs wo owo this to
Horohoiind Byrup. I hoi I
saved my children iron ui
spoils, aom uy, v. i, rr.
Found Dfid.
Tho Dnlloi. Kov 1. ynl
Ino Hyan, about SO ?fin Hi
round dend yesterday oa up
rlilcrn. soven ml lei fromthfei
lind ennn nut tn nick tns'niJ
.. .. -..- .,..-.,,-,
orchard, and evidently twal
and died.
Spoclnlista aro going btdt l-j
turo's ronicdleB ni teltj W
Holllstor's Rocky MonnWj
boon nnture's remedy for!
yonrs. Recommended asi j
sneclallsts. 3G centi, Teacrl
For sale at Dr Stone's fJt
i , n -
Xortlmot Clllrs' (Vtritt
$S7D.216, balances Hl''J
OVMtllu, " "".,.,t,. 1
$1,047,891. balances jm"
Tacoma. Wash , Not 1 H9
J7SL04L balances W
l'ilcs Cured In 0 toll M.
PAZO OINTJifiM is i-j
to euro any case oi .
Blooding, or I'roiruu.ys j-i
i .i inv 'nr money retaMjLg.
(Unltod Pross Loasod Wiro.)
Washington, Nov. L Paul Mor
ion, lormor soorntnrv nf tha nnw
nnd now prosldont of tho E(iultn,blo
Life, nttendod today's oablnot meot-
ig. it is uoiioved ho told tho Prosl
dent about tho Now York financial
ml40 au.'i?l'es ramend the Ingredlf nu
cure or ey';..hosime llmem Tor Vhlci
tJtlll world-fair,? u mcduqno'ii h'tI,i
-- 111 IMIIiUim!,-,,
"T 4,
Mo othor tnedloln for nomui'a 11U liu tnj
uchprufe3ionaondor!nient as Dr. l'lerco
FAVorlteVrtssrnptlon hs rvcclTKi. in the un
QUklltled recomtnendatioa of ech of lu
ATertl Uuroai onu by score of ledUyf mdt
cu mon of all tha school of practice Is
uch an enJorwnt not worthy of yoa
A booUet ot inirrodlenU, with numeroua
ftuthoratlvo profonloiut cudonojoftnU hr tho
laaulnir mdleal authoritiM nt vi. - .
wlUU waUlTM to any oo MaOln nam
'And addraxm JtV. H.HI..I . .., . j.
'Dr. B. V. Wort Buffalo. N. Y. v""
(Unltod Pross Leased Wlro.
isow ork, Nov. 1. Tho Inltlfl
usurps on siocks woro irrogular and
almost tho ontlro sosslon was a rag
god affair, tho inarkot iluotuatlng bo
twoon actual woaknoss, small rallies
and a sagging tondonoy. Intermlt
tont liquidation contlnuod, but prices
changoa woro insignificant, nnd. Al
though tho woak spots woro well sup
ported, tho trading was In small vol
umo. Toward tho final hour tha ..
ket onjoyod a good fractional rally,
but tho advance did nnt imi,? .i
under rather sovoro prossuro, securi
ties sold off to the low points In most
InstnncOS. Tho o.lnsn win limnl..A
with a doprossed tone. '
- o
Neglected Colds.
Every part ot tho mucous mem
brano( tho noso, throat, ears, hond
and lungs, etc., aro subjected to dis
ease and blight from noclected .nii8.
uauara'8 Horehound Syrup is a
pleasant and effer-HvA rm ou
1 Tsl
H tt m if
I .-Aft
I bhbbbibsWb bbbHbW
- -XW?WK&m
I w mKKtrm
i bbbbbLbLbLw -HH
I & - JbbHbIK' KibbbbbbbB
I iKfLBW E -( vibbbV ' JW
H Sbk bbbbbbbLbLbKbLbf
H I flBBRSCr TbbbbbbbB
I 1 !PBME''3SiijlBf"l,v bvhjbbbbbh
I 1 iwRlBBB
1 IBrai vHbbLbH
B 1 WmM , w9Hs1qbbibbbbbbbbbH
In this case yoa get the best J1
have to pay for the otkf '
kind. Wearetalkiofaw1
Yoa positively cannot W
anything better.
Ow Prices $12.50 to0
Salem Woo
Mill Stott
jby D, J. Pry. w" ou,u
t tPiyi
yBM W -