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R. R. Ryan Writes Interestingly of
Trip Across the Mountains
Crescent City Is largely controlled
by the sawmill company which owns
n. largo mill In tho city, with a capac
ity of 70,000 feet dally, and also one
otit threo miles from tho city cutting
40,000 feet. They own tho only
general morohnndiso store in tewn:
thoy also own and control tho lino
of steamers to 'FrlBco, thus control
ling tho Bhipping business in nil
lincB. Tho bench Is ono mass of logs,
driftwood and wreckage, but tho
town la nicely located, and a good
seaport. Thoro is somo good farm
land nenr tho city which extends for
four or five miles out, ranging in
price from $40 to $7G per aero.
After leaving tho city, about flvo
miles northeast on tho rond to
Grants Pass, wo commenced to climb
tho hills and soon came Into tho great
redwood bolt of tlmbor, which, ex
tended for 15 miles. Then wo
struck tho south fork of Smith river
whoro tho tlmbor Is mostly spruce,
homlock, aldor and livo oak which
.was fino for 10 miles, or moro, thon
tho tlmbor wns common to Inforior.
At tho South Fork hotel wo got hay
for our horses paying ono and one
half conts a pound. From thoro wo
wont to AdaniB station, whoro tho
stngo change horses, then on to Gas
quot at tho foot of tho mountains,
nlso a stngo station, whoro hay is
ono and ono-hnlf conts a pound.
Crossing tho mountains wo came to
Patricks station nt tho foot on tho
oast Bldo whoro hay Is two conts a
pound. This is tho place whoro tho
old man was killed a fow years ago
for IiIb mouoy. Tho man who klllod
him got $300. This mountain is over
sovon miles tip on tho west sldo, and
11 vo miles down, 2000 foot on the
cast sldo. From thoro to Monit
ntontnl, n great mining district, own
od by a company In Ban Frnnclaco
thoro Ib somo splondld ore, and a good
many mlnorB in that locality, and
eomo good chnuccH tor moro uu thoro
nro somo wonderful openings hero
in tho two ranges of mountains, each
12 miles across, both high.
Leaving Monumental wo drove
down tho stoop mountains for four
mllos, thon crossed tho Btato lino back
into Oregon and camped for dinner
on tho sldo of rond. Thon in tho aft
ernoon wo drovo to Waldo, nlHo a
mining town, both placor and quartz.
This la an old plnco whoro mining
hns boon carried on for yoars. Tho
whole district Ib rich In ore, of which
thoro Ib a largo vnrloty gold, ollvor.
copper, lead, coal and iron.
From thoro wo drovo four nxllos
north, and camped near David Shn
fors. Mrs. 8hnf.r Ib a cousin of J.
H. linker of Salem. Fhom thoro wo
tlrovo to Klrby, a small plnco. Horo
tho runchors are all using tho water
from tho IIIIuoIh river for irrigation,
thou from Klrby to Solum 7 miles.
V crowned Doer crook; nil farming
la do no umlor tho Irrigation system
lioro. Land Is 2G to $-10 por aero.
At Solum, a stage station, town land
hoIIh from $2.50 to $10 por aero.
Lovo'n station is a hiiuxII stngo sta
tion, so von miles from Solum. Next
19 u road Iiouho. on tho lino whoro
wo stoppud for dlnnor. Tho noxt Is
Wonder House, then wo wont on to
Wondorvlllo tUntlon, and wont up
Applegnto river, drovo up four miles
mul camped for tho night. Noxt
morning wo drovo up n mllo forded
tho rlvur and drovo throo mllua up
on the north sldo to Huffman's storo.
thon orotund bnuk to tho south Hid
whoro thoro was a bettor road, thou
up stream to Provost storo and post
ouio. Wo camped two mllo ubovo for
dlnnor, after noon. Wo thon drove
up stronm ovor tho hills to Jackson
ville, a nloo llttlo town nt the toot
of tho mountains. TIiIb territory wns
famous at ono tlmo for plncor mining
and somo of tho ground is yot work
ed. JnoksonvlHo hns n beautiful lo
cation for a town and is tho county
sent of Jnokson county. Thoy soonx
to bo growing, and this is certainly n
beautiful valley to livo in, with its
flue orohurds, and groat Molds of
alfalfa. "Wo drovo out two miles on
tho road to Central Point, nud camp
ed tor tho ulght. Tho uoxt day wo
wont to Control rolnt, nnd took din
nor nt tho Control Point hotol. J. 1
Rodcllff, recently from Michigan, is
tho now proprietor. Ho sot up a
flno meal for 25 cents, "Vo would
say to all if you stop horo, call on
him, nud ho will troat you nlcoly.
Horo wo also mot Frank Wlloy, a son
ot B, F. WUoJ of Salexu. Freeman
A Wlloy are aelllug agricultural tW
wjpfl X V ' 05 V
Horns ot Bwimp-Root
Thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect it.
How To Find Oat.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it Btand twenty-four hours ;
unhealthy con
dition of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble ; too
frequent desire
to pass it or pain
in the back is
also convincing proof that the kidneys
and bladder arc out of order.
What To Do.
There is comfort in the knowlcdgp so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swnmp-Root, the great kidney remedy,
fulfills every wish in curing rheumatism,
pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder
and every part of the urinary passage.
It corrects inability to hold water
and scalding pain in passing it, or bad
effects following use of Jiquor, wine or
beer, and overcomes that unpleasant ne
cessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, nud to get up ninny
times durinc the night. The mild and
ii i n..n..nrTrrf nt .ivnmn-Root
tilt: cxiiuuiiiiuut .... ; , j .
is soon realized. It stands the highest
for its wonderful cures of the most dis
tressing cases. If you need n medicine
yu should have the best. Sold by drug
gists in fifty-cent mid one-dollar sizes.
Von ninv have a sample bottle and n
. .. . . .. mftw
book that tens an
njxmt it, both 6ent free
by mail. Address Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Uing-
i ...... yj v wiit.u
writing mention this paper nnd don't
make nny mistake, but remember the
nnmc, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and
the address, Uiughamton, N. Y.
ing n harness maker. J. W. Gray,
formorly of Sllvorton, Id working for
thorn in tho harncBs Bhop. This
town has a flno location, Ayo miles
north or Mcdford.
This afternoon, August 14, wo go
to Mcdford thon on to Ashland and
Soda Springs. Thon wo will crow
tho mountninn to Klamath.
Leaving Central Point wo stopped
and took a look ovor F. H. HopklnB
lnrgo orchard of apples and pears.
Ho haB plckod tho most of his Dart-
lott pears and shippod thorn, thoy
woro flno. IIo hns somo flno Now
ton Pippin nnd Spitzenberg apples.
Ills Nowtons will go to England di
rect from tho orchard. This wholo
vnlloy hns somo mngnlilccnt orchards
and beautiful alfalfa Holds.
Wo arrived at Med ford at B p. m.
This Is a thriving, hustling town of
4000 people, thoy hnvo Just hold a
Btrcot carnival of ton days, which was
n gront success. Wo saw F. Holistor,
formorly of Salem, also Win. Tnlnnt
and Dr. J. M. Keen, who is kept cJoho
nt homo on account of his wlfo's se
voro sickness. Sho has boon linger
ing hotweon llfo and death, but Is
now Bomowhat hotter.
Leaving Mcdford wo passed up
tho valloy to Phoenix, Tnlont, nnd
thon on to Ashland. Wo Btoppcd for
dinner with David Brooks nnd sons,
who havo n flno orchard. They woro
picking and packing thoir penchos
for market; wo took in our Bhnro
whllo thoro, nnd a supply for our
Ashland Is beautifully located, with
It's poach nnd npplo orchnrds In ovory
direction nnd with lino alfalfa Holds
north and oast. Tho small tracts, 10
to 15 acres, nro hold nt from $150
to $500, nud somo flno plncos nt
$1000 por acre. Wo mot Conrad
Hill horo, ho wns sorgcnntnt-nrm8 in
tho last legislature. Wo nlso met O.
W. Cavnnnugh and wlfo. Sho Is a
Bister of tho Cunningham girls of
Snlom. Thoy havo a boautlful home
and ono of tho nicest ponoh orchards
it hns boon my ploasuro to view, nnd
tho town ot Ashland Is, to my notion,
tho nicest place wo havo Boon on our
trip In southern Oregon.
From thoro wo drovo to tho Wag
no r soda springs, 12 mllos from Ash
lnnd, at tho foot of tho mountains.
Tomorrow wo start for Klnmnth
Falls and oastorn Oregon points.
R. It. RYAN' & CO.
Orient Believes Us Lazy.
It is startling to learn from th
greatest living authority upon tho
Japanese, Prof. Chamberlain, that
"from hints dropped by several of
tho educated, and from tho still
moro interesting, because frankly
naive, remarks mndo by Japanese
servants whom I-havo taken with me
to Europe at different times, 1 found
that tho traveled Japanese consider
our threo most prominent character
istics to bo dirt,' laziness, and super
stition." Thnt wo should seem relatively
lazy to the Jnpaneso.and Chinese is
Intelligible when wo consider their
dogged and Indomitable industry. I
romembor being greatly struck by
tho following Instance of Chineso
industry given In Sir George Staun
ton's account of Lord Mncartnoy's
oxperience as ambassador to China,
compiled from his lordship's papers.
Lord Macartney in passing through
ono part of tho Chinese empire no
ticed a man suspended by a rope
hanging half-way down a precipice.
Thinking that ho was collecting
bird's eggs, Hko tho men who are so
suspended from tho cliffs of Moher
In Clare, Lord Macartnoy stopped to
watch and to And that ho was culti
vating a llttlo plateau of- a fow yards
of land. IIo grew vegetables upon n
number, of theso Jutting out coigns
of vnntngo, but all of them
together did not amount to
extent to hnlf an acre. At
tho bottom of tho precipice ho
lived with a wlfo nnd'n largo family,
vhom ho supported by his industry
hanging dally half-wny down tho
dizzy cliff, like ono "thnt gathers
samphire, dreadful trndol"
Apropos of tho ombnssy of Lord
Macartney to China, I cannot resist
quoting Do Quincoy'B humorous ac
count of tho prosont sont with this
ambassador by Gcorgo III, to tho
ompcror of China. "Amongst tho
proBonts cnrrlcd out by our first
nmbnssndor, Lord Mncnrtney, to
China was n stato coach. It had
boon specially selected as n pcrsonnl
gift by Gcorgo III,, but tho exact
modo of using it was. nn intendo
mystory to Poking. Lord Mncartnoy,
indeed, had mado somo imperfect
explanations upon this point; but, as
Ills excellency communicated theso
In n diplomatic whisper at tho
momont of his departure, tho
(celestial intellect was feebly illum
inated, and it became necessary to
call a cabinet council on uie griiim
state question, "Where was tho
emperor to sit?' The hammer cloth
happened to be unusually gorgeous,
nnd, partly on that consideration,
and partly also because the box of
fered the most elevated seat, was
nearest to the moon, and undeniably
went foremost, It was resolved by
'acclamation that the box was the
'imperial throne, and for tho scound
jrel who drove, he might sit where ho
could find a perch."
"The horses, therefore, being har
nessed." Do Quincey proceeds,
"solemnly his imperial mnjesty as
cended his now English throne under
a flourish of trumpets, having the
first lord of the treasury on his right
hand and the chief Jestor on his left.
Peking gloried in tho spectacle; and
in tho whole flowery people, con
structively present by representation,
'thoro was but ono discontented per
'boh, nnd that was tho coachman.
This mutinous individual audacious
ly shouted, 'Whero am I to sit?' But
the privy council, incensed by his
disloyalty, unanimously opened tho
door and kicked him into the inside.
Ho had all the inside places to him-
I i. l..., n..n1. la ilm rnnnplfv flf
HUH, Ulll. DUUH in v.. v ...,..,,
ambition that ho was still dissatis
fied. 'I Bay,' ho crlod out in an ex
temporo petition ntjdressed to tho
emperor throuch tho window 'I say,
how nm I to catch hold of tho reins?'
Anyhow,' was tho imperial answer,
don't trouble me, man, in my glory,
How catch tho reins? Why, through
tho windows, through the keyhole
anyhow.' Finally this contumacious
coachman lengthened tho chock
strings to a sort of Jury reins com
municating with the horBOs, and
with theso ho drovo ns steadily as
Poking had any right to expect. Tho
omperor returned after tho briefest
or circuits. IIo deconded in great
nomn from his throne, with tho
sovercst resolution never to remount
It, and he dedicated tho Btato conch
thoncoforwnrd as a votive offering to
tho god Fo-Fo whom tho learned
moro accurately call Fl-Fl."
TIiobo who drend China as tho yel
low peril of tho future should road
Sir Honry Colvlllo's "Tho Allies." Tn
tho first plnce, China is tho most
peace-loving country in tho world, so
peaco loving that sho hns aB doop a
i .
Rich and healthful, is the i
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and crushed ituits mate delfcW
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Cor. State and Commercial Sts., Salon,
Tip Humphrey Sarcastic,
W. M. llushy and Frod Waters
woro up from Salem Tuosdny on busl
nosd portioning to a proposed oloctrlc
lino from Salem to Albany. Tho
now rond Ib all on pnpor ns yot, but
may dovolop nil right. Such a line
would cortnlnly bo of groat benotlt
to farmers ulong tho routo, as it
would onnblo thorn to ship produco,
voL'oinhloB ta. to market dally nt
'n trivial cost. Thoro was, howover,
a routo surveyed through horo sev
eral yonrs ngo for an olectrlo lux,
nnd that is all thoro was done, so
wo can't "outhuso" much ovor this
ono until something definite is learn
ed. Jefferson Uovlow.
For h Impaired Appetite.
To improve tho nppotlto and
strengthen Uxo digestion try a few
doses ot Chamberlain's Stomach and
Llvor Tablets. Mr. J. 11. Solta ot De
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trolt, Michigan.
Bcorn of tho military profession ns
Japan has of tho mercantile profes
sion. In tho second plnco, China is
less a country than n continont.
"China, Indeed, Ib so vnst, so
hotorogoneous, that in uomo respects
it enn bo compared moro to n con
tinent than a country. Sho has not
Wenger &
247 Commercial St., Salem, Or.
even a permanent nnmo for herself,
being known to her inhabitants only
by tho names of her dynnstles. Nor
hns sho ono Bpokcn language. It is
truo that those who speak, tho Man
darin dialect can understand each
other, as Europeans who speak
Latin can communicate; but tho peo
plo of Cnnton and Peking can no
moro talk together than thoso cf
Rome and Madrid, and tako oven
less Interest in each othor's affairs.
'That belongey Peking sldo; no my
pidgin,' tho Cantouoso said when
told ot tho Japanese victories in
The Japanose, on the other hand,
nro the most compact and patriotic
ot people, to whom their country is
more sacred than father, mother,
sister, brother, wife, or child. To it
thoy aro proud to pay, all they owe.
"As an Instance," writes Sir Henry
Colvllle, "of tho spirit of loyalty of
tho Japanese, I must repeat n story
which I hoard on tho best authority.
Within tho last fow monthB a Jap
anese offlcer perfected a wnrliko in
vontlon of which nn American export
iu tho temporary employ of tho Jap
anese government happened to hear.
It so impressed him that ho offered
tho Japanese inventor $100,000 for
it. This offer, tho Japanese officer
indignantly refused, saying, 'I was
educated by my government, and to
them I owe everything. Anything
that my brain con produco is
theirs.' " T. P. O'Connor.
Tho old remedies are the best.
Hickory Bark Cough Remedy baa
been In use for over one hundred
years by the old Dutch Dunkards of
Pennsylvania, and is still In use by
all tho old families of Weatera Penn
sylvania, la absolutely pure; made
from the bark of the white or aell
bark hickory tree. The bark Is skip
ped from the east, and Manufactured
la Salem, Ore., For sale by all al-
Superior R(
108 High Street,!
First-class la all
place for ladles and l
all kindi of ChUw
famous LI Hung CI-
and Yakama.
Successor to WaffS'
RnecLU Et-tters
May 20, Zl.JiUhi
i, 6, August 8, I, Wi
12. 13. To ChUM
$73.16. BUM"'
nt nm.. n.nd r&Ura,
nt'.... CtmlY Cltr. '
City and return 1
RocniEiur F-KHi
Tlmo Card a
Jwie -;
Tmrnrd Torti
No. 165:23 a.
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