Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 10, 1907, Page 5, Image 5

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Parasols are offered at sale
becauso we nave uuw.v....-
.i, Ihnlr nlaCCd.
HE 10 i -..
Macs for 35c.
.58.J1.6S values for. $1.10
!,00 value for 1.IU
big 6-ounce can of high
ado talcum
6c can
i havo Juzt -tcclved another
All sizes for
men and boys
Wash Goods
All wash goods nro on tho
slaughter table4 W do not want
to carry over ono slnglo yard, ao
wo offer them at
Half Price
Straw Hats
A big tablo full of mvn's, boys'
children's straw hats, worth 26c
to 76c; special
1 0c each
" " 'P
Jr m
fipmnnrla tii
of modern bus!
ness and social life-
strenuous thinking-, worry, irregu
lar meals, Inte hours overtax
strength and Impair health.
When you feel that you arc losing
your grip on tnmgs, tnc strain is be
ginning to telland you have need for
Another Itno shown In
Commercial ot.'eet window;
values 60c to 75c;
38c each
Gonulno Oregon buckskin
gloves, Indian tan, homc-mado.
to restore health and strength to
the overworked body and brain.
The stomach relishes its f&od, the
mind regains its poise, liver and
bowels act properly, the sleep is
refreshing alter a few doses of this
half-century old remedy.
UI.MIIUUI at IliailliprUVC W1U
general ucaiui ana
A isJ,'' &
tv Avtr.
w a.."
In Bom
10c and 25c
with lull lajtructlont
$1.25 pr
llaudl , Mint Infant found at
pot thl i morning was not
St In dl6gul-.c, now wns It a
Ion, Just a stray baby, that
iclinnge publishes, tho follow-
ieh It claims It rccolvcd from
fits subscribers: "Savo mo n
Bpoon as thoy nro getting
A salmon mid I must try my
Itaterdny I killed threo cou-
Ine wildcat, two mountain
bd one deer, nnd caught for-
redsklns." If tho writer Isn't
fakir, but no tho. President
hter Bay.
jets some Idea of the magnl-
Chlcago when It is known
pare more thnn 20,000 por-
itbatclty named Johnson. It
okillke n enso of "too much
Chicago directory Issued Inst
dr 1iowb 737.M00 nnmos,
the Bamo proportion of dlroc-
3ltJ to POlilllntlon na wns
jythoc:n us of 1900 tho city
a iM'ulntlon of 2,307,000,
M four t moi tho population
Itate of Oregon.
Standard Oil kicks bocauso tho
led by Judge Landls Ib 500
w value of the oil shipped.
phich the flno is levied. Tho
Got eft easy, it Is not so
pee a man was aont to tho
wajen fromAstorln for
two salmon. Supposo tho
Sang had been punished In
e proportion?
Neighborhood Hopv.
A contract was filed in tho county
recorder's offlco last wcok wlioroln
Lnchmund & Co. purchnsod 15,000
pounds of thl3 yenra hops at 12
cents. Harry Ilirt of Portland, has
purchased two or threo lots of 1900
hops in this vicinity. Tho prico paid
by Hart wns 0 cents per pound.
Tho News Roportor.
Thoro is much complnlnt as to
tho hop crop 'nnd tho prices In pros
pect. -Many say thoy will not pick n
burr uul.ss bt'ttor prico conditions
prevail. Thoro Is honey-dow nnd
llco In nbtindanco nnd tho ond is not
yet. Mutterlngs 'nro nlso heard
amongst pickers as to demands th-y
mny mnko in excess of any former
year. Wo hardly bollovo It, yot Wo
may oxpect anything. A light yioM
Id self evident from tho fnct that
fow yards woro In anywise cultivated
as thoy ought to havo been. Gu--vniR
HopB aro looking flno, novor hot
ter In any provlous year. Thoro will
ho a larger crop of good quality than
last yoar. Tho llco havo about all
disappeared. Somo of tho old yards
aro looking bettor thnn for tho pa.t
flvo years, but thoso yards that havo
not boon nttonded too much do not
of courso mnko . a good showing.
Tho now yards nro slmp'y grcnt.
Woodhurn Indopom'ont.
old remedies nro tho beat.
Bark Cough Remedy bas
nso for over one hundred
the old Dutch Dunkarda of
To!a, acd is still in i,Bn hV
M famlllci of Western Penn-
13 absolutely nuret Tnn1
kark of tho whito or shell-
wrx tree. Tho bark is ahlp
Jthe east, and manufAoinr..rt
?t Ore . For niA k n ji
Quality House
Remedy for DJarrhocn Never Known
to Fall.
"I want to say a fow words for
Chamborlnin's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Romody. I havo used this
preparation in my family for tho past
flvo years and havo recommended it
to a numbor of peoplo In York coun
ty and havo never known it to fall to
effect a euro in any inatnnco. I foel
that I can not say too much for the
beat romody of tho kind In tho
world." S. Jomldon, Spring Grove,
York county, Pa. This remedy is
for Bnio at Dr. Stono's drug store.
Patent for Orcuou Mineral TjiiiiI.
Tho forest sorvico has rccommond-
cd to tho commissioner of tho gen
eral laud olllco thnt patent issuo on
tho lode mining claims of J. C. Lowla
In tho Roguo River mining district
In tho Siskiyou national forost, Ore
Tho forost ofllcor .who mndo the
examination has reported that tho
claims aro being oxtonslvoly dovolop
od nnd that valuablo mineral dopos-
ltn havo boon discovered.
Tho claims form two groups known
as tho "Benton" nnd tho "J. C. L."
groups. Thoy woro located In 1893
and relocated by tho prosont owner
in 1894. Lnrgo cxpondlturoB hnvo
boon mndo for tho development of
tho properties and tho evidence of
tho mlnernl deposits nro such as
would seem to lndlcnto that "tho land
possesses mlnernl in pnylng quanti
ties. Tho recommondntlon thnt patent
Issuo Is In nccordanco with tho policy
of tho forest sorvico to oncourngo tho
dovolopmont of tho mineral resources
of tho lands' in tho national forosU
nnd to mnko tho forests contrlbuto to
tho dovolopmont of such roaourcoa
by keeping- tho timber in tho country
for tho use of tho miners as long as
thoy noed It.
Tlio Texat Wonder.
Cures all kldnoy, blnddor nnd
rhoumntlc troubloj; sold by all drug
gists, or two months' trial troatmont
by mail for $1.00. Dr. E. W. Hall,
292G Ollvo atrcot, St. Louis, Mo
Send for testimonials Sold by Stono's
drug atoro.
Optician nf o.i
i ?e 0pt,cal "no. Best
Pacific Mn.t o-.
JHowt prices and results
r ua neit u
SSHJ. 9 i
-DKal Natll
Missing Tenm Located in Linn.
A dispatch from Albany says: A
team takon fropi ono of tho Salem
llvory stables has beon located at tho
barn of John A. Zysott of Thoma3,
lr. this county. A stranger appeared
thoro Monday evening and represent
ed that he was a cattlo buyer in tho
employ of tho Albany Dressed Deef
company and asked for accommoda
tions for tho night. In tho morning
it was found tho stranger had disap
peared and tho tea hi and buggy had
been left in tho barn. Mr. Zyset:,
after waiting somo tlmo for tho re
turn of the stranger, concluded It
would bo advisahlo to notify the
Advices recolved from Sheriff Cul
ver at Salem, wero to tho effect thai
tho outfit belonged thero and an offi
cer would bo sent after It.
Tho absconding party is well
known at Salem and will no doubt
be apprehended.
Why Fret and Worry
When your child has a severe cold.
You need not fear pneumonia or
other pulmonary diseases. Keep sup
plied with Ballard's Horehound
Syrun a positive cure for Colds,
Coughs, Whooping Couga and Bron
chitis. Mrs. Hall ot Sieux Falls, S.
D., writes. "I have Bsed your won
derful Ballara Horekouad lyrap,
oa my caildrea for tve years. Its re-
salts have beea woa4fal." geld by
Everybody J'YIghtmed.
Thoro woro nlno badly frlghtonel
man In Jacob Salter's saloon, 710
Mllwnuklo street, Thursday night,
shortly boforo midnight. Thoy woro
two highwaymen, the nroprlotor of
tho saloon, and six customers.
Sauor was serving boor to his pur-
tomera when two highwaymen, tholr
faces hidden by masks, entored the
snloon and commanded all to raiso
their hands. Sauor, who was hold
up last winter, grabbed a loaded shot
gun and took n shot at tho robber.
Notwithstanding that ho was but 10
foet away from tho holdups ho failed
to hit them. Tho robbers fired a
shot at tho saloonkeepor but evident
ly wero as badly frightened na Sauor,
as tholr bullets also went wild. Saner
had plenty of tlmo to shoot again bo
foro the robbers fled but failed to do
so. Journal.
Artisans Visit Fnirtnount Hill. I
A. largo crowd of tho members of i
Capital Assembly No. 84 of United !
Artisans and friends spent n very on- j
joynble evening on Falrmount hill in j
South Salem Inst night.
This ocension wns substituted for
tho regulnr open meeting which U
given by the lodge every second Frl
dny night of each month nnd proved
to bo an enjoyable niTalr. Tho pretty
grove was artistically lighted with
Japanese lanterns and a largo bon
flro which throw golden rays in tab
leau effect over tho merrymakers
and through tho wood until tho clow
was faded Into tho darkness nnd wns
hidden behind the curtains of night.
A delicious luncheon which in
cluded ICO Cream. Wntnrnmlnn nml
ovorythlng from angel cako tb beans,
cooked "Boston" was served In picnic
stylo. After enjoying innny games
and songa around the camp flro the
Artisans and their guests returned
to their homes fooling that tho even
ing had boon well spent.
Owing to n dornllcd car tho pic
nickers woro compelled to wnlk from
Dauo's store to Falrmount lilll but
tho fatlguo thus caused was soon van
quished by snndwlchcs, doviled hnm
nnd chicken which dlssnppeared llko
sunshlno beforo an Orogon storm.
Progress for Independence. ,
Tho deadlock In tho Independence
city council has boon broken by tho
election of W. A. Messner, a promi
nent merchant, to fill tho vncancy.
A Tl H..1.I
. u, uuuinson, n young man em
ployed In ono of tho drug stores luw
bon elected recorder. Mnyor Pad
dock has roslgnod nnd a new mayor
will bo choson by tho council. Ono
of tho first tnsks boforo tho now city
government will bo to secure for tho
city an adequate light and wator
contract. Tho Wlllamctto Vnlloy
company owns both plants nnd has
oifored ratos substantially tho biuiio
as at Salem. Tho city has gono with
out lighta for somo tlmo, nnd with
vory llttlo water. Plenty of hydrants
nnd Btrcot sprinkling nnd plenty of
lights at night, when tho city la full
of hop pickers, nnd nil tho fall trado
hao to ho handled, .nro nlmoat lndU
ponslblo. All tho vnlloy cities that
havo good light and wator systems,
nro growing rapidly nnd Indopcdonco
enn mnko no hotter Investment.
Novelty Fall Dress Goods
Has just arrived. The sombre, subdued
shadings predominate this season. Our
line is not yet complete, but we ar'csliow
ing .many handsome patterns that you
ought to see.
The New Plaid and Striped
Wool Waistings
Are Very Attractive
Many ladies tell us that we have shown
the best selection of Dress Goods in the
city during the past few years. Inspect
our new arrivals and tell us what you
think of the line this season
We undersell regular stores on reliable merchandise
Committed to Ajiniii. ,tnkon to tho lioapltul aovonnl months
Clifford L. Tollo wns yostorday ago suffering from doittontla. Ho
committed to tho asylum aftor an ox- ,wns vory roligloua boforo'iila sicknoau
nmlnatlon mndo by Dr. W. II. Byrd but slnco tho dorangomont of hl.i
In tho prcsonco of Justice Webster, 'mind ho litis become blnahpomoua
who nctcd aa county judge In tho nb- nnd imagines thnt somo ono la trying
aenco of Judgo Scott. to glvo hlu polnon. Joa. Alberts, tho
Tho unfortunnto Is about 17 years woll known bankor of this city, la
of ago and Ib an orphan. Ho was tho unfortunnto boy's guardian.
Only a Music.
Many are not being benefited by
tho summer vacation aa they should
bo. Now, notwithstanding much out
door life, they aro llttlo If any strong
er than they wero. Tho tan on thdr
faces Is darker and makes them look
hoalthlor, but It la only a mask. They t
aro still nervous, easily tired, upset
by trifles, and they do not oat nor
sleep well. What thoy neoj la what
tones tho nerves, perfoct digestion,
creates appetite, and makes sleep re
freshing, and that Is Hood's Sarsapa
rllla. Pupils and teachera generally
will find the chief purpose of tho va
cation best subserved by this groat
medicine which, as wo know, "builds
up tho wbolo system."
i o
An Eastern Actress.
Misa Edna Irvine, a Now York
actress, la In tho city on a visit with
frienda. She la tho daughter of Edi
tor Irvine of Corvallls and Is with
tho ThomaB W. Ross Co,, playing in
"Tho Other Girl," which has had a
big run In tho. eastern cities. MI
Itvino has met with favor and has
the genius for success ia her chosen
profession, whtck her frleais are glad
We have sold ten pianos so far this week to pur
chasers who have taken advantage of the 'extreme low
prices we are making in our pianos and organs during
our special sale.
We still have a very large stock j of the veryj, best
pianos that were ever manufactured, and if yoM ever in-
tend to buy a piano, come in and at least investigate get
our prices and let us tell you about our easy paying,
money-saving way.
We control this territory for over 38 standard pianos
including Weber, Chickerkig, Hobart M. Cable, Crown,
Maddorf, Clarendon, Kimball, Marshal & Wendell, Bailey,
Baus Etc., Etc.
A Pianola Piano
Enables every one in the household to play the piano.
We have just received two of these and invite your in
spection. We will take your old piano or organ in ex
change as part payment on one of these instruments.
We have several used organs taken in exchange on
pianos as part payment during the past week and can
self you one of these at a big sacrifice.
Our store is open every evening.
"'' if I ! i j nil
Wenger & Cherrington
Phone 1187
247 Commercial St.
D. J. Fvjr.
to see aer auaia. , , a
Li. UHbsB