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Company K of Portland Wins it By a
Margin of Six Points
In a closely fought rlflo compotl
tlon, Company K, of the Third Oro
gon Infantry of Portland, won tho
Btnto trophy cup on tho target rango
Saturday cast of Itouoburg. Tho
Portland team defeated tho formid
able IloBoburg sharpshooters, Co. D,
by a scant hIx points. Whon tho lnt
shot wan flrod, Portland's markBm.jn'
had a scoro of -180 points out of a
posulblo GOO, whllo Rosobiirg totalled
jUBt 480.
Othor teams, whllo doing good
work, wero plainly outclassed by
thoflo two satiads.
Tho trophy conloHt proved a spirit
ed ono throughout. Roseburg hold
tho cup from last year and was dctor
inlnod to keop It. Eighteen tonms
ontorod tho competition and all had
boon drilling months for tho ovnt.
A T)nnn1ntMi ninn lrl VII t XX ft1.
1.11. iWOUUlllh Mi
Shlolds, won tho stnto Individual
modal, boating Captain Denny of
Portland by two points,
Tho forenoon was devoted to slow
11 ro at 200 yards. Company K gained
n slight ndvantngo on (Ills rango, but
lout It cariy In tho forenoon over tho
000 yard rango, slow lire, whon Com
pany D forged ahoad.
Tho rapid lira shooting at 200
yards was what gavo final victory to
tho Portland team. Kach man wan
required to (Ira llvo shots at a target
rcprosontlng the half llguro of a man
This targot romalncd In sight abovo
tho pits only 20 seconds for oach
marksman. Each bullB-oyo counted
11 vo points, and any man tardy in
SlhootltiK bin final Bitot loBt llvo points
llio marksmon got loft, and nono of
tho loading teauiB for a point in thl.
Hvroy man In tho camp was out to
sue Company K and D finish on tho
rapld-flro rango. Captain II. O.
Hcott load en: with a scoro of ia
out of n posslblo RO, Sergeant A. A.
Schwartz followed with a scoro of
32, Coporal a. 10. Upton mado in.
Cuptnln P. 11. Hamlin load off for
Company D, ticorlng 315. Corporal
B. Jackson followed with 41, Sor-
mt A. Q. .TohnBon 32 nnd Private
P. Bhiolds 17. Private .Shields'
ro was cIobo to tho record for
ild-IIro work attd won for him tho
to Individual modal. Ho got ovory
4 .ti with muchlno-llko precision
Ido of 20 socondH, lowering IiIb
do, In fact, before" tho targot sank
iut of alght at tho expiration of his
Tho stnto Individual matnh, con-
ulHtod of n HklrmlMli run nnd slow llr-
In at 200, C00, 800 nnd 1000 yards,
oponod Buudny and was Btlll In pro-
resn this afternoon.
"'his evening whon all scoros am
luted about llfteon or tho guards
will ho Bolootad to ropresout tho
nt tho national shoot at Port
on, Ohio, next mouth. Thtwo
will remain hero for at least two
s to iirnotleo on tho rlflo rango.
jalauco of tho guardsmen hroak
and loavo for homo tonight.
New Regiment Funned.
unlay evening at the encamp
a now roglmont of Infantry was
d under tho direction of Adju
lonoral W. K. Fliuor. It will
tnvO to namo of tho Fourth roglmont
ot lnfMtry of tho Oregon National
Guard, and will bo comprised of tho
following cempanies: A and O of l.n
KCiw, D of Itosoburg, 11 of Ashland.
nil t formerly of tho Plrst separate
battalion; uopnrnto compaulos K and J
V of Cottago Grove and MoMlnuvllle,
)aia O of Albany, formerly of Third
4rKlmnt. At a meeting of tho com
wlcidM0d officers or uieso companies,
Majpr O. O. Yornu, commanding tho
pit aeparuto battalion, was elected
froleael, Ho will select and unnomiro
his atairmter.
&,n lluiout a cortalnly that Capt
VUvWllllnmB of Bugono will bo ap-
N lleutoMHMt colonel nnd Capt.
Hammond or tho same city and
. T. 1) Hamlin or Hosejiurp,
r, Thoao Qcora rank tho otho
alius, of tho roglmont In senior
audijt U said that their appoint
itwlll bo recowwonded at .onco
Jot, "Vorus to Adjutaut Oenornl
Ai Gov. OkKibrlal. In
t lylipMUI. iwmun t'FM
I4utaa-t H. O, fttocum
No sense in running from one doctor to
another. Select the befit one, then stand by
him. 'Do not delay, but consult him in time
vhen you are sick. Ask bis opinion of Aycr's
Cherry Pectoral for coughs and colds. Then
or not, just as tie says.
no Mrtl w pnoiiia j.u.ATtrto.,
would advauco to tho captaincy of
tho local company, and in turn would
bo Hticccdcd by Second Lieutenant 5".
N. Agce. Tho place of second lieu
tenant would probably fall to First
Sorgeant P. G. Stowart. Roscburg
o -
Thoro Is moro Catarrh in this sec
tion of tho country than all othor dia
euHcs put together, nnd until tho last
few ycara was supposed to bo Incut -able.
For a great many years doc
tors pronounced It a local disease and
prescribed local remedies, and by
constantly falling to euro with local
treatment, pronounced It Incurable.
Scionco lino proven catarrh to bo a
constitutional dlscaso and therefore
roquiros constitutional trcatmont.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by P. J, Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
in tho only constitutional euro on tho
market. It Is taken internally in
dnncH from 10 drops to n tcaspoon
ful. It acts directly on tho blood
and mucous nitrfacos of tho system.
They offor ono hundred dollars for
anv caso it falls to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials.
Addreas: P. J. Cheney & Co., To
ledo, Ohio.
Sold by all druggists, 7fic.
Tako Hall's Family Pills .for con
stipation. 0
State Pair Not cm.
Tho Greater Oregon Stnto fair ot
Salem, September 10 to 21, Inclusive,
will be tho biggest thing of Its kind
in tho history of tho northwest.
Tho Oregon Btnto fair (Scptombor
1(1-21), at Salem, Is tho common
mooting place for tho people of tho
northwest. Tho fair Is a regular
family rouulou and general round-up
of friends and neighbors. Como nnd
renew old arriulautauces, and seo
the greatest fair the northwest 1m
oven known.
A lettor from the Hotter Fruit
Magazine of Hood Illver, Oregon, to
Socrotary Prank Welch t tho Great
er Oregon Stuto Pair (September 10-
21), U of Interest to fruitgrowers.
This publication has 'boon giving
cups and trophies for fairs and fruit
shows repreatedly to promote tho
industry, but they state that tho
handsomest cup thoy havo yot do
nated will be given for tho bost-pnek-od
display or fruit at tho fair this
year. Tho cup will be on exhibition
In Pat ton Brothers' window In Sa
lem a few days boforo tho fair.
Among the many Improvements at
tho state fair grounds In Salem be
ing made, two othors not moutloned
in last wook's artlclo aro contem
plated. A now building for tho ex
hibition of llno-bre;l dogs at tho fair
(Soptombor IG-21), will bo erected
back or tho dairy building. The now
structure will ho 20x10 root, and
equipped with entirely modom fix
tures. Another addition which will be
made If tho appropriation from tho
Htiito holds out Is an olllco building.
Tho olllcors and directors have al
ways boon located In the pavilion,
but this arrangement Is Inconvonlont,
and tho spaco might woll ho used tor
exhibits, Tho new structure will bo
built on the bungalow plan. It will
bo placed on a sito northeast ot tho
pavilion, rormorly occuplod by n res
taurant. This point Is the most cen
tral on the grounds, commanding a
view of the main walk from the on
trance gate, tho pavilion, concessions,
race track and live stock exhibits,
"Regular as tho Sun"
Is an expression as old as tho raco.
No doubt tho rising and setting of
the sun Is tho most rogulnr perform
ance In the universe, unless It Is tho
action of tho llvor and bowels whon
regulated with Dr. King's New Life
Pills. Guaranteed by J. O. Perry,
druggist. -Kc.
, M .---.
For Sale.
At a bargain, tha Candolarla Fruit
Farm, situated throo-fourtha or a
mllo from tho southern limit of tho
elty. Ono-hult mile- from electrto
etrxvt oar Hue. Ono of ike
finest locations In Marlon county.
A splendid view of the beau
tiful WUUmotto rivvV, Polk county,
hills, cltr of Dallas, Monmoutt, In
depoodwioo and city ot Salem, atata
(fair grounds, capltol building, asy
lum, penitentiary, asylum fans,
muto school, roform school, Mta.
JoIortHiu, ILooU, Adams, Ralaler aad
St, Holoua, A good crop now la fake
orchard, of cherries, RarUeU pears,
ptvikck and Italian prune. If sold
Ih the next tea days the crop will go
with tho lo, ThU year's crop will
mori than pay tho Inter: oa the la
TwtMat two year la advaaoa,
A Tribute to Willamette.
Tho Herald is in receipt of the
beautiful printed and well edited
booklet entitled "Tho Now Willam
ette." It Is certainly refreshing to
compare that splendid university with
othor schools of our knowledge.
Possibly because it is a homo insti
tution that prldo in tho heart of
every true Oregoninn swoIIb up when
reading of Us achievements. Tho
Rhodes scholarship waa wOn Edward
J. WlnanB, a student of this institu
tion; a now liberal arts building that
will cost $50,000 is in courso of con
struction; tho endowmont fund
reached almost $100,000 tho paBt
yoar; $5000 Is to bo spent In beau
tifying tho campus, and many other
things are being dono which goes to
provo that Wlllametto Is ono of tho
colleges of Oregon that Is keeping
pace with tho rapid improvement of
tho schools of today. Interesting it
is to noto tho many bright men and
women who have boon graduated
from this school, somo of whom are
now holding Important positions in
tho stato and nation. It has been the
massive cornerstono to Oregon's
achlovemont; It has boon tho staff
upon which many of tho young men
and women havo leaned until thoy
wero advanced In both books and ox
porlonco to support themselves; 11
was tho nucleus around which has
formed tho ndvanced and onllghtou
cd condition of everything that tends
to mnko a bottor people
"Hall Wlllametto, llrst and best
Day-spring of tho golden west:
Sound tho pralsos, youths and maid
ons In your song;
Toll hor glorhiB works afar,
Toll how great hor triumphs aro,
Toll tho world that all our hcartB to
hor belong."
Bnkor City Herald.
Hut Chnmborlulii'H Colic, Cholera
nnd Dlon-hom Remedy Cured Him.
It is with pleasure that I glvo you
this unsolicited testimonial. About
n year ago whon I hnd a sovoro caso
of iiiciifllcfl I got caught out In a
hard rain and tho monsloB settled In
my Htomneh and bowolB. I had an
awful tlmo nnd had It not boon for
tho uso of Chnmborlaln'fl Colic,
Cholera nnd Diarrhoea Remedy I
could not have possibly lived but a
few hourH longer, hut thnnks to thlfl
romedy I nm now strong and woll. I
havo written tho abovo through slm
plo gratltudo and I shall always
Hponk a good word for this routed)'.
Snm II. Gwln, Concord, Ga. For
Bale at Dr. Stono'o drug Btoro.
Pelt Glad Ho Didn't.
C. J. Durloy, tho contractor, had
an oxperlonco on Mondny that glvos
him tho shivers whon ho layB awoko
nights thinking. Ho Is nt work ror
J R. Harbert, who Uvos on tho otner
sldo or tho McKonzlo across Doad
mond's ferry, building a largo hop I
linimn. II ii hnd torn tho old ono down I
and was about to toar down tho fur
nace. Just boforo doing so ho was
about to roaoh Into tho lire box to
II ud out what was thoro, whon a
luck) Impulso solzod him to look
first. IThero, colled In a spaco tho
slfo of a waiter's platter, law a hlg
rattlor. It didn't tako him long to
got a "big Btlck" and despatch tho
venomous reptile, which had nine
rattles and a button, hut tho body
wub of unusual slzo. Kugono Regis
tor. o '
Tho old romedlos nro tho best.
Hickory Ilnrk Cough Remedy lias
boon In uso for ovor ono hundred
years by tho old Dutch Dunkarda of
Pennsylvania, and Is still In uao hy
nil tho old famlllos or Westorn Penn
sylvania. Is absolutely puro; mado
from tho bark of tho whlto or sholt-
bark hickory treo. Tho bark Is ship
ped from tho cast, and manufactured
In Salem, Ore,, For salo by nil deal
ers ovorywhoro.
Will treat you with Oriental herbs
nnd euro any disease without opera
tion or pain.
Dr. Kum Is known ovorywhoro lu
Salem, and has cured many promi
nent people hero. Ho has lived in
Salem for 20 years, and can ha trust
ed. Ho uses many medicines un
known to whlto doctors, and with
them can euro catarrh, asthma,
lung troubles, rehuniatlsm, stomach,
liver and kidney diseases.
Dr. Kum makes a specialty of
diopsy and tomato troubles. His rem
vdles euro prlvato dlscaso when ev
erything olso falls. Ho has hun
dreds of testimonials, and gives con
sultation rroe. Price for medicine
very moderate. Persons In the coun-
tiy can write for blank. Send stamp.
If you want souio extra flno tea,
get It from us.
JlttT fcmUt Hi) rtrwrt, Safem, On.
Tro Blood Is Tho Hfo."
Science has novcr gono beyond th
abovo simple stutumtnt of scripture. But
it has Illuminated that statement and
given It a meaning over broadening with
tho Increasing breadth of knowledao.
When tho blood Is "bad "or Impure It
Is not alono tho body which suffers
through dlscaso. Tho brain Is also
cleidcd, HJj mind and Judgement are
EBoctcd, anchaany anovlldcedorlmpuro
thoehtiijtHrectly traced to tho
rnpuiAjthoBTrxitD Fo"l1 Impure MoM
ran mnrlo t bv tho-Usa of Or,
Fleroo'S-goH'P Mrdlrnl Discovery, ii
"nrlr'r? itf"' """"" tll00(l thereby
curing, pimples, blotches, eruptions and
other cutaneous affections, as eczema,
totter, or salt-rheum, hives and othei
manifestations of Itnpuri blood.
In tho euro of scrofulous swellings, en
larged glancK open eating ulcers, or old
sores, tho "Golden Medical Discovery "hat
performed tho most marvelous cures. Id
cases of old sores, or open eating ulcers,
H Is well to npply to tho open sores Dr.
Plcrco's All-Hoallng Salvo, which pw
leases wonderful healing potency whon
used as an application to tho sores In con
Junction with tho uso of "Golden Medical
Discovery r as a blood cleansing consti
tutional trcatmont. If your druggist
don't happen to havo tho "All-Healing
8alvo" in stoo'f, you can easily procure it
by Inclosing llftyfotir cents In postage
stamps to Dr. It. V. Plorco, 003 Main St.,
Buffalo, N. Y., and It will como to you by
roturn post. Most druggists keep It as
woll as the "Golden Medical Discovery.'
You can't afford to nccept any medicine
of unknown cumpoHltlon as a substitute
for "Golden Med leal Discovery," which Is
a mcdlclno o knows composition,
having a complete list of lngrodionts In
plain English on Its bottlo-wrappcr, the
namo bolng attested as correct under oath.
Dr. Plcrco's Ploasant Pollots regulate
and invigorate stomach, livor and bowels
Sttf"nSKm MS.
Put thouo good resolutions that
you mado on January 1st Into effect
at onoo by replacing your old plumb
ing1 with the nevrcet Ideas In sanitary
opon plumbing, and you will bejrld
of the annoyanco of leaking plpus
and flooded floors, as woll as dootor's
bill. We will furnish eatlnm&M for
plumblne, gas fitting and satisfaction
is guaranteed as to workmanship and
SW8 BUte Struct.
Pheao 185.
We eaa supply you wit tke lum
ber yon ae4 at the prlee that will
Materially economise la the ooti.
Jaet eome amd seo us and look over
ear yards.
YarAa Near Depot.
Oaa be obtained from eur prima
tader and Juic7 beef, mutton or
pork. All our meat are aelectad
from the cholowt, and prepared for
the table to suit the dea&aad of the
faattdloua. Our prleea are lower for
quality than you caa tad at any
place la &leaa,
PfeetM SfcOl. 37 Uto 8c
It ta werta wera tkaa aay ether
Wea yet U prtee la aa hlskar
Far vti at roar freaar's,
Taeaaaa ft Oaetex. Praa.
I sfivrvi
" vrVISyj ft
ll,T,w'," --w-r
"5r'C,''"C?.'i.';ktr.nn BMf.
For snlc uoou o-ruum uuuD-, -
cntoonth street, 7 lots, oman ana
largo fruits, would sell on easy
terniB. Also good houao In Orogon
City, and uIbo 80 acres of tlmbor
land six miles from Oregon City.
W. N. Munsoy, 35C Sovontoonth
street. Phono -1171. 7-29-2wk
For Solo Plenty of clover hay, first
quality. Phono 157 Suburban. H.
Walker, Routo No. 7, Salem.
Timber for Salo Thirty acreB of
second-growth fir; some old fir,
and oomo big oak; 2508 to 3000
cords of wood oa place. Two and
half miles from Salem. W. M.
Schutt, Salem, Routo 2.
For Salo or Rout Attontion nursery
men and f armors, 320 acres, all in
cultivation, docp soil, fine improve
mentfl, convenient to rail and nav
igation. This farm Is oapeolally
adapted for nursery bUBlne. In
quire of ownor, Qoorco O'Brien,
400 North Capital street, Salem,
Oregon. 7-20-tf.
For SoleTwo single top bucgl&s,
in flrst-claes condition. One rub
ber tlrod. Apply to C. W. Yannko,
Fashion stables. Tolophone 44.
7-1 8-U
HichlABd Store. We handle a full
line of groceries and fresh moata
and hare lately put In a aupply of
tlnwaro. Call and leave order or
phone 406, and try u for prompt
delivery. W. D. Wheeler.
For Salo Old papers, 1 eeata per
hundred. Inquire Journal oflea.
For Rent Seven-room house, not
and cold water, electric Heat, hate
room. Iaqniro of Auc Seareia
er, 56t North Hick street.
Yog Lumber autl Fl Co. Lbm
ber ,sixlnKles, bualding material,
wood and coal. Low prleea a
prompt deliveries. Oae block eM
of B. P. pajwemijir depot. Phone
108. 7-2-t
Piano Timor L. L. Woods, piano ox
pert tuning, repairing and polish
lug. Lcavo orders at Geo. C.
Will's music storo, Salem.
Concrete Work. Got my prices e
eldowalks, curbs, septic tanks ana"
coraont work of any kind. All
work guaranteed flrst-claas. M
Ward, Highland add. Phone B
.-ll-tf ,
Uutto it Weaderoth Fine wiaea,
liquors and cigars. We handle the
celebrated Kellogg and Castle
whiskies. Cool and refreshing beer
constantly on drough. South
Commercial street 9-S-lyr
Salem Iroa Worka Founders, taa
chinUts and blacksmiths. Manu
facturers ef all klada of sawmill
machinery. Hop and fruit drylai
stoves, ete. Manufacturers ef tka
Salem Iroa Works Hep Free.
Saleaa Box A Lumber Oo Reuieved
from (South fdaleaa to 14tk street,
near the S. P. depot. Boxes, Berry
Crates, Fruit Trays and Perfection
Fruit Hraporators. Phone 201.
Our meat market on Mast State
street has beea doubled in sis aal
we are bettor prepared than aver te
serve customers. Prompt service aud
the best ot meats our motto. Call
or phone 199. B. . Bdwards, Prop
We Are Gh Purchasers Of poul
try, eggs, and all kinds ef faraa
produce. Berry crates mad up
in unlimited quantities. Capital
Commission Co., 267 Souta Com
mercial street, Salem. Phone Main
Attention, Ladle. i havo opened a
parlor at 464 Court street, In the
I. O. O. F. building, where I am
prepared to do shampooing and
manicuring. Scalp treatment a
specialty. Children's hair treated
Phone 477. 7-291xn
Cla Broj.' Transfer Orapaay
All kinds of transfer work done.
Faraltare aad pianos boxed ready
for shlpmeat. Prompt aerrlee la
our motto. Stand aad ottee at
US South Commercial street.
Paoae Jli. Rdeaee Pkaae 918.
Bills payable motfkly m atM.
- " 'laiin -7
wood Foresters, mTu
Tuesday In Hurst hall nu, '
Leo Abblc, C. It. i l
F. S. ' K L' Brc
Central L(Hlgo Xo. "ITiHp
Castlo Hall in Holmau bW '
nor State and Liberty 1'
Tuesday of each wcek
m. Oscar Johnson, c n. J
Andorson, K. of It. and S
Modern WoiMltncn .ZTT
gon Codar Camp No. 5216 il
every Thursday evening Z
o'clock In Holman hall w
H111 v' Cm R A. Turner, 4
WoiMlincn of World-Meetl,
day night at 7:30, In HolttuJ
J. A. Dickey, C. S.; v.h.t
it, uurK.
Lincoln Annuity Unlon.--sj;
dont nnd pension Insuranct'
000,000 pledgrd; every chlo t
Good ngenta wanted, j, h.
Mongomory, supremo orim
Box432 Salem, Oregon. R
Ryan, socrotary, C4C state
Axthtur Von Jatscn-TeacnTol
ano; touch, tecnnlcb, Utwj,
tioa. Thorough preparatory w
Advanced students prefuei
public appearance. ResHtw
Center 8t. Tel. Main W.
sash, itoer, jaeoldiBgt, AUla
hrsse ftaish aad hud Tfot
Front street, bet. BUte ui i
kfabe aX soapklati at the o&&
and steam heating acd tlti
104 Commercial street P
Mnln 192. M
M. .1. PeUel Plumbing, steia
gas fitting. Successor to K
Murphy, 22G Commercial
'Prone Main 17.
Wauie4 To borrow $1000 ail
best of real estate security.
ply te "J. P.," caro Journal
BUglis Cash Price Paid to
at Willamette Hotel
SVmMaHb Baker, Lwre'
Rtltte Gfocer.Atl
Spud Hie Famit
Washing T
aad yaa'll never bot "
It doaa at home as
wW rrery fasally ces
U aoad the washing U
Km uiu kave csasf
have the methods aad F
yea earn better afora n
famUy washing hers W
Ask aaut our pricee e
lag, ratagh dry, r ft1
The Saleil
Steam Lai
(. HaVlMl.'
Wholesale dealers
..- nh paW
v. u tJr W.
Eggs, jrosiiv. --. )
andiO. A. WiUraft.CoaPj
lem, Or.; J. C. 8UpM
Aveaue. PoiJac
. 0 M ' ?fZ
tow '' T.S.H