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and Woman's Department
Knight-Funk Wedding.
Ono of tho moat beautiful as well
as brilliant of Salem weddings wns
that of JIIsh Morea Kawk to Mr.
Clnudo Knight, of The Dalles, vhlch
was solemnized nt tho pleasant homo
of tho bride's parents, Sir. and Mrs.
Henry Fawk, on Fnlrniount Hill,
WediifcBdny, In tho presences of over
75 relatives and friends.
The decorations were elaborate
throughout tho houso. Tho Fawk
homo lends Itself readily to artistic
decoration and tho production of
niost beautiful effects. Tho recep
tion room was In red, largo Jardl
nlers of red duhHas and tinted foil
ago giving It tho freshness and beau
ty of tho autumn woods. Tho parlors
wero In whlto and green. Garlands
df Ivy anil, clematis vino brightened
with whlto chrysanthemums were
draped from tjio cornets of tho room
to tho cfinmlolforB. Whlto satin rib
bon streamers also wero draped
front tho chandeliers, and a light
frioza of tho clematifl vino wns used.
Stately palms and bouquets of swoot
peas and cosmos also gavo pretty
effects about tho rooms. Tho dining
room wna In rod, tho conterpleco be
ing rod carnations. Over the table
was Rusponded a largo biutkct of
Salem social circles, and Is a charm
ing and talented young woman.
Thoy havo thn best wishes of a largo
circles of friends.
Kyro-KinoiMjii AVeddlng.
Tho marriage of MIsb Sablo Beryl
Emerson to Mr. David Walter Eyro
took place Wednesday evening, nt
tho honle of tho bride's undo and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Mcln
tlrc, In Enst Salem. Only the rela
tives of tho young couple wero pres-ont.
The wedding will bo one of the
pleasant events of the coming win
ter season. '
The Woman's Club.
The first meeting of the Salem
Woman's club this year is holding
its session at tho homo of tho presi
dent of the club. Mrs. A'. N. Bush,
this afternoon. A largo number of
tho members are present and much
Interest Is manifested.
A board meeting was called at 2
o'clock and tho business matters .ad
Justed. The club Is in a most flour
ishing condition, and everyone is
looking forward to a pleasant win
ter. Miss Callsta Mooro has been
making out tho , calendar for the
coming season, and this afternoon
gavo out some of 'the attractions
which will bo much enjoyed. Among
somo of the lectures are: "Art,"
Mrs. Helen Gatch; "Education,"
Prof. W. C. Hawley; Mrs. Eva
Tho house decorations wore beau
tlful. Tho front parlor was In white (Emery Dye, of Oregon City, a noted
and green, ferns and cut flowers Oregon
making nn joffectlvo and pretty nr
raiigemdnt. The second parlor was
in yellow, quantities of dahlias were
ihasscd In ovary avnllnblo space,
whllo baskets of the same wero sus
pended nbout tho room, nnd from
tho chnndollor. The dining room
wns In red. Tho tablo and its ap
pointments wero especially beautl-
author will talk about her
latest book "McDonald of Oregon."
Judge Burnett nnd Prof. II. H.
Hurdman. the latter nn eminent
lecturer of Portland, nro also book
ed for addresses. Mrs.'J. II. Brooks
will arrange-'u muslcalo, 'whyclQwlll
be given In tho early spring, and al
together the calendar will. bo. one of
much Interest and benefit to the
bride have been on their honey
moon. Mrs. Page remained In Port
land for a few days visit before
coming to Salem.
Plensniit Reception.
A reception was given Rev. and
Mrs. II. T. Babcock in the parlors
of the First Presbyterian church
last evening, under the auspices of
the Ladies' Aid Society of the church
It was highly successful and thor
oughlyi enjoyed by a large number
of people.
The room had been decorated with
a profusion of autumn foliage, and
was a veruaoie woouinnu uower.
The table In the center of tho room
was aglow with candles, and the
centerpiece was a large pumpkin
filled with fruit. The ladles of the
society received the guests, and the
refreshments were served by the
joung ladies of the church.
Most of the pastors, and their
wives, of the various churches of the
city were In attendance, as was most
of the membership of the Presbyte
rian church. Rev. and Mrs. Babcock
have but recently returned from
their honeymoon, spent at Newport,
and tho welcome they were given
Inst night was a hearty one.
A short musical program was giv
en dining tho course of the evening,
among the numbers being solos by
See and
Chas. K. Spaulding
Logging Co.
Manufacturers of
Oregon Pine, Ash and Maple Luml
WMfr If! 1 1 III 1 1 lli"
fuf, tho conterpleco being a hugo club, nnd Miss Mooro was compll-i.Mrs. Ilalllo Parrish-Hinges and Mr
bunch of red dahlias. Autumn foil- merited by tho members, for her
ngo and flowers wore banked about work In securing It.
tho clock mantle with bountiful of- Tho next meeting will be held two
foct. Miss Lena Mclntlro received weeks from today. '
tho guests nt tho door.
At eight o'clock MIsb Hazel Mc
lntlro played Mendolssohn's wedding
McFndden, of Portlnnd, and a piano
duet by the Misses Helen and Dor
othy Pearce. .
dnhllns and the mnntlo wns banked march, nnd the bridal party entered
with tlieso blooms, nnd clematis, tho pnrlors and stood under n hnng-
"."00 Party."
The lltornry board of
Dancing This Winter.
Prospects for the winter In danc-
the Salem lln cncies aro origin, lr an reports
At 12 o'clock. Mrs. Hnllto Parrlsh
lllngos, iu her bust Voice, sang "My
Beloved Qtioon," Immedlntoly after
which Mrs. D. P. CnrnoB, accom
jmnlod by Miss Llllllo Stogo on tho
violin, played tho wedding march
"Henrts and Flowers," and tho
lirldosmnld, MIhb Eleon Fnwk ontor-
1 tho room, directly followed by tho
I rldo. They woro mot by tho groom
t id hit host man, Allen T. Bates,
I I Portland, and Uov. W. II. Bollock
performed the ceremony, after which
t'10 young couple received tho best
wishes and congratulations of the
largo assembly. Soft low mimic wan
played during tho ceremony. Tho
bridal corner was especially bounti
ful being banked with ferns nnd n
HimtH ribboned canopy of tullo and
ribbon suspended from tho colling
was an attructlre nutting for tho
Tho brldo wan a vision of lovo
llneai. Hor gown was of whlt bro
caded silk trimmed with ronnlHsanco
laco ovor an under dress of penu do
oygno hIIU en train, nnd sho woro a
long tullo Tell, nnd rtirrljtl a bouquet
of lHign white chrysanthemums,
Tho hrldoHiunld woro a beautiful
roHtumo of cream crone, do chine,
elaborated with hund-ombroldorod
foBtoous of -roses, ovor juedulllmiB
of despnngno laco. Sim also woro U
coronet of pearls, and canled cream
Mrs. James Walton, Jr., of Port
land, sister of tho bride, and Miss
Edna Knight, sinter of the groom,
H'colvcd tho KUOHts nt tho door.
Mrs, Walton woro her wedding dress
of champagne cropo do chlno and
real lace, over pink taffeta. Miss
Knight woro whlto mullo, with trim
minus of vnloiu'lciuu'H laco. Mrs.
,'ErneBt WlgglnH insisted In receiving
'In tho parlorw, and woro hor wed
ding gown of ocruo cropo do chlno
over taffeta of tho uamo shudo, with
trimmings of duchess laco. Tho
bride' mother woro n handsome,
qostumo of mlrngo silk In pastel
' tints, with baby Irish laco trim
mings. The groom's mother woro
black silk. Miss Blanche Fnwk,
qoutln of tho brldo received up
. Walru, and sho woro a trea of no
cordlon plaited chiffon, oyepolil roso
Ktaffota, trimmed In bands of molro
'Ilk. MIbh Lennr, Cavanagh caught
tho brides bouquet,
A dainty wedding dinner was
wrved at tho close of the ceremony.
'From the bride's cake, Miss Blanche
Kawk captured tho rlngfrMtea Cecelia
Haines tho thimble, Miss" iWsalo
ftUhy tho heart,, and Airs. p.( Vt
Cantos tho dime. Ono of lihe ploas
,jmt features of tho dinner was vho,n
Mr. A. N, Moorea presented tho
Vrldo with an, article with which ho
eald she could subduo hor husband
Public Library will give n "500"
nartv nt the homo of Mrs. F. A.
cosmos blooms in Moore on 0nk 8trect Tuesday from
i. Mioii- ,, . r T, . , ., , .,
uov. r. . iuug.it paruirmcu me nil- 1)0neU of tUo ,U)nu.y( ,, ,t , hope(,
prossivo ring coromony. jusi noioro
tho coromony, Prof Z. M. Pnrvln
ing bouquet of
front of tho double 'windows, whore
sang tho bountiful song."Oh Promise
Tho brldo made a pretty picture
In hor wedding gowh of whlto silk
cropo do chine, with real laco trim
mings, and carried whlto carnations.
Tho bridesmaid, Miss Edith Eyre,
sister of tho groom, woro turquols
bluo silk cropo do chlno, and carried
a bouquet of Jasmlno. Tho groom
was attended by his best man, Dr.
II. II. White. .
Miss Hnr.el Mclntlro caught the
brldo's bouquet. i
tho ladles of Salem will take an ln
torost In the affair and help the good
"The. I'Mch."
Most all of Salem, largo and
small, turned out Wednesday and
Thursday to seo local talent play
"Tho Pixies," and from a financial
standpoint tho piny was a success,
ni well as from a social one. The
play Itself was a light musical opora,
with Just enough of Jingle nnd
laughter to keep things moving,
and everybody In a cood humor.
are true. The Elks, who will soon
open their fine new hnll, have hinted
that they Intend to give a dance once
a mouth or more this winter In their
fine dnnce hnll, and Invitations to
these affnlrs will bo above par.
Tioga hall, which has always been
the popular place for dances in past
seasons, has been rented by the
Christian church to hold services in
this winter, during tho process of
erecting a new church, nnd this will
bar any one from renting tho hall
I ', Articles of Incorporation
' Granted Enterprises Backed t
by Oregon Capital.
H-H-M-l II I I I M I I H-M-H-M-M
The Tangent Vetch Growers
Union, of Tangent, Linn county,
filed articles df incorporation today
in the ofllce of the secretary of state.
Tho Incorporators are; A. Blevlns,
W. W. Grew, A. E.' Parker, W. J.
Oberger, J. E. Jenksj capital stock,
Sherman, Clay & Campany, in
corporated under the laws of Cal
ifornia, gave notice of intention of
doing business In Oregon and ap
pointed G. F. Johnson, of Portland,
attorney In fact.
The Breyman Lenther Campany,
of Portland has Increased its capital
stock from $75,000 to $150,000.
stock fiom $75,000 to $150,000.
Wild Rose Flour
$1.00 Per Sad
Bad Odor of Indigestion, Smoking,
Drinking or Eating Can Bo
Instantly Stopped.
Sample Package Mailed Free.
Other people notice your bad
breath where you would not notice
It at all. It Is nauseating to other
people to stand before them and
whllo you aro talking, give them a
whiff or two of your bad breath. It
Only Flour sold, in Salem thy J
made from
T4 .... .. T1TI1.1 -n
" uu "" v"u -n-ose, you Tfllltcll
have sticky bread.
for parties. In Holmnn hnll Is given usually comes from food fermenting
Thoro wero no snd mements: nnd
After tho congratulations, n wed- ,n0Ht of tho tlmo tho smllltiK fncos
ding dinner wna served after which jn tho audlenco showed Its nppreCIa
tho young couplo loft on tho Into ton. Tho four leading characters
train enroute to Newport, whoro Mr8 Wt Carloton Smith, "Queon
they will remain a fow duys. Thoy Tttnnla;" Miss Edna Sataico. "An
wlll thon return Hnd take up their B0llca;" Miss Myrtlo DuRetto,
residence. In tho Uno now homo Just "Princo Florlmel," and Miss Eve
coinplotod on State and Sixteenth, ono Calbroath, "Cholly Chrysantho
whoro they will bo nt homo to their , WOro oxcellont In their ro
frleuds aftor November 1st. lupoctlvo roles.
Tho proaontR received wero manyi -vnyno Achoson as "Grunt" tho
and beautiful and ahowod tho love UUQ ml B()bUn wnB vory ftimil,ne,
nnd oritoem in wutoit t,uey are nolu.
Tho brldo la a most; charming
a series of lodce dances from time!
to time, but, owing to the canvas
floor, Is not qulto so popular with
Two Convicts Go Owry nnd Arc Sent
to tho Stnte Asylnm.
young lady and Is n tnlontod musi
cian nnd vocalist, bolus n graduate
Of tho Northwestern Conservatory of
Music. Sho Is tho daughter of tho
Into Mr. and Mrs. Potor .Emerson,
who lived In this city many years
ago, and nt whose wedding 25 years
ago, Row Knight hnd ofllclated.
Mr. Eyro Is tho gonial assistant
caahlor of tho Snlom Stnto bank, nnd
Is ono of Salem's mil id yomiK busi
ness men. Ho Is tho oldest son of
Mr, and Mrs. George Eyro, and both
the young people havo a wldo clrclo
of friends. Among tho out of town
guests were .Dr, and Mrs. George
Hooyo and "son, Peter Emerson
Honyp, of Oregon City.,
Club Reorganized,
Tho Flvo Hundred club, composed
of a number of tho promlnout society
people of Salem, met and reorga
nized for tho 19QC Benson nt tho
beautiful homo of Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Durtonon 19th Btrdot, Monday even-
Tho prUOa woro won by Mrs. F,
y, Spencer and Dr. T. C, Smith, Sr.
The affair was highly successful)
and J only one of tho many happy
occasions that will occur this whiter
(or tho cnb.v
t, KiiKHKeiueiit Announced.
ater, wid wkJch whon ,wrnijed
rovod to be a potato maukwr. ". s
Tho youflg couplo worcf thp ro-
(flplonts of a large number of ue-
'ful aud beautiful preuonts.
They left pa tho afternoon train
'for Tho Dalloi. wjicro Ihtjr KlM To-
s)de. Mr. Knight U the eon at Mr.
.and Mm. John Kulght. of thU city,
nd U a man of torlliiK buslueta
Qualities. He li ewployed at book
'"litwper with a Urgrw at The
The cngsgoment ,huu been nu
nounctnl of MIbs Ruth Gnbrjelson to
Mr, Chauncey Bishop, tho wedding
to take nlaco sometime aittor the
Both the. young people ana prora
luont In Salop social circle, Mttp
Ruth has boon the acknowledged
leader In the younger socloty set,
and la a favorite among tho older
circles also. Sho U tho only daughter
of Mr. and Mm. C l Gabrloluoit.
Mr Bishop Is tho youngoat boh of
Mr. and Mrs, O. P. Bishop of this
city, x.nd is a man of sterling quail
tie. He Is conuoctod with the Salem
Wookn Mill store, and Is very popu-
and ho had something dolnc every
tlnu) ho camo on tho stauu. Tho
Amazon and Yankee Doodlo drills
woro good, and loudly applauded.
The .lapauesa Maiden specialty aud
tho two Italians nnd their comical
monkey woro also good.
Tho solo work was ono of tho
pleasing successes of tho evening,
aud on tho whole the affair passed
off without n hitch. Tho director
Mr, Milne la to bo complimented
upon his tlno work.
Mr, G. A. Forbes, tho secretary
of tho Y. M. C. A. mado a short talk
between acts, and thanked the peo
ple of Salem for their Interest nnd
th"o wny they had received "The
Plxloa." Ho also uavo n brlof out
line of tho work, what tho Y. M. C.
A. Is dolnc nnd expects to do; nnd
urged all those present to Join tlm
gymnasium classes and havo the
benotlt of the tlno new swimming
The Btngo sottlngs wero good, nnd
tho costumes were pretty with Just
onough tinsel and gauzo to make,
ono Imagine they wero In fairyland,
Entertained FrlomR
Miss Lena Mclntlro gave an In
formal dinner Monday night to a
number of the most Intimate friends
of Miss Lou Armstrong, who will
bo mnrrloil'to Mr. Loltoy Bucking
ham Wednesday, and for Miss Borylo
Emerson, who was married this past
Wednesday to Mr. David Walter
Eyro. Covers wero laid for eight,
Married Tomorrow.
The. marriage of Miss Edith Tay
lor, aud Mtf Horbet Jerman will take
place at Iho home of tho brldo's
pareuta on Howell Pralrlo Sunday;
Both tho young people aro well
and favorably known. Mr. Jerman
Is tho member of tho firm of Jcrmaa
& Ward, of tho Red Cross pharmacy,
Home from Honeymoon.
Rolltn K, Page, manager of the
local oco for the Portland General
Electric company, la homo from tha
R ft w jW wfc JPHi
Two Inmates of the state prison,
Edward Ross and Robert Gnrdner,
hnvo become Insane and yesterday
afternoon were examined and trans
ferred to tho ctate Insane asylum.
Ross wns'aent up from Josephine
county for five years or larceny
from a storu aud Iihh been insane for
somo tlmo. He Is violent nrid dnn-
gotous. Somo tlmo ago he nttompt
od to ntab a follow prisoner with n
table knlfo nnd he has hat to bo
constantly wntched.
Gardner came to the prison from
Clackamas county nnd was convicted
of mayhem. Ho gouged out tho eyo
of an old Molalla Indian woman.
Governor Chainbrlaiu Sent Cane of
Oregon Wood to Harry St.
George Tucker of Virginia.
Governor Chuniberlnlu sent n
hnndsomo enno mado of nntlvo Ore
gon woods to Harry St. George
Tucker, president of tho Jnmestown
oxposltlon In Virginia. Governor
Chamberlain and Mr. Tuckor wero
school mates years ago at tho Wash
ington nnd Leo University, nt Lox
Ington, Virginia. Tho.cano la mndo
of mountain mnhoKany and bird's
eyo maple. Tho gift was sent by Jef
ferson Myors, who will loavo tonight
for Virginia.
Two Small Fires. '
Tho overturning of a lamp on tho
suppor table at the Leonard Hotel,
on Front street, last evening set Are
to the tablo and floor of tho dining
room, nnd caused a big commotion
among tho cuests. Somo ono threw
tho blazing lamp out of doors, aud
the blazo was soon extinguished.
Later In tho evening a burning
chimney In Francis' livery stable
caused some excitement, A small
boy turned In an alarm and the Are
department was soon on the spot. No
damage was done.
Wanted for Horo Stealing.
Sheriff Chrlstmau, of Wasco coun
ty, camo to Salem last night and se
cured requisition papers from tho
governor on the governor of Califor
nia for tho arrest of Robert Wilson,
who U wauted at Tho Dalle9 for
horse, stealing.
Wilson Is an old offender, and has
served, tco terma la tho peateatlary,
oKce for horso stealing and onco for
burglary. He is being dctaiaal at
Sn Joae.
on your stomach. Sometimes you
have It in the morning that awful
sour, bilious, bad breath. You can
stop that at onco by swallowing ono
or two Stuart Lozonges, the mo3t
powerful gns and odor absorbers
ever prepared.
Sometimes your meals will reveal
themselTes In your breath to thoso
wno talk with you. "you've had
onions," or "You've been eating cab
bage," and all of a sudden you belch
In the fac of your friend. Char
coal Is a wonderful nbsorber of
odors, asevery one knows. That Is
why Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges aro
so quick to Btop all gases and odors '
of odorous foods, or gas from lndl-'
Don't uso breath perfumes. Thoy
novor conconl tho odor, and novor'
absorb the gas that causes tho odor.
Besides, tho very fact of using them
roveals tho reason for their uso,
Stuart's Lozenges in tho first place
stop for good all sour brash and
belching of gas, and make your
breath puie, fresh and sweet, Just
after you've ehten. Then no ono will
turn his face away from you when
you breathe or talk; your breath will
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Charcoal does other wonderful
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your stomnch and intestines, all the
Impurities thoro massed together
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Charcoal is n purifier as well as an
Charcoal Is now by far tho best,
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A whole boxful will do no harm; In
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Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges aro made
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Get a now, pure, Bweet breath,
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side. Send us your name and address
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dress F. A. Stuart Co., 60 Stuart
BIdg., Marshall, Mich.
Spent wisely Is the source ot much
satisfaction. Why not spend a 1UU
of It wisely now buying groceries cJ
Baker, Lawrence & Baker
Successors to Harrltt & Lawronca.
Second-hand buggies, wagou
nnd carriages; pay cash for sam.
We also havo room to stora about
100 buggies for the winter.
Pohle & Bishop
Corner of Liberty and Ferrj
streetB, Salem. Or. 10-3-lra
Highest Price
267 Commercial SL
Corner of Seventh and Stark t3U
Portland, Oregon.
The new and modern botol of til M
Caters particularly to rceldenU
Jem and otter Oregon elUrt. "
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-i 3 n..,hAma Drill U"
iuu upwu. uauuouu.. -- i
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oi file.
Eyesight Special
Soecial Attention to
Children Eye Troubles
Graduate Opticta.
im nmmprcinl Ftre
For Railroad VM
Me aM tea wanted W ,
lamette Compaction CooP
ply at oe. LaM " j
lag, upstair.
JaA.ttj ,
!!.. .,