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After Ilolng Confined to Bed for
"Months, mill Wlit'ii Orcllnury
. JtoniedlcN Fulled to Bring
. Relief.-,
Pain that seems almost unbear
nblo Is n characteristic of sciatic
rhoumntlHm. In hoiiio cases tho
imln Is knlfo-ilkc, Bhnrp or shoot
ing; In others It Is dull and aching.'
In ncnto cases thoro Is aomo fevor
but In tho nioro frequent chronic
cases thoro Is Ilttlo or no heat In
tho affected part.
Sciatica Is stubborn In resisting
trcatmont and tho patlont fro
fluently suffers for years. This
was tho caso with Mr. Horbert E
Spnuldlng, a locomotlvo engineer
In tho Cincinnati. Now Orleans &
Texas Pacific railway, whoao honio Is
at Longvlow, Toxns. Mr. Spauldlng
endured tho agonies of sciatica for
two years In splto of all that ordi
nary ronicdlos could do for him un
til ho trlod Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
nnd was curod.
"WliJIo running an onglno Bomo
years ago," ho says, "I foil off nnd
hurt my knoo nnd splno and I havo
nlwnyB consldorod this to bo tho
causo of my Illness. Tho sciatica
took hold of mo from my hool to
The Crapsey Heresy Caso Appeal.
Buffalo, Oct. 19. After an ad
journment from September Gth tho
Crapsey Heresy caso which has been
agitating tho diocese of western Now
York for a considerable time past,
was continued here today. Tho Rev.
Dr. Algernon S. Crapsey, nf Roches
ter, Nr. Y having been found guilty
of heretical practices appealed from
tho decision on the ground that tho
court which condemned him was Il
legally formed. Blshqp Scarborough,
of .Trenton, N. J., presided nt tho
court today nnd tho others constitu
ting tho court arc Rov. Dr. W. Hunt
ington, of Now York; tho Rov. Dr. A.
n. linker, of New Jersov; Rov. Dr.
,T. Q, Moses, of Garden City; L. L.
Frederick. Adams, of Newark; Jas.
56,400 Meals
Did Him No Good
How Ono Man Wasted Fifty Years of
Ills Life Thousands Like Him.
"wnat'B tne use pi eatin', any
how?" said the scrawny dyspeptic to
his ' rotund, prosperous-looking
friend. "Horo I've been eatin' three
times a day, and souetimes twice a
day, for CO years and look at mo.
I'm rawboned and skinny, still at tho
bottom of tho ladder, sour on tho
world, and a pessimist. I know It,
and I can't help It. If I had It to do
ni'nr ncrnln. Minimi). T ivnnlrl fnlrn rnrn
- fc, , . , ' - - "C3" ----.--- -.- ..., Maw
rancor, oi ow jersey, ana unarms f my Btomach for r dont boovo -Andrews,
of tho diocese of central jover reay ro,8hed a meal ,n my
iow iofk. iu uriKiuai iui u,f0i not ,von mother's Christmas
court on convicting Dr. Crapsey bus- nncra( and T flnny boOVQ thftt
ponded him from exercising tho my wnv (lf catlnc or whllt0VflP ,t .vns.
functions of a minister "until such
time as ho shall satisfy tho cccleslas
tlcal authority of tho dioccso that his
belief and teaching conform to tho
doctrines of tho apostlos' creed and
tho Nlcomo creed, as this church
hath received tho same." Mr. II.
Shophard nnd Congressman J. P.
Porklns of Rochester, nppear as
counsel for Dr. Crapsey, and John
Lard O' Brlon ns church ndvocato
roprosonting tho standing committee
which brought tho charges. Many
frlonds of Dr. Crapsey nnd a number
of parlshlonora woro prosont. At
present thoro Is no higher court to
which an nppcal could bo takon from
tho decision of Iho court of review
nlthough thoro Is a movomont In tho
church to creato ono In order that
tho occloslastlcal system may con
form moro to tho civil Judiciary sys-'
torn. -Dr. Crapsey stated at tho last
honrlng thnt tho Episcopal Church
of tho Constitution and its founders
tho nrtlcles of confederation which
accounted for tho present systom.
Tho caso will occupy nt least threo
tho back of my head. Tho pain was ind pattorn it moro on tho lines of
tno worst I ovor sufforod In my llfo
and my log nnd back woro twisted
out of shapo. I wns under a physi
cian's caro for sovoral months and
for six months could, not got out of
bod, I also wont to Hot Springs
hut enmo back In n worso condition
than whon I wont.
"It wna whoa I wns down In bed
that I hoard of tho caso of a Mr!
Allison, a much older man than my
poir, who had boon curod of sciatica
by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I bo
gun taking tho pills nnd soon was
ablo to got out of bod. Whon I had
takon six Iioxoh I was nblo to work
about tho Iiouho and yard. I kopt
right on with tho pills until I wns
curod and I havo novor had any ro
turn of tho trouble I havo boon
running nn onglno ovor slnco."
Dr. WIUIaiUH' Pink Pills do not
simply rollovo pain but they euro,
nnd euro purmnnantly, dtsonsos
caused by dopravod or vitiated
blood. Thoy actually mako now
blood and havo therefore n direct
and powerful curat I vo offect on
such dlsousoa as rhouumtlsm,
Hiiaomln, general debility nnd after
effects of tho grip. As tho nerves
dopond upon tho blood for nourish
ment and medication, Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills nro unoqunllod for tho
treatment of oven tho most sovoro
norvouH disorders, such as neuralgia,
partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dnnro
and locomotor ataxia. As a tonic
for tho blood and norvoa they nro
used everywhere with tho grontest
biiccosb, building up wasted bodies
and bringing tho glow of health to
pnlo and sallow cheeks,
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills nro sold
by nil druggists, or Hout, postpaid,
on receipt of price, 50o per box, six
boxes for 3.&0, by tho Dr. William
Medicine Company, Schenectady. N.
Two special courses along agricul
tural ItrtOd vrlll bo offered at tho 0;
A. C. this yoar.
WB KNDHAVOH to advance the
bilne Interests of our custom
era la every legitimate way, In
o dolaK, OHr motive any be
somewhat tletnre4 wltk selfish
New, for, ujma the prossetity of
Us patron king the suee of
eyery Vsnk.
Deinaml for Land In Texas.
Austin, Oct. 10. Thoro nro on
file today in Land Commissioner
Torrella ofllco 13,1500 applications
for land In Toxns which hnvo to bo
dlsposod of. According to tho com
missioner thoro lias novor boon such
a domain! for stnto land nnd public
domain as Is now prevailing. Num
bers of applications nro from tho
north nnd northenst. Thoro aro on
Mo somo .1000 applications for tho
purchuBO of stato lands In El Paso
county nlono nnd whllo tho great
bulk of tho prospoctlvo purchasers
want lands sltuntcd In tho eight
soctlon torrltory ninny aro aftor
lauds in other suctions of tho stnto.
Undor tho law n purchaser can buy
eight sections nt n tlmo. Whllo
most of tho purchasers want this
laud for grazing purposes to mako
ranches, having boon drlvon from
other portions of tho stnto on ac
count of tho gront advance In tho
price of lauds, qulto n number of
those who nro buying Intend to
utlll.o tho lands to dovolop tho
minerals found on them. Up to the
prosont 7.000,000 ncros havo boon
sold whllo thoro nro yot ovor 10,
000,000 acres of stato Innds for dis
posal In Texas. I.ninor county,
north of tho Rod river, Is a bolt of
red alluvial soil unequal In fertility
and adapted for tho raising of corn,
cotton, and fruit. Arthur City is n
small town 15 miles north of Paris,
whero boiuo of tho ilnost land In tho
stnto enn bo purchased. Unimproved
laud ran eon In value from 111 to $15
nnd Improved from 115 to $25, Tho
tlmbor embraces all vnrletlea of oak
nnd ash with elm, guma and hickory,
pecan bola d arc, sycamore, nnd Cot
tonwood. Tho upland Is vory fortllo
hut tho country is vory thinly populated,
brought nlpng with 'it darkness and
Impossibility of success."
"You'ro right," nodded his com
panion. "Of course, that Isn't al
ways tho case. But In this ago we
must not only 'Trust in tho Lord and
keep our powder dry,' but we must
swallow sunshlno with onr food.
Cheerfulness, especially whllo eat
ing, which Is tho most essential act
of .man, Is as necessary to him as
sunshlno Is to tho flowers. Nothing
normal can be produced in darkness.
"But this Is 'what you haven't
boon doing, Mr. Dyspeptic. Your
brain nnd your stomach, romember,
aro twins, and you havo to treat
them accordingly. Why not start
now nnd ropnlr tho dnmago you've
dono It Is nevor too lato, you know."
You mean at my ago? And sup-
poso you cun't always got tho sun
"Absolutely, yes. Sclenco has
raado It possible to get tho sunshine,
tho health and tho strength that
your stomach noeds, nil put up to
gether In little tablets. Thoy call
thorn Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, tho
most offectlvo tablets In tho world
for this vory thing. Ono ingredient
In thoso tablets digests 3000 grains
of food without tho help of tho stom
ach. Two tablots after each meal
can do poro work, In digesting than
tho stomach can itself. Tho stom
ach need not work nt all. Stuart's
Dyspopsla Tablots does all tho work,
and gives your Jaded stomach a rest,
tno rest It needs. Monnwhllo you
euro yoursolf of brash, irritation,
burning sonsntlon, heartburn, sour
stomach, acidity, formoutatlon, bloat
and tho worst cases of dyspopsla and
Indigestion. You got rid of thoso for
all tlmo. An then, besides, you can
eat all you want, and you will also
rollsh mother's Christmas dinners If
you will tnko Stuart's Dyspopsla
Tablets after eating. That's tho
sunshlno I was talking about. Thon
your fnco will roflect tho Intornnl
change going on, you'll bo moro on
orgotlc, your mind will bo clearer,
you'll bo happier, and you'll bo your
solf ngatn.
"Your heart will change nnd you'll.
fool rosy. You'll enjoy your meals
and llvo. Lot's walk down to a
drug sloro nnd lot mo Introduce you
to one Ilttlo pnekago of thoso Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablots. You can got thorn
nt any drug store lu tho world for
only C0o a package It Is worth It,
Mr. Dyspeptic."
Peggy Stewart Day
Annapolis, Oct. 19.--Perry Stew
art's day commemorates tho burning
in tho hnrbor here on October 19,
1774, Just beforo the outbreak of
tho revolutionary war, of tho brig
Peggy Stewart, which had brought
Into the port a ton of tea. tho plant
so detested at that time by every
patroltlc colonist. Tho vessel was
named after the handsome daughter
of Its. owner', Anthony Stewart, a
Scotch merchant. Referring to the
action taken by the patrlotics when
the vessel arrived with its obnoxious
cargo the Baltimore Patriot of Janu
ary 29, 1813 says: "Whon the par
ty first entered tho city and was
passing on they mot Stowart who
was bold In opposition. But his
threats only served to Increase their
determination. They erected a gal
lows directly beforo his house, by
way of Intimidation, then gave him
his choice either to swing by tho
halter or to go with them on board
and put fire to his own vessel. Ho
chose tho latter and In a few minutes
tho wholo cargo, with ships tackle
and npparel was In flames. This act
decided tho course. Maryland had
to pursuo and had an extensive In
fluence upon public opinion." Mc
Mahon In his history of Maryland
says: "Tho tea burning in Boston
hns acquired renown, as an act of
unexampled dnrlng nt that day in
tho defense of American liberty.
But tho tea burning at Annapolis,
which occurred In tho ensuing fall,
far surpasses It In the apparent de
liberation and utter carelessness of
concealment attending tho bold
measure which led to Its accomplish
ment. Tho Insistence, In Its mani
festation of public feeling, Is of n
charactor with thoso which occurred
In other parts of tho province, and
thoy ovenco the prevalence through
out It of tho most determined and
restless opposition to tho measures
of tho British government."
To Heat
Cold Rooms
qj ;.. :-' r
TOss w'&3
Everv house has Its
cold room. Abnormal weather
conditions. Inadequate stove or
furnace heat often result in some particular
nnrt nf the house beine cold and cheerless. You
can make home warm and cheerful with the
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokeless Device)
Carry It about from room to room. Turn wick high or low there's no
danger. Smokeles device prevents smoke and smell. Easy to owrats
as a lamp. All parts easily cleaned. Brass oil fount beautifully em.
Dossed, noias 4 quarts 01 un ohu uuwu y uuuis. uivcs miense
heat. Two finishes nickel and Japan. Handsome, useful, reliable.
Every heater warranted. If not at your dealer's write our
nearest agency iur uestnpuvc uivuiui.
yixR&S0 Lamp S
(best lam d
ehold mi
you can buy. EaulDoel with
latest Improved burner. Gives
brlcht, steady llcht at lowest cost. Made of brass
throughout and nickel plated. Suitable for any room
whether iiprary.ainine-toom.-panoror rearoora. iafe
and satisfactory, every lamp warranted.
nearest acency 11 not at your aeaier s.
Standard Oil Company
Lafayette Monument Dedicated.
Paris, Oct. 19. Today being the
anniversary of tho surrender nnd
fall of Yorktown the monument to
Lafayette erected in Paris was dedi
cated, tho ceromonles being attend
ed by a largo number of Americans
resident hero. Tho monument was
subscribed for nnd presented by the
Lafayette memorial commission of
which Robert J. Thompson, of Chl-
cngo, Is secretary and a special foun
dry wns built for It In Providence,
R. I., whoro It was cast In bronze.
Tho preliminary dedication took
plnco In Paris, July A, 1900, at which
tlmo tho monument wns erected In
temporary form but It becamo so
weather beaten nnd presented so un
nttrnctlvo an nppearanco that no lit
tle criticism hns been evoked In the
United States about it.
Mrs. Antone Bierward is
Visiting Friends in Thurston
County Washington
Mrs. Roso Bierward, wife of An
tone Bierward, of Gervais, who mys
teriously disappeared from her homo
last Sunday evening, and who has
been extensively advertised and
looked for. has been located.
She Is not Insane and no harm
nns uoraiion ner. Her disappearance
mm jiuuiniK inysiuiiuus auouc it,
only her family did not know whero
sho had gone. It Is generally konwn
at Gervais that tho disappearanco
was tho outcome of a family Jar of
moro or less severity. It is said
that Mrs. Bierward was dissatisfied
with certain conditions in her house
hold, and on Sunday gave out an ul
timatum to tho effect that if certain
things occurred Sunday sho would
leavo home. It is said that tho
ovonts did trnnspiro, and that tho
woman loft.
Thoro wns no trace of her leaving
and her husband offered a reward of
Impossible to Get From One Sldei
Twelfth Street to the Other.
Tfto attention of tho hononlJ
council is called to the fact tb
there Is no street crossinj
Twelfth street from Stato to Oik, 1
distance of several blocks. Tuelltj
street in this section is very mndJ
and as the depot and the troolei
mills, not to speak of the Pentacoal
tal mission, are on one side and th
larger part of the city U on tM
other. Hundreds of people have
cross this part of Twelfth street 1
ery day,, and under present cona
tlons, they must either wade throw
mud shoe-top deep or walk a ho
dred yards around. It is to bebop
that the city fathers will look I
this malcer.
Salem Stfttc Bade
L, K. PAGE, PiMt&ftt
Tratlo Hrhool for Georgia.
Columbus, Oct. 19. Tho Second
ary Industrial school founded by tho
merchants of Columbia led by G,
Gundy Jordan, prosldont of tho
Kaglo nnd Cotton mills, which la
rapidly approaching completion
makos a distinct deuarturo In tho
Hold of education. Tho schools will
bo dpvoted entirely to tho study of
cotton mill machinery, nnd nil mat
tors In connection with tho cotton in
dustry nnd It U cxpoetod thtxt pupils
after a few years training will tako
places in tho breakers room, card
room, spinning room and dyo houao
and rocelvo wages higher than what
their fatkors are now drawing. On
tho 1st of January wfeoa the child
tabor legislation come lata force In
thla state, children under 14 year
cannot bo employed In cotton m
but now tho now school vrlll be open
od nnd an Immonso amount ot rood
dona In tho district.
First School for Xew Spelling.
Now York, Oct. 18. A simplified
spoiling school, tho first ot Its kind
was opened horo this aftornoon In
tho assembly hall of tho west side
Y. M. C. A., 320 West C7th stroot.
Tho courao will bo freo and open to
all men who wish to learn tho sys
tem of spoiling employed by tho
Prosldent and, authorized by the
United States civil servlco commis
sion. Tho school Is In charge of
Warren C. Rend of tho Kngllsh fac
ulty ot tho high school ot commvrce.
m mh m IUm Mm mk
rj .jitx
9KH) Reward, 9100.
Tho readers ot this paper will be
pleased to learn that thero, is at
least ono dreaded disease thaf
sclenco has boon able to cure In all
Its stages, and that Is Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Cure Is tho only positive
euro now known to tho modlcal fra
ternity. Catarrh being a constitu
tional diseases, requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Curo Is taken luternally, acting di
rectly upon tho blood nnd mucoua
surfaces ot tho system, thoreby de
stroying tho foundation ot tho dU-
case, and giving tho patlont strength
by building up the constitution and
assisting aaturo lu doing Its work
The proprietors have an much faith
In Us curative powers that they offer
One Hundred Dollars for any caw
Jthat It falls to curo. Send for 1W
ot testimonial.
1 V1 at
Sold, by all drugtgltU,
Take Hall's FaiaUv 3N1U te ..
. -, , -
The Rafla Palm.
Loudon, Oct. 19. Mr. Wm. II.
Hunt, tho American consul at Ta-
matavo, Madagascar, announces that
ho has inndo nn Important discovery
In tho leaves ot tho rafla plant. Ho ?50 for hor recovery, dead or alive.
statos that ho has found a substance Tlll3 reward was afterwards In
which by its chemical and physical
properties, tuny bo classed betweon
wax and gum nnd bids fair to be
come a valunblo commodity In that
country. Tho process of extracting
tho wax Is very slmplo. Tho natives
gather tho rafln-fibro and the leaves,
creased to $100
Tho mystery was solved last ev
ening whon her son got a letter
from tho missing woman, who Is vis
iting at tho homo of friends at Little
Rock, Thur3ton county, Washington.
What tho contonts of tho letter were
which nro thrown nsldo In quantities no on except tho family knows. Mr.
nro beaten on a dry mat or cloth, j Blorward, Jr., has gone to Wnshlng
Tho polllcles nnd whlto powder ,ton to 8Q0 his mother, and attempt
which fall from thorn aro gathered,10 bring her home.
and boiled and wnx thus formed.
Owing to Its consistency It can be
usou for various purposes such as.
gramophone cylinders, etc.
Missouri Immigration Association.
BIsmark, Oct. 19. Tho first an
nual show of fruit, dairy products
The Texas Wonder.
Cures all kldnoy, bladder
rheumatic trouble; sold by sll Ari
gists, or two months' treatment
mall for $1. Dr. E. W. Hall, 1
Ollvo street, St. Louis, Mo.
for testimonials. Sold by Stow
drug stores. dwdjt.1
and poultry wns held by tho Mis
souri Immigration association hero
today and was a complcto success.
Prof. E. H. Webster, chlot of tho
dairy division, natlonnl agricultural
department was present and ex
pressed himself highly pleased with
all tho exhibits. Tho directors bo
llovjng that eastorn Ozarks has not
kopt pace with other sections ot tho
stato whero land, wator, seasons,
crops and other conditions with tho
success ot tho undertaking that the
fixture Is to bo mado an annual one.
Cares Winter Cough.
J E. Govcr, 101 N. Main St., Otta
wa, Kan., writes: "Every fall It has
boon my wlfo'a trouble to catch a
severe cold, and therefore to cough
all wlntor long. Last fall I got hor
a bottle ot Horehound Syrup. She
used It and has been able to sleep
soundly all sight long. Whenever
tho cough troubles her, two or three
doses stops the cough, and she Is
able to bo up and well." 2 Be, 50c
F, J. Cheney ft Co., Te- Md .no.
Sold by D, J. Fry's drug store,
Eugene Is tbratene4 wRa ft wood
fattttae this later.
No Sleep, No Bos No Peace for the
Sufferer from Kidney r
No peaco for tho kldnoy aufferer
Pain end distress from mora to night.
Get up with a lame back,
Twingos of backache bother you all
day, ,
Dull aching breaks your rest at night,
Urinary disorders add to your misery.
Get at the causa cure .the kldaeya.
Dean's Kidney Pilla will work the
They're for the kidneys only
navo mado great cure in Salem.
Mrs, B. Schrelber, of 560 JJlga St.,
Salem, Or., rays: The good reports
I bad heard concerning Doan's Kld
noy Pills indueed me to go to Dr.
Stone's drug store and procure a sup
ply. I had been suffering from an
incessant brekaehe which not only
troubled me through tbe day but
broke my reU at night I began to
reel tho effeta of Doan's Kidney
Pills afterI had taken a few fetes.
Relief speedily came and then an ab
solute cure. There has beea ao- alga
of the backache nor any other symptom
since. I am only too pleased to let
others know of such a valuable and
effective remedy."
JVr aale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Vilburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Tn sole sgenta for the United States.
Remember the same Dsaa's aad
taka ao other.
Supremo Court Decision Said toSij
lify tho Rate Law.
It has boen nscertalned that 1
omission of tho lnw prohlbltlnji
crimination by railroads In the 1
ter of long and short hauls marM
slbly be accounted for by a supr
court decision. This decision U '
corded in the 2 2d Oregon, and'
on a suit brought by the South'
Pacific, when an opinion was wrlvj
by Judge Bean says that the cti
in ouestlon was repealed by lmpl
Hon by the law passed in 1891.
If tho rate law was repealed
it was no doubt by Implication.;
Young Men ami Women
Wo want men or women repn
tatlvesj In every community to 1
subscriptions for us and collect'
nownia. it will nay you has
ly for what ever effort you d
You can earn pin money or i
burnoses of recreation, or
Innnnlninrl hnmn for VOUr ISSW
. -..,.w....-- .. . .....
i... v-.. .. nctilhllsa a
1LHL1UI1. 1UU l.tlt ww
nun nf winr nvn and be
ont of strikes, lockouts, 'L ,
an exacting employer or T.
unceasing rush, respoasll
worry of your present exetsin r
tion. Your pronts win " ,
vn,,,- vo if vni, aro reasoasDU-
j,..i.in.,. - taat nnDroaCB'B
age need havo no terrors for 1
Ay, ovnclnrx-PaRlnK OUtnU"
ahrnuvl men nnd women are
n.,.....,... ., ,hn nnnnrtUnltr
.... .... ci. ha onportuJi&l
i..w.. ... omiiiiiiiro represe"
In your homo county wh,1f.
havo tho chanco. If you " " ,
. ... ..ion surely WWl
then It will bo too late "J
u.n mhwI..... rtrnfltS. e j
.... - .., utiorni contra
i, ..in if rou a'
kh) oilier uib.- -
1- ttr.u. . nnstal tOOSJ, 1
l,1,lrMS '
your reierenceo. -
cnn.llv Sara-arot Hart, SUP" '
Dept.. Home Magsxlne. J'jj
t-a iO-15-W
O.A. am x? c 3l
-.: WWJ5