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ite Shows Majority for it
id House Has Already
Passed the Bill
bington, June 20. Advocates of
canal have won in the senate. A
laws that 40 and possibly more
ote against the sea-level canal
comes up tomorrow. The lock
already passed the house.
Morgan, on his 82d birthday, i
leak several
hours in favor of
sro witn Such Now Is Local in
sn, Juno 20. Tho colonial mar-
lill passed' its third reading yes-
without comment in the House
3s. Tho colonial marriago bill
19 lor tho legalization in tho
! Kingdom of marriago with a
Id wife's sister legally contracted
bro in tho British posessions.
o .
Banka Must Show Up.
kington, June 20. Tho comp-
lof tho currency has called' for
nts from tho national banks at
go of business June 8th.
Voliva on this Stand.
;o, June 20. Voliva was on
ad in tho Zion case in the feder-
todlay. Tho Dowlo side has
Tho Drydock Dewey.
Bg, Straits Settlement, June 20.
Irydock Dowdy has boen sighted
IStrnjts of Mallacca, anU- sig-
Mall well."
00 yards of
1 0c Persian
Lawns Special
5 cents.
I over carefully this Price List of
Offered in Salem.
yards shrunk Indian Head
re&a Goods, yard 14c
yards No. 2- Taffeta Silk
Ibboa in all colors, yard... 3c
yards 10c and 12 Dress
Saghams, yard. 81-3c
yards Bleached and Un-
Peached Muslins, yard
...5c, 6e, 7c, 81-3C
yards Dark and Light Call
f, spetoial, yard) 4c
inds of yards of Imported
na and Dimities in fan-
plain shacks and black;
' price 81-3 and 10c
Black and White : Check
reis Gingham, yard ....... 9
v hit o Linen Parasols, just
ived; sale price ,., 5c
Colored Silk Umbrellas
ith fancy berders: sale vrlet$1.05
' Corset Cover -Embroidery, a
ee quality: Trie vard. 25e
Wtdle Corsets; in all colors;
1 t sellers sal wriee 35c
'llto Paarl Buttons, dor.. Gc
White Canvass Belts,
foidered and plai
.10e,18o ana 25e.
Philadelphia, 'Juno 20. "Had I the
disposition of this: case I would sum
mon a large number of mothers here
and turfi you over to their tender mer
cies, but, as tho law fixes .the penalty
for c imes like yours, I can do noth
ing but commit you without bail for
tho action of the grand jury on the
charge of kidnaping."
These -words were addressed' by Mag
istrate Eisenbrown to John Joseph
Kca"' tho nWcttr Frederick Muth,
tho 7-year-old son of Charles Muth, the
Columbia avenue jeweler, who, with
his Captive, was discovered' Monday
in a vacant housci in "West Philadelphia
after a six-days' search.
Tho magistrate's offlco was crowded,
and muttered -threats could bo heard
when tho prisoner was placed in the
dock. Many of the spectators were
women. Keano, after a sleepless' night
in tho cell, appeared haggardl and wan.
Ho still seemed to fear bodily injury,
and eyed' the spectators suspiciously.
Immediately after the hearing Cap
tain of Detectives Donaghy went be
foro the grand jury with his witnesses
and asked for an indictment. The.
grand jury found a tfuo bill against
Kean, ho was given an immediate trial,
convicted in less than an hour, and
Judgo Sulzberger sentenced the pris
oner to 20 years. From tho timo of
Kean's arrest until he was on his wav
to begin sentence less than 24 hours
had elapsed.
Lifo Savers to Dine.
Patchogue, L. I., Juno 20. The an
nual dinner oi tno lifo savers of Long
Island will bo held at Roo's hotel in
this town this evening and most elab
orate preparations for tho annual
event havo been made. The Life
Save:a' Association was organized
hero four years ago nnd now has a
largo membership.
8 1-3c and
Challies and
Price, yd.
tha Best Bargains that wens ever
$1.49 36-inch Black Taffeta Silk
for dresses and pettlcoate;
salo price peT yard PSc
J1.85 36-inch Colored Taffeta
Silk for dresses and petti
Silk fine for drosses and pet
ticoats; a great soller; sale
prlco, yard !-25
39c Wash India Silk in all colors-fine
quality; sale price,
yard v
Colored and Paucy Panama
Dress Goods, yd, 35c, 49c, C9c, 75c
i$1.85 Black and Colored Crepo
do Paris; beautiful goods yd,$1.25
S5o Changeable- Taffeta Silk; all
shades, special price yd 49c
New Ladies' Sailor and Cowboy
White Duck Hats... 69c, 75c,
98c White Lawn Waists
trimmed with embroidery;
sale price ' "c
Ladies' $1.49 White Waists... Se
Ladies' $250 White- Waists... $1.49
5.50 Wash Suits, sale price... t3.95
$5.90 Covert Jackets; prlee... 13.43
$3.50 Satin Straw White BUior.,
,.1.49, $1.75
trimmed; sale pnco
w.r nf foamer-
dd and Court Streets
Constabutory Caught Napping
and Five Were Killed and
Five Wounded
Manila, June 20.-The Pulajanes, un
der th bandit Pascor, attacked the
twvn of V.v.iuen early this morning,
Killed live of the constabulary and
wounded five, and captured all of the
remainder, except tho lioutenant in
command. They burned tho municipal
record nnd lied, earryinir off their dead
and wounded. Tho constabulary wero
taken wholly unawares. Surrounded by
tho enemy they fought violently until
overwhelmed by numbers. Tho loss
by the Pulajanes is said to havo been
heavy, Pascor being among tho dead.
As the outlawsjeft tho village Lieu
tenant Johnson, with a forco from a
neighboring post appeared and started
in pursuit.
Washington, Juno 20. The determi
nation of tho senators to adjourn by
tho last of next week was manifested
today when Halo requested a night
session to consider tbo sundry civil
nprpopriation bill, which, as amomled,
after passing tho houses, provides for
nearly $8,000,000 more than tho house,
and includes nearly $1,500,000 for the
tho government's participation in the
Jamestown exposition.
Farewell Reception Is Olvctn Woodburn
Woodburn, Or., Juno 20. A farewell
reception was tendered- Rev. Louis M.
Anderson nnd family last Monday- ev
ening in Odd Fellows' hall, which, was
packed with, friends of all denomina
tions represented here. Rev. Mr. An
derson, who has resigned' as pastor of
tho First Presbyterian church of this
city departs with his family for the
vicinity of Portland. A largo purse
was presented to him as a testimonial
from tho host of friends ho leaves bo
hind In Woodburn. Mrs. Anderson
was also substantially rememoereu
with a silver servlco by tho missionary
society of tho Presbyterian church, of
which she was president. In addition
to presentation and other addresses aud
responses by Rev. and Mrs, Anderson,
there wero readings, vocal music, se
lections by tbo Queen City band and
a banquet.
Master Stoarn Titters Mfljt.
Atlantic City, N. J., Juno 20. Tho
itnniml convention of tho National
Master Steam Fit'ers' Association
openod hero today nt the St, Cbarka
hote3, with a largo attendance, repre
senting every state in the union.
The-'o nro about 250 delogatt-s, rep
resentlog tho various stato branches
of tho organiwition. Tho convention
will 'last four days, but not nil the
time will bo taken up with business
matters. Extensive preparatione have
been made for tho entertainment of
tho delegates.
Will Increase tlie Guard.
(Four O'clock Edition.)
Washington, Juno 20. Tbo United
States govermment is likely to increase
tbo legation guards at Pekln by 200
marina Disquieting information has
been received regarding tho activity
of tho Boxers and the anti-foreign ele
ment has caused conferences between
Root, Taft and Bonaparte tbo last few
da vs.
! The house passed! the bill appropriat
ing 125,000 for the Resident's travel
ing expenses.
i m '
Schooner Portland Safe.
(Four O'Clock Edition.)
Loa Angeles, Juno 20. The schooner
Fortland is resting easily on a sand
bar near Ventura. Thero is plenty of
Mtr. a4 yrin ba Btl u
pulled off, unless a west wind comes
i i o
Kartfejaake te tX YUUfttaM.
(Four O'clock Edition.)
ilanila, June 20.-Earthquakes were
felt today in Northern Luton and
throughout the Orient. No Ion of life
la reptrteJ,
Sofunds Like Old Indian Times
St. Petersburg, Jan. 20. It is un
derstood) the iroverninent ilousta frnm
it's determination to dissolvo the Douma
on nccouut of tho ntMtudo of tho sol
diers of the guard regiments, partic
ularly at the Czar's -place. t is id
tho "soldiers declare their unwillingness
to light against their own pcoplo In
tho 'even of disorders arising from the
ddssjdution of par'inment.
Rene Nov., Juno 20. In tho wreck
of an extra castbound freight car near
Fleish, last night, three tramps wero
killed! and two seriously injured. Tho
tracks were not cleaned until Into to
day. Tho injured tramps wero John
Martin, of Los Angeles, nnd Ed. Lyons,
of "Virginia City. The identity of tho
others has not been determined.
Housewives for tho Soldiers.
iisbington, Juno 20. A contract
fbemj let to a New York Arm for
furnishing eventually something like
50,000 articles known as tho "housu-
wifo," to bo car-led bv every oldiur
in tho army when in tho field. For
soneo tinvi Col D. L. Rrnimird. tho
commissary- officer on duty at tho ar
my WftlnjTiri Whitehall street, Neu
York, has been- ob'alning dimples of
this article, with tho idea of having
selected an article which mvswroi nil
tho purpose. The one which has been
chew -n is made of khaki cloth, weigh
ing a flo more thnn four ounces. It
will contain neissors, buttons, needles,
thread's ami an useor'uient of pins.
Tho government will y a little more
than thh-tjvfive cents for each of those
nrtlclet. Th-j idea comes from the
Japanese. Evory soldier of tho Jap-
aneso army in Manchuria carried ono
of thetw useful " housewives."
High Water In California.
'(Four-O'clock Edition.)
Slockton, Cnl., Juno 20. The
Joaquin, both tho old and mlddlo riv
ers, are running bank full, owing to the
warm weather and heavy melting
snows in the mountains. Victoria,
Union and Roberts' islands, containing
thousands of acres of valuable crops,
are In immediate danger. The levee
at Coney Island! broko this morning,
flooding a tract of 1000 acres. If the
hot weather continues, disastrous floods
are certain. Large forces are patroll
ing tbo levees.
To Restrain Mayor Schmltr.
(Four O'Clock Edition.)
Sun Francisco, Juno 20. Attorney
Alva Udell, claiming to represent 10,-
000 refugs, this morning filed a com
plaint, asking a restraining order pre
venting Mayor Scbroitr. and tbo finance
committee from disposing of bo sur
plus stock of 60,000 ba.TeU of flour,
and from making any disposition of the
several million dollars in tho relief
fund, until a newer nod better system
of accounting can bo instituted.
HVl on Chargo of Murder.
(Four O'CJoek Edition.)
Sioux Falls, 8. D., Juno 20. The
magistrate this morning held Mrs. Era
ma Kauffman, wife of the mlllioniire
brewer, without bail, to answer the
charge of murdering her ervant Agnei
Polreis. When Le left tho court room
the crowds cried "lynch her." Agon
Polreis -was aged 16 years, and it is
alleged -was treated cruelly, and finally
beaten to death by her rnistrett.
Tby OwneL Ooal Stock.
(Four O'eJoek Edition.)
Washington. Jnco 20. The Inter
state commerce- commission U investi
gating today tk connection of railroad
companies as a prt ot the country coal
companies. A number of railroad- offi
cials testified to ownicg coal stock.
Calcago Market.
Chicago, Jur.e 20--Wbeat, 62
83, eorn 61H; 3W-
. NO. Ib8.
Stockton, Calif., Juno 20 Dr. Or
villo T. Phillip, brother of Leo A,
Phillips, a prominent Stockton cnnl-
talist, was elect'ocuted in tho mlddlo
of the river last night, wlvllo superb
tending tho starting of a centrifugal
pump. Reaching for a bucket of water
ho lost his balance, nnd grabbed a wlro
carrying 100O volts. Tho body dropped
into tho river, but was recovered.
Trondhjem, Norway, Juno 20. Tho
Freuch cruifor, carrying a special em
bassy to tho coronation, arrived this
morning. Tho guo snluto was an
swered by tho Norwegian men-of-war.
Tho British royal yacht, bearing the
Princo nnd Princess of Wales, convoyed
by two cruisers, is outsido tho harbor,
nnd Is expected to enter later, if the
fog disperses. Tho French embassy
landed, and' was received by Hanker, at
his palace. Major Gibson, the Ameri
can attachn at St. Petersburg, detailed
to attend tho coronation, arrived to
dayi Tho Norwegian cabinet leaves for
this city today.
' o
Inauguration of Oollogo President.
Albany. N. Y., Juno 20.-Tho Rev.
William! II. S. Denwrost, 1). D., was in
augurated as president of Rutgers
College- this morning. Tho exercises
wtixi Impressive, and lcsldcs tho mfrn
terfl of tho faculty and) all tho stud
ents of tho college, many dititlfigul sh
od nlumnl of tho college wero present.
Governor Edward C. Stokes, of New
Jersey, oni of tho alumni, presided at
tho ftincMou and spoke o behalf of
the trustees in delivering tho keys to
tho new pn-siileiit. Other addrowes
wire delivo ed by Lieut. Gov, M, Linn
Bruce, of New York, President Wood-
row Wilson, or i'rincelon Wnlversitj',
and others.
Then President Deinarcs
delivered his
inaugural nddrens. Af
ter the inauguration tho alumni din
nir followed. At four o'clock the
nmv president will hold his flrttt receif
tloii. Tho commencement
will b held this evening.
Ready for Polar Trip.
TromHK'. Norway, June 20-The
steamer Frlthjof, which haw been used
by tho Zlegler polar expedition, Is In
thin harbor, Trndy to start for the
iwnthern irb of Spitsbergen, whence
Walter Wcllman nnd his jwirty will
start their balloon voyngo to the
north' pole. All preparations havo
been completed. Provisions and all
tho supplies necessary for filling the
balloon nnd equljqdng tho exjmditlon
nro on board. Tho balloon well ai
vcry single Instrument nnd appliance
havo been tested to maku ailiiTo on
ticcount of defects in tho machinery,
etc., practically Impossible. Mr. Well-
man and his associates in the perllou
vojagfi arc hero awf express them
selves hoffut ut sucoesi. Tho exuet
timo for tho Hilltop; of tho Frlthjof
Ims not yet been sot.
. . o '
Would Not Stand the Amendment.
(Four O'clock Edition.)
Washington. Juno 20. Wo Loutfl
this afternoon defeated a resolution or
conttltu'Ional amendment that toe
terms of reprewntatlves be four years,
nd that tho wnator m elected ly a
dluct vote.
Jumped from th Window.
(Four O'clock IVMtloo.)
Washington, June 20. Clareuce M
York, secrtitary to Chief Justice Fuller,
was killed today by Jumping iroin a
wludow of tho Garfield hospital, where
he was undergoing treatment.
Oonventlcn of Millers,
(Four O'clock Edition.)
Milwaukee.' Wis, Juno 20. A eon-
vention of mlllerii, with thodsands at.
tendtoj:. oreac-d here tcnlay to fight
sgtlnst market manipulation.
W No Ub, Alle, Yra'r Oat of It.
fFoar O'clock Edition.)
London, Juno 20.-Mesda Keld
and Iongwortb, irera guests of the
PtKies Albany this aftcrxwa.
t ' ' i" tSSSSB
Brutal Murderer of Beautiful
Mrs. Bessie Holllster
Must Pay the Penalty
Springfield, 111., June 20. The su
premo court lms refused to Interfere
with' tho execution of Richard Ivlns,
convicted nnd sentenced! to hang for
the muMto of Mrs. Bessie Jlolltstor iu
Saloons Ordered to Oloso iu Coot
Coqulllc, Or., Juno 20. Although
Coon county n a whole went "wot"
at the recent election, 15 precincts out
of tho total of 23 In tho county voted
"jlt-t! till. MAtlMl.k ...-! t.-1 1 -- .
"j f ummt uvuuij' lull I. Ill'UI U flj(w
OllU CNHtO nntl oriUxriO Mi. an
cIomvI in these 15 precincts, Including
Coqutlle, Bandoiv nnd. Myrtle Point. An
injunction has been asked by tho me
loon men, but tho county court probably
had an Intimation that It would bo de
nied, for, nftor waiting several hours
to lenra tho decision, tho ortlor was
tiitulo to close tho saloonw on July L
o .
Think Japan and America Agree.
Herlln, Juno 20, Court circles ox
press tho belief that American and Ja
pan havo perfected a wVjrct agreement
respecting joint interests In tbo Pacific
that ha removed all cauies of fric
tion, nnd it is not likely there will be
any futuio disputes.
Militia Fund Is Doublnl.
(Four O 'Clock Edition,)
Washington, Juno 20. The mllltln
bill, which finally passed congress to
day, will double tho animal allotment
to various states fori their national
guard. Undar the new apportionment,
Oregon will receive 4111,058 Washing
ton $111,047, and Idaho 11,D84. This
iiniuuil apportionment will begin
1, 1000.
. .London, .liino 20. It is reported that
heavy tiring is iu progrcs at Cronstadt,
Finland. Sailors are assembling.
o i
Personnel of tho Venire That Was
Drawn for tha July Terra.
Tho following list of jurors was
drawn thin morning for the July tenm
WitxeJ, John, Turner, furmwr.
Smith, Hurvey, Ml. Angel, farmer.
Trice, Thomas, Macleay, farmer.
Reeves, Ray, Jefferson, farmer.
Arthur, T, J., Halcm No. 5, black
smith. Re4mn, J. W., Salem No. 2, motor
man. Rye, B. J., ttidney, farmer.
(Iriui, B, J., Auroru, farmer,
Illthop, J, A., Liberty, blacksmith.
Bravo. O, W Bllrerton, carpenter.
Vols, Oubriel, Silver Falls, farmer,
Way, William, Liberty, frnltgrowor.
Ruchhellv Jos. J Mt. Angel, laborer.
McKay, W. 11, Chnmeg, hop grow
er, Dragir, 1). C, Sal'to No. 0, laborer
Tage, U K., Kilem No, 2, banker.
Wolfer, William, Hubbard, Utmer,
Pomeroy. O. T., Balein No. 2, jeweler,
lUgtt, Ailolph, J., Halem, eait, farm
Pugh. (i. W., Brooks, farmer.
Cooley, R. P., Woodburn, farmer.
MoKct, Rodney, Woodburn. fsimer.
Jans, Allxrt, Bowel), farmer.
Smith, B. W., Liberty, merchant.
Robertson I. I, Turoer, merchant,
Houser, W. J., Msrlan, farmer.
Darby, John, Aumsvllle, former.
Jordtan, Albert, UubUd, trmtrt
Albert, T. C, ftlm No. 4. eltrk,
Litchfield, Geo. P., Salem Nov 0,
llmitmn, Tetw, 8le No. 7, la
Dr. J. F. CooW j
to 356 liberty street. whre
lie w mt aM oW mmI new
paWMW. W
eg Ofl Df lm.
j Uon frC.
pattats. rr my mm,
ms "ia