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F. M. AMD 4:Q0
WO. 213.
idge Hunt Hands Out tne
I Punishment to William
son, Gesner, et al.
Portland, Oct. 14. Federal Judgo
hint today deniod tho motion for a
trial nnd sontenccd Congressman
H. Williamson to ten months' lm-
fsonracnt nnd to pay $!00. Marion
if Biggs, former United States com-
ssionor, of Prlnovllle, to ten months
$510 flno; Dr. Van Gesner, 'Will"
nson's partner In the shoep busl-
Is, got fivd months and' $1,000 lino.
cution stayed until tho defendants ,
1,1 T,nrfrct an nnnen'l. Thov woro
ivlctod of conspiracy to suborn per-
to acquire government
: k
ortland, Oct. 14. Gesner 's rluu-
mont was mado lighter becauso of
advanced ego ana' iccdio noaun.i
en asked if her hail anything to say,
Hamson replied, "No." Ho .heard .
sentence without wincing or giving
sign of emotion. Tho concluding1 . ,, , . . A , . - ,
h . , , , . .. T " Wpbb, who was married today to Ralph
monts oro being mado in tho Jones ,,,' , n ... . , , ',..
d fraud trial, which is expected to!
to tho jury Monday.
Sew york
York, Oct. 14. Tho batteries unmarried In tho Vandorbllt family
groat gnmo today word For Kris Gladys Vanderbilt, tho daughter
Sladolphln, Bender and Powers; for
York, Mathewson nnd Brcsnahnn.
now York, Oct: 14. New York wins
m championship by tho final scere:
York, 8 runs, G hits, 2 errors;
Hndolphla, 0 runs, 5 hits, 0 errors.
Now Wo Bro&tho Easier.
fokohama, Oct. 14. Bryan and fam
arrived' this morning, all well, nnd
had a smooth passage.
tThft great success of our Shoo Department is duo to tho fact that wo
p up-to-date Shoes, and evory pair givoa satisfactory wear. Our prices
based on the spot cash plag and our economical business management
tlnates all unnecessary expenses. That's why wo undersell "regular
.In addition to tho staple shapes, wo show a full lino of the extremo
ts for dress wear.
)tst Blue Ribbon School Shoes
Tbullt for School Wear, and they stand ItS ""
The styles are neat and attractive and the soles , fndfuppor leathers are
tially oelootcd for service.
.'We bavo built up an enormous business on
Joe Millers
Napa Tanned Shoes
b Men and Boys. For the roughest service in mud and water they are the
satisfactory shoes eur built. Although heavy, the leather remains soft
(One pair of Joo Miller's Shoes la equal to two or three pairs of ordinary
for hard wear.
- &J8ze. &"
By Goods, Clothing, Hats
ajr la ladies' and Men's Furnishings. Salem's Cheapest Oaa-Price
Impassioned Dollars Join En
amored Real Estate and
Railroad Bonds
Burlington, Vt., Oct. 14. Miss Fred
erica Vanderbilt "Webb, daughter of
Dr. and Mrs. W. Sownrd Webb and
granddaughter of tho lato "William II.
Vanderbilt, was married today to Mr.
Balph Pulitzer, son of Joseph' Pnlitzcr,
tho New York- newspaper publisher.
Tho wedding took, placo at Sholburno
Farms, tho magnificent estato of tho
brido'a parents near this city. A large
1'" of wedding guMte came by epo-
c"" lnua lrora w lor "na ,M"H,W
manyncmbora of tho Vandorbllt farm-
v", fflD their connections.
Mr. Joseph Pulitzer, jr., acted as hta
brother's best man and tho brldo's at-
tendants woro tho Missos Wononab
wotmpro nmj Edith -pnUtzeT. Tho
.. ,. Tr ,
. , - -
tu wiucgmom.. -
Vnw . tv-wIA
' . . .. . '
Vanderbilts. Sho Li fond of outdoor
ports, nnd slnco her debut has boon a
bello in her sot. Mr, Pulitzor is tho
oldest eon of Mr. and Mra. Joseph Pu
litzer ami was graduated from Harvard
with Mgh .honors.
"With tho marrlago of Miss Webb
thoro aro loft only two young womon
of Mrs. Vanderbilt, nnd Miss Tworably,
both first cousins of tho .bride of to-
Chicago Markets,
(Four O'clock Edition.)
Chicago, Oct. 14.. Wheat , 82 l-2c;
corn, 441-4c; oats, 38 3-8c.
Tho Gross hotel at Eugene has
changed hands again. Tho now propri
etor la 0. W. Bobinson of Boseburg.
We Catty the
Largest Line
of New Shoes
in the City
Government Wisely Provides
the Alan Must Drink a
Gallon, or None
A, C. Kntpper was yestordny. found
guilty in tho circuit court of soiling
liquor In quantities of 'less than ono
gallon without n llconso. Tho jury at
tho same time recommended him to tho
morcy of tho court.
This Is the ond of tho liquor fight
which took placo at Pratum during tho
past summer, or-it will bo tho end, whon
Knlpppr receives his sentence Tuesday
Several months Knippor located at
Pratum and after procuring a govern
ment license, opened & saloon whero
ho announced that bo would soil liquor
only in gallon quantities, tho ituto law
forbidding tho ealo In less 'quantity
without a liconse from tho county court
Ho applied to tho county court for a
llconso under tho Btnte law, but tho
pcoplo of Pratum precinct circulated; u
romonstranco and outnumbered tho pe
titioners two to one. TBo county
court has not yet netodi u'poatbe poti
tloi For eomo tlmo ithasj, boon talked
around Pratum that Knippor rwaa nob
only soiling in quantities of leas. than
ono gallon but was making somo sales
on Sunday And letting tho liquor, into
tho hands of minors. Tho cinti-stiloon
pcoplo theroforo investigated) tn& on
August 5 Lars Jensen went to Knip
por 's placo and asked for a quart bot
tlo of beer. This was sold to him ami
ho Immediately filod tho complaint;
Tho anti-saloon pcoplo say that al
though Knippor proposed to soil only in
gallon quantities, any ono whom ho
thought would not complain could get If
a less amount. - - """T
Knippor 's friends say that ho did not
Intentionally vlolnto tho law, but, be
ing a foreigner, did not understand tho
limitations. At tho lasfoloctlon whon
tho liquor question was voted upon,
Pratum precinct went "wet," nnd it
was claimod -that Knippor thought ho
had a right to soil liquor in nny quan
tity thereafter.
- o
Circuit Court Matters.
Judgo Burnott hold n short session of
Department No. 1 of tho circuit court
this morning and oxeuscd tho jury from
furthor nttendanco at tho court.
Tho attorneya In tho cases of tho
stato of Oregon against A. T. Kolllhor
and IL II. Turner, filed demurrers to
tho informations. Turner's attorneys'
also filed a plea for abatement on tho I
ground that Turner was a witness be
foro tho grand jury in those cases nnd
his name is not mentioned in tho In
formations. The demurrers woro ar
gued, but will not bo ruled upon by
the judge before Monday.
Tho caso of Vun Fleot agolnit
Brundbridgo was announced- to havo
been settled. This was the ease in
which Van Fleet alleged that tho de
fendant had not lived) up to his eon
tract, mado whon renting a woodsaw.
In the easo of tho Star Land com
pany against Androw MeFarlane et al..
a motion was uletl and arguwl to suim
out tho complaint.
O in
Iland lTora Off.
Alorrzo Griffith, a well known young
man of tho Sontlam, met with quite a
serious accident Thursday evening in
tho chair faotory at Stayton. His band
wan enuplit in thn nlaner and was hn
badly mangled that it was necessary
to amputate it at tho wrist. Ho was
attendod by Dr. Brewer of Stayton, who
today reported his patient as doing
The Marion County half of the San
tiam wasron bridiro at Jefferson has
been redecked, but the Linn county half
is in a dangerous condition.
When chilled by the rain
Or wet from tho dew,
I can tell you tho best
Thing on earth to do
Get a hot drink at Zinn'a,
It will warm you all through.
Steerage Passengers Carried
Overboard by Tre
mendous Wave
New York, Oct. 14. Fivo aro known
to havo boon lost by a big wave which
swept over tho Oatnpanlars at corn go
deck Ootober 11. The stewardess, Miss
Gates, and1 the deck steward saved sov
oral llttlo children, who woro swept
toward tho broken rail. Tho -death
roll may bo increased; About 80 woro
injured. All the cnbln pnsscngors aro
Tho cabin passengers raised a purso
of $1,000 for Mrs. Graham, who is left
with a largo family, and $150 was
rnlsed for tho other injured. Two girls
named Clary and Cosgrovo and twoH
men, ono ciglitcon years old, a Dano,
and tho othor Irish, wero lost. A sail
or named Dix was injured after tho
storm. Agnes Carlson, who hnd both
legs broken, died this morning. John
O'Connor, a firstclass pnsscnger, says
.a panic prevailed throughout tho ship
Jrncn uio wavo struclc. it required' all
ho efforts of tho officers and crow to
quiot tho passengers. Whon tho ship
J cached smooth water in tho uppor bay
his mornlug tho passengers dropped
An tliflfr V'nnna nn.1 thnnfrnil Hnili tnr
ihelr dcllvorance.
. Tho now bridgo which has been con
structed across ho Grcnt Forks, two
rnllos south of Cottngo Grove, la 00
ioet span, with about 200 foot of ap
proaches. r
Palmer Ayers, who lives fivo miles
inortlr of Euuono. sold 44 bnlcs of lions
to B. B. Hayes yesterday. Tho prlco
was 10 coals.
Tho Browcsvlllo woolon mills cap
tured two mcdhls at tho fair, ono gold
and ono silver.
With everything that enn bo required for overy member of tho family, stocks of seasonblo nnd dopcndnblo
morchandlso. Our storo is conaldorod by tho bent dTossers ns authority on good clothes and furnishings. Tnko
th.o trouble to find out that we are right about it, both In selling tho very best materials at tin lowest prlei and
in talking about them.
1 mmMt
m mm
i intuAr .
I - MM jiiiil
1 UwA
II Jyitiii lilt 'J':' wi
1 SMuMh'-ilAM
I - -ffij"wri3snSy3c&
Ladles' Salts
Tho newest, the best, tho most
fashionable tailored suits for fall
are here. Tho display has roundod
into completeness, and every woman
in Teach of this store should visit
our second floor. The styles aro
entirely different from those of last
season and handsomer. Many new
materials. Tho range of colors is
wide enough to please every fancy,
They aro elotbes of quality, elegance
and practicability, attractively
$4to $37.50
Men's Rhincoats
Genuine Priestley Cravenettcs in
newest styles and colorings.
$9 to $25
Portland's Big Celebration
That HasCIeaned upstate
Turns off the Gas
Portland, Oct. 14. Notwithstand
ing tho rainy weather, immonso crowd's
visited tho Lewis and Clark Exposi
tion. Tho Fair closes at midnight.
Today is a half holiday in this city.
Tho program is rcplcto with special
features for ovory hour, including
! This is the
Of tho Lewis nnd Clark Fair, and many pcoplo in Portland and tho stato
'rogrot that tho exposition goes out of exist once tonight. But thoro is
no rogrot-nmong tho pcoplo who havo had their dentnl work done by Dr.
B. E. "Wright, tho painless dentist, becauso ho has always given thorn
pcrfcot satisfaction in' both work and prices. What ho has dono in
tho past is a criterion for tho fuiuro, and any ono wanting dontal
work dono will bo serving their own lntorcsts if they consult with
throe airship flights and' farewell con
certs by tho bands. At 6, to tho mu
sic of tho "Star Spangled Banner," tho
government building closes. At mid
night President Goode will dcclaro tho
exposition at an end, aa tbo bands play
'Auld Lang Syno," fortifications nnd
Wo havo just received a largo
shipment of full 10-4 slzo cotton
blankets In groy color, with ptitk ami
blue borders, hand finished emlis,
tho best valuo yet offered at tho
prlco. Do not delay, but choose
quickly, as they will not last long
at the phonomonally low prlco of
39c pair
Othorw up to f8.AO pair,
Dress Goods
Our new fall and winter drets
goods aro hero in great variety.
Such a romarkable display of won
derful values never before offered.
You should visit our drew goods de
partment to fully appreciate our
showing, as It Is exceptionally large.
Popular favor is centering on tbo
Mannish Mixtures, which are belny
worn so much this season. We have
ail extensive lino from which to
choose, and at prices much less than
their real worth.
Beal $1,00 values being offered
t 73
Beal $1.25 values, being offered
at 880
$L50 and $1.05 values being
offered at $1,23
Cooler weather reminds one that
they need a warm fur. We are pre
pared with a full lino of newest
styles In dependaWo furs and at
prices loss than elsewhere.
96c to $50
Italians RunAgainstaStraych
nined Cayuse lntldaho
Twin Falls, Idaho, Oct. 14. A party
of Italian laborers, employed in rail
road grading hore, undertook to cook
a tcvr choice cuts from a dead horso
which had been impregnated with
strychnlno to kill coyotes. Six will dio
nnd sovon aro seriously ill.
o 1
Last Day j
vessols used in mlmlo warfnro will bo
blown up, togother with an olaborato
display of flroworko. At noon tho nt
tondanco passed tho 2,500,000 mark,
am) thoro will bo $120,000 dividonds
I for stockholders of tho corporation.
Plenty lof styles and not a bad
ore in jtbe lot. Perhaps the ono
you'll tap to Js this double breast
iA one. Most young fellows do. Tbo
sack eoat V well built shoulders;
tho outside breast pocket givw It
an extra touch of style. Best of all,
the materials are nil wool, which
insures eemfort anil warmth. Your
siio is here et prices from
f I
Bb W '( ill
lHuVSr ill
flO to $ 30
Cub Store.