Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 13, 1905, TWO EDITIONS, Image 1

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JST. SAXUiWWivx, hum.
P. M. AND 4:Q0 - M.
NO. 212.
lorning Twitter and Farewell
Song of Swan Shut Out
by Business
lany Who Had Fed on the Dictionary
Cut Out by the Statute of Limita
tion but Everybody Pleased
Tho Jtopubllcan penco conforonco
ind harmony convention was a groat
iicccss In many ways and a lalluro In
fow that it can bo written down
hat it wns moro than a satisfactory
nthorlng from a party standpoint.
Stato Chairman Baker and tho atato
Icntral committco havo great reason to
satisfied with tho outcomo of thoir
abors in diawing togothor tho Itopub-
Scan workers at n strenuous timo in
bo history of tho stato.
With our delegation in congress
kractically destroyed, with our stato
Ipproprlntions suspended In tho ncbu-
pus region of tho inltlatlvo and refer-
adura, with a new, untrlodi nnd un
known method of making n party tick-
on thoir hands, a serious situation
broil tho Oregon Republicans in tho
' Add to this tho demoralization of
bailors, tho rotiromont of somo of tho
tost prominent politicians, and tho'
ro-apponrnnco of tho old factional
lights, tho rotton condition of land ad
ministration, tho progress of Demo
cratic conquest, nnd tho stnto commit
too facod a condition such nB fow po
litical contrnl committoos havo ovor
Tho Faithful Woro Thcro.
Still tho Republicans, faithful to
national principles, wcro thoro to tho
number of about thrco hundred. 'Tho
fighters woro thero, tho mon who go
out nnd do battlo for protection and
sound monoy, for good government nt
homo and triumph of Amorlcnn prin
ciples abroad, woro thoro.
It wns a spellbinders' I convention,
from ngod orators liko Caplos of Mult
nomah nnd Yornn of Lane to youthful
stump orntors from Eastern Oregon
nnd tho Valloy counties. Tho com
mittco mndo but ono mistako an over
sight, porhnps, but it should hnvo pro
( Cont I nuo on pngo four.)
1 iiC?.
vS VH lliuupiy '
SS Lgrt Line
of New Shoes
in the City
Tho urcnt succoss of our Shoo Department is duo to tho fact that wo
loop up-to-dato Show, und every pair glvw satisfactory wear. Our prises
ro based on tho spot onsh plan nnd our ooonomloal business maungomeni
pmlnates all unnecessary oxpenses. That's why wo undorsell "regular
In addition to tho stoplo shapes, wo show a full line of tho oxtromo
y!cs for dress wear.
ittt Blue Ribbon School Shoes
built for School Wear, and they stand it,
Tho styles aro neat and attractivo nnd tho solos pnd upper leathers are
ecially selected for service
Wo havo built up an enormous business on
Joe Millet's
Napa Tanned Shoes
pr Meu and Boys. For the roughest service In mud and water they aro the
lost satisfactory shoes ever built. Although heavy, the leather remains soft
id pliable.
One pair of Joe Miller 'a Shoes is equal to two or three pairs of ordinary
hoes for hard wear.
St. Loul9, Oct. 13. Tho Mexican) Now York, Oct. 13. Tho trustees of
editors nrrostcd aro still in jail, but ' tho Equitable havo elected John B.
expect to glvo bond. Thoy declnro Diaz Kcrimn, of Utlcn, N. Y., and' William
Kodficld, of Brooklyn, directors. They
havo proparod a circular and sent It
to policy holdfors asking them to ex
press thoir opinion ns to tho selection
of mon from thoir own number, to bo
is a despot, but deny being a rom
nnnt of tho Maximilian regime.
New York, Oct. 13. 8horo wns an
onormous crowd nt tho fourth gamo
nnd tho playors woro cordially grootod.
Bubo Waddell warmcl up. with tho
othor playors and only throw n slow
bnll, and apparently with somo ef
fort. Tho battorloa aro Plank and
Powers for Philadelphia nnd for Now
York Broannhan and McGlnnlty.
Tho stands woro filled nnd thoro
woro many pooplo back of tho ropoa
whon tho gamo bognn. Tho wonthor
is fair, most too cool for tho specta
tors. Bondor and Malhowson will llkoly
oppose each othor tomorrow. Thero is
very Httlo bottlng on todny's gamo.
Now York raado ono run In the
fourth, nnd tho final scoro was:
Now YorkJ. run, 6 hits, 0 errors,
Schoolmasters Olub Moots.
Bloomington, 111 Oct. 13. Moro
than a hundrod principals nnd teachers
aro hero for tho annual meeting of tho
Illinois Sohoolmastors' Club, which
opens with a banquet tonight in Coop1
or's Hall. Tho foaturo of tho program
is to bo n discussion on "Stato Inspec
tion of nigh Schools Shall It Bo Con
ducted By tho Stnto University r by
Washington, D. C, Oct. 13. Tho
ratification of tho peaco treaty bo
tweon Itussla nnd Jnpnn takes plnco
voted upon by
In Decombor.
trustees, for directors
(Pour O'clock Edition.)
Bouldor, Col., Oct. 13. Firo startod
in a general storo at Ncdorland this
morning and Is spreading rapidly. Tho
I town is cut oft and Its destruction is
feared. Tho tolophono station is do
etroyod. Population 700.
Philadelphia, 0 runs,
5 hits, 1 orrlr.
Later Tho firo was controlled by
tho liberal use of dynnmlto to blow
up buildings in tho path of tho flnmos
to savo tho remainder of tho town- and
mine workings.
Equitablo acts Light
Chicago, Oct. 13. Attorney Edgar
L. Mnstors, Clarcnco Dnrrow's part
nor, today filed a suit to recover $1,000
from tho Equitablo company alleging
thecompany rofusod to pay him $2W,
tho cash valuo of tho $2,000 policy,
which hv". Vjoon running seven yirs.
Tho company relics upon tho techni
cality of tho contract nnd offers to
loan Mnstors $280 at 5 por cent.
I Fifed E. Weight Presents
fYotfk State Folks
M At tho Grand Opera llouso tomorrow night, but you can get dontlstry
5 all right at any timo of Dr. B. E. Wright, tho painless dentist, who, in
2 tho past two yoars has built up tho largest dental prnctico in Snlom.
Thoro must bo a reason for this, and thoro is: Bccauso Jio does tho best
2 work at tho lowest prices, nnd always satisfies his pationts.
All his work is dono in n painless, scientific manner, nnd ho only
charges $5.00 for gold crowns, $3.00 for plates, nnd insorts fillings for
COc. If you need any dentnl work dono, it will bo to your ndvnntngo to JJ
consult him, m
tho Stato Department of Education t"
Prof. J. H. Barton, of tho Unlvorsity of
Illinois, hns bocn assigned tho unlvorsi
ty end of tho proposition, and Princi
pal J. Stnnloy Brown, of Jollot, will nr
guo from tho opposlto standpoint.
' o
Chicago Markota.
Chicago, Oct. 13. Whont, 8I54,
com -14, oats 28.
tomorrow. Tho troaty will bo slgnod
as ratified by tho Mlltndo at Tokio and
by tho Czar at St. Petersburg, simul
taneously. Notification will bo com
munlcntod by tolcgrnph to tho respec
tive governments by tho Amoricnn om
bassy nt St, Petersburg awl tho French
logntlon nt Tokio.
J .
zs'jv&i (0&A& UsCCfer
: &&H8bnek&yK
Df y Goods, Clothing Hats
rerythlng in ladies' and Men's ruraishingfl. Salem's Cheapest Ono-Prfeo
Cub Store.
Billings, Montr., Oct. 13. Tho po
lico tonight arrested a man giving his
namo as Tom Jonos, on suspicion of
bolng ono o ftho bandits who hold up
tho Northorn Pnclflo limited botweon
Puynllup and Tacoraa Soptomber 22.
IIo was caught prowling around tho
railroad yards. Ho corresponds In
ovory detail with tho description of
tho robbor,
Plan Ohlo-Laka Brio Canal.
Pittsburg, Pn., Oct. 13. President
Joh,n E. Shaw and tho board of direct
ors of tho Lake Brio & Ohio River Ship
Canal Company, accompanied by num
ber of oncineora nnd othor advisers,
started from hor today on n two-day
trip to examine the two routes pro-)
posed for a ship canal connecting the
Krlo Lnke with tho Ohio Itlver. At'
Ashtabula, O., tho Pittsburg party (
will be joined by tho offleerB of tho'
Ohio & Pennsylvania Ship Canal Com-j
pany, of which Jos'eph II. Cossldy, of
Cleveland, Is president, and the two
organizations will oontlnuo the trip
togethor. Ono of the two routes is from
Ashtabula, O., to Pittsburg, the other '
from Erio to Pittsburgh. Bseh route I
is about 105 miles long, nnd the cost j
of olthor would bo about $30,000,000.
President Shaw is of the opinion that
the work could bo soraplotod and the
oanal opened to traffic in the summer
of 1011.
Good jQc&jJleiiei&8&
m r j s w
vjruuob f &
Of this storo nro many: Soiling morchnndlso mndo by tho best mnkors of tho world, buying It ns low ns our great
organization can possibly buy, marking it at n small porcontto of profit, giving good service, good dollvcy,
a big, bright nnd inviting storo in which to dlsplny It, an enrnost offort to meet tho wants of nil. Thcno nnd
innumornblo othor advantages aro to be derlvod from buying here. This great, Increasing bimlnww demon
strut oa tho public's npproval of our methods.
Judgo Resigns.
(Four O'clock Edition.)
Washington, D. C, Oot. 13.-Tb
resignation of Judgo Eugene A. Tuck
or, assoclato justice of tho supremo
court of Arizona, has boon suspended.
Tho attorney general announces that
bis successor will bo Paul Jesson.
o - .
- Tha Taggart Divorce.
(Four O'clock Edition.)
Wooster, Ohio, Oet. 13. Taggart
was today granted a dlvoree. Mr
Taggart is prostratod.
Oar Ft esfi Home Made Con
fectionery fs Strictly Pure
and Wholesome.
332 State Street.
OhnJ Finliktd)
Ladles' Suits
Tho moot powerful argument!
ovor brought forward In favor ot
roady-to-wonr garment for woman
nro found in tho correct style,
beautiful fnbrUs and good tailor
ing that characterize tho garments
in this store. Tho most orltienl
enn find no fault with them thoy
aro man tailored throughout.
Through our well organized corps
of fitterH tho garments aro guar
anteed perfeet fitting as well as it
is posslblo for any tailor to make
them to your order,
$(4 to $37.50
With tho blowing of tho wind
and the snap and sharpness in the
air these wet days, one feels the
need of good, warm underwoor
it's essential for comfort. Now is
the timo to make your selections
whilo the stocks are at their best,
and nowhere el so can you find such
assortments of thoroughly reliable
and dependable garments for
misses and women.
50c to $3.50
Men's Raincoats
Genuine Priestly Cravonettes in a
fine line of new and wanted color
ings and patterns late style and
up-to-date in every way.
Dress Goods
Thoro is an air of refinement per
vading our dross goods section, to
say tho least about It, that is
soothing. Nothing to offend tho
most cultured and artistic taste.
Here is a wealth ofwarlety and a
richness of material that afford a
choieo that you could not expect
to meot with outside of metropoli
tan fashion centers. Of special
lntorest now is the
Mannish Mixture
In wanted colorings rthoy como in
40 to SO inchea wido and are being
ing offered at much less than their
real worth.
$1.00 values in desirable pat
terns 73
ei.zo values in warned color
ings 38
1.60 to $1.65 values in mannish
mixtures $1.23
Copyright 1905 by
Hsrt ScbifTner & Mux
If Yotf Knew
Our clothes thoroughly, intimato
ly, as wo do, know tho Httlo de
tails, niceties of hand tailoring
and fashioning embodied in each
garmont, you would know that
"quality" is. the. sesret. QUAL
ITY all the way through. TRUE
WOETU merit' will tell in clothes
as in men. Salts
insjsrw jMaatgSB