Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 12, 1905, TWO EDITIONS, Page 6, Image 6

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    " -"" " 'T1-WPB3,3rP!?S9SI'""
that'is THE KTS'D we doj
No Job too small, nor too large,
for tu to handle.
NEXT ORDER. Yon will bo
pleated with both worle and price
Bids for Sever. From Oar Exchanges.
Notice Is hereby given that sealed The moral consciousness of the worM
bids trill be leeeired by the City of .lies fallow for tke call of one who shall
Salem at the office of the undersigned! be so filled -with the power of tke
at the City Hall at Sales), Oregon, op. Spirit that he shall be completely is
Phene: Main 1213
217 South Commercial 8L
A Pleasant Way to TraTeL
The abore Is the usual Terdlet of
the traveler using the Missouri Pseifie
railway between the Pacific coast and
the cart, and we believe that the serv
ice and accommodations girea merit
this statement. From Dearer, Colora
do Springs and Dearer there are two
through trains daily to Kansas City
and St. Louis, carrying Pullman's lat
est standard electrie-lighted sleeping
ears, chair cars and up-to-datu dining
cars. The same excellent serriee is
operated from Kansas City and St.
Louis to Memphis, Little Rock and Hot
Springs. If you are going east or
south, write for particulars and full In
formation. W. a M 'BRIDE, Gen. Agt,
124 Third Bt, Portland, Ore.
asai.Ctf4is utr frf Siiiimim Hiw
nil 8WS TO f.'U S" t If I Stl.
hMm to mi I M4tr lufnftil. $t wnl4
vific WHMHrM. if nmt uwnrttMa
mi am fmt ) tHmt to U
vn rrt m t oicklcou. m T4. tBa.rn. m.
to 10 o'clock a, xa. of October 18th,
1005, for the construction of a six-Inch
alley sewer through the Charles Cart-
wright addition to the City of Salem;
thenso across Capitol street, and
thence through lot No. 2, In block No.
EG, in said City of Sales, Oregon, to
connect with the alley sewer in said
blpek Xo. 6, to be built in aceord
aacs with the plans and specification
thereof new on file in the oEce of the
City Recorder.
Each bid must be accompanied by a
certified check to the raise of ten per
cent of the amount of the bid sub
mitted, as a guarantee that the bidder
will qualify by giving bonds as pro-
Tided by said specifications, to be ap-
prered by the mayor, and enter into a
contract with eaid city for the con
struction of a sewer in accordance with
rpecifieatioca and bid submitted within
six days after baring reeeired notice
of the acceptaneo of his bid, said cer
tified check to be forfeited to the City
of Salem in case the bidder fails to
qualify and execute said contract as
The City of Salem reserves the right
to reject any and all bids, and the
bid of any person who has bid before
or contracted for such work and
been delinquent therein will not be
Plans and specifications can beeeen
at the office of the undersigned at the
City HalL
By order of the Common Council.
W. A. M00BE8,
10-i-llt City Recorder,
"Gabble ten is very fond of criticis
ing his neighbors, isn't he!"
"Yes, he indulges in an extravagant
use of projectiles for a person resid
lag in a conservatory." Puck.
different to that whole mass of ataii
which criticism is discrediting, sad
who shall dare to make his appeal to
tho moral idealism of mankind inde
pendent of verbiage. Here lies the
path tho new ago must travel, straight
through the wilderness of doubt sad
sin to the naked soul of humanity
which eannet and will not reject Jesus
when he is brought to it In the naked
ness of his own spiritual beauty. That
Man, that Master, that lere so tender
and true, will yet some day triumph
over the halting, compromising argu
ments of doubting disciples, and the
intellectual agnosticism of the world,
with the charm of insistence and inspi
rattan which will over go forth in hu
man experience from his great heart
and faith. We ihall keep our faith in
Jesus when the last word of criticism
has done its perfect work in making
clear the difference between the imator
Case of Barnes on Trial for
Murder Is up at
This Term
In the circuit court this morning,
upon request of District Attorney
Brown a grand jury was ordered by
Judge Harris to be drawn. They are:
Joe Harvey, Roseborg. foreman; P.
Sweariagea, Drain; W. H. Larkias,
Oakland; M. L. Brown, Camas Valley;
Jo Turpia, Toswalk; S. H. Wilson,
Oardfaer; Wss. Buxton, Broskway.
Taking of testimony in the trial of
John C. Barnes, tiMrged with murder
ing "Six-shooter Bill" Graham, a
trooetor. near Gfoadal. an the 25tk
tsl message of the Son of Man and the of last April, comaienced in the circuit
message true. When logic losoa its court here this afternoon. There are
clue to the dfviae Hfe, the eoul will
find it hid within his own deep hunger
after righteousness and love. The
Universalis! Leader.
Do we need such reiigionf a reli
gion whose first article is the transla
tl8n of tke Gospel into dally life, a re
ligion whose primary task is tho prac
tice of Jesus Christ I It seems to us
that we do need it that it is tho over
whelmiag need. It seems to us pitiful
that so maay are missing the real issue
and are on the wrong side of the bat
tle. Bat truth always wins and it is
only a question of time when tho
thoughtful and hosest will see and will
say "amou." The greatest epoch of
Christianity b just ahead. The Amer
ican Friend.
Btanths IhtlLudTwRxn atari Bagt
..,fcTV4.K- 'W
susnWWsWaW'U ITsSF'
flLsHnklSsSHBSHSHIsf At jflPv' J3U' J jA -BVMlmk.9
It may be asserted with entire safe
ty that no assumption is more baseless
than that salvation and church mem
bership are equivalent terms. We
need a revival ef obligation. When
tho church of the Kving God comes to
a place where those who compose it
are doing their utmost, when Chris
tians come to feel that indifferonco is
ain and that failure to do one's best
will bring upon us the condemnation of
our Lord, then will the kingdom -enlarge
and tho forces of evil be defeat
ed whenever and wherever tho battle
Is joined. The Standard.
about 40 witnesses in attendance, 34 ot
whom reside in or near Glesdaie. At-1
torneys J. A. Baebanan, J. E. Sawyers'
and Cardweil 4 Wat son are defending'
Barnes. District Attoraer Geortre M.I
Brown, representing the state, is as
sisted by Attorney J. M. Williams, of
Eugene. A queer coincidence in the
ease is that one of the jurors, W. H.
Graham, of Days creek, had tke same
name and initials as the murdered man.
The other eleven jurors are as follews:
A. L. Butler, Edward Hancock, Marion
Byau, A. L. Blaok, Lee Love, W. H.
Coats, Xorman Agee, C. X. Moody, J.
D. Strong. S. n. Knirtt and W. A.
Barnes, the defendant, appeared very
ill at ease in court. His small, steel
gray eyes, set far back into his head
and almost obscured by heavy brews,
were never quiet his jaws worked eon
Your Life
The power that gives you
life and motion is the nerve
force, or nerve fluid, located m
the nerve cells 'of the brain,
and sent out through the
nerves to the various organs.
If vou are tired, nervous,
irritable, cannot sleep; have
headache, feel stuffy, dull and
melancholy, or have neuralgia,
rheumatism, backache, peri
odical pains, indigestion, dys
pepsia, stomach trouble, or the
kidneys and liver are inactive,
your life-current is weak.
Power-producing fuel is need
ed ; something to increase nerve
energy strengthen the nerves.
Dr. Miles' Restorative Ner
vine is the fuel you need. It
feeds the nerves, produces nerve
force, and restores vitality.
"When I becan taWnc Dr. Miles
rtesterattvo Nervine and Antl-IJaln
PflSi I was conAned to mr bed- I
bad severe nervous spetls. the result
of two years Ulness with malaria. X
cradoallr grew so weak that I was
unaMe to sit up. The vUa irouM
commence wth cold chills, and I
would become weak and almost help
leas. Mr circulation was .poor I
had doctored risht along but grew
weaker and weaker. The Jervtne
seemed to strengthen me right awar
and my ctrculaUon was better. I havo
taken In all seven botUes of the
Nervine and I am entirely wen."
ROSA B. WKAVBB. Stuarts, la.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Is sold by your
druooltt. who will quarantee that the
first bottle will benefit. If It falls, he
will refund your money.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
Throe Trains to tne Et Dm
Through Pullman stand '.
tourist sleeping cars daCy to ow
Chicago, Spokane; tourist ilJj
ears daily to Kansns Citv ti " :
illmaa tourist sleeping cars tit
sonally conducted) weekly to CuT
go; reclining chair ears (seal. .,
to tho East daily. ',
Po Cnasic of C
IS a. 9
via Hont-Inrton
103 P.O.
St. Paul
rut Mall
From Portland, Ot
salt late. Dearer rt
worth. Ociii. Vi-,i..l
VtlT, Ok U3UU, l ,lr
Salt Lake. Denver n.
Worth, Omaha, Kasist
CltT. 8U Loull, Ca-CifJ
Walla Will. LMIrr,
Spokane. Wallaos, It w
man, Mlnnearoiii St I t .
Paul. Dulmli.lllw-itL
Bpokanr IChloaco, and Eatt.
First National Bank Building.
r."!!7 "S V!f rrrij" ' ekT l '-Normal, Academic, BnslaV Civil Sor-
Oirla Will Be Girls.
Jack I met Gertie Gabaway last
evening and had quite a chat.
Madge Witb,pr from, her J Puek.
If tho lovo of God is in the heart,
that lovo will servo as a moving, liv
ing foreo that will ultimately briag
man's life into order and bring all tho
affairs of the world into proper shape,
It is the funetien of tho church to work
upon tho conduct of men by means of
tho truth operating from within
through -their understanding a ad eon
seieaee, to make life mora beautiful
and the state of human societv more
heavenly. New Church Messenger.
, wane ma nagers were often ap
plied to tho ends of the moustache that
eovers his thin bloodless pair of lips.
Oaly oaoe, however, did his face lose
color and that was when the district
vice, Music.
W.e are fortunate in securing tho
services of Dr. Parvin for this de
partment. We have also arranged a
, I , , am j UUUWiiHVUt ttUtt 47 UhlitU
r:.z B w. p ckMW iB aU dM from th0 M t0
"'""" viupaasis on me woros, i, -i.i,
"eanital T,nn!.l,ra. I " twdfth'
Ocean and Elver Schcdals.
For San Francisco Every flrs iiu I
at 8 p. nv For Astoria, wav t.1
and Xorth Beach Dally (aeept 6a,
day) -at 8 p. nx; Saturday at 10 p.nj
uauy semeo (water perzaittlag) uj
Willamette ana Yamhill rivers.
Fr fuller information ask or uriii
yens nearest ticket agent, or
General Passenger Ajtd.
The Oregon Bailroad ft Karlpthj
lo., Portland. Oregon.
George W Perkins, whose tostltuonv at the Insurance Investliratlan
Now York attracted touch attention. Is one of the vice presidents of the N
York Ufo Insurant comany ami a partner la the Arm of J. P Morgan & Co.
He began work for the New York Ufo at 2o per month and rose from tho
rank to a position which paid hltn I75.O0U n year When he entered tho
Mersua flna bo had hU ealary from the New York Ufe reduced to f23JXXJ.
tusb TRrnn akd t&tjb
Eppley Perfection
Baking Powdet
Among the Christian people of the
United States a great spiritual awak
ening has already begun. It is not yet
a revival; it is an awakening. It Is
tho new perception of a oocasaon prob
lem of a great opportunity, and au in
tense desiro to rise to the great occa
sions which Ood's providence unfolds.
W. J. Daweou, D. I)., The Coaffrejpi
tionalist. Lot as not think of salvation as
something sousing to us as a reward
hereaftor, but as a glorious pastossioa
to be enjoyed aye, aad to he lived
up to new 'Bohoid' wrote the
apostle ef love, 'now are we the sous
of God." Wo have not yet eatered ia
to tho full ioheritanee; but we have
eaough to make life rich and jovous
aad well worth living. The Biamiaer.
Now is the time to buy your Winter
Slab Wood
Single load 1.7S
10 loads 2.50
Tlooring, No. 1 BfJ.OO
Flooring, No. 2 ,.., , 3 .BO
Flooring, No, 3 isiw
The Chase K. Spauidtng Logging Co
Wesi. Nerrosi rooplo.
Wo have received letters from all
parts of the U. 8. highly recommend
ing Dr. Gunn's Blood and Nerve Tonic,
until the faith we had in the remedy
has been fully sustained. We had con
fidence from the very beginning that
this medicine should make cures, but
lacked that assurance that comes after
many successful trials. Now that wo
havo been upheld In our belief we want
to impart to others our confidence.
Nervous, and unsteady people, weak,
fleshless people, pimply, pale, or sal
lew people art all victims of weak,
watery blood. Make new, rieh blood,
to bo forced through tho system by
capital punishment,
In a statement to the jary, explana
tory of the ease, District Attorney
Brown roviewed the evidence of the
state at some length, commencing with '
tho discover;- of tho charred remains
of Graham in a firo near Gleadale, by
Ed. Holtz, an a P. trackwalker. Ae
cording to Mr. Brown's statement, the
evidence of the state is, in brief a
f oil ewe: )
Murdered man was identified as
Graham by the hat and belt found near
the spot whero his remains were dis
covered, 08 feet from a spot on the
Southern Pacific railroad track, whore
there wore fresh blood stains. A path
had been made by tke dragging of the
body from the track to the pkoe where
the body wus huraed.
Barnes waa arrested fellow! a g his
sale in Gleadale of a nugget which
Graham bad owned for years aad
which waa known to many people ou
aasouat ef its peculiar shape.
Tho arrest of Barnos was followed
by tho discovery in hk cabin of Ora
bap's " six-shooter, knife aa ring.
, Barnes told a frioad that -ho had
bought the "six-shooter" nm Qra
bam "several days ago." and ktor
told the district attorney that h had
owned tho weapon for several years.
Barnos also told the district attorney
that the uugget which he sold wus his
own property; that he had awuldod it
in an ordinary stove, when it takes
S00& degrees Fahrenheit to accom
plish such a thing,
3. J. HEAPS, Salem, Ore.
"Make Salem a Good Home Market"
Last Hope Vanished. '
When leading physicians said that
W. M. 8mithart, of Pekin, la, had in-
curable consumption, his last hopo
vanished; but Dr. Klng'a New Dis
covery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds, kept him out of the grave. He
says: "This great specific completely
sured me and saved my life. Since
then, I have used It for over ten Tears '
and consider It a marvelous throat and
lung cure." Strictly scientific cure
for Coughs, Sore Throats or Colds;
sure preventive of Pneumonia. Guar
anteed, 50o and $1.00 bottles at J. a I
Perry's drug store. Trial bottle free."
Poultry at 8toinex'i Market.
Eggs Per dozen, 26c.
Hens S0&
Frys 10c.
Ducks 910c.
Baker, Lawrence ft Baker.
Eggs Per dozen, 26c.
Fruits. Vegeunies, Etc.
Oaions iy,c.
Apples $1.86 per cwt.
Pears $1.00 per ewt.
Tropical Frulta.
naaauas He R.
Oranges tM.
Losaons M.60l5.Qv.
Live Stock Market.
Cows lVfcefSc.
8heep it.
Dressed veal oe,
Pat hogs Sfte.
Baled Glover-$7.00$7.50.
Cheat 16.50$7.
Timothy I9t9.50.
Grain 77.50.
Bran 122.50.
Eggs, Butter and Cream.
By Commercial Crcum Co
Batter 30c
Butter fat 30c at station.
Wheat 5S61c
Flour, wholesale $3.65 per barrel.
Flour, retail $1.00 per sack.
ftt,Sk unw a .. ..0..-2... 3 31
... .,-, .uv .i.c, bu oueaso aJtsarnt-k, -
oanno, remain, mis tonic cures dU- fc, - U lad Yk nift Aton fwja
' v v &". j" cHgvu o resist Kgnatut Sv7i
it. All druggists sell it for 75c per' (-AaXJVrJ!.
bor, or 3 boxes for $2. Tho tabUta1!
nro to bo taken after each meaL They I
turn tho food von eat into t! tJ I
blood. Persons who take this Tonic
gain in good, solid flesh from 1 to 3
pounds per week.
Beggar Beg pardon, sir, but this
nickel you gave ae is lead.
Benevolent Old Man Why, so it isl
Well, keep it, my man, as a reward for
your honesty. Translated for Tales
from Lo, Journal.
Hay, Feed, Etc.
Baled Cheat 10.
Oats-Chniee white, L35U0.
Millstuff Bran, flO.00.
Hay-Timothy, $13.00.
Potatoes $1J5L20.
Poultry-Chiekens, mixed, 12
ISe; per lb; hens, I3e per lb; roosters,
., auc per id; tryers, J2e per lb;
dueks, R009.00 per doz.; geese 8
per lb; turkeys, 1718c per lb;
dressed, 20S1C pM jb. Huaba
3.00 per doz.
Porn Dressed, 78c
Beef Dressed, S5c
Veal 5Sc
I Mutton Dressed. 67Uo.
AU kJnda of fancy Dry Goods, Bflka, Hops Contract, 1905, 16cj 190 crop,
Embroidexiea, Lacoa. Make op now Una 5c ,or ehoie 2324c for primes and
asllta, and Ladles Ftirnlshiiig aoods, a,lna
Sui't Wrappecu, Skirta, Whlto Ttataw medfiSu Vt .? to
chai, 310 Oourt streot, earner aUay ' Mohair-NoadnsJ, 3031e.
Hasa 1107. Butter Fancy eroaaery, 20SlUei
j dairy, l8t417e; rtoro, 1515c
No 2 for Taqulna
Leaves Albany 12:i5 PJt I
Leaves Corrallis 1:45, PJt j
Arrives Yaquina 5:45 PJt
No. 1 Betomlng
Leaves Taqulna 7U5i.lt
Leaves Corrallis 11:30 lit
Arrives Albsny 12:15 PJt
No. 3 for Albany-Detroit
Leaves Albany for Detroit 7:30 ilti
Arrives Detroit 12.30 PJt
NO 4 from Detroit-
Leaves Detroit 1:30 PJt
Arrives Albany 6:30 PJt j
No. 5 for Albany-
Leaves Corrallis 6:30 AJll
Arrives Albany 7:10 Alt
No. 8 for Corrallis
Leaven Albany 2:40 PJt
Arrives Corrallis 3:20 PJi
No. 7 for Albany-
Leaves CorvalUs e.OOr'Jtl
Arrives Albany 6.40 PJt
No. 6 for Corrallis
Leaves Albany 915 PJt
Arrives Corrallis 9:55 PJt I
Train No. 1 arrives in Albaiy u
timo to connect with the S. P. ! I
bound train.
Train No. 2 connects wi th & I
trains at Corvalhs and AL&ay, gfrisf
direct servico to Newport crA adjtetw
Train No. 3 leaves Albany I
Detroit at 7:30 a. m., arriving U
iu ample time to reach the Breilo
bush hot springs tho same dsy.
Train No. 4 between Alisny sad D
troit eonneeta with the Ejcess loo1
at Albany, also with local from Co
Train No. 5 leaves Corrallis at t
J a, eu, arrives at Albany 7 10 a. B,a
timo to catch Eugene local ts Yaw
and train to Detroit.
Train No. 8 leaves Albsny f i
rallla at 2:40 p. m, after the srH
of S. P. northbound orerlsnd. j
Train No 7 learos Corrallis at ?
p. ns arrives In Albany at 6:40 p "Vi
in time t,o connect with Us lotal i
Eueeno and war noints.
Train No. 6 leares Albany ta 0
rallis at 0:15 n. m- after the arrlTsl"
the a P. local from Portland.
Vnr fnrfhor Infnrmation SDplT tS
J. a MAYO, Gen. PH. if1
T. COCKEBELL, Agent, A'hssy.
H. H. CBONISE, Agent, ComlU.
Httic Wing Sang Co
Not to bo Influenced.
"If you nro very gcc. Otto, V
ttrw. .. ni i.-nn . lift n rre US'1'I
er I am good or bad, PFa-""",l
lated from Tales from Fl.egcne Bj
o -
Tni. Tnf.nte and Children.
tk m In IUw Alwajs Bin-
Bears tnn
Signature of