Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 12, 1905, TWO EDITIONS, Page 4, Image 4

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No alum, phosphatlc acid or inferior
or impure ingredients are used in Royal
for the purpose of cheapening its cost;
only the most highly refined and healthful.
Royal Baking Powder imparts that
peculiar sweetness, flavor and delicacy
noticed in the finest cake, biscuit, rolls,
etc., which expert pastry cooks declare is
unobtainable by the use of any other
leavening agent.
to kacnr
lodtamklnjtehiplaktnrpo!' ' TOU J?
nr the f ct ol alum npoa tiw trader Uainjt
stwnseh, tooeh a pfec to jour tongue., laa rls6Uej
with alsa taking powder. to u wbu oat to tonal
IIaUSe, of Portland, and Mr.
of Portland.
ariswold-Watson Wedding.
Notable among fail wedding was
Abo anion of Miss Neva Grlswotd to
Mr. Ralph E. Wtbm, which took
place yesterday at It o'clock at te
ihome of th bride's father, George
Grisweld, In Yen- Park.
Tho Grisweld residence was beau
tifully decorated. 'Everywhere wan
tho foliage, radiant la the autumn
tints, while flowers and ferns made
tho whole & vision of floral beauty.
Tho hall ami stairway waa banked
with a mas sof Ivy and terns. The
second parlor was in out flowers a ad
plant. Ited predominated ia the din
ging room. The table deeorations wore
tmaldenbalr ferns and red dahlia i. Mra.
Ia H. Hookor attended the dining room
and was assisted in serving by tho
Misses Graoe IMsomon, Lou Gary and
Oraeo Byrd. Misses Bertha Kay, Dot
Berry and Irene James attended the
-At IX o'clock Uie bridal party en.
tared the parlor to the strata of Lo
hengrin's wedding march, played by
Mrs. Joseph Bvaas, and took their
pteaes beneath a levers' knot of white
aatta ribbon la a beautiful green
bower, where Her. George Bahcoek,
of tho First Preebytcrlaa Caareh, per
formed tho ceremony. Mm- Jos. Sia
ployed the bridal chorus from Meadele
eehn during the service. A wedding
luncheon was served later, after whloh
the young couple left for Portland,
where they will reside .
Tho bride wore a handsome eeetume
of Champagne crepe de aalae over silk
ami carried an arm, boswsaet of white
chrysanthemums. Her going away
costume was a ehlc costume of green
broadcloth. Tho presents were ma ay
and beautiful and wore mostly oat
gloss and silver.
Iloth the yoeag people are wM
known ia this elty. The bride has al
ways bo a social favorite and has
4tra of friends. The groom formerly
lived in this elty, but Is now at Port
land whore ho holds at position with
the Oregaaiau.
Among tho out -of -tow gaests wore
Mr. and Mas. Watson and daughter.
QoinxfLirtasston Wedding.
On Wednesday noon, Ootober 11,
IMS, at the home of the brlde'o par
eats, Mr. and Mrs. S. Livingston, near
Albany, Mr. Dam Qaian and Miss
Pearl Ioa Livingston, Ilev. MeDeogall
Tho marriage was private, oaly a
few reiaUrea and friends being pres
ent. A weddlac repast was served
and the happy ooople left for Port
lond on their bridal trip.
The groom Is the popular bookkeeper
of the Curtis Lomber Company at Mill
Oity and the bridv is a fine young lady,
for many years a resident of Albany.
Albany Democrat.
licenses Galore.
Poor marriage lise&sos were issued
from the olSso of the ooaaty elerk yes
terday as follewst Xera Grisweld and
Ralph Watson, Mad Cotsferd and a
W. Dyer, Dorothea Peters and Arthur
Branoh, Myrtle Baeiek ami Xewtoa
This makes a total of fifteen po&
mits that have beoa lssood so far this
month. The largest wtmher of lieonsos
that have over been issued in this
eeoaty ia a ay ono mooth were issued
hariog the month of Ootober in 1&0,
aad it begins to look aa though this
month wooJd not be far behind tho
record of that year.
IL B. Lotely has retnrned from the
Portland Fair.
Attorney Inmaa and wife are doing
tho fair today.
Bertha. KHger is -spending a few
days in Portland.
Mr. J. W. Hewkt, of Turner, was
la the elty yesterday. " j
C. W. James and wife are visiting in
tho metropolis today. ,
Edwin MeCallos rotaraed last even
ing from a visit to thefair.
Oliver Je&eries, of Taeoma, Is the
gaoat of relatives in this city.
Mrs. B. K. Botsford and daughter,
Brara? are Fair victors today.
Mrs. O. G. Gams wont to Portland
tads ntoraiag to visit the fair. ,
fie Kamler, of the postal service, is
shooting tho chatos this week.
MWs Jessie Holmes wont to Portr
lami this morning to visit friends.
J. C Lee, the mining man, made a
hailaoes trip to Bageae last night.
MIm Xiaa MeXary is spending the
last days of the fair la Portland.
Miss Jessie Mitchell was a passen
ger for Portland oa the morning local.
Miss Biffin went to Portland this I
morning for a short visit with friends.
P. O. Fraslor, of Albany, was trans
acting business ia this city yesterday.
Attorney M. B. Pogne and wife were
passengers for Portland this morning.
Dr. O. Schaller, of Portland, is vis
iting friends in this city for "a few
L. W. Lee, of Tarnor, was attending
to basinoss matters in Salem yester
day. ,-
E. Miles went down to tho Fair yes
terday aiternoon and expects to see
it oat.
Pant IL Jordan has returned to Port
land, after visiting bis parents near;
Mrs. J. F. Galbroath is spending a
few days with relatives in the me
tropolis. '
I. J. Johns departed for Seattle yes
terday afternoon and will bo gone
several days.
Harry Gault went to Portland yester
day to be present when the Portland
Fair expires.
J. B. Baford returned lasf evening
from Portland, whither he had gone
oa basinoss.
J. Bohanan and famfiy are among
the large number of Salem viiitora at
the Fair today. .
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sroat returned
last evening from a week's visit to
the exposition.
Mrs. Loa Hatch and daughter, Mu
riel, went down to Portland on the:
morning locat.
-.. Ti
Shoes iR
-ama ii iiMiriiaWTaamaaBaaannnimaoMmwiBaoaaiaarMTaiMTaMiaa .anar rBmMtt. nfcaifcw. laal
I .1 1 ' tsL i
n Brave Washington once made a trip g wWnPS. JH 1
1 To catch the British on the hip. I ML S ifvWi I
s . . 1 i&J v JFJ '1
M And as ne crossed tne ueizware m w a Wmtm M
H I lmattmmmtlin f fwk
m He wet his boots. I do not care," ' wFWAf ff 1
I Said noble George, I have with me H 1 II 1WJ J 1
A pair of Crawford Shoes, yon see. I 1 Iljitfmmi I
9 Soon as we land I'll put them on Ml ffiyWbjCMl J
H aj it At t a. -.- ti Baffinu fjfj XJCH MmUmmM
tm .ttxia uren um elements i &tut u. wSaWBBBvVr S mmmJUtrw
From Hessian foe did he retreat? I 1 l55jtnaJBD5r
Not so. Nor suffer from "de-feet." rs
a r, Lpr? -Msillft Snli
Oscar M. Johnson.
K Mrs. Mary Beck and daughter went
Tonka, the usual cheat for
vanilla, costs one or two cents
for a certain amcAint;
Schilling's Best vanilla a dol
lar. One is strong; the other i.c
fine. One is rank; the other h
delicate. Nevertheless four
fifths of "vanilla'' is tonka
The 98 cents accounts for it.
Wo give particular attoniiaa ta
tho bilnssi of the farmovs, Wo oor
OlaHy invite them to make this
their banking baje.
Salem State Bade
L. K. PAGE, Prtskkmt
E. W. HAZARD, Cashk
Shortage of Can.
The Spanldlag Sawmill Company, of
this oity, whloh is now engaged in sup
plying timber for the Soathern Paeiac
Bailroad Oompanjr, has been having
troabie la getting cars eacagh to ship
their products. Right largo fiat oars
wore received yesterday, and those will
be leaded w'th ties at oace. The com
pany also has a contract to famish a
large order of heavy timbers to be
asod in different parts of Utah, bat as
tho timbers arc sobbing and- so heavy
that they require large oars tWy can
Mt be shipped at present.
Buried Hero.
Tho body of tho late Hov. D. L.
gpaldlag, of Spokane, was broaght to
this oity yesterday for bavial. The
bedy arrived on tho 11 o'clock train
and was take directly from tho train
to tho Leo MIssIom cemetery, where
the services were oeadaeted by Father
Royal and Bov. W. H. 8Ueck The
deceased ws a pioneer minister in the
Methodist ehareh and several years
age was located in this oity.
Tho College Weekly.
T'io first Isaac of tho Weekly Wil
lamette Collegian eameoat yesterday
anil Is a xotj creditable college week
ly. It will be published ever Wednes
day of the remaining school year, An
drew Marker ia editor ia chief and
Gits Unruh ia business manager.
dawn to take a last look at the Fair
this morning.
II. L, Beekaap, of Maseatine, Iowa,
arrived yesterday on a visit to rela
tives la this vicinity.
. Mrs. J. I. Brightoaridgo. of Pasa
doaa, OaL, is the gaest of Mrs. Charles
Knowland. of this city.
F. D. Frank rotamed to his homo
near Sflvorten yesterday, after trans
acting baeiness ia this city.
Miss Joe Woaderii went to Portland
yesterday afternoon to spend a feiv
days under the parental roof.
Miss Loreaa Meadows, of Hoppaer,
arrived ia the city yesterday ami wiM
bo a stadeat hero dariag the winter.
WlUlam Perry, of Jaaetioa, who has
bees visiting friends ia Salem, left for
the Portland Exposition this morning.
Aagact Xeagcbanr, who has been
basy selling books for Patten Brothers,
Is eajeying a short vacation at the fair.
George Aspinwall, of Tamer, was a
bueiaoM visiter to the Capital City
yesterday, roiarning home In the even-Jbea
Hrneot Savage, of the Batter Cup
Dairy, who has been very ill lt several
days, ts reported to be maeh better to
Obarles K. SpaakMng loft yesterday
for Oregon Ctty and Portland. He
will be absent free Salem for several
iliM Delia TiauR retarned to htr
home in Oarvallis yesterday ftr
spending several days with friends in
this city.
J. N. Griffith is moving his family
from Oakland. Oregon, onto the Mrs.
John F. Miller farm, two miles soath
J of Salem.
u. t: William, who has been sheet
lag pheasants near this eitjr and Dal
las for several days, rotaraed, to his
home la Portia 4 yesterday afternoon.
Walter Waiting, who for many years
was employed with Jos. Meyers 4
Seaj, tpeat yesterday in this eitr. He
was on his way from Medford to
Miu Marjory Girton, who has been
the gaest of her sister, who Is a stu
dent at the university, rotamed to
her home in Aberdeen, Washington,
this morning.
George Simpson, of Spokane, has re
turnl to Salem to resume his studies
at tho WUHmetto University Mr.
Simpson was manager of tho track
team last year.
City, Iowa, aro the guests of W. A. Lis
ton. They are touring the coast and wiH
spend a few days in looking over this
part of Oregon.
Frank Movers, of the Spa, returned
this morning from Pennsylvania,
whero ho has been for two months on
basinoss connected with the settling
up of his grandfather's esttnte.
Bev. Frank Spaaldlng, of Spokane,
was nreseat at the nhanni anrtluu nt !
tho university tMs morning and made ulln ' ri,r0-d Ud aB1 303 n,,lw of
a short talk to tho stadeats. Mr. 'SP" a telephone lines.
Spaulding was a ttadent at the anlver-1 T"rre P ! Bts in
slty about 20 vears ago. I th "? tk,B other ktsds ot
Mrs. Cora Witsohen rotamed to 9tok "w- Th total number is
Portland this mrmUr fr uAU H60. The number of other stoek
Benton County Tax BolL
Victor B. Moses, county clerk of
Benton county, has filed with the
secretary of state a summary of the
assessment roll of that county for this
year. This summary shows that tho
total value of taxable proporty is
M.744.S06. It also shows that thero
are 71,747 acres of tillable land in the
oonnty and 391,995 acres which are
not tillable. Also that there are 4S
tho wedding of her sister, Mies Neva
Grlswold, to Ralph Watson. She was
accompanied by her sister, Mies Maad
Mrs. namaker, of Klamath Falls, and
her daaghter, Mrs. Xf. L. Parrieh, of
tills city, went to Portland this morn
ing. Mrs. Parrieh will retarn soon,
but Mrs. nnmaker will visit for a
month with her son.
Mrs. Heller ami children, of Indian
apolis, who have been the guests of
relatives in this elty for seme time,
started on their retarn home this morn
ing. Mrs. Heller is n sister of Mrs.
B. M. Duncan of this elty.
George Meyers Is in Portland today
on business connected with the state
board of barber eommissieaers. The
board will make a trip into Eastern
Oregon next month. Among the places
to be visited are the fear towns In
tho Wallowa Valley, which have not
hitherto made tho acquaintance of the
Miss Gail Seuter, who has been the
guest of tho Misses Btta and Bessie
SsimlU, returned to Portland kit even
ing and after a few days thero wUl
return toher heme in Taeoma. Miss
Souier made many friends daring her
short visit a this city.
-Henry Downing, of the state fair
C&ard, went to Portland this morning
to purchase seats, benches, tables, etc,
from the Lewis am) Clark fair people,
to be used en the state fair grounds In
this city. Mr. Downing reports the
Improvements at the fair grounds to be
welt under way. The roofs of the old
as well as the new buildings have all
been painted green.
iieuert uertew, formerly of this
elty, but now of Wgin, who hoi been
in Salem for a week, returned ns far
as Portland thm morning. After
spending a few days at tho Fair, he
wQl eeaiiaec bis journey home. Mr.
Coshew says that the a B. & X. Oo.
has a largo crew of men at work en
tho extension of tho railroad from El
gin, oa into the WaUewa, Valley. Al
though Mr. Cook has been temporarily
enjoined from building his electric
road over into the same country, his
party of surveyors are still at "work.
Cook is also making an effort to in
terest tho Walla WaHa people la a
project to instruct an electric line
from that city into tho Wallowa Val
is: Horses and mules. 2.39S: cattle.
7JM6; swine, 1.790.
Cleanse your system of all Impuri
ties. Now is the time to take Hollls
tor's Rocky Mountain Tea. It will
make you well and keep you well. 35
ocnts, Ton or Tablets, Dr. Stone's.
Oregon Against California.
At Berkeley this afternoon, the
University of Oreeon football team
wiM play the team from the University
of California A great deal of inter
est is being manifested in Salem over
this game, as lovers of the spoft are
anxious to see if the men from Eugene
will be able to hold down the big south
osoers as well as did Willamette. The
game wiU also show in a measure the
comparative strength of the two teams
which are to meet in Salem November
The State 'Varsity claims to have
the strongest team la the history of
the school, and It will no doubt acquit
itself with honor en its southern .trip.
It will play Stanford Tuesday,
Don't let the children suffer. If they
are fretful, peevish and cross, glvo
them HolHster's Becky Mountain Tea.
The best baby tonle known. Strength
and health follow Its use. 35 cents.
Dr. Stone's.
W. K. VandcrbUt's Anecdote.
"I heard W. K. Vandcrlilt tslktH
last timo I was abroad," said a Pi'.ul
burg man. "It was at the GrsnjEil
teL In Rome, and Mr. Yacderbilt disci
at the table next to mine. He biiju
returned from a long trip in a
ear. Jinrt h! tnltr nofnrt'r- .t.ilf v4l
--t; .-.. ..-.. .
motoring in tho main.
Mr. Vanderbllt said thit lie
were a good many pains an! wwifrl
ciikntal to motoring. M"t of ual
though, could be avoide-1 ty good an
"Ho said ho knew a ma wbslvf
started with a friend on a week's ta
in a big car, and thtv h'" stayed t
weeks because they rrjyed tin!
selves so much.
"When finally Aer jnt bsci tl
town it was a Monday t git sad 1
Mr. Viauderbilt's itiny Umld
his reception, went home. ar.J hit vL'j
received him as coldly as he htii
pooled sho would do. V 5t he 4rl
ed, though was an expl s.'a aaliMti
scotdinc and upbrauunc. As le u3
ed, ho tried to think .? t ae ;'
escape this explosion, . bbiIIt i
idea oame to him.
"I am glad to be 5 . k he nl
voa. dear ' be said Bu ' rt.T Pl
Poor old Pitcoel'
" Ah, poor fellow f 1 h
band, 'at this moment : s wife Is pi
ing him tho very due"
"The ledVa manner sv'tcaed.
wily speech got her hu"fnd oil
wouU not show hersc'f
scold, like Ira. Pit '"-PtuaW
For Infanta and Children,
Hie Kind You Hare Always
Ta ITa utsvej tVn !.-. T.it i
John B. Jones and wife, of Atlanta I. .I:. 7" .', . ,u"jr oas "
-tci3t eov rwau assured
No Improvement on Nature,
Irate Patient Herel You told me
these false teeth would be just as good
as natural ones and they hurt mo horribly.
Painless DentistWell, didn't vour
natural ones hurt vout Trtn.i.ti
for Tales from Lo Eire.
Bears tho
kt Tfea fata Ta Hiw Amp &&
Hie Wing Sang Co
All kinds of fancy Dry Goods, Sllta,
Embroideries, Xdwen. Make np new Una
Gents' and Ladies' Furnishing Goods,
Salts, Wrappers, SMrta, Whita Undar
wear and all Mads Dress Goods. Bala
cheap, sis court street, corner alley.
Pnona 1107.
Salons, Oregon
knowledira of how to do.
tion and nreferment In tcsinM
tho reeult of abUity t C-
a eonsUnt demand for coP
Imlii 1 -n ran keen fc" xs s
stenographic work, there ts a p
for you.
Can Yon Do Snca Work?
It has befca years s-e
man with . knowledge cf
keeping hJ e apleted czx
hand course, rimply bc-as
all secure pwiUons before
atiair. What better o;
do yon want! In eomrxlwa
Hi rMMitfita derived, it e'1
UtUo to secure a, nsable
lion. Sen for catalogue.