Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 01, 1905, LAST EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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fcl,'l"'Hlni,- 'I
k BY IFBB BEOB. ' If $VlVjl!
oztxozal census salem.
,-. MAY, 1004, 13,287.
Tho Death of fcho riowors.
(.Wltb, proper, apologies to the memory
I bf) VfillfonV Oullcn Bryant.)
Tho niolancholy days aro come, tho
eaddoet of thorn all,
Of fronted flnanco, cxposod graft, and
' ' ' schAiwSs foredoomed "to fall, " ,
Heaped -on tbo ourbs,, .of . Wall and
Broad, whero onco tbo lambs did
Tho forms of "captains of flnanco"
,. llo In grand' disarray.
fyhe i 'sucWrf'' fronv those haunts
. hayp, flown, and gono the "easy
And Trinity's doop booming chimes
Bounu tnrougn tmo gloomy any.
Whoro are tho lowers, tho fair young
flowcra, that onco did horo abldo
Schwab, Alojcamicr and Dopow and
ckb iho sporty BJydoI
Aiasl all .wlltodi now they llo, a bunch
of jPaped lowers
That brjvo .boon, pluckod. and thrown
asTdo, tho proy of vastor powers, .
Tho olurft is flirty whoro thoy llo, and
gono thntr fragrant bloom,
And no no Is left to h6d a tour aboro
iholr slushy tomb.
Tbo steel flower and) the poach 'a
bloomy they perished long ago;
Tho. eorcus, bight-blooming Uy&o, has
lost ita waxen glow;
Aid on tho curb tho others lie, ex
posed to moors and jeers,
iWIhlla not a withered petal is rofroshod
by falling .tears.
As foil the frost from the cold clear
voky, so fell tho wrath of man,
And they who woro onco groat and
strong aro now tho "also ran."
Bad Habits In tbo Country.
Tho grasshopper chews tobacco,
The quail gots out his pipe,
Tho flsh hawk is so awful poor .-,
Ho has to hunt a "snipe."
Tho roosler1ha his cocktail,
Tho orchard gotspluro fulJ,
Tho onion (squanders ovcry scent
And tho radish Jias n. pull.
"Songs of tho Santiaw."
Bo many doctors of loyr aro being
created that it docs .soemi tno Jaws
ought to bosuulciontly doctored .to con
trol tho "trusts. "Tho docttfra have a
good constitution to work on.
Tho Southern Pacific has changed its
time tabid slightly, 'but as trains never
arrivo on timo, it was a wastb of print-
br's ink and energy to publish, tho fact.
Th6 Fogg famlljy aro to havb a re
union is Boston next month. Revoral
members of tho trlbo rcsido in Orogon
nud Washington, but,, owing' to. all
iance, many ot nenv wy.i rnps uuomi.
Thoy -will boclowd & tho "Orogon
mlssdV" --
Krnest Stnrr got so Interested In
dodging United States deputy marshals
that ho forgot all ho know about tho
V7llllAiUon case.
Mrs. Emma Murray, of Santa Bosa,
ToVtbo Scasido and !rinteinJos,ortaJ
, ' for tno Btunmor yacaupns.
'On and ""after Juno 1," I&05, Iho
Southern Pacific, in connoction with
tho GorTallls k Eastern railroad -will
lIUl'll.illl Tl'llllilllf-
Ohamber of Commcrcolssacs Interest-
lag Pamphlet on Roads.
And wh on I giute upon thein now don't
think I wail nnd ocrooch
For 'Alexander, Schwab, or Hyde, or
cko for "Chnuneo tho Poach."
Wo'll lay thorn hi Mio warm, moist
earth for all of futuro time,
And o'or thoi'r" mounds wo'll tl
(drn'w d&VdOrlzlncr llmo.
'Tls not unuioot that thoy should fndo
thby novor" should hnvo bloomod,
And not a tear will drop nbovo tho
"flowers" thus ontombod.
"Will M. Maupin in tho Commoner.
Midway Island, Our SmaUest Territo
rial Posaoualon.
Tlio grontost ttttrnotlon of Midway
island is its windmills, wnoso enormous
helglit iuuko .the inlle-lougCh coral Jul
nnd Jook froin shipboard smaller tlian
it really is. Although Midway island
belongs to tho United Bttttca .and' is n
cablo station, thoro nro about a dozen
Atnorlcnns only on it. Sevornl of theso
Inhabitants hnvo becothj through iso
lation, moro afraid of .etrangcra, than
. tho milllonM of tamo gulls thnt make
tho Island lliolr home. The history of
almost ovory whtto man on Midway
island may bo writton in tho ono un
kempt sonUnqe: "I ran uway from n
whaler," Midwtiy.' is nu island that
was born upon the. bosom of an hu
menso waVo that followed an oarth
(imko fthotjkx Jmt bow old it is no
living man in tho Pacific soems to
know. There is no vogotatlon on tho
island booauM) thero is no soli. Mid
way is iv hunk of coral roof, around
which a ring of ocean bronkers contin
ually laH'n? ihuuiolvos into a tnlst of
, creamy foam.
Strike! Still Grows, '- .
Itloa, Itussla, Aug. 1. AH tho ship la
borers hUvo joiofil tho strikom.
. ail, , , . .
Its the suro way to sue
cu. KvurV.oJy caa ssvo
somothlng, if only a small
Amount, nnd tho small sums
saved and deposited KEQU.
IjAIILY soon yield largo
It May Mom the Building of a
iicme, tho roundttloa of a Buslnteii
br a( College Education,
1jV rocelvo deplU of one
, dollsr or mora at any tlmo
and psy Interest at tho
taVo of throo per tiii per'
annujH, v crajKUB,4l sml-
Slv2flfS D(MlHlKtt
Suoh a demand lips arisonfor copies
of tho report .of tbo transportation com
mittoo of tho Qhambor of Commerce,
,whieh was published by tho local press
onrlior in tho piontb, that tho commit-
too docldod to issue tho statement in
pamphlet form. Tho first copies of thp
report in thnt ahnpo were distributed
Tho unhesitating wanner in will oh
tho persons compiling tho roport laid
bnro tho facts regarding tho .rnllroad
ilovelopmont in Orogon, tho manner in
which Mr, Hnrrlmnn and his associates
hud npjHMiscd tho Wobfootites with
promlsos of facilities in tho undovolopod
roglons, nnd tho gonornl bnckwnrdnoes
of t'he-stnto in that rospoct as com-
parod with otlior domains in iho West,
aro conditions whlch'eeemod to.havo api
peajed'tifho mwso judging frpm the
call fdrtfho book.TclogTam.
T-P "
A fow countorfoltor,i ' bavo latoly
boon making nnd trying to sell imita
tions of Dr, King's Now Discovery
or iQonsumptlon, Coughs nnd Colds,
nna ,otnor mcMicinoo, tnorooy ueirnuu-
Jug tho public, Tills is' to wnrn you
to bbrara of nuch people, vwbo seek
to roflt, through stoallng tljo- reputa
tion of remedies which bavo boon suc
cessfully curing dlsoaso for ovor 35
yoars. A sure protection to you ib
pur namo on tho wrapper, Look for
,1 on all Dr. King's; or Bucklen's
romedlos, ns nil others are moro imi
tation. Hv E. BUOKLEN & CO.
Chicago, 111., nnd Windsor, Canada.
For sala i!by J. 0. .Perry, Salem.
M I !! I I
"Oatholio rorostors Moot.
Boston, Maas.r Aug. 1. TUo blon
nlnl tiitnrnitttnnnl eonventlon of tho
b'ntholic Ordr of Forejto'r opened' in
Boston tolay with an attendance of
about 360 dologatos, who eomo from
various parts of this coiuvtry and Cniy
dn. Tho bcadqunrtew of tho con-
voutiou urct tho AtnorUiftti bouse, but
tlui Jtotnionn nro being held iti Fauoull
Tho, ormal opening of tho cOnvcn'
tlon'.trna precwld by the celebration
Of solemn nis St. Stephen's
ourfth.f tbo delogates attending In fc
botV' Tho, delegate then marched to
uvl nail, wbcro tye regular bus
How f tho convention Avas begun. The
reports of tho various oftlcors bIiow
that tho ordur is the largoat Catholic
fratornnl iiu'urnnco pfgaulmitloa in
America, comprising some 117,00p
membora in 1500 subordTjmto court.
Tho pesont high eblef ranger is Thom
as A. Cannon of Chicago.
i ' '
Orojon Suburban Auto Co.
Ajitpmobllo car leaves WllUroetto
Hotel for Independence, week days, at
7 "a, m. and 3sS0 Y. id. Beturnlng leaves
Independence at BiBO'ntad 6"p.fea. Sua
days leaves 8lem at 6 a, uu and 3:SO
g. m. vLe&ye Independence at 0;),
a. in. anil 5 p. m. Connects at Indfi
pendeueo with. ti)ptpr for Mpnmpntl
Dallas and all point on tbo West Sld.
Special for eventog parties.
6-irtf 4C I, BALDWIN, Mgt,
Cab, won in tho oupromo , court yoster- jhave on sale round trip ticnets irom
day in tho suit brqtight.agalnst her by pots on their lines to Newport, i
Sam Casto for tho" possession of the'qnina and Detroit at very low rates,
pacing stallion Diablo.- Oatto claimed good for return until Octbbor 10, 1005.
tho right to possession ofe tho horse Throo day tickots to Newport and
under a contract of employment with , Yaqulnagood going Saturdays and re
Mx larra, tho owner, and under a turning, 'Mondays aro also on sale from
contract with Sirs. Murray, after her & & points Portland to Eu
husband's death. iRono lnclnslye, and from all weet side
About a yoar ago Mrs. Murray, Dr. pelntc, enabling people to visit their
T. B. Strong ana E. DCrockham broko famiuea ana spena Bunaay ai tns w
tho loelo on tho stable door at thn atato e'de-
fnlr errtmniU nnA T'nnV f hn inr gwnv. SoOSeh tickets fr6m all Cast side
ThiiJ ropWn "suit waa then brought, 'points Portland U Eugeas inclusive,
A trial before Circuit Judbro Qcoriro U. ' and from all wost sido points are also
Burnett resulted, in a vor.dict for Mrs. on sale to Detroit at very lew rates
Murray and Casto nppoalod. " top over privileges at wu uuy
Tho supremo court holds that what- Wr ' poi east ehibllng lttrlsta to
pvor right Casto hadl to tho possession Iit tho Santbun and BreitanbwOj Hot
of thp borso was nndor his contract Springs in tho Cascada jneunloinf,
with Mrs. Murray, but, as tho alleged wW n reached in ons day.
.contract was mndo after tbe husband's Bcaaon ticKpta wl bo gos ror ro-
loath, and before the appointment of furn from all points until 0tpber 10.
nn (administrator, no tltlo was convoyed ThP. 47 tickets will b good going
theroby. Mrs. Murray, as an heir, had Satnrdays and returning Mondays
a right to tho posaceslpn of tho horso, ' 9t Ticketa from Portlaad and vi
ponding tho appointment of nn ndminis- inlty will tbo good for ret.arn ylo the
trator, but no tltlo coufd bo secured by , or woe) "M t option si paoscn
anji person except in punraanco of or- B0''' TlekpU from Eugon and visinity
dors madd by tho county court, in duo wiH bo ff01 Soi.nS Tin tho Lebanon
fcOurso of administration. Tho opinion Bprfngflold branch, if desired. Baggage
on Newport ticket cnockod tnrougn
to Newport; on Yaqulna tickets to Ya
qulna only.
Fablo of this PansV. I trains eonneet wltn tbe U. ft B.
A protty fnblo nbout tho pansy is 8t Albany and Corvattis for Yaqnlna
current among iTCncn nnrt Uormsn " "i. . " u .." . ..
chlldron. Tho flower has fivo petals '" DtfwH will loavs Albany at 7f'8d
and fivo aonals. In most nansics. cs- ta- enabling tourists tbe Jl6t
pPclally of tho oarllor and less highly ' ePrinC reacb thero tb same day.
dovolopod vaHetios, two of tbo J11 .frtn an1 te Corvallls eohnoct
petals oTo plain in color and throo ftro w " f41 Idt trtn8 on thk a
gay. Tho two plain petals fcavp a sin- 'a lafeimatiPn as U rates, time
glo sPpal, two of tho gay petals havo 'abV, et., e4n bo obtained en appli
a sopal each, nnd iho third, which is eat,m to' J- "T Oon " AR -
of tbo supromo court was written by
JumIUo Mooro.
- .i
Big Klamath Country's Trade Qooa tol
San rnvncisco.i
Klamath Falls, Or., Aug . 1. The
steamer on tho now Klamath-Falls-1
Laird's Landing- run, tho Klainatb,
which was successfully launched Satur
day forenoon, will begin her regular
run between horo nnd Lnlrd'o, Landing,
on tho lower ondi of Llttlo, Klamath
Lake, about August 10 or 15. At
Laird's Landing tho steamer will con
nect by stage over a 40-mllo wagon
road with tho present terminus of the
McCloud Ktver railroad nt Bartols.
From tho latter point tho McCloud rood
funs up to Upton, on tho Southern Pa
clfld, in Siskiyou county, California. .The
McCloud pcoplo say thoy will havo their
road built to Lnird'a Landing by July
1st, next yoar. This now lino will give
a morO direct routo from this region to
Sacramonto and San Fratieiscp.
Tho Klamath is 80 foot in length;
boam, 15 fept; drnft, 2 feet; capacity,
75 tons; will develop 150 horse-power
and will probably show a speed, of 15
miles an hour. Bho (has a freight had
passenger deck, a dining room and four
staterooms, will bo allowed to carry
from 75 to 100 passongcra on regular
trips, and cost approximately $10,000.
Ilor propollor is 44 inches in dlamotor.
Aftor tho ropos woro Put, tho boau
tiful now craft slid gracefully into tho
water amid tho npplnuso of tho as
sembled spectators. No formal corp
nvony attended, tbo launching; it was
strictly a business affair. Tho now
8tonmer was hauled up to tho wharf
after tho launching, where tho finishing
touches will bo put on her.
S m - r-
inrtr K..k . "'l
.v,.,, uk no r0allZa that j,
mon. womon nni (.tu. '
-- --- vuiUr(a-(g
,., uUU.D, hod coma and 'J
havo a bank account, .l
uovcr ueposiieoi one cent in i'
Wo aro now after this d,,, ,
daily, and will not bo i.iu.l
til wo bavo Interested tUn,
nuui. ira io .call and inv..n...
mothoda Tand bo convinced ll
w your aavnntage t0 tli
UV.V.UUUV nitu UB.
:' -i'- " i"i .
SdUto State
L. K. PAGE, PfcsW
4i. W. HAZARD, I
L . .
I - - - .
' Toachorn'",JExkui
JNotico Is horoby given tk J
cdunty supprintondont of iliri1
ty, ,Qr.6g9i; will bold the reni
nmlnntion of applicants for tuJ
pounty papprs at tho Mothodtit
boginning Wednesday, Auimit i
at 0 o'clock ,a. m. and eontlnnisa
Saturday, August 12th at t
" E. T. UOOI
7-2B-5t County SeateJ
tho largest of all, bos two sepals.
St E. B. It.,. Albany; W. E. Ceman,
Itato from Salem to Newport $5.00.
Rato frsm Salem to Yaqnlna $1.50.
Bate from Salem to Detroit $3.00.
i Throo-day rato from Salem to Ya-
il'nWioTOSwfSa-JSSb. - 0-1-tf
i j r ..' -.
Mko Saem Good Home Market"
' -"- -- l . .t. I ..
Tho fablo is that tho pansy Topro- V Av l' - 1'ortiana or to any
acnts n family conslotintr of husband o- . or u. ju. agent.
and wifo and four laugbtors, two of
tho lnttor boing stepchildren of tho
wifo. The plain petals nro tho atop
chlldron, wltlr ionlyMOBo-chnlr; tho
two small, gay potnln aro tbo daught-,
ots, wfth ja-fbnlrjcbj anatho largi
gny poiui is tno who, wiin two cnairs.
- To find tho father ono must etTlp
ftway tho petals until tho stamens and
postals nro bnro. Thoy have a fanciful
rosomblnnco -to tho. old man. with a
flnnnel ."wrap about his ncck? his
sjiouldorS upraised and his' feel in a
bath tub, Thp story is probably of
French origin,. boonuso tbb French
call tho punsy tho stepmother.
. .. i vr .Tvi -n- i I,. - ,. ,
HOW'S Tins?
Wo offer Ono Uundrod. Dollars Ho
ward for anycaso of catorrh that can
not bo cured by Ilnirs Cntarrh" Ciiro,
F. J, 0UENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Wo, tho undoraljrnod, havo known F.
J, Ohonoy for tho last 15 yours, and
bellovo him porfectly honornblo in all
business and financially nblo to carry
out any obligations mado by his firm.
Wnldlng, Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholosalo Druggists, Toledo, O.
nail's Catarrh Curo Is takon inter
nally, acting upon tho blood nnd rail
cuous surfaces of tho system. Testi
monials eent free. Prlco, 76o nor bot
tle Bold by DruggUts.
Tako irnll's Family Pills for con
stipation, -
How Much Sbo Missed nim,
Boston Herald,
Tho Into Mary A. Livormoro likod
to tell a .story of a young friend of
Itors, in Melrose, for sho believed in
this story lay a lesson for husbands.
Mrs. Livormoro 'a frlond was pass
ing, a month alono, her fato having
boon summoned to. Europo on a busi
ness mntttor.
"And you aro very lanoly wltboutj
your husband now-l" the eldor. said
to tho younger woman one morning..
"A lltttlelonoly," was tho.quallfied
But Burqly,' snid Mrs, Llvermprp,!
"you miss pur husband very, muoh,
no who i away," ,.
Tlio .other laughed rather bitterly.
"Qb, no, she said. "At breakfast ?
just stand bis .nowspannr up In frput
of bis plato, ami half the timo J forgqt
bo isnX thero."
Rocky Mountain Tea Ntrggets
A Bajy ModJcia for Doir PeopU.
Srlari Qolden Htlth snd Beaewed Vltor,
A iipM(1o forConslInntloii,lDdlByiUon, Mre
un ih'mivi .luuHiOTt luiyieo bccilin, AIiiJU(a
lllood. Jt.vl Dreath, Kluenleli 11owls, 1cAdaclie
and n.tckneno. n itocky tlonnuin '
llmplcs, Uciemk, Itnpura
let form, 81 penis a box. Qrnuloa msda by
inu.isrcn unco uummnt, Jiniuson, wis,
Tea In tbb.
White House
want tho best niti
affords. Everything
it yon
class and up-to-date.
Phono Main 2421. BttteH
...,...-! i n rnpm;tifJriii-ti,twiFfiriMi7iM
Reduction Sale of Mtislm XJndettm
. Ppnltry atStrfnor'BMarkot.
Egga-Por dozon,38c.
Hons 010c.
Frys 12jc.
Baker, Lawronco ft Baker.
Eggs Por dozen, 18c.
Prults, Vegetables, Etc.
Potatoes 83c.
,Ontons 50.
Txropleal Prutta.
Bananas 5o lb,
Cocoanuts, $1.00 per dor.
Oranges $2.002.50.
Lemons $2.763.60.
live Stock Market.
Stoors 33.
Sheep 1c,
Dressed vool Oc
Fat ,hpg 5V4c.
Baled Clover $0$10.
Eggs, Butter and Cream,
'By .Commorclal Cronm Co.
Butter fat 10c at station.
t Grain, Hops and Plonr.
Oata Choice white, $1.30.
BaVloy $2323.50.
Flour $05.
Muslin drawers worth 40p, for 25o
Muslin drawers worth 50e, for 80c
Muslin drawers worth 75o, for 60a
Muslin drawers worth $1.00, for 80a
All $2 skirts for $1.00.
75c or $1 chemlso for 60c.
Corsot covers worth iOt, fa
Corsot oovors worth 50a, la
Corspt eoyoTB worth 75a, f
Cprsot eovprs worth $1.00, fa
AU $15 nightgowns for Wt
$1.75 skirt chemlso for 1143
anrCiDiuar 6Ky fob
Osor Takes Advice,
St. Petersburg, Aug. 1. Tho special
counsellors of tho I'snr nro called to
moot at Poterbdff today to consider tho
projeot for a proposed national assem
bly, Baiting of Jews, continues in
many parts of tha country, and tho
Jews aro in a srtato of groat alarm.
Xlaor Is Quiescent.
Copeahagen, Denmark, Aug. L.TThe'
i,l.CaUer rpmalnpd indooro at ,tho castle
this warning, and ;lunched la tho boob
lag lodgo near ErenUtagoa. TpVo was
no prlvato cpnferenco between the two
klngu tday.
Portland Market,
Wheat WaUa Walla, 8384e.
Valley 85rc,
Flour Vploy, straights, $4.10: era-
ham, i$l.00. '
-Hay, reed, Etc.
Balod Cheat $10.
Oats Cholco white, $1.351.40.
Millstuff Bran, $19.00.
Hay Timothy, $13.00.
Potatoes $1J5U0.
Poultry-Ohickens, mixed, J24
iocj per id; baas, 13c per lb; roosters,
old, 10c per lb; fryers, 2fic per lb;
ducks, $1.00(9.00 per dor.; geoso 8
0c per lb; turkeys, 1718c per lb;
dressed, 021&e per lb; squabs, $2.50
3.00 per doz.
Fsrk-Tresipd, 78c
Beef Dressed, 26c.
Veal B8c
Mutton Dressed, 67yjo.
ilopftContraet; J005,.)6ci 1904 eron.
25c for choice! 2384c fpr primes and
Wool-1905 clip va,lley, coarie to
medium, 24(25ftpj fine, 2023e;
Eastern Oregangiga'e.
Butter Fancy creamery, 2021Vje
dairy, 18H17; store, 1515Hc '
Baby Clotiies at Reduced Prices
Baby dresses, 40a gr&do for 25c JUaby robes, ?l.U5 grids (or I
Baby dresses, 60a grado for 30c Baby skirts, 60s grade fa
Baby drosses, 75o grado for 60o Baby skirts, 76c grade for
Baby dreesos, $1.25 grado for 08c Baby robes, $1.25 grade for
Itoduced prices on Millinory; cloaning up of tho soasoa. JVij
not carry any goods ovor. So our formor low prlcos arc not I
lower. A n!co lino of trimmed hats to seloct from; also flowers, AS
bucklos and nil ha) trimmings.
298 and 300 Commercial St.
Going East?
When you reach Ogden you can go aboard
through Standard or Tourist Pullman, runnicj
via Rock Island System by way of the Scenic
Route through Colorado,, thence to Kansas u
St. Louis or Chicnno.
DaaI. TaImm . Tm..aJ9mb. ..1...am ammm "li!
iOIUIIU 1UUI1BI 04CCpbl,a uww... ,
home" in their cornoletelv comfortable and rep-
4r-ful atmosphere. They are aa neat as wax, i
-manned by Pullman conductors, and porters
inaddition to thls&?ey. &r; in charge of !,
Rock Island excursion manager.
The Rock Island has three Eastern gatew;
Chicago, Kansas City and St. Louis, PM
connection in Union Stations at all three, for
important points in Eastern and Southern staW
R..4 rM. ... r.ji.... ., ... & tf..l.n. Ir a TnuriSl
Sleeping Car." and ask all tho questions you ! f I
tSeneraTAKent,"Rock Island System,
140 Third Street, Portland", Ore.
Phens: Main 2953,
2'7 & Coomtrttaiit, I
Printea oil Lasting Grade Cord Pl
j?mcEs liionTi .quick smyai
psoors suamrttA
nx-iti unm.
tHfe N.b.-lFi i afr PHINTE
ax7 8. Commercial St. S1