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bnlght and Thursday, light rata or
3L. XV.
iployers Begining to Draw the Line
not Concede to Demands of
Petersburg, Feb. 8. Gravo fears
entertained that tho stubbornness
he employers will result in great in-
renienco to tho workmen, and tho
igent persistence to not accept
workmen who are known to havo
n an active part in tho strikes
lead to a renewal of tho trouble of
past fortnight.
tho managers of theso manufacture
establishments do not recede from
present attitudo towards tho strik-
Jby 7 o'clock Wednesday morning,
20,000 employes of theso four cs-
lishmonts will go on striko again,
ling tho afternoon of Tuesday it
kmo known that 800 mon, every ono
vhom played a conspicuous part in
uprising, had been refused admit-
so. Immediately committees wore
by tho union to tho managements
tho ultimatum that, unless theso
wore taken back, tho ontiro forco
tho four works involved would bo
ered on strike. Tho officials of tho
lories informed tho mon that they
lid render decisions early this morn-
Tho polico of Odessa have seized con
signments of weapons destined for tho
strikors in tho Caucusus.
No Improvement.
itoom, Feb. 8. There is no im
minent in tho striko situation. All
ight traffic is suspended. An at-
jit was mado today to kill the sta-
New President.
Petersburg, Feb. 8. Tho official
bunccniont mado today of tho up-
tment of M. Kubcku director of
imperial library, as president of tho
lultativo commission for tho ro-
on of tho laws governing tho press
Verdict in Favor of Defendant.
Boston, Fob. 8. Tho McNally broach
of promiso case, in which Charlotte
Helen Bates McNally, tho chorus girl,
sought to -rocover $30,000 from Robert
Emmons Leo, tho son of a wealthy Bos
ton publishor, and who said ho was a
near relative of General Leo, rendered
a verdict this morning in favor of tho
dofondant. In tho chnrge to tho jury
Judge Bishop said tho testimony dis
closed tho deplorable history. Both par
ties, ho said, had fallen into dishonor
and shame.
Ratified Noyr Protocol.
Washington, Feb. 8. Tho state de
partment was notified today that San
Domingo had ratified tho new protocol,
providing for tho responsibility of her
finances by tho United States. The doc
ument will bo. submitted to tho senate
next wcok. It provides for the man
agement of customs affairs by tho
United States officials.
Polico Make Demands.
Petersburg, Feb. 8. Tho polico
lo forwarded to tho employers a list
prominent strikers, asking their im
itate dismissal, and tho employers
o objected on tho ground that they
ftiot bo spared. Tho students of tho
itary academy of medicine havo
ick, demanding that tho school bo
led until freedom is granted them.
Wobbor Murder Trial.
Auburn, Cal.,Fcb. 8. There was no
important testimony in this morning's
session in tho Weber murder trial. II.
Bornhcrd testified thnt Mary Weber
was doad whon brought out of the
hbuso . Ben Depcnder testified that
while at tho firo ho asked Weber if
thero was any ono in tho house, and
received a reply in tho negative.
Suicides by Fire. '
Chehalis, Wash., Feb. 8. Mrs. Tlios.
Enright bado hor two children farewell,
going out of tho house poured tho con
tents of a 5-gallon tin can of kerosene
over horsolf, and set fire to hor cloth
ing. Sho died in horrible ngony. She
was despondent.
Abdicates Temporarily.
Stockholm, Feb. 8. King Oscar tem
porarily abdicated in favor of his son,
Crown Princo Gustav. Tho king is too
ill to transact business, and according
ly ho handod tho control of the govern
ment over to the crown princo until
further notice.
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Oklahoma and New Alexico
Now States
Washington, D. C, Fob. 8. After a
continuous session of nino hours, tho
senate at S:45 Inst night, passod tho
joint statehood bill. As passod tho bill
provides for tho admission as statos of
Oklahoma, comprising Indian Torritor
ity and Oklahoma, and New Mexico, ac
cording to tho present boundaries, with
Arizona eliminated.
Tho first surprise of tho day came
when tho committeo accepted Senator
Fornker's ainondmont, providing for a
separate vote by each of tho territories
of Arizona and Now Mexico on tho con
stitution to bo adopted by tho proposed
stato of Arizona, That provision was
scarcely mado part of tho bill whon
Bard presented his nmendmont, which
had been originally offered by Patter
son and provided for tho admission of
New Mexico as a state without the ad
dition of Arizona.
This amendment proved tho point
arouud which subsequent proceedings
of importance rovolvcd. Tt was first
adopted while tho senato was"' In com
mitteo of tho wholo and then rovorsed
in tho senate proper. Subsoquontly tho
souato decided entirely to eliminate
New Moxco and Arizona from tho bill.
This result was hardly announced
whon Bard, in a slightly changed form,
ronewed tho proposition for tho admis
sion of New Mexico as a stato, and this
time tho amendment prevailed Tho
effect wns to climinato Arizona from
tho bill and establish tho stato of Now
Mexico, and anothor from Oklahoma
and the Indian Territory. In this form
the bill passed.
(Special to Journal.)
Iudianapolis, Ind., Fob. 8. Tho pro
posed excursion of tho National Editor
ial Association to tho Lewis and Clark
'fair in Juno is in dangor of boing
abandoned on account of tho nttitudo
of tho railroads in not granting conces
sions. Tho executive committeo of tho asso
ciation, which is in session horo, has
tho matter under consideration today,
and will probably decido against it.
"Corresponding Secretary N. E. A.
Rockefeller Interests Control
72,740 Miles of Road
Now York, Feb. 8. Positive informa
tion lias come to light in certain fa
vored quarters thnt tho Standard Oil,
through Edward II. Hnrriman, has so
cured control of tho Atchison, Topcka
& Santa Fo railroad, and would bo in
a position to practically dominate tho
transportation facilities of tho coun
try. T6y tliis tremendous coup, and othors
of quito recent date, tho Rockofollcr in
terests now coutrol a total of 72,740
miles of railway, representing in stocks
nnd bonds $3,895,220,000. This vast
network of tracks stretches over tho
East, West, Northwest and Southwest,
tapping tho very choicest territory in
every direction. Tho only portion o'
tho United States not includedin tho
now map is tho Southeastern Atlantic
While the Czar May Have Desires for
Peace He Has Not Yet Said So
Gunboat Disabled.
Norfolk, Fob. 8. Tho gunboat Hor
not lefkjo navy yards early this morn
ing in search of tho gunboat Newport,
which is reported as helpless off tho
coast, with hor propeller gone. Anoth
er gunboat is being fitted out to aid in
tho search.
Now Directors.
Now York, Fob. 8. At an adjourned
meeting of tho directors of tho Santa
Fo railroad today II. II. Rogers and S.
C. Frick woro elected directors.
London, Fob. 8. Additional informa
tion indicating that Russia is making
ready for peaco is cabled to tho London
Daily Chroniclo by its St. Petersburg
correspondent, nnd published in this
morning's issue.
As in his former dispatch, tho cone
spondont claims tho highest authority
for his statements. Ho wires that tho
government has within tho past few
days cancelled a largo order which pro
vided for tho mobilization of a now
army corps.
In addition to this, tho correspondent
assorts that special instructions wcro
sont to General Kuropatkin on Tues
day by tho zar, in which ho was in
formed of tho decision to torminnto the
Russian Activity.
Tokio, Feb. 8. An official dispatch
from tho front states that tho Russian
artillory was activo Monday. Tho Jap
anese ropulsod sovcrnl smnll attacks of
Russian infantry thnt day. Monday
night tho Russians wcro intrenching,
boing especially activo at Chonchiopao
and nookoutai.
at Kuro today and ruiscd bis flag on ibt?
battleship Mikcss.
Anothor Contraband Captured.
London, Feb. 8. A dispatch received
this morning roports tho enpturo of tic
British collier Estry by tho Japanese.
Togo at Kuro.
Tokio, Fob. 8. Admiral Togo arrived
Third Division Sailed.
St. Petersburg, Fob. 8. Tlio thireS?
division of tho Baltic fleet, commanded
by Admiral Misbogatoff, will snil irons
Libnu, February 14th, and will consist"
of tho battleship Imporlal Aloxandesr
nnd tho crulsors Ushal?off, Sonyaviiv
Goneral, Admiral Apraxim, Vladimir
Monnrcii nnd thrco transports.
Bold Bank Robbery.
Lebanon, Or., Fob. 8. Four crac
men dynnmitod tho vaults of tho Leba
non bnnk Inst night, nnd soourcd $8000.
nnd csenpod, going down tho railwny
sovoral miles on a voloeipodo, to where?
their horsoa woro coucoalod. Tho leck:
of tho front door was picked. They
blew tho cntiro front of tho snfo out,
nnd gathered tho coin in sacks. A
posso is in pursuit.
I Grand Jury After Williamson.
Portland, Fob. 8. Investigation of
Congrussnmn J. II. VllllaniBon was core
tinned today by tho fodoral grand jury.
His nuighbors nro giving dnmnging ev
idonco in regard to his connection Ha
tho laud frauds.
&4r riKyl!nAffiriJifjB?7flr?
Mndrid, Feb. 8. Tho Spanish consul-general
at Manila reports that
about 150 Spanish soldiers, who woro
takon prisoners boforo tho American
occupation of tho Philippines, aro still
held by a Tugnl tribe. Tho cabinet
haB asked tlio wpanisn minister ai
WUBIHUUIUU IU ivuuwil mu i..u..v,..
government for tho ransom of theso soV
diors as soon as possible.
London, Feb. 8. A decision fuvor
nblo to the United Statos was rnndrd
today by tho privy council in tho cases
of Greana and Gaynor, indlotod with
Carter in connection with tho Savannah
harbor frauds. They took rofugo in
Canada, but will now bo taken back to
Jbe United State for trial.
Contract Let.
WaahiBgtai rb' 8. Tho treasury
department today awarded tho contract
fr the eonstrufttlon of a public building
at Ogden, Utah, to Thomas Lovell, of
Denton, Texas, for $158,720', to be com
pleted Deeeuibor 1, 1907.
n '
Resignation Withdrawn.
Belgrade, Feb. 8. Tho resignation of
the cabinet, wbieb was handed to King
Peter Monday, bai been withdrawn.
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