Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 12, 1904, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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    tap. .y
Good Shipments of
Prunes and Some
Potatoes Moving
Telegraphic Reports on East
ern and Western Mark"
ets At Close
Tho hop market Is Ann and prices
are steady, with good demand. Quota
tions In local circles, for tho grades of
.hops available, are from 2G to 28 cents
a pound, though there aro some op
tions, expiring next Monday, at 30
cents. Thcso aro between dealers,
and it is Impossible to say whether
thoy will accept when tho options ex
pire. There la moro or loss trading
among dealers, but tho sales of hops
on the part of growers aro few and far
between, for tht reason that tho crops
left In growora' hand's aro few. Deal
ers are looking forward to still furth
cr advances in tho market.
The Grain Market.
Bryant & Ponnell are getting con
aldflraWe wheat at 77 cents, and somo
buckwhoat. Farmers are holding back
oata and barloy in hopes of a raise.
Oats readily brings $20 a ton and bar
ley $21.
Tho Potato Market.
Tho local market is weak and top
heavy. 'Frltco buyers wore hero the
past week to boost prices. There aro
heavy holders of California stock
booming prices to got out at a profit.
Local buyers aro offering from 20 to
40 cents. Extra fancy bring -10 rontfi,
and shipments aro mado freoly to
Texas, Arizona and California.
Prunes Going East.
Tlllaon & Co. shipped two carloads
today, and aro sending out a great
many prunes to Canada and tho East
Italians, 40s, to 50s, not tho grower
3 conts, but some sell lower. No
French or Potltes are selling hero, but
wouid bring more. ,
II. S. Gilo, of tho Pruno Growers'
Association, returnod from California
this morning, and has llttlo oncourago
mont to offer tho growors. Somo ship
ments nro being made, and tho asso
ciation has sont Bruce Cunningham
Don't select
an unknown
kmodlcino If you
want to got rid
of stomach
, troubles. Wise
fcpeoplo uso tht
Olttors becnuso
(for DO yea.rs It
hus never fallod
la cases of
Poo.? Appetite,
Flatulency, Dyspopsla and Constlpa
tlon. G'vo us a trial.
Chicago. Fob! lT Wheat 96
95. Corn. 53i64.
Gold Dust Flour
Nido by
Sl'lnay, Oregon,
Alido foi (nnilly uh. Avk your
arcx-er (or it. Ursa uud shorts al
ways on hand.
A. T. Wain, Agt.
Wanted Potatoes
We Want
Burbank Potatoes.
Early Rose Potatoes.
Early Jackson Potatoes.
Peerless Potatoes.
Qarnott Chill Potatoes.
James M. Kyle & Co
1 75 CommcrdsdSt,
VKK T2 g. AfPW
la written over our OPTICAL DEPARTMENT, becauso wo glvo Bat
Is faction In ovory caso. Wo mako thorough sclonttno to3t, furnish
only tho best quality of lenses, adjust frames to suit both faco and
tho teat. Wo also can replaca any broken lenso or framo, no mat
ter who fitted; thorn In tho first placo. You will And our charges
tho moat reasonablo and tho best equipped Optical establishment
In Snlota.
X Next Door to Ladd & Quih
nnMHninmnutt m
';- f
i f
East to try to sell direct to tho retail
ors In small lots. That Is believed to
bo a solution of the blockade. Thofo
Is somo market for prunos at present
on the association plan, and Bale on
a 2c basis are made from timo to
Capital C)ty Mill' Quotations.
Bryant & Pennoll, Props.
Buckwheat -feOo.
Poultry at Stelner's
Chickens 810c.
Eggs Por dozen, 22c.
Turkoys 12 V4 15c.
Ducks 10c.
Hop Market.
Hops 1922c.
Potatoes, Vegetable, Etc.
Potatoes 36c. .
Onions tc.
Dried Fruits.
Peaches 10c.
Apricots 10c.
Apples 10c.
Petite prunes 4c.
Italian prunes 5c-
Wood, Pence Pot, KU.
Second growth $5.50.
Aph $3.00 to J3.75
Grub oak $C50.
Cedar posts 12c.
Hideo. Peita and uro.
Green Hides, No. 1 5c.
Green Hiues, No. 2 4c.
talf Skins 45c.
Sheep 75c.
Goat Sklne 25c to 31.08
Grain an; Frour.
Wheat, Salem Flouring Mills,
port value, 70c,
Oats $1.10 per cwt.
Barloy $19 per ton.
Flour Wholesale, $3.C0.
Live Stock Market.
Steers 33&c.
Cows 3c.
Shoop 2V6c
Dressed veal 6c.
Dressed hogs Cc.
Llvo hogs 4c.
Mutton 2o por pound.
Hay, Feed, Et.
Baled cheat $10.
Baled clover $10. v
Bran $21.
Shorts $22.
Creamery and Dairy Product,
Good dairy butter 20025c.
Creamery buttor 30c.
Cream separator skimmed,
Com.-Creamery, 30o, net.
Don't Mlsa It
Jameson will give
a lecture
Sunday night at 7:30 In tho hall,'" now applying noroio remeaies.
over Harrltt & Lawrenco'a grocery Oxygon arrived at 4:05. Carter Is
store, Tho subject will bo "Occult
Sclonce." 2-ll-3t
Carnations and Violets
Other cut flowors to bo had at tho
Avonuo greenhouse. Carl Ruef, pro-
prietor. Phono 2591 black. 2-10-3t
There Is a movement on foot to an
nex about one-third of Grant county
to Baker.
o ua. fc 'jp r :sl x a.
aMri ti Ike Kind Von Hare Alwan Boijft
I fc!... TJ.. 1
i new luuay
Tin ii iii i mi i umit ii i,'01 ,n th0 clty lmvo been telpnonod
Wanted. Qood seamstress j steady po-
Call at Dalrymplo & Co's.
For 8al
934X& nnrPB nf fho liost Inml
in Polk county at 40 per acre. All
. . n.i ,iiiM f ..
cleared and cultivated but one acre.
Big house, two good barns, ono will
hold 100 tons of hay, hog houso and
wll Itnnrnvpil nnil knnfr nn Thin
place Is guaranteed to bo ono of tho
best In Polk county. Seo G. A, Hur
loy, in W. II. Holmes' office on Sat
urday or Monday. 2-12-3t
Of Bad Accocmts. No
Collections, No Charges
Van Alstlne, Gordon & Co.
275ya Commercial Street
Phono 801.
A. R, Morgan & Co., Mgrs.
mH 1 M II lit 111! IIHUIIIIII
9 X
Bank. Pioneer Optician, 8tato Street, i
1 1 ih-w iiiiimniiiint
Of Steamer Majestic
With a Horrible
Had Stuff in His Trunk and
Three Detonaters in
His Inside Pockets
Liverpool. Feb. 12. A 'dynamite
plot of unusual Importance has been
. . .. . ,i .. Miai till iuu nuiirui ui iuu "u'"
discovered, and there are indications, Vftriag and Korletz am,
of an extondod conspiracy against tho tranBport Hungarl, which were domol
government. Customs ofllcers, In ishod at Chemulpo Tuesday, have been
searching luggago of Austrian Imml taken aboard the British, French and
grants hero today, on arrival of the Kalian warships, -which happoned to
A, ,, . L, ,, bo in the harbor at tho time of tho en
cases from tho steamer Majestic, dls- Pal),0( the Uu8slnn mln.
covered an 18-pound package of dyna- lstor at Seoul( Ib roporte(i to havo
mite In tho bottom of a trunk. Tho ' asked tho American minister, Allen,
owner gave his name as Ivan SJubsan- to convey tho survivors to Shanghai
owlc, and wa-J promptly arrested, or Cheo Foo on board two American
When his person waa searched three transports, which aro now anchored
detonators wero found hidden in his jtt Chemulpo. A proposal was also
clothing. Ho claimed tb bo traveling made by the French chargo d'affirs
from Carlsbad, Germany. Ho was re- at Seoul to tho Japanese minister to
manded until February 20UIJ, when take them to Chee Foo by tho French
ho will be examined on a chargo of cruiser Pnscam, on parolo and their
conspiracy Ivan's purpose of carrying promlso not to again participate in
theso explosives la unknown, but offl- tho present war. Tho telegram says
cors of tho Majectic reallzo that tho tho Japaneso minister has been In-
steamer has been in deadly peril dur-
lng the entire trip.
(Continued from first pag.j
tiro family aro gathered at tho bed
side Washington, Fob. 12. At 4:15 p.
m M. P. Hanna, tho sonator'8 broth
or, rushed out of tho room and began
sendlnc telegrams to relatives. Tho
'.o(inflnnt anmmnnoil Vilm ATpltAHlv
back to tho sick room, saying his
counsol was needed. Chairman Dick
1 mnn luni nnlltvJ (ntn 4YA vSA- fotrtW
hp J1101 -uu -" " wm. Hm.w
i . . . . . ..,
it. Hanna has lost' con
sciousness. His heart Is barely beat
ing. Unless ho snail respond, quickly
tho end, It Is feared, 1b very near.
, General Dick,
of Ohio; Represpnta-
tlves Payne, of New York; Dalzell, of
J Pennsylvania, havo Just arrived on
tho run, and aro new waiting in the
At 4 o'clock Hanna had a sinking
spell, accompanied! by alarming in
crease of temperature. Carter ap
plied restoratlvea without effect.
Hanna's condition is now extremely
critical. Carrlagos wero sent on the
run for oxygon. Another was sent to
tho depot to meet Dr. Osier, of Baltl
moroi who was sent for earlier In tho
dny. A hurry call has been sent for
Dr. Rlxcy. Relatives of tho senator
for hv loner dlstanco Restoratives.
applied by Cartor, brought down tho
temperature, but otherwise tho pa
tlont didn't respond to tho treatment
Snllno Injectlona and nltro-glycerlno
ttr lolns Blvon at this hour.
I At 4:30 p. m. Hanna's h
heart has
nearly stopped beating. It is barely
fluttering; temperature reduced about
ono-dogreo. All effort Is now bent to
' restoring heart regularity. His breath-
lng Is only surfaco breathing. He did
not respond to oxygon. Drs. Medlll
and McOorralck, of Chlcngo, havo
been tolophoned for.
Secretary Dover sent a mossagcr to
a number of Inquiries as to the unex
pected chango for tho worse. His con
dition la critical. Dover was asked If
this was tho beginning of tho end, and
raworod, "I am afraid It is." It la
stated now that tho relapse waa
caused by a movement of tho bowels.
Slight Improvement
At 4:40 heart action Is a trlflo stead
ier, and tho breathing seems doopor
A very slight Improvement is a
At 4:45 tho sopator brother coma
down Into tho Arlington offlco, and
Bald: "Tho senator's caso la desper
ate, but not hopeless. He Is respond
ing slightly to oxygen treatment, and
hlsbreathlng Is taking a deeper hold."
Secretary Dover haa tolophoned Roos
evelt that tho patient's condition Is
f .
Telegraphic Briefs.
Rome, Feb. 12. Dr. DeOosaj, an
Episcopalian clergyman, who forsook
tho faith when Dr. Brlgga was admit
ted, and was aftorward. ordained a
Catholic priest. Is dying.
Boston, Fob. 12. From. Portland to
Newport thoro Is no open, port AH
aro lco-bound, the worst la 30 yeasa.
Russian Loss that
Was Not First
Efforts to Save the Suvivors
of the Great Sea Bat
tle of Chemulpo
London, Feb. 12. Hayashl has re-
colved telegram from Toklo saying
structed to consent to either of theso
proposals on condition that the sur
vivors bo sent to Shanghai, and that
Russia agrees that tho men not bo
allowed to go north of there in tho
I present war. It Is a fact tho Hungarl
was also demolished at Chemulpo, but
hitherto it has not been roported.
Extra Cars to Asylum, f
The Citizens' Light & Traction Co.
will run extra cars to the asylum fol
lowing the 8 and 8:20 p. m. cars Sat
urday evening. Cars will also be In
waiting after the reception. 2t
Send In Your Orders
Immediately If you want carnations
for next Saturday. Carl Ruef, Avon
uo greenhouses. Phono 2591 black
3aia tht 9 Tha Kind You Haw Always BctjT
We Sell
Bonlcla Hancock Disc Plowa.
Studebaker Vehicles.
McCormlck Harvesting Machinery.
Russell Engines and Separators.
Parson's Solf Feeders.
RuesoII Wind Stackers.
Blrdsoll Clover Hullors.
Fairbanks, Morse & Co.'s Gasoline
Horo Fanning Mills.
Monitor Drills and feeders.
Syracuse and Mollno Plows.
Buffalo Pitts Harrows.
Ohio Ensllngo Cutters.
Hay Tools, Binder Twlno, Etc.
McCormlck, Osborn and Wood's
Stump Pullers.
Sheep Shearing Machlnos.
Spray Pumps.
Tribune Bicycles.
Rambler Automobllo3.
Sharpies Tubular Creanx Separators.
Bicycle Sundries.
Whito and Wheeler & Wilson Sow
ing Machines.
Needles, Oil and Parts for nil Ma
chines, And In fact everything usually car
ried In a flrstrclass Implement and
machlnory house.
, Drop us a lino when you want a
catalog of any of our soparato linos.
Always glad to attend to your wants.
Como in whon In tho city and look
over our stock.
That Gasoline drag saw outfit of
oura is attractln great attention.
It's a moat complete affair, and a
money-savor for a woodman.
Our spray wagon, complete with
gasollno engino, pump and all tho ap
purtenances Is tho finest thing on tho
market for tho hop and fruit man.
Wo aro Just completing ono for Mr.
W. A. Rice, tho orchardlst In tho Rose
dalo district
Call and seo this.
And dlso plows. Our trade Is al
ready on for spring, and it's coming
our way stronger than ever.
F. A. Wiggins'
Implement Houso 255-257 Llborty St
Farm Implements, Automobiles,
Sowing Machines and Supplies.
N. H. BURLEY, Sewing Machine Re.
Grand Opera House
Saiutday, Feb. 13
Henry B. Marks presents Mr. Wra
J. Holmes ln tho beautiful pastoral
One Night in Jtine
A sweet, wholesomo story of country
lift. Largo cast of metropolitan ar
tists, Special magniflcont scenery.
New, novel and original specialties.
Prices 75c, 50c, 35c.
Scats on salo at box office Satur
day at 9 a. m.
Grand Opera House
Monday, Feb. 15
W. E. Nankovlllo's
supremo sue-
Htfman Hearts
A tru story from life, presented In
dramatic form. Comploto scenic
equipment. Capablo company of
players. Startling mechanical de
vices. Prices 75c, 50c, 35c.
Scats on salo at box office Monday
at 9 a. m.
"Portlana and Return Only $2.20."
Tho Southern Pacific Is now selling
round trip tickots to Portland from
Salem for $2.20, good going Saturday.
or Sunday, returning Sunday and Mon
day, giving all day Sunday and Mon
day In Portland. The same arrange
ment applies from Portland, giving al
Portland peoplo a chance to visit val
ley points at greatly reduced rates.
W. R COMAN, G. P. A.
9 1 (H I P-HfrfrtyHM-sHWH-frfrf
J Does Yout Baggy
Need Paint
This Is the time of year to
have It put In order. All work
done in the best style, and fully
guaranteed as to quality.
Prices Right
You will be surprised at how
little It will cost you to have
your rig made new.
V 68 Chemeketa Street.
til in mim mi mi t nn 1 1
Does it need repairing? We
do all kinds of repairing. We
do good work.
New Location, 291 Commercial
stree, oppposlte R. M. Wade's
WWHIIll I 11 1 C I I I I M I 814.
(tmGo. Store
Friday and Sattftfday Days
New goods arriving dally, pillar of them all over the store. The wri
ter goods are getting crowded out and are shoved in nooks and corn
everywhere, and are sold at less
must go regardless of cost.
Odd lot of ladles', men's and
chlldron'a underwear and hosiery
atvlos3 than coat.
Blankets, comforts and cotton
batting at loss than cost
Outing flannels, wool flannels
and flannelettes at less than cost
Ladles' wool waist Jackets and
capos less than cost
,Fur collarettes and fur capo3 at
less than cost
Men's 25o sox. price 12c
M'Evoy Brothers, Court St.,Sale
What is it?
Will be hete
Keep yet
. ey& on this
Angeles, Cal, Tuesday, February,
1904, Miss Helen Louise Van w$-
ner to Mr. R. B. Wllkins.
Tho brldo is woll-known'in thla city
as tho daughter of Mrs. Nancy Vu
Wagner, formerly of Salem, but nor
of IxJs Angeles. Tho groom is a re
cent graduate of Wllliamette UalTer-
slty, and was last fall appointed pu-
tor of the M. E. church of Oornelim
Tho hnppy couplo passed through Sa
lem on tho overland train this morn
ing for their now home.
Extra Cars to Asylum.
The Citizens' tight & Traction C
will run extra cars to the asylun Id
lowing the 8 and 8:20 p. m. cartUr
urday evening. Cars will also belt
waiting after the reception. 2t
' o
"Something now." Tho very tost
invention of tho confectioner's art,t I
and it hasn't been named, at the Bpt
Try it. 2-lHt I
& tho sp Tha Kind Yoj Haw Almn Ba$!
M-HH- i--M"H-t-l Mill I Wf
DIABLO2:09 -4
will mako tho season of ISO! I
at tho Stato Fair Grounds.
This groat raco horse, sire or ;
extreme speod and certain ,
prlzo winner, Is acknowledged ; ;
to bo 'tho peer of any stallion ;
In America. Breeders are re
quested to write or call on
2-9-m Salem, Oregon
X-- niiiini h-h-h
Money to Loan
Oyer Ladd & Bush's Bank,J3alemJr
rkf, rjtJKLV
than manufacturers prices,
Now Dress Goods.
New Silks.
New Scotch Ginghams.
Now Calicoes.
Now Challles.
Now While Goods.
Now Trimmings.
New Buttons.
Now Walstlngs.
New Embroideries.
Now Laces.
Now Curtain Swisses.
New Tablo Linens.
AH sold at little pricey