Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 12, 1904, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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In Nearly AH the Large
A Mass Meeting in New York
Will Discuss ine inaus
trial Welfare of the
,n birthday of Abraham Lincoln
.- universally observed by the Amer
ican people, and coming to bo moro
.rded as a real nauonai memorial
j,r At Salem the Grand Army of the
Republic and the Woman's Relief
Corps will conduct an annniversary
program at the First- Presbyterian
ohurch. At Portland and many other
riiips similar programs aro carried
out la tho same spirit of loyal obsarv-
inrp In honor of tho greatest man in
the century, and probably of all cen
Observed In the South,
naltimore, Md., Feb. 12. Tho Union
Lcacue of Maryland celebrates tho
'anniversary of tho blrto Abraham
Lincoln this Qvenlngl-wjlha.3janq.uet,
for which elaborato , arrangements
'naye been completed. A delegation of
prominent speakers will como from
Washington, among tho number being
Senator John Mitchell, of Oregon;
'senator Jacob H Galllngor, of Now
Hampshire; Senator Louis E. Mc
Comas, of Maryland; Congressmen
Charles H. Grosvenor and Theodore
& Burton, of Ohio, and Congressman
Charles B. Landls, of Indiana.
Lincoln Day at Chicago.
Chicago, 111., Fob. 12. -Lincoln's
.birthday was observed In Chicago as
a general holiday. Banks, tho board
if trade, tho stock exchange and oth
er public Institutions wero closed ami
'appropriate oxorclses wero held In tho
public schools. Tho celebration closes
this ovenlng with a public meeting
d banquet, under tho auspices of
itte Marqut Club. Secretary Leslie
If. Shaw will bo ono of tho speakers,
Aethers to bo heard are Robert G.
Cousins, of Iowa, and Henry S. Bou-
telle, of Illinois.
Celebration at Springfield.
Sprlpsfleld, 111., Feb. 12. Tho homo
city and last resting place of Abraham
Uncoln observed the 95th anniversary
of his birth today by tho closing of
public offices and tho holding of me
morial exercises under tho auspices
of tho various veteran organizations,
wd other patriotic soclotlos. Tho
Uncola tomb was decorated with flags
and floral tributes, a number of tho
latter coming from distant parts of
the country.
Philadelphia Observes the Day.
Philadelphia. Feb.. 12. All tho big
business houses, public buildings and
nany prlvato residences throughout
the city wero appropriately decorated
Way In observance of tho annlver
wy of Lincoln's birthday. In tho
public schools and colleges formal
programs wero carried out, consist
1B5 of exorcises calculated to acquaint
toe students with the life and deeds of
Hie great American commonor. Tho
Grand Army. Sons of Veterans and
tier patriotic organizations also hold
appropriate memorial services.
The Excitement Not Over.
- - .. xaj yuV lit lib OVUIU Dill VWU-
unues and dally Bcoroj of people call
(Or ft KaHIa nf Trnm,.. -nninnl nM n
uroat and Lungs for tho'curo of
ub, uoiub, Antnmo,. .uroncnius
W4V Consumption. Kemp's -Balsam,
Piarantoo and novorttalls to glvo on-
- wusraction. Price 2&Q and 50c.
a i i
An Aurora Estate.
Mrs Sarah Kell. of Au-ora. vester-
by afternoon filed a petition in the
aunty court for tho appointment of
feou 0 Miller as administrator of
tyt stato of tho late' Jacob Gloav. who
"d la Aurora February 1st. The es-
Is valued at 5G000, and Mrs Kell,
tt Petitioner, is tho only heir of the
U e Onlr roulble Way ot HavInC
An Effective Care.
W yon aeo a woman or a man with lux-
taint rimitt t.i. .. . .. .,
Mr h, ,. .. . . ..,
"Marly every case where women and
Oftl Mir. LI ..... . . .. ...
toil. V " oriiue unir, tney owe it
" n4ruft. There are hundreds of prep
J"Uon, that "claim' to cure dandruff,
nn?w0ne tut Newbro's Herplcide tells
huZ? dandrutt Is the result of a germ
sa.rrs ,nt0 tne "caJPt nd at Vf
5 ?ur ot daadruft and ita conse
kad btm ana baldness, can only be
tWw1 tno fferm; and there to no
term t?pJraUon tnat " destroy that
. Nwbroa nerplclda "Destroy
br f,na xemora the "
"r leading amntlsu. Bend 10c ta
W J. Js'ry. Special Afeoat,
makes pale, thin children fat
and ? chubby. Overcomes
wasting tendencies and brings
back rosy cheeks and bright
It's surprising how quickly
children respond to Scott's
Emulsion. It contains just
the dement of nourishment
their little bodies need. They
thrive on it. '
Even a few drops in the
baby's bottle have a notice
able effect for good. Nothing
better than Scott's Emulsion
for growing children.
We'll lend you a sample free upon request.
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl Street, New York.
Next to Linn county, Marlon county
has about tho lowe3t tax levy In tho
state wo aro four mills to their three.
Say, Mr. Gravel Road, don't, and for
heaven's sake take a ride over that
Llborty broken rock load. You'll be
The Drain Nonpareil has a voting
contest as to who Is the most popular
lady In that community. If that lady
now was only tho lucky guessor (or
Tho Journal IMnmond!
Do you notice how suburban real
ostato getB active tho minute there Is
a lot-up In the fight on the Greater Sa
lem charter? It Is now believed that
there is no ono who will put up
monojl to carry that fight Into the
Baker City Is building streets, lay
ing out Bowers and annexing torrltorl
ty. Baker City Is not going to sleep,
to say the least
What's tho mattor with Salem real
eBtate? Moving off with something
liko a rush.
Tho Journal Is a wido-'opon newspa
perteaching rich and poor alike
and tho poor especially, as they can
neither hire nor ovn newspapors.
Astoria was hit hard by an electric
storm tho other night.
"Ono Night in June" ought to have
a big houso at this season of tho year.
Can this bo possible in a town with
out a licensed saloon? Tho Woodburn
Independent prlnta this about that
tewn: "Liquors aro being sold and
gambling la going on In many places,
and our Sabbath has beon and Is being
Bhamofully desecrated."
Tho Journal offlco is not "under
arms," nor barricaded. But It may
bo. r
Tho Salem Young Men's Republi
can Club, at last accounts, had not (to
cured permission from thox proper
authorities to organlzo a club at Ger
vais. The Journal was alone In saying
there would bo a Russian-Japan war.
Whon County Commissioner Al.
Coolldgo, of Sllverton, decided In fa
vor of an $150,000 court house, ho
was almost hung in efllgy. Tho moss
backs roared and kicked. Today tho
court houso Is too small.
Negro Industrial Education.
Now York, Feb. 12. Tho discussion
of negro industrial education in' the
South, as represented by tho Hampton
Institute, which takes place at a pub
lic meeting at Madison Squaro Gar
den this evonlng, will, it Is expected,
bo one of tho most interesting discus
sions of tho sort over heard In Now
York. Andrew Carneglo will preside,
and addresses will bo mado by Booker
T-. Washington Pf Tuskepoo; Presi
dent Eliot, of Harvard, and Dr. H. B
Frlskoll, principal of Hampton Insti
tute Making Good.
The expression "mako good," prod
uct of tho American habit of croatlng
short aud tolling Idioms, is beginning
to comprise tho whole story of suc
cess in any ondeavor. says tho St.
Louis Ropubllc. Whethon it bo an ap
peal to public supptrt, whether it bo
in tho smaller relation of services
rendored to an omployor, tho Ameri
can Judgmont Ib becoming unusually
keen In deciding whether, on tho
whole, a man "makos good." It is
not precisely a question of this or
that shortcoming. It is chiefly a
question of a spontaneous Judgment.
There aro no Ifs or buts connected
with tho matter. Tho man "makos
good" or bo doesn't "make good," and
iiiftt'A an end to discussion. Any-
Ibody can seo whether ho does or not
Excuses dont go.
Commissioners Dis
pose' of )Num))er of
January Claims
Bills Paid at Second Day's
Session of the County
Court for This
Tho county commissioners' court
has audited nearly all the bills for
January, tho following being those
disposed of yeaterdny afternoon and
this morning
Poor Account.
Old. Alld
A. M. Clough ? 23.00 ? 23.00
M. M. High, supt 114.88 114.88
John, Hugho3 Co. ... 11.00 11.00
McKInney & Prange.. BOO 5.00
Pac. St T. & T. Co... 1.50 1.50
Zadoo RIggs 2.00 2.00
F. E. Smith 40.00 40.00
Circuit Court
Witnesses beforo circuit court.
Mrs. Thos. Nowotead..? 2.20 $ 2.20
H. E. Palmer 220 2.20
Lute Savago 2.40 2.40
H. A. Rawson 2.40 2.40
H. MItzner 7.00 7.00
G. MItzner 7.00 7.00
J. F. Calbreath .. .. '2 40 2.40
J. P. Calbroath .... 2 40 2.40
C. P. Martin, 2.20 2.20
D. E. Hart 7.C0 7.C0
B. B. Colbrtth 2.20 2.20
J. W. Shelton 1G80 1G.80
H. E. Palmor 2.20 2.20
D. P. Hooyo 14.80 14.80
D. P. Hooyo 2.00 2.00
Wm. Lamorcau 10.80 10.80
Alfred Lamprcau .... 16.80 1G.80
J. P. iQueonor 14.80 14.80
J. H. Porter 5.00 5.00
Damoyla Vonson .... 16.80 16.80
M. J. Spanoll GOO 6.00
Adam Shephrfrd .... G.OO C.OO
B. Boedlghelmer .... G.40 G.40
Geo. Nlebort .00 G.OO
W. H. Quoonor .. .. G.OO G.OO
Mrs. S.'O. Salmon .. 2.20 2.20
Mrs. Dcmorcst 2.20 2,20
Paul Marnach 2.20 2.20
Alex Cornoyor ....J. 2.20 2.20
Justice Court
Stato vs. Crookham,
E. D. Horgau $ 7.80 7.80
J. H. Lewis ,8,80 8.80
Sam Castro ' 1.70 1.70
J. Connor 1.70 1.70
P. P. Talklngton .'. .. 1.70 1.70
Al. Massey 1.70 1.70
M. A. Poolor 1.70 170
Dr. J. A. Klchardson . . 1.70 1.70
W. H. Byrd 1.70 1.70
Perry Mauzey ' 1.70 1.70
Stato vs. Roy Orey:
E. D. Horgan 12.00 12.00
J. II. Lewis 18.G5 18.65
Nora Murray 3.50 3.50
Wanda E. Murray .. 3.50 3.50
I. M. Murray ..."..... 3.50 3.50
B. E. Brown 1.70 1.70
Stato vs. Adolph Jctte:
Zlko Joseph 3 90 3.90
Virgil Sharp 3,90 3.90
A. P. Jotto 3.90 3.90
Barth Aplln 3.90 3.90
Stato vs. R. C. Cenklln:
N. J. Judah 3.10 $ 3.10
D. W. Gibson 2.80 2.80
Drawing Jury.
Turner list:
H. L. Earl 3.00 3.00
W. S. LaForo 2.00 2.00
always bears the above cap!
label. It means the same J
as telling you that we
back up Its purity with a I
$5,000 guarantee,
Made by the largest prey J
ducers of Evaporated
Cream In Uio world.
1 at f 3 sf afl I f 1
III w " Jft ' "jj. g A.iJL.r
1 c -" 1 ,fi a m
UMIlUi.pilMH.lt. Hi'
' Advertisements, five lines or
) ) less, In this column Inserted
three times for 25c, 60c a week
' ; S1.50 a month. All over five
. , lines at the same rate.
-L-.yr.Ay.p. fevp?'
Taken Up. Dark Jersey cbw. Inquire
of Fred Gfellor, four miles west ot
Turner, On. 2-5-lwk
For Rent Seven room, houao. In
quire at Rivorsldo house, 4 State
street 2-G-3t
For Sale. A cow. Inqulro foronoona
of L. C. Fishpr, corner of carllno
and North Llborty stroot. 2-10-3t
For Sale. A flno houso of sovon
rooms, four blocks north of post
office on Winter street; a rare bar
gain; must bo sold at onco for
$1100. Also houso and lot on 18th
and Mill streets for ?550. C. W. Em
mott 389 Oak street 2-10-3t
For Sale. Express wagon and team,
, doing good business. Address "X.
X.,"-Journal, Salem, Or. 2-10-3t
I. H, Smlll, Jr. .....
2 00
Recorder's ceurt:
N. J., Judah $ 3.00 $ 3.00
J. M. Payno 2.00 2.00
H. S. Radcllff - 2.00 2.00
Salem district:
E. D. Horgan $ 3.00 $ 3.00
M. B Goodoll 2.00 2?00
Aug. Huckesteln ...'. 2.00 2.00
Woodburn district: -
H. Ovorton $ 3.00 $ 3.00
Chas. L. Ogle - 2.00 2,00
B. P. McKee 2.00 2.00
Horob district:
H, D. Bondy $ 3.00 $ 3.00
You Are Certain to Lose If You At
tempt the Use of Force and
You cannot forco your stomach to
do work that It is unablo and unwil
ling to do. It has beon tried tlmo
and tlmo again with always tlw samo
result. Tho stomach is a good and
faithful servant but when pushed be
yond tho Umit.lt rebels. Somo stom
achs will stand much moro abuso
than others, but every ntomach has its
limit; and whon that limit is reached,
it is a very dangerous and unwlao
proceeding to attempt to forco It into
doing further work. The senslblo
and reasonable courso is I to employ
a substituto to carry on tho work of
digestion and gtva tho stomach an
opportunity to rocuperato and regain
Its lost strength.
Stuart's Dyspopsia Tablets aro tho
only perfect substituto to tnka up and
carry on tho work of tired, worn-out
stomachs. Thoy aro natural and easy
in their work. Thoy contan all of the
essential olomonts that mako up tho
gastric Julco and othor dlgestlvo flu
Ids and will digest any food that a
strong, healthy stomach will, and do
it In tha samo tlmo and in tho samo
way. Thoy work independently of
surrounding conditions and tho fact
that tho stomach is weak or diseased
doos not inlluonco them at all in their
useful and offoctlvo work. They will
digest food just as woll In a glass
Jar or bottlo as thoy will In a stom
ach. You sea that for youBsolf -by
putting ono of them Into a Jar with
a squaro meal and somo wator to en
able It to work.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, by thus
relieving tho stomach of Its work,
enable that organ to rest and tveu
porato and regain its health and
strength. Tho process is perfoctly
natural and plain. Naturo will heal
tho stomach Just as sho heals a
wound or a broken limb, If sho is not
Interfered with and Is porrulttod to
do her work In hor own way. All
interference Is prevented by Stuart's
Dytpepsla Tablotts,
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tnblets are for
sale by drug stores ovorywhoro at
50 cents a box and If you aro afflicted
with dyspopsia,, ono box will mako
you, feel 50 timoa better. You will
forget you have a stomach and ro
Jolco in tho forgelfulness. No drug
gist would bo so shortsighted as to
try to get along without Stuart's'
Dyspopsia Tablets, for they are so
popular and are bo woll known for
tho good thoy have done and tho hap
piness thoy havo caused that any
druggist caught without them would
loso tho confldonco of bis customor
and bo regarded as below tho stand
ard. His business would suffer as a
result and his patrons would go to
other stores and buy their other
drugs there as well as their Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Wanted. Experienced 'girl for house
work:; good pay. Apply to Mrs. Geo.
P. Rodgera, Oak and Capital streets.
Wanted. Houso or cooking work
mornings, r7 to 9 o'clock, by1 Jap
boy. Apply to Journal offlco.
Wanted. A form with, good prune and
hop land, Improved or unimproved;
must bo cheap. Address, with par
Uculars, "B. O B.," Salem, Or., care
of Journal offlco. 2-6-tf
Qlrl Wanted. Por housework. In
qulro of A. P. Hofor, Jr., cornor of
20th and Chemokcta strcots.
I Want Lodcing houses, grocery
stores, buslnoss housoa, chances ot
all kinds, dwellings, etc. Leave
your property with mo. G. A. Hun
ley, over the Woller grocery Btoro.
For 8ale. A flno 9-room houso, with
two lots, $1600; small houso and lot
on Centor streot near capltol, $600;
a lot 75x170 on. North Front Btroet
$300; no agents. Call on A. P. Mc
Atee, 13th and Mission streets
Phono 373 Blue 2-9-3t
Dry Fir Wood for Sale. M. A. Bud
long. Phono Main 2331, 2-6-3 1
For Sale. Tea young Buff Plymouth
Rock chickens, at a bargain, if
taken soon. A. F. lioror, jr., bo
lom, Oregon. 1-5-Gt
For Sale Or trade, a tine 10-acro
chicken or fruit ranch; first-class
buildings and Improvements; close
to school, postofflco, storo and rail
way station. Will trado for city or
unimproved farm property. Address
"W. J.," Caro Journnl. 11-5-
Cholce Farm For Sale. Threo mlloa
northwest from Brooks, having
dwelling house, barn and two hop
houses, with 30 acres of hops, bal-
anco farming land, with running
wator, except enough cholco timber
to supply tho placo. M. J. Egan.
For 8ale Eighty acres of land in
Washington county, foe $450. A
bargain for Bomo ono. wanting to
make a home. Somo tlmbor on the
placo; some cleared. E. Hofor, Sa
lem, Oregon, 10-G-tf
Bazar at Summit Church. Friday at
tornoon and ovenlng, Fobruary 12th.
Tho Ladlos' Aid Socloty invites you
to bo present. Refreshments and
entertainment for all that can at-
tpnd, Como. 2-ll-3t
Tho Grand Army And Woman's Ro
lief Corps will obsorvo Lincoln's
anniversary at tho Prcsbytorlan
church, Thursday ovonlng, Febru
ary 12, with' approprlato oxorclBoa.
Admission froo. Lizzzio Ross, Pa
triotic Inatructor. 2-10-3t
Dance. Howoll Hall, Fobruary 13th
Everybody cordially Invltod; good
music and a good tlmo assured.
I want a nice residence for Eastorn
parties. What havo youT G. A.
Hurley, over the Woller grocery
store. 1-30-lt
If you have Farm property to sell,
leavo it with mo. I also havo a roal
estate offlco in Independence, Polk
county, and a flno list of farms and
business openings, Offlco with W,
II. Holmes, ovor tho Woller grocery
store. O. . Hurley. 1-30-st-mn
If You Wish Collecting Done Leave
your accounts with tho O. A. Hup
ley Colectjng Agency, over the
Woller Grocery Storo. 1-28-tf,
Moler's Barber College Of Salt Lake
City, offers advantages In teaching
tho trado that cannot bo had olso
whore. Avoid schools tho Oregon
and California barbers' now laws
aro apt to closo at any tlmo. Write
today for our special offer td dla
tant students. 1-23-lm
8ay Havo you tried Edwards & Lusch
or'a for meats. Wo havo tho host
sausage In town. Como and try it,
and bo convinced, 410 East State
Salem Truck and Dray Co. Oldest
and best equipped company in So
lera, Piano and furniture moving
a specialty Offlco 'phono, 8G1. W.
W. Drown & Son, proprietor. Office
No. 60 Stato street 9-Mm
Dr. Z. M. Parvln At 297 Commorclal
street, upstairs. Singing BchcoL
Rudlmontal and sight reading class
es. BeginB Wednesday ovenlng, Oo
tobor 14th. Class ovory Wednes
day evening to May 1st, next. Tui
tion, $1.00,
Dissolution Notice. Notlco is here
by given that tho partnership here
tofore existing botweeu Watt Shlpp
and Paul II, Ilowser, under tho Ann
namo of Shlpp & Houser, bos beon
dissolved by mutual consent, Paul
II. Homer retiring. Watt Sh'lpp will
continue the business, collecting all
accounts and paying all bills. Watt
Ohlpp. Paul II. Ilouior, Salem, Or.,
Jan. 15 1904. X-18-tf
Unique Cleaning Rooms Shaw A
uuuusuD, uio cieanors, arc) now is
catod at 209 Commorclal ! street
They do a goneral pressing and rta
pairing business; 0pecUltie: Sklrtsv
silk walots, kid glotes, gents' clo4
ini. etc. PhoHo 2614. 5-28-lyr.
Dr. I. W. 8tarr Offlco In Bush ft Brey
building, over Oregon Shoo Btor.
Offlco hours, 9 to 12 a. m. and 2)&
6 p. m. Calls attended In city e
country. Resldonco 'phono 2356
Bod. i.b.w
Dr. W. 8. Mott Will horeaftor b
louuu in mo uroy Diocic, 275 Coaa-
morcial Btroet over Oregon Sko
Co. Offlco telephone, 5931; r.
Rbnco phbne 2751. Office1 honrPf
io si, ana z to 0.
Walter Morley, Dealer In American,
Elwood and Page field fencing. All
kinds of poultry fencing. Shinglca.
P. & B. ready rooting and wall
papor . Prices tho lowest Saleat
Pence works, 60 Court street,
Salem. a&vr.
Undertakers. Wo carry tho largest
and finest lino ot undertaker's goods
In tho city. Prices to suit alL
Black and whlto hoarse. Prompt,
reliable Savo money by calling U
No. 107. A. M. Clough, A. J. Baser.
Ferguson's Restaurant 95 Stat
street Open day and night Oar
20c moals ore better than any 25
houso In tho state. Six 20a meal
for $1.00; 21 20o meals for $3,00. u
Olive Lodge, No. 18, I. O. O. F. I. 9.
O. P. Hallj Saturday each wook, at
7:30 p. m. B. B. Horrick, Jr., N. Q,;
Prank F, Toovn, recording secretary.
Salem Camp, No, 118, Woodmen of the
World Meets In Holman Hall ov,ery
Friday nt 7S30 p. m, P. L. Frasler,
.Consul. Wylio A. Mooros, Secre
tary. 1-12-lyr
Protection Lodge No. 2, Ancient Of
dor TJntod Workmen, meets rry
Saturday ovonlng In the Hohaaa
Hall, corner Stato and Liberty
streets. Visiting brethren weleeaM.
X (k Graham, M. W.; J. A. SeHwM
Valley ledge No. 18, A. O. U. W. Mas'
In their hall In Holman block, ear
ner Stato and Liberty, every Mow
day ovenlng. Vlaltlng brethren
wolsomo. Roy Mclntlre, M. W. A.
E. Aufranco, Recorder.
Central Lodge No, 18, K. of P. CU
Hall in Holman block, corner Stt
nnd Liberty Sts. T'icsday ot eaeii
wook at 7:30 p, m. II. H. Turn!,
O. O.; W. I. Stnloy. K. of R. and S.
Forester of America Court ShsW
wood Foresters No, 10. Meets Fri
day in Turner block. ', H. "?.
Moyor, O. R.; A. L. Brown, Boo.
Modern Woodmen of Amorlca Ore
gon Cedar Camp No, 5246., Mswts
evory Thursday ovonlng at 8 o'clof
Holman Hall, H. E. Mattonj T.
0.: A. L. Brown, Olork.
Drs. M T. 8clioettle, Frank J. rr
and Anna M. Barr.-GradBats
Amorlcan School of Osteopatay,
Kirksvllle, Ma, successors' to Dr.
Graco Albright Offlo- hours M
12 and 1:30 to 4:30 o'clock. 044
Follows' Temple, Phono Main 2711;
rosldonco phono 2603 red.
Dr. H. H. Soovell. Suggestive
therapeutics. Osteopathy. Norvous
and functional diseases. Rooms 4,
D and 0, D'Arcy building. Phone
2855 Main. M-lm
Evan's Barber ,8hop Only flrBt-claw
ahop on Stato street Every thlnf
now and up-to-oato. Finest pore
lain baths. Shavo, 15o; hair-cut Ms
baths, 25c. Two first-class boot
blacks, O. W. Evans, proprietor.
For wator Borvicd r.pply at office.
Bills payablo monthly In advane.
Mao all complaints at the offlco. 1
Express and Transfer
Moots all mall and passengor trains
Baggage to all parts of tho city,
Prompt 8ervlco. Telephone No. 24L
RiiPPAaiuir tn Tir J. M. Koene. In'
White Cornor, Salem, Oregon. Partlss
desiring suponor oporauuun v ww
orat foo in any branch aro in espoclw
Valentines Prottlost and cheapest
to bo had in tho city.
The Variety Stone
94 Court St. ABHori M. WlcH are