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fou wore speaking rocitiesiMy. rcur
ords were Incendiary; ardentia verba.
JMSon, you w'dre suggesting a danger-
thing. Your life would scarcely
fMtlsfy the law were you convicted of
utumuntlng such treason. What If one
your growling guards had over-
sard you? Your neck and mine might
Keel the halter. Quod avcrtnt doml-
pus." lie crossed himself and in n
solemn voice added In English:
'May the Lord forbid I Ah. my son,
re priests" protect thoso we .love."
EjfAnd I, who nm not fit to tie a
ItJriesfa shoe, do likewise. Father, 1
II9TO Alice Housswion."
L'Lovc is n holy thing, my son. Atnnro
rolvinum est ct humnnum."
i'Father Beret, enn you help me?"
'Spiritually speaking, my son?"
L'l mean can you hide Mile. Roussll-
fjon In some safe place If I take her out
Eltho prison yonder? That's Just what
Iflmean. Can you do It?"
ll'Your question is a remarkable one.
fnave you thought upon It from nil dl
IreetloiiB, my son? Think of your po-
littlon, your duty as an officer."
shrewd polemical expression beam-
from Father Beret's eyes, and a
rery expert physiognomist might have
Wnspected duplicity from certain linos
about the old man's mouth.
L'l simply know that. I cannot stand
Iby and see Alice Mile, nousslllon
arced to suffer treatment too beastly
w an Indian thief. Tuats the only
rectlon there is for me to look at It
jm, and you can understand my
slings If you will. You know that
sry well. Father Beret. When a man
Bates 'a gin ne loves Ticr;"tttatlB th
rbolo thing."
Clio quiet, Inscrutable half smile
jckored once moro on Father Beret's
pace, but he put silent somo time with
mslnewy forefinger lying nlongsldo his
loose. When at last ho spoko it was
TnTa tono of voice lndlcntlvo of small
interest In what he was saying. Ills
jjjFSrds rambled to their goal with the
leffect of happy accident.
Phere are places In this neighbor
hood In which a human being would be
uafEard to llnd ns Uio Hug that you
nnSlGovernor namllton have so dili
gently nnd unsuccessfully been In
quest of for the past month or two.
itcally, my son, this Is a mysterious
fifclo town."
IFarnBWorth'B eyes widened nnd a
flush roso In hlii swarthy checks.
EUnnc the flacl" ho exclaimed. "Let
Backed uo bvover a third of a century
5f remarkable and uniform cures, a rec
ord such as no other remedy for the dis
'eases and weaknesses peculiar to women
'ever attained, the proprietors and mak
ers of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
now feel fully warranted in ofleriug to
gay foo in legal money of the Uuited
tates for anv case of Leucorrhea, Fe
male Weakness, Prolapsus, or Falling of
Womb, which they cannot cure. All
they ask is a fair and reasonable trial of
their means ot cure.
The woman follows the man of her
choice though the path leads out of
Eden into a worm umrouuen and un
tried. What is her reward? Many a
time when her health is broken by the
burdens she has borne for the man's
sake, her reward is to see him turn from
her to seek rosier cheeks and brighter
eyes. It is man's nature to cra?e beauty
inJthewife as in the maid. And what
woman is there, who would not be hap
py to keep her maiden bloom when
motherhood has crowned her wifely
happiness i Some women seem to have
found this secret of perpetual youth.
"Age cannot wither them." They have
learned that fairness of face and form
depend upon the health, and 'that the
general health depends upon the local
womanly health. They establish regit
iuliy of the periods. They dry the
'7 m A
" ,,-. - - --, i . i . mmm t i Mjpajw BjMMajEj JBMMTirW
-- --Mi)
4 H
a J
. .
HMHatM4?HJHttAAMMt..ltlftft. H .
llI,l2llM'VVrTlBlir,yaVlMIHHTlv4lVillVVrTlI,TV'lTlSlHl''l1 "V
it Uo hidden forever. Wlint do I caret
I tell you, Father Beret, that Allco
RoUBslllon is in extreme danger. Gov
ernor Hamilton means to put sonic
terrible punishment on her. Ho has a
Jevll's vlndlctlvencss. no showed it
to mo clenrly nwhlle ngo."
"You showed something of the snroo
sort to me, once upon n time, my son."
"Yes, 1 did, Father Beret, and I got
n load of slugs In my shoulder for it
from that bravo girl's pistol. She
saved your life. Now I ask you to
help me save hers, or If not her life
what Is Infinitely more, herhonor."
"Her honor!" cried Father Beret,
leaping to his feet so suddenly and
with such energy that tho cabin shook
from base to roof. "What do you say,
Captain Fnrnsworth? What do you
Tho old man was transformed. . His
fnco was terrible to see, with Its nar
row, burning eyes deep under the
shnggy brows, Its dark veins writhing
snakelike on the temples nnd forehead,
the projected mouth nnd chin, tho hard
lines of tho Jaws, tho Iron gray gleam
from all the features ho looked like an
nged tiger stlfferied for n spring.
Fnrnsworth was made of right sol
dierly stuir, but he felt a distinct
shiver flit along his back. His past
life had not lacked thrilling adventures
and strangely varied experiences with
desperate men. Usually he met Biidden
emergencies rather calmly, sometimes
with phlegmatic lndlfferonco. This
pnsslontito outburst on the priest's
part, however, surprised him nnd awed
him, whllo It stirred his heart with a
profound sympathy unlike anything ho
had ever felt before.
Father Beret mastered himself In n
moment nnd, passing his hand over his
face, as if to brush away tho excite
ment, sat down again on IiIb stool. IIo
appeared to collapse Inwnrdly.
"You must excuso tho weakness of
an old man, my son," ho said, in a
voice hoarse and shaking. "But toll
uic wlint Is going to bo dono with
Allco. Your words what you said I
did not understand."
He rubbed his forehead slowly, as
ono who has difficulty In trying- to col
lect his thoughts.
"I do not know what Governor Ham
ilton means to do, Father Beret. It
will bo something devilish, however
something that must not happen," said
Fathor Beret, like most men of strong
feellmr who hnvo been subjected to
I disagreeable drains which draw the lus
ter from the eyes and the venuilHon
j from the lips as well as sap the body's
j strength. They quench the internal
iiiua ui liiiiamiuatiuu ill wiui;i 111c very
elements of beauty are consumed. They
heal the ulcer which gnaws into the
very life. They walk the world as won
ders women exempt from the sacrifice
to love. How have they done this? By
the use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, which mates weak women
strong and sick women well. It matters
not how weuk the woman is, or how sick
she is, n Favorite Prescription " will cure
the womanly ills that vex her; will
round out the sunken curves of her
form, put light in her eyes, tint her
cheeks with health's carnation, and
make her a glad and happy woman.
Hundreds of thousands of women testify
to the truth of these statements. Let
every ailing woman read the two testi
monials given below and remember that
these two wpmen speak for more than
half a million other women cured by the
skill of Dr. Pierce and by the use of his
"Favorite Prescription." There is no
alcohol in "Favorite Prescription,"
neither has it any opium or other
"Two years ago I began to gradually
lose my health," writes Mrs. Nellie D.
Stark, Vice-'President Bethesda Society,
39 Gardner Street, Worcester, Mass.
"Became nervous, lot my appetit, and
rjtfg years or trial, nnrusinp. tnuu.
tudlnous duugrr and all sorts of temp
tation, nud who have learned Mie les
sons of solf coutiwl. had an Iron will,
and also nn abiding distrust or wcuK
men. He saw Farnsworth's sincerity,
but ho had no faith In his eoti'tiitwy.
although satisfied that whllo iinnt
merit of Hamilton's lmperlousm-s
lasted ho would doubtless remain linn
In his purpose to aid Alice.
Ho listened In silence to Kuril"
worth's story. When It came to nn
end he began to offer some but half
relevant suggestions In the form of
Indirect cross questions, by means of
which he gradually drew out a minute
description of Alice's prison, the bust
way to reach It. the nnture of Its door
fastenings, where the key was kept,
nnd everything. Indeed, likely to be
helpful to one contemplating a J:ill deliver-.
Farnsworth was Inwardly de
lighted. He felt Father Beret's cun
ning approach to the central object and
his crafty method of gathering ilettlR
Tho shades of evening thickened In
the stuffy cabin room while the con
versatloii went on. Father Beret pros-,
ently lifted a puncheon In one corner
of the floor nnd got out a largo bottle,
which bore a mildewed mid faded
French label, and with It n small Iron
cup. There was Just light enough left
to show a brownish sparkle when,
after popping out the cork, he poured
a draft In the fresh cup niid u bis
"Wq may think more clearly, my con.
If we taste this old liquor. I have kept
It a long whllo to offer upon n proper
occasion. Tho occasion Is hero."
A ravishing bouquet quickly Imbued
the air. It was Itself an Intoxication.
"The brothers of St. Martin distilled
this liquor," Father 'Beret added,
handing tho cup to Farnsworth, "nof
for common soclnl drinking, my son.
but for times when n man needs ex
traordinary stimulation. It is said to
bo surpassingly good because St. Mar
tin blessed tho vino."
Thu doughty cnptnln felt n sudden
nnd Imperious thirst seize his throat.
Tho liquor flooded his volns boforo his
lips touched the cup. Uo had been abj
staining lately: now his besetting op
petite rushed upon him. At one gulp
ho took In tho flery yet smooth and
captivating draft. Nor did ho notice
that Father Beret, instead of Joining
him In tho potation, merely lifted his
cup nnd set it down again, smacking
his lips with gusto.
Thero followed n silence, during
which tho nromatlc breath of tho bot
tle Increased its dangerous fascination.
Then Father Beret ngain filled Farns
worth's cup and said:
"Ah, tho blessed monks little thouglt
that their matchless brew would ever
lw sipped In n poor mlsslnimr'-'n vm
an tab Wabashl But alter aTf; my
ton, why not hero ns well as 'In sunny
Franco? Our object Justifies ai.. Im
propriety of time and place."
"You arc right, father. I drink to
our object Yes, I sny, to our object"
In fact, tho drinking preceded hla
speech, and his tongue already had a
loop In it The liquor stolo through
him, n mist of bewildering nnd on
chanting Influence. .Tho third coo
it seemed impossible to obtain a good
night's rest, I became emaciated, hollow-eyed,
and suffered with frequent
heart palpitation, Complexlou was bad
and "muddy" looking and I bad a hag.
gard expression. I felt as though life
had lost its chann; did not care to live,
for life without health is simply a living
death. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion changed all this. It came as a
blessing into my home ; I felt better in
a short time after starting to use it, and
within a mouth I was like another wom
an. New life, health aud vigor returned
and my husband fell in love with me all
over again, and a new light and happi
ness came into my life. Your medicine
did all this for me, aud it is certainly
worthy of praise."
" I was a great sufferer for six years and
doctored all the time with a number of
physicians but did not receive any bene
fit," writes Mrs. Geo. Sogdeu, 641 Honda
Street, Saginaw (South), Michigan. "I
had given up all hope of ever getting
better, thought I would write to you.
When I received your letter telling me
what to do I commenced to take your
' Favorite Prescription ' and follow your
advice. I have taken ten bottles in all,
also five vials of the ' Pleasant Pellets,'
Am now regular, after having miwed
two years aud suffered with pain in the
head and back. I was so nervous, could
not eat or sleep. Now I can thank yen
for my recovery."
sroun ms sentences lute BaSutjlflgliilq
trngments; the fourth mndo his undur
Jawsag loosoly; tho llfth nnd sixth,
taken In close succession, tumbled him
Iliup on the floor, wliero he slept bliss
fully nil night long, Bnugly covered
with somo Of Father Beret's bed
clothes. "Per casum obllquum, et per ludt
rectum," muttered the priest when ho
had returned the bottlo nnd cup to their
hiding place. "The end Justifies the
weans. Sleep well, my Bon. Ah, little
Alice, little Alice, your old father will
try, will try!"
IIo fumbled along tho wall in the
dark until ho found tho rapier, which
he took down; then ho went out and
sat for some tlmo motionless beside
tho door, while the clouds thickened
overhead. It was Into when ho nroso
and glided nwny shndowllke tpwnrd
the fort, over which the night hung
black, chill nnd drearily silent. The
moon was still some hours high, but
smothered by the clouds; a fog slowly
drifted from the river.
Meantime Hamilton nnd Helm had
spent a part of the afternoon nnd even
ing, as usunl, at cards. Helm broko
off the gatno nnd went to his quarters
rather early for him, leaving the gov
ernor nlone nud In a bad temper, bo
cause Farnsworth, when he had Bent
for him, could not bo found. Three
times his orderly returned In as many
hours with tho samo report. The cap
tain had not been seen or heard of.
Naturally this sudden and complete
disappearance, Immediately after tho
reprimand, nuggested to Hamilton nn
unpleasant possibility. What if Farns
worth had deserted him?
Hamilton sat for some tlmo nftcr
Helm's dijpnrture, thinking over what
ho nor feared wns a foolish mistake.
Presently ho buckled on Alice's rnplcr,
which ho had Intely boon wearing nB
his own, and went out Into the main
area of the stockade. A sentinel was
tramping to and fro at tho gate, whoro
n hazy lantern shone. The night was
breathless nnd silent. Hamilton ap
proached the soldier on duty nnd asked
him if lie had seen Captain Farns
M'orth, nnd, receiving n negntlvo reply,
turned about puzzled and thoughtful to
walk back nnd forth In tho chill, foggy
Presently a faint yellow light at
tracted his attention. It shone through
a porthole In nn upper room of tho
blockhouse at the farther nuglo of tho
stockade. In fact Alice was reading
by n sputtering lamp a book Farns
worth had Bent her, a volumo of Bon
sard Unit he had picked up In Cuunda.
namllton mado his way In that direc
tion, at first merely curious to know
who was burning oil so lute, but nftcr a
few paces ho recognized where tho
light camo from and Instantly suspect
ed that Captain Fnrnsworth was there.
Indeed, he felt sure of It Somehow
ho could not regard Alice as other than
a saucy holden, lncnpablo of womanly
virtu?: Ills experience with tho worst
clement of Canadian French life nnd
his peculiar cast of mind and character
colored his impression of her. IIo
monsured her by the women with
whom tho courcurH do bols nud half
breed trappers consorted In Detroit
and at tho posts eastward to Quebec.
Alice, urinblo to sleep, had sought for
gctfulnosfl of her bitter captivity In
the old poet's charming lyrics. She But
on tho floor, bouio blnnkcts nnd furs
drawn around hor, tho book on hor
lap, tho stupidly dull lump hanging he-
sldo hor on a pnrt of tho hwIvcI. Her
hair lay loose over her neck nnd shout-
"Stop, fr; not anuther ttepl"
dors nnd shimmered around her fnce
with 11 cloiullllio effect, giving to the
features In their repo n setting that
JiKiiiaincd their wcitm'x and wit'.iipsn.
In 11 wry low but dlrttlnct volc-e sin
'vms reading, with n slightly quavering
Mlgnonn. aliens voir I la ro.
Qua eo matin avoir ilewJo
m robe ilf puurrw au wmuII.
,vlien Hamilton, after stealthily mount
ing the raugli stnlrwny which led to
her door, peeped In through a spnce
between the slabs and felt a stroke of
ilMpBolntaiBiit. seeing nt n glnui-u that
l-'nriisworth was riot thoro. He gazed
for romo time, not without n sense of
villainy, while shu continued hor swuet
ly monotonous rtHtdlnx. If his heart
hud been as hard as the Iron swivel
bulls that lay hesldo Alice he must still
lifivo felt a thrill of something like ten
der sympathy. She now showed no
truce of the vivacious suuclfcetM which
bad htmitofnre always marked bur feu-
furcs when she was In bis presence.
A dainty gantlejiotw. touched with mel
ancholy, gave to her fnce an appealing
iook all the more powerful on account
of its uueuruicioiiB simplicity of expros
sloii The man folt an impulse pure and
noble, which would have borne him
hark ilnwn tho ladder and nway frara
0 rY-UlmMmaB
t b'iLJlrs t " nrr n stronger one nen
boldly In the opposite' direction. Thoro
wan n short struggle with the scared
remnant of his better nnture, arid then
ho tried to open tho door, but it was
Alice heard tho slight noise and
breaking off her rending turned to
look. Hamilton made another effort
to ontcr beforo he recollected that tho
wooden key, or notched lever, that con
trolled tho cumbrous wooden lock
bung on n peg beside the door. Ho felt
for It along the wall, and soon laid his
hand on It. Then ngaln ho peeped
through to sea Alice, who was now
standing upright, near tho swivel. She
had thrown her hnlr back from her
face and neck; the lamp's Pickering
light seemed suddenly to hnvo magni
fied her stnturo and enhanced her
benuty. Her book lay on tho tumbled
wraps at her feet, and In cither hand
she grasped a swivel shot
Hamilton's combative disposition
earuo to tho nld of his baser passion
when ho saw once more a defiant flash
from his prisoner's face. It wns easy
for him to be fascinated by opposition.
Helm had profited by this trait ns
much ns others had suffered by It but
In the case of Alice, Hamilton's min
gled rescntmont and ndnilratlon wero
but n powerful Irritant to tho coarsest
nnd most dnngorotlt Bide of his nature.
After some fumbling nnd delay he
fitted tho key with n steady hand nnd
moved tho wooden bolt crcnklng and
Jolting, from Its slot Then flinging the
clumsy door wldo open, ho stopped Jn.
Alice started when sho recognized tho
midnight intruder, nnd a Bccond deep
cr look Into his countcnanco made her
brave heart recoil, whllo with a Blnk
lng sensation her breath almost stop
ped. It was but n momentnry weak
ness, however, followed by vigorous
"Wlint nro you here for, sir?" she
demanded. "What do you wnnt?"
"I nm neither a burglnr nor n mur
derer, mademoiselle," he responded,
lifting his hht and bowing, with n
smile not In the least reinsuring.
"You look llko both. Stop where
you arel"
"Not so loud, my dear Miss Boussll
Ion. I am not deaf, nnd, besides, tho
garrison needs to sleep."
"Stop, sir; not nnothcr stop!"
She poised herself, leaning slightly
backward, and held tho Iron bull In her
right hand ready to throw It nt him.
He halted, still smiling vlllnlnously
"Mndomolsollo, I nssuro you that
your excltdment Is quite unnecessary,
I run not hero to harm you."
"You ennnot harm me, you cowardly
wretch 1"
"Humph 1 Trlde goes beforo a fall,
wench," ho retorted, taking a half step
backward. Then a thought aroso In
his mind which added a now shndo to
tho repellent dnrkncBS of his counte
"Miss BoiiBslllon," he sold In Eng
llsh nnd with n changed voice, which
Boomed to grow hnrdor, each' word de
liberately emphasized, "I have como to
break somo bod news to you."
"You would scnrcoly bring mo good
nows, sir, nnd I nm not curious to hear
tho bnd."
ne wns sllont for a llttlo whllo, gnz
lng nt her with tho sort of ndmlrntJon
from which n true woninn draws nwny
nppnlled. no biiw how sho loathed
him, saw how Impossible It was for
him to get a lino nearer to hor by uny
turn of force or fortuno. Itmvc, high
l headed, strong ns 11 young leopard,
puro and sweet iib n rose, she stood be
fore him fearless, evou aggressive,
showing him by every Hue of her face
and form that sho felt hor Infinite su
periority and meant to maintain It
Her whole personal expression told
him ho wns defeated, therefore he
quickly seized upon n suggestion
caught from a transaction with Long
Hair, who hod 'returned a few hours
beforo from his pursuit of Bovorley.
"It pains me. I nssuro you, Miss
' Bousslllon, to toll you what will prob
ably grlovo you deeply," ho prosontly
added; "hut I hnvc not boon unaware
of your tender Interest In Lieutenant
Beverloy, nnd when I had bad nows
from him I thought It my duty to In
form you."
Tie pniiHwl, feeling with a devil's sat
Isfnetlnn tho point of his statement go
home to the girl's henrt.
"The Indian. Long Hnlr. whom I sent
upon Lieutenant Beverley's tmll. re
ported to me HiIh afternoon tlmt his
pursuit had been quite suciofiil. He
caught his game."
Alice's voice en me to her now. Sho
drew In 11 quivering breath of relief.
"Then he Is liov ho Is You have
him n prisoner iignlnV"
"A part of him. Miss HoukhIIIoii.
Hnoiigh to be qulto hiiiv that there Is
one tiiiltor v ho will (rouble his king
no inotv. Mr. I.UHK Hnlr brought hi
tho lleittoitM'it'mwnlp."
Alice received thlx horrible statouifril
In slleric-e. but lif-r 'fu-e blanched nnd
she tttood ii If froxen by u hIiim k
The shifty iihmiii glimmer and the yol
low glow of the lamp showed Huml,
tun to what 1111 extent Id davlllsh c:-i,
oily hurt her. and somfthow It i-hli;.-'
him ns If by lelleetlnn, but ho cn-iV
not furtwo nnollwr thrust.
"n diiwwd hanging, and wo-iM
have got It hud ho Ihhhi brought to m
nllve. Ho. after nil. you should lx sir.
Isflod. lie ewaped my vengoanco nn.J
Loug Hair got his pay. You sou, I nnt
tho chief sufferer."
Tucsu words, however, fell wlthoui
offwt upon the girl's oars, In which,
wu booming the awful, stormllke roar
of her exeltoment Sho did riot m
her persecutor stundlng there. II. -i
vision, unhlndored by walls and dl?
fabce. went straight' nway to a plow
In tho wilderness where, all mangled
nnd dUflgured, Beverloy Jay dead. A
low crj' broke from her lips. Sho
dropped tho heavy swivel balls, and
then, llko a bird, swiftly, with a rus
tUmr Hwoon. sho went oast Hamilton
How It reddens tho skin, Itches, coses,
dries and scales!
Somo people call It tetter, milk crnst or
alt rheum.
The suffering from It Is eomrtlmes In
tonw; local applications arc resorted to
they mitigate, but cannot cure.
It proceeds from humors Inherited or ac
quired and persists until these hnvo been
Hood's SarsapariUa
positively removes them, has radically
and permanently cured tho worst cases and
Is without an equal for all cutaneous
erupt Ions.
n-7n- MtriiM'sthtbeitcAthirttn. PrlfeSir'-
and down the stair.
For perhaps a full minute the man
stood thero motionless, stupefied,
amazed, and when nt length he recov
ered himself it wns with difficulty tlmt
ho followed hpr. Everything seemed
to hinder lim, When ho reached the
open nlr, hOwcvcrl ho quickly regained
Ids activity of both mind nnd body
nnd looked in nil directions. Tho
clouds wero breaking Into parallel
masses with streaks of sky between.
Tho moon hanging aslant against tho
blue peeped forth Just In tlmo to show
him n flying figure which, oven whllo
bo looked, reached tho postern, opened
It and slipped through.
With but n breath of hesitation be
tween giving the nlnrm nnd following
Allco silently nnd nlone ho choso tho
latter. He was a swift runner nnd light
footed. With a fow bounds ho renched
tho llttlo gate, which was still oscillat
ing on ItH hinges, darted through nnd
nwny, straining every muscle In des
perate pursuit, gaining rapidly in tho
race, which bore eastward nlong tho
course twice beforo chosen by Allco In
leaving the stockade. .
(Continued noxt Saturday.)
Deafness Cannot Be Cured.
by local nppllcationn ns thoy ennnot
roach tho diseased portion of tho oar.
Thoro Is only ono way to ouro deaf
ness, and that in by constitutional
romodlos. Deafness is cauuod by an
Inflamed condition of tho mucuo lin
ing of tho Eustachian tuba Whon
this tubo is Inflamed you hnvo a rum
bling sound or Iraporfoct hearing,
and whon It In entirely olosod; deaf
ness is tho result, and unloss tho In
flamatlon can bo takon out and this
tubo rootorcd to Its normal condition,
hearing will be dofltroyod forever;
nlno cases out of ton nro causod by
catarrh, which la nothing hut' an In
flamed condition of tho mucous ser
vice. Wo will givo Ono Hundrod Dollars
for any caso of deafnons (caused by
catarrh) that cannot bo cured by
Hall's Catarrh Curo. Send for cir
culars, froo.
F. J. CHBNI3Y & CO., Toledo, O.
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mado by Strauss Bros.,
faultless in style, fit, finish
nird materials. They're no
much better than the ordi
nary run of clothes, yet
prices are astonishingly low,
and your perfectly safe In or
dering, because If garments
are not satisfactory, you
needn't take them. WE
G. W. Johnson & Co.
German Market
Just opened, next door to liar
rltt & Lawrence!! grocery store,
a clean, now market, where All
kinds of meat can bo bad. Low
price and prompt .dollvory our
motto. We mako a specialty of
fine Gorman sausage of All
9 kinds, fllvo us n pal).
(y"ji s?.
48&H .vU K5i?