Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 02, 1904, Image 1

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jfOL. XIV.
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NO. 2.
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Shkago Today Duties He Dead Htmdtads of Little White
Coffins, Cause One Guoan of Anguish. "Kly God, the
i Little Cfc-idien," and Emphasise the Pitiful-
v ness of The. Deaths.
play, laughed nail clapped their hands
in delight. Tho ushers on that floor
arc eald to havo ran on discovering the
Are, without making an effort to get
the children out. At tho downstairs
f v KB j- oxlt survivors say men were com-
Kj I IT I EC ' nolled to knock tho UBhers down be
j foro tho doors could be opened. Twen
ty oi tho persons detailed wero ur-
' fit. E. Norton.)
Ichlcago, Jan. 2. Beneath a gloomy
Jr. In opprcBslvo Bllenco and an at
mosphere which seems omlnouBly
Sen with dQath, Chicago 1b today a
feritablo city of mourning. Wholo
lUtots. which .areusually ro3onant
K tftlutho clang of commercialism,
.wfioso pavements aro wont to bo
Sronged at this season with merry
Bakers, whoso sky-toworlng build-"
r ga are accustomed to Uio cheorof
& iliH,lMir npMvlfv nrn an allnnt tho
throbbing activity, aro so silent that
V- tie rattlo of tho funeral trappings
bear 'with It a sharp and sudden
thock. Funeral follows after funeral,
until Ibo grim buildings thomsolvos
seem forming an alloyllko guardway
to a vast gate of death. Tho pave
ments" are olthor dosorted or habited
thoso who stand In an expros-
aly fey
Ion of hopeloss, opprcsslvo and pa-
vtlicUaferIof havo changed tho scono.to
i $e of funoral solemnity, of unlvorsal
'f-jroe.? No sound of ringing sleigh boll,
v so shout of mirth, no glad oxchango of
j&Eollday greetings, but a sllonco awful
To Its desolation or brokon only by n
eiooan of despair.
fTho street gamin has forgotten in
In small, even dlmlnutlvo coffins, tell
ing again but too plainly of that plto
ously futile strugglo mado by little
hands and feet for life, only life and
raorcy. Morcy from that fear-mad-doned
throng that crushed thorn to
saglng tho passing of that white sheet
whoso Bymbollsm is "identified."
Tho visit of tho death wagon, and
one more funeral notice Is announced.
Weary attendants at the morgues to
day began to lone for the close, real
.... i - '
ueatn wjtu cruel foot like cast-off izlng thnt in that great aray of charred
blossoms or dying' flowors. Probably bodies are but few who will over
It Ib this which makos cold-blooded again bo known by nnmo. Identlflcn.
business, mert, officers, familiar with ticn conies more slowly, and is. noarly
,;,.-.. .., i .. ..... . . .
"""7 fVlc,u mo careiess at an end, but the grief does not dl-
nuu 'UK", uu mo narucnea outcast, mmish, nor tho elTncemont of the hor
stand bound for tho nonco In one jor. Tho sackcloth Is heavy and tho
.-... ,,, ..,. w w.u h"Ji "i iva- ,usiits aro nenpeu nign.
Ycaterdayfspnpora contain pagos
of, tho death list, columns of burial
notlcos. Today's toll yot of more.
Yesterday facos of pedestrians' boro
the dazed look of tho unroallzlng, to
day with comprehension vivified by
the funoral panorama, -without prece
dent thoso tamo faces nro scored and
soared with sorrow's brand. Obedient
to Mayor Harrison's proclamation that
this bo a day of mourning, ovon thona
buslnoss liousos which boar no crape,
tolling of death brought homo, havo
closed their dooi-B, and that maelstrom
of thn mnrlcnt thn hnnrA nf tmAn la
m onvlronmont of gloom to call his. ,,. nhnrt t. ntm -,, '
W cable cars give no tongue to ktood Bt tho Btroko of no fJ t
John Liclity of Sil-
verton Meets With
Fatal Accident
me and Uio vory bolls of death toll
with monotonous regularity and muf-
Mcdwtroke in unwontod usage.
It. is
full minutes, tincovored; traffic stop'
Knocked Off the Dam, the
Slmost a city of tho dead. Chicago is a d,8tnnt dty ,oworbd tQ h gv0
mr m DiacKOBL ami most proiounu To( ataliko tlnm Chicago stood in
ftfc-XOTtfflrUfrvlia tuart tblroli mLg:. itSViwmnhioTfnli thw.f
moro Plnlnly old than In tho, words . ffl ,... whlIo hlintlrc,i(: of
JnoM rmulMUy heard, perhaps from ,ts QWn woro ,a(1 away Mayop Hnr.
tno who loit neither kin nor friond, L,g0h.8 nroolnmatton to thIa offoct wna
i-My (Jod. the little children," for In , not necwsary to brlng tho trngody
'this mournful retlnuo, this seemingly homo. although t Wft3 ,B8Uod thn
endhws procession, devoid of ovon that ,norntng. Foi.t Dr.nrgch end ,
customary pageantry of doath. almost n,3 addr0BS ,Mt nght ,Tnrough th1
nil thoso silent passengers aro oncaaed wftlB of 1000 hoinM In thlB mJurn,ng
city sobs resound, and aro echoed on
pod and Biienco roigned, whiio thoi Rushing" Waters Sweep Him
loved and martyred President was ip ' JfltO DafkneSSand
tho meroiloss winds that scattor tho
volcos of tho boroaved throughout the
world." Two hundred funorals 1x1 ono
day; yot thoro aro a fow places of
monotonous actlvltjf tho morgues.
Processions which by this time aro
r composed of haggard mon and tearlo&d
Log Cafcfn Creams Pep- -- ZJTZ.""
pcrment Chews, Chocolate whIcl, neithtr timo nor civilization of-
CheWS and Peantt Candy faces, that longing to boo ono's dead.
-l Tlie morgue scenes no longur uuur !"
164 State 8t
Phone 1071 Main
I dlvlduallty. It la now tho uniformity
(of vain passing of long rowa of still
forms, broken only by a short sob as
father, mother, slBtor, friond or broth-
or reaches out a trombllng hand pre-
I . . . xt xr t- V
i KJut store will remain cioseo an oayf rtew iea'uy,
Lln Taisc&nnfc
x.amiP' m Vf vrwriw - fc
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Kf 3t'WXllOf 1
1 1
ii '
Tolephono mossngos recolved frqin
Sllverton, this morning, announced tho
drowning, near that dlty, at I) o'clock
last night, of John Liclity, the owner
of tho sawmill at that placo, whllo he
wnB In tho act of operating tho Hood
dnm on Sllvor Greek, Boven miles
above that city. "Whllo working Ori
tho dam, tostlng a now gate, which
had recontly boon placed in position,
a scantling lying on tho dnm was in
somo way thrown upward by tho ma
chinery, striking tho iinfortimire
man's bond, knocking him into the
wntors rushing through tho gates, and
ho disappeared from sight, A search
for tho body was at onco commenced,
and the crook bolow tho dam wuj
thoroughly soarched, but, up to this
morning, no trace of it was found
Mr. Llchty was a prominent cltlzon
of Silverton, where, a fow years ngo,
ho built a sawmill, oporating it with
water powor, and using tho water of
Sllvor crook In bringing dawn his logs
from Uio mountains eait of Silverton
As tho ereok did not nfford sufficient
water for his purposes, ho recently
built a flood dam for tho storing of
water, to bo used In flooding down hi
Ions when tho water was low. This
involved hi in In litigation with tho
olootrlc peoplo, tho latter attempting
to restrain him from operating his
flood dam. This case resulted In u
victory for Mr. Monty, tho court hold
ing that he had not infringed on tho
rights of any ono In constructing and
oporating his dam. BInco that tima
Mr. Mchty bas operated his business
at Sllverton with great success, and
his visit to tho flood dam' was for the
purpose of testing the new gear that
had recontly been added to tho ma
chinery, and running a quantity of
logs down tho stream, through the
dam, to the sawmill at Silverton.
Word was recolvod at Silverton aN
11 o'clock last night, and a party of
cltlzons at once started for tho scone
of tho tragedy to search for tho body.
At 2 o'clock, this afternoon a tele
phone message was received from Sll
verton. to the effect that tho body of
Mr. Mchty was found this forenoon,
four miles below tho dam where the
tragedy occurred. It was found washed
under a log on the bank of tho creek.
Just above tho little ,falls of Silver
creek. Tho body was brought to
Sllverton whore it will bo prepared
for burial. Tho entire clfy.ls in
mourning ovor the, sad and untimely
de.th of Mr. Monty, who wiia one of
rfiiraffn Thwtar Prn- lrftlBncd thl8 morntne. an eir caso3
ViUlldgU 1 UCalCl riU jworo ro-sct for aftor tho inquost No
nriAtrtrC ArrilCAd ltostlmony hca"l. four'nro mom-
fl IvLUl a ILLUoCU bcrs of the company, as aro the prin-
nf AA 4 fid 411 ffll "tar ; cipal witnesses. Their bonds' wero re-
VI iTLullOlaitglllCl 'duced from $5000 to $1000 each.
Twonty choniB girls aro under sur-
., , , . volllnnco to provent their departure
Ushers Also Arrested-It Is from the city.
Claimed They Kept the Th0 revised. nst of tho dead from
I ittlft finite Prntn Iroquois disaster, as given out by
Llllie UneS riOm tno officials this afternoon, shows 659
ESCapi(g identified and 28 unidentified. Thd to-
tal death list, Including thoae who
died at tholr homos from Injuries,
will probably reach COO.
Chicago, Jan. 2. Davis and Powers,
proprietors and managers of tho Iro
quois theatre, and George Williams,
city building Inspector, who woro ar
rested last night on the criminal
chnrgo of manslaughter, on complaint
of Arthur Hill, who lost his wlfo and
three children and tholr mnld in tho
holocaust, appeared before the justice
this morning, and gave bonds of $10,
000 each.
Flvo hundred and sixty-two bodies
havo boon Identified up to noon.
new order for additional arrests has
beon made this morning, which will
,be 'ifsod. providing the Investigation
now bolng made shows facts sufficient
to warrant. They nro operative
against the ushers) who are clinrgod
by persons escaping from the theatre
that at every oxlt tho ushers barred
tho way and ortlered tho crowd to re
main seated. One witness this morn
ing said in tho gallery tho children
mistook Uio liny flames creeping
along tho sconorns a part of the dlj-
Interstate Commerce
Commissioners This
Only Handle a Quarter of a
Million but it Furn
ished Good
Kaiser Expresses Sorrow.
Washington, Jan. 2. Tho President
has recolved tho following cablegram
from tho Kaiser:' "Achast at tho
nows of tho terrible catastrophe which 1 treasury department today by request
bofoll tho people of Chicngo, the em
press and myself wish to convey 'jo
you how dooply we fool for tho Ameri
can people, who havo beon so cruelly
visited in tholr wcok of Joy. Plenso
convoy tho expressions of our sincor
est sympathy to the cltlzons -of Chi-
Washington, Jan. 2. Irttlorstatx
commerce commissioners havo or
dorod a full examination of tho ac
counts of tho commission on the
strength of information that tho books
aro in nn irregular condition. Tho
of the commleisonors sent special ex
ports, Chase, Ambrose and Taylor, t.7
tho offices, whore tho examination of
tho accounts will begin. A short time
lator they sealed tho safe. Clorks or .
accduntnnts refuse to discuss tho mat
jnntter. Tho department handles bo-'
Iwvon n nunrinr nf n million and thrco
cago. May Providence, in the coming 'nmi,rcd thoUBnna annually.
year, shield you and Anrorlca from i
such accidents."
To Protect the Soldier.
Borlln, Jan. 2. The kaiser, at his
New Year's reception to tho com
manding officers qf tho army today,
mado a speech urging the suppression
of cruolty against tho common soldiers.
May Seize Mashampo.
Toklo, Jan. 2. Tho Japanoso squad
ron of six crulsors, now noar Naga
saki, has beon ordered, it is reported,
to proceed tomorrow to Corea. It Is
rumored it intends to seizo Mauhampo.
Any ono looking for wealth may find,
it in the dictionary.
nMHHMHHHBBB tfwawiiwmwir,iirviiiii"iKiiM
r j i mwrmi'iBBmimmmmmjmmKmmmmmmMBmmmmammimwmmmammmmmmmmmm-1
L- O .4 I
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mimi i nmmnm
I .!
i )